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Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio 175 Tri County Parkway Cincinnati, Ohio 45246 (513) 721-1025 (800) 252-0155 ___________________________________________________________________________

TO: FROM: CC: DATE: RE: All COA Providers, All Services Rae Marie Wyatt, Quality Improvement Manager Suzanne Burke, Chief Executive Officer, COA March 13, 2008 Service to Clients with Bed Bugs

The bedbug infestation is spreading throughout our five-county area. No one foresees an end to the problem any time soon and all of us are searching for the best ways to protect our clients, employees, vehicles, and facilities. You and your clients are at risk, regardless of the kind of service or care your agency delivers. In addition to infesting clients' homes, for example, bedbugs are appearing at adult day centers and in vehicles used for transportation services. Although providers have continued to serve clients despite the presence of bedbugs, we want to be clear about your contractual obligations and also let you know what Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio is doing. As a contracted COA provider, you are expected to: · Serve your clients, regardless of whether they have bedbugs in their homes or bring bedbugs into your facility or vehicles; · Provide protective equipment for your staff · Accept referrals as you would normally, without regard to actual or potential bedbug problems; · Have policies and procedures related to pest management; · Be informed about bedbug prevention and intervention measures; · Inform the appropriate COA Care or Case Manager as soon as you notice a bedbug problem in a client's home Any providers found not to be serving clients due to bedbug problems will be placed on hold for new referrals. Clients will be referred only to those providers who will assure that service and care are delivered as authorized. Since last summer, we have been working with elected officials, health departments, providers, and the media to raise awareness of the bedbug problem. As you may know, several positive changes have resulted, including most recently, an addition to Cincinnati's municipal code and change in Cincinnati Health Department regulations. These changes put some teeth into extermination orders. We are planning a bedbug information session for all providers to be held some time within the next 60 days. Please watch for more details, coming soon. Meanwhile, COA Care/Case Managers will work with you in all ways possible within program guidelines to control or eliminate bedbug infestations at clients' residences. This problem is distressing for all of us. At the same time, it is an opportunity to show the community our professionalism and concern for the people who need us.



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