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TUESDAY, Morning session RT: Umberto Eco (Chair: Eero Tarasti) Fabbri, Paolo Danesi, Marcel Knuuttila, Tarja

TUESDAY, Morning session RT: Nokia

TUESDAY, Afternoon session Session: Interpretation and Meaning in Umberto Eco's Semiotic Theory Brax, Klaus Oesch, Erna Knuuttila, Tarja Yocaris, Ilias Umberto Eco and the Ethics of Reading Kajannes, Katriina Searching for Traces in the Labyrinth of Meaning - Vaughan, Genevieve Umberto Eco, Unlimited An Absent Encyclopedia Semiosis and Drift Tarasti, Eila Relativisme cognitif et indétermination sémiotique : abduction et méta-abduction dans Kukkonen, Pirjo Ponzio, Augusto Petrilli, Susan WEDNESDAY, Morning session RT: Writing semiotics today

TUESDAY, Afternoon session RT: Women in Semiotics (Chair: Susan Petrilli) The way to freedom in the philosophy of Hannah Arendt Matricentric Semiotics Feminine gestures in music and the mythical actant model of woman composers Women in Semiotics - The Early Finnish Tradition semanalysis and semiotics Kristeva'sof 1970s and 1980s Symbol, Logic, and Signification. Victoria Welby, Mary Everst Boole and Suzanne Langer WEDNESDAY, Morning session RT: Semioethics, Dialogue and Existential semiotics (Chairs: Bonfantini & Ponzio) Bonfantini, Massimo A. & Petrilli, Susan & Ponzio, Augusto Tarasti, Eero Stanciulescu, Traian Tönnessen, Morten Semiotics and Dialogue between Logic and Ethics Moral Acts as Signs The semiotic methodology: a still neglected instrument of power Where I end and you begin. The threshold of the self and the intrinsic value of the phenomenal

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session RT: Teaching of Semiotics (Chairs: Kristian Bankov & Harri Veivo) Arif, Hakim Bankov, Kristian Popova, Maria Wasik, Zdzislaw Solomonick, Abraham & Samoshchenko, Larisa Veivo, Harri Kull, Kalevi Teaching Semiotics in Bangladesh: an experience The experience of the Early Fall Schools in Semiotics Our experience as lecturers in higher education in semiotics round table paper Teaching on-Ferdinand de Saussure's Bilateral Sign-Concept School Program on Semiotic Proposal for a From German and English SignSystems Teaching semiotics in the 21st century: experiences from the Finnish context FRIDAY, Morning session RT: The Ethical Footprint (Chair: Anne Stenroos) Stenros, Anne Luutonen, Marketta Bello, Paula Miettinen, Satu Lehtovuori, Panu Creative Footprint Hand Made Responsibility - Sustainable Crafts The Ethical Footprint Social Design in Action! Brier, Sören Heusden, Barend van Hornborg, Alf Kull, Kalevi

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session Anthroposemiotics From sign games to language games via the dialogical subject The emergence of mimetic skills Unleashing Signs without Objects: What Flows of Money do to Ecosystems

FRIDAY, Afternoon session RT: Levi-Strauss (Chair: Eero Tarasti)

SATURDAY, Morning session RT: Understanding signs of Existential Life (Chair: Eero Tarasti) Ipsen, Guido Marcus, Solomon Bankov, Kristian Hocevar, Drina Landowski, Eric The Semiosic Imperative: Fundamentals on Semioethics Existential Semiotics and Mathematics Time and Narrative in Existential Semiotics

SATURDAY, Afternoon session

SUNDAY, Morning session Globality of Languages (Chair: Gino Stefani) Stefani, Gino & Guerra Lisi, Stefania Spampinato, Francesco Helkala-Koivisto, Sari Mereni, Antoni Les Styles expressifs prénatals dans l'étude des relations interartistiques: musical experience Can prosodic features in le cas de Debussy et promote the later understanding of prosodic

TUESDAY, Morning session RT: Communication & Spectacle Bañuelos, Jacob Gutiérrez Carbajo, Francisco Pardo Abril, Neyla Craciela Ramírez Peña, Luis Alfonso James, Ariel José Análisis de la Espectacularización en You Tube: Brozek, Anna Broadcasting Yourself Horecka, Aleksandra La metáfora visual en el espectáculo noticioso El entendimiento como repetición y diferencia Jadacki, Jacek Kasprzyk, Zuzanna Odrowaz-Sypniewska, Joanna Talasiewicz, Mieszko TUESDAY, Afternoon session RT: Communication & Spectacle (cont.) Helbo, André Imbert, Gérard Andacht, Fernando Koldobsky, Daniela Sémiotique du spectacle vivant: le corps du déni Etemadi, Maziar Télevision et transformation spectaculaire de la Lyngseth, Oyvind réalité (de on a à la post-télévision) Reflectionsla néoBrazilian TV indexical fable: the Nörreklit, Lennart inclusion of the signs of Other in the performance Zeller, Jörg

TUESDAY, Morning session Communication: understanding misunderstanding / Warsaw University (Chair: Brozek) On Understanding Music The Concept of Common Views: Can We Understand Other Philosophers? Ten Misunderstandings About Understanding Genesis and Structure of Moral Dilemmas. Explanation Terms and Successful Natural Kindin Light of the Concept of Linguistic

Communication Geach's Program and the Foundations of Categorial Gram TUESDAY, Afternoon session

Hermeneutics and semiotics of intercultural communication (Aalborg) Beyond Appearances, Reveal and the Conceal. Critical Mediations Aesthetic in the Dress-code, The Potential of theon the Religious Islamic Hermeneutic The double hermeneutics of signs Communication environments: multidimensional meaning space-times in the so-called

WEDNESDAY, Morning session RT: Semioticas de la incomunication Mangieri, Rocco Magariños de Morentin, Juan Lacalle, Charo Finol, José Enrique Semiótica y poética de la in-movilidad: las artes del movimiento La superación de la incomunicatión. La universidad de la calle en la costrucción de la Semióticas de la incomunicación: El desencuentro la incomunicación: códigos Semióticas decon el espectador televisivo. rituales e ineficacia simbólica Jie, Zhang Xiang, ZhouZhen Tsai, Hsiu-chih Bin, Xin Haihong, Ji

WEDNESDAY, Morning session Chinese-western comparative semiotics (Chair: Gu Jiazu) The Construction of the Kingdom of Semiotics: The Transcendence of Language and the Compared meta symbols between Chinese and Western: Pierce's category and Jinyuelin's Tao Literary Meaning and the Metonymic Function in A Song of the Analysis of Reported Speech in An IntertextualSad Coffee Shop News Texts A Reflective Study of the Culturally Predetermined Chinese Semiotic Mentality

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session RT: Semioticas de la incomunication (cont.) Djukich de Nery, Dobrila Caro Almela, Antonio Argüello G, Rodrigo El ritual del tatuaje y la de-construcción de la (in)comunicación corporal Comunión e incomuncación en publicidad Es tan sólo un estupido juego de palabras? Los (d)efectos de la incomunicación Jiazu, Gu Shen, Haiyan

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session Chinese-western comparative semiotics (cont.) Memetics: A Major Breakthrough in Semiotic Theoretical Framework Enlightenment: the power The Symbolic Vision of by the End of 20th

Chen, Hsiang-Ju & Lin, Kuo-Hsiung & Tsai, Yuan- of mind One Aspect of the Neo-Confucian Structure in HuiYongming Decision Making - The Yin-Yang-Based System Li, On Mo Tzu's thoughts of speech communication Jie, Zhang A Brief Report on Nanjing International Conference of Cultural Semiotics

FRIDAY, Morning session RT: Los bordes de la semiotica (Chair: Juan Magariños de Morentin) Magariños de Morentin, Juan Arias Gibert, Enrique N. Vicente Gómez, Francisco Bialogorski, Mirta Umpiérrez Sánchez, Francisco Los Bordes de la Sémiotica

FRIDAY, Morning session Bordron / CeReS

Bordron, Jean-Francois & Couegnas, Nicholas & Vertus et limites de la mecomprehension dans Moutat, Marc les processus d'interpretation des commentaires Sobre la norma fundamental y su justificación en Monjou,Audrey Comprendre un parcours (à propos des objets la semiótica de los bordes dans l'espace) Poesía y sentido. En los límites de la Novello Paglianti, Nanta Typologie des difficultés de compréhension dans significación Campo semiótico y campo artesanal: el juego de Beyaert, Anne las transformaciones constitutión Inmigración africana: y los bordesy cambio de significado les oeuvres de l'Art désorientation, Le corps à l'envers: Brut incomprehension et "panne" du sens

FRIDAY, Afternoon session RT: Los bordes de la semiotica (cont.) Caro Almela, Antonio Paz Gago, José María Caron-Pargue, Josiane Pardo Abril, Neyla Finol, José Enrique Semiotization and actualization of knowledge: a cognitive approach Significación y mediatización Semiótica interpretativa vs. Semiótica productiva Miraglia, Valentina Bordron, J. F. Fontanille, Jacques Mathé, Anthony

FRIDAY, Afternoon session Bordron / CeReS (cont.) Effets de sens qu'un objet singulier a d'un point de vue sémiotique non compréhension / Incompréhension / sur la réalisation d'un film dit compréhension Le malentendu comme pratique et stratégie Le malentendu en situation de communication intersubjective: incompréhension lexicale,

SATURDAY, Morning session RT: Los bordes de la semiotica (cont.) Magoulas, Charalampos Guerri, Claudio López Cano, Rubén La aceptación en un nivel metodológico del proceso de la transformación de los tres Lo 'central' y los bordes Chavez Garcia, Maria Dolores Cruz Reséndiz, Mireya Adriana

SATURDAY, Morning session Semiótica, Complejidad y Transdisciplinariedad (Chair: Julieta Haidar) Cultural Utterances from ancient tradition to contemporary Mexican music: approach to Latin La palabra verdadera de los colores de la tierra. La comprensión/incomprensión de gobierno "Manda obedeciendo" una reglade la identidad indígena en el mito cosmogónico hopi en textos El Campo de la Semiotica: Reflexionesydesde la translidciplina y de la complejidad

Los bordes de la música... y de la semiótica que González Tejeda, Raúl la estudia Haidar, Julieta

SATURDAY, Afternoon session RT: Betty la fea (Chair: Alfredo Cid Jurado) Marita Soto Cid Jurado, Alfredo Argüello G, Rodrigo Barrios Gómez, Armín Televisión, performance y vida cotidiana "El patito feo" como fábula e historia. Fases y estructuras de la cenicienta. El complejoen la telenovela A propósito de la tele-novela colombiana al género dramático de Aproximación semióticaBetty la fea la farsa en televisión: El caso de la telenovela Prieto Avendaño, Marina Ramos Beltrán, Ignacio

SATURDAY, Afternoon session Semiótica, Complejidad y Transdisciplinariedad (cont.) Análisis semiótico-discursico del ritual sagrado del "temazcal de la de Jalaludin Rumi: Procesos El cuento en la obracuatro puertas" de traducción y funcionamientos retóricos Construcción del sujeto semiótico-discursico en la poesía escrita por los textos de las Alabanzas Interdiscursividad en mujeres mexicanas durante el Rito de la Danza Conchera.

Rodríguez Fernández, Sofía del Carmen Valencia González, José

SUNDAY, Morning session RT: Betty la fea (cont.) Cid Jurado, Mireya Lacalle, Charo Piñon, Juan "La fea más bella" ... del melodrama a la comedia. La transformación de 2006 Yo soy Bea: el éxito español de telenovela Are U.S. Latinos the Ugly Duckling?

SUNDAY, Morning session

TUESDAY, Morning session Evolution of the theory of mind Bergelson, Mira B. Bichakjian, Bernard H. Chernigovskaya, Tatiana V. Davtian, Stepan How much culture we need to figure out misunderstanding: from analog to digital The linguistic sign: cognitive, cultural and Social Mind, Cognitive Evolution and Theory of Mind "Theory of Realities" and Meta-Representation: Trying to Understand a Psychotic Person Categorial Grammar TUESDAY, Afternoon session Evolution of the theory of mind (cont.) Kibrik, Andrej A. Levinton, George A. Mascialino, Rita Rusakova, Marina V. Utekhin, Ilia Referential choice and understanding the other's Dubrovskaya, Elena mind The Meaning of meaning in the field of folklore, Armila, Iina mythology and mythological criticism The "dynamic spatiality" of understanding and Izmailova-Zueva, A. S. misunderstanding Sign form and sign content interaction in speech Kapitany, Agnes processing through the prism of the speech Conversational Machinery behind Theory of Mind

TUESDAY, Morning session

TUESDAY, Afternoon session Actuality of Fenno-Ugric Semiotics Image of the Other in Historical Memory of Border Population structure in Kalevalaic poem The significance of(Case of Russian Karelia) language The Archetypes in Udmurt Literature Visual symbols of system change in Hungary

WEDNESDAY, Morning session Communicology (Chair: Richard Lanigan) Martinez, Jacqueline M. Acheson, Kris Cleworth, Brandon Banner, Francine Intercultural Communicology: Theory and Practice Silence as Gesture A Blood to Produce No Death: The Religious Dimensions of Seropositivity in Tory Female Contested Territory: The Body of the Dent's HIV, Suicide Bomber as a Site of Resistance Madzharov, Dzheni Sharapov, Valery & Survo, Arno Vinokurova, Irina Zsélyi, Ferenc

WEDNESDAY, Morning session Actuality of Fenno-Ugric Semiotics (cont.) The Gesture For "Raising and Carrying of a human Body". Functions and of "Text" and Ethno-futurism: The QuestionSemantics in "Audience" in Modern Vepsian incantations Serpent symbolism in Finno-Ugrian Art Verbal Wounds and Verbal Healing: the Semiotics of the Social Nekuia of Railway

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session Communicology (cont.) Ishida, Kaori Kristjánsdóttir, Erla S. Kanata, Tamie Khanwalkar, Seema Anderson, Lisa M. Phenomenology of "Gaijin" Experience: U. S. Americans' Identity Experience in Japan Not Being Able to Fit In A Linguistic Space: Influence of Linguistic Knowledge on Student's Phenomenological Analysis of Students' Online Dialogues: Race, Ethnicity, Prejudice, of The Invisible Minority: Exploring Signs and ColorDifference in the Discourse in the West: Shifting Learning Chinese Medicine of Disability in India Sign-Systems of Health and Illness Veszelszki, Ágnes Gáspár, Kinga Torop, Peeter & Kroó, Katalin

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session Actuality of Fenno-Ugric Semiotics (cont.) Die dynamischen Emoticons Semiosis in Popular and Professional Theatre. Misunderstanding differences. A Dialogue of Estonian and Hungarian Literary Semiotic Approaches. The legacy of Russian

FRIDAY, Morning session Communicology (cont.) Sonesson, Göran Gomes, William B. & DeSouza, Mariane L. & Michel,Rolf-Dieter Hepp, Mariela Ruthrof, Horst Ego, Alter and Alius in the Lifeworld. From Communication to Misunderstanding in Inner Understanding andIntersubjectivity Speech: The Communicational Process of The Analytic Place in Understanding and the Misunderstanding: Social Acts of Understanding Between Understanding and Misunderstanding: The Perceptual Ground of Meaning as

FRIDAY, Afternoon session Communicology (cont.) Stanciulescu, Traian Lanigan, Richard L. Chu, Yingchi Yap, Florence G. H. Towards a communion science: On the performance of human understanding H. G. Alexander's Communicology: A Semiotic Theory of Human Communication Roots of Misunderstanding in Cross-Cultural Exchange: China and the West Communicology: The Semiotic Matrix of Politics and Power in Singapore

SATURDAY, Morning session

SATURDAY, Afternoon session TIME AND SPACE Alonso, Juan & Lozano, Jorge Suteanu, Cristian Szkudlarek, Paulina Remm, Tiit Laiho, Timo SUNDAY, Morning session Passions du temps et de l'événement. Considérations sur une sémiotique de l'histoire Of signs and time: the self-affine exposure With the Passing of Time. The Changing Context as a Source of temporal meanings of space Understanding Misreadings

TUESDAY, Morning session Biosemiotics Kull, Kalevi Niño El-Hani, Charbel & Queiroz, João & Stjernfelt, Frederik Rothenberg, David Servais, Christine & Servais, Veronique Campelo, Cleide Riva Vegetative, animal, and propositional semiosis Firefly Femmes Fatales: a case study in the semiotics of deception Musical communication between humans and beluga whales: understanding or La communication inter-espèces: une figure spécifique du malentendu? Sjöblom, Tom Pentikäinen, Juha Pulkkinen, Risto

TUESDAY, Morning session Nature as culture (Chair: Vesa Matteo Piludu) Paleolithic cave-art as cognitive maps

The Signs of the Sacred on the Rocks: Bear Ceremonialism and Shamanhood Louhi's Pohjola and Terra Feminarum. Mythical female real

TUESDAY, Afternoon session Biosemiotics (cont.) Kleisner, Karel & Markos, Anton Maran, Timo Martinelli, Dario Turovski, Aleksei Biological mimicry and Peircean categories Piludu, Vesa Matteo Pekonen, Osmo Notes on the theoretical program of biosemiotics, Berruti, Massimo or "what exactly am I doing here?" Signs of Age, Health and Sex in Leadership Martinelli, Dario Dynamics of Some Eusocial Species of Birds

TUESDAY, Afternoon session Nature as culture (cont.)

The bear as a symbol of regeneration, shamanism and initi

Le Lion de Finlande : communiquer l'identité d'une nation n Lovecraft and Poe: the Double Nemesis of Cats

Whales and iconography: two or three mistakes. On the cu

WEDNESDAY, Morning session RT: Biosemiotics round table Cobley, Paul Pickering, John Wheeler, Wendy Bankov, Kristian Cannizzaro, Sara WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session TECHNOLOGY: HUMAN-MACHINE COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION SYSTEMS Charissis, V. & Patera, M. Marcus, Solomon & Tataram, Sanda Monica Tanaka-Ishii, Kumiko Charrel, Pierre-Jean Zatsman, Igor Symbolic vs. Alphanumeric Representations in Brier, Sören Human Machine Interface Design Three Possibilities in Computer Communication: Kotov, Kaie Success, of Programming Languages SemioticsDistortion, Total Failure Kull, Kalevi Viewpoints as a paradigm for designing an information Communication Model For Three-Levelsystem Electronic Filing Mandoki, Katya Bauters, Merja Petrilli, Susan & Ponzio, Augusto

WEDNESDAY, Morning session Applying biosemiotics (Chair: Paul Cobley) Benayoun, Jean-Michel & Lee, Carolyne Putting press prose in (biosemiotic) perspective

In what sense might umwelt be applicable to theorising media audiences? Selfhood as apprenticeship in the use of self-referential sig The commonwealth of bee, me and thee: ethical and aesthetic relation and the iterability of Misunderstanding nature, or "How to think without culture" Illustrating the Cyberpunk Virtual Community through Modeling System Theory WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session Applying biosemiotics (cont.) A Peircean cyber-biosemiotic theory of the emergence of consciousness and personhood in Human-environment-technology: Telling a biosemiotic story Ecosemiotics as the extended semiotics of culture Culturomes and negentropic processes: a

biosemiotic perspective Distributed cognition, notion of self and mediating artefacts The semiotic animal FRIDAY, Morning session Anthroposemiotics (cont.)

Sonesson, Göran Stjernfelt, Frederik Zlatev, Jordan

Reflexions on dyads and triads. In-between Peirce and developmental between animals and The "semiotic missing link"psychology humans Interconnecting the "three bodies" through bodily mimesis

FRIDAY, Afternoon session

SATURDAY, Morning session

SATURDAY, Afternoon session

SUNDAY, Morning session

TUESDAY, Morning session Pragmatic-semiotic concepts and the arts (Chairs: Christina Ljungberg & Harri Veivo) Cronquist, Ulf Fehr, Drude von der Kholopova, Valentina Knuuttila, Sirkka Mechelen, Marga van Cognitive Poetics, Cognitive Semiotics and Literary Bernhard's Style: A Pragmatic Use ThomasAnalysis: Julio Cortàzar's "Blow-up",of Kim, Chie-Sou Song, Ki-Jeong

TUESDAY, Morning session RT: La litterature coréenne Mythe contemporain dans le roman de LEE Cheong-Jan La Communication entre les vivants et les morts Etude sur L'Invité de WHANG Suk-Yong The Aspects and Meaning of Metaphor and Metonymy in The Azaleas Zen-poems in Koryu Dynasty and L'analyse de l'espace théatral à travers Le Cordon ombilical d'Oh Tae-Seok

Disease in Literature Interpretation of Peircean Sign Triad by Russian Lee, Do-heum Musicologists of the 1980-90: A New Bodily Dialogues: Semiotics of Emotion in Choi, Yong-Ho Literary Reading Ambiguity and multiaccentuality as (semiotic) Liu, HyoSook qualities of modern art

TUESDAY, Afternoon session Pragmatic-semiotic concepts and the arts (cont.) Gobbett, Tania Letizia Ljungberg Veivo Stjernfelt Vincent Colapietro Functional Definitions & Defining Functions:Peircean Reflections on the Historical Sensibility and distance. Charles S. Peirce, Paul Sikorski, Filip Valery, Ansel Adams. Semiotics of photography. Simpkins, Scott Tunturi, Anna-Riitta Russo, Antonella Perales, Laura Elena

TUESDAY, Afternoon session LITERATURE: THEORY Semiotics of Syntax. Participles in Mallarmé and Gombrowicz Systemics and Literary Semiotics The Philological Point of View in the Theory of Literature versus Looking for capacity Literary writing and the utopicdifferent Intentions Semiosis del existencialismo en el cono sur: Arlt, Bianco, Onetti y Sábato

WEDNESDAY, Morning session RT: Montage and semiotics Kim, SooHwan Tsivian, Yuri Torop, Peeter Bulgakova, Oksana Film and Semiotics: cinema as a readable/visible Dema, Ledia text - photogenie in Electronic Tool to Study Cinemetrics: A New Russian Formalistic Film Mercado Méndez, Guadalupe Montage Favi, Gloria Lara Romero, Gladys Vega Bedoya, Wilfredo

WEDNESDAY, Morning session MISUNDERSTANDING IN LITERATURE & LITERARY MISUNDERSTANDING Fragmentation discursive et (mal)compréhension Incomrensión de un escritor Visión del río Mapocho en La sangre y la Esperanza de Nicomedes Guzmán Bolero: texto, amor y cultura Raymundo Gomezcásseres Metástasis y Días así: La utopía eviscerada

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session CINEMA Tore, Gian Maria Kravanja, Peter Escande-Gauquie, Pauline Roelens, Nathalie La sémiotique face à la compréhension du cinéma Rendez-vous à Bray ou le Roi du paradis perdu Le cinéma grand public francais : comprendre une doxa La censure comme un cas de méprise Mäkelä-Marttinen, Leena Chien, Jui-Pi Hess-Lüttich, Ernest W.B.

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session MISUNDERSTANDING IN LITERATURE & LITERARY MISUNDERSTANDING The fatal misunderstanding in Timo K. Mukka's short story Tabu The misinterpretations and Imitation of Hippolyte Taine's History of English Litterature across Missverständnisse. Literatur und Skepsis the The section of Check u the Rumour in the Spring and Autumn of Iv Pu-wei -- a classic

Wu, Geming

mediating artefacts

FRIDAY, Morning session Social problems in cinema Prince, Eric Rutelli, Romana Bankov, Kristian Andacht, Fernando Narratives of Crimes Without Punishment, Or How to value rules? Social problems in the mirror of Italian movies Why detectives, lowers and psychoanalysts are the most represented the filmed in American Close encounters withprofessionsOther: on the index appeal of the documentary poetics of Burger, Willie Vasconcelos, Montgomery Lei, Wu

FRIDAY, Morning session KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING & LITERATURE "But a poor reflection in a mirror": Knowledge of the self and the other corruption in poetic of the Brazil, the sign on the in Marlene van Niekerk's transgression A semiotic Poetics: Wallace Stevens' Harmonium

FRIDAY, Afternoon session FILM ANALYSIS Tsai, Hsiu-chih Ryle, Simon John Cabak Rédei, Anna Sen, Abhijit The Return of the Unforgotten in Wong KarBenghenissa, Nacer eddine Wai's 2046 The Mirror and the Flashback in Film Adaptation Cuéllar, Linda del Rosario of Hamlet A cultural semiotic study of the dialogue between Valdelamar Sarabia, Lázaro Eastern and Western Europe in Sokurov's The Semiotics of Bollywood: Analyzing iconic images of heroes and heroines in contemporary Costa, Jaime

FRIDAY, Afternoon session OTHERNESS IN LITERATURE L'image de l'Autre entre fantasme et réalité dans « discurso camp-queer en la homoliteratura Elal-Hayy al-Lâtînî » (Le Quartier Latin) de Suhayl española contemporánea, la categoría La cuestión del mestizaje yun alálisis de la epistémica-existencial del muntú en la literatura The schizophrenic narration

Reestorff, Camilla & Steffensen, Pernille /IMATRA

SATURDAY, Morning session CINEMA Najera, Miguel A. Gundes, Simten & Kucukerdogan, Rengin & Ozden, Deniz Bacon, Henry Germeshuys, Carlo Mexican Stereotypes in American and Mexican Cinemas: ALanguage of Shadow Play The Secret Divergent Dialogue (1930--2000) Editing and emotion in historical films Film Editing and Ideology in South African Culture: A semiotic investigation Mouratidou, Eleni Sá, Luiz Henrique Basso, Pierluigi /IMATRA Svalingou, Chari Ontiveros G., José Leonardo

SATURDAY, Morning session THEATRE Problèmes de communication théâtrale: l'implicite et de signifiant dans La formationsa mise en scène la scénographie et les costumes du spectacle Le Roi de de Disposifs de mesentente dans l'Hamlet la Shakespeare Le manque de communication dans "Amédee" de Eugène Alfonso El teatro deIonesco Vallejo durante la transición política española (1975--1982): ruptura y

SATURDAY, Afternoon session CINEMA Bejarano Petersen, Camila Kirchheimer, Mónica González Cirimele, Lilly & Sánchez Guevara, Graciela & Sánchez Guevara, Irene Cortés Bazaes, Erika Tassara, Mabel El problema del "grado cero" en la estilística cinematográfica y, en particular, en los Nuevas modalidades de apelación del " espectador. confusión en el textoanimación El caos y la El caso del cine de filmico Babel Procesos identificatorios imaginarios y simbólicos en el comunicación La retórica comoCine Chileno de dos fases Aleksandrov, Ivaylo Aleksandrov, Ivaylo Kuzder, Rita Carlucci, Stefano

SATURDAY, Afternoon session THEATRE "Theatricality, illusions, lies ­ semiotic articulations of the theatrical the Pure Form Semiotics and Metaphysics -communication"and the Witkacy's Theatrical Understanding. Lhamo - the traditional Tibetan 'opera' Contemporaries but Different: ex-vocation versus re-production ?

SUNDAY, Morning session Technologies of art (Chair: Costin Miereanu)

SUNDAY, Morning session

TUESDAY, Morning session Typologies of sound Molero, Lourdes & Cabeza, Julián

TUESDAY, Morning session VISUAL ARTS Cabeza L., Julián & Molero, Lourdes Olivera, Guillermo Del silencio de la razón a las imágenes oníricas del silencio contemplativo a la interacción Del subconsciente y a los símbolos míticos cinética: Jesús Soto El discurso de la mediatizacíon en la experimentacion estetica con materiales

TUESDAY, Afternoon session CONTEMPORARY MUSIC (Chair: Wojciech Stepien) Senden, Yves Koivisto, Tiina Sosa, Takemi Stepien, Wojciech Dapía, Silvia G. Understanding the score: Keith Jarret's Köln Concert, a case study The metaphors of energy and force in Brian Ferneyhough's music Musical gesture in Magnus Lindberg's 1990's works Understanding Rautavaara's angels Linking Semiotics to Music: (Mis)understanding Graphic Scores Devalle, Verónica

TUESDAY, Afternoon session VISUAL ARTS Garcia de Molero, Írida & Farías de Estany, Jenny Davila, Carlos Recio Gabriela La herencia del debate sobre el iconismo. Modos actuales de pensar la significación de la imagen La especificidad semiótica del texto fotográfico Understanding and misunderstanding in information and art photography

WEDNESDAY, Morning session POPULAR MUSIC (Chair: Ano Sirppiniemi) Echard, William Harrison, Thomas R. Sirppiniemi, Ano Woodside Woods, Jarret Julián Topic Theory and the Object of Critical Attention: Askedal, John Ole Early U.S. rock music criticism as a case study Decoding Van Halen: Sexual Coding Devices of Pirinen, Mikko a Hard as a Group, 1978--1984 Mechelen, Marga van Timbre Rockgenre marker in electronic dance music Soundscape When production becomes music: a semiotic approach to sampling / Cuando el Paisaje Gobbett, Tania Letizia

WEDNESDAY, Morning session VISUAL ARTS Semiotic Reflections on the Visual Art of Brian Jungen Interpreting Titles and Metaphors of Visual Art The sign-ificance of showing insign-ificant pictures The research of the canonile window. Narrative Studies in Art Semiotics

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session MUSIC (Chair: Paolo Rosato) Fujak, Július Rosato, Paolo Puscas, Pavel Cassotti, Rosa Stella Viljanen, Elina Nascimento de Lima, Luiz Fernando Understanding and Misunderstanding of Consciousness in Music Perception Pertinence and competence levels in understanding / misunderstanding music A semiotic approach in the hermeneutics of musical tonalities Music understanding and interpretation in Bakhtin's circle: writings by I.I. Sollertinsky Ambiguous Asaf'ev - Understanding Sovietand Artistic semiotics and MusicalConsciousnesspostmodern subjectivity: Draft notes for a synthesis FRIDAY, Morning session MUSIQUE CONTEMPORAINE (Chair: Heloisa Valente) Montesinos, Williams Valente, Heloísa de A. Duarte Arbo, Alessandro Trubert, Jean-Francois Dogrusoz, Ufuk "Ceci et cela" dans la logique dynamique du concept métatonal: temps perdu: quelques À la recherche d'un Un champ sémantique en González Aktories, Susana Hocevar, Drina Feshchenko, Vladimir V. Jutz, Gabriele Joshi, Amrita Ship, Sergey

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session AVANT-GARDE Semiotics and the avant-garde as two ways of sign-making An sense-making Cinéma brut.and Alternative Genealogy of AvantGarde Film Reading Visual Concrete Poetry: Discovering the "Viewer-Reader" experimental music and Understanding ofthrough Verbal Protocol perception attitude

FRIDAY, Morning session TEXT, SOUND, IMAGE Understanding sound poetry: Intersemiotic perspectives for the literary tradition Musical Understanding of Literature Interpictoriality and intermusicality in the interartistic text of "Nausea" Sound Judgments: Visual, Phonetic and Optophonetic Poetry

approches sur l'oreille du 21e. siecle Compréhension esthétique vs compréhension Kolarova, Vassilena sémiologique : quels enjeux ? "Playing with signs": Le "théâtre instrumental" de Pillai, Johann Mauricio Kagel Production et perception des altérations : émergence des segments significatifs et

FRIDAY, Afternoon session MUSIC (Chair: Lina Navickaite) Barcons Palau, Josep Breuer, Benjamin Grimalt, Joan Navickaite, Lina Macdonel, Grisell

FRIDAY, Afternoon session TEXT, SOUND, IMAGE Art poétique musical Art compositionnel littéraire Texte-image: relais, ancrage ou complémentarité? Jalons d'un parcours A Systemic-Functional Semiotic Model for the Analysis of Image/Text Works Resemblance and recognition: depiction of natural objects in nature writing

The Existential Dimension of the Fatic Function in Paixão, Ana Arnold Schönberg's in Brandenburg, Ritornello CalamitiesMoses und Aron or Would Houdebine, Anne-Marie & Nossenko, Ekaterina the musical topic of the laugh: analyzing some O'Donohoe, Eilish & Riley, Howard TheReal Ritornello Please Stand Up? classical examples Whose Story is this? Musical Canon as Narrated Tüür, Kadri by its Performers Existential signs, Time and Negation in musical performance: the case of cadenza in the XIX

SATURDAY, Morning session MUSIC (Chair: Hector Fernandez) Hernández Barbosa, Sonsoles Laseca, Roc Neri de Caso, Leopoldo Villar-Taboada, Carlos Fernández Bahillo, Héctor L'art par excellence. La música y el pensamiento Grigorieva, Elena sinestésico del París finisecular Teoría semiótica de la postmodernidad: el nuevo Lourié, Basil reto de la de la guitarra en la música del siglo La poéticacompetencia musical Newski, Sergej XX Understanding identity, misunderstanding Penskaya, Elena actuality? The Mysticism in Music: A Dialogue Understandingcomposer Rogelio Groba (b. Goltsman, Maria between Joaquín Rodrigo and San Francisco de

SATURDAY, Morning session Perceptive Boundaries Reconfigured by Art: Theory and Practice Perceptive Boundaries Reconfigured by Art Körper des Musikers als Grundlage musikalischer Strukturen The Fine Art Literary Mayhem Body as a Graphic Sign in the Art of Ballet

SATURDAY, Afternoon session ROMANTIC MUSIC (Chair: Ildar Khannanov) Schneider, Mathieu Manitt, Russ Khannanov, Ildar Kucinskas, Darius Hori, Tomohei Misunderstanding as aesthetic category in Mahler's Humoresken At the crossroads of significance and Ioffe, Dennis Astvatsaturov, Andrei

SATURDAY, Afternoon session Perceptive Boundaries Reconfigured by Art: Theory and Practice Homo Somaticos and Homo Ludens in Russian Modernist Life-Creation. Signs, Gestures, body On some aspects of the corporeal: female Private in the Brain, Perception, Action, Art Body, world of Henry Miller Installation of being: Semiotics of the cliché in pop-music and mass media

insignificance: Winterreise, Die sieben Rachmaninov's "LittLe Riding Red Hood": Bobrova, Elena V. Semeiosis of Emotional Truth Ciurlionis (1987Musical Ekphrasis: the case ofand the Structrure Chukhrov, Keti 1911) Pentatonism or "mi-sol-la figure" in Franz Polidoro, Piero Schubert's Vocal Music in his Romantic Periode: SUNDAY, Morning session

SUNDAY, Morning session Perceptive Boundaries Reconfigured by Art: Theory and Practice Morozova, Elizaveta Provocative communication in performance art: therapy aspect Effects of classical mimesis Theory of symptom: on some aspects of physiological history "early capitalistic" societies Bodily perversions inof music

Understanding the Semiotics of Voice in Music (Chair: Charls Pearson) Littlefield, Richard Pearson, Charls Hatten, Robert The Grammatical Nature of Voice in Linguistics

Applying the USST-2000 to a Semiotic Theory of Roussinova, Olga Voice Voice in Music: Examples from Western Art Soloviev, Denis Music Linnap, Peeter

TUESDAY, Morning session (Mis)understanding cities (Chair: Roland Posner) Posner, Roland Kim, Sung-do Kim, Dong-yoon What is a Metropolis and how can it be understood? Benítez Telles, Francisco Nicanor Benítez Telles, Francisco Nicanor Sabsay, Leticia Inés Chen, Mao Tsai, Hsiu-chih

TUESDAY, Morning session GENDER Ética vs. dinamismo en la utilización de las presuposiciones de género La importancia de las presuposiciones e inferencias cultural versus análisis de los Traducción de género en eluniversalism: las esperanzas políticas de Judith Butler Productive Misunderstanding: Gender Construction in Bing Xing's About Women Geling Yan's White Snake: Understanding the Misunderstanding

TUESDAY, Afternoon session URBAN SPACE Antonacci Ramos, Celia Maria Bravari, Victor Tevanlinna-Alvarez, Maarit Kim, Sungdo & Kim, Minyoung Graffiti: polemic and protests in the urban space Pärli, Ulle Murales Ciudadanos: una experiencia de cambio Calefato, Patrizia de representación symbols, Lover's discourse, y hábito the syndrome, and Kapitany, Gabor the life beyond: Visual and verbal culture in the Urban Space and its communication complexity: Net, Mariana some semiotic remarks on the urban discursivity Randviir, Anti

TUESDAY, Afternoon session SOCIAL SEMIOTICS Proper name and common noun as the objects of cultural semiotics What's your name?: Understanding/misunderstanding a "proper" of To the pragmatic symbols - the interiorizationsign social events Conveying Emblematic Images Creating and and facts by means of symbols of Community Nowadays Creating misunderstanding: stereotypes and semiotic subjects

WEDNESDAY, Morning session URBAN SPACE & ARCHITECTURE Sandin, Gunnar Zheleva-Martins, Dobrina & Geleva-Tsvetkova, Ralitza Moriyama, Motoki & Monnai, Teruyuki Muntañola Thornberg, Josep Everyday City Branding: a semiotic approach to themed urban planning Based on the example The city as a palimpsest. Albuquerque Gomes, Adriana de Larré, Lionel

WEDNESDAY, Morning session SOCIAL SEMIOTICS Le sensible, entre socio-sémiotique et sociologie du quotidien Je ne savais pas qu'en signant, je vendais mon village representations and semiotic: paralels and Social counterpoints Representation and constitucional design Trends forecasting and semiotics: power, risks and decision

of Sofia. Consideration on the Relation Design of Borges Formiga Sobrinho, Asdrúbal & Almeida, Semiotic Townscapes Angela Maria de Oliveira The Hidden Semiotic Chronotopic Core of Gimate-Welsh, Adrian Architecture Ceriani, Giulia

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session ARCHITECTURE Barabanov, Alexandre Dogrusoz, Ufuk Poisson, Céline Makhneva-Barabanova, Oxana

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session SOCIAL SEMIOTICS Incompabilities of external relationships of organizations in the and Values. Immanuel Kant Attention, Rhetorics perspective of sociological versus the Anglo-Saxona common conception of Ciber-nation? Towards Philosophy culture Semiotics of life: nature, otherness and social design The way we act: for an interdisciplinary discussion of social agency

Approche sémiotique a l'étude de la composition Östberg, Gustav architecturale l'école supérieure Sémiotique deal'espace et de la conception Tunturi, Anna-Riitta architecturale :évaluation des théories Comprendre en architecture: quelquesde deux Rodríguez Amat, Joan Ramon & Perales, remarques de Ludwig Wittgenstein du texte de C.- Cristina La sémiotique littéraire à l'exemple Sarv, Lill N. Ledoux Gianelli, Claudia & Montanari, Federico

FRIDAY, Morning session Understanding cities (Chairs: Peter Allingham & Kirsten Marie Raahauge) Allingham, Peter Veivo, Harri Schollhammer, Karl Erik Allingham, Peter Petersen, Erik Werner A walk in the invisible city Museums and Art Galleries Between Aesthetics and Aestheticisation. Urbanism, Semiotics and Topology Autostadt -- Cars, Aesthetics, and Movement

FRIDAY, Afternoon session Understanding cities (cont.) Jantzen, Christian & Vetner, Mikael Jantzen, Christian & Vetner, Mikael Johansson, Troels Degn Koskinen, Ilpo Raahauge, Kirsten Marie A conceptual framework for designing urban experiences Citiographs: the special case of Amsterdam The Networked City and its Network of Anticipation Avenues of Art and Design. How Do Design Districts Work? Landscape, City, and House. An Anthropology of Århus, Denmark, from Fedet and Skåde Bakker

SATURDAY, Morning session ARCHITECTURE Onur, Zeynep Pellegrino, Pierre Tsoukala, Kyriaki Monnai, Teruyuki Jeanneret, Emmanuelle P. Pragmatics in architecture: the affects of architecture at the recipient Spaces of pertinence and times of practices: Understanding and misunderstanding The architectural object as a means of communication of super-modernity values: Semiotic analysis of metaphors in architectural design Misunderstanding: misreading and invention in architecture

SATURDAY, Afternoon session ARCHITECTURE Posner, Roland Sanson, Pascal What New York City Reflects: Visual Deconstructions of a des langages L'élucidation du sensMetropolis architectoniques

SUNDAY, Morning session Signs under erasure (Chair: Johann Pillai) Inanc, Gül Onar, Anber Onur, Zeynep Pillai, Johann Walsh, Michael Cizenel, Emin Historiographical and Ideological Signs: Imaging the Future and Re/presenting the Past Postal Border Stamps: Toward a Semiotics ofas Text Representation (Mis)communications of Urban Space: Signboards and Architecture Aesthetics and Mapping Simulacra: Bedouin in the Modern City Signs of Passage "Scratching the Surface": Understanding the Ottoman TapsssssShip Graffiti in the Medieval Churches

TUESDAY, Morning session INTERNET COMMUNICATION Cuadra, Alvaro Camarena García, Ela Bronia Net, Mariana Serbanescu, Sorina Villar M., Rafael del Pihlajamäki, Jarna Hiperindustria Cultural: Redes y Laberintos El imaginario simbolico de los adolescentes en el Sommerlund, Julie proceso de la comunicación globalizada caso Styles de vie Internet Codoban, Aurel Teodor Semiotique du cybermessage publicitaire roumain Navigation par Internet: catégories cognitives, perceptives et d'implication corporelle

TUESDAY, Morning session BODIES, EMBODIMENT Melancholia of the Body Bodies, Authenticity and Representation Body of language and body as language: constituent problems of gesture semiotics

TUESDAY, Afternoon session INTERNET COMMUNICATION Popa, Diana-Elena Fusaroli, Riccardo Chen, Huey-Rong Chourou, Mehdi Computer Mediated Communication and the Informal Public the voice: understanding and The screen andSphere misunderstanding in different fruitions of When Feminist Subjectivity Conflicts with Masculine Memory: Taiwanese Women's Ethniktag: everchanging understanding Doubravová, Jarmila Arif, Hakim Sukhova, Natalya V. Kreydlin, Grigory

TUESDAY, Afternoon session SILENCE & GESTURES Semiotics of silence Hand gesture as means of nonverbal communication: a closer look into Bengali What do we communicate while gesturing in "silence"? Or Nonverbal fillers of pauses. Gestures in dance, theatre, painting and other allied arts

WEDNESDAY, Morning session MEDIA & JOURNALISM Giacomarra, Mario G. Stasilo, Miroslav Koma, Kyoky Brunet-Hunault, Laurence Comprendre ou ne pas comprendre l'information Hopkins, John A F quotidienne? Les journaux entre idéologies Un genre de discours politique en France: et Jiang, Jun déclarations des candidats élus et des candidats Lopez, Fabio Les stéréotypes interculturels utilisés dans les Löfström, Anna

WEDNESDAY, Morning session UNDERSTANDING WRITING Katakana English: affectation and cultural defence Constructing calligraphic meaning in digital typography: observations on the technical A Model of Written Miscommunication

titres des médias - Le cas ou articles sur Le récit d'une privatisation descomment le les Güz, Nükhet & Kücükerdogan, Bülent & Zeybek, discours de presse dramatise ou enjolive une La mécomprehénsion mortelle Isil

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session MEDIA: THEORY AND ANALYSIS Castañeda Díaz, Areli Adriana Cornejo Murga, Leobardo Prieto, Carlos & Magnasco, Andrea Velasco Gutiérrez, Pablo Hérnandez Pérez, Eder Arturo Sobre la fabulación de la realidad mediática Andrews, Edna El interpretante estratégico y la semiótica Arima, Michiko explosiva cine mass tapa, un Cuando elde losva a la media recorrido por las Hernández Luzardo, Jesse revistas del siglo XX El cuerpo desnudo como refutación Masagbor, R.A. argumentativa visual. Un análisis Análisis comparativo de la construcción del lector ideal gemenino en las revistas de género Odoardi, Paolo

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session MEMORY The Language of Memory in the Memory of Language How We Lose Memory in Aging: a view from icon/index/symbol trichotomy se esconde Alzheimer: lo que en el habla of signs Spatio-temporality in Ivie mnemonic memory: misunderstanding and generational gap Text, interpretationin thememory

FRIDAY, Morning session MEDIA STUDIES Ipsen, Guido Haeffner, Nicholas Costa, Cibele Bustamante de & Niemeyer, Lucy Akter, Tutku Güz, Nüket & Barokas, Safiye Kirlar & Oktug, Melis Isolinear Stratification of Coding: A Method for Media Semiotics The theory/practice divide in media studies: misunderstanding, incomprehension or lack of Consume and Meaning - the Magazine Senhor Power relations and Construction of Knowledge Love Needs Misunderstandings

FRIDAY, Afternoon session SEMIOTICS OF MEDIA AND THE PUBLIC SPHERE Kõnno, Andres Lõhmus, Maarja Budayev, Edward V. Bonham, G. Matthew & Heradstveit, Daniel & Nakano, Michiko & Sergeev, Victor M. Lugano, Giuseppe The notion of "private" at changing mediascape. The case of Estonian of media Publicity and a model media 1980--2000. The Baltic States in the mirror of Russian and British media discourse: Metaphorical dimension How we talk about the "War on Terrorism": Comparative Research on Japan, Russia, and Mobile Communication: the Misunderstood User

SATURDAY, Morning session POLITICAL DISCOURSE I Cmeciu, Camelia M. & Cmeciu, Doina Heras, Ana Inés & Murúa, Miguel & Cangiani, Eva (EN) Mandoki, Katya Gomes, Mayra R. Manipulating communication through images the semiotics of political "taste" de habla y Géneros discursivos, funciones construcción de enunciados como categorías de A War for Symbols in the Political Arena: Mexican Presidential Elections 2006 The writings of censorship

SATURDAY, Afternoon session POLITICAL DISCOURSE II Contreras, Fernando R. & Hellín Ortuño, Pedro Gutiérrez Cham, Gerardo Lassila, Jussi De Leonardis, Fabio Elizondo Martinez, J. Octavio La estética racista en internet: la industria global del odio Representaciones semióticas del racismo en El Infomador de Guadalajara (principos pathos? Semiotic commodities or nationalistic del siglo Mediating between interpretations of Russian Erasing the Signs of the Other: Zionism and the Palestinians Stigma and Visibility. Representations of Indigenous People in Mexican Mass Media SUNDAY, Morning session POLITICAL DISCOURSE III Romero, Jose Ruiz Rivera, Raúl Morán Carreón, Edgar Torres Guerrrero, Abigail Analisis de las caricaturas publicadas por el diario el mexicano como el período noviembre El cartónuniversal durantesintesis y narración del clima de opinión Campañas permanentes en el Vídeoscándalos. pública discurso político español La construcción de la imagen política a través de: "El privilegio de mandar"

TUESDAY, Morning session Brands and Advertising in the Cyber-Semiosphere (Chair: Marcel Danesi) Evans, Malcolm Foresight Semiotics: Guidance and Control in the Monticelli, Daniele Branded Cyber-Semiosphere Sánchez, Ida Sonia Siivonen, Katriina Song, Hyosup

TUESDAY, Morning session CULTURAL SEMIOTICS Misunderstanding as generator of new information within Lotman's semiosphere Una perspectiva semiótica de la cultura. La búsqueda antroposemiosis Culture as del significado Mythical Thinking and Anti-mythical Thinking: Two Semiotic Models A semiotic approach to illiteracy in the Baroque Society: some clues from Cultural Historical

Ramírez Garrido, Juan Daniel & García Amián, Josué & Macías Gómez-Stern, Beatriz

TUESDAY, Afternoon session ADVERTISING, CAMPAIGNING, MARKETING Bernsau, Klaus M. Sato, Toyoko Schwarzfischer, Klaus Chang, Vincent Tao-Hsun Caputo, Alessia Marketing - misunderstandings about communication "No place to go - Dressed to kill" The 1980 Ablih, Nadia

TUESDAY, Afternoon session CULTURE AND IDENTITY Shmeleva, Elena Y. & Shmelev, Alexei Understanding touristic communication. Applying cultural semiotics. Understanding and misunderstanding of Russian Canned Jokes Can dolls communicate? ­ Semiotic aspects on dolls fichas, billares y Entreand their clothes football: cómo (re)construyen y iconic grounds: On the Flags, icons and negocian sus identidades los presence of Americaness in a non-American

discursive globalization event are determining The semiotic attractors, which between Tokyo Sorvali, Irma recognition in as social semiotics: Campaigning Barragán Trejo, Daniel & Mendoza Santana, Visual rhetoricadvertising discourse of the advertisement Carlos Armando The language of Beijing Olympics Sandin, Gunnar & Ståhl, Lars-Henrik

WEDNESDAY, Morning session FASHION Calefato, Patrizia Pirogovskaya, Maria Vélez Rueda, María Juliana Gómez, Mariana Dressing in signs: Fashion Theory between Durac, Livia Sociosemiotics and Cultural Studies Body meets Dress, Dress meets Body. Skin and Machado, Irene Cloth Boundaries in Fashion 1980--2000. Usos de a indumentaria: un mapa de los modos Pauluk, Marcel de vestir de las mujeres jóvenes de la ciudad de Comer con los ojos: figuración y performatividad Kapsomenos, Eratosthenis G. en la gastronomía contemporánea. Mbarga, Jean-Claude

WEDNESDAY, Morning session GLOBALIZATION AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY Paradoxes around hybridism in the language of culture La compréhension et la mécomprehension des codes sémantiques comme dans le cadre Comprehension/mesententeproblème de de la diversite culturelle a l' ere de la globalisation

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session DESIGN AS COMMUNICATION Niemeyer, Lucy Guldberg, Jørn Johansson, Troels Degn Crilly, Nathan & Clarkson, P. John Niemeyer, Lucy & Vieira, Ludmila A Semiotic Approach to Product Design Design - Communication or Indication. An integrative model of semiotic the Founding "The Meaning of Design": To design analysis Debate as communication': what `Design on a Semiotics of Design are the relevance of designer intentions to consumer Luxury Design: some considerations Lesyk, Olena Mickelsson, Kerstin

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session ECONOMICS AND JUSTICE Jews in Finnish Economy Entrepreneurship and Communication understandings/misunderstandings as means Estudio de Predisposiciones para Cambios defor Cultura en actuelles de Servicio TendencesEmpresasdans la méthodologie de l'interprétation et de la compréhension du droit

Bravari, Victor & Morrás, Rodrigo Durac, Gheorghe

FRIDAY, Morning session CROSS-CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING Leone, Massimo Rieger, Dagmar Shmelev, Alexei & Zalizniak, Anna & Levontina, Irina Majava, Heikki Ruiz A., Dalia Make yourself at home: on the semiotics of hospitality Insallah ­ so God will. Some ways through the jungle of productive misunderstandings in crossLinguistic sources of misunderstanding cultural communication Understanding War - Psychosemiotics of Ethnic War Diplomacy Koox Jana Tin T'aana': Comida e identidad sociocultural

FRIDAY, Afternoon session RELIGION Lombaard, Christo Smid, María Bernadett Tóth, Annamária Triantou-Kapsomenou, Ifigeneia Exegesis - translation - understanding. Reflections visual problem of Scripture ejemplo El mensaje on the como código ético. Eland de las cleanse our senses..." "Let ushijas de María húngarasFast and Feast. Liturgical dispositions and religious customs at The communication between christianism and paganism in neohellenic literature.

SATURDAY, Morning session RITUALS & OTHERNESS Chul-Sang, Ahn Timur, Sebnem & Bagli, Humanur Stodolsky, Ivor A. Festic, Fatima Lehto, Otto From Death to Rebirth: The Misunderstanding of Carnivalesque Spaces Signs of the 'Unknown': Rituals and Objects as in Funeral Rituals in Towards Semiotical and the The Raw,athe Cooked AnalysisPackaged. Dialogisms of Deception, Misundestanding and "Yours is the spell of death": how (not) to trust the Other Encounters of Close (in ourselves) the Significant Kind - The semiotics of UFOlogy from Project Sign to the

SATURDAY, Afternoon session UNDERSTANDING VISUAL REPRESENTATIONS Dondero, Maria Giulia Stjernfelt, Frederik Bayón García, Cristina Venter, IJ Marais Rhétorique de l'image dans le discours scientifique Diagrams: signs of reason Understanding and misunderstanding GMOs: a semiotic analysis of biotechnology photographs White lies... Misunderstanding and understanding in medical semiotics

SUNDAY, Morning session ACADEMIC CULTURE, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Matsuki, Keiko Moreno Fernández, Susana Ghimn, Yun-Csang Fernández, Oscar Academic communication and Metacommunication: The Semiotics Re-analysis Misunderstandings in ethnomusicological of the research. Reflections from a fieldwork Social studies of science? Semiotic studies of medicine! - A case of positron emission

TUESDAY, Morning session THEORY I Pearson, Charls Salminen, Antti Vlasie, Gheorghe Oakley, Todd & Brandt, Per Aage The Nature of Semiotic Data and Evidence Signs of the Impossible - Semiotics of Paradox Signs, dimensions of sign and semiotic redundancy Hypotyposis and Cinematic Model of Fictive Metsämäki, Maija Matsagkos, Apostolos Khromov, S.S.

TUESDAY, Morning session SPEECH & DISCOURSE Discursive Power in Interaction in Institutional Discourse violence dans les conversations entre Ludisme et jeunes gens en Grèce Understanding and misunderstanding in modern Russian speech communication

Lagopoulos, Alexandros & Boklund-Lagopoulou, Meaning: A and reference in non-linguistic Denotation Collector's Conceit Karin systems

TUESDAY, Afternoon session THEORY II Gérôme, Paul Ozturk Kasar, Sunduz Alvares, Cristina Darrault-Harris, Ivan Kourdis, Evangelos SEMATURGIE: développement d'une activité de production de nouveaux signes versus Paradigmes pour la signification optimale Wen, Bangyan & Fang, Chaimei Sémiotique et psychanalyse : un rencontre manquée Un défi pour la psychosémiotique: les énigmes du comportement adolescent Traduction interlinguale et intersémiotique dans un message publicitaire grec: rapports entre les Marciszewski, Witold Nishina, Hiroyuki / TI

TUESDAY, Afternoon session LOGICS The correct apprehending and thorough discussion of Godel's Vis-á-vis First-Order Logic. Internal Logical Code incompleteness theorem A comment on Gödel, von Neumann and Capturing Bodily Actions by Modal Logic Boolos On Language Communication from Logical Point of View

Wybraniec-Skardowska, Urszula & Waldmajer, Jacek

WEDNESDAY, Morning session THEORY III Vainikkala, Erkki Melaney, William D. Muroi, Hisashi Sousa, Sérgio Latraverse, Francois Ideology between metalanguage and connotation Banhard, Evelin - a view from Barthes Kristeva's Subject-in-Prcoess: Semiotics After Osimo, Bruno Structuralism Sütiste, Elin A Short History of Semiotic Studies in Japan: 1980--2007 Perspectives of Pre-semiotic and Semiotic Mechanisms According to A. logicoLa triadicité dans le TractatusDamásio philosophicus Gorlée, Dinda L.

WEDNESDAY, Morning session TRANSLATION (Chair: Dinda Gorlée) Reception of Shakespeare in Estonia: Translation as communication Translation as misunderstanding Metacommunication and translation history Wittgenstein Translated and Re-Translated

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session THEORY IV Uzilevsky, Gennady Petrov Vladimir M. & Mazhul Lidia A. Modesto, Luiz Sergio Jodlowiec, Maria Teters, Daina Synthetic-semiotic bottom-up approach: history of development, application and potential Understanding communication and wealth of mental world: informational approach Knowledges and communication: entropicnegentropic dynamics Relevance and misunderstanding Der epistemologische Wert des nichtverstandeden in kognitiven Strategien Gorlée, Dinda L. García Pérez, David

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session TRANSLATION (cont.) Wittgenstein as Mastersinger Heródoto, el primer traductor cultural de occidente: la transmisión de la historia por medio

FRIDAY, Morning session PEIRCE Mladenov, Ivan Queiroz, João & Emmeche, Claus & Niño ElHani, Charbel Monteiro Borges, Priscila Määttänen, Pentti Shank, Gary D. On thinking semiotically Kudszus, W.G.

FRIDAY, Morning session LANGUAGE Friedrich Nietzsche's Physiological Notations and Limits of Language Language as a home - a semiotic approach Why Language Sign-Systems Are the Most Popular of All Sign-Systems On the harmonizing power of archetypal language

On Peirce's notion of information: a comparative Marvan, Jiri (George J.) approach Sign Tree: from sign structure to Peirce´s Solomonick, Abraham philosophy through reading a visual model of Secondness and the limits of conventionality the Stanciulescu, Traian & Poenaru, Aritia D. The Rule of Ten Stavreva, Daniela

FRIDAY, Afternoon session PEIRCE (CONT.) Prates, Eufrasio Rellstab, Daniel Hugo Fenk, August López Cano, Rubén Niño, Edinson Douglas Semiosic transduction understood under Peircean trichotomies of interpretation: a case How much Grice is in Peirce? Inference, reference, and indexicality La semiótica de Peirce y las relaciones cuerpo y mente en las recientes Ciencias Peirce (1864La Evolución de la Abducción enCogniticas 1914) Semetsky, Inna Munz, Volker A. García Macías, Hugo

FRIDAY, Afternoon session LANGUAGE (cont.) Decoding the Mentalese: a semiotic turn Language and misunderstanding La ontologia de los actos de habla y el problema de los universales

SATURDAY, Morning session HERMENEUTICS Amel, Rodica Broden, Thomas F. Gfesser, Karl Jovanovic, Gordana Tchertov, Leonid To use signs vs. to invent signs Vidales Gonzáles, Carlos Emiliano Homage to Paul Ricoeur: Greimasian Semiotics Iasbeck, Luiz Carlos Assis between Explanation and Understanding, Then Verstehen - Verständigung ist nicht Verständnis Giudice, Tiziana Semiosis, hermeneutics and life forms Semiology of sign means as a theory of general conditions of human understanding Seif, Farouk Y. Magoulas, Charalampos

SATURDAY, Morning session COMMUNICATION La semiótico como matriz de estructuración de las teorías de la The search for Communication: comunicación afinities amongst diversity Metaphor and imagination Communication in the Age of Great Turning : Understanding the Role of Analog and Digital Figures rhétoriques: obstacle ou facilitation de la communication?

SATURDAY, Afternoon session UNDERSTANDING AND MISUNDERSTANDING Slerka, Josef Schuster, Marc-Oliver Compagno, Dario Pesce, Sébastien Chebanov, S.V. Irony and the Sublime - Understanding, Misunderstanding, Non-Standing Understanding Bi-paradigmadic Irony as Lee, Yunhee Mihkelev, Anneli

SATURDAY, Afternoon session DIALOGIC COMMUNICATION Symbolic mediation and dialogic communication Literary dialogue in the literary text: the play between des Briefes auf dem Beispiel des Semiotik understanding and misunderstanding Briefwechsels zwischen a monologue On semiotic functions of Wolfgang Schadewaldt A text is not a mirror. The dialogue SUNDAY, Morning session LINGUISTICS Nacheva-Marvanova, Mira Hoven, Paul van der Rata, Georgeta Pareyon, Gabriel The Semiosphere of the European Verbal Auxiliaries Things with Causal Connectives How to Do - between Emptiness and Understanding agricultural terminology: defining concepts Conjencture of Language. A proposal A Fractal and practices associated with for the cognitive frame of linguistics.

Postmodern Signification Misunderstanding or misperceiving? The issue of Szalai, Zoltán authoriality in hypoiconic signs de l'accord Le malentendu comme ressort and texts Tondl, Ladislav mutuel: la dynamique d'ajustement des of Communicative-glossematic conceptionsignes Dellino, Dario semiotic means (SM) as tool for explanation of SUNDAY, Morning session UNDERSTANDING AND MISUNDERSTANDING

Mustajoki, Arto Hooyberg, Volker & Michell, Lincoln Kasabov, Ivan Szívós, Mihály

Towards a classification of misunderstanding Seeing connections: An enquiry into a metaphor of understanding Understanding and Misunderstanding in Philosophical Discussions. The Role of Tacit

TUESDAY, Morning session Signs towards health (Chairs: Paul Cobley & Peter Schulz) Kahana, Eva & Kahana, Boaz Kahana, Eva & Kahana, Boaz Sarrami Foroushami, Pooria Orizio, G., Gelatti, U. & Schulz, P. Middleton, Hugh & Shaw, Ian Technology use, health information, and doctorpatient cancer patients' Elderly communication perspectives on health Bianchin, Alberta Angsüsser, Stephan

TUESDAY, Morning session Communication models - maps and atlases Communication models in ubiquitos mapping: first attempts Gaps in Icon-based Geocommunication Some problems of semiotics in map language A new kind of maps - maps for offices - in the light of modern cartosemiotics Zur Frage der realen und fiktiven Karten

communication involving physicians, patients and Artemjev, Yuri Variations in provided concept of mental disorders in and Wide prescription Artemjeva, Olga AdvertisingWorldsellingWeb: a case study of

medicines on the internetshaping scientific literature? Wolodtschenko, Alexander How independent is opinion

TUESDAY, Afternoon session Signs towards health (cont.)

TUESDAY, Afternoon session Communication models - maps and atlases (cont.) Beconyt , Giedr Semantic modelling and cartographic transcription Web gis semiosis: building a plural space Preparing the unkown - semiotic fundaments of cybercartographical communication The evolution of the map languages Water-ecological mapping and its implementation by the example of water objects Interactive application of cartographic materials for giving special ecological courses at Altai WEDNESDAY, Morning session Recent developments in musical narrative theory (Chair: Marta Grabocz) Théories de la "narratologie générale" et théories de la narrativité musicale (un bref apreçu) The Debate on Musical Narratology Musical Narrative as Liszkian Transvaluation Degrees of Narrativity in Music

Psarra, Foteini

Rundblad, Gabriella Colombo, Benedetta Ruddock, Andy

Communicate -- cooperate

The semantics and pragmatics of water notices Casti, Emanuela and the extend might a semiotic To whatimpact on public health approach avoid Hruby, Florian misunderstanding? A study with patients in a We're glad it's all over: Binge drinking cultures Komedchikov, Nikolay N. & Khropov, Alexander G. Rotanova, I.N. & Vedukhina V.G. Rotanova, Irina N. WEDNESDAY, Morning session

CHILDREN AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF VISUAL UNDERSTANDING Christidou, Vasilia & Haztinikita, Vasilia & Dimitriou, Anastasia /TUE or WED morning Lenninger, Sara Papadopoulou, Maria Oksanen, Ulla

Children's understanding and use of visual codes Grabocz, Marta in their graphic representations of environmental Monelle, Raymond Early picture comprehension, studies on preschoolers guessing: Knowing and in Swedenin what ways do children Almén, Byron approach the meaning Knowledge The Landscapes of the of signs? Society - a Hatten, Robert Social Semiotic Point of View on Adolescents'

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session EDUCATION Pikkarainen, Eetu Heras, Ana Ines Li, Saihong Bayón García, Cristina & Fernández Bahillo, Héctor Obando Velásquez, Lucila Meaning in and of Education: Towards semiotic theory of Speech Genres: Functions of Students'education and semiotic research of Language in Different to Pedagogical Cognitive ApproachesSpace-Time Lexicography fromtechnology: communication Misunderstanding Chinese Learner's and pedagogy in de los medios en Lectura semióticathe L2 classroom ámbito pedagógico Tarasti, Eero Sivuoja-Gunaratnam, Anne Littlefield, Richard

WEDNESDAY, Afternoon session Recent developments in musical narrative theory (cont.) Sémiotique existentielle et narrativité Narrativity, signification, and listening The Narrative Curve ­ Thirty Years Down the Line


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