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January 2012 News Letter

Well it hardly seems anytime since we were all at Bulahdelah enjoying the last race meeting for 2011 and it was a beauty, here we are into January 2012. Santa has been and gone the New Year fireworks are just a memory and we start to get that itch for another race meeting to try out all those things Santa brought for the bike. This is the first Newsletter for the 2012 Committee and unfortunately it is long so please spend the time to read it as there is a lot to digest and we believe it is all important.


Club President's note to members ­ Welcome to the 2012 Heaven VMX Program. This newsletter

is compiled to welcome you to the new program and bring all members up to date with the clubs current position and status. Firstly I hope everyone had a great festive season and are already hanging out for the new racing season. I have to say that the final meeting for 2011 at Bulahdelah was just fantastic, was it a great weekend or what. Again congratulations to all the trophy winners but all club members should be proud of their part in making 2011 a great year for the Heaven Club. The 2012 Committee had its first meeting on Sunday 18 December 2011 which lasted some seven hours. I am excited for the coming year as we had a very positive meeting with a progressive group dealing with a very full agenda with a massive amount accomplished. The Committee is forward looking and responded to the difficulties that you will read about below in a very constructive and optimistic manner. There were many great ideas and healthy discussion on almost every facet of the Club's activities and operation.


Current Club news ­ There are several things to report most of which are very positive and exciting

while there are a couple of less favourable issues. There will be a General Meeting held at the first race meeting of the year. Information and an agenda will be forwarded well before the meeting. 1. Club Finances ­ Full Text available to members only We encourage members to submit their membership renewals as soon as possible. 2. Club Incorporation and Club Constitution ­ Full Text available to members only 3. 2012 Race Program ­ The program for 2012 will again focus on Vintage Motocross which is the main focus of the Heaven VMX Club. The Committee had a lot of discussion about the changing

landscape of the vintage dirt bike scene in NSW. The development of the Vinduro scene, emergence and expansion of a second VMX focused Club, other Clubs offering VMX classes or events and the reinvigoration of the Classic Dirt Track scene all are positives for our sport and add other opportunities for riders to get involved. The Heaven program for 2012 will be an eight (8) round series with each round being full two day race meetings as opposed to the past practice on Saturday and racing Sunday format. This will give all members the opportunity for twenty (20) rounds of racing over eight meetings instead of eighteen (18) rounds over nine meetings during 2011. This means one less weekend of travel and expense. We will still have our `Trophy' events being the CRC, EVO Challenge and Canowindra Cup. The draft calendar with all dates appearing to be OK at this stage, rounds 1 - 4 will have three (3) point score rounds while rounds 5 - 8 will have two (2) point score rounds: Rd1 - Glenbawn 10/11 March CRC & Rd5 - Bulahdelah 14/15 July Rd2 - Clarence 21/22 April EVO Challenge & Rd 6 - Lakes 25/26 August Rd3 - Canberra 12/13 May Canowindra Cup & Rd7 Canowindra 29/30 Sept Rd4 - Lakes 16/17 June Rd 8 & Presentation - Bulahdelah 3/4 November There is currently discussion on interchanging the Rd 3 with the CRC/Rd 5 dates ie calendar becoming CRC/Rd 3 Bulahdelah 16/17 May and Rd6 Canberra 14/15 July. Will keep you posted. 4. Inter Club meeting ­ The Evo Challenge meeting will be an Inter-Club meeting with Northern Suburbs Club and will include a Pre 90 Class for that meeting. There is no plan to introduce Pre 90 to Heaven as it is not allowable under our Constitution but just an opportunity for us to form a cooperative link to another likeminded Club in NSW. It also allows the many members of Heaven who are also members of Northern Suburbs to combine their activities. 5. Vinduros - The Denman MCC club is holding a Vinduro during late March. The Committee discussed the possibility of running a Vinduro at Bulahdelah and has decided to approach the organisers of the Denman event to see if they are interested in being involved with Heaven. We see this as utilising their expertise in an area that we have little experience and allow us to further utilise our Bulahdelah facility. 6. Classic Dirt 9 (CD9) ­ The VMX magazine organised 2012 Classic Dirt gathering is scheduled for 7-9 September at Wallerawang just west of Lithgow. The Committee discussed the event and would like to have a very strong and visual Club presence at the event which we feel will be a positive thing for current members and will also attract new members. The organisers have offered a cash donation and other considerations for our club to man the gates of the event during the three days. We will have further details with members a little later. It will require at least 10-16 members to be at the event and share the time on the main gate between them.

7. Mr VMX and National Classic Dirt Track Titles (ACT) ­ The Committee discussed these events and all agree that they are a positive for NSW and will be encouraging members to take part. We will also possibly look at designing a club riding jersey for members taking part in National Title events. The club calendar has been designed to accommodate these events along with the National Classic & Post Classic MX Titles to allow and encourage member attendance. 8. Flag Marshalling ­ This is the ongoing issue for race meetings. The same faces do it every meeting others either through race schedules or choice do very little flag marshalling. The current system of Pre78 and Post78 marshalling sessions adds difficulty for some leaving them feeling that they have not done their share. There was a very long discussion at the Committee meeting and it was the subject of a pre meeting discussion document and there are several views on the subject. Out of all this have come some significant changes for 2012. These changes will require that riders are organised and that flag marshal changes are fast and efficient. The new formats is as follows:a. Each round of racing is divided into four (4) marshal sessions ­ Pre75, Pre78, EVO & Pre85. b. All riders must nominate at sign on at least one session that they will marshal all weekend. It would be ideal if riders with one bike nominated for two sessions but that would be voluntary. A rider cannot complete sign on until their marshalling responsibility has been accepted and recorded. Rider must marshal they cannot nominate someone else to do it for them. If a non-rider volunteers to marshal that will be gladly accepted and that person will be rewarded by a voucher or similar. c. This means that no rider can ride all four ERA sessions. Presently this is not an issue as no rider takes part in all ERAs at any one meeting. d. When you nominate for Flag marshal duties these duties may include the positions of starter, finisher, lap scorers etc. This will be at the Race Co-ordinators discretion. e. The only riders exempt from marshalling are naturally juniors and those involved as an `official' in running the meeting This may seem harsh but is hopefully a system that allows all riders to do their share while also allowing riders to participate in the racing to the maximum. Full Text available to members only

Bob is going to establish a For Sale / Wanted section on the WEB page for VMX related items. To access this please email Bob at the address on the WEB site with the details and he will post them up for you. Don't forget to check out the Race procedures which have been updated and also the new race entry form on the site.


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