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Employee Direct Access Quick Reference Guide

Accessing EDA

All employees will automatically be given access to EDA--no paperwork is required to get you started. You will be assigned your username and a password to use when you first login. You will be required to change the password the first time you login to the system.

Insert the first digit in the space between "change" and "me" and the second digit after "me" The completed password should NOT contain any spaces

Example: Your social security number is 123-45-6789 Last two digits 89 Initial password is change8me9

Welcome to Employee Direct Access

Employee Direct Access (EDA) is your online portal to your personal, benefit, and salary related information. Beginning January 2012, you will no longer receive a paper payslip. You will be required to access EDA to view or print your pay stub. EDA allows you to manage your personal, benefit, and salary related information without the need for e-mails, paper forms, or phone calls--on your schedule.

What's My Username?

If you have a Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS) e-mail account, your username will be the prefix before Example: HCPS E-mail Address: [email protected] Username: wbpaid Employees without HCPS e-mail accounts can obtain their username by going to the HCPS intranet site, http://info.henrico: Move the cursor over ADMINISTRATION Select Employee Directory Enter your First Name and Last Name Click Search

The above example is ONLY AN EXAMPLE and will work only if the last two digits of your social security number are 89. Please use the example as a template to configure your initial password using the last two digits from your actual social security number. Upon successfully logging into EDA with your initial password, you will be asked to enter a new password of your own creation. You will be required to adhere to password rules and criteria.

What Are The Password Rules and Criteria?

At least eight (8) characters in length Contain at least one (1) number Contain at least one (1) letter Must not contain the user's name Must not contain any consecutive repeating characters You cannot reuse a password in the same twelve (12) month period Must be lower case

Your EDA username will display in the EDA Username column.

What's My Password?

First time users can determine their password by following these steps: Write down the last two digits in your social security number Write down the words "change me" in lower case letters (ie: change me)

Make sure that you keep your password secure-- do not share with anyone.

How Do I Access EDA?

You can access EDA through any internet connection at Click the LOGIN link and you will be given the option to login as: HCPS Employees (HCPS Finance, HR, Payroll, & Timekeepers, Oracle Financials, SNS School Locations) All Other HCPS Employees

Track your employment information, history, and other data related to your employment with HCPS through My Employment Information. You can review and/or make changes to your phone number and address through Personal Information.

Need Help To Reset Your Password?

If you forget your password: Go to Click on the LOGIN link Select "All Other HCPS Employees" Click on "Forgot your password?" located on the login screen

Benefit Information

HCPS recommends that you ALWAYS access EDA using "All Other HCPS Employees". Note: To access EDA from a school location, you may need to be connected to the network using an ethernet cable.

My Benefits shows you the benefits you have selected, the cost paid by you and by HCPS.

Salary Related Information

You will receive an e-mail verifying your request to have your password reset. Follow the instructions in the e-mail and you will be in the system in no time. Once you have logged in with your new temporary password, you will be prompted to change it to something more meaningful. Be sure to click Apply to save your change. After three (3) unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked and you will be unable to login. The "Forgot your password" option will not be available to you. You will need to call 804-652-3664 during regular business hours, Monday ­ Friday between 8:00 a.m. ­ 4:30 p.m., to have your account unlocked. You will be given a new temporary password. Once you have logged in with your new temporary password, you will be prompted to change it to something more meaningful. Be sure to click Apply to save your change. If you require further assistance, you may send an email to [email protected]

What Information Can EDA Provide Me? HCPS Directory

This section provides online access to the Employee Directory.

You are able to review your Payslip and make changes to the number of exemptions you claim for federal and state taxes. Not sure how tax or benefit changes may impact your net pay? The tax calculation program makes that easy.

Personal Information

Link To The Past

Division of Finance ­ 11/11

Employment Verification enables you to initiate a verification of employment.

Historical information from MAPS has been captured and brought forward into Oracle HRMS.


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