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Speedmaster SM 102


Speedmaster SM 102 Equipment

Solutions from a Single Source. Unleashing the Potential of your Speedmaster SM 102.

SM 102-8-P+L ­ SM 102-10-P+L

One Pass Productivity ­ the Benchmark for Perfecting Printing. Speedmaster SM 102 with Successful Perfecting Technology.

Equipment Prinect Prinect Press Center Prinect Image Control Prinect Axis Control Prinect Tandem Wash-up Feeder CutStar Preset Feeder Preset Plus Feeder Non-stop feeder Printing unit AutoPlate AutoPlate Plus WashStar InkStar/InkStar Direct Inking unit temperature control Alcolor Vario Remote distributor adjustment PerfectJacket after sheet reversal Coating Modular Coating System Perfecting Coating Solution Chambered blade Flexokit Delivery Preset Delivery (short) Preset Delivery (long) Preset Plus Delivery without extension module Preset Plus Delivery with two extension modules Drying DryStar Ink DryStar Coating DryStar Combination UV UV press/UV delivery ­ basic package

SM 102-2-P ­ SM 102-7-P

SM 102-8-P ­ SM 102-10-P

SM 102-2-P+L ­ SM 102-7-P+L

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Comprehensive service portfolio for maximum productivity. When incorporated into a perfectly integrated system of processes and production equipment, the Speedmaster SM 102 will help you tap into the full potential of the press. Heidelberg therefore offers you a comprehensive solutions portfolio that you can tailor to your own specific requirements.



High-end services from Heidelberg Systemservice. End-to-end maintenance programs help to avoid downtimes, while consultancy and color management services raise productivity and the quality of the process chain. Combining these and other beneficial services into service contracts makes it far easier for you to perform costing ­ even possible right from the outset e.g. with the Systemservice 36plus package. Using Original Heidelberg Service Parts ensures your Heidelberg press remains a Heidelberg press. Assured quality, a unique logistics system and competitive prices all help deliver trouble-free operations and high value retention for your press. We also offer you our Remote Services, which cut downtimes and costs through rapid user assistance, remote diagnostics and remote inspection. Talk to your Heidelberg contact to find out about the services that are available in your area. We meet your training needs, too. The user training courses at the Print Media Academy show you how to make the most of your press.

Broad range of consumables for the best results. Pick what you need for your production operations from the wide range of Saphira® consumables for your Speedmaster SM 102. All our consumables have been carefully selected and tested to ensure you get maximum performance from your press and best quality for your end products. We also make sure Saphira consumables meet the latest industry standards for environmental friendliness, as these benchmarks play a key role in the development of all our products and solutions. Seamless workflow integration for faster print processes. As a solutions provider for the print media industry, Heidelberg offers you a whole range of opportunities to fully unlock the potential of your Speedmaster SM 102 through workflow integration. By integrating your press into the Prinect workflow, presetting data can be captured from prepress and administration and feedback reports can be generated in real time in your printshop's management systems.

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Speedmaster SM 102 Highlights Press Control System Feeder Printing Unit Sheet Travel and Perfecting Device Coating and Dryer Systems Delivery Prinect Star System Technical Data Inside View Equipment Heidelberg Solutions

The combination of individual features may differ from country to country. This list only represents a selection of available features. ·Optional·Standard­Notavailable1 for SM 102-10-P from SM 102-9-P+L




Successful Right Along the Line. How the Speedmaster SM 102 Satisfies the Most Exacting Demands in Perfecting Printing.

Inside View Speedmaster SM 102


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The press shown here is a sample configuration. Some of the features shown are optional.

1 The CutStar sheeter with CAN connection combines the cost benefits of reel stock with the versatility of sheetfed offset printing. 2 The Preset Plus Feeder adopts all relevant format and air settings using presettings in order to achieve reduced makeready times and stable paper travel. 3 AutoPlate enables automated and register-accurate plate changes. 4 The CombiStar inking unit temperature control system ensures constant temperature, thereby achieving stable printing quality over the entire run.

5 The modular blanket washup device is a self-contained, printing-unit compatible concept for superb washup results. 6 The TransferJacket transfer cylinder jacket produces outstanding print results in perfecting mode. 7 The Perfecting Coating Solution ensures double-sided, fullarea dispersion coating in a single pass. 8 DryStar Perfecting is easy to use and operated centrally via CANopen at the Prinect Press Center. It ensures optimum drying of coatings.

9 The tried-and-tested perfecting device provides for register-accurate sheet reversal, monitored sheet transfer, and shorter washup times. 10 The InkStar/InkStar Direct ink feed system automatically fills ink fountains. 11 The PerfectJacket impression cylinder jacket delivers outstanding perfecting results even with very thick ink coatings. 12 The DryStar Ink dryer with IR lamps is the perfect complement to DryStar Perfecting and delivers excellent drying results.

13 The PowderStar AP 500 Duo delivers efficient doublesided powder application. 14 The presettable, dynamic sheet brake decelerates sheets in a controlled manner. 15 The CleanStar process air cleaning system minimizes odor and dust levels in the production environment. 16 The Preset Plus Delivery ensures high-precision pile formation with extremely short makeready times by capturing presetting data.

Speedmaster SM 102 ­ the benchmark for perfecting printing.



Speedmaster SM 102 ­ the future-proof perfecting press


SM 102 with Preset Plus Feeder and Preset Plus Delivery

SM 102-12-P+L with CutStar

SM 102 with Preset Feeder and Preset Delivery

Automation: The Speedmaster SM 102 offers various configuration options and add-ons to meet your automation needs. Specialization: The CutStar sheeter and the coating unit are two examples of the configuration options available for special requirements.


The perfect response to today's market. With discerning customers, ever-shorter print runs, and higher time and cost pressures, the market for high-end commercial printing is placing growing demands on industrial printshops. Customers today are looking for increasingly sophisticated, top-quality print products with multiple colors ­ all coupled with lower costs. To be successful on today's progressively competitive markets, more and more printshops are relying on high-quality, reliable technology that delivers high press productivity and availability. It's all about combining cost-effectiveness with flexibility and high print quality, and the Speedmaster® SM 102 encompasses all these features in one machine. Speedmaster SM 102 ­ the benchmark for perfection and productivity. The Speedmaster SM 102 is a triedand-tested, future-proof perfecting press that combines top-quality results with short throughput times. Equipped with "Plus" options, the press delivers outstanding stability in production. Extended preset functions reduce setup work to a minimum. The high level of automation makes the press particularly cost-effective. The Speedmaster SM 102 also boasts additional productivity thanks to its high-performance Prinect Press CenterTM control station and Sheetfed Control, the patented, decentralized control platform from Heidelberg®. Integrating the press into your printshop's digital workflow also cuts makeready and job throughput times.

The broad range of models on offer covers all your needs. You can tailor the Speedmaster SM 102 to your exact requirements. The series covers presses with two to twelve printing units and an optional coating unit. For newcomers to industrial commercial printing, Heidelberg offers the Speedmaster SM 102 with the tried-and-tested Preset Feeder, Preset Delivery, and Prinect Press Center Compact. Additional configuration options are also available to suit any customer requirements. Cutting-edge technology for discerning customers. When it comes to industrial-scale operations, the Speedmaster SM 102 with fully automated, highperformance Preset Plus Feeder and Preset Plus Delivery is the ideal solution. The sheeter CutStar® allows you to use cost-effective reel stock. The Perfecting Coating Solution for double-sided, full-area dispersion coating in a single pass adds to the press's flexibility.

This information and all subsequent details are dependent on press configurations, job structures and in-house processes.


Top-Class Performance in a Single Pass. One Pass Productivity ­ Combining Quality and Cost-Effectiveness.

The Speedmaster SM 102 combines quality and costeffectiveness.


Performance pays dividends. The Speedmaster SM 102 offers top performance in terms of productivity, quality, and cost-effectiveness. High production speeds of up to 13,000 sheets per hour, short setup times, and minimum waste are the key to your success. You benefit from a high level of automation and diverse preset options that simplify and speed up a whole range of processes. Thanks to One Pass Productivity, you will be able to print a lot more jobs each day. Add-on devices, such as the sheeter CutStar, raise the productivity of your press further still. Fast set-up times, precise settings. Automatic feeder setting via preset functions wins you up to five minutes additional production time compared to presses with a lower level of automation. This figure is often even far higher for more complex printing stocks. Programmable, modular washup devices, adjustment of components relevant for sheet travel, and the ability to preset the entire delivery save you even more time when changing printing stock and format. The dynamic sheet brake and presettable delivery air system provide for a delivery pile with neatly aligned edges, which saves time in the postpress stage.

Top quality every time. The high register accuracy and smooth sheet travel from feeder to delivery ensure exceptional print quality on both sides of the sheet. The sheets are guided safely all the way through to the pile thanks to PerfectJacket and TransferJacket. The inking unit temperature control system CombiStar® and the dampening system Alcolor® make for a stable ink/water balance, ensuring that the print quality remains consistently high throughout the run. The ultimate in ease of use. The Prinect Press Center allows you to control a whole range of functions conveniently and centrally. Whether you need to adjust distributors remotely or set the Preset Plus Feeder and Preset Plus Delivery via preset functions ­ the Prinect Press Center puts press control at your fingertips. What's more, you can also store the entire job data, thereby minimizing makeready times for repeat jobs.


The High-Performance Control Station. Experience a New Dimension in Efficiency and Ease of Use.

The ultimate operating and control center. Based on Sheetfed Control ­ the patented, decentralized control platform from Heidelberg ­ the Prinect Press Center brings together the press control system and remote color and register control in one central console. Sheetfed Control offers you all the benefits of maximum availability, comprehensive diagnostic options and a high level of automation. Properly equipped. The standard daylight lamp provides optimum illumination for the console. A generously proportioned sheet deposit area creates the ideal environment for checking results. Ultimate ease of use at the delivery. The Preset Plus Delivery is equipped with both a touchscreen and jogwheel. The touchscreen can be used to rapidly select and adjust the delivery blast air, overdampening, dryers and powder application. Rotating the jogwheel enables you to fine tune all air settings. These digitally stored values can be retrieved when processing repeat jobs.

The ideal operating and control center for the Speedmaster SM 102.

More than just a control station. The Prinect Press Center is the ideal tool for controlling your Speedmaster SM 102. All processes, from job preparation to machine setup and checking the print sheet, can be executed faster, more accurately and with greater certainty than ever before. The carefully conceived ergonomics of the Prinect Press Center are reflected in both the design and the innovative operator guidance. Pioneering technology, time-saving automation functions and perfect data management lay the foundations for sustainable efficiency and provide the investment security that the printshop of today and tomorrow needs.


Fast and reliable ­ Intellistart. The Prinect Press Center depicts the relevant workflows in an extremely straightforward format and features intuitive menus that guide the user through the various work processes. Easily understandable lists, clear status reports and the immediate notification of input errors all combine to ensure that production is smooth and reliable. The innovative, process-oriented operator guidance Intellistart can boost the productivity of your Speedmaster quite significantly. While one job is being processed, you can already be preparing the next. By intelligently using all relevant data from the current job and the next one, up to 70 percent fewer steps are needed to set up the press for the subsequent job. You will save at least one minute on each job change compared to previous makeready times. Depending on the number of jobs and their complexity, you can raise your annual production capacities by up to eight percent.

The wallscreen delivers an innovative edge. A large-scale monitor integrated into the extraneous light shield provides a unique overview of all press operations. The Speedmaster SM 102 is depicted in cut-out profile with all functions dynamically simulated. The wallscreen not only delivers 100 percent transparency, it also functions as an impressive tool for print approval processes. It depicts the width of the print sheet in actual size relative to the ink zones, with each color separation being displayed separately if you wish. You can also use the wallscreen to control and operate a whole range of additional applications, including Prinect® Cockpit or the Machine Component Scout from Heidelberg. Control station and color measuring system form a single unit. The interaction between the control station and the color measuring and control systems Prinect Axis Control® and Prinect Image Control ensures ultimate integration into the workflow. Together with the Prinect Press Center they form an optimally integrated unit. Setting data is adopted directly. You can use measuring results immediately to help you ink up and get into register quickly and counter any possible deviation from reference values.

The advantages for your printing process:

· Makeready times: The Prinect Press Center means you have 70 percent fewer work processes and therefore gain an extra minute and more for each job change. · Productivity: The Prinect Press Center enables you to raise capacities by up to eight percent each year depending on the number of jobs and their complexity. · Quality: The optimally integrated control station and color measuring system create a unique quality assurance system. · Integration: Fully integrated into the Prinect workflow, you can benefit from the ultimate in data management at your control station.


The First Step to Perfect Production. The Preset Plus Feeder Creates the Ideal Conditions for Achieving the Optimum Printing Process.

The perfect start for productivity ­ the Preset Plus Feeder. 10

A step ahead right from the start. The Preset Plus Feeder gets your production process off to the best possible start. One reason for this lies in its high level of automation. All key settings can be preset, and the vast majority of manual operations can be avoided. This saves time and gives you a head start for additional jobs. Automatically set for success. The high-performance suction head, central suction tape and pneumatic pull lays are integrated in such a way that manual setting is largely unnecessary. This effectively reduces makeready times. Designed for top speed. The Preset Plus Feeder is designed for high and reliable production speeds across the entire range of materials from 0.03 mm to 0.8 mm (0.0012 in to 0.031 in). For example, a speedcompensated rotary valve on the suction head ensures ultra-precise sheet separation. The multi-chamber design of the central suction tape can be adjusted for whatever suction air is required and delivers faultless and precise sheet feed into the first printing unit. Venturi nozzles located near the front lays ensure the sheet lies perfectly flat and correctly aligned.

Integrated controls for stable production. The Preset Plus Feeder has a multi-stage sheet monitoring system. The multiple sheet detector prevents multiple sheets being transported to the feed table. Just like the pull lay double-sheet detection system, the ultrasonic double-sheet detection system also identifies sheets that are stuck together. Shingle stream control is recommended as an additional safeguard. This system monitors the entire stream for irregularities such as tear-offs, thereby preventing any damage to the blankets. The Preset Plus Feeder at a glance: · Fully automated for the specific format and printing stock adjustment of the entire feeder · Air settings controlled by characteristic curves · Central suction tape with air presetting values · Speed-compensated rotary valve for sheet separation · Automatic sheet arrival control · Venturi technology makes sure the sheet is lying flat at the front lays · Multi-stage sheet monitoring system · Pneumatic pull lay for substrate-friendly sheet alignment

The advantages for your printing process:

· Makeready times: Performed via preset functions, automated feeder adjustment enables you to cut makeready times by up to five minutes when changing formats and printing stock compared with presses with lower levels of automation. In the case of repeat jobs, stored settings help to reduce makeready times even further. · Productivity: The cutting-edge, ultra powerful feeder can easily cope with extremely high production speeds. It achieves stable production conditions for a broad range of printing stock. The CutStar sheeter enables you to process cost-effective reel stock. · Quality: You can attain a high level of quality thanks to precise feed registration and even process scratch-sensitive materials successfully. · Integration: The Prinect Press Center is incredibly easy to use and saves time. · Environment: The feeder helps protect the environment by reducing wastage, thereby saving on valuable resources.


Tried-and-Tested Technology Ensures Optimum Quality. The Printing Unit of the Speedmaster SM 102 Impresses with Precision.

The printing unit ­ thought through down to the last detail. Top print quality requires absolute precision. The tried-and-tested technology of the printing units in the Speedmaster SM 102 is designed with just this in mind. The proven cylinder arrangement for perfecting printing ensures perfect sheet travel at any speed. Plate changes in an instant. With AutoPlate, the automated plate changer, every plate is clamped quickly and true-to-register. Inking technology. The Speedmaster SM 102 is equipped with extremely quick-action ink fountains. What's more, components in the inking unit help to effectively cut your makeready times and waste. These include the preinking profile, the intelligent pre- and post-dampening program, and the automatic distributor switchoff that ensures the color profile is not lost when printing is interrupted. The point at which the distributor comes into play can be adjusted on-the-fly via the Prinect Press Center using the distributor remote control function. Faster inking unit reaction for rapid changes. Color adjustment is further optimized by the software-controlled Color Fast Solution module, which speeds up inking unit response by 50 to 70 percent. When there are large changes in the volume of ink applied, automatic monitoring of the dampening solution quantity delivers a uniform ink/water balance, which ensures stable print quality.

The optimum temperature for stable conditions. For maximum productivity, the Speedmaster SM 102 can be equipped with the CombiStar® inking unit temperature control system. To this end, three ink distributors and the fountain roller for each printing unit are replaced with patented Heidelberg rollers and their temperatures are controlled. Regulating the temperature ensures stable printing conditions and ink densities, allowing you to increase production speeds and cut down on waste. Alcolor ­ the successful dampening system for high productivity. The speed-compensated Alcolor® dampening system ­ with pneumatically switchable intermediate roller that functions as a link to the inking unit ­ ensures an incredibly thin film of dampening solution and a consistent ink/water balance. As a result, you benefit from outstanding color brilliance, quick drying, and optimum dampening regardless of the printing speed. The Alcolor dampening system can be easily converted for alcohol-reduced printing. The Vario function of the dampening system removes dirt particles from the plate during the production run. This effectively prevents hickeys and helps avoid any disruption to production processes.


Carefully thought-out technology and the ultimate in ergonomics ­ the printing units of the Speedmaster SM 102.

Modular washup devices clean up quickly. The modular blanket washup device follows a carefully thought-out design concept. Its oscillating, counter-rotating brush delivers superb washup results. WashStar® automatically rinses the collecting pans and removes the used cleaning agent. What's more, production can even recommence while WashStar is operating. In the tandem washing concept, the impression cylinder is also washed using the blanket. This process is fully automatic and controlled via the Prinect Press Center software, protecting the ink-repellent surfaces of the cylinder.

The printing unit at a glance: · Robust and stable printing unit · AutoPlate automated plate changer · Quick-action ink fountains · Color Fast Solution for rapid inking unit response · CombiStar inking unit temperature control for stable printing conditions and ink densities · Speed-compensated Alcolor dampening system · Vario function to prevent hickeys · Modular design for cleaning the blanket cylinder · Tandem washing concept for cleaning the impression cylinder

The advantages for your printing process:

· Makeready times: You can cut your makeready times using AutoPlate and programmable, modular washup devices. · Productivity: Color Fast Solution enables you to speed up inking unit reactions by 50 to 70 percent. · Quality: The robust and solid construction of the press ensures smooth running. You can achieve optimum, stable print quality regardless of production speed and job sequence. You benefit from a stable ink/water balance throughout the entire run thanks to the CombiStar inking unit temperature control system and the Alcolor dampening system. · Integration: The Prinect Press Center enables you to remotely adjust the points at which the distributors come into play on-the-fly.


Perfect Sheet Reversal, Smooth Guidance. Smooth Sheet Travel and High-Precision Perfecting Device Deliver Uncompromising Quality.

The perfecting technology from Heidelberg ensures the best possible double-sided print quality in a single pass.

The technology for versatility. The automated perfecting device of the Speedmaster SM 102 can be changed over easily and boosts your printshop's performance and profitability. Runs that previously had to be printed in two passes are now processed more rationally and cost-effectively in perfecting mode, saving you valuable time.

The high-precision perfecting device. The tried-andtested three-drum perfecting device with patented pincer gripper system transfers sheets with absolute register accuracy. The sheet remains in the gripper closure throughout the procedure. Sheet tensioning in lateral and circumferential directions and suction at the rear edge of the sheet on the storage drum help maximize this register accuracy.


The art of fine surfaces ­ PerfectJacket creates virtually identical front and reverse sides.

The art of fine surfaces ­ TransferJacket minimizes the need for cleaning.

TransferJacket and PerfectJacket ­ when surface quality matters. The transfer cylinders of the Speedmaster SM 102 are equipped with replaceable, ink-repellent TransferJacket cylinder jackets. PerfectJacket cylinder jackets are used on the impression cylinders after sheet reversal. The special surface structures deliver unrivaled perfecting quality ­ even on difficult papers and with high ink coverage. In fact, it would take a magnifying glass to distinguish any difference between the two sides of a job printed in a single pass. Their excellent ink-repelling properties minimize the need for cleaning ­ down to once a day in three-shift operation. This saves you time and ensures optimum print quality on both sides of the sheet.

Sheet travel and perfecting device at a glance: · Smooth sheet guidance for optimum print quality · Automated perfecting device for fast and flexible changeover · TransferJacket and PerfectJacket for top print quality and minimal cleaning

The advantages for your printing process:

· Productivity: You can print up to 13,000 sheets per hour in perfecting mode. The perfecting device can be changed over quickly and efficiently, thus delivering reliability in production and high productivity. · Quality: The sheet guidance system enables mark- and scratch-free production. PerfectJacket and TransferJacket ensure smooth sheet travel and excellent print quality. · Availability: PerfectJacket and TransferJacket require minimal cleaning, thereby improving press availability. TransferJacket cuts cleaning by around 50 percent compared to jackets with other coatings. · Environment: Because TransferJacket and PerfectJacket do not require much cleaning, you use less washing fluid.


One Pass Productivity ­ Printing and Coating in a Single Pass. Speedmaster SM 102 Coating and Dryer Systems Adapt to Your Needs.

Speedmaster SM 102 with perfecting device and coating unit ­ ideally equipped to meet all requirements.

Choose the coating system that suits your needs. With the Speedmaster SM 102, you can choose from a coating unit with either a two-roller system or a chambered blade system. In addition to these systems, Modular Coating System can also be installed in the final printing unit ahead of the perfecting device and in the final printing unit in the press. This solution is ideal for those just starting off in coating applications. Dazzling surfaces with the two-roller system. This coating unit is ideal for full-area coatings where the coating thickness can be adjusted at will. Because there are no rollers to change, job changes are extremely quick.

Extra-special effects with the chambered blade system. The conventional chambered blade system comes into its own with fine spot coatings and highquality gloss coatings. The Flexokit closed chambered blade system is ideal for processing metallic coatings and special coatings that tend to foam easily. Easy-change screen rollers with a variety of transfer volumes ensure uniform and reproducible application of coatings. Reliable drying of coatings. For advanced coating requirements, the Speedmaster SM 102 with coating unit comes equipped with an extended Preset Plus Delivery. The DryStar® Combination dryer makes for an optimal drying process by combining infrared, hotair and circulating air modules. Optimally attuning the drying system to the press delivers a previously unimaginable level of efficiency. A Speedmaster SM 102 with coating unit and no extended delivery can be fitted with DryStar Coating. It combines IR and hot air in a plug-in unit, thus providing for excellent drying properties.


Modular Coating System ­ for full-area protection using dispersion coatings. The Modular Coating System is a cost-effective alternative for applying full-area coating to your jobs without a coating unit. The chambered blade system is installed in place of the blanket washup device in the final printing unit of a Speedmaster SM 102. This increases flexibility because the final printing unit can be used either as a normal offset printing unit or as a coating system. Perfecting Coating Solution ­ for double-sided coating in a single pass. For double-sided coating on long perfecting presses, an additional second coating unit can be installed in the final printing unit ahead of the perfecting device. These two coating units combine to form the Perfecting Coating Solution, which is supported by the special DryStar Perfecting dryer.

The coating and dryer systems at a glance: · The coating unit can be equipped according to customer requirements: ­ Two-roller system for full-area coatings ­ Conventional chambered blade system for high-quality gloss and spot coatings ­ Flexokit for spot application of special coatings · The following add-ons are available for the Speedmaster SM 102 without coating unit: ­ Modular Coating System for full-area protective dispersion coating on one side ­ Perfecting Coating Solution for double-sided, full-area coating in the printing unit · DryStar technology for excellent drying results

The advantages for your printing process:

· Makeready times: It is quick and easy to set the coating unit's circumferential and lateral registers via the Prinect Press Center. The excellent accessibility in the cylinder area reduces makeready times considerably. · Productivity: You can achieve reliable drying at high print speeds because DryStar dryers are optimally attuned to sheet travel in the press. · Quality: The coating and dryer systems are perfectly coordinated to obtain the best results. · Integration: The coating unit and dryer are operated centrally at the Prinect Press Center. · Specialization: The Flexokit supports special applications with opaque white, pearly luster and pigmented coatings. The Perfecting Coating Solution delivers double-sided coating in a single pass.


Perfection that Extends to the Pile. The Preset Plus Delivery Creates Ideal Conditions for Finishing.

Perfect piles for perfect finishing ­ the Preset Plus Delivery.


Tidy and neatly aligned ­ the perfect pile. The Preset Plus Delivery helps you achieve highly accurate pile formation quickly and cost-effectively. Venturi nozzle technology throughout the delivery area and aerodynamic gripper bars make for perfect paper travel. The presettable, dynamic sheet brake decelerates sheets in a controlled manner. To do this, the brake modules are accelerated to close on production speed each time a sheet travels through them. As soon as the brake has a secure hold on the sheet, the speed is reduced to the preset delivery speed. The presettable delivery air system uses a stream of air that can be precisely calibrated to ensure that the pile is formed with the neatly aligned edges essential for optimum finishing. Fast and straightforward thanks to automatic settings. When you input the sheet format and grammage, the delivery format and air settings are automatically preset. This function significantly reduces your makeready times. Additional adjustments are made centrally on the Prinect Press Center or by using the touchscreen and jogwheel on the easy-to-use delivery control panel. This streamlines processes and provides direct access during production, thereby saving you valuable time.

Minimum powder consumption and soiling. The PowderStar® AP 500 Duo from Heidelberg is a unique powder spray device for perfecting printing. Powder is applied from above via three powder spray tubes with a total of 24 nozzles and from below by an additional powder bar in the sheet guide plate. This produces a very even coating on the sheet. Because it operates at a higher application pressure than conventional systems, less powder is deflected from the sheet. Powder is applied more efficiently and you therefore need less. In addition, far less cleaning is required. The CleanStar® process air cleaning system collects any stray powder and extracts it via four suction points positioned around the delivery pile. An automatic self-cleaning facility in the delivery air system and additional brushes for cleaning the gripper bars and chains make CleanStar even more efficient. The Preset Plus Delivery at a glance: · Dynamic sheet brake and delivery air system for optimum, mark-free quality all the way to the pile · Transfer of all preset values from the Prinect Press Center to the delivery · Automatic positioning of all sheet guidance elements · Fine adjustment easily performed using the jogwheel on the delivery control panel · Unique PowderStar AP 500 Duo powder spray device for efficient, double-sided powder application · CleanStar process air cleaning system for minimizing the accumulation of dust and unpleasant odors at the press

The advantages for your printing process:

· Makeready times: You benefit from extremely short makeready times. When changing format and printing stock, automatic adjustment of the delivery via preset functions delivers time savings of up to five minutes compared to less automated presses. · Productivity: All components in the delivery are designed to ensure stable production at high speed and for a broad range of printing stock. · Quality: You achieve scratch-free and mark-free sheet travel throughout the press, right up to the delivery. A pile with neatly aligned edges creates the ideal conditions for optimum finishing. · Integration: You can quickly and easily manage all delivery presets on the central Prinect Press Center. · Environment: Efficient powder application reduces consumption. Cleaning of the process air helps ensure a pleasant working environment in the pressroom.


Prinected. Prinect Integration Changes Your Processes ­ and Delivers Lasting Quality and Cost Efficiency Gains.

Get Prinected. Prinect is the printshop workflow and your path to integrated print production. Prinect brings together production and management processes in a single workflow. Get Prinected ­ for optimized processes and greater cost efficiency in your printshop. Active management of the printing process based on stored data. The aim of every printshop is to produce print products rapidly, cost-effectively and to the highest quality standards. Cost-effective print production begins when a job is accepted and costed and continues through the prepress and press stages to finishing and invoicing. The only way you can make decisions based on sound data and actively manage processes is if you have up-to-the-minute information on how each job is progressing. Print jobs can then be implemented within the tightest of timeframes and you can keep a handle on quality and costs even when unscheduled changes need to be made.

End-to-end transparency accelerates decision making. Prinect, the printshop workflow, is based on the universal data format JDF. This renders each individual process transparent, thereby enabling end-to-end management of the printshop. Everybody involved in the process uses a single stock of data, the central JDF document, which incorporates all relevant information in a digital job folder. Prinect is made up of various software and hardware modules that can be combined according to your requirements. The level of integration in your printshop is determined solely by your needs, but can be altered or expanded at any time. Other makes of system can also be integrated. Ultimate automation and direct control. Prinect can do even more though. It automates processes that have previously been executed manually, making them far faster and less prone to errors. This frees you up from routine tasks while enabling you to stay in full control at all times, so that you can intervene and make adjustments if necessary. Heidelberg is therefore the only manufacturer to offer a printshop workflow that integrates and manages the entire print production process ­ Prinect.


Get Prinected. The Prinect Press Center control station integrates the press into the Prinect workflow. Prinected. Prepress ink presettings reduce makeready times and waste. Short makeready times are essential to cost-efficient production in the modern printshop. This is also where Prinect integration can have a major impact. Prinect links the pressroom to prepress operations, thereby providing direct access to ink presetting data from the prepress stage at the press itself, where it can be used to automatically adjust ink zones. There is no faster way to ink up ­ even the first pull brings you close to the OK sheet. What's more, the Prinect Press Center also generates a job preview, which enables you to easily identify and select the right job. A further benefit of the Prinect Press Center is that it allows you to load and prepare the next job in line while production of the previous job is still underway. Your press productivity will be dramatically increased. Prinected. Consistent color quality and proof and print results that match. In order to satisfy both quality requirements and commercial concerns equally, it is important to standardize the printing process. This ensures that the desired quality can be achieved at all times. That is why Prinect includes calibration, profiling and quality control tools that make sure your proof and your print result match,

that the Speedmaster SM 102 inks up fast, and that the press delivers consistent production quality. A unique closed loop between prepress and press makes sure the current job always keeps on track. For example, if a new batch of ink causes the dot gain to change, the color measuring system will register this and transmit it direct to prepress so that characteristic curves and profiles can be adjusted accordingly. The next set of printing plates are immediately adapted to the new production conditions and all color-related production parameters are also available for repeat jobs and for profile adjustment in the creation of proofs. Thanks to Prinect, proof, plate and printing are integrated for the first time into an endto-end color control process. Prinected. Cost transparency makes management and costing easier. The Prinect Press Center of the Speedmaster SM 102 integrates the press directly into Prinect business management processes. Current production data is recorded centrally and made available in real time for costing, planning and other commercial processes. This means you can identify the exact stage that a job has reached at any one time, which is crucial when you need to quickly ascertain the workload involved in making changes. In other words, you no longer need to spend vast amounts of time looking into a job and making a whole series of inquiries. Prinect takes care of everything and can analyze and present each job quickly and concisely.

Advantages for your printing process:

· Makeready times: Presetting your press using prepress data helps cut your makeready time dramatically. · Productivity: Shorter makeready times and minimum waste boost your productivity. · Quality: Optimized and standardized processes enable you to achieve maximum and stable quality standards. · Integration: The ultimate data management solution delivers benefits throughout the entire workflow.


Working in Perfect Harmony. Make the Most of the Speedmaster SM 102 by Using the Star System from Heidelberg.




WashStar AirStar ScrollStar

InkStar/InkStar Direct




Prepared for every eventuality with Star System peripherals.

Star System. Short makeready times, maximum productivity, and high print quality are qualities essential for a successful printshop. To achieve this success, all press components must be perfectly coordinated. The Heidelberg solution is to offer you presses and peripherals from a single source.

All the units are developed directly by Heidelberg or in close cooperation with well-known suppliers. Installation and servicing are carried out by the renowned Heidelberg service network. All this helps you make the most of your Speedmaster SM 102.


The perfect accompaniment to a Speedmaster SM 102 ­ the CutStar sheeter.

CutStar ­ the advantages of web technology in sheetfed offset. The CutStar sheeter with CAN connection combines the cost benefits of web offset with the versatility of sheetfed offset. The CutStar can cut your costs significantly, not least because reel stock is far cheaper than sheeted paper. Depending on the market, the difference in cost can be up to 15 percent. Special printing stocks such as foils and aluminized papers can often bring even greater savings. The web is cut in line with the press's operating cycle and automatically adjusts to the press speed. The cut-off length can be adjusted steplessly between 40 cm and 72 cm (15.75 in and 28.35 in). The variable cutoff capability is a big advantage over standardized sheet stock. As the cutoff length can be varied as required, only the minimum format required for the job is cut from the reel stock. As shingling is performed directly in CutStar, printing stock feed is extremely reliable and constant. This increases the efficiency of the Speedmaster, particularly when working with critical papers and special printing stocks. The CutStar is not limited to processing reel stock. Its flexible design also allows you to process sheeted paper. This is done by moving the cutting and shingling unit laterally towards the drive side using a motor. The makes it possible to change over from web to sheetfed and back again in just a few minutes.

The right Star for the printing unit. The ultra-efficient InkStar® ink supply system is the ideal solution for automatically filling the ink fountains of the Speedmaster SM 102. In contrast to conventional ink cans, the 2 kg (4.41 lb) ink cartridges are emptied completely using compressed air. As a result, there is virtually no residual ink left in spent cartridges and ink consumption is reduced significantly.


Technical Data for Speedmaster SM 102

Printing stock Min. sheet size (straight printing) Min. sheet size (perfecting printing) Max. sheet size Max. print format Thickness (straight printing) Thickness (perfecting printing) Gripper margin 340 mm × 480 mm (13.39 in × 18.90 in) 400 mm × 480 mm (15.75 in × 18.90 in) 720 mm × 1,020 mm (28.35 in × 40.16 in) 700 mm × 1,020 mm (27.56 in × 40.16 in) 0.03 mm ­ 0.8 mm (0.0012 in ­ 0.031 in) 0.03 mm ­ 0.6 mm (0.0012 in ­ 0.024 in) 10 mm ­ 12 mm (0.39 in ­ 0.47 in)

Blanket cylinder Length × width (metal-backed blanket) Thickness (blanket) Undercut Length × width Packing sheet Coating blanket cylinder Length × width Metal-backed coating blanket Length × width Coating plate Undercut Distance from leading edge of plate to start of coating 13,000 sph 12,000 sph Max. coating area 800 mm × 1,048 mm (31.50 in × 41.26 in) 780 mm × 1,030 mm (30.71 in × 40.55 in) 3.2 mm (0.126 in) 43 mm (1.693 in) 710 mm × 1,020 mm (27.95 in × 40.16 in) 840 mm × 1,052 mm (33.07 in × 41.42 in) 1.95 mm (0.077 in) 2.3 mm (0.091 in) 735 mm × 1,030 mm (28.94 in × 40.55 in)

Maximum print output Speedmaster SM 102-2 up to 8 colors (including perfecting mode) From Speedmaster SM 102-10 and for SM 102 presses with coating unit Plate cylinder Undercut Undercut (with AutoPlate) Distance from leading edge of plate to start of printing Distance from leading edge of plate to start of printing (with AutoPlate) Plates Length × width Length × width (with AutoPlate) Thickness Thickness (with AutoPlate) 770 mm × 1,030 mm (30.31 in × 40.55 in) 790 mm × 1,030 mm (31.10 in × 40.55 in) 0.2 mm ­ 0.5 mm (0.0079 in ­ 0.020 in) 0.2 mm ­ 0.3 mm (0.0079 in ­ 0.012 in) 0.5 mm (0.020 in) 0.15 mm (0.0059 in) 43 mm (1.69 in) 52 mm (2.047 in)

Pile heights (incl. pile board and pile support plate) Preset Plus Feeder Preset Plus Delivery Elevated press Sample configuration Dimensions of Speedmaster SM 102-10-P equipped with Preset Plus Feeder and Preset Plus Delivery Number of printing units Length Width Height 10 18.30 m (720.47 in) 3.33 m (131.10 in) 2.15 m (84.65 in) 1,320 mm (51.97 in) 1,295 mm (50.98 in) + 500 mm (+ 19.69 in)

Technical data can vary according to job, ink, printing stock and, possibly, other factors.


A whole range of Heidelberg products is ideally suited for use alongside your Speedmaster SM 102.

The table below lists all the components that make sure you achieve peak performance:

Solution components

Commercial printing Management Prepress Prinect Prinance Prinect Integration Manager Prinect Prepress Manager Prinect Signa Station Prinect MetaDimension Suprasetter 105 Prinect Pressroom Manager Prinect Press Center Prinect Image Control Prinect Auto Register Prinect Postpress Manager Stahlfolder TH 82 Stitchmaster ST 350 Eurobind 4000 Polar 137 Maintenance, service contracts, repair contracts, Remote Services, Print Color Management, Original Heidelberg Service Parts, software maintenance, extended service availability, expert support Proofing supplies, plates, inks, chemicals, blankets and other consumables






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