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La Nueva Ola

La Nueva Ola is published by the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) and made possible, in part, by funds from the New York State Council on the Arts; The City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs; CBS; Telemundo 47; NBC; Citibank; private donations and the dues-paying members of HOLA.

Spring/Summer/Fall 2008

Vol. IX, No. XII

¡HOLA!-Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors 107 Suffolk Street, Suite 302 New York, NY 10002-3305


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2008 HOLA Awards Report

In This Issue:

Michael Palma

A Conversation with Junot Díaz and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Michael Palma

Become a Friend of HOLA A Look at HOLAfábrica Workshops and Seminars Bochinche

Michael Palma

Then, the awards ceremony began. The opening number was from the HOLA award winning La muela del rey Farfán (I was in that production too!) with fellow castmates Annette Cortés singing, Daisy Payero manipulating one of the many puppets in that show and Kat Sherrell on piano. As I sat in the audience, watching actors receive their plaques with much appreciation, I was moved by their acceptance speeches and the video presentation of HOLA Lifetime Achievement awardee Ricardo Barber. It's great to know that HOLA is present in the hearts of Latino actors.

We started out the evening with our traditional tapas reception, a perfect opportunity for casting director Elsie C. Stark (of Stark Naked Productions) to catch up with talent agent Wendy Curiel, for new members to introduce themselves to veterans like actor-producer-director Miriam Colón, for master of ceremonies Jorge Ramos to fill up on an empanada and the press photographers get a glass of wine. As people filled in, the energy in the room grew high. Wendy Curiel mentioned that she enjoyed the whole evening but especially the networking portion. She said she got to meet people she'd never met, like actors she sees everyday on the HOLA Pages online directory. She goes to our website on a regular basis for castings. Wendy thought it was a great affair with a great turn out and she had a good time.

The Ninth Annual HOLA Awards was an evening of friends, good food, networking and proud Latino artists. Every year on that night we come together at The Players (a theatrical club overlooking Manhattan's Gramercy Park) to celebrate our achievements as performers on stage, in front of the camera or on radio. It always seems that right after the HOLA Awards we have a rush of new members at our office, hungry to become a part of HOLA. The event makes such a significant impact on guests and supporters of the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors; and hence inspires to lengthen HOLA's mission.

HO LA Aw ards Rep ort

When I asked Jorge Ramos his thoughts, he told me, "It was maravilloso! ¡Me encanta como lo organizan!" He loved that the event had it all, including "la elegancia, entretenimiento, la comida, los artistas." He said that HOLA has a spokesperson in him. He believes that the work that HOLA does is very important. His favorite part of the awards, besides John Leguizamo's speech, was the video presentation for Ricardo Barber, saying that his career served as an inspiration to those who stays true to their craft and profession. Some of the most memorable highlights would be Ricardo Barber's video presentation compiled by HOLA and featuring Ricardo's friends and colleagues who have worked with

HO L A Aw ard s Rep ort continued on page 5


Top to bottom: HOLA Lifetime Achievement awardee Ricardo Barber; Rita Moreno HOLA awardee John Leguizamo speaks with the press; HOLA Excellence in English Language Media awardee Mario Bósquez is flanked by two of the HOLA Achievement in Playwriting awardees Carmen Rivera and Cándido Tirado. Photos by A Ruiz Photography.

A Conversation with Junot D az and Lin Manuel Miranda

107 Suffolk Street, Suite 302, New York, NY 10002-3305 (212) 253-1015 office ~ e-mail: [email protected] website: Board of Directors Francisco G. Rivela, Chair; Manny Alfaro, Executive Director; Manolo García-Oliva, President; Rolando Pérez, Secretary; Adam M. Moore, Treasurer; Elaine F. Brodey; Gonzalo Armendáriz; Herbert H. Raab

Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA)

Advisory Board Merel P. Juliá; Tere Martínez; Manuel A. Morán, Ph.D.; Edwin Pagán; Edgardo Rivera; Elsie C. Stark; Rebecca Vásquez Honorary Board Carlos Carrasco; Wendy Curiel; Elisa de la Roche, Ph.D.; Edouard de Soto

The "number of worlds" that sat down at the breakfast table in Junot's household gave him the ability to shift perspective, and appreciate the vast differences from one generation to the next in an immigrant famJu no t a nd L in Man ue l continued on page 4

Lin-Manuel went from "playing with sticks in the wilds of upper Manhattan, to playing in the duplexes of his Upper East Side friends" when he went to Hunter College at the tender age of 15. His trips to Puerto Rico also made him aware of the different worlds that contributed to his heritage, the different worlds of home (where he spoke Spanish) and school (where he spoke English). Keenly aware of his changing status, he noticed his neighborhood friends drifted to acquaintances, and then to "just people you see at the store" as he pursued his studies.

Growing up possibly poorer than if they had remained in the Dominican Republic, Junot and his family were marginalized by the majority of Americans for being too poor (his single mom raised 5 kids on approximately $6,000 a year in the 1980s in New Jersey). His family was also marginalized by the Dominican community for being too poor, too dark, or too light, depending on who was doing the excluding at the moment. Noticing the differences in treatment, he often found himself on the outside looking in, contributed to Junot's ability to write so passionately.

Both are at the top of their fields: Junot won the Pulitzer prize for his novel The Brief Wonderful Life of Oscar Wao, and Lin-Manuel won the Tony for writing the score to the Broadway musical In The Heights (he also stars in the show). To them, winning these accolades and awards are a mystery. But the conversation shed some light on this mystery.

Imagine a conversation between TonyAward winner Lin-Manuel Miranda and Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Díaz. The Northern Manhattan Artists Alliance (NoMAA) drew hundreds of people to this minimally publicized event. Lin-Manuel's dad Luis Miranda moderated the discussion, making it clear where Lin-Manuel gets his sense of humor.

Pulitzer Prize winning writer Junot Díaz, left, and Tony winning writer, actor and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, right, at the Northern Manhattan Artists Alliance (NoMAA) event. Photo by Claudia E. Cruz.

Founders Jorge Alvarado, Edwin Ávila, Eduardo Corbé, Miriam Cruz, Lourdes Ferré, Armando García, Roberto López, Andrés Nóbregas, Manuel Martínez, Ilka Tanya Payán, Elizabeth Peña, Rubén Rabasa, Larry Ramos, Jorge Ros, Margarita Toirac, David Zúñiga HOLA Staff Manuel Herrera, Director of Special Projects A.B. Lugo, Assistant to the Executive Director Noemí de la Puente, Member Outreach and Development Blanca Vásquez, Member Relations and Volunteer Coordinator, Phoenix Ximénez, Graphic Designer

José María Alfaro; Michael Balderrama; Stalin Cando; Sunilda Caraballo; María Carela; Athena Colón; Bernardo Cubria; Melissa Denizard; Francisco Díaz; Marina Durell; María José Fajardo; José Febus; Enmanuel García, Gabriela García; Jorge Luis García; Ethan Gómez; Adriana Hernández; Modesto Lacén; María C. Liranzo; Izzy Marrero; Mario Mattei; Noëlle Mauri; Lisette Medina; Indio Meléndez; Phil Miler; Olivia Negrón; Ydaiber Orozco; Xoel Pamos; Nelson Peña; Miguel Pérez; Ricardo J. Pérez González; Glenda Pezuela; Marisel Polanco; Carolina Ravassa; Reina; Renzo Ríos; RKZ; Ángel Rosa; Jenny L. Saldaña; Hugo Salazar, Jr.; Reza Salazar; Lina Suárez; Milteri Tucker; Richard Vallejos; Javier Vázquez; Tania Villablanca; Gabriela Zamora.

Welcome New and Returning Members

March 1, 2008 - September 30, 2008

Editors: A.B. Lugo, Manny Alfaro. Contributing Writers: A.B. Lugo, Noemí de la Puente, Blanca Vásquez. Contributing Photographers: Claudia Cruz (page 4), Michael Palma (cover, pages 2, 7 and 8), A Ruiz Photography (cover, pages 2, 7 and 8). Actors' headshots shown here are courtesy of the respective actor. Cover credits (clockwise from left): John Leguizamo and Blanca Camacho; Ricardo Barber; HOLA Featured Female awardees; Laura Gómez, Luis Antonio Ramos and Selenis Leyva. Photographer credits are shown on each respective photo. HOLA member Iván Camilo was spotted in the HOLA Pages by a casting director and, as a result, booked several national commercials for McDonald's. For more HOLA member successes, check out out Bochinche section starting on page 9.

La Nueva Ola Spring/Summer2008 Issue

HOLA Member Successes


ily. He said, "his mother grew up raising goats, living through the [Dominican] civil war [1965] and [she] still has the scars to prove it." His younger brother was a Marine who served in the Balkans. This added to the texture of Junot's life. Junot criticized the media for erasing this texture and making a monolithic world of the American experience. He often meets people working in the media who have never experienced more than "one world."

JD: The thing that drove me more than anything was being totally undervalued. "I'm not stupid! I'm smarter than my teachers." If you can stop being afraid for long enough to discover who you are, you will achieve so much. ON INSPIRATION

Both Junot and Lin-Manuel are so quotable. Below are some JD: Self-publishing is okay; nothing wrong with it. But publishing quotes by them which I found to be quite inspirational. is like getting someone to pay for your meal. It's a good thing. After one year of rejection, keep going. After five years of rejecON ART AND LISTENING TO THE VOICES IN YOUR HEAD tion I started to wonder what was wrong with me, but I kept going. Junot Díaz: No award will ever drown out my father's cruel voice in my head. The applause means very little because I just want to As for the future, Junot just sold the film rights to The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Junot will be pleased if he brings to do some very weird things. life three or four good novels in his lifetime. Lin-Manuel refers to Lin-Manuel Miranda: Voice in your head? My father is moderat- what he has so far accomplished as "the first line in my obituary." ing this thing. But seriously, the pressure you put on yourself is the He will record an album using rap and hip hop as ways of telling only pressure that creates anything. The community benefits by his stories. At the conclusion of the conversation, both signed books, posters, CD covers, playbills, etc., graciously thanking the having more artists. community that inspires them, and that they continue to inspire. JD: Art is not the messiah. But society must confront its failings. Our work can report those failings. If people could see my grades For more information on Junot Díaz and Lin-Manuel Miranda, go you would be horrified. I was "push-graduated" [forced out] from to their websites at and, respectively. high school. To find out more about the Northern Manhattan L-MM: In The Heights came from family, upbringing, my Arts Alliance at neighborhood. ...Noemí de la Puente

So how did Lin-Manuel resist the temptation to homogenize his work? When he first started the work he was 19 years old, and he locked himself in his college dorm room for three weeks and wrote, only coming out to eat. In one sustained burst, in what he called "as close to demonic possession as I have come," Lin-Manuel created the first draft of In The Heights. He had lived on West 212th Street in the uppermost part of Manhattan, and already the changes he noticed when he came home to visit from college were palpable­ the candy store with the illegal slot machine was now a pilates center. Lin-Manuel credits his producers' intelligence by recognizing an experience that has not been seen on Broadway, and preserving the integrity of the show. "I couldn't play Bernardo [in West Side Story] for the rest of my life," and this added fuel to his creative fire. "Because of our affections for our community you end up making not only art, but a piece of history," Junot adds.

JD: I literally waited eight years for my mom to say something Although Junot's parents gave him the advice to repress his about her past. I had to earn that trust. It's complicated. There will "Dominican-ness" to get ahead in life, he feels that by being spe- always be people who are mad at you. But is there love in your cific he has been able to make art­ "because art is not about same- heart? Is that where you write from, [Lin-Manuel]? ness." Who would have guessed that a book about an overweight Dominican nerd would win a Pulitzer? Well it did, so the mono- L-MM: Like Woody Allen said, "If I believe all the good reviews, I have to believe the bad ones." The Tony Awards just tell people lithic media is beginning to crack. who are terrified of Latinos and hip hop that this show is okay to Lin-Manuel is narrating Junot's book The Brief Wonderful Life of go see. Oscar Wao for its audiobook version. "When I read the book, I feel taken care of. The narrator wants us to know what's going on, JD: Washington Heights was not prepared for me. [New York,] the not `this is my truth and I don't care if you understand,'" is Lin- capital city of Dominicans outside the Dominican Republic doesn't Manuel's take on why the cultural specificity of the book has deal well with Dominicans raised in other parts of the United States. I am the Dominican "Zelig" though. Everyone will talk to me. translated well into the general market. L-MM: For inspiration I like to walk around. I get started, and I record some lyrics and then I play them on the headphones. I get really "Rain Man" walking around repeating them. At the end of the day I go back to the piano.

JD: I lock myself in the bathroom to write. I come from a poor, big family, and that's where I do my most concentrated work­ in the bathroom. L-MM: It's horrible when these reporters follow me around and tell everyone about me. I just want to observe normally.

JD: My utter "nondescriptness" and deep, deep curiosity get me by. I am always talking to people on the street. ON SELF-PUBLISHING


him in the past. His speech was so touching. Then there was the comment from Cándido Tirado. A winner of the playwriting award along with his wife, fellow playwright Carmen Rivera, he admitted that the awards ceremony fell on the same day as his first colonoscopy and the two events would always be united, much to the chagrin of his wife. Carmen Rivera then thanked HOLA for recognizing the work of the writer. Other highlights included mistress of ceremonies Odalys Molina receiving a surprise award from Jorge Ramos (she was teary-eyed, but recovered quickly and gracefully); the very vivacious and beautiful Xiomara Laugart, with her Special Recognition Award, who thanked co-stars/awardees Selenis Leyva and Pedro Capó for helping her along as she is "a singer, not an actress;" Eduardo Machado and his appreciation to getting the Raúl Juliá HOLA Founders Award; and the many recurring jokes over the title of one of the awarded solo shows: No seré feliz pero tengo marido (translated roughly as I Won't Be Happy, But At Least I Have A Husband). Everyone did a good job of keeping the show moving along. Ultimately, I'd say my favorite part of the evening would have to be John Leguizamo coming up to the stage. He said he felt comfortable being in a sea of familiar faces.

T he

H OLA A w a r ds R epo r t continued from page 3

Have you ever felt that the mainstream media still does not represent the complexity and depth of the Latino culture and people?

Supporting Friends of HOLA is a way of making a difference.

Have you wondered why Latinos are consistently under represented in the media?

How often have you heard that the stories of Latinos are not produced because they lack crossover appeal?

Also noteworthy was Blanca Camacho's speech where she told those in attendance to "keep at it [and] keep working." It was a tearjerker. A moment before she presents an award to Luis Salgado, she mentioned supporting "the little show that could" [a reference to the 2007 Tony and HOLA Award winning musical In the Heights] and actually becoming a cast member the following year. She said, "Don't give up on your dreams and maybe they won't give up on you!" After that, Luis (along with José López and Alberto Morgan) received their awards for Outstanding Achievement in Technical Production. Luis was very happy and honored to receive an HOLA award and to "be accepted by my own community

H OL A Aw ard s Rep ort continued on page 7

her mother saying "who infected me with this disgusting virus called the theater bug, Zully Montero," as well as Pablo Tufiño, who expressed his appreciation to Repertorio Español, HOLA and dedicated his award for Outstanding Performance by a Featured Male Actor to his father, the recently deceased painter Rafael Tufiño, "who taught me to have integrity as an artist." Awardee Fred Valle also shared and his appreciation to HOLA and proves that the HOLA Pages work! In Spanish he remarked that he has gotten more jobs than any other sources, saying, "He conseguido mas trabajo a través de las Páginas de HOLA que los demás" and that he is very proud to be an HOLA member.

Actors, playwrights, screenwriters, directors, producers, media professionals, patrons of the arts, and anyone else concerned with the under representation and stereotyped The majority of the actresses that received the Outstanding portrayals that continue in the media an come together Performance by a Featured Female Actor thanked their under the HOLA name and make their voices heard. mothers and in particular Jezabel Montero acknowledged Friends of HOLA will become a powerful force for media change, not just in New York, but nationally.

As HOLA continues to evolve, we are exicted to present our newest program -- Friends of HOLA. This historic venture will unite HOLA supporters who are eager to change the face of mainstream media.

F ri en ds o f HOL A

Current Friends of HOLA (as of this writing) include, in alphabetical order, director and producer Arian Blanco; director and producer Thomas Ferriter; attorney and patron of the arts April D. Harris; Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Oscar Hijuelos; TonyAward winning actor, writer and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda; photographer and patron of the arts Michael Palma; actor, announcer and director Francisco G. Rivela, casting director Doris Silk; casting director Elsie C. Stark; and the organizations Access Talent, CBS, Recorded Books, R.Evolución Latina and Teatro SEA. Friends of HOLA is a tiered program, with several different levels of support and varying benefits. You can become an Audience Member ($0.01-$99.99), a Scenestealer ($100-$149.99), a Star ($150-$249.99), a Legend ($250$499.99) or an Icon ($500+). You can also donate more than $500 if you so choose. As HOLA is a 501(c)3 not-forprofit organization, all Friends of HOLA donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

F or mor e inf or mation on F r iends of HO LA , call the HOL A office at ( 212) 253- 1015 or e-mail us at holagr [email protected] ...A.B. Lugo


At the conclusion of each workshop or seminar, participants were given a survey to fill out question- In addition to the above workshops, HOLA teamed up naires for their feedback and comments. Below is a with TeatroStageFest/Latino International Theater Festival of New York, Inc. to present Produce!, a onesampling of quotes from HOLA members. day free workshop for non-conformists determined to "It gave me a lot of insight and reinforced some of my take their vision from the page... to the stage! The beliefs." Maribel Vásquez workshop took place at Martin E. Segal Theatre Center at the CUNY Graduate Center in midtown "Everyone should take advantage of what Herman [Chaves] Manhattan. More information about this workshop has to offer". Mónica Delgado will be highlighted in a future issue of La Nueva Ola. "Wendy Curiel has a lot of experience and has a lot of For more information on HOLAfábrica workshops good info to share." Martín Chávez and seminars, call the HOLA office at (212) 253-1015 or check out the HOLA website at "[Wendy]'s very straightforward and knows her business. ...A.B. Lugo [She's] also very accessible." Christina Luna "[Wendy es] excelente. Concreta. Honesta. Clara." Ángela Pérez

Most of the workshops took place at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center (home to HOLA) in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, either at Teatro SEA's Los Kabayitos Theater, LA TEA's theater or in the HOLA office proper. (A notable exception was the On-Camera Acting Seminar, which took place at the 3 of Us Studios in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.)

This year, HOLA revitalized its HOLAfábrica program of workshops and seminars. In addition to the popular Spanish Language Voiceover Workshop (taught by Manuel Herrera), HOLA offered two different Strasberg Acting Technique workshops (intro and intensive levels; taught by Mauricio Bustamante), a Computers and the Actors seminar for computer literacy (taught by Francisco Fuertes), an On-Camera Acting Seminar (taught by casting directors Elsie C. Stark and Elizabeth Gans of Stark Naked Productions/Elsie Stark Casting), a Business of the Business seminar (taught by Wendy Curiel) an audition technique workshop called The Mental Game of Auditioning (taught by Herman Chaves) and, finally, a Singer's Workshop (taught by Sabrina Lastman) to close out our calendar year.

A Ye ar o f H OLA fábrica S em in a rs

Workshops a nd "It was very informative, honest and to the point."

"[Elsie and Elizabeth] are fun, straight to the point, willing to share, positive and truthful; I felt safe and not judged, but rather constructively." Débora Balardini

Mariana Parma

"Both Elsie and Elizabeth really took the time individually with each participant to help them see their strengths and weaknesses." Phoenix Ximénez "I wanted to express my gratitude to Manuel and HOLA for putting together such a comprehensive and effective Spanish [Language] Voiceover Workshop. Thanks to Manuel instruction, guidance and expertise, I have gained renewed confidence when stepping up to the mic for a Spanish voiceover audition [Also, I wanted to] thank the HOLA staff and Mauricio Bustamante for putting together such a wonderful workshop at such an affordable price. I have been in many different acting classes, and I would definitely put this at the top of my list. I was truly fascinated by all the techniques I learned and was enchanted by Mr. Bustamante's charismatic and unique style of teaching. I would highly recommend this class to any HOLA member or any person pursuing an acting career. Jean-Marc Berne

" I c ons ider myself `computer illiterate,' b u t t h e c la ss taugh t m e many specific things tha t I k n o w w i ll help me. Thank you." María C. Liranzo "El precio fue muy accesible y el lugar perfecto. Thanks, HOLA for doing this for all of us." Miguel Rangel 6

HOLA Member Testimonial "You guys are working wonders for my career in just a few short months. I look forward to continuing my membership with HOLA and I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful resource with an incredible accessible staff just a phone call away." HOLA member, Ura Yoana Sánchez

Sweet and talented Tere Martínez received an award for Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting thanked HOLA for recognizing her play Borinquen vive en El Barrio. The first public reading was sponsored by HOLA. "Así que esto vale mucho. Keep nurturing the new playwrights, HOLA!"

HOLA Excellence in English Language Media Award recipient Mario Bósquez mentioned his involvement with Martha Stewart and added that "nuestro trabajo, our involvement in communications and performing arts, it's really only a reflection of the pioneering ground work and the continuing efforts of organizations such as HOLA, so we are gathered here tonight to say gracias to you," adding with "we ain't nothing if we don't represent." Upon receiving the HOLA Excellence in Spanish Language Media Award, Odalys Molina said, "Cuando yo digo que hay que apoyar el teatro, es porque hay que hacerlo porque nosotros no estamos pensando en ahora sino en el futuro de nuestros hijos." She proudly announced that she'll take it home and put it on her wall. Later, Adam Moore, an HOLA Executive Boardmember and the Associate National Director, Affirmative Action/Diversity for the Screen Actors Guild came up to acknowledged those artists who passed away the previous year.

represented to know that I can keep on dreaming and I can keep on walking and have the support of my people."

T he

H OLA A w a r ds R epo r t continued from page 5

In particular, I want to thank Phoenix Ximénez, for designing our recent Friends of HOLA brochure, the Gala invitations as well as the Gala Program; José Esquea for his professionalism in stage-managing the event and Jesús E. Martinez for being HOLA's technical support. Special thanks also go to Ronny Navarro Caudales, Manuel Morán and Richard Marino from SEA and Luis Vázquez of Casa de Vinos (who so generously provided wine at no cost to HOLA). Thanks also to fashion designer José Luis Victoria for letting me borrow a beautiful black and white dress that won an award in Ecuador. I am satisfied when actors can come into the office and further their acting careers with HOLA's services and programs. Thank you all for supporting HOLA. ...Blanca Vásquez

I'd like to take this time to give thanks to Noemí de la Puente for coordinating the video presentation and volunteers and her phenomenal job of having my back because on that very day, I had an audition. In addition, I'd like to thank the volunteers who so selflessly helped until the end of the evening. Christina Luna, Tatiana Dellepiane, Bernardo Cubria, Jean-Marc Berne, Ernesto López, Mónica Delgado, Amber Rivera, Basílica Bliachas, RKZ... thank you for helping HOLA throughout the year and on the day of the Awards.


Top to bottom: HOLA Board Chairman Francisco G. Rivela addresses the crowd. HOLA awardees Ernesto De Villa Bejjani and Francisco Fuertes with De Villa's son Pablo; HOLA awardees Elka Rodríguez, Jezabel Montero, Dalia Davi and Annette Cortés; HOLA Raúl Juliá Founders awardee Eduardo Machado with HOLA Advisory Board Member Merel Juliá. Photos by Michael Palma (top three)and A Ruiz Photography(bottom).

A Ruiz Photography Michael Palma

Michael Palma

Michael Palma A Ruiz Photography

A Ruiz Photography

Clockwise from top left: HOLA awardee Olga Agostini; HOLA Board President Manolo García Oliva greets HOLA Good Corporate Citizen awardee Ramón Pineda; HOLA awardee Luis Salgado; HOLA José Ferrer Tespis awardee John Ortiz; (left to right) HOLA master of ceremonies Jorge Ramos, HOLA presenter Amber Rivera, HOLA Rita Moreno awardee John Leguizamo; HOLA Executive Director Manny Alfaro; HOLA staff member Noemí de la Puente; HOLA Board President Manolo García Oliva; mistresses of ceremonies Odalys Molina and Birmania Ramos; Annette Cortés (with puppeteer Daisy Payero) open the 2008 HOLA Awards. Photo credits shown on respective photo.


Milteri Tucker and Silvia Tovar acted in the production W.A.R. - Women are Real! Conceived by Iris Silverio and directed by Silverio and Robert Domínguez, the show took place at The Players Theatre in Manhattan's Greenwich Teresa Yenque acted in the Mint Theater production of Ernest Hemingway's only play The Fifth Column. The proVillage. duction took place at Mint's eponymous theater in the theRubén Luque appeared in the Barefoot Theatre Company ater district in midtown Manhattan. She followed this up of Dog Day Afternoon. Adapted and directed by Francisco with a role in the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater's summer Solórzano from the screenplay by Frank Peirson, the play production of Ramón Méndez Quiñones' Los jíbaros protook place at The Studio Theatre on Theatre Row in the the- gresistas (opposite Damaris Cabrera, Mario Mattei and Fermín Súarez). Directed by Adolfo Vázquez, the play ater district of midtown Manhattan. toured the NYC metropolitan area. Jesús E. Martínez and Ernesto López acted in the production Las manos de Dios. Written by Carlos Solórzano and Indio Meléndez presented his solo show Indiosyncrasy directed by Mateo Gómez, the production took place at (directed by Verónica Caicedo) at Teatro LA TEA in the Teatro LA TEA in the CSV Cultural Center (home to CSV Cultural Center (home to HOLA) in the Loisaida section of Manhattan. HOLA) in the Loisaida neighborhood of Manhattan. Zulema Ewens wrote us to let us know that she booked work on a short film titled White Elephant and acted in The Park Performing Arts Center's production of The Passion Play in Union City, New Jersey. She got the latter job after reading an HOLA e-mail casting notice.

Mónica Delgado appeared in the musical Ain't Misbehavin' with the Harlem Repertory Theatre at Manhattan's Aaron Davis Hall.

Celia: The Life & Music of Celia Cruz was presented offBroadway at New World Stages in the theater district of midtown Manhattan. The musical revue, with a libretto by Carmen Rivera and Cándido Tirado, uses the music of Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, to tell the story of the love affair between her and her husband Pedro Knight. The production featured Xiomara Laugart, Modesto Lacén, Selenis Leyva, Pedro Capó, Anissa Gathers, Sunilda Caraballo, Elvis Nolasco and Wilson Mendieta in the cast and later toured Miami, Florida, playing the Adrienne Arsht Center.

In baby news, HOLA member Romina Polnoroff and her husband Máximo Díaz Heer welcomed their first child, a son named Joaquín. [Editor's note: Congratulations!!]

Bochinche, Spanish for gossip. In Gilbert Cruz played Edward IV in William Shakespeare's this column­ nice gossip, good gossip. Richard III at the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival and followed that up by acting in a Jerry Ruiz play in the Sporkfest at Shetler Studios in midtown Manhattan. Graciela Lecube appeared in two shorts: Rosa and the Executioner of the Fiend (opposite Gabriel Gorcés) and 50¢ Short. The director of the latter saw her headshot in the HOLA Pages and called her in for an audition.

Carina Gregorio, Desirée Cobb and Karen J. Robles appeared in Pandora's, an evening of ten monologues written by several Latina writers (including Janis Astor del Valle, Elisha Miranda, Desi Moreno-Penson and Sofía Quintero) and directed by Miranda. The evening was produced at the Theatre Row Theatre in the theater district in midtown Manhattan.

Mônica Steuer, Bruno Irizarry, Pedro Capó, Ed Trucco, Sergio Fuenzalida, Paolo Andino, Puy Navarro and Leonard Zelig appeared in the film Shut Up and Do It! Directed by Irizarry and Verónica Caicedo, the film hit several film festivals across the U.S. and played for an extended run in Puerto Rico.

Julissa López e-mailed us to say that she booked a Denny's Richard Malavet and his Quartet performed his cabaret show, It's You or No One (directed by Lina Koutrakos), at commercial and is now SAG-eligible. the Metropolitan Room in the Flatiron area of Manhattan. Edvin Ortega booked work on the feature Teatro IATI presented Marco Antonio de la Parra's El contifilm remake of The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, nente negro. Directed by Martín Balmaceda, the production earning his SAG card. He got the gig through took place at IATI's theater in the Manhattan's East Village and a HOLA e-mail casting notice.


Luis Carlos de La Lombana and L.B. Williams acted in The Island, a two-hander written by Athol Fugard, John Kani and Winston Ntshona and directed by Laura Esterman. The show was produced by Workshop Theater Company and presented at its Jewel Box Company located in the theater district of midtown Manhattan.

featured Patricia Becker, Winston Estévez, Fabián González, sisted of two plays: Abniel Marat's Tres lirios cala/Three Calla Lilies and Santiago Moncada's Cena para dos/Dinner William González, Inma Heredia and Laura Spalding. For Two. The former was directed by Josean Ortiz and feaMariana Buoninconti acted in the solo show Deportada del tured Sophia Angélica, Dalia Davi, Crystal Espinal, Elvira paraíso. Written by Cristián Córtez and directed by Beatriz Franco, Gabriela Lugo and Susan Rybin. The latter was Córdoba, the play took place at Teatro Círculo in the East directed by Tony Mata and featured Angélica Ayala, Jezabel Montero and Fred Valle. Both plays were produced by Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Miriam Colón-Valle and took place in their namesake theater Thalía Spanish Theatre presented the plays for their 2007- in the theater district of midtown Manhattan. 2008 season. The first play was Las "señoritas" de Aviñón/The "Ladies" of Avignon [sic]. Written by Jaime Adriana Gaviria has been busy as of late. She played Juliet Salom and directed by Ángel Gil Orrios, the play is based in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as well as roles on the famous Picasso painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. in The Count of Monte Cristo and Cymbeline at the Alabama The production starred Soledad López; Kathy Tejada; Shakespeare Festival. Coco Núñez; Ivette Oliveras; Ángela Pérez; Lorena Jorge and Raúl Juliá, Jr. and took place at its eponymous theater in Marisel Polanco appeared opposite Melissa Pino and Ileana Sunnyside, Queens. This was followed up by PICASSO: Piñón in the play Divorciada, evangélica y vegetariana. FLAMENOnde de Orgaz/PICASSO: FLAMENCOunt of Written by Gustavo Ott and directed by Mario-Francisco Orgaz [sic], written by Picasso himself and also directed by Robles, the play was produced by the Latin American Theater Gil Orrios. Co-produced by TeatroStageFest, the flamenco Ensemble (LATE) and presented at the Julia de Burgos Cultural musical featured Kathy Tejada, Ángela Pérez, Yloy Ybarra Center in Manhattan's El Barrio neighborhood. and Héctor Luis Rivera in the cast and took place at the Heckscher Theater of the El Museo del Barrio in the East Laura Gómez can be seen in the Repertorio Español proHarlem/El Barrio section of Manhattan. This coming season, ductions Bodas de sangre and Doña Flor y sus dos maridos. Thalía announced its plans to present Don Juan por los sig- In the latter production, she is joined by Francisco Gattorno, los de los siglos/Don Juan Through The Centuries, written Selenis Leyva, Denise Quiñones, Pedro Serka, Rosie and directed by Gil Orrios and featuring Raúl Julia, Jr.; Berrido, Albero Morgan, Indio Meléndez, Gredivel Soledad López, Premier Solís, Ángela Pérez, Pedro de Vásquez and Silvia Sierra. Llano, Mario-Francisco Robles, Arturo Del Puerto and William Saquicela. This production is to take place at the Indio Meléndez performed his self-penned solo show Thalía Spanish Theatre in the Sunnyside section of Queens. Indiosyncrasy. Directed by Verónica Caicedo, the show was presented at Teatro LA TEA in the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Francisca Vargas e-mailed us to let us know that she Center (home to HOLA) in the Loisaida section of Manhattan. appeared in a national commercial for Kellogg's All-Bran Johnathan Cedano appeared in the musical comedy Peep cereal opposite tennis legend John McEnroe. Show Male. Produced by DJM Productions and written and Teatro IATI presented the U.S. premiere of Ricardo Prieto's directed by Dave McCracken, the show was presented at play El huésped vacío. Directed by Jorge B. Merced, the play The Dionysus Theatre's Lil Peach Theatre in the theater disfeatures Vivian Deangelo, George Bass, Patricia Becker, trict of midtown Manhattan. Gerardo Gudiño and Germán Baruffi in the cast and took place at IATI's namesake theater in the East Village of Manhattan. Teatro IATI and Secret Productions co-produced Good Sex, Good Day (Lo que ellos ignoran de ellas). Written and directLuna De Toledo Catarevas can be seen in commercials and ed by Yolanda García Serrano, the play featured Noëlle print work for Aetna, Chevy Chase Bank, AARP and Microsoft. Mauri, Carlota Gil and Liana Velázquez and took place at Teatro IATI's theater in the East Village section of Manhattan. Wanda Ferreiras played a bridesmaid in the film American Marañao Inc. presented the play All About My Penis. Gangster opposite Denzel Washington. Adapted from a book by Maggie Paley and directed by Actor/writer Michele Carlo acted in the play Babylon Josean Ortiz featured Sergio Arras, Luis Galli and Martín Babylon. Written and directed by Jeff Lewonczyk, the play Kalwill in the cast and took place at the Richmond Shepard was produced by and took place at The Brick Theater in the Theater in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. In addition, three of her stories will be published by Mr. Beller's Neighborhood. Ricardo J. Salazar acted in the play San Salvador después The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre's mainstage season con- del eclipse by Carlos Vélez and directed by Elmer Salmerón, 10

where he acted opposite Karen J. Robles, Adriana Also, on the West Coast, Mel Nieves' play W.A.C. Iraq... A Hernández and José M. Guardado at Teatro IATI in Work in Progress was presented at the Breath of Fire Latina Manhattan's East Village. Theater Ensemble in Santa Ana, California. Pregones Theater presented their NYC summer tour production. Entitled Migrants! Cantata a los emigrantes, the bilingual play with music is a collection of selected texts and lore. Directed by Jorge B. Merced and featured Rosal Colón, Sol Marina Crespo, Omar Pérez and Yaritza Trujillo in the cast. In addition, they plan to open their season with Game Over. The production, adapted from the Book of Job and directed by Alvan Colón Lespier with original music by Desmar Guevara, stars José Joaquín García, Sol Marina Crespo, Omar Pérez, Angélica Ayala, Yaraní Del Valle, Carlos Valencia and Shantel Ciprián and took place at Pregones' eponymous theater in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx.

Luis Galli, Inma Heredia, Elga Lahoz and Rafael Fuentes appeared in Bumlinger Presents - A Sketch Comedy Show at Retablo Productions presented Carlos Felipe's Requiem por The Producers' Club's Grand Theatre in the theater district Yarini. The play, directed by Gabriel Gorcés, had an out of in midtown Manhattan. town tryout at the Charter Oak Cultural Center (where it was co-produced by Telón) in Hartford, Connecticut, before havThe Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater presented Brief ing its NYC premiere at the Roy Arias Theatre II in the theConversations, a play by Sol Levinton at Los Kabayitos ater district of midtown Manhattan and featured Marilú Theater in the CSV Cultural Center (home to HOLA) in the Acosta, Rosie Berrido, Basílica Bliachas, Lucio Loisaida section of Manhattan. With choreography by Fernández, Modesto Lacén, Dominique Pérez and David Ángel García Clemente and Silvana Valz and direction by Ponce in the cast. Gloria Zelaya, the production boasted and all-HOLA cast: Marisol Carrere, Raúl Dedos, Luis Galli, Romina Mario Golden booked a radio commercial Polnoroff and Angélica Ayala. after the casting director called him in for an audition after seeing his headshot on the In addition to the above shows, Luis Galli was contacted by HOLA Pages. film director Rocío Llado to appear in the feature film Vidas paralelas. The director contacted him through the HOLA Pages. Actor/filmmaker Ray Nelson e-mailed us from Florida to let Also due to his headshot being on the HOLA Pages online us know that he finished his latest film, a comedy called directory, director Josean Ortiz cast him in the play All About Tastes Like Chicken. My Penis (see above) which took place at the Richmond Shepard Theater in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan; Silvia Tovar and Chala Savino appeared in the Latin American work on an industrial; and a print campaign for Verizon. Theatre Ensemble and Teatro LA TEA co-production of Dolores Prida's Coser y cantar. Directed by Mario-Francisco Robles, the Irma Sandrey and Mauricio Bustamante co-wrote and co- show took place at Teatro LA TEA's eponymous theater in the starred in the play Perfection. Also featuring Denise Collins and Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center (home to HOLA) in the Toni Mayo, the play was directed by Bill Balzac and presented at Loisaida section of Manhattan. the DR2 Theatre in the Union Square area of Manhattan. Maribel Vásquez and Tatiana Richard Arcelay worked several live industrials for the Dellepiane were cast in the organization Events of the Heart through an HOLA referral. independent film In God's Garden as a result of their headAngelina Llongueras continues to perform her self-penned shot being in the HOLA Pages solo show Phoolan is All of Us. She recently has her Bay online directory. Area premiere in the Dance Mission Theater in the Mission Actor/musician/voiceover artist Jean-Marc Berne reported the District of San Francisco, California. following to HOLA: "Thanks for recommending me to [agent] 11

Multitalented Lucio Fernández let us know that he's been extremely busy with work. He sang at a concert with Elio Roca and Sophy de Puerto Rico, appeared in a national spot for Verizon, directed a few voiceovers, and presented a new cabaret at Don't Tell Mama's called The Cuban Kid, Less Cuban Than Ever. The cabaret was a followup to his MAC Award-nominated The Cuban Kid in Concert. He also appeared in the solo show Speedy & The Straight Man at the Frigid Festival in New York and produced a concert featuring performers José Alberto "El Canario," Sophy de Puerto Rico, Hansel y Raúl and Lalo Rodríguez. To find out more, check out his website at

José Febus, John Haggerty, Roseanne Medina and Tanya Pérez appeared in the production The Judas Tree. A play with music, it was produced by MultiStages, written by Mary Fengar Gail (with music and lyrics by Anika Paris and James Schevill) and took place at Teatro LA TEA in the Loisaida section of Manhattan.

Room 5001 and the DUO Theater presented a stripped down, all-male rethinking of the classic musical Man of La Mancha. The production took place at DUO Theater in the East Village section of Manhattan and starred Kelvin Ortega, Omar Pérez and Ricardo Pérez-González.

Repertorio Español presented two plays that explored immigration issues and life on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. They were Vagón (Boxcar) by Silvia González and En ningún lugar de la frontera (Nowhere on the Border) by Carlos Lacámara. The former was directed by René Buch and starred Ernesto de Villa Bejjani, Carlos Valencia, Pablo Tufiño, Sergio Arras, Rubén Luque, Anthony Álvarez and Gabriel Gutiérrez in the cast, while the latter was directed by and starred Ed Trucco, Ernesto De Villa Bejjani, Elka Rodríguez, Carlos Valencia, Gabriel Gutiérrez and Frank Robles in the cast. Both plays were presented at Repertorio's eponymous theater in the Rose Hill section of Manhattan.

Rob Torres reported to us that he booked a NYU student film and two SAG independents. In addition, he can be seen performing standup at many comedy spots in NYC.

Noemí de la Puente's play Generic Hispanic had a workshop production as part of the In Sight 14 series of the Professional Playwrights Unit of the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre. Directed by Tlaloc Rivas, the play featured Kaolin Bass, María Cabezas, Rivas, Ira López, Nairoby Otero and Amir Levi in the cast and took place at the PRTT's eponymous theater in the theater district of midtown Manhattan.

Wendy Curiel, who got me the Spanish radio audition with Western Union. My voice is now being heard in all the Hispanic markets within the U.S. as the voice of a Dominican baseball pitcher who is gung ho about Western Union." In addition, he has done voiceovers for TK Digital, Touchstone Health, Princeton Review, and BAFSoundworks, as well as nabbing roles in the independent films Santera and The Last Film Festival.

Ura Yoana Sánchez e-mailed us to tell us some of her latest endeavors. She was flown to Orlando, Florida for a casting for Merck Pharmaceuticals, was cast as the lead in the video project "Meet Julia" (for the Fairfield County Community Foundation) and acted as Ross in Macbeth 2029, a futuristic take on the Bard's classic play at Teatro LA TEA (see below). [Editor's note: She got all of these jobs through castings from HOLA See her HOLA member testimonal on page 6 of this newsletter.]

Howard Collado played Menteith in the Soñadores Inc. production of Macbeth 2029 at Teatro LA TEA. He got the gig through an HOLA referral. He can be seen around NYC gigging with his band Velestra, where he plays guitar.

Actors' Equity Association honored the ensemble of In The Heights with its Second Annual ACCA Award for Outstanding Broadway Chorus. The winners include Michael Balderrama, Blanca Camacho, Tony Chiroldes, Doreen Montalvo and Luis Salgado.

including Mel Nieves, A.B. Lugo (this writer) and Tanya Pérez this June at the Cherry Lane Studio Theater in the West Village in Manhattan.

Raoul Bretón, J.W. Cortés, Mateo Gómez, César De León, A.B. Lugo (this writer), Jesús E. Martínez, and Johary Ramos were just some of the voices in the extremely popular Rock Star Games video game Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City.

The Downtown Urban Theater Festival (DUTF), in association with Monroe College, presented Lessons on the A Train. Directed by Tony nominee Reg e. Gaines, the show toured NYC high schools and featured Blanca Vásquez in the cast. In addition, the DUTF presented plays by several playwrights

A.B. Lugo (this writer) is glad to have been busy with work. In addition to doing a voiceover for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City (see above), he acted in two productions. The first was a postapocalyptic, futuristic take on William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Retitled Macbeth 2029 (for the year the play takes place), it was directed by José A. Esquea and produced by Soñadores Inc. and Teatro LA TEA at the latter's eponymous theater in the CSV Cultural Center (home to HOLA). The production also starred Dan Tibbets, Cheryl D. Hescott, Chester Poon, Flor Campos, Howard Collado, Daniel Contreras, Jesús E. Martínez, Gary Maxwell, Evelyn Mencos, R.N. Rao, Ura Yoana Sánchez, Lina Sarrello and Plinio Villablanca. He followed up that show with a performance of his self-penned solo show Manchild Machismo (with the Downtown Urban Theater Festival) at the Cherry Lane Studio Theater in Manhattan's West Village. That's it for now. Keep your postcards and e-mails coming. When you're working, it means we're working. ...A.B. Lugo.



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