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COVER: THE STUDIO THEATRE KICKS OFF 30TH ANNIVERSARY SEASON WITH MY CHILDREN! MY AFRICA! . . . . .1, 12 Potpourri . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Around the Nation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Around the Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Africa Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Capital Comments/Insights & Viewpoints . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8­9 Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10­11 Health & Wellness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14­15 Community News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Arts & Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17­19 Sports & Recreation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Business News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Classified Ads/Bids & Proposals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22­23

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September 21, 2007


My Children! My Africa!


or the first production of its 30th Anniversary Season, The Studio Theatre returns to a master of the contemporary stage. Athol Fugard's heartfelt and profoundly moving play follows the friend-

ship of two teenagers--one black, one white--in Apartheidtorn South Africa in 1984. In preparation for this major event, director Serge Seiden and designer Debra Booth had the rare opportunity to travel to South Africa, where they immersed

themselves in the stories of South Africa, past and present. Seiden was drawn to this important twentieth-century classic for its contemporary resonance and for its powerful human story of ordinary heroes struggling to make their lives in extraordinary

times. My Children! My Africa! runs through October 14, 2007. Tickets are on sale now at The Studio Theatre, 14th and P Streets NW, 202-332-3300 or

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September 21, 2007


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think that we all must wonder about the future of this country. There is no doubt about how good America is collectively, but how good are we politically? It appears almost from moment to moment that we doubt not only ourselves but also everything else. We have developed at a rate of our increased worth a kind of critical mass devoid of direction. We all appear to be trying to find positions in life and work that are sinecure. The first friend we turn to when life confounds us is pessimism . . . and there is a lot of it to find friendly. No one I understand has a patent on the spoils of life. Not even life is a fundamental given. . . . After conceiving life, living, however, is a given. Look around you: how many people that you know do you like? We have allowed the cynics to take over our minds much like certain neighborhoods have allowed drug dealers to take over their streets . . . most Americans don't have places to lounge in their minds, with their friends or families . . . What is happening to us? I have been paying a lot more attention to the politicians lately. It seems between the talk-show host and our antitoxin politicians, they are proposing laws and conditions that will save us from ourselves. I really don't know how to read these characters of political and cultural exuberance who move up and down our pathways of living, telling us we need less government, fewer taxes, and less interaction with all the things that impact on our lives . . . Where do we resuscitate preambles of freedom if there is no desire to be different and alive? . . . In America, we pay for democracy; it's not free, and it's not cheap . . . With all the surpluses in state coffers right now . . . there is a hunger by the politicians to create a public dining place where instead of serving food, it gives refunds.

We allow ourselves to be lacerated by politicians in believing that there is no end to our present wealth and that those in this great diverse society of ours who are not making it on their own choose that mode . . . that the elderly are best left clasping to their Social Security checks and can best serve this youthful nation of ours by passing on unnoticed. We are now pitting the youth--or our future--against the old--our past and our history. We allow ourselves to be spectators because we have given our spirit and our reason to others to harness and direct because doubt and pessimism siphon hope and energy from us. Could this be happening to us because wealth causes us to disengage from the realities of breathing? We are far too trusting of people who impact our lives without our knowing it. Civility and law are necessary: Civility to compose us, laws for their feared consequences of not adhering to them. Orwell, the voluntary withdrawal of us from one another, has created this suspicion of us for our neighbors and even to an extent our families and our siblings. Who are you, America, before you put on your color or name your culture or race? Show your being and identify your purpose in living before you give your name, and right after you do that, name ten people that you would trust with your life, your kids, and your wealth. Tell me ten things you believe in and ten people who believe in you. In other words, access yourself so that your personal foundation is solid, so that you have a platform in getting after all those people and ideas that are creating self-doubts and putting holes in your America that someone else might have to fill. --PDD



September 21, 2007


debt," says Freeman. "People don't realize how big a hole they can dig themselves in until it's too late, but my passion for writing this book and starting a credit repair business is to meet my clients where they are by using practical steps that have helped thousands of people recover from financial ruin." For more information or to order a copy of the book, visit: www. html.


ongressman Albert R. Wynn (MD-4) will join Quincy Jones, Louis Gossett Jr., Gabrielle Union, Mya, Master P., Victoria Rowell and Byron Cage and the other members of the Congressional Black Caucus as headliners at the 37th Annual Legislative Conference (ALC), Sept. 26-29 at the Washington Convention Center. Marian Wright Edelman, Michael Eric Dyson, George C. Fraser and Russell Simmons are among other notables expected at the four-day conference featuring dozens of policy forums, general sessions, exhibits, a job fair, book signings and networking opportunities. Twenty-thousand people focusing on issues impacting African Americans and the African diaspora attend ALC each year. This year's ALC theme is "Unleashing Our Power." The theme challenges legislators and citizens to use their collective power to level the playing field for African Americans, and recognizes the historic number of CBC members leading congressional committees. CBC members will lead their own forums on education, health care, the environment, economic development, criminal justice, housing, transportation and international affairs. Braintrusts, extended panel discussions resulting in legislative action plans, are also planned. This year, Wynn will co-chair an

issue forum with Rep. David Scott titled "Doing Business with the Federal Government: Keys to Success" on Thursday, September 27th at 2:00p.m. in Room 145B. The forum will help provide education and guidance to businesses looking to secure contracts with the federal government. The forum will consist of a panel discussion with several businesses and contract specialists who have been successful in opening the door to federal contracting. Additionally, as Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Environment and Hazardous Wastes, Wynn is co-chairing an Environmental Justice Braintrust session with Rep. James Clyburn titled "Health Disparities and the Environment" to be held at 10:30a.m. on Friday, September 28th in Room 143B. The session will identify environmental issues impacting minority communities and discuss ways to address and solve them. The discussion will also address developing a comprehensive policy which recognizes the unique relationship between environmental protection, human health, economic development and justice. This session will also serve to highlight some of the similar issues that will be examined in Wynn's upcoming Subcommittee hearing on Environmental Justice on October 4, 2007. Attendees are urged to register for ALC by visiting the Foundation's Web site, The public also


more beneficial because they have less chance of causing complications for the recipient. "Giving blood is an easy way to help someone in need and feel good about doing it," said Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet Member Patti Labelle. "With so many people in our community suffering from sickle cell anemia, it's also the right thing to do to help our neighbors and friends in need." Additionally, African Americans are more likely to have blood type O and B than other populations. These types are particularly in need, so scheduling a donation can also help alleviate blood shortages around the country. To schedule an appointment to donate blood, call 1-800-GIVE LIFE, or visit The American Red Cross helps people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Last year, almost a million volunteers and 35,000 employees helped victims of almost 75,000 disasters; taught lifesaving skills to millions; and helped U.S. service members separated from their families stay connected. Almost 4 million people gave blood through the Red Cross, the largest supplier of blood and blood products in the United States. The American Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. An average of 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs. The Red Cross is not a government agency; it relies on donations of time, money, and blood to do its work.

Patti Labelle


ickle Cell Anemia affects more than 70,000 people in the United States, and most of them are African-American. September is Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness Month, a perfect time to make an appointment to give blood in support of the thousands of people across the country suffering from this disease. One in every 12 African Americans carries the trait for sickle cell disease. One of the most common treatments for Sickle Cell Anemia, which causes red blood cells to form an abnormal crescent shape, is regular blood transfusions to help reduce the risks of stroke, damage to major organs that can lead to severe infections, and other complications that can arise from the disease. Many donors need blood transfusions every few weeks to help keep the effects of the disease at bay, and transfusions from blood donors of the same ethnic background are even

may attend the policy sessions at a cost of $5 per person, per day, or $15 per person for the conference. ALC raises funds for the Foundation's research, scholarship, fellowship and internship programs as well as its economic development and public health initiatives. Edelman, president and founder of the Children's Defense Fund, will join other experts for a National Town Hall Meeting titled, "Disrupting the Prison Pipeline," on Thursday, September, 27th. A new addition to the conference will be the Networking Luncheon on Sept. 27. Meant for seasoned professionals, the event will allow attendees with similar interests and backgrounds to interact in a semi-informal setting. The luncheon is open to the first 800 people who pay full registration and sign up to attend. CBCF will post a directory of the participants on its Web site after ALC. The CBCF Emerging Leaders series is poised to offer multiple sessions connecting the nation's powerbrokers with emerging professionals to discuss strategies for personal and community development. On Sept. 27, Victoria Rowell, the award-winning actress, dancer and author, will host the Instant Apprentice Luncheon, during which participants will sit with executives and leaders in business, government, education, sports and non-profit organizations. Recording artist/entrepreneur Percy Miller (aka Master P.) and Michael Eric Dyson are confirmed for panels on Friday, Sept. 28. With its Future Focus Series, the Foundation's Center for Policy Analysis and Research (CPAR) will feature members of Congress, academics, policy practitioners and experts who will cover topics of education, affordable housing, economic development and public health on Sept. 26. A discussion on mental health issues facing African Americans will highlight the CPAR luncheon. The CBC Spouses will honor Quincy Jones, the legendary entertainer, and others during a Celebration of Leadership for the Visual and Performing Arts at the National Museum of Women in the Arts on Sept. 26. That same day, the Spouses and CBC members will join together to provide food, clothing and health services to families at a homeless shelter, So Others Might Eat (SOME). Later that evening, Oscar-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. and actress Gabrielle Union will co-host the Annual Awards Dinner, where thousands will join the CBC and Foundation in honoring the contributions of outstanding individuals for their contributions to the community and the nation. Wynn said, "I am proud to join with my fellow CBC colleagues and guests to bring a national focus on the conditions in our communities, and to share ideas and solutions to eliminate the persistent disparities that continue to plague us. By unleashing our power as a community--politically, socially and economically--we can make significant strides in improving our quality of life and help continue our successes as a race."

Harrine Freeman


est-selling author, Harrine Freeman will be having a book signing at this year's Congressional Black Caucus at the Washington Convention Center on September 28, 2007 from 3:30-5:30pm. Harrine Freeman, author of How to Get out of Debt and Personal Finance Expert, knows about debt firsthand, having maxed out over thirteen credit cards, totaling $19,000 in debt. "I got in debt when I was in college. I lost my job and my car was repossessed when credit card companies began to harass me. I finally took a part-time job, in addition to a full time job, to pay off my


first-of-its kind, comprehensive international energy-efficiency forum that will attract an estimated 1,000 industry professionals, policymakers, and academics to forge partnerships and develop "best practices," policies, and strategies to respond to the climate, national security, and economic implications of the increasing global demand for energy. Highlights: · Four plenary sessions with keynote addresses from high-level international speakers. · Groundbreaking curriculum featuring 36 Executive Dialogue Sessions with 200 executive-level speakers addressing policy, power generation, market drivers, buildings, transportation, industry, and finance. · Comprehensive exposition with nearly 60 confirmed exhibitors: international appliance and product manufacturers, government agencies, utilities, associations, national laboratories, and more. · A family-friendly Public Day with experts on hand to analyze home energy bills and provide educational seminars on energy-efficient home and transportation choices.

Plenary Session Speakers: · Lena Ek, Member of European Parliament (Sweden); and Tanja Gönner, Environmental Minister, Federal State of Baden-Württemberg · U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman; U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns; Jeff Fettig, Chairman & CEO, Whirlpool Corporation; and Georgina Kessel, Secretary of Energy, Mexico · U.S. Senator Mark Pryor; James R. Leape, Director General, World Wildlife Fund International; Bob Malone, Chairman & President, BP America; and Jim Rogers, Chairman, President & CEO Duke Energy Exposition will take place on November 11 through November 14, 2007, at the Washington D.C. Convention Center located at 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, Washington, DC. The Convention Center is adjacent to Mt. Vernon Square Metro Stop on Green and Yellow Lines. For more information, including full conference schedule of sessions and speakers, visit www.



lanners of the Mason Neck Old Fashioned Harvest Festival seek arts and craft vendors for the 2007 festival, held at Mason Neck State Park, October 20, from 11:00AM­5:00PM. All crafts must be handmade. Crafts could include natural art, paintings, basket weaving, dolls, puppets and art toys, crochet, floral arrangements, quilting, jewelry, leather goods, musical instrument making, needle work, pottery and wood carving. The booth fee will be waved for vendors demonstrating their craft during the festival. For more information, or to register, contact Assistant Manager David Stapleton at (703) 339-2385.




September 21, 2007





ast year, he barged down the Mississippi River. Before that, he trekked from Alaska to Mexico. And prior to that, the East Coast. Now, marine life artist and conservation advocate Wyland will embark on the fourth year of his five-year campaign for clean water and healthy oceans, with stops in the Rockies, Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, and everywhere in between. The clean water tour, themed "Every Drop Counts," will feature a new fully-integrated, state-of-the-art mobile education center dedicated to promoting and preserving our water habitats. This 1,000 square foot educational experience on wheels will engage thousands of students across the nation with a 4D theater, computer modeling, hands-on science activities, and art. Additionally, the artist will show thousands of children at zoos, aquariums, and schools across the nation how to "picture' healthy coasts, lakes, rivers, estuaries, and wetlands by working together on a series of large environmentally themed murals and science related conservation activities. The tour will include stops in seven states, Sept. 29 through Oct. 30. "Art is a powerful way to introduce kids to many of today's environmental issues," says the artist, who is best known for his Whaling Walls, megasized environmental-themed murals of marine life in over 70 cities around the world. "By looking at the world through an artist's eyes, they see all the plants, animals, and people who depend on clean water for survival--and suddenly the issue of water conservation becomes real." In 1998, water quality in the United States began to decline for the first time since the 1970s. During the same year, Wyland launched the Wyland Ocean Challenge, an ambitious national tour of 50 states in 50 days to raise awareness about healthy oceans.


Now, the artist's foundation has expanded its mission to educate and inspire people everywhere about the importance of protecting all aquatic habitats. The tour will include events in San Diego, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix and Fort Pierce, FL. In addition to mural painting activities, each event will include water quality sampling, an interactive "water pledge" kiosk where families can learn about and make electronic pledges to reduce pollution, conserve water and change habits, and a running tote board to tally the gallons of water saved throughout the month-long event. The tour hopes to encourage people to reduce water waste by 10,000,000 gallons over the next year. A supplemental classroom education program devoting to protecting water-based ecosystems is also planned. Tour will be coming to the National Aquarium in Baltimore on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 from 10am to 1pm located at 501 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD; call 410-576-3800 for more information. The foundation's newest book, "Hold Your Water: 68 Things You Need to Know to Keep Our Planet Blue" (Andrews-McMeel Universal), provides practical tips and insights for preserving our most precious resource.

resident George W. Bush recently announced that HUD's Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will help an estimated 240,000 families avoid foreclosure by enhancing its refinancing program effective immediately. Under the new FHASecure plan, FHA will allow families with strong credit histories who had been making timely mortgage payments before their loans reset--but are now in default-to qualify for refinancing. In addition, FHA will implement risk-based premiums that match the borrower's credit profile with the insurance premium they pay--i.e., riskier borrowers pay more. This common-sense, risk-based pricing structure will begin on January 1, 2008. "Many hard-working American families who were able to make their mortgage payments under the initial teaser terms of the exotic loan are now struggling to make ends meet because their rates have doubled or tripled," said HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson. "FHASecure will bring stability to the housing market and give eligible families who were in good financial standing before their loans reset a chance to keep their homes." The combination of FHASecure and risk-based premium pricing will permit FHA to return to the role it was originally designed to play, bringing stability to the real estate market by helping break today's cycle of foreclosures and price depreciation and creating much needed liquidity in the nowconstricted mortgage market. FHA has recently experienced a substantial increase in the number of conventional borrowers refinancing into FHA products. With FHASecure, it can help even more. The number of these refinancing transactions has tripled since the start of 2006. FHA's transactions are projected to surpass 100,000 loans by the end of the fiscal year. To date, these figures do not in-

clude refinances for delinquent borrowers. The FHASecure initiative will operate under the same safe guidelines as the FHA's existing mortgage insurance program without affecting FHA's financial health. Eligible homeowners will be required to meet strict underwriting guidelines and pay a mortgage insurance premium, which offsets the risk to FHA's insurance fund at no cost to the taxpayer. The risk-based insurance premium structure will further expand FHA's reach to additional underserved borrowers, particularly minorities and first-time homebuyers who have been disproportionately lured into exotic mortgages, and enhance the FHA's overall risk management. The move to risk-based premiums ensures that FHA remains on solid financial footing as a self-financed agency for the long-term. FHASecure, like all FHA products, will be underwritten to ensure the borrowers have the ability to repay the loan, will require escrow for taxes and insurance, and will continue to offer unprecedented foreclosure prevention assistance. The FHA has never permitted and will not include pre-payment penalties or teaser rates that are common in exotic mortgages and have caused much of the current market troubles. To qualify for FHASecure, eligible homeowners must meet the following five criteria: 1. A history of on-time mortgage payments before the borrower's teaser rates expired and loans reset; 2. Interest rates must have or will reset between June 2005 and December 2009; 3. Three percent cash or equity in the home; 4. A sustained history of employment; and 5. Sufficient income to make the mortgage payment.

"FHASecure is designed for families who are good borrowers but were steered into high-cost loans with teaser rates," said Assistant Secretary for Housing-FHA Commissioner Brian Montgomery. "These homeowners, many of whom are minorities, need a safe, affordable mortgage product that will help build wealth. All FHA borrowers pay mortgage insurance premiums to offset claims to the FHA insurance fund and ultimately prevent risk to the taxpayer." FHASecure will also bring muchneeded liquidity to the mortgage market. FHA anticipates more lenders will offer FHA-insured loans, pool them, and securitize them with the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), which has the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. This guarantee makes Ginnie Mae's mortgage-backed securities the safest on the market and helps to channel greater capital into the housing market, benefiting U.S. homeowners. Since its inception in 1934, FHA has helped almost 35 million people become homeowners, making it the largest insurer of mortgages in the world. The 109th Congress introduced the Expanding American Homeownership Act in June 2006 which would enable FHA to be a safe option for more underserved low- and moderate-income and minority families so they can achieve the American Dream of homeownership. President Bush also urged Congress to quickly pass the Administration's FHA modernization proposal to help more families in need. For more information about FHASecure and other FHA products, call 1-800-CALL-FHA or visit www. or For a list of your local homeownership center or a HUD-approved housing counseling center, go to hsg/sfh/hcc/hcs.cfm.




On Sepotember 21, 1832, Maria W. Stewart (1803­1879) addressed the New England Anti-Slavery Society meeting in Boston's Franklin Hall on the evils of slavery and the oppression of free blacks. This is often cited as the first time an African American woman spoke publicly on political issues before an audience of black and white men and women. In future speeches, Stewart also advanced women's rights.

ells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) and the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) recently awarded the first-ever NBMBAA/ Wells Fargo Entrepreneur Excellence Award to Corey Bell, CEO and cofounder of TriFusion, at the 29th Annual NBMBAA Conference in Orlando, Fla. Based in Round Rock, Texas, TriFusion provides PC, server and software solutions to companies of all sizes, and in only four years, the company has grown into a successful small business with more than 150 employees and hundreds of customers. Bell, who was recognized for his vision, leadership, innovation and perseverance, is involved in community outreach, supporting the Texas Baptist Children's Home, the United Way and Habitat for Humanity. His personal commitment to his family has served as an inspiration to many--at the age of 28, after his parents' death, he became guardian to (and helped raise) eight of his 12 younger siblings. His extraordinary story has led to appearances on "The

Oprah Winfrey Show" and "Good Morning America," and in People magazine. "I owe my accomplishments and success to my church, my family and my business," says Bell, whose award included a trophy and a prize package valued at $5,000. "I'm honored to receive this award, and hope the accomplishments of TriFusion demonstrate the strength and contribution of African American business owners in our communities." "Corey Bell is the epitome of a new generation of African Americans who are thriving and creating their own box," said Barbara L. Thomas, president and CEO of the NBMBAA. "He represents the vibrancy, innovation and passion found in our community. We are pleased to offer him access to our unique coaching and professional development programs, which will enable him to continue building social, financial, personal and professional wealth in Austin and beyond." The NBMBAA and Wells Fargo introduced the Entrepreneur Excellence Award this year to honor the ex-

traordinary achievements of African American business owners, selecting Bell from a pool of nationwide applicants. He was nominated by Belinda Matingou, president of the Austin NBMBAA chapter, who received a plaque and prize for her nomination. In addition, the Austin NBMBAA chapter will receive a $5,000 check to further support its African American entrepreneurial initiatives. "Corey Bell reflects the strength of African American-owned businesses in America and is a great example of how perseverance and commitment will lead to success," says Brenda Ross-Dulan, regional president of the Wells Fargo Los Angeles Crossroads Division, and national spokesperson for Wells Fargo's African American Business Services program. "We are honored to recognize his personal and business achievements with this award." To learn more about the NBMBAA, visit For more information about Wells Fargo, visit




September 21, 2007




rom Oct. 26 to Nov. 4, local consumers will have an opportunity to shop at their favorite stores and eat at their favorite restaurants at a 20 percent discount--all while helping to support children's health. Organized by the Board of Visitors of Children's National Medical Center and the Care for Kids Card Committee, the Care for Kids Holiday Shopping Card program has brought together nearly 500 area retailers to benefit young patients throughout the Washington area. The $50 cards are available online now at, by phone at (202) 884-4275, and from participating merchants. According to Blair Wittmer Giannini, co-chair of this year's program, "This is a great deal for consumers, who can achieve much more in savings than the cost of card, and it's also great for Children's Hospital, its patients, their families, and the care-giving staff because every penny we get from the sale of the card goes to the hospital." A complete list of participating retailers and restaurants is at merchant_listing.php . Since the Care for Kids Card program started three years ago, more than 11,000 cards have been sold, translating into more than $600,000 raised for the hospital. "We are working to make 2007 our most successful year for the program," Giannini said, "and we have set for ourselves the goal of reaching a cumulative total of $1 million raised for the hospital through the sale of our cards." "We could not have asked for a more exciting team of generous merchants and committed volunteers to make these 10 days the best and most worthwhile shopping days in the DC metro area in 2007," said co-chair Robyn Rosenfeld-Aburrow, who noted that stores new to the program this year include Brooks Brothers, Max Mara, Jimmy Choo, The Running Company, Joanne's Bed & Back, Toy Kingdom, and more. The new stores added to last year's list, which included retailers Ralph Lauren, Gucci, The Container Store, Gap, and J.Crew, make the 2007 list even more incredible. "It's a winwin program," she said. "The shoppers are thrilled to obtain such significant savings prior to the holiday shopping crunch, the merchants attract unprecedented sales traffic during a normally slow period, and Children's Hospital benefits from the needed funds." More than 200 Washington area volunteers support the Care for Kids Card program through their involvement in a committee established in 2004 and assume responsibility for all aspects of development, sponsorship and merchant recruitment, as well the sale of the cards. If you'd like to get involved in the Care for Kids Card program, learn more about the program, or purchase a card, visit The cards can also be purchased by check or money order for $50.00 plus a $3.00 handling fee from Care for Kids Card, P.O. Box 9895, Washington, DC 20016, or by phone at (202) 884-4275. For more information about the Childrens National Medical Center, visit

ast night during a wine and cheese reception at her family home in Vienna, Bonita Pennino honored Fairfax County Board of Supervisors member Catherine Hudgins for her years of service to Fairfax County, Hunter Mill District and the Town of Vienna. The reception was held in the grand tradition established by Pennino's mother, Martha. Martha Pennino, who made her home in Vienna for over 45 years, served on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for over 26 years and was well known throughout Fairfax County as Mother Fairfax. While addressing the crowd of Vienna residents and Hudgins for Supervisor supporters, Pennino said, "Supervisor Cathy Hudgins is just the person we want to continue to represent us on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Cathy Hudgins promotes the importance of community in our lives. When I was a young child I thought Vienna was the center of the universe. Everything I needed was right here; my parents, my home, my playmates, good schools and playgrounds. As I grew older and my Mother's political career in Vienna, and then Fairfax County government grew to one of more importance, Vienna changed in my mind from the center of the universe to the heart of Fairfax County. To me and many here tonight, Vienna still is and always will be the heart of Fairfax County. Vienna's heart beat is strong and if we want to keep it strong

we need to return to office the one person who understands and is passionate about the community we live in and all the communities through out Fairfax County--and that person is Cathy Hudgins." When she addressed her supporters, Supervisor Hudgins brought back memories of Martha Pennino, reminding supporters that Martha Pennino's fingerprints are on everything that makes Fairfax County a great place to raise a family and do business. She was a trailblazer and Vienna, Fairfax County and the region are fortunate to have had her service. "I have led the Fairfax County Board on affordable housing," Supervisor Hudgins told the crowd, "and have been a strong transportation advocate, supporting the Dulles MetroRail Project and increased transit service. I initiated the Board's legislative effort to make our community safer for pedestrians and cyclists and continued support for our youth through funding for the Vienna Community Center. I've worked for and will continue to work for a strong education system, human services for our youth, seniors and those in need. All these elements are critical to knitting the community together into a place we all can enjoy and find opportunity." Pennino added: "Vienna's ranking by Money Magazine in 2005 as the 4th best place to live in the country is not by chance. Years ago, prior to being elected to the Vienna Town Council,

Catherine Hudgins, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

my mother along with several individuals who loved Vienna and the sense of community that the Town of Vienna offered, looked into the future and foresaw the encroachment of big development on our town and launched a campaign to keep Vienna the livable community it is today. Cathy Hudgins will continue that legacy, ensuring Vienna remains on the list of best places to live." In addition to the Town of Vienna, Hunter Mill District includes a diversity of neighborhood types ranging from the planned community of Reston to the Dulles Corridor, from the growing Town of Herndon to the Oakton community. Hunter Mill is diverse in income, culture and geography. It encompasses one of the largest commercial areas in Fairfax County.


species--a Bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) and a Mitchell's satyr butterfly (Neonympha mitchellii)-- along its wetlands and small streams. Both are listed as "globally rare," meaning they are found in fewer than 100 sites worldwide. Chestnut Creek Wetland Natural Area Preserve was purchased using funds from the 2002 State Parks and Natural Areas General Obligation Bonds and a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service grant received with cooperation from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The 2002 and 1992 general obligation bonds have been the major funding source for the acquisition of the state's natural area preserves. The 1992 bonds provided nearly $11 million and the 2002 bond $13.2 million for preserve acquisition. The 1992 bonds led to the acquisition of 16 new preserves and added acreage to nine existing ones. To date, the 2002 bonds have led to four acquisitions leveraging $2.35 million. DCR is actively pursuing additional acquisitions using 2002 bond funds. "DCR's natural heritage staff have identified more than 1,800 sites across the state that contain one or more rare species or significant communities," said DCR Director Joseph H. Maroon. "Only the upper tier sites warrant protection through state acquisition and management. Natural heritage staff has been extremely diligent in acquiring and actively managing these most sensitive sites. We greatly appreciate all of the landowners and organizations who have worked with us over the past 20 years to protect these special places." Virginia's fiftieth natural area preserve comes 17 years after the first preserve was acquired in 1990. The 3,440acre North Landing River Natural Area Preserve in Virginia Beach was the first. Of the 50 sites, 36 are owned and managed by DCR. Other state agencies, local governments, nonprofits or private landowners own the remaining 14. "There is much more to managing these preserves than just watching trees grow," said Tom Smith, DCR's natural heritage director. "Many sites require very active management to maintain optimal conditions for the species and natural communities the site supports. Working with the public and law enforcement are major parts of the management mix demanding significant amounts of time and resources." Natural area preserves are accessible to the public at some level. Nineteen sites have parking areas, trails, interpretive signs or wildlife observation platforms to promote nature and wildlife observation. Due to resource limitations and staffing shortages some are closed and only accessible during special guided hikes or for schools or other groups through appointment with regional natural heritage staff. DCR is working with the state Board of Conservation and Recreation on a plan to provide more public use at certain preserves. For more information on the Virginia Natural Area Preserve system and the Virginia Natural Heritage Program, visit and click on "Natural Heritage."



he City of Alexandria, in cooperation with the U.S. Conference of Mayors' National Dollar Wi$e Campaign, is sponsoring a free Financial Information Fair on September 25 from 4 to 8pm at the Northern Virginia Community College Rachel M. Schlesinger Center located at 3001 N. Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA. The fair will educate residents about money management and planning skills and will help raise awareness of the importance of financial literacy. With improved financial literacy, residents will be in a better position to own homes, develop financially savvy decision-making skills, educate their families, and invest in small business. The event is being held in recognition of the Mayors' National Dollar Wi$e Week, September 24-29. The Dollar Wi$e Campaign Partnership was initiated by the U.S. Conference of Mayors' Council for the New American City, a coalition of nonprofit groups, corporations, and businesses that share a common goal of increasing investment in American cities. By joining the Dollar Wi$e Campaign, mayors agree to organize and implement local financial literacy programs in their communities. The Campaign's goal is to help consumers learn more about financial issues and to empower them to become investors in their communities. Some of the companies/agencies involved with the Financial Information Fair include Citibank, Virginia Commerce Bank, Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, Alexandria City Public Schools, Northern Virginia Community College (Alexandria Campus), EDDC Enterprise Development Group, ALIVE! (Alexandrians Involved Ecumenically), Alexandria Consumer Affairs Commission, Federal Citizen Information Center, NAACP, U.S. Conference of Mayors, and Martha Deal (Long and Foster). For more information about the Financial Information Fair, contact Jacqueline Levy at 703-838-4350 or email [email protected] gov; for more information on the Dollar Wi$e Campaign, visit

Tim Kaine (D) Governor of Virginia


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overnor Timothy M. Kaine recently announced that a 244acre site in Floyd County has become the Commonwealth's fiftieth Virginia Natural Area Preserve. Chestnut Creek Wetland Natural Area Preserve, acquired by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, increases the preserve system to 42,295 acres protecting 317 different rare species and natural communities. "These areas preserve habitat for rare and endangered species, and this acquisition is a direct result of the overwhelming voter approval of the 2002 general obligation bond package," Governor Kaine said. "In many ways, the natural area preserve system represents the highest and most valuable form of land conservation in the Commonwealth." Natural area preserves are lands known to contain rare and endangered species or significant natural communities. The Chestnut Creek Wetland preserve supports two extremely rare



September 21, 2007


Human Rights Watch, Tom Porteous, said there was a window of opportunity for the provision of an effective peacekeeping force but it must be taken. He added: "We will also be addressing a very strong message for the Sudanese government, which bears the bulk of the responsibility for this conflict." On Sunday, Gordon Brown told the BBC World Service he wanted Darfur's proposed peacekeeping force to be in place by the end of the year. Mr. Brown pledged technical help for the UN-African Union force and warned of further sanctions if fighting continued. Analysts say Mr. Brown's timetable for a peacekeeping force is ambitious, given that Sudan's Arab government has been reluctant to accept the involvement of non-African troops. Khartoum agreed to a hybrid peacekeeping force including some UN peacekeepers only after months of negotiations. Government forces and their allies continue to fight local rebels, but Mr. Brown said it would "disastrous" if the fighting did not stop. He said if a UN-brokered peace did not work "and we find that the government of Sudan is not making the changes necessary, then we will have to move to further sanctions". On a visit to Rome this week, Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir said he was willing to sign a peace deal with rebel groups ahead of talks with them in Libya on 27 October. BBC world affairs correspondent Mark Doyle says the UK leader's comments reflect Western impatience with the Khartoum government. Commentators have accused Sudan of deliberately blocking attempts to mediate the conflict. The peacekeeping force will be made up of about 20,000 soldiers and 6,000 police officers. Thousands of African Union peacekeepers are already in the region, the rest are due to begin arriving next month. On Sunday China allowed a rare viewing of a military base where engineers and medical staff are preparing for deployment in Darfur. Analysts say China hopes the 300strong team will deflect widespread criticism of its reluctance to approve foreign intervention in Darfur.



Blindfolds carried the message of Darfur: Don't Look Away


rotests have been taking place in 30 countries to bring attention to the crisis in Sudan's Darfur region. London, Paris, San Francisco and New York all held events ahead of key meetings of world leaders at the United Nations next week. On the Global Day for Darfur, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called the conflict "one of the great tragedies of our time". Some 200,000 people have died and 2m displaced in Darfur since 2003. The government in Khartoum and Arab militias allied to it have been blamed for massacres of Darfur's black African population--charges the government denies. Demonstrations organized by groups including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the Save Darfur Coalition were scheduled from Japan to Vancouver to Accra in Ghana. One theme is the donning of blindfolds to tell world leaders not to look away from the continuing violence in Darfur. Protesters in Rome wore T-shirts bearing a blood-stained hand and carried a peace torch they said was originally lit in Chad--the home to hundreds of thousands of Darfur refugees. Demonstrators in London carried signs reading "Rape, torture, murder. How much longer for Darfur?" A video has been filmed for the day, featuring celebrities such as actor Matt Damon and supermodel Elle Macpherson. BBC Africa editor Martin Plaut, at the London rally, says he has spoken to many who have had personal experience of the refugee camps and for them this is an emotional moment. Organizers insist the world leaders must act when they meet at the United Nations next week. The director of

ust a few minutes walk from the winding picturesque alleyways of Zanzibar's historic and muchvisited Stone Town is a sight that most tourists will not get to see. Crouching in small fishing boats and dugout canoes on the shore of Malindi, Stone Town's port are a number of young men injecting themselves with a cocktail of heroin and cocaine. It is a scene at odds with Zanzibar's image of an exotic beach paradise for well-heeled tourists, but for a growing number of Zanzibaris this is the reality of life on an impoverished island off the coast of Tanzania. Saluum Ibrahim Jiddawi started taking drugs when he was just 15 years old. His reasons for doing so were probably no different from teenagers anywhere in the world; he thought it was cool, his friends were doing it, he was bored at school. And his life unraveled along predictable lines. He graduated from smoking cannabis to injecting heroin and over the 15 years of his addiction, lost all his friends, his self-respect, put his family under huge stress and took to stealing and lying to feed his $15-aday habit, a heavy financial burden on an island where the average wage is less than $1-a-day. Saluum managed to kick the habit two years ago and now runs an outboard motor repair shop on the Malindi shoreline where addicts remind him on a daily basis of the "biggest mistake" of his life. "I wasted 15 years of my life, and I regret all the pain I put my family through," he said. Saluum was lucky to get out of the

drugs scene when he did as the temptation of drugs on the island is as strong as it has ever been. "Drugs are more available now as Zanzibar is on the international drug routes, but the quality is deteriorating as cocaine and heroin are being mixed with flour." Small packets of foil wrapped brown sugar, as heroin is called locally, is easy to pick up in Malindi for just $1, but because of the poor quality addicts are increasingly injecting rather than smoking it. "Users prefer injecting as the drug goes straight into the blood stream and has a bigger affect," said Saluum. And now addicts are adopting a new technique which is worrying drug abuse specialists. It is called "flash blood". A user injects heroin, then withdraws a syringe-full of blood which contains a smaller amount of heroin and which is passed to a second user who injects it. The technique means that addicts who cannot afford to buy their own drugs can still get a fix, however diluted. "Such sharing is terribly dangerous," says Dr Steven Nsimba of the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences. "It could have devastating consequences for HIV/AIDS. If the first person is infected the second person will get a direct transmission of the virus." The prevalence of HIV is under 1% in Zanzibar, well below the 7% on mainland Tanzania, but Dr Nsimba believes that could change. "The spread of HIV could be very fast depending on the number of people who are doing flash blood."

Heroin is easy to pick up for just $1

No-one knows just how many addicts are using the flash blood technique, although the health authorities in Zanzibar are now trying to gather reliable data. Mgeni Hassan from Zayedesa, a local NGO which offers support to addicts, paints a gloomy picture. "We are seeing the effects of drug abuse, the increase in crime. Young people do not know what they are doing. We believe every household in the urban centers has one or two children affected." And it seems that Zanzibar may be getting a reputation as a place for drug tourism. One hotelier, who wants to remain anonymous, said he had met tourists who came from Europe to sample cheap heroin and cocaine. One recent case involving a British tourist ended in tragedy. A 26-year-old man collapsed and died after taking drugs he had bought on the island. Most tourists will, of course, enjoy drug free holidays in Zanzibar and will not be aware of the growing local addiction problem. The authorities on the island are no doubt hoping that Zanzibar never picks up a reputation as a drug-fuelled paradise.





olice in Kenya say one of their officers has been beheaded by members of the illegal Mungiki sect. The decapitated body was discovered by residents in the town of Gatundu, about 40km north-east of Nairobi. The Mungiki sect--described by the authorities as a criminal gang-- has been blamed for a series of gruesome killings and beheadings. In June, some 100 people died in a major police operation against the sect in one of Nairobi's biggest slums. The Mungiki claim to take their in-

spiration from Kenya's Mau Mau rebels. Mungiki followers have been demanding protection fees from public transport operators, slum dwellers and other businessmen in and around Nairobi. Those who refuse are often brutally murdered. The Mungiki are made up primarily of militants from Kenya's biggest ethnic group, the Kikuyu. The sect was banned in 2002. Some commentators have linked them to politicians wanting to cause unrest and fear ahead of December elections.

t was clear early on that this was unlike many elections in Africa. Before even a single ballot in the presidential poll had been cast, the governing party was complaining of rigging. On election day itself the ruling Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) accused the police of bias. A party in power being cheated? It was an unusual claim. The familiar scenario in so many elections across Africa is of a very uneven playing field, with the pitch sloping in favor of the governing party. But in Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma of the opposition All People's Congress (APC) has won with 53% of the total votes compared to 44% for the outgoing Vice President, Solomon Berewa. Mr. Koroma was given a huge helping hand when former minister Charles Margai broke away from the governing party and later called for his supporters to back the APC candidate in the runoff vote. On the campaign trial, the APC candidate, a former insurance broker, was confident of victory. "You cannot fatten your pig on market day," said Mr. Koroma. It will be a tough defeat to take for the SLPP and even as it stared them in

the face, party officials were in a serious state of denial. The electorate has sent a clear message to the country's politicians--the majority of voters felt the government was not doing enough to eradicate poverty in this mineral rich country. There was also a widespread perception that the outgoing government was corrupt. The newly-created National Electoral Commission (NEC) has done a good job at trying to keep the playing field level thanks largely to its boss-- the former nun and headteacher, Christiana Thorpe. Sierra Leoneans have witnessed a well-organized poll and the fair but firm Ms Thorpe dealt with election malpractice the same way she might have reacted to finding one of her former students cheating in exams. "During the verification process we discovered counterfeit results forms which were sent to the NEC from polling stations throughout the country," said Ms Thorpe. "It was not difficult to detect them as they contained a spelling mistake in the title. The word `form' was spelled `from'." Then results from 477 polling stations had to be annulled because the cheaters had been over-enthusiastic, recording more than 100% turn out. Those stations where miraculously more people had voted than were registered were largely but not exclusively in government strongholds. The head of the commission said a very important message had emerged from the elections. "There is no longer a place for fraud and malpractice in the Sierra Leone electoral system," said Ms Thorpe. "The people of Sierra Leone deserve to exercise their rights in an atmosphere of freedom, fairness and trans-

Ernest Bai Koroma of the opposition All People's Congress (APC) won with 53% votes

parency." Rewind the clock a few years and the situation was very different. "This has been one of the best-run elections I have witnessed," says Eldred Jones, the respected ex-principal of Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone's main university. "Some of our elections in the past have been horrific with violence and interference. People being put into sacks and conveyed to their opponents as gifts." Just five years ago many Sierra Leoneans had voted overwhelmingly for the SLPP in both parliamentary and presidential elections. Almost six years after the end of the decade-long war, people are desperate to see improvements in their lives. Jobs, electricity, health care and education are the main priorities. The election has reopened some of the regional and ethnic divisions with the country split between the two main parties. One of Mr. Koroma's top priorities will need to be reuniting the population. But he knows the electorate want results and soon. "If Ernest Bai Koroma doesn't perform, we'll boot him out in the next election," one man told me, referring to the APC leader. But Mr. Koroma was not the only winner in Sierra Leone's election. It looks like democracy won too.



September 21, 2007




September 21, 2007


wasteful and unethical anti-market practices such as corporate boards that allow executives to set the price of stock options to guarantee they'll make money re- Senator gardless of per- Barack Obama formance and CEOs who get massive severance packages or perks even when workers lose their jobs or pensions. But he also accused the Bush administration of approving mergers with little scrutiny and maintaining more than $1 trillion worth of corporate tax loopholes. "This administration has accelerated these trends through its tax policies and spending priorities to the point where there is greater income inequality now than at any time since the Gilded Age," Obama said. He also compared the situation to the Great Depression, when Roosevelt challenged the cynicism by calling for faith in the United States and its institutions. "We certainly do not face a test of the magnitude that Roosevelt's generation did, but we are tested still," Obama said. "I am asking you to join me in ushering in a new era of mutual responsibility in America," he said. He said he believes Wall Street leaders want to be part of building a more just nation, but they haven't been asked before. He used the subprime mortgage crisis as an example, saying it started as a good idea until some lenders and brokers began lowering their standards as they saw how much money could be made. It was tempting to look the other way, he said. "The consequences are now clear: nearly 2.5 million homeowners could lose their homes" and millions of others could see their homes devalued, Obama said. measures and penalties for the failure to meet these goals. It also provides that the District receive 50 percent of the proceeds from any future sale of the hospital by Specialty. Finally, David Catania the agreement DC Councilmember funds $29 million in acquisition costs, the majority of which would be paid to local healthcare vendors, including doctors and nurses, who have not been paid for their services by the current owner. "We have a long history in this government of giving away money with no expectation of getting a return for it," said Catania. "With this agreement, we are doing the right thing by investing in the healthcare of our citizens. However, we are also securing our investment and holding the new owner accountable for any city assistance it receives." Catania said that he hopes that the Council will undertake consideration of the agreement at the legislative meeting scheduled for October 2, 2007.


emocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama told Wall Street investors that several of them have been too focused on their own gain at the expense of struggling Americans and echoed Franklin Delano Roosevelt's call for a "reappraisal of values." Obama prides himself on delivering tough messages directly to the source, and his address at the NASDAQ Marketsite was another example. He said a "what's good for me is good enough" mentality has crept into parts of the business world while working men and women toil longer hours and still struggle to pay for health care, tuition and taxes. "If we are honest, I think we must admit that those who have benefited from the new global marketplace--and that includes almost everyone in this room--have not always concerned themselves with the losers in this new economy," the Illinois senator said. "The danger with this mentality isn't just that it offends our morals, it's that it endangers our markets," Obama said. Economic experts including former Commerce secretary Bill Daley, former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson and University of Chicago economist Austan D. Goolsbee helped Obama with the speech, which risks alienating some Wall Street supporters. But Obama said in a recent interview with The Associated Press that he is determined not just to campaign by telling people what they want to hear, but to win support for an agenda for change. Other examples include Obama's lecture to Detroit automakers that they need to build more fuel efficient vehicles and his support for performancebased merit pay before the teacher's union that opposes it. Obama blamed Wall Street for







ecently, Councilmember David Catania (At-Large) praised the agreement between the District and Specialty Hospitals of America ("Specialty"), which he said would lay the foundation for an "historic investment" in the healthcare of Wards 7 and 8. The terms of the agreement were negotiated by the Mayor and were made public at an early morning announcement at Greater Southeast Community Hospital. "The Mayor has done a remarkable job putting this agreement together," said Catania. "We could easily be discussing how we are going to cope with the closure of this hospital. Instead, I believe that with a new owner and the proper investment, we will witness the complete revitalization of this once great institution." The agreement consists of District grants and loans of up to $79 million. This includes a $20 million loan in working capital, which will be paid back over 10 years and secured by a lien on the hospital building. The agreement calls for a $30 million investment in equipment that includes performance

hree debates featuring candidates for Mayor and Council in the 2007 Rockville elections will be televised on The Rockville Channel (TRC11) in October. The Rockville Campaign Policy adopted in 2003 and amended in 2006 provided for up to three debates being televised on The Rockville Channel. All candidates will be invited to each debate. Separate questions will be directed to the candidates for mayor and the candidates for the four City Council positions. Mayor Larry Giammo, who has served for six years, is not seeking re-election. Vying for the vacant mayoral seat will be current Councilmember Susan Hoffmann and challengers Mark Pierzchala and Drew Powell. Candidates for Council are incumbents Bob Dorsey, Anne Robbins, and Phyllis Marcuccio. Challenging them for the four Council seats will be Theo Anderson, John Britton, Piotr (Peter) Gajewski, Richard Gottfried, Carl Henn, Brigitta Mullican, Tracy Pakulniewicz-Chidiac, and Eric (Kuohwa) Wang. The televised debates will be organized by the selected groups, which also are independent, non-partisan, and do not endorse candidates. The hosts are responsible for inviting candidates and choosing moderators, the format, and deciding how questions will be selected. The City's only role in the debates is to tape and broadcast. The three debates to be televised are as follows: · Oct. 4 (THURSDAY)-- Hosted by: King Farm Citizens Assembly Site: Community Center (300 Saddle Ridge Circle). Time: 7p.m. (Taped for later broadcast) · Oct. 9 (TUESDAY)-- Hosted by: Hungerford/Twinbrook/Eas t Rockville civic associations. Site: Social Hall at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre (603 Edmonston Drive). Time: 7:00p.m. (Televised live and also rebroadcast at later dates) · Oct. 16 (TUESDAY)-- Hosted by: Fallsgrove Property Owners Association. Site: Lakewood Country Club (13901 Glen Mill Road). Time: 7p.m. (Taped for later broadcast)

ongressman Jim Moran, Virginia Democrat issued the following statement regarding the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board's recent ruling requiring Mirant's Alexandria-based Potomac River Power Plant to seek a Clean Air Act permit from the State Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) before it can make any physical or structural modifications to the plant's smoke stacks. Mirant seeks to operate only two of their five stacks at the Potomac Plant, while increasing the velocity with which pollution is emitted in order to spread it over a wider area. "Without the sharp eyes of local residents, Mirant's deceitful; under the radar effort to expand its operations without approval from the Air Control Board might have gone unnoticed. Last Thursday, the Board held a public hearing to review claims that Mirant was in the process of merging their smoke stacks and whether such actions needed a permit to go forward. The Board wisely ruled that a permit is required. "Mirant has been playing fast and loose with the rules and profit continues to trump serious public health concerns. Their contention that smoke stack modifications won't increase pollution must be thoroughly examined.

Any changes to the plant's infrastructure must also be viewed in the broader context that includes the massive injection of Trona* into the combustion process. The cu- Rep. Jim Moran m u l a t i v e (D-VA) changes to the plant and both the use of Trona and the stack merger warrant a full New Source Review from the EPA. "I am grateful to the Air Pollution Control Board for their swift action and praise the vigilance of the local residents who brought this matter to their attention. Mirant's Potomac Plant is an outdated facility whose time has passed and needs to go." *Trona is a naturally occurring mineral that can be used for pollution control. The effect on the public's health when injected into a power plant's combustion process has never been studied by the federal government. The website for the sole U.S. producer of Trona states that disbursing high levels of airborne Trona can lead to serious health complications such as birth defects, blood pressure instability and cancer, especially after prolonged exposure.




On September 21, 1989, General Colin Powell was named Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Other groups are expected to hold debates, but according to the City's campaign policy, only three may be televised on the Rockville Channel (TRC11).

emocrat Hillary Rodham Clinton called for universal health care on Monday, plunging back into the bruising political battle she famously waged and lost as first lady on an issue that looms large in the 2008 presidential race. "This is not government-run," the party's front-runner said of her plan to extend coverage to an estimated 47 million Americans who now go without. Her declaration was a clear message to Republicans, the insurance industry, businesses and millions of voters who nervously recall what sank her effort at health care reform 13 years ago in her husband's first term - fear of a big-government takeover. In unveiling her plan, she called for a requirement for businesses to obtain insurance for employees, and said the wealthy should pay higher taxes to help defray the cost for those less able to pay for it. She put the government's cost at $110 billion a year. Mindful of the lessons of her failed attempt, Clinton said that under her new plan anyone who is content with their health coverage can keep what they have. She insisted no new government bureaucracy would be created even as it seeks to cover tens of millions uninsured. "I know my Republican opponents will try to equate health care for all Americans with government-run health care," Clinton said. "Don't let them fool us again. This is not government-run." The New York senator said her plan would require every American to purchase insurance, either through their jobs or through a program modeled on Medicare or the federal employee health plan. Businesses would be required to offer insurance or contribute to a pool that would expand coverage. Individuals and small businesses would be offered tax credits to make insurance

more affordable. "I believe everyone--every man, woman and child should have quality, affordable health care in America," Clinton told an audience at a medical center in Iowa, the Hillary Rodham early voting state Clinton that launches the nomination process. Clinton framed her quest as a moral imperative in which individuals, businesses, the insurance industry and the federal government each had a role to play. She said her plan would be bipartisan and would only be successful through negotiation--a sharp departure from her earlier effort. Then, the Clinton health care task force met in secret and tried to drive legislation through Congress. Now, Clinton, a senator for seven years, spoke of compromise although she vowed to accomplish her goal in her first term if elected. "She's running against essentially not just the other candidates but her own plan. She's trying to convince you that this is a new Clinton plan," said Robert Blendon, a professor of public health at Harvard Medical School. To pay for her plan, Clinton said the tax cuts for Americans making $250,000 that were enacted under President Bush would be allowed to expire. She also projected she would identify $56 billion in savings through computerized record keeping, reducing the price of prescription drugs and cutting Medicare overpayments to hospitals and CEOs. Despite the focus on letting people who are happy with their insurance keep what they have, her plan would raise taxes on some coverage for the wealthy.

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September 21, 2007



magine shaping your own presidential showdown, using candidates and their answers like building blocks that shatter the standard conventions of a televised political debate. Yahoo! and the blog and the Web magazine this week will let viewers assemble their own presidential confrontations. They can stack one candidate against another, or line them all up by single issue. PBS' Charlie Rose will be the moderator and interviewer who will elicit the answer blocks in a series of interviews Wednesday with the eight Democratic presidential candidates. Rose will quiz each candidate separately, by satellite from New York, on topics selected by a vote of Yahoo! users. Once posted on the three Web sites on Thursday, viewers will be able to edit to taste. Joe Biden vs. Barack Obama on the war in Iraq. Hillary Rodham Clinton on health care, education and the war. All eight on a "wild card" question reserved for each one. And more. Call it Web 2.0 politics. Or, call it what its organizers do--a "mashup." The experiment is the latest offspring of the marriage of politics and the Internet. Presidential candidates have ventured onto online social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. They've established elaborate interactive Web pages to spread their message and raise money. They've learned to advertise based on keyword searches. They've participated in online town halls sponsored by the liberal And they've lived, and suffered, by the power of YouTube.

"The point is putting power in the hands of the audience and letting them navigate it," said Scott Moore, Yahoo's senior vice president of news and information. The idea, said Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington, was to reach an audience made up particularly of young people who typically do not get their information from traditional media sources. "If we're going to increase their political participation we have to meet them where they are," she said. "That was the idea of the mashup--that is, to empower users to create their own tailored candidate forum experience. . . . They may not sit spellbound for an

hour and a half." Rose will ask the candidates questions on four categories: the war, health care, education and one undisclosed candidate-specific subject. As the interviewer, Rose will be allowed to follow up and to slightly alter the questions to fit the circumstance. The eight interviews, if watched in one chronological sitting, would last about two hours. But that's so old media. "A big part of this for us is to try to innovate and do something that hasn't been done before," Moore said. For the candidates, the format permits them to reach an audience without major scheduling upheavals. They'll

connect with Rose from wherever they happen to be campaigning. Several of the candidates who are members of Congress will participate from Washington. So far, only the Democrats have agreed to be part of such a debate. Moore, Huffington and Slate's Jacob Weisberg want to have a similar exchange with Republicans. Once the parties have their nominees, Moore said he'd like to stage an event that would also allow the candidates to interact with each other. Others are testing the Internet, too. MySpace and MTV plan to hold realtime online conversations between the

candidates and young voters, who will be able to instant-message, e-mail or phone text their questions. The exchanges will be Webcast live on and starting later this month through December. "If you think back to the 1960 (presidential) campaign, that was the first time that television had a material impact on the election, on who won," Moore said, referring to the televised debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. "I believe that 2008 will be the first time that the Internet will have a material impact on who wins the election."



omething historic happened in the little town of Staunton, Virginia on Thursday, September 13, 2007. The Staunton City Council passed a resolution that asks the General Assembly to stop certain "exploitative" practices of payday lenders by capping interest rates at 36% APR. The resolution was introduced by Councilman Bruce Elder. He stated shortly after it was passed that he will "send copies of the resolution to every city government, town government and board of supervisors in Virginia. We want this everywhere. What we have done tonight is we have thrown a pebble in a pond. The ripples by the time they reach Richmond should be a tidal wave." Let's hope that every city, town and board of supervisors in Virginia follows the example of the City Council in Staunton and that every candidate and incumbent for the General Assembly recognizes and listens to the overwhelming majority of citizens who are appalled at the predatory practices of payday lenders. A current web poll (by the Daily Press) shows 83.5% of respondents believe payday loans are "a scam." Congratulations and thanks to the Staunton City Council. Sincerely, Bob Broxton 1507 Bronwyn Road # 301 Richmond, VA 23238 [email protected] 804-754-0333




September 21, 2007




hakespeare Theatre Company Artistic Director Michael Kahn announced that Gregory S. Smith will join the Shakespeare Theatre Company staff as Director of Education on September 24, 2007. Smith comes to the Company from The Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis, M.N., where he served as Assistant Director of Education from 2003-2004 and Director of Education beginning in 2005. Smith will oversee the Shakespeare Theatre Company's School, Community, Training and Audience Enrichment programs and their expansion with the opening of the Harman Center for the Arts. As Director of Education at The Children's Theatre Company, Smith managed the expansion of the McGuire Education Center and a three-year $750,000 federal grant to develop and nationally disseminate CTC's arts education program Neighborhood Bridges, as well as a $400,000 Bush Foundation Grant for Early Learners. Prior to working a The Children's Theatre, Smith held positions as Education Outreach Director of the SteppingStone Theatre for Youth De-

velopment and House Services Manager for the Historic State and Orpheum Theatres. Smith received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre, with a double minor in directing and dance at East Carolina University. "We are exceptionally pleased that Gregory Smith has accepted the position of Director of Education," Shakespeare Theatre Company Artistic Director Michael Kahn said. "His leadership skills and experience developing community partnerships make him a great addition as we move forward with the Harman Center for the Arts." "I am very excited about the opportunities at the Shakespeare Theatre Company," said Gregory Smith. "Michael Kahn has a clearly defined aesthetic to his interpretation of classical theatre. It is intelligent, dynamic and challenging, thereby allowing everyone an opportunity to relate to the material as it pertains to their own lives. I look forward to joining a staff with such talented artists and teachers this fall." The Shakespeare Theatre Company's Education Department Consis-



airfax County Public Schools (FCPS) will offer its Gifted and Talented (GT) Parent Information Nights in October for parents who are considering available options for their children. The schedule will be:

tent with the Company's central mission--to be the leading force in producing and preserving the highest quality classic theatre--the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Education Department is positioned as both a local and national resource for students, teachers and audiences. The central mission of all education programs is to deepen understanding of, appreciation for and connection to classic theatre in learners of all ages. The Education Department provides this enhancement through increased use of technology, scholarly dialogue with community and audience members, and by continuing to strengthen collaborations with schools locally and throughout the country. In support of the artistic work on stage, the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Education Department has four categories of programming: School Programs, Community Programs, Training Programs and Audience Enrichment Programs. The education programs of the Shakespeare Theatre Company challenge students, teachers and individuals to seize the ideas, emotions and principles contained in classic texts and explore them in a contemporary way, finding connections between classic theatre and our modern perceptions. For more information about the Shakespeare Theatre Company and its artistic and educational programs, visit


ounded in 1958, Prince George's Community College is preparing to celebrate five decades of serving residents in the county, surrounding areas and around the world. Throughout its history, the college has experienced unprecedented growth and continues its commitment to providing quality education, workforce development and continuing education to the community. The theme for the more-than-year-long golden celebration is "A Legacy of Excellence, A Lifetime of Learning-Since 1958." Prince George's Community College started on the campus of Suitland High School as the first integrated school in Prince George's County and relocated to the main campus in Largo in 1967. A student body of 2,000 grew to more than 38,000, representing more than 100 countries. The college also grew to include four extension centers-Andrews Air Force Base, University Town Center in Hyattsville, Laurel College Center and the new Skilled Trades Center in Camp Springs. Expansion has continued through the renovation and construction of new facilities such as Bladen Hall, which re-opened August 2007; High Technology Center opening spring 2008; and a new Center for Health Studies for which a groundbreaking is expected spring 2009. The college has formed an anniversary celebration committee and subcommittees of more than 100 people

representative of internal and external constituents. Employees, students, alumni, retirees, community and business leaders and locally elected officials comprise the group responsible for engaging the community in the process of planning and implementing programs and events to highlight and commemorate the college's 50 years of service to the community. In fact, the anniversary theme was developed after a college-wide contest, and employee Beth Cruz, student services program coordinator, submitted the winning theme. During the next 15 months, Prince George's Community College will host a series of festivities beginning with a kickoff celebration on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 10­11:30a.m., in Bladen Hall, and culminating with a gala in fall 2008. Activities will include the unveiling of new banners across the Largo campus and extension centers; events highlighting each decade of the college's history from 1950s to 2000s; presidential inauguration honoring new president, Charlene M. Dukes; a retirees' luncheon recognizing former college president, Robert I. Bickford; fundraising activities beginning with a brick campaign; and the induction of 50 outstanding alumni onto the college's acclaimed "Wall of Fame." Visit, for more information and updates on Prince George's Community College's 50th Anniversary Celebration.

· Monday, October 15, Oakton High School, 2900 Sutton Road, Oakton. · Thursday, October 18, Annandale High School, 4700 Medford Drive, Annandale. · Tuesday, October 23, West Potomac High School, 6500 Quander Road, Alexandria. · Wednesday, October 24, Langley High School, 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean. Each of the programs will begin at 7:30p.m. The information sessions will provide an overview of the continuum of GT services; screening, testing, and identification procedures; and the time lines established for GT students. For more information, contact Carol Horn at 703-846-8670 or carol. [email protected]



he Scholarship Fund of Alexandria (SFA), whose mission is to provide to Alexandria City Public Schools students the resources to pursue a college or post-secondary education, has elected Rebecca M. Sullivan and Deborah O. Wells to three-year SFA Board terms. Both are Alexandria residents with strong community service records and past involvement with the Fund. Sullivan, currently the director of public affairs with the National Associ-

ation of State Universities and LandGrant Colleges, has been on the SFA Gala Committee for the past four years. A previous PTA president at George Mason Elementary School, she also has served as president of TWIG, The Junior Auxiliary of INOVA Alexandria Hospital, and has volunteered with the T.C. Williams Lacrosse Boosters, Arlandria Neighborhood Health Services, the Pentagon Memorial Fund, the Congressional Management Fund and the American Council





homas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST), which serves as the governor's regional school for science and technology in Northern Virginia, will hold an open house from 8:30 to 11:30a.m. on Saturday, September 29, to provide eighth grade students and their parents with information about the school and its admissions process for the 2008-09 freshman class. On that day, families are invited to visit the school's state-of-the-art laboratories and tour the facilities at any time between 8:30 and 11:30a.m. Admissions information sessions will be held at 8:45, 9:45, and 10:45a.m. TJHSST is located at 6560 Braddock Road in Alexandria. The deadline for submitting applications to TJHSST for the 2008-09 freshman class is Friday, October 26. Applications will be available beginning Monday, September 24, at all public middle schools in participating school divisions and at many private schools. Students also may obtain an application after September 24 at the TJHSST admissions office, Monday through Friday, between 7:30a.m. and 4p.m. The TJHSST admissions office is located at the Holmes Middle School Annex, 6525 Montrose Street in Alexandria, phone 703-658-5823. TJHSST offers a comprehensive college preparatory program emphasizing the sciences, mathematics, and technology. The school serves students who are selected on the basis of aptitude, prior academic achievement, and genuine interest and motivation in the biological, physical, mathematical, and computer sciences and who intend to pursue college preparation in the sciences, engineering, or related fields.

airfax County Public Schools (FCPS) will hold its annual College Fair on Sunday, October 14, from 7:30 to 9:30p.m. at Fair Oaks Mall and its annual College Night program on Monday, October 15, from 7 to 9p.m. at Hayfield Secondary School. High school students and their families are encouraged to attend these two events to explore postsecondary educational opportunities. Both events are free and open to the public. Representatives from over 400 colleges and universities from across the United States, including two-year and four-year colleges as well as military academies and business, technical, and nursing schools, will be on hand to talk to prospective students. An updated list of attending colleges can be found at College Night, scheduled for the following evening at Hayfield Secondary School, will offer workshops related to college admissions and: · The SAT and ACT. · College athletics and the NCAA. · Considerations for students with disabilities in the college admissions process. · Financial aid. · Successful strategies for college-bound students. · Writing the college application essay. · The admissions process for students pursuing the arts. · Student and parent access to college planning tools. For additional information, contact Jill Kastner, College Fair and College Night liaison in the Office of School Counseling Services, at [email protected] . Fair Oaks Mall is located at 11750 Fair Oaks in Fairfax. Hayfield Secondary School is located at 7630 Telegraph Road in Alexandria.

of Young Political Leaders. Married to John Sullivan, she has two sons, Connor, a student at Minnie Howard School, and Liam, a student at George Washington Middle School. Wells is vice president, finance and administration, for Lewis-Burke Associates LLC. She previously served in the travel and tourism industry in Alexandria for 15 years. She has been active in SFA for several years and in 2001 and 2002 was the chairman of the Titan Expo, which raises funds for SFA. Wells is a past president of the Alexandria Crew Boosters, where she still serves on the board. She also has served on the Board of the T.C. Williams Booster Club, as director of the T.C. Williams Ice Hockey Boosters, as vice president of development for the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center and as a tutor with the Alexandria Tutoring Consortium. Wells is on the Board of Directors of the Alexandria Volunteer Bureau. She is married to Kent Wells and has two sons, Trevor, a 2002 T.C. Williams graduate attending the University of Southern California Medical School, and Bryan, a 2006 T.C. Williams graduate beginning his second year at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. "I am delighted that both of these talented individuals, who have previously given their time and talent to The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria, are now willing to serve on our board," said Michael B. Porterfield, chairman of the SFA Board of Trustees. "As we enter our 22nd year of service to the youth of Alexandria, I look forward to their involvement as we strive to assist every qualified Alexandria student who wants to pursue post-secondary education." For more information visit www.




September 21, 2007



any area students have been named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists. The local students will compete with about 16,000 semifinalists nationally for some 8,200 Merit Scholarship awards, worth $34 million. NMSC, a not-for-profit organization that operates without government assistance, was established in 1955 specifically to conduct the annual National Merit Program. Scholarships awarded through the program are underwritten by NMSC's own funds and by approximately 500 business organizations and higher education institutions that share NMSC's goals of honoring the nation's scholastic champions and encouraging the pursuit of academic excellence. More than 1.4 million juniors in nearly 21,000 high schools entered the 2008 National Merit Program by taking the 2006 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®), which served as an initial screen of program entrants. The nationwide pool of Semifinalists, which represents less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors, includes the highest scoring entrants in each state. The number of Semifinalists in a state is proportional to the state's percentage of the national total of graduating seniors. To become a Finalist, a Semifinalist must have an outstanding academic record throughout high school, be endorsed and recommended by the school principal, and earn SAT scores that confirm the student's earlier qualifying test performance. The Semifinalist and a school official must submit a detailed scholarship application, which includes the student's self-descriptive essay and information about the Semifinalist's participation and leadership in school and community activities. Approximately 15,000 Semifinalists will advance to the Finalist level, from which all Merit Scholarship winners will be chosen. Merit Scholar designees are selected on the basis of their skills, accomplishments and potential for success in rigorous college studies, without regard to gender, race, ethnic origin or religious preference. Three types of Merit Scholarship awards will be offered in the spring of 2008. Every Finalist will compete for one of 2,500 National Merit $2,500 Scholarships that will be awarded on a state representational basis. About 1,100 corporate-sponsored scholarships will be provided by some 300 corporations and business organizations for Finalists who meet their specified criteria. In addition, approximately 200 colleges and universities are expected to finance some 4,600 college-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards. Merit Scholarship winners of 2008 will be announced in four nationwide news releases beginning in April and concluding in July. These scholarship recipients will join some 250,000 other distinguished young people who have earned the Merit Scholar title. Area schools whose students made the semifinals include:

Montgomery Blair, Richard Montgomery, Walt Whitman and Thomas S. Wootton high schools surpassed all other schools in the state in number of semifinalists. The MCPS high schools and number of semifinalists from each are: Bethesda-Chevy Chase: 4 Montgomery Blair: 43 James Hubert Blake: 1 Winston Churchill: 9 Clarksburg: 1 Albert Einstein: 1 Gaithersburg: 3 Walter Johnson: 7 John F. Kennedy: 1 Richard Montgomery: 26 Quince Orchard: 2 Sherwood: 1 Walt Whitman: 12 Thomas S. Wootton: 13


Two hundred nine Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) students have been named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) for 2008. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST), which also serves as the Governor's Regional School for Northern Virginia, has 151 of the semifinalists. FCPS' National Merit Semifinalists are: Chantilly High School: Shruti Ektare, Devin Hernandez, and Christina Paladeau. Fairfax High School: Cezar Constantine. Herndon High School: Christian Eubank, Nathan Hardesty-Dyck, Margaret Loughnane, Matthew Sipe, Max So, and Abraham Woycke. Lake Braddock Secondary School: David Fox, Kedar Mulpuri, Neal Norman, Valerie Vargas, and Brady Whytock. Langley High School: Daniel Bergamesca, Katherine Boldosser, Victoria Cook, Claire Lockerby, Peter Seymour, Jordan Slick, and Philip Snell. Madison High School: Daniel Brown. Marshall High School: David Tran. McLean High School: Jessica Chen, Katherine Comey, Katherine Gaver, Brian Goldman, Tracy Jenkins, Mackenzie McCluer, Yi Peng, Adam Pollins, and Efrat Rosenzweig. Oakton High School: Melissa Bowman, Justin Choi, Katharine Goins, Richard Jacobson, Thomas Nysetvold, and Charles Parrott. Robinson Secondary School: Allison Baker, David Levonian, and Joseph Robinson. South County Secondary School: Megan Lee. South Lakes High School: Riley Keenan and Bianca van der Meulen. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology: Lillian Aoki, Morgan Bell, Sarah Benjamin, Laura Berk, Callie Berkowitz, Aaron Bernstein, Susanna Blauch, Bryan Bleda, Olivia Bonin, Josiah Boning, Henry Bosco, Flavia Brancusi, Ryan Brewster, Ariel Brown, Benjamin Buch, Tianhui Cai, Austin Chang, Samantha Chao, Hannah Chartoff, Jeff Chen, Michael Chen, Steven Chen, Alan Chien, Bryan Chun, Rebecca Chung, Jarel Cohen, John Coleman, Patrick Coleman, Catherine Cooper,

Ioana Cristei, Stephen Cronk, Sean Cruz, Daniel Curaca-Malito, Julia Dahlin, Hannah Dee, Annette Dekker, Francis Deng, Huanqi Deng, Margaret Don, Aaron Dufour, Amy Duncan, Michael Dunn, David Dytang, Casey Enders, Ao Fan, Emily Feeney, Connor Fleming, McKenna Freese, Sappho Gilbert, Erin Glennon, John Goodwin, Phillip Graves, Megan Harries, Nabeem Hashem, Kelley Hecker, Evan Heflin, Allison Hegel, Keith Horita, Stephen Houck, Hanna Howard, Nadir Ijaz, Mohit Iyyer, Aras Jizan, Kian Kamgar-Parsi, Amalia Kane, Anna Karnaze, Samantha Keyser, Arjun Khanna, Bronwyn Koehl, Stephen Lam, Oleg Lazarev, I-Rong Lee, George Leef, Mengxun Li, Dorothy Lineer, Jinyu Liu, Renfei Liu, Michael Lowman, Robert MacGregor, Katherine Madden, Sahil Marya, James McAtamney, Amy McCormack, Eileen McFarland, William McGrath, Alex McGuigan, Robert McMullin, Steven Mechner, Danielle Meeker, Andrew Menke, James Michelli, Geoffrey Miller, Dustin Moore, Madhav Nandipati, Amilie Napier, Kevin Ng, Albert Ng-Sui-Hing, Sarah Nowalk, Michelle Oresky, Benjamin Parr, Tyler Percle, Eleanor Phillips, Keshav Pillai, Lauren Pontius, Rathna Ramamurthi, Arjun Ramesh, Kelly Ran, Kristin Rhodes, Edward Rice, Anne Rohlfing, Thomas Rudelius, Sarah Salino, Hannah Saperstein, Zahra Sayyid, Kate Schofield, Avni Sharma, Eric Shi,

Rohan Siddhanti, Thomas Smilack, Morgan Snipes, Joseph Song, Marisa Sprowls, Andrew Stebbins, Elizabeth Stein, Michelle Stein, Jacob Steinhardt, Ethan Stone, Bruce Sun, Sara Sun, Melanie Szwajkowski, Brian Terrill, Kate Turetsky, Cayla Wallwork, Evan Warner, Jacob Welsh, Laura Williams, Thomas Williams, Cassandra Xia, Tim Xu, William Yang, Alyson Yee, Hewon Kari Yook, Sherwin Yu, Tingting Zeng, Aimee Zhang, Felix Zhang, Helen Zhang, Xiaoke Zhou, Colleen Zhu, Kyle Zora, and Rose Yan Zu. Westfield High School: Andrew Freidah and Amanda Gibson. West Potomac High School: Erika Swartz. West Springfield High School: Alicia Bodin-Gorgoroso and Rebecca Koenig. Woodson High School: Samantha Fede, Mark Goldberg, Elizabeth Jarvis, Victoria Jarvis, Aileen Mavity, Caroline Meyer, Alexandra Nguyen, and Joseph Rampino.



njoy Baja Fresh food while benefiting George Washington Middle School. Dine in, take out, call ahead, grab it and go on Wednesday, Sept. 26, anytime from 11a.m. to 9:30p.m., at Baja Fresh, 3231 Duke St. The restaurant will donate 15 percent of the proceeds to the school. For more information, contact the school at 703-706-4500.


On September 21, 1814, Andrew Jackson issued a Proclamation at Mobile, Alabama, urging free blacks "to rally around the standard of the eagle" in the War of 1812.


Three T.C. Williams High School students are Semifinalists in the 2008 National Merit® Scholarship Program. Paul M. Blakeslee, Tyler A. DeCourt and Zachary C. Whitacre For more information, visit .


One hundred twenty-four students from 14 high schools in Montgomery County have been named semifinalists in the 53rd National Merit Scholarship competition.




September 21, 2007

My Children! My Africa!

t 30, The Studio Theatre is truly coming of age. At this fertile juncture in its history, the Theatre has chosen to present a series of diverse and engaging coming-of-age stories. Set in 1984, a period of intense antiApartheid protests and boycotts, My Children! My Africa! follows a passionate schoolteacher, Mr. Myalatya (James BrownOrleans). Mr. M struggles every day against mounting odds to keep his students safe, to give them not only an education but hope for the future. His prize student, Thami Mbikwana (Yaegel Welsch), feels that the time for passive learning is over, and the time for forceful protest has begun. Thami's growing friendship with Isabel (Veronica del Cerro), a white student from a nearby school, complicates both their lives, even as it encourages them to imagine a brighter future beyond Apartheid. Specific in its historical setting and timeless in its emotional appeal, My Children! My Africa! tells a story of political awakening and unflagging hope that resonates powerfully for audiences today. During their research trip, director Serge Seiden and designer Debra Booth spoke with South Africans about their experiences of Apartheid. Says Seiden: "We had dinner with a woman who had been a teacher during that time. We sat and talked for hours about the play and life in South Africa and the future. And the thing that's really impressive is the optimism, the hope that people have about the future there. I think that really is a legacy of Mandela's leadership." In addition to visiting the major cities of Johannesberg and Capetown, Seiden and Booth traveled throughout South Africa's Eastern Cape, where My Children! My Africa! is set. The production is shaped by their first-hand experience of the Eastern Cape's schools, townships and urban centers. The two also visited the inspiring, mountainous Wapadsberg Pass, where the play's final moments take place. Standing at this place where, as Mr. M. says, "you could see all of Africa," Seiden and Booth stopped their car and read the play's final speech out loud. "And cried," Seiden says,



"looking out over the actual vista that is referenced in the play. It is an awesome sight." Athol Fugard has written almost 30 plays about the struggles and triumphs of his home country. The internationally renowned playwright, director, and actor was born in 1932. He premiered My Children! My Africa! in 1989, at the end of an incredibly productive decade, in which he wrote A Lesson From Aloes (1979), Master Harold and the Boys (1982), The Road to Mecca (1984) and A Place with the Pigs (1987). His other major work includes Blood Knot (1961), Boesman and Lena (1969), Sizwe Banzi Is Dead (1972), and his post-apartheid plays: Valley Song (1996), The Captain's Tiger (2000) and Sorrows And Rejoicings (2002). His latest play, Victory, premiered in Johannesberg in May 2007. Performance schedules for My Children! My Africa! At the

Mr. M (James Brown-Orleans) and Isabel (Veronica del Cerro) an unlikely friendship in Athol Fugard's My Children! My Africa! (photo by Carol Pratt, graphic credit Danielle Mages Amato)

Thami (Yaegel T. Welch) and his teacher Mr M. (James Brown-Orleans) in Athol Fugrad's My Children! My Africa! (photo by Carol Pratt, graphic credit Danielle Mages Amato) Mead Theatre: WednesdaySaturday: 8:00pm, Sunday: 7:00pm, Matinees: Saturday and Sunday 2:00pm. Select Tuesdays: September 18, September 25 and October 9, 2007: 8:00pm. Ticket Prices: $27-$55 For more information and Tickets: 202-332-3300; V/TTY: 202-667-8436; 202-232-7267 or visit


Left to right: Veronica del Cerro, James Brown-Orleans and Yaegel T. Welch star in My Children! My Africa! (photo by Carol Pratt, graphic credit Danielle Mages Amato)


September 21, 2007




September 21, 2007


new book, "Intimacy After Cancer," is a resource for women and their partners seeking to regain normalcy after a life-changing cancer diagnosis. It addresses an often overlooked topic for the 10 million cancer survivors in the United States. Quality survivorship is the focus for October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The book by Dr. Sally Kydd (a psychologist and breast cancer survivor) and Dana Rowett features the voices and stories of cancer survivors and cancer experts, and is already a resource in cancer centers around the country. You can learn more about the book and the authors by visiting






hildren's mental health care is in crisis. And when children suffer from a mental illness, their families suffer with them. Nationally, 21% of all children and adolescents have a mental health disorder, but only 1 in 5 children who need mental health services receives treatment. These national statistics also reflect the state of children's mental health in Virginia, according to Dr. Aradhana A. "Bela" Sood, the Medical Director of Virginia Treatment Center for Children (VTCC) and Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the VCU Medical Center. Here, 202,000 children suffer from a mental health disorder causing significant functional impairment. Sood, who is currently serving on the Governor's review panel that is investigating the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy, further notes that, "Virginia suffers from a chronic under funding of child, adolescent and family mental health services." Virginia ranks 12th among the 50 states in per capita income, but 37th in per capita spending on mental health. Compounding the problem is a related shortage of specialized clinicians. The result is a scarcity of children's mental health services around the Commonwealth. There is little doubt that the state of mental health for children in Virginia and across the nation is appalling. But there is an organization that is taking the lead in addressing this critical shortfall - The Advisory Council of the VTCC at the VCU Medical Center. On September 27, 2007, the Council will host the First Annual Child Mental Health Advocacy Award Gala to celebrate the work of VTCC, promote awareness of the state of child and adolescent mental health in Virginia, and recognize the efforts of others who are working to improve and expand services in this area. This year the Advisory Council will honor Mr. Alan Kirshner, CEO of Markel Corporation, for his leadership in developing the Faison School and his extraordinary work in facilitating the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders. Due to his efforts, many Virginia families have benefited.

First Lady Anne Holton is serving as honorary chair for the event. Harold Koplewicz, MD, director of the NYU Child Study Center is a special guest speaker. The gala will be held at the VCU Scott House, Richmond, Va, from 6 to 9pm. Tickets are $125 each. This event will serve as the VTCC Advisory Council's primary fundraising initiative for this year. The resources raised will help the VTCC Advisory Council make critical investments in child mental health in Virginia, in partnership with VTCC. For more information on VTCC or the event, contact Delores RichardsMadikiza at 804-828-1123 or [email protected]

he American Cancer Society, the nation's largest voluntary health organization, recently announced a major nationwide initiative to call attention to the urgent need for quality, affordable health care for all Americans. As part of the initiative, which is an unprecedented effort in the 94-year history of the organization, the Society will devote significant resources toward creating an aggressive public awareness campaign that highlights the barriers that average Americans, including the 47 million who do not have health insurance and the countless others who have inadequate insurance, confront when facing cancer. "The American Cancer Society believes that, after tobacco use, lack of access to quality health care in the United States could be the biggest barrier to continued progress in the fight against cancer," said Richard C. Wender, M.D., national volunteer president of the Society. "Cancer is the number one personal health concern of Americans. Reducing suffering and death from cancer may only truly be possible if all Americans are able to visit their doctor for regular check ups, early detection screening tests and prompt, quality cancer treatment if and when they need it." Through the use of an emotional advertising campaign, which includes nationwide television, print and online components, the Society tells the stories of real people who faced cancer diagnoses and typify the all-too-real stories of millions of others. One ad features "Kathy" who had no insurance when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Another ad tells the story of "Raina" who had insurance when she faced thyroid cancer but still faced financial debt that resulted in her medical bills being turned over to collection agencies.

"People expect that their insurance will be sufficient should they be faced with a major illness," Wender said. "Unfortunately, millions of Americans think they are covered, but find out too late that their insurance is inadequate, and as a consequence they often face substantial financial burdens, including being denied the care they need. No one should have to choose between taking care of their health and paying their bills." Recent Society scientific research published in the peer-reviewed journal CANCER has shown that people who are uninsured, and people with certain types of public health insurance, are more likely to be diagnosed with more advance cancer compared to those with private insurance, and, as a result, are at greater risk of death. These patients face much more difficult and far more expensive medical treatments, as well as a diminished quality of life--unnecessary realities had current advances in cancer prevention, detection and treatment options been more easily available. "As a member of civil society, we have made tremendous progress in the fight against cancer, but that progress will not continue unless all Americans have access to quality health care," said John R. Seffrin, Ph.D., the Society's national chief executive officer. "To make the next significant leap, we have to make it easier for Americans to get the tests and treatments they need to fight cancer. It's a battle the American Cancer Society is fighting on behalf of every American--regardless of their financial ability or health care history. Is the choice between losing your life and losing everything really a choice?" The public awareness campaign directs Americans to the Society's Web site,, and encourages them to learn more about access to qual-

ity cancer care and to share their own story. Consumers can also join the Society's sister advocacy organization, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network(SM) (ACS CAN), in its grassroots campaign to make certain the issue a priority in the 2008 elections. The American Cancer Society has issued four principles that define meaningful health insurance and highlight major problems in the health care system that are impeding progress against cancer and other major diseases. The principles state that health insurance should be adequate, affordable, available and administratively simple. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network will apply the four principles to federal and state health insurance reform proposals to determine whether the proposals would improve health care for the uninsured and underinsured. The Society, through a joint effort with Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, has been tracking individual health insurance coverage concerns for cancer patients and analyzing trends and emerging issues since 2005. Through its Health Insurance Assistance Service, located within the Society's nationwide call center in Austin, Texas, clinically trained telephone specialists help cancer patients or their loved ones who call the Society's 24 hour toll-free information line to navigate the health insurance system and understand all available options to pay for care. As a non-profit organization with limited resources, the American Cancer Society is only able to currently provide the service in 28 states, and so far, can only successfully help one in every five callers resolve their health insurance problems.



Visit us on the web at


ore than 100 organizations from across the country are calling for the next President to commit to ending the AIDS epidemic in America. They have requested that every Presidential candidate commit to developing a resultsoriented national AIDS strategy designed to significantly reduce HIV infection rates, ensure access to care and treatment for those who are infected and eliminate racial disparities. The groups issued a "Call to Action" that has been presented to all Presidential candidates. The Call to Action and a list of supporters is available at www. "More than 1.7 million HIV infections and over half a million deaths into the domestic AIDS epidemic, our government still does not have a comprehensive plan to respond effectively," said Rebecca Haag, Executive Director of AIDS Action. "The wealthiest nation in the world is failing its own people in responding to the AIDS epidemic at home. Our country must develop what it asks of other nations it supports in combating AIDS: a comprehensive national strategy to achieve improved and more equitable results." The Call to Action asserts that the lack of an outcome-based response to HIV domestically has lead to unacceptable results: half of people with

HIV are not in care, there is a new infection every 13 minutes, infection rates have not fallen in more than 15 years, and dramatic racial disparities are becoming even more pronounced. "America's response to AIDS is not serving those most in need," said Phill Wilson, Executive Director of the Black AIDS Institute. "We cannot make significant progress on national AIDS statistics unless government and community efforts better respond to the needs of Black America, and we need a comprehensive national strategy to get there." "We need a plan, not a patchwork," said Julie Davids, Executive Director of Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP). "We need to move from a response to AIDS that is often bureaucratic to one that is evidence-based and outcomes-oriented; a response that reaches everyone at risk of infection or needing care." The Call to Action statement states that to be successful a national AIDS strategy should: · Improve prevention and treatment outcomes through reliance on evidence-based programming · Set ambitious and credible prevention and treatment targets and require annual reporting on progress towards goals · Identify clear priorities for action across federal agencies and assign


· · ·

responsibilities and timelines for follow-through Include, as a primary focus, the prevention and treatment needs of African Americans, other communities of color, gay men of all races, and other groups at elevated risk Address social factors that increase vulnerability to infection Promote a strengthened HIV prevention and treatment research effort Involve many sectors in developing the national strategy: government, business, community, civil rights organizations, faith based groups, researchers, and people living with HIV/AIDS

Mark Cloutier, the Executive Director of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation notes the "enormous human and economic costs resulting from the lack of a focused response to HIV/AIDS domestically. Without action there will be more unnecessary deaths, billions of dollars in increased health care expenses and a significant loss of productivity in our economy. A more effective national response to HIV/AIDS is a critical part of building a stronger and more responsive health care system for all Americans." Pernessa Seele, founder and CEO of The Balm In Gilead, said, "The legacy of the next Executive Office resident will be determined by what

she or he says and does to move communities and this country from where we are--in crisis because of HIV/ AIDS--to where we want and need to be--a world leader in the advancement of research, testing, treatment and eradication of HIV/AIDS at home and abroad." "It is unconscionable that the United States, which has all the necessary resources to end the AIDS epidemic, does not have a comprehensive plan to stop AIDS deaths, reduce infections, and get people the medical care that they need," said Robert Bank, Chief Operating Officer of Gay Men's Health Crisis, (GMHC) in New York. "We want the American public to know that the knowledge and strategies needed to end the nation's HIV/AIDS crisis already exist," said David Ernesto Munar, vice president at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. "Strong national leadership can change the course of the epidemic." AIDS advocates and leaders all over the country are currently contacting their colleagues in civil rights, social justice, and health care organizations urging their endorsement and support. All organizations and individuals concerned about America's AIDS crisis are encouraged to sign the Call to Action at www.nationalaidsstrategy. org.



September 21, 2007



overnor Timothy M. Kaine recently announced that Virginia has been awarded a $1.1 million health information technology grant by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to improve rural health. The announcement was made during today's 9th Annual Commonwealth of Virginia's Innovative Technology Symposium (COVITS). The Governor also announced that Virginia's Web portal and three state agency Web sites received top awards from the Center for Digital Government as part of a national effort to recognize outstanding state government Internet sites and applications. The Best of Web awards program recognizes state and local government Web sites based on their innovation, Web-delivery of public services, efficiency, economy and functionality for improved citizen access. In an effort to reduce the morbidity and mortality of stroke in Virginia, the Virginia Department of Health partnered with the Virginia Telehealth Network and the Virginia Stroke Systems Task Force to create a plan for developing the Virginia Acute Stroke Telehealth Network, or VAST. The federal grant will allow implementation of the VAST Network in the Shenandoah Valley, where health IT applications will be deployed to improve stroke prevention, diagnosis, emergency treatment, and rehabilitation. The $24 million federal initiative is designed to promote the expansion and implementation of electronic health records and other health-related IT applications. The federal grant will extend from September 2007 through February 2009. "The integration of health information technology into our rural health care system to prevent and treat stroke moves us forward in the right direction," Governor Kaine said. "This federal grant will help expand the flow of patient information and medical expertise that is presently available in many areas of our state." Virginia's incidence and mortality rates for stroke are among the highest in the nation. In 2004, the National Center for Health Statistics estimated Virginia was 7.8 percent above the national stroke mortality rate of 50.0 per 100,000. The federal funds will allow small rural hospitals across the Shenandoah region to diagnose ischemic stroke and administer the clot-busting drug t-PA in a more timely fashion through the use

of tele-radiology. This technology allows the transfer of CT scans for rapid evaluation by a stroke neurologist potentially located many miles away. In addition, a robot called the RP-7 will be used to support the evaluation of stroke patients through an audio and video conferencing capability. This will allow a small rural Critical Access Hospital like Bath Community Hospital to link to medical professionals at other facilities in the region, including the University of Virginia Health System, Augusta Medical Center and Rockingham Memorial Hospital. The grant will be administered by the Department of Health in collaboration with the Virginia Telehealth Network, Bath Community Hospital, VaLiance Health, the Central Shenandoah EMS Council, and a variety of other partners. In addition, Governor Kaine also announced several Digital Government Achievement Awards (DGAA) from the Center for Digital Government at today's 2007 COVITS meeting. The state's official Website,, moved up in the "Best of the Web" rankings from fourth to third place among the 50 states. Other state honorees include the Council on Virginia's Future, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy. Virginia received more honors than any other state in 2007. "Across Virginia, we are using information technology to develop innovative and cost effective tools that improve customer service and support our management and business processes," said Governor Kaine. "These awards demonstrate our commitment to improving citizen service and smarter management of state government." The Council on Virginia's Future was honored with the DGAA in the Government to Citizen category for its Web site, Virginia Performs. The Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy was awarded for its WaterTrans application for the Division of Mined Land Reclamation in the Government to Business category. The Department of Transportation's Integrated Project Management system was honored with the DGAA in the Government Internal category. COVITS brings together annually a community of senior-level executives and technology decision makers from state and local governments, business and education to identify, discuss and propose solutions to Virginia's critical technology issues.




nova Health System will be holding free screenings and educational events throughout September to raise public awareness about peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.)--a clogging of the arteries in the limbs, often the legs, that increases the risk for heart attack and stroke. These screenings and educational events support Inova's participation in the Stay in Circulation: Take Steps to Learn About P.A.D. campaign. Stay in Circulation is a public awareness campaign to educate adults 50 and older about peripheral arterial disease and is sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in cooperation with the P.A.D. Coalition. Several Inova hospitals are holding screening events in September as part of the Legs for Life® screening program. In addition, a number of these hospitals will hold public lectures to educate community residents about P.A.D. Locations/times as follows: Inova Fair Oaks Screening: Saturday, Sept. 22, 9a.m.­4p.m.; Public Lecture: Tuesday, Sept. 25, 7p.m. Inova Fairfax Screening: Saturday, Sept. 29, 9a.m.­4p.m.; Public Lecture: Thursday, Oct. 4, 7p.m. To find out more or register for one of these events, call (703) 2043366 or visit


ormer Rap City host and HIV/ AIDS activist Big Tigger will hit the streets for a good cause as he prepares for the annual Big Tigger's HIV/AIDS Ride for Life. More than 1,000 motorcycle riders and 84 motorcycle clubs are expected for the event, which takes place Sept. 30 in Washington DC and will feature appearances from Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty and DC Council members Marion Barry and Kwame R. Brown as well motorcycle clubs such as the Chocolate City Divas and Platinum Rollers. The goal of Big Tigger's HIV/ AIDS Ride for Life is to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and its effect on the community as the condition's presence grows in communities of color and people under the age of 25. Washington DC currently holds the record for the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the country. Nearly 70% of the infected Washington DC residents are African American. "More people are living with HIV and AIDS today than ever before; which requires a call to action for increased awareness," Ride for Life host Big Tigger said in a statement, adding that the event is designed to "showcase our concern about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in our community." Big Tigger's HIV/AIDS Ride for Live is presented by the WPGC 95.5 FM afternoon drive host's Street Corner Foundation, an organization committed to increasing public awareness of HIV/AIDS by funding educational

Big Tigger

initiatives targeting prevention as well as improving the quality of life for youth by supporting programs that focus on literacy and self-esteem. Registration and staging for the Ride for Life will begin at 11a.m. at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. The official ride will follow at 2:15pm with riders taking the event route into Maryland and ending at Rosaryville State Park. The Ride for Life will be capped off with a grand finale event that will include a cookout, entertainment and a motorcycle raffle. The motorcycle benefit ride is the latest endeavor for Big Tigger, who was recognized as the 2005 recipient of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators' Visionary award for his "inimitable presence in the HIV/AIDS arena as an ambassador of good health."


PCC's annual Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill is just around the corner. On September 27 and 28, prostate cancer advocates, survivors, and loved ones will have an opportunity to visit Washington to meet with their elected members of Congress and discuss the importance of prostate cancer research funding, awareness, and education. The twoday event includes a free private guided tour of the Capitol building, a African American men have an even workshop on effective advocacy, and higher risk: one in four men. an evening reception with fellow advocates and other members of the prostate cancer community. We need your help to make sure the issues of the prostate cancer community are heard. Contact NPCC's Director of State Relations, James Ullrich, for more information or to reserve your space now--www.FightProstateCancer. org/Advocacy or 202-303-3127.





September 21, 2007




his September, Ten Thousand Villages is encouraging its business neighbors, customers, and volunteers to donate school supplies for children in Iraq. The donation drive is an annual project of the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). Every year, the Committee puts together kits of basic school supplies, such as pencils, erasers, and notebooks, and sends them to needy schools around the world. This year's kits will be sent primarily to Iraq but schools in Jordan, Afghanistan, Burundi, Haiti and many other countries will receive kits as well. Ten Thousand Villages, located at 915 King Street in Old Town, Alexandria, is encouraging other businesses in the 900 block of King Street to participate in this year's drive. The effort runs through September 30. Kits include the following materials: spiral notebooks, colored and No. 2 pencils, rulers, and erasers. Ten Thousand Villages will collect donated kits and send them to the nearest MCC office at the end of September. Ten Thousand Villages is the country's largest and oldest Fair Trade organization. Begun in 1946, there are now more than 100 retail stores across the country. Ten Thousand Villages of Alexandria has served Northern Virginia customers since 1994. More information can be found at www. and www.

available for customers upon request. The elevators are expected to return to service in late November. Metrorail riders who normally enter or exit at the Pentagon City Metrorail station and are unable to use the escalator should call 202-962-1825 in advance of their trip to enable Metro officials to have a shuttle bus waiting to take them to the Pentagon station. Buses will be stationed in the area to accommodate these individuals. An elevator modernization includes replacing a majority of the mechanical parts and elevator cab equipment with new ones to ensure the elevator operates safely and reliably for customers, and extends the life of the elevator. For more information visit www.




pringfield area church musicians will put on a special concert to benefit Ecumenical Community Helping Others (ECHO), Sunday, September 23, at 4p.m., at St. Marks Lutheran Church, 5800 Backlick Rd., Springfield, VA. Financial or non-perishable food donations will be accepted.

taxpayers. This Program has been extended ­ the new deadline is Wednesday, October 31, 2007. Many households with annual gross incomes of up to $70,000 may qualify for this credit on their FY08 real property tax bills. For very low household incomes, the credit eliminates the City tax due on the first $300,000 of assessed value. The amount of credit decreases as gross household income rises until reaching zero at $70,000. The Homeowners' Tax Credit Program was first approved in the City's FY06 budget and supplements the State of Maryland Homeowners' Tax Credit Program. In FY07, approximately 630 households received an average credit of $308 on their municipal tax bill. To be eligible for the tax credit, a detailed application must be submitted to the State of Maryland's Department of Assessments and Taxation prior to October 31, 2007 . An application is routinely sent to all homeowners who were recipients of the State tax credit in the previous year, and applicants must reapply for the credit each year. For more information on the Homeowners' Tax Credit Program, contact the City of Rockville's Department of Finance at 240-314-8400 or the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation toll free at 800-944-7403. Detailed information also can be found at

Beginning January 1, 2009, food service facilities may not prepare and serve any food containing trans fats-- such as partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, shortenings, or margarines--that contain more than 0.5 grams per serving. This will include the use of oils and shortening used in baked goods, and oils and shortenings used for deep frying of yeast or cake batter. The law does not apply to food that is served directly to patrons in the manufacturer's original, sealed packaging, such as crackers or potato chips. With passage of the law, Resolution 16-34, Montgomery County became the first county in the United States to ban trans fats in food service facilities. Montgomery County's bill is similar to a New York City law, which took effect July 1. Artificial trans fats are the type of fat that increases the risk of heart disease. Trans fat increases bad cholesterol (LDL) and lowers good cholesterol (HDL). Trans fat is the most dangerous type of dietary fat and has no known health benefits. While some trans fat occurs naturally, most is artificial. The County law applies only to artificial trans fat.

7:00­9:00pm at the Potomac Hospital; Spanish STEP class on Wednesdays Oct 3­November 14, 2007 from 7:00­9:00pm at the Ferlazzo Government Building. Upcoming classes in the Manassas area are: Young Child class on Tuesdays, October 23­November 27, 2007, at the Manassas Church of Brethren from 7:00­9:00pm; SchoolAge class on Mondays, September 24­October 29, 2007, from 7:00­ 9:00pm at Alvey Elementary School, Haymarket; Teen class to be announced; Spanish class on Friday, October 19­November 30, 2007 at Sudley North Government Building, 7:00­ 9:00pm.











n Tuesday, October 16, 2007, the Mount Vernon Genealogical Society (MVGS) will meet in room 112 of the Hollin Hall Senior Center in Alexandria, Virginia. The meeting will start at 1:00p.m. and is free and open to the public. The meeting will feature a presentation entitled "The History of the National Archives Library Information Center and American State Papers." The program will be presented by Jeffrey Hartley. Jeffrey Hartley serves as the Chief Librarian of the National Archives Library Information Center. He will discuss the history of the center and American State Papers. He will talk about the Serial Set in the library pertaining to private claims, Patent lists, land grants and claims, official records of the War of the Rebellion and a series of other records. The Hollin Hall Senior Center is located 4 miles south of Alexandria just off Fort Hunt Road at 1500 Shenandoah Road in Alexandria, Virginia. Additional information about the meeting and MVGS can be found at Any questions about the program should be directed to Harold McClendon at 703360-0920.

he Loudoun County Treasurer's Office has the lowest number of delinquencies in Northern Virginia and is No. 2 in investment return in the Greater Washington, D.C. area, according to newly released statistics. County Treasurer H. Roger Zurn said that as a result of good collection efforts the County's tax delinquencies have dropped--from .0.55% in fiscal 2006 (ended June 30, 2006) to 0.20% in fiscal 2007 (ended June 30). This was the best in the Commonwealth, Zurn said. In addition, the return on investment of County tax dollars stood at 5.38% for the 2007 fiscal year, according to Zurn, who invests more than $1.3 billion over the course of the fiscal year. The rate of return was second in Northern Virginia, he said. Zurn said he strives to keep the delinquencies low "to keep government services available such as Fire and Rescue, The Sheriff's Office and Education by collecting the taxes. Due to a very dedicated staff and high expectations of their performance we lead the state." As to investment returns Zurn added: "Understanding the market trends and keeping the safety of taxpayer's money paramount we have exceeded most jurisdictions returns. We monitor the market daily to adjust our investments accordingly."

he south garage at the Shady Grove Metrorail station will undergo a major rehabilitation project beginning Sunday, Sept. 16, resulting in the temporary loss of 150 parking spaces during the first phase of the 18 to 24-month project. The garage rehabilitation will take place in phases and includes concrete, structural and drainage repairs of the facility, which opened in 1989. Throughout the course of the rehabilitation, 150 to 175 of the total 1,310 parking spaces will be unavailable to Metro customers. Metro has placed signs in the Shady Grove south garage and in the Shady Grove Metrorail station to alert Metro riders about the impending construction work. Customers who are unable to find parking at one of the four parking facilities at the Shady Grove station will be directed to the nearby Twinbrook and White Flint Metrorail stations. At full capacity, Shady Grove has 5,745 all-day parking spaces.


he Eastern Montgomery Regional Services Center and the YMCA Youth and Family Services are hosting a workshop for parents who are raising teens, on Thursday, October 11 from 7 to 8:30p.m. The workshop will be held at the Center located at 3300 Briggs Chaney Road, Silver Spring. The workshop will provide parents with the parenting skills they need to deal with power struggles, discipline issues and setting limits. Parents will learn new approaches to change patterns of interaction and develop cooperation within the family. The cost for the workshop is $10 per individual or $15 per couple. Preregistration is requested. Call 240-777-8400, to pre-register or for more information.



hen Families Get Angry is a three session, six hour course, developed to assist parents in understanding and constructively dealing with anger in the home. It will focus on anger between parents, parents and children, and siblings, with recognition of influences from outside forces. The cost to cover class materials is $40.00 per individual. To register for a class, please call us at (703) 792-6288. Advanced registration is required, walk-in registrations are not accepted. Upon completion of the class a certificate is awarded. Childcare is not available. Manassas WFGA classes will be held at the Sudley North Government Building on Wednesdays, from 7:00­ 9:00pm on September 26, October 3 and 10, 2007. Woodbridge Spanish WFGA classes will be held at the Ferlazzo Government Building on Saturdays, from 9:00am­11:00am on October 20, 27 and Nov 3, 2007 Woodbridge WFGA classes will be held at the Ferlazzo Government Building on Mondays, from 7:00pm­ 9:00pm on November 26, December 3 and 10, 2007. Manassas WFGA classes will be held at the Sudley North Government Building on Wednesdays, from 7:00pm­9:00pm on December 5, 12, and 19, 2007.










he modernization of the platform elevators at the Pentagon City Metrorail station started on Monday, September 17. The elevators are scheduled to be out of service for 10 weeks during which time free, temporary shuttle buses will be


he City of Rockville's Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 budget continues the Homeowners' Tax Credit Program to provide tax relief to the City's low- and moderate-income

esidents can now find information on the County's new trans fat law by going to www. Included on the site is information for food service facilities, including restaurants and grocery stores that will be required to comply with the law beginning January 1, 2008. Passed by the County Council in May, the new law entitled Board of Health Regulation Restricting Trans Fat Use in Eating and Drinking Establishments, requires food service facilities to eliminate the use of artificial trans fats. Beginning January 1, 2008, food service facilities may not use partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, shortenings or margarines for frying or grilling, or as a spread, unless the item contains less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving.

rince William Office of Virginia Cooperative Extension is offering the following Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) groups. STEP is a six-week discussion group for parents and others who want to learn more effective ways to communicate and discipline. It is available in English and in Spanish. It is offered for three separate age groups, Parents of Young Children (Birth to age 5), Parents of School-Age Children (ages six to twelve), and Parents of Teenagers (ages 13 and up). The Spanish class combines the age groups. The cost to cover class materials is $40.00 per individual or couple. To register for a class, call (703) 7926288. Childcare is not available. Upcoming classes in the Woodbridge area are: Young Child class on Mondays, October 22­November 26, 2007 at Dale City Recreation Center, 7:00­9:00pm; School-Age class on: October 15­November 19, 2007 Ferlazzo Government Building, 7:00­ 9:00pm; Teen class on Mondays, October 22­November 26, 2007 from


iving Apart--Parenting Together is a two-session, fourhour class that encourages parents living apart to work out parenting decisions without putting their children in the middle. The class meets the parent education guidelines established by the Supreme Court of Virginia. The cost to cover class materials is $40.00 per individual. To register for a class, call (703) 792-6288. Advanced registration is required, walk-in registrations are not accepted. Upon completion of the class a certificate is awarded. Childcare is not available. Woodbridge area classes--Thursdays, November 1 and 8, 2007 from 7:00­9:00pm at the Ferlazzo Government Building; Saturday, December 15, 2007 from 8:30am­12:30pm at the McCoart Government Building. Manassas area classes--Tuesdays, October 9 and 16, 2007 from 7:00­9:00pm at the Sudley North Government Building; Tuesdays, November 27 and December 4, 2007 from 7:00­9:00pm at the Sudley North Government Building



September 21, 2007


Singers and a program of short films produced by both Alexandria students and international filmmakers. One notable film to be featured is "Green Pages," a futuristic comedy which is the first-ever adaptation of the phone book. The audience will also be treated to "coming attractions" for the films featured throughout the Festival. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Madison Building will be the location for both evening and matinee performances held from Friday, September 28, through Sunday, September 30. Highlighting the program will be the first public screening in Alexandria of "God Grew Tired of Us: the Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan," directed by Christopher Quinn, who grew up in Alexandria and graduated from T.C. Williams High School. The film garnered top honors at the Sundance Film Festival. Other films to be presented at the Festival include: Five shorts produced by students at the Mt. Vernon Community School and the Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School focus on the theme "Alexandria, My Hometown," using clay animation, original rap music, acting and narration. The films highlight Alexandria's history, environment, landmarks and child-friendly attractions. Other films produced by Alexandrians, including: "Vietnam: the Next Generation," by Sandy Northrop; "DeLeon Crossing," by Bjorn Munson; "Ferocious Wildlife in a TwoBedroom," by Ruth Dubb; "For Emily," by Stephanie Hafer; "The Last Greeks on Broome Street," by Ed Askinazi; and "Out of Obscurity: The Story of the 1939 Alexandria Library Sit-In," by Matt Spangler. Spangler's film was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Office of Historic Alexandria. "War/Dance," from Maryland filmmakers Sean Fine and Andrea NixFine, which won the 2007 Sundance Director's Award. The film tells the story of war orphans competing in the Ugandan National Music Festival. All programs of the International Film Festival are offered free of charge and open to the public. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is a short walk from the King Street Metro Station, and free parking is available at the Patent and Trademark Office Garage. Please be advised that some films may contain violence, language and adult themes that may be inappropriate for younger audiences. To obtain a complete listing of film times and dates, to make a contribution to the Alexandria Commission for the Arts, or to volunteer, visit www. . For additional information, call Patti North-Rudin, International Festival Coordinator at 703-838-5095, extension 307 or email patti. [email protected]



oin family and friends in historic Washington, DC, on September 2123, 2007 for American Legacy's Family Reunion Weekend--A Celebration of Family, sponsored by Washington DC Convention & Tourism Corporation. Washington, DC is a city rich in African-American culture and heritage. Each and every one of its historic monuments, memorials, museums and walking tours has a story to tell, and each story is part of a larger saga of African-American history in the nation's capital--from the quiet perspective of the Willard Hotel, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. drafted his famous "I Have a Dream" speech to the Lincoln Theatre's historic stage, where renowned artists continue to shine in the shadow of celebrated performers. The cost to attend the American Legacy's Family Reunion Weekend is $39.95. Attendees will receive a reunion toolkit and a subscription to "American Legacy" magazine. The weekend includes the following activities:


he first Annual Alexandria International Film Festival will offer a diverse menu of drama, documentary, comedy, animation, shorts and features when it debuts Thursday, September 27 at 7p.m. at Market Square, 301 King St., and continues Friday, September 28 through Sunday, September 30 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Madison Building, 600 Dulany St. This City event, the first to showcase the digital arts in Alexandria, is sponsored by the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities and the Alexandria Commission for the Arts. The Festival begins Thursday with a live performance of movie soundtrack favorites by the Alexandria




he Catholic University of America (CUA) Hartke Theatre presents "The Beggar's Opera" at 7:30p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 4, Friday, Oct. 5, and Saturday, Oct. 6 and at 2p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 6, and Sunday, Oct. 7. The Hatke Theatre is located at 620 Michigan Ave., NE, Washington, DC. CUA's Department of Drama presents "The Beggar's Opera," John Gay's 1728 masterpiece, a satiric musical that compares the thieves and prostitutes of London with their aristocratic and bourgeois "betters." This "antiopera," now rarely produced, was the precursor to the genre of the modern musical. Its story was later adapted by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill in "The Threepenny Opera," from which came the song "Mac the Knife," made famous by Bobby Darin's 1959 rendition. "The Beggar's Opera" set a record for the longest run in the London theater in 1728, with 62 successive performances. In 1920, the play began an astonishing run of 1,463 performances at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, London. The original score of the play doesn't include orchestration, but only sketchy notations for the musical base lines and basic melodies. The Catholic University production will use orchestration that was composed in 1990 by Jonathan Dobin, with instruments and arrangements faithful to the Baroque period in which the play premiered. That new performing edition was commissioned by Thomas Pedersen, co-chair of Catholic University's musical theater department, when he was artistic director and music director of Theater Ten Ten in New York City. Carrie Klewin, a CUA graduate student in directing, will direct this production. Department of Drama Professor Tom Donahue will design the set using the visual theme of the 1905­1914 Winsor McCay comic strip "Little Nemo in Slumberland." Ayun Fedorcha is the lighting designer and Debra Sivigny is costume designer. There will be a pre-show discussion with Pedersen on Sunday, Oct. 7, at 1p.m., before the 2p.m. matinee. Tickets: $12 full price, $8 for senior citizens and CUA alumni and $5 for students. For more information, call 202-319-4000 or visit http://drama.cua. edu.


Visit us on the web at


ontinuing WSC's long tradition of tackling challenging plays by Europe's most exciting playwrights (Jean Genet, Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett), WSC's Artistic Director is staging Albert Camus' visceral, existenial masterpiece, Caligula, at Clark Street Playhouse, working from David Greig's translation. Originally written in 1938, but first performed in 1945, Camus' play dramatizes the despotism and absurdity of the Roman emperor Caligula from the days after the death of his sister and lover Drusilla on through to his assassination. Greig's transformative translation, which debuted to much acclaim at London's Donmar Warehouse, renders the old, clunky, unactable translation into beautiful conversational language that is as vital and engaging as it is playable on stage. Portraying the tyrant who reaffirms his own freedom through cruelty, WSC is very fortunate to have Helen Hayes nominee Alexander Strain, who brilliantly played the emperor Saturninus in WSC's Titus Andronicus. Reuniting with Strain, Rahaleh Nassri, who received raves for her portrayal of Tamara in Titus Andronicus, will play Caligula's influential concubine Caesonia, in Nassri's first performance since graduating from the Academy of Classical Acting. The dynamic cast assembled for Caligula includes many more of WSC's favorite alumni: Helen Hayes nominee Kathleen Akerley (Macbeth, Hapgood), Frank Britton (Death and the King's Horseman), Theo Hadjmichael (Shakespeare's Rape of Lucrece, Richard II), Heather Haney (Macbeth), Jay Hardee (Equus, Macbeth), Francisco Reinoso (Edward III, The Royal Hunt of the Sun), and Abby Wood (The Children's Hour, Edward III). Caligula runs October 11, 2007­ November 11, 2007, at the Clark Street Playhouse. Pay-What-You-Can Previews: October 11, 12, 14 & 15 at 8pm Regular run: October 17­November 11: Thursdays through Saturdays at 8pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm. All Saturday matinees are paywhat-you-can. For tickets, call 800-494-TIXS(8497) or visit or call 703-418-4808. Tickets: Thursday--$25; Friday 8pm & Sunday 2pm--$30; Saturday 8pm--$35; Saturday 2pm-- pay-what-you-can. Location: Clark Street Playhouse is located in Crystal City, VA, at 601 S. Clark Street, near the Crystal City Metro stop.



September 21, 2007


The sole U.S. film, "Lines" by Sonja Jasansky, tells the story of a rebellious teen who is held after class and told to do busy work writing the same "I will not " line over and over as punishment for misbehavior. The teen decides enough is enough when the teacher tries to lecture her on the benefits of fitting in. Four films represent the United Kingdom. "One Hundredth of a Second," by Susan Jacobson, is the tale of a talented photojournalist who risks her life to deliver powerful images to the waiting world until the photograph of a girl changes her life forever. "Cherries," by Tom Harper, is another life-changing story. Several teenage schoolboys receive a lesson they will never forget as a teacher questions them about events outside their world events to which they are oblivious. "Soft," by Simon Ellis, portrays a gang of youths that terrorizes a father and son. The event forces the father to face long-forgotten fears from his own school days. In "King Ponce," by Britains Sam Donovan, the worlds of masculinity and group acceptance collide as a teen explores his love of ballroom dancing. This years single German finalist is "Clooney," by Florian Ross. In this film, a flip of a coin is the deciding factor in whether Marcus attends a concert or a friend's party. The resulting story is an exploration of fate, luck and chance, and how those three can influence our lives. From Spain, Ugo Sanz's "The Prestidigitator" depicts a young man's struggle between not wanting to study for an exam and facing his mother's disappointment if he fails. Canadian filmmaker Josh Raskin uses an original 1969 interview recording of John Lennon by then-14-year-old Jerry Levitan as the soundtrack for an animated romantic characterization of Lennon's words in "I Met the Walrus." In "Feeling Lonely?," Australian filmmaker Rachel Turk tackles the issue of how familiarity is confused with intimacy as a result of contemporary society's love affair with highdensity living, online dating, You Tube and ritualized surveillance. Rob gets more action than he bargained for when the 45-year-old "Mother Manchester" catches his eye on the `Net. A man named Boris dictates the rules in "Boris's Complete Book of Rules," by Israeli filmmaker Shefy Malek. Boris mediates an argument between Ofer and his girlfriend, Avishag, that takes place in a men's room where Boris is a janitor. After intervening, Boris dictates to Avishag his book of rules. In "I Want to be a Pilot," a submission from Kenya, director Diego Quemada-Diez tells the story of the one dream of a 12-year-old East African boy who lives in the slums. From Singapore, filmmaker Craig Rosenthal introduces the audience to "The Trainee," a woman who works the late-night shift in a 24-hour downtown convenience store. The Virginia Film Society is the yearlong extension of the Virginia Film Festival, the University of Virginia's annual four-day event focused on a single theme featuring film screenings accompanied by commentary by U.Va. faculty experts and Hollywood insiders. All Virginia Film Society events are co-sponsored by the Virginia Film Festival and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Most screenings feature guest speakers. Screenings are held at Vinegar Hill Theatre at 7p.m., with the exception of "Killer of Sheep," which will be shown at Regal Downtown on Nov. 1 and 2. Admission to individual screenings is $9 and free to Film Society members. A full-year membership in the Virginia Film Society is $60 ($50 for students and seniors). Membership benefits include admission to Film Society screenings throughout the year, one free pass to Regal Cinemas, $2 off Mondays at Sneak Reviews and $6 Tuesday movies at Vinegar Hill Theatre. Individual admission tickets may be purchased 30 minutes before the screening at the venue box office, when seats are available. For information on membership in the Virginia Film Society, to download an application form or to view the full fall season schedule, visit www.vaflm. com.



he 10th annual Manhattan Short Film Festival, an event that casts cinema-goers as judges to determine the best of the most creative short films from around the world, returns to Charlottesville on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 7p.m. at Vinegar Hill Theatre. The Virginia Film Society is again hosting the screenings. Within a 10-day period, audience members in 99 cities on three continents will be handed a voting card upon entry and asked to vote for the one film they feel should win the festival. The winner will be announced on Sept. 30 at Union Square Park in New York City and will be posted on the festivals Web site at www.msfilmfest. com. Last years program delighted the Charlottesville audience, and the quality of this years films is again exceptionally strong. From 456 entries representing 33 countries, 12 films were selected as finalists to be screened at the festival. Those selected include dramas, documentaries and animated shorts.



yberbullying is a growing problem among children and teenagers on the Internet. The anonymity and ease of communication the Internet provides can create a vehicle for bullying, harassment and defamation, making the Internet a hostile and dangerous place. Cyberbullying is a problem that you, as a filmmaker, can help address and solve. Help end cyberbullying by creating a Public Service Announcement on the issue. Sony Creative Software, the NCPC and the Ad Council are seeking entries from independent producers and academic institutions (K­12). The top submissions may be eligible for national broadcast, and their producer or sponsoring academic institution will receive a complete multimedia editing suite for their facility or school valued at over $18,000. Prize sponsors include Sony Creative Software, Sony Electronics, and Sony VAIO. Judges to include: Barry Sonnenfeld, director/producer (Men in Black, Addams Family, and others); Steve Oedekerk, producer/writer (Bruce Almighty, Barnyard, and others); Justin W. Patchin, Ph.D., noted authority on social networking and cyberbullying; and members of the Ad Council's Campaign Review Committee. The call for entries period opened September 11, 2007, and closes January 11, 2008. All entries must be received by January 11, 2008 to be eligible.



otomac Craftsmen Fiber Gallery announces the opening of the juried show "Musical Notes" on October 16th. Pieces based a symphony of sounds and sights will be featured. Jewelry, sculpture, clothing, wall pieces are some of the items that will be exhibited. The show will close on November 18th. The gallery is located in Studio 18 of the Torpedo Factory Art Center at 105 North Union Street in Old Town Alexandria on the waterfront. Washington, DC's first co-operative fiber gallery has 70 members some of who are published, teach and have won awards in the fiber arts genre. New juried shows are installed monthly which include original works in jewelry, scarves, clothing, woven, knitted or crocheted items, as well as handmade paper, wall hangings, fiber sculptures and a variety of other innovative work. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm and weekends from 11:00am to 5:00pm. Alexandria Art Nights are the second Thursday of the month with extended hours until 8:00pm. Admission is free. For more information visit www.

he Harmony Project, organized by the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra (FSO), in collaboration with Cox Communications, Fairfax County, George Mason University (GMU) and other community partners, is a year-long celebration of the cultural diversity of Fairfax County. The initiative kicked off on Saturday, September 15th at 8:00p.m. at GMU's Center for the Arts with a Fairfax Symphony Orchestra concert featuring two well-known Indian musicians, Dr. L. Subramaniam and Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam. Art and music add richness and texture to our lives and provide a common thread that binds people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. We often get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget to look around and appreciate the unique cultural differences that surround us. Harmony: Celebrating our Heritage through the Arts celebrates the wide range of cultures that make up Fairfax County, said Dr. Gerald L. Gordon, Fairfax Symphony president. The Harmony Project encourages community dialogue and explores the richness of Fairfax County's cultural diversity through reading, writing, dance, music, storytelling, painting, and other art forms. Throughout the year, partner organizations and others will be engaging their communities in activities to promote the goals of the Harmony Project. These activities emphasize how the arts play an important role in promoting cultural understanding, fostering pride, and contributing to the education and development of children. The goals are to promote a greater appreciation for how diversity enriches our community and to increase respect for those who undertake the journey to leave their homes and come to America. This initiative will hopefully encourage more interaction among neighbors, engagement in the community as a whole, and greater appreciation of the richness of each person's individual heritage. Gerry Connolly, Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, told the attendees at a breakfast announcing the Harmony Project, Our diversity has strengthened this community. Thirty years ago, when the County was less than half its current size, the minority population was 20%, and 6% of us were foreign born. Today the county is approximately 40% minority, and 27% of us are foreign born. During that time, the pop-

ulation in our schools has doubled and more than 100 languages are spoken in the system where minorities nearly constitute the majority. Today our SAT scores are among the highest-ever and all of our high schools rank in the top 100 in the country. Crime has dropped to its lowest rate in 30 years, and, in fact, it is the lowest of any jurisdiction this size. In addition, our economy is booming. Fairfax is home to almost 600,000 jobs, rivaling the region's core job center, and we have the highest median household income in the nation. Why? Because this community has benefited from its diversity; because hard-working people from all backgrounds want the best for their families and are willing to put their energy into creating a quality of life that delivers the best for them and for all of us. I am very pleased that the Fairfax Symphony, George Mason University, Cox Communications, Fairfax County Office of Partnerships and Public Libraries, Boys and Girls Clubs, and these other community partners are helping us to "Celebrate Our Heritage through the Arts." Over the summer, children from Fairfax County's School Age Child Care program, operated by the Office for Children became the first participants in the Harmony Project to convey the stories of their families' heritage and experiences in America. Oil paintings, dolls, water colors, a quilt, stories, and poems created by the children were on display at the breakfast where the Harmony Project was announced. The art will be showcased at GMU's Center for the Arts through Saturday. Afterward, it will travel from library to library throughout the County until it returns to the Center for the Arts for the FSO's final concert of the season. In addition to the September 15th kickoff concert, the year-long celebration includes writing family histories, sharing fairytales from around the world, reading about immigrants -particularly immigrant artists, an international holiday pops concert, poetry slam, celebration of diversity at GMU, and culminates in a Fairfax Symphony concert on June 14th featuring Peter Boyer's work Ellis Island: Dream of America. As new partners link to the project, their events will complement the existing schedule. For more information, visit www., and click "The Harmony Project" link.

WHO: Air Force Band Chamber Players Series WHAT: Music for Strings and Clarinet Quartet WHERE: Anderson House Museum 2118 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC WHEN: Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 8PM NOTE:

WHO: Air Force Memorial Anniversary Concert WHAT: The Concert Band and Singing Sergeants WHERE: Air Force Memorial One Air Force Memorial Drive Arlington, VA WHEN: Sunday, October 14, 2007 at 3PM

These FREE concerts are offered as a public service; no tickets are required. Concert subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. For more information, call the 24-hour Concert Line at 202-767-5658, or visit www.




September 21, 2007


Lennox ("Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves"), Keith Richards ("Jumping Jack Flash"), Elton John ("Through The Storm") Frank Sinatra ("What Now My Love"), George Michael ("I Knew You Were Waiting"), Michael McDonald ("Ever Changing Times"), George Benson ("Love All The Hurt Away"), and good friend Mary J. Blige ("Don't Waste My Time"). Aretha and Mary J. also join on a second tune, "Never Gonna Break My Faith" (with the Harlem Boys Choir). Rounding out the collection are two thrilling performances, both tributes to Aretha on her classics, "A Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like)" with Bonnie Raitt and Gloria Estefan; and "Chain Of Fools" with Mariah Carey. "Put You Up On Game" with Fantasia, is the lead single from JEWELS IN THE CROWN: ALL-STAR DUETS WITH THE QUEEN, impacting radio on October 1st. The album concludes on a historic note with Franklin's performance of "Nessum Dorma," the heroic aria from Act III of Puccini's final opera Turandot, with an all-star orchestra. Aretha originally agreed to step in at the last minute and perform the aria in place of ailing tenor Luciano Pavarotti at the Grammy awards world-wide telecast in February 1998. With just eight minutes of preparation backstage, she sang it with the 72-piece orchestra in Pavarotti's key (three steps lower than her own) and stole the show.



ET has tapped multi-platinum recording artist, Kirk Franklin, to host the new original series SUNDAY BEST, along with Grammy Awardwinning gospel superstars Bebe Winans and duo Mary Mary who will serve as judges and mentors in the channel's nationwide search for the next best gospel artist. SUNDAY BEST premieres Tuesday, October 2 at 8:00pm, ET/PT. From one of the executive producers of the hit series "American Idol,"

Aretha Franklin


rista recording artist Aretha Franklin, the incomparable Queen Of Soul and 17-time Grammy winner, adds another jewel to her crown with the release of a must have collection of show-stopping duets from her new album, JEWELS IN THE CROWN: ALL-STAR DUETS WITH THE QUEEN. Franklin, a Grammy Living Legend, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, and the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will release this stellar collection on November 13, 2007. Franklin duets with a combination of music icons and some of the hottest voices in music today including Whitney Houston ("It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be"), John Legend ("What Y'All Came To Do"), Luther Vandross ("Doctor's Orders"), Annie




a decaying housing project on a deadend street. Haunted by pasts full of mistakes and tragedies, and threatened by an environment full of poverty and prejudice, will the women overcome their differences and come together as a community before it's too late? This powerful, humorous, and uplifting musical from three-time Drama Desk Award-nominee Tim Acito features a dynamic new musical score, ranging from Rhythm and Blues to Funk to Gospel. Molly Smith directs a cast that includes Harriett D. Foy and Marva Hicks. This world premiere will be one of the most anticipated events of the D.C. theater season. Play runs from October 19 through December 9, 2007 in the Kreeger Theater. It runs for approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes including one 15-minute intermission. The Women of Brewster Place is directed by Molly Smith, music lyrics and book by tim acito and co-produced with Alliance Theater. Arena Stage is located at 1101 Sixth Street, SW, Washington, DC 20024 Visit for more information.


ased on Gloria Naylor's best selling novel, this soaring musical adaptation of The Women of Brewster Place chronicles the dreams and realities of ten diverse African American women who live in



&K Productions invites you to attend the premiere of Bruce Odams' first stage play, "What Are Friends For," on Saturday, September 29, 2007 at 8:30P.M. The play will be held at the The Annabelle Ferguson Auditorium, Suitland High School, 5200 Silver Hill Road, Forestville, MD. Tickets: $15. For information and tickets, call 240-417-2017.

trathmore, in partnership with Arena Stage, announces an advance concert preview of Arena Stage`s world premiere musical, The Women of Brewster Place, at the Music Center at Strathmore. On Friday, October 12, 2007 at 8p.m., audience members will join Arena Stage Artistic Director (and the evening's narrator) Molly Smith and the extraordinary cast of The Women Of Brewster Place, adapted by Tim Acito from the book by Gloria Naylor, for a concert evening of the music from the show. The ten singers, including Tina Fabrique, Harriett D. Foy and Marva Hicks, will perform Acito's '70s-inspired score, which ranges from gospel, R&B, and pop to funk and even a touch of disco. This special concert preview anticipates the full-staged musical at Arena Stage, running October 19­December 9. Based on Gloria Naylor's best selling novel, this soaring musical adaptation of The Women of Brewster Place chronicles the dreams and realities of ten diverse AfricanAmerican women who live in a decaying housing project on a deadend street. Haunted by pasts full of mistakes and tragedies, and threatened by an environment full of poverty and prejudice, the women must overcome their differences and come together as a community before it's too late. This powerful, humorous, and uplifting musical from three-time Drama Desk Award-nominee Tim Acito features a dynamic new musical score, ranging from R&B to Funk to Gospel. All tickets are $25. For tickets or more information, call (301) 581-5100 or visit www. The Music Center at Strathmore, located at 5301 Tuckerman Lane in North Bethesda, MD, is immediately adjacent to the Grosvenor-Strathmore station on Metro's Red Line and a half-mile from the Capital Beltway. For those attending a ticketed performance at the Music Center at Strathmore, parking in the Metro garage is complimentary with your ticket. For further information or tickets, call (301) 581-5100 or visit

SUNDAY BEST will scour the country's storefront churches, parishes and megachurches to find the best undiscovered singers in America. The top five finalists will be coached by artists from the gospel and secular worlds as they strive to win the SUNDAY BEST title. The winner will receive a recording contract, a Toyota Camry, as well as cash and prizes for their home church. Thousands of hopefuls from across the country, who answered the call to audition for the title of SUNDAY BEST, will be narrowed to twenty finalists in the first five episodes. In the second half of the season, the contestants will perform LIVE and viewers will have the chance to vote for their favorite contestant via phone and text messaging at the end of each show. America's next best gospel singer will be crowned SUNDAY BEST on Tuesday, December 4th. "`SUNDAY BEST' is our opportunity to celebrate our own," said Franklin. "The phrase that the best talent is from the church can no longer be an opinion. It must now be a reality." Kirk Franklin is the biggest-selling contemporary gospel artist in Soundscan history and is credited with revo-

Kirk Franklin

lutionizing urban inspirational music and bridging the gap between the faith community and urban mainstream culture. The musical trendsetter has garnered five GRAMMY® Awards, 11 Doves, 34 Stellars, 4 NAACP Image Awards, two BET Awards and a 2006 American Music Award to date. SUNDAY BEST is executive produced by Brian Gadinsky, Arnold M. Preston, Robert Wise and Kirk Franklin, co-executive produced by Marilyn Gill and produced by The G Group and BET.




September 21, 2007


evin Everett is showing some movement in both hands and greater strength in his leg muscles, further positive signs for the Buffalo Bills tight end following a life-threatening spinal-cord injury. "Kevin Everett remains medically stable in the intensive care unit, and continues to make daily improvement in his neurological status," Bills doctor John Marzo said Monday in a statement released by the team. Marzo provided his evaluation after the player was examined Sunday evening by Bills orthopedic surgeon Andrew Cappuccino. "Kevin demonstrated increased strength in the muscles of his legs," Marzo said. "In addition, he was able to show some movement in both hands." Marzo added that doctors are now beginning to focus on his neurological and muscular system rehabilitation. Everett was hurt making a tackle during Buffalo's season-opening Kevin Everett game against Denver on Sept. 9. He arrived at Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital paralyzed from his neck down, and doctors feared he would never walk again. Their prognosis changed dramatically Wednesday when doctors said Everett had begun wiggling his toes, bending his hip, moving his ankles, elevating his legs and slightly moving his arms. By Thursday, Everett slightly--and voluntarily--moved three fingers on his right hand, something he had previously been unable to do.




he fate of Barry Bonds' recordbreaking home run ball is now in the public's hands after its buyer announced he was taking votes on whether to give the ball to the Hall of Fame, brand it with an asterisk or blast it into space. Fashion designer Marc Ecko revealed himself as Saturday's winning bidder in the online auction for the ball that Bonds hit last month to break Hank Aaron's record of 755 home runs. The final selling price for No. 756 was $752,467, well above most predictions. Ecko had not even taken possession of the ball before setting up a Web site that lets visitors vote on which of the three outcomes they think the ball most deserves. He said he plans to announce the final tally after voting ends Sept. 25. "I bought this baseball to democratize the debate over what to do with it," Ecko wrote on the Web site. "The idea that some of the best athletes in the country are forced to decide between being competitive and staying natural is troubling." The 35-year-old Ecko is known for his pop culture pranks, including an infamous Internet video that showed him apparently infiltrating an airport tarmac and spray-painting graffiti on Air Force One. The incident turned out to be a hoax. But the auction house that handled the sale confirmed that Ecko is indeed

the ball's buyer. "This transaction is happening and is going to be done by the end of the day," David Kohler, president of SCP Auctions, said Monday. Kohler called Ecko's decision "brilliant" and said he had already visited the Web site and voted to send the ball to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. Matt Murphy, a 21-year-old student and construction supervisor from New York, emerged from a scrum with the ball on Aug. 7. He decided to sell it, he said, because he couldn't afford the tax bill that would result from holding onto the ball. "This either makes him a lunatic or a genius, one of those two," Murphy said when told of Ecko's stunt. "I'm leaning toward genius." Murphy said he planned to vote to send the ball to Cooperstown. Ecko himself said he voted to brand the ball with an asterisk, a reference to the belief of some Bonds detractors that the Giants slugger's record is tainted by his alleged use of performance-enhancing substances. Bonds has denied knowingly using performanceenhancing drugs. Ecko said what really interests him is seeing what happens when an "American Idol" approach comes together with a serious public debate over drugs in sports. "My vote really doesn't matter," said Ecko, who identifies himself as a New York Yankees fan. "The American public will tell us what to do with it."



Archive issues are available at!

he public is invited to attend a community meeting to receive an update on the progress of the athletic fields and other site features proposed for 2600 Business Center Drive (Witter property). The meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 24, at 7p.m. in the Bishop Ireton High School's cafeteria, located at 201 Cambridge Road. This meeting will provide follow-up information from an initial meeting that took place on June 14, 2007. Acquisition of the property at 2600 Business Center Drive and project development by the City is being implemented with federal funds received in conjunction with the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project. City staff will present information and answer questions on the proposed project design that has been submitted to the Planning Commission for an October 2, 2007 public hearing. The property, a 13.7-acre site, is located west of Telegraph Road between Duke Street, and the railroad and Metrorail rights-of-way. Persons who are unable to attend the meeting are invited to view the plans at the Lee Center, 1108 Jefferson St, and can send written comments to the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities, Attention: Roger Blakeley, 1108 Jefferson St., Alexandria, VA 22314, or e-mail [email protected]



he Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) announced today that two members of the Washington Glory are on its prestigious roster for the 2008 USA Softball Women's National Team. Pitcher Monica Abbott and center fielder Kelly Kretschman will spend the next year preparing to defend the USA's three gold medals next summer at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. "We couldn't be more proud of Kelly and Monica; they've both worked very hard and deserve the honor of representing our country in the Beijing games," said Paul Wilson, team owner and general manager of the Washington Glory. The 2008 USA women's national team will begin practicing together in late September, and plans to kick off a 40-city U.S. Tour, titled `Bound 4 Beijing,' in February, giving fans all over the United States the opportunity to see the 2008 National Team. The four year process for choosing the Olympic Softball Team culminated with the final selection camp held last week in Chula Vista, CA with 32 participants. The 2008 USA Softball Women's National Team roster includes 12 2004 Gold Medalist's with 15 of the 2006 World Championship team making the roster.

The Washington Glory, in their inaugural season, won the 2007 National Pro Fastpitch Cowles Cup Championship title in August. Head Coach Carie Dever-Boaz won NPF Manager of the Year; rookie shortstop Amber Jackson won NPF Player of the Year; and pitcher Desiree Serrano won NPF Pitcher of the Year. The firstplace Glory also contributed five players to the all-NPF team, including Amber Jackson, Oli Keohohou, Nichole Thompson, Desiree Serrano, and Sarah Pauly. The Washington Glory is the DC area's professional women's fastpitch softball team. In its inaugural year with the National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) league, the team is coached by Carie Dever-Boaz and Assistant Coach Erin Goettlicher. The team plays its home games at the softball complex at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. More information can be found online at or




September 21, 2007



he Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) is pleased to partner with RSVP Southside, Inc. in offering a series of financial literacy workshops for seniors. Developed as part of the VSCPA's award-winning Financial Fitness program (www.FinancialFitness. org), these FREE seminars are designed to address money management issues senior citizens face in their personal lives. Led by experienced CPAs, these seminars will be held on October 2, October 12, October 16 and October 22 in Prince George. Register for all workshops in advance at [email protected] or (804) 861-1767. Estate Planning--Tuesday, October 2, 2007--10a.m. to Noon; Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Bldg. # 12, Prince George, VA; cost is FREE, including light snacks and beverages The discussion leader will be Dianna M. Patton, CPA, CFP®, Yount, Hyde & Barbour, PC. This workshop will cover everything you need to know about estate planning, including someone to speak for you in legal, financial and medical matters and your wishes regarding medical treatment. Budgeting for Seniors--Friday, October 12, 2007--10a.m. to Noon; Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Bldg. # 12, Prince George, VA; cost is FREE, including light snacks and beverages

The discussion leader will be Celia Broadus, Memorial Child Guidance Clinic. This workshop will cover general budgeting topics, including savings, pay day lending and building an emergency spending fund. Identity Fraud: Prevention and Recovery--Tuesday, October 16, 2007--10a.m. to Noon; Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Bldg. # 12, Prince George, VA; cost is FREE, including light snacks and beverages The discussion leader will be Phil Umansky, CPA, Virginia Union University. This workshop will cover identity fraud, including how to prevent and recover from identity theft. Managing Debt: Fixing a Problem--Monday, October 22, 2007-- 10a.m. to Noon; Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Bldg. # 12, Prince George, VA; cost is FREE, including light snacks and beverages The discussion leader will be Nancy Pugh, CPA, Allen and Allen. This workshop will cover identity fraud, including how to prevent and recover from identity theft. Space is limited, reserve your seat today. Attendees must register in advance by e-mailing [email protected] or calling (804) 861-1767. For more information on the VSCPA Financial Fitness initiative visit



ani Hay, a native Hawaiian and President of Lanmark Technology, Inc., was named recently as Minority Small Business Person of the Year during the 25th Anniversary of the National Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week conference in Washington, D.C. The award-winning firm is a Virginia-based, woman-owned, servicedisabled veteran-owned firm that is also certified in the U.S. Small Business Administration's 8(a) Business Development program--a business development program that provides management and technical assistance, and assistance in identifying federal contracting opportunities to socially and economically disadvantaged businesses. Also recognized by SBA Administrator Steven Preston was Orneth La Corbiniere, President of Kelly's Cleaning Services of St. Croix, a U.S. Virgin Islands-based janitorial company. Ms. La Corbiniere was the recipient of the 8(a) Graduate Firm of the Year Award. Jim House, director of the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Jim Nicholson, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, both received the Administrator's Leadership Award. Administrator Preston recognized them for their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment on behalf of the nation's minority small business community. The award presentation caps off a

two-day celebration and a week-long recognition of minority entrepreneurship. MED Week is an annual event hosted by the Minority Business Development Agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce and was originally implemented by proclamation by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. In a proclamation this year, President George W. Bush urged all Americans to join together in honoring minority entrepreneurs across the country in appropriate observances. This year's MED Week event featured workshops, a White House Reception to honor the 25th Anniversary MED Week award winners, and a Billion Dollar Roundtable Breakfast featuring Fortune 500 companies that provided advice on growing small businesses. The event concluded with a closing award ceremony gala. National Minority Small Business Person of the Year--Lani Hay, President; Lanmark Technology, Inc. Lanmark Technology, Inc. is an 8(a)certified, woman-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned firm that provides premier IT, telecommunication solutions and administrative support to federal government and commercial clients. National 8(a) Graduate of the Year--Orneth La Corbiniere; Kelly's Cleaning Services, Inc. Orneth La Corbiniere, a U.S. Virgin Islands native, established Kelly's Cleaning Services, Inc. on a part-time basis in 1986. In 1996, Kelly's Clean-

ing Services, Inc. began full operation with only two employees. Today, the firm employs 15 and offers a complete range of cleaning and janitorial services, including stripping, waxing, polishing, buffing and steam cleaning for residential and commercial clients. Administrator's Leadership Award --Jim House, Director, Office of Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU); U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Before rejoining the USDA in his current appointment, Jim House was an entrepreneur and economic development consultant for the Eckenberge Group, a professional services firm based in Bowie, MD. Administrator's Leadership Award --Jim Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Jim Nicholson, a Vietnam Veteran and retired colonel in the Army Reserve, was nominated by President George W. Bush as Secretary of Veterans Affairs on December 9, 2004, and was unanimously confirmed by the Senate on January 26, 2005. As Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Jim is the principal advocate for veterans in the U.S. For more information, contact 1-877-MEDWEEK or visit www. or medweek2007.html.




September 21, 2007

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BER with your own Norwood portable band sawmill. Log skidders also available. FREE information: 1-800-578-1363-- Ext. 500-A. No selling required. FREE details. home. In WV just over the Virginia line. Great recreational area. Ask about free closing costs. Call 866-910-4486. VIRGINIA MOUNTAINS--Log cabin shell on 2 private acres near very wide trout stream in the Galax area and New River State Park, $139,500 owner 866789-8535.


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EXCLUSIVE ESTATES! Very rare estates being offered for 1st time: Unique waterfall estate. 120 acre gentleman's farm. View @ www.



DRIVER CDL TRAINING--CLASS "A" or CLASS "B." Local or O-T-R Job Placement Assistance. Guaranteed Financing Available. $38-45K 1st Year. CDS Tractor Trailer Training 1-800-6462374. POSITIONS ARE FILLING FAST! MARTINI is hiring company drivers & O/Os who want: Weekend Home Time & Consistent Customer Base. We're 31 years strong & have a place for you! CLASS A-CDL and 1 year OTR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. 866-460-8464 We have drivers projected to earn $83,000 this year! How much will YOU earn? Excellent Hometime! Home most weekends! We simply offer more! HEARTLAND EXPRESS 1-800-4414953 Drivers--Virginia Regional Drivers-- Earn $60,000+ Home Weekly and Weekends! Class A CDL + 1 Year OTR Experience Required. 800-400-1271. Driver--REGIONAL DRIVERS, NEW PAY PACKAGE, 37 cpm w/2 years experience. Full Benefits Package, Home Every Week, CDL-A w/6 months experience required. Call 877-354-9039 or apply online: Driver--$5K SIGN-ON BONUS for Experienced Teams: Dry Van & Temp Control. Solo jobs also available. Regional & OTR. O/O's & CDL-A Grads welcome. Call Covenant (866) 6842519. EOE. DRIVER--Are you receiving 5 Star Pay? Roehl drivers are with Practical Mileage and Top 10 Pay. Up to $3,000 Sign-on bonus. Students and O/O Welcome. Class A required. Call today! 877-774-5313. DRIVERS . . . ASAP! $1000+ Weekly. 36­43cpm/$1.20pm. $0 Lease NEW Trucks. Teams Welcome CDL-A + 3 months OTR. 800-635-8669. · · · CLASS A DRIVERS · · · You've got the drive. We've got the direction. PrePass EZ-Pass. Every 60K miles raises. 2006 and newer equipment. 100% NO Touch. 1-800-528-7825. C&C Trucking Earn More--Be Home More. Great Pay, Medical, Dental, Home Weekends, New Equipment, Family Atmosphere. Class A Drivers Call Today Toll-free 800-476-8269.


BUILD A NEW HOME WITH 100% FINANCING. Earn THOUSANDS in equity the day you move in! No payments while building! www.iheonline. com 877-386-3898 x830. 1,100' ROARING CREEK, 20+ACRES $139,900, Beautiful long range Mountain Top Views w/year round stream. Perfect mix of Pines & Hardwoods. End of road Privacy. Special Financing! Call Now1-800-888-1262. Outstanding Mountain Views. Trophy Trout Stream. 6.5 Acres--$119,000. Secluded VA mountain acreage, private access to Jefferson National Forest, buildable terrain. Asphalt roads w/electric & phone, EZ terms. Call owner 304262-2770. Direct Private Access to Jefferson National Forest. One of a kind land offering mix of hardwood forest & pristine pasture. Incredible mountain views. Only $119,000. www.


Antique & Estate Auction--Motley's 40th Anniversary--Sept 26, 2007 3pm­9pm at 4402 W. Broad Street Richmond, VA--Early furniture, important silver & jewelry, 7 classic cars and much more or (804) 355-2100. AUCTION: Executive Estate Home on 52+/- Acres. Thursday, September 27, 2007, 6PM. 552 Welcome School Road, Autryville, Sampson County, NC. 6300+/-SF furnished brick home. Contact Johnson Properties Realtors & Auctioneers, Inc. For more information,, 800-8655896, or Dewey Blalock, Jr. at 919-8051711. NCAL#7340. AUCTION: Farm and Chattels, Friday, October 12, Wilmar Purebred Horse Farm, Charles Town, Jefferson County WV, 87 acres with home, barn and other improvements, lots of equipment and chattels selling piecemeal. www. FREE BROCHURE 1-800-726-2897 Riverbend USA/United Country Auction Services, Broker, Randy Burdette #927. 25+ Bryce Resort & Shenandoah County, VA properties @ Public Auction w/many selling "ABSOLUTE" September 29, @ 1:00 pm Terms/Listings @ Bidders package available SCOTT Auctions VA#3449 (540) 869-8024. AUCTION: HUGE! Held Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes Saturday, September 29th, 10am. Real Estate Auction featuring over 50 Properties! Some properties will sell to the Highest Bidder! 888-6212110. www.coastalauctioncompany. com Tranzon Hagen, SC Firm Lic. #3136. In Cooperation with Coastal Auction company SC Broker #12385.


A MOUNTAIN BARGAIN! 11+ ACRES--$159,900. Wooded, rolling hills surrounded by National Forest. Enjoy 4 season outdoor recreation! Fully buildable. Close to cultural attractions. A wilderness lover's paradise! Call 877777-4837. A Mountain Retreat! 3 BEDROOM HOME/15 ACRES Enjoy great mountain views, privacy, & your own trophy trout stream! Backs up to Jefferson National Forest. State road frontage A perfect getaway! $294,900. Call now 877-2022727. Mountain Land Bargains. Large trout stream properties w/national forest frontage. Go to: It Does Exist! Incredible 50 mile river & mountain views in every direction, private river access, year round streams, hiking trails, easy access, usability, and the privacy you can expect from 20 ac. Minimum tracts of land. Imagine all of this in your own back yard! To find out more & SAVE THOUDANDS go to


Affordable 1-4 bedroom HUD Homes! 4 bedroom 2 bath Buy for only $389/month! 3 bedroom 2 bath Home only $230/month For Listings 800-6285983 ext. T294. Fee. 3 bedroom 2 bath Home only $257/month! Buy 1-4 bed HUD Homes from $199/month! Financing Referrals Available! For Listings 800-628-5983 ext. T295. Fee.


Affordable 1-4 bedroom HUD Homes! 4 bedroom 2 bath Buy for only $389/month! 3 bedroom 2 bath Home only $230/month For Listings 800-6285983 ext. T294. Fee. 3 bedroom 2 bath Home only $257/month! Buy 1-4 bed HUD Homes from $199/month! Financing Referrals Available! For Listings 800-628-5983 ext. T295. Fee.


ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from home. · Medical · Business · Paralegal · Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer provided. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 866858-2121, www.onlineTidewaterTech. com. AIRLINES ARE HIRING--Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. Financial Aid if qualified--Job placement assistance. FAA approved-- SCHEV certified. CALL (888) 349-5387.


ATTENTION SPORTSMEN: OWN ACREAGE NEAR DOLLY SODS, WEST VIRGINIA--2 Acres Adjoining National Forest $39,990. 2 Acres Direct Access to National Forest $29,990. All weather roads and utilities. 100% Financing Available on some parcels. MONTHLY PAYMENTS AS LOW AS $200. OWNER 866-403-8037. CANAAN VALLEY, WV PREMIER COMMUNITY­TUSCAN RIDGE--Be a part of a four season community with first-class amenities and community lodge. Surrounded by National Forest, State Park & Wildlife Refuge. Walk to Blackwater Falls. Minutes to 2 ski resorts & golf courses. Finished homesites from $89,990. 100% Financing Available. 866-391-9278. Absolutely a Sale! Consider these Buyer's Market Land Bargains: 10 Acres with incredible mountain views, just $39,990. That's just $290/Monthly! 20 Acres of sub-dividable property $99,990. Great views of the town of Keyser, WV. Other parcels up to 40 Acres also available. 100% Owner Financing on Select Properties. Owner: 866-342-8635. ACREAGE FOR SALE OFFERED BY SEALED BID. Bids due by Monday, October 1, 2007. Call for info & bid package. 160 ACRES. Adjoining National Forest. Hardy County, WV. Call 866910-4486. END OF SUMMER LAND SALE-- Owner has 10 wooded acres for $39,000 and 20 acres on a year-round stream for $105,000. New road access, perk and electric. Build cabin or second


My name is NORCO. Let's be friends, best friends. When I'm done with you, you'll be lucky to have one true friend left. To prevent Norco and other opiates from getting between you and your friends call toll free 1-877-77-DETOX.


$500 Police Impounds! Cars from $500! Tax Repos, US Marshal and IRS sales! Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Toyotas, Hondas, Chevys and more! For Listings call 1-800-425-1834 ext. 2846.


ALL CASH CANDY ROUTE. Do you earn $800 in a day? Your own local candy route. Includes 30 Machines and Candy. All for $9,995. 1-888-745-3354.


RAILROADS ARE looking for experienced help. Train in four to eight weeks to become a Conductor, Welder, Mechanical Locomotive, or Carmen. Average salaries $63,000. Tuition loans available, 913-319-2603/913-319-2658, Outgoing person needed--rewarding semi-volunteer opportunity with high school exchange students. Develop community & school relationships, provide support for student & host families. Please email interest to [email protected] Part-time, home-based Internet business. Earn $941 per month or much more. Flexible hours. Training provided.


EARN UP TO $550 WEEKLY Helping the government. PT No Experience. Excellent Opportunity. Call Today!! 1-800-488-2921. Ask for Department J19 (COST).


SAWMILLS from only $2990.00--Convert your LOGS TO VALUABLE LUM-




September 21, 2007

ICW, Atlantic & Sounds By appointment only. 1-252-355-9288, ext 1903. Coastal WATERFRONT SALE. Direct Ocean Access. $89,900 Timber Co. liquidating deep, dockable waterfront w/ fantastic views, sandy beaches, more. Access to ICW &Atlantic. Buildable. Excellent bank financing. Call now 1-800-732-6601, x1787. COASTAL NC WATERFRONT GRAND OPENING 10/6--Deep waterfront from $99,900! Boat to the Ocean! Ask how to save $10,000! By appointment only. 1-800-732-6601, ext 1888. around children's schedules. To hear a 3 minute message call 800-905-0063 Code-NPI.


Lake Gaston VA/NC--350 miles shoreline, FREE Lake Map/Buyers Guide. Tanglewood Realty, Box 116, Bracey, Virginia 23919. www. 1-800-3388816. BANK FORECLOSURES! Homes from $10,000! 1-3 bedroom available! Repos, REOs, HUD, FHA, etc. These homes must sell! For Listings Call 1-800-2985309 ext. 4672. Fee Required.


hereby invites sealed bids from interested parties for performing all work in conjunction with IFB No. B28-110 for the Installation of New Playground Equipment on an as-needed basis in various parks in Montgomery County Maryland. Work includes demolition, removal of play apparatus, grading, edging, surfacing, fencing, and associated work. Copies of the IFB documents are furnished by the Park Development Division of the Montgomery County Department of Park and Planning from its office at 9500 Brunett Avenue, Room B107, Silver Spring, Maryland, after 9:00 AM on Monday, September 10, 2007. The cost per RFP document (non-refundable, no cash, please) is $20.00 (payable to M-NCPPC). Cash, Credit and Debit cards are not accepted. Checks and Money Orders only. IFB Documents may be sent by express delivery service. Call (301) 4952535 for instructions on obtaining copies. A pre-bid information meeting is being held Tuesday September 25, 2007 at 10:00 am, at Parkside Headquarters, 9500 Brunett Avenue, Room B107, Silver Spring, Maryland. It is recommended that any party who plans to submit a bid attend this meeting. Sealed bids must be received by the Commission's Purchasing Office, c/o Laurel Hollingsworth, M-NCPPC, 9500 Brunett Avenue, Room B107, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901, no later than 11:00 AM, Tuesday, October 09, 2007. The Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids received, and to waive irregularities. THE DEPARTMENT OF PARK AND PLANNING STRONGLY ENCOURAGES THE PARTICIPATION OF MINORITY, FEMALE, AND DISABLED OWNED BUSINESSES IN THE SOLICITATION PROCESS, AND INVITES THEM TO EXPLORE POSSIBLE CONTRACTING AND SUBCONTRACTING OPPORTUNITIES. Questions and concerns regarding this solicitation should be directed to Laurel Hollingsworth, Contract Specialist, at 301-650-2874. CALL OUR HOTLINE: 301-495-2542 OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

For the latest news in "CLASSIFIEDS," read The Metro Herald! WORK FROM HOME OPPORTUNITY



LIMITED TIME OFFER 100% FINANCING--Gated Lakefront Community of the NC Blue Ridge Mountains 90 miles of Shoreline start $99,000. Call Now 1-800-709-LAKE. OCEAN ACCESS FROM $49,900! NC WATERFRONT COMMUNITY! Boat ramp, day dock, paved roads, access to




The Virginia Lottery is seeking hourly Merchandiser/Event Ambassadors for each of our 8 Sales Areas: Alexandria, Winchester, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke, Abingdon, and Petersburg. Duties: Merchandiser/Event Ambassadors will be responsible for POS placement at retail locations within a defined geographic area and will represent the Virginia Lottery at special events. Support sales by filling the Lottery vending machines, filling and maintaining counter dispensers, slotting new games during launch periods, assisting in "special" distribution projects and other various tasks as assigned. Work closely with the Area Manager and Sales Representatives to accomplish the sales and distribution goals of the Area. Assist the Communications Department with selling Virginia Lottery products and/or distributing premium items at approved special events where the Virginia Lottery has a presence. While working these events, provide assistance with the loading and unloading of event materials. This is a wage position with no state benefits limited to 30 hours per week. We will accept online applications until Monday, October 1, 2007. To apply online visit our website: EOE


Female English bulldog puppy, Lucci is so sweet and lovable. She loves to be held and to lay in your lap. She is pretty small. she is ready for a new home. She is AKC registered. This puppy will get to your heart. To find out more about my baby, email: [email protected]


Are you working for a boss? This is the time for you to sack your boss and become self-employed. Do you have access to a computer? Are you computer literate? This is the right time for you to stand on your own. Work at home part-time. Leave your previous job and earn more money--$1,000 weekly. For more information contact us at: E-mail [email protected]


As part of our expansion program, our company is looking for part-time work from home account managers and sales representatives, it pays a minimum of $2000 a month plus benefits and takes only little of your time. Please contact us for more details. Requirements--should be computer literate. 2­3 hours access to the internet weekly. Must be honest and loyal. Must be efficient and dedicated. If you are interested and need more information, contact: Michael J Sloan Email: [email protected] com.



September 21, 2007




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