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Postalsoft® DeskTop Release Notes

Postalsoft 7.84c includes updated USPS postage rates. Install and begin using 7.84c for mailings that you'll deposit on or after May 12, 2008. For details, see "Installation" on page 5 and "USPS postage rate changes" on page 7.

DeskTop 7.84c April 2008

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Third-party contributors


DeskTop Release Notes


What's new in this release Documentation

Postalsoft 7.84c includes the updated USPS postage rates, which go into effect May 12, 2008. See "USPS postage rate changes" on page 7. The complete documentation set includes the following: Postalsoft® DeskTop Release Notes Postalsoft DeskTop User's Guide Postalsoft DeskTop Text-Based Printing Guide Online help, available within the software To access documentation, choose Start > Programs > DeskTop. Or go to

USPS news

The USPS changed the date that Intelligent Mail barcodes will be required for automation discounts from January to May 2009. To learn more about Intelligent Mail, see You can print Intelligent Mail barcodes with Postalsoft's Label Toolbox.



Software and directories delivery

Software and directories no longer automatically shipped on CD Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)

Starting in June 2008, all software and directory updates will be available only through our Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) site. CDs will not be automatically shipped. This change allows you to have immediate access to software updates and directories as soon as they are available. When you use ESD, you receive software and directory files electronically, so that you can install the software right after you download the .zip file(s). When updated software and directories are available, Business Objects sends you an email notification with a link to the ESD web site. Then you can go to the ESD web site and download the software and/or directories. ESD web site:

Internet connection

ESD requires a high-speed internet connection. If you don't have internet access set up on your system, begin the process of acquiring an internet connection now. Contact your IT department for help. For help with the ESD site: · · · Read the FAQs on the ESD site. The FAQ link is available under "Information" on the left side of the ESD page. Email the ESD team at [email protected] Call Customer Care at 800-877-2340 (dial 5).

ESD help

Optional shipment on CD

If you can't receive a particular software or directory release by ESD, you can request a shipment on CD for a particular release by selecting "Order CD" on the ESD web site. The ESD site does not store your request for a CD, so you would need to do this each time software or directories are released.


DeskTop Release Notes


Required installation if you presort

If you prepare presorted mailings with Postalsoft, you must install this update and use it for any mailings that you will drop on or after May 12, 2008. Make your decision on when to install Postalsoft 7.84c based on when you will start preparing mailings that you'll submit on or after May 12. Install at the appropriate time. It's important to time the installation of Postalsoft 7.84c appropriately for your business. Because Postalsoft 7.84c includes the rates that go into effect May 12, you must not use 7.84c to prepare mailings that you'll deposit before May 12, and you must use it to prepare mailings that you'll deposit on or after May 12.


Operating systems

DeskTop runs on the following Windows operating systems: Windows 2003 Server Windows XP Professional Windows 2000 Windows Vista Professional. Postalsoft is tested on Windows Vista Professional. Continued testing and full support for Vista Professional will follow in the near future, but you should be able to use Postalsoft on Vista Professional if you need to. Ensure that your printer manufacturer offers support for your printer as well.

Install Postalsoft

Before you install Postalsoft, close any open programs, especially antivirus programs, which can interfere with installation. To install the software, you need full administrator rights.

To install the software:

When you insert the Postalsoft program CD in your CD-ROM drive, the installation program should start automatically. If it doesn't, follow these steps: 1. Access your Windows Start menu and choose Run. 2. In the Run window, type x:\setup (where x is the letter of your CD-ROM drive) and click OK. .NET. A delay may occur while the Microsoft .NET Framework is installed. Please be patient and allow installation to finish. When installation is complete, the installation program restarts your computer.

Install directories

Directories are now available separately from your software. To install directories, you need full administrator rights.

To load the directories

1. Open Postalsoft and choose File > Load Directories. 2. In the Load Directories window, select the directories that you want to install. Diversified directories include ZIP4US and other directories needed for presorting and address correction.



eLOT directory is used when assigning Line-of-Travel codes for carrierroute discounts. DPV directories are used during Delivery Point Validation processing. DPV is required for CASS certification. LACSLink directories are used during Locatable Address Conversion System processing (converting rural route addresses to street addresses, and other types of renaming. LACSLink is required for CASS certification. 3. Click OK. A Loading Options window appears for each directory that you chose to install. When you finish loading one directory, the next Loading Options window appears. 4. If you're installing from CD, insert the corresponding directory CD as needed. For example, when the Diversified Directory Loading Options window appears, insert the Diversified Directory CD. 5. In the Loading Options window, specify whether you're loading the directory from a Downloaded File or from CD. Specify the Source Location (where you're loading from), the Destination Location (where you want the directories installed to), and click Load. Repeat this step for each type of directory that you're loading. You can click the Browse button to search for the location that you're loading from and to. You can also click Skip if you do not want to load a particular directory now. When you load the Diversified directories, the ZIP4US directory is installed to the destination that you specify. Other smaller directories installed with ZIP4US are automatically installed to your default directory installation folder.


DeskTop Release Notes

USPS postage rate changes

New rates May 12

Updated postage rates go into effect May 12, 2008, for First Class, Standard Mail, and Periodicals. The USPS did not introduce any sortation changes with this rate case. A new Outside-County Limited Circulation rate goes into effect for Periodicals mail. Eligible issues of publications entitled to use this rate receive a 5 percent discount off the total qualifying Outside-County postage excluding the postage for advertising pounds. Postalsoft tries to give this discount if all of the following conditions are met: The Regular or Agriculture rate is selected. The publication has at least one copy mailed at In-County rates. You are mailing fewer than 5,000 copies at Outside-County rates. In-County rates are turned on.

New Outside-County Limited Circulation rate for Periodicals

Changes to Postage Statements See also

A new box, called the Move Update method, was added to Postage Statements 3600r, 3602r and 3602n. For more information about the rate-case changes, see: Rate adjustment information at Postal Bulletins at Federal Registers at Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) at (Note: DMM will not be updated with new rate information until May 12.)

USPS postage rate changes



Postalsoft DeskTop 7.83c Release Notes

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