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August, 2004 Preface to the I ter et editio by Rod Boswell

Charles Lege dy, o e of the real pio eers i the helico game, has volu teered to put my thesis o the web as a historical refere ce . It was fi ished a d ha ded i 1970 but because of exami er's problems was ot accepted u til 1974 . There are still a umber of typos which will, hopefully, get corrected i the ear future . I did ot really get back to the work I did at Fli ders duri g the late '60s u til I was tryi g to get te ure i the mid '80s a d eeded publicatio s . I the dug out the old thesis a d rapidly published 3 papers co tai i g thesis a d ew material . These papers have formed the basis of most of that which followed o the stra gely high de sity of the discharge a d the role of electro i ertia i the radial structure, ow referred to (i correctly) as TG modes . To you g researchers I echo some li es from Kipli g's poem "If' : If you ca keep your head whe all about you Are losi g theirs a d blami g it o you, If you ca trust yourself whe all me doubt you, But make allowa ce for their doubti g too ; If you ca wait a d ot be tired by waiti g, Or bei g lied about, do 't deal i lies, Or bei g hated, do 't give way to hati g, A d yet do 't look too good, or talk too wise : If you ca bear to hear the truth you've spoke Twisted by k aves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the thi gs you gave your life to broke , A d stoop a d build 'em up with wor out tools : Kipli g fi ishes with by the stateme t "..the you will be a ma my so " which a ce tury later we may write somewhat differe tly .

Prof. Rod Boswell Space Plasma a d Plasma Processi g PRL/RSPhysSE Australia Natio al U iversity Ca berra ACT 0200


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