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Materials: approximately 330 yards of worsted weight yarn and a 29" circular needle that will give a gauge of 5 stitches per inch. [We used 3 skeins of Berroco Linsey and carried along in the middle of the scarf 1 skein of S. Charles Crystal (sequins) for some metallic effect.] Begin: Cast on 185 stitches. Join in the round, careful not to twist. Work in stockinette until you run out of yarn and your piece measures 10" ­ 12". Bind off as follows: Bind off 6 stitches. Cut yarn leaving a 5" tail. Pull through. Drop the next 4 stitches all the way down to the cast on row. Attach yarn to bind off 6 more stitches as you did, and drop 4 stitches as you did. Repeat until you are at the last 25 stitches. Drop all of these 25 stitches! This will create a long gap which will become your fringe. Finishing: Weave in all the ends to the right side of the work since the scarf will tend to roll to the right side. Lay out your scarf on a flat surface and measure the long gap. Cut in half, 3 pieces at a time. Braid these ends. Repeat until the scarf is completely cut through and the ends are braided. Trim fringe ends as necessary. ENJOY!

Horizontal Drop Stitch Scarf

Size: approximately: 12" (but it rolls a little) x 64" plus fringe

The yarn all knitted right before binding off.

The scarf being steeked (cut) and braided!


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