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10th Virginia Cavalry 10th Virginia Infantry 116th Infantry Members buried in the American Cemetery at Coleville, Normandy France 116th Infantry Regiment--Two Campaigns in France, 1944 (WW II) 11th Virginia Cavalry 12th Virginia Infantry 12th Virginia Cavalry 13th Virginia Cavalry 13th Virginia Infantry 14th Virginia Cavalry 1787 Census of VA for Shenandoah Co. taken from The Personal Property Tax Lists 1787 1787 Census of VA, Augusta Co., Personal Property Tax Lists for year 1787 Augusta Co., Va. 1787 Census of VA, Personal Property Tax year 1787 Frederick Co. & WinchesterTown 1787 Census of VA, Personal Property Tax year 1787 Orange Co., Va. 1790 Census for Pennsylvania 1800 Census-1850 Census Louisa County, Virginia 1810 Census of Rockingham County, Virginia 1810-1840 U.S. Census of Rockingham County 1812 Rockingham County Tax List 1842 Elk Run Gap Book 1850 Census of Greene County, The 1850 Federal Census of Page County, VA with Analysis 1850 Rockingham Co. Census/Free & Slave Mortality 1850 Rockingham County Census, Vol. 1 of 2 1850 Rockingham County Census, Vol. 2 of 2 1850 Rockingham County, Virginia 1853 - 1899 West Virginia Marriages 1880 United States Census and National Index 18th Virginia Cavalry 2nd Edition 1900 Federal Population Census 1902 Voter Registration-Rockingham County, Virginia


Driver, Jr., Robert J. Murphy, Terrence C. Bryan, William E. Bryan, William E. Armstrong, Richard L. Henderson, William Frye, Dennis Balfour, Daniel T. Riggs, David F. Driver, Jr., Robert J. Yantis/Love Schreiner-Yantis, Netti & Love, Florene Yantis/Love Yantis/Love Zz

Zz S-K Publications Boyd-Bragg, Dorothy

Morris, Nancy H. Miller, Anne V. & Howard G. H.R.H.S. S-K Publications S-K Publications Reese, Ritchie, Tolliver Eye, Walter L. Family Search LDS Delauter, Roger H. National Archives Trust Fund Board Boyd-Bragg,Dorothy A.

1905 Obituaries from the Randolph Enterprise Newspaper 1910 Federal Population Census (Microfilm numbers) 1999 Harrisonburg, VA- Polk City Directory 1st Virginia Cavalry 1st Virginia Infantry 200 Years in the Shenandoah Valley 2000 Harrisonburg, VA - Polk City Directory 2002 African-American Oral History Program In Harrisonburg and Rockingham County 22nd Virginia Infantry 23rd Virginia Cavalry 23rd Virginia Infantry 2nd Edition 25th Virginia Infantry & 9th Battalion Virginia Infantry 27th Virginia Infantry 2nd Virginia Cavalry 2nd Virginia Infantry 3 articles from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper of New York on June 28, 1862 31st Virginia Infantry 33rd Virginia Infantry 35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry 3rd Virginia Infantry 47 Pioneer Families of Rockingham Co., Va. 4th Virginia Infantry 51st Virginia Infantry 52nd Virginia Infantry 62nd Virginia Infantry 6th Virginia Cavalry 6th Virginia Infantry 7th Virginia Cavalry 7th Virginia Infantry 8th Virginia Infantry A Chrisman/Christman Genealogy- The Descendants of Jacob Christman I of Frederick County, Virginia A Genealogical Research Guide for England A Great Deal of Stone & Earthen Ware. The Rockingham County, Virginia School of Folk Pottery A Guide to Ancestral Research - London A Guide to Episcopal Church Records in Virginia A Guide to Seventeenth-Century Virginia Court Handwriting A History of Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church

Lewis, Vera National Archives Trust Fund Board Polk , R. L. & Co. Driver, Jr., Robert J. Wallace, Jr., Lee A. Kelley, Arthur Pierson

HRHS Lowry, Terry D. Kleese, Richard B. Rankin, Thomas M. Armstrong, Richard L. Reidenbaugh, Lowell Driver, Jr., Robert J. Frye, Dennis E. Zz Ashcraft, John M., Jr. Reidenbaugh, Lowell Divine, John E. Wallace, Lee A. Jr. Brock, Robert L. Robertson, James L., Dr. Davis, James A. Driver, Jr., Robert J. Delauter, Jr., Roger U. Musick, Michael P. Cavanaugh, Michael A. Armstrong, Richard L. Riggs, David F. Divine, John E. Christman, Glen LDS Evans, Jeffrey S. and Suter, Scott Hamilto Dunn, Phillip B. Axelson, Edith F. Bailey, Kent P. and True, Ransom B. Blair, Charles William

A History of the Town of Dayton, Virginia A History of West Central Academy Rockingham County, Virginia A Lake Beneath The Crescent Moon A Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook A Line of Rexroad in America A Monograph of the New Goschenhoppen and Great Swamp Reformed Charge 1731-1881 A New Index Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Before the Federal Census Volume 4, 1718-1726 A Pictorial History of Shenandoah County Fifty Years Through the Lens of Hugh Morrison, Jr. A Right To Be Here - Ancestors and Descendants of Dr. George Simeon Fultz,Sr. and Alma Knee McDowell Fultz ABC's of American Genealogical Research Abraham Breneman Family History Abraham Cline & Mary Catherine Zimmerman Abstract of Augusta Co., Va. Death Register 1853-1896 Abstract of Collections, Taxes & Marriages, Brock's Gap Township, 1871 Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, Deeds 1761-1791 Abstracts Executor, Administrator & Guardian Bonds Rockingham Co., Va. (Wills) Abstracts from The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1748 - 1755 Abstracts of Lancaster County Pennsylvania Wills 1732-1785 Abstracts of Louisa Co., Va. - Will Books 1743-1801 Abstracts of Rockbridge County, VA Circuit Court Will Book 1, 1809-1874 Abstracts of the Wills and Administrations of Accomack County, Virginia 18001869 Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys Orange & Augusta Counties--Vol. I Abstracts of Wills and Inventories, Fairfax Co. VA.1742-1801 Abstracts of Wills, Inventories, & Administration Accounts of Loudoun County 1757-1800 Abstracts of Wills, Inventories, and Administration Accounts of Frederick County, Virginia 1743-1800 Accomack County --Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society, Inc. (Spring 1996) Acculturation in the Shenandoah Valley: Rhenish houses of the Massanutten Settlement Adam and 500 More Cunninghams of the Valley of Virginia c1734-1800 Adam Long (Lang), Sr (1767-1854) & Margaret Ruebush (Raudenbusch) (17681815) & Allied Families (1650-1999) Part 1 Adam Miller and Barbara Koger Family Record Adam's Eves : Historical amd Genealogical Information About the Banks, Bruce and Overton Families Addendum #1 to "The Leonards and Related Families" African American Genealogy, A Bibliography and Guide to Sources

Sites, Carrie B. & Hess, Effie Hartman, Cecil Lee Baughman, J. Ross Layman, Earl R. Rexroad, William D. Weiser,C.Z. Hawbaker, Gary T. and Groff, Clyde L. Adamson, John H. Binford, Alma Fultz Kirkham, E. Kay Charles D. Breneman Diehl, Elizabeth A. Reese, Margaret C.

Kaylor, Peter Cline Priode, Marguerite B. Scott, Kenneth & Clarke, Janet R. Heritage Books, Inc. Willow Bend Books Chapplear, Nancy McClure, Rhonda R. Barry W. Miles & Moody K. Miles 111 Joyner, Peggy Shomo King, J. Estelle Stewart King, J. Estelle Stewart King, J. Estelle Stewart Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Societ Chappell, Edward A. Newman, Betty Cunningham Hutson, Virginia Lee Long Mason, Floyd & Kathryn Harmon, Frances Stuart Leonard, Clark M. Witcher, Curt Bryan

African American Research Guide for Rockingham County Ageless Legacy: A History of Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community Aid to Southern Corry Research, An Albemarle Co., Va. Marriages 1780-1853, Vol 1 of 3 Albemarle Co., Va. Marriages 1780-1853, Vol 2 of 3 Albemarle Co., Va. Marriages 1780-1853, Vol 3 of 3 Albemarle County Historical Society Bulletin Albemarle, Jefferson's County, 1727-1976 Albrite -Albright Family, The Alexander Mack, The Tunker and Descendants Alexander Stuart Coffman Alleghany Co., Va. Marriages 1822-1854 Alleghany Passage, Church of the Brethren 1752-1990 Allegheny Regional Ancestors Newsletter Allegheny Regional Family History Society--Ancestor Charts on West Virginia Families Alms House Record--Rockingham County, VA 1905--1960 American Gunsmiths: A Source Book American Heritage Book of the Revolution, The American Passenger Arrival Records Amherst Co., Va. 1761-1807 Books A-K & Albemarle County, VA 1748-1763 Amherst County, Virginia In the Revolution, Including Extracts form the "Lost Order Book" Amherst County, Virginia: Marriage Bonds, 1763-1800 Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies An American Family Called Warren An American Heritage An Index and Intestate Records of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1729 - 1850 An Index of the Source Records of Maryland An Index to the Will Books and Intestate Records of Lancaster County Pennsylvania 1729-1850 An Orndorff Family (Notes on Philip Henrich & Elizabeth Ohrndorff/Ardorff, 1753 Immigrants An Outline History of the American Revolution Ancestors & Descendants of Capt William Layton Yancey & his wife Frances L. Lewis 1600-190 Ancestors & Descendants of Esten Halterman & Sallie Grandle Ancestors & Descendants of Henry Peter & Lucy Ann Leap Royer Ancestors & Descendants of Jacob Martin Hilbert & Mary Catherine Garber Hilbert Ancestors & Descendants of John Windle & Eve Elizabeth Jones Kite & Pewarl James and Lessi

Miller-Gordon W. Jones, Nancy Bondurant Ezell, Mildred & Duecy, J.M. Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Vogt & Kethley, Jr. Albemarle County Historical Society Moore, John Hammond Ritchie, Patricia Turner Ankrum, Freeman, Rev. Redmon, Kelly Alicia Alleghany Highlands Genealogical Society Bittinger, Emmert F.Ph.D Allegheny Regional Family History Society Allegheny Regional Family History Society Swank, J.R. Sellers, Frank M. Ketchum, Richard M. Tepper, Michael Davis, Rev. Bailey Fulton Sweeny, Lenora Higginbotham Sweeny, William Montgomery Gingerich Hugh F. and Kreider, Rachel W. Warren, William Wallace DA Costa, Beverly, Editor Fulton, Eleanore Jane & Mylin, Barbara Ke Passano, Eleanor Phillips Fulton, Eleanor Jane and Mylin, Barbara K Orndorff, Roy L. Dupuy, R. Ernest & Dupuy, Trevor N. Yancey, Rebecca L. Bailey, John William III Hilbert, Madeline Huffman & Leake Rosali Hilbert, Donald & Madeline Hilbert, Madeline Huffman & Rosalie Kile

Ancestors & Descendants of Philip Shumaker (Shoemaker) & Elizabeth Siever (Carr, Lam Ancestors & Descendents of Charles Henry Miller and Josephine Catherine Rodeffer Ancestors & Descendents of Samuel J. Rhodes & Lydia Catherine Niswander Ancestors & Descendents of Walter William Wisman & Mary Elizabeth Armentrout Ancestors and Descendants of David Lee Huffman and Ada Florence Dovel Ancestors of Gregg Livingstone Neel Ancestors of John I. Trobaugh Ancestry & Descendants of Hans Wendel Zwecker (Swecker) Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia; 17141750 Ancestry of Noah Williamson Sowerwine & Sarah Margaret Keesling Ancestry of Samuel Clemens And Keep On Moving - The Virginia Campaign, May-June 1864 Andrew and Aggy Anderson- Free Black Family In Brocks Gap 1807-1845 Annals of Augusta Co., Va. Annals of Bath County Annie of Mole Hill--Annie Shank Weaver Annual Report of Archival Accessions; July 1, 1988-June 30, 1989 Ante-Bellum Homes in Harrisonburg & Vicinity Anthony Souder History 1750-1989, The Appalachian Crossing, The Pocahontas Roads Architectural Evaluation of the Potential Linville Historic District Associated with the Rte 753 Project Rockingham Co., Va., Phase II, A Architectural Evaluation Survey- Harrisonburg Southeast Connector-Location Study- Rockingham County, Virginia Armentrout Family from 1739-1978, The Armentrout/Trinity Lutheran Church of Rockingham County Art Folio of the Shenandoah Valley Arts and Crafts of the Shenandoah Valley--A Pictorial Presentation Arts of the Pennsylvania Germans Atlas of the Civil War Month By Month Major Battles and Troop Movements Attendance Records for some Rockingham County Schools Augusta Annals--Augusta County Historical Society Newsletters Augusta Co., Va. Publick Claims Augusta County Historical Society Acquisitions, Augusta County, Virgina Augusta County History 1865-1950 Augusta County Militia, The --1742-1781 (includes Rockingham & Rockbridge Co. Augusta County, Va. Marriages 1748-1850

Shoemaker, Lynn G Miller, Dewitt Henry Miller, Dewitt Henry Miller, Dewitt Henry Huffman, JoAnn & Jim Neel, Gregg Livingstone Boin, Luella Trobaugh Forbes, Amanda Arbogast Holtzclaw, B.C. Sowerwine-Macy, Alma E. Bell, Raymond Martin Grimsley, Mark Ritchie, Pat Turner Waddell, Joseph A. Morton, Oren F. Jones, Nancy B. Withers, Marianne McKee Johnston, Lestine Rebecca Souder, Tressie Grimsley Huddleston, Eugene L. Zz McClane, Debra and Hall, Bill Armentrout, Russell S. Leiby, A.S., Rev. Wayland, John W. Smith, Elmer L. Swank, Scott T. Swanson, Mark Zz Augusta Co. Historical Society Abercrombie, Janice L. & Slatten, Richard ACHS MacMaster, Richard K. Smyth, Cecil B. Jr. Vogt & Kethley

Augusta County, Virginia- Earliest Will Index 1745-Post 1900 Augusta County, Virginia Heritage Book 1732-1998 Augusta County, Virginia Index to Cemetery Records Vol I; Vol II; and Vol.III 2006. Augusta Historical Bulletin Augusta Parish, Virginia--1738-1780 Autobiography and Chronological Life of Reverend Paul Henkel 1754-1825, The Avenue of Armies--Civil War Sites and Stories of Luray and Page County, Virginia B.F. & Annabelle Garber Family and their descendants, The Bach (Baugh) Family--includes Linhoss Back To Basics Baker History; Descendants of John Baker, Sr. Ballads of the North and South in the Civil War--Civil War Heritage Series Volume VIII Balthasar Schaeffer Family, Germany-Pennsylvania, Brocks Gap Banking on the Future- A 100-Year History of Farmers & Merchants Bank 19082008 Baptisms and Burials - From the Records of Christ Church, Philadelphia, 17091760 Barbados Records Baptisms 1637 - 1800 Barnhart Family History; Augusta County, Virginia 1767-1967 Barshingers In America - A Genealogical History of Barshinger Families in America Since 1735 Bath Barish Register Births, Deaths & Marriages of Dinwiddie County, Va & Brunswick Co. Bath County Heritage--Historical Society Newsletter Bath County Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns 1791-1853 Bath County Property Tax Lists--1791 to 1810 Battle of Kernstown, The Battles for Atlanta Baugh, Black, Berry & Linhoss Families of Rockingham County, Virginia Baugher-Schreckhise - Christian Family Beason Family Genealogy, The Beautiful Shenandoah Valley, The Beaver Creek Church of the Brethern, Dayton, VA: Cemetery Records, Rockingham Co. Beckett, Null, Arthur, and Roberts Families of Maryland, Ohio, PA, VA, and W.VA Bedford County, Virginia Index to Wills From 1754-1830 Beginning at a White Oak; Patents and Northern Neck Grants of Fairfax County, Virginia Belle Grove, A Property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation Benjamin B. Jenkins, Sr. (1780-1871) of Hardy Co., West Virginia and his descendants

Sherman, Elizabeth Jane Augusta County Heritage Book Committee Reese, Margaret C. and Kidd, Anne C. Augusta County Historical Society Ruffin, Beverley Henkel, Paul Moore, Robert H. Miller, Joanna Garber Christou, Christos, Jr Readers Digest Ass'n. Baker, John, Sr. Swank, Walbrook D. Shaver-Hill, Joan Jones, Nancy Bondurant Hildeburn, Charles R. Sanders, Joanne Mcree Barnhart, Nat G. Smith, Stephen Harold Hopkins, William Lindsay Bath County Historical Society Bath County historicial Society, Inc Zz Reidenbaugh, Lowell Bailey, Ronald H. Christou & Barnhouser Goodard, Clyde Peckham, Arline Beason & Peckham Charl Boyer, Bed Knicley, Betty Jane Christou, Christos, Jr. Zz Mitchell, Beth National Trust for Historic Preservation Ratliff, Wilma J.

Benjamin Trumbo of Brocks Gap, VA Bennetts Run Area Past and Present Berkeley County West Virginia Newsletter Berkshire Family History Association Berryman Custer Family, The Bershire Genealogist (Magazine) Bethlehem Old Stone Church Volume I, Issue I Bibliography of Genealogy & Local History Collections in Staunton Public Library, Augusta Bibliography on the Colonial Germans of North America Bicentennial Farms Biedler/Beidler/Beydler Families of Virginia, The Big Long Family in America, 1736-1979 Biller Cemetery Biller Genealogy Billheimer Family of America Biographical Annals of Franklin County Pennsylvania Biographical Annals of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Vol. I & II Biography & Genealogy Some of Anthony Souder & Margarite Maurer Family Bird's-Eye View of the Shenandoah Valley with Map, A Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Nottingham Quakers 1680 - 1889 Black Genesis: A Resource Book for African-American Genealogy, 2nd Edition Blacks Run, An American Stream Blood Image Blue & Gray Magazine Bly Connections- A Supplement to A History of the Bly Family Book of John Turner Bordner & Burtner Families & their Bortner Ancestors in America, The Botetourt County Virginia Marriages 1770-1853 Vol. 1 of 2 Botetourt County Virginia Marriages 1770-1853 Vol. 2 of 2 Bottner, Ludwig and His Sons, The Beginning of the Bartner Family in America Bowman (Virginia-Brethren) Bowmans, The (A Pioneering Family) Braden, Breeden, and Breeding Familier of oOd Virginia, The Branches Vol. II - Memories of Valley Residents Branches: Memories of Valley Residents Breedings Breneman's Mill Brethren in Bridgewater, The--The First Hundred Years 1878-1978 (Church History)

Wood, Alva Trumbo Miller, Shirley Cullers Zz Zz Ritchie, Patrica & Lee, Norma Lee Berkshire Family History Assn. Newsletter - Old Stone Church Committee Staunton Library Meynen, Emil Wilson, Martin L., Editor Alexander, Karen Biedler Long, Harvey Lawrence Welch, Hilda L. & Biller, Beverly B. Biller, Beverly Byrd and Welch, Hilda L. Zz Seilhamer, George O. Pennsylvania Reprint Society Souder, Warren J. Wayland, John W. Beard, Alice L. Rose, James M., PhD. And Eichholz, Alice, Jost, Scott Anderson, Paul Christopher Zz Bly, Daniel W. Zz Bordner, Howard W. Vogt & Kethley Vogt & Kethley Felder, Paula S. Mennonite Family History Wayland, John W. Braden, Karl W. Mrs. Johnson's Students of 07-08 Broadwa Broadway High Students of 06-07 Behr, Steve Downs, Janet Sappington, Roger E.

Brethren in Virginia, The (Church congregations in Virginia) Bridgewater Presbyterian Church, One Hundreth Anniversary 1878--1978 Bridgewater United Methodist Church 1841- 2004 Bridgewater, Mt. Crawford, & Dayton 1930 Census Brief History of Bath County Virgina, A Brief History of Mount Zion Lutheran Church--Leading up to the Time of the Dedication, A Brief of Wills & Marriages in Montgomery & Fincastle Counties, 1733-1831 Brillhart and Other Genes Brock Family History, A--Swiss Brack-American Brock Brocks Gap Families Vol 1 (Bible, Cherryholmes, Freed, Heavner, Aubrey) Brocks Gap Families Vol 2: Fink And Sonifrank Brocks Gap Marriages Brocks Gap Miscellaneous Research Brocks Gap Missives--Aubrey and other families Brock's Gap Township--1871 Taxes and Marriages abstract of Collections Brooke County Virginia\West Virginia Licenses and Marriages 1797-1874 Brother Against Brother - Time-Life Books Brubaker- Brubacher- Brewbaker Family in America Volume I, History of the Brunswick County, Va. Marriages 1750-1853 Bruton & Middleton Parishes James City Co. Parish Register 1662-1797 Buchanan, Virginia (Botetourt County) Virginia--Gateway to the Southwest Buck's County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 17th &18th Centuries Volume 2 Quaker Records: Falls & Middletown Monthly Meetings Building of Interstate 81 and its Impact on Shenandoah, Rockingham, and Augusta Counties Bulletin of the Fluvanna County Historical Society Bungalow Homes in the Shenandoah Valley Burgess-Bailey Ancestry Burke's American Families with British Ancestry Burke's Family Records --British (Landed Gentry) Burned Rockingham County Documents Found In Other Counties Burning: Sheridan's Devastation of the Shenandoah Valley, The Burnside Biographical Dictionary By - Ways of Virginia History By The Grace of God Byerly Family of the Valley of Virginia, The California Ranchos Patented Private Land Grants listed by County Campbell Brown's Civil War with Ewell and The Army of Northern Virginia Campbell County Historical Society Chronicle (Newsletter)

Sappington, Roger E. Church Hinkle, Ken & Dellinger, Galen Zz McAllister, Jean Graham Finck, William J., D.D. Worrell, Anne Lowry Brillhart, Martin V., II Brock, Robert L. Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie Zz Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie Liskey, Judy Ruleman Zz Sherman, Renee Britt Davis, William C. Gibble Phares Brubaker Vogt & Kethley Chapplear, Nancy Fulwiler, Harry, Jr. Watring, Anna Miller and F. Edward Wrigh Hutchinson, Corey Fluvanna County Historical Society Copley, Anna -Troop 333 Burgess, Charles.E. Burke, Sir John Bernard Burke, Ashworth P. HRHS Heatwole, John L. Galeener-Moore, Laverne Early, R. H. Hess, Nancy Burkholder Byerly, John F., Jr. Shumway, Burgess McK. Jones, Terry L. Campbell County Historical Society

Campbell Family History Caplinger-Keplinger Family of Valley of Virginia, The Caroline County, Virginia Court Records & Marriages, 1787-1810 Carpenter Family Carriage Makers of Rockingham Co., Virginia Carrier - Carryer and Allied Lines Carroll & Grayson County Marriages Caskey Joseph Marshall (1881-1967) "Our Barber Grandpa" Casler & Alexander Families Casper Branner of Virginia and his Descendants Catherine Fulk Bible- Daughter of John and Eve Fulk Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants Volume Eight (VIII) : 1779-1782 Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants Volume Five (V) 1741-1749 Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants Volume Six (VI) : 1749-1762 Cavaliers and Pioneers- Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants Volume Four (IV) 1732-1741 Cavaliers and Pioneers- Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants Volume Seven (VII): 1762-1776 Cavaliers and Pioneers; Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants--Supp. No. Neck #1 Cavaliers and Pioneers; Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants--Vol. Three: 1695-1732 CCC and Me, The (Camp Hardy in Lost River State Park) Celebrating Our First 100 Years of Memories--Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Timberville, VA 1890-1990 Cemetery called the Old Methodist Burial Ground in Harrisonburg, Rockingham Cemetery Index compiled by the DAR for Vol. I & II, Rockingham Co., cemeteries East of Rt. Cemetery Index for Rockingham County Cemeteries West of Rt. 11 Cemetery Information on Known Cemeteries within Shenandoah National Park Cemetery Records (Vol l of ll) East of Rt. 11, Rockingham Co Cemetery Records (Vol ll of II) East of Rt. 11, Rockingham Co Cemetery Research Guide for the Ottobine United Methodist, Dayton, Rockingham Co., VA Census of 1850--Rockingham County Centennial History of Alleghany Co., Va., The Century of Pupulation Growth, A. 1790-1900 Chancery Court Memo Book--1831-1864 Chapter of Hopkins Genealogy, A Chapter VI, Vol 416 Medical Department Letters Sent and Received Medical Director's Office Richard, Va. 1862 -1963 Charles Fulk & Sarah Custer Family, The

Campbell-Craven, Frederick W. Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie Hopkins, William Lindsay Davis, Kathryn Carpenter Lynn Burkholder, E. Daniel Jr. Armentrout, Georgie E. Alderman, John Perry Marshall, Stanley E., Jr. Darby, Rodney H. Branner, John Casper Ritchie, Patricia Turner Hudgins, Dennis Ray Hudgins, Dennis Ray Hudgins, Dennis Ray Hudgins, Dennis Hudgins, Dennis Ray Virginia State Library Nugent, Nell Marion Daugherty, Raymond St. Paul's Church Zz DAR Swank, J. Robert Rangers of Park DAR DAR Knicely, Betty J. HRHS Morton, Oren F. Zz Zeroxed copies Harrison, Ella Warren Houck, Peter W. Ritchie, Patricia A.

Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Magazine Chesnut Family Forefathers Chesterfield Co.,Va. Marriage Bonds& Minister Return 1816-1853 Christian Bauman/Bowman of Shenandoah County, Virginia Christian Church at Linville, The Secretaries Book from April 15, 1916-Sept. 27, 1956 Christian Fudge Family, The Christian S. Bowers and His Descendants Christian Strohl History, The--1776-1983 Christoph Kibling 1713-1774 His Ancestors and His Descendants; Book 1 of 2, Part I of 2 Christoph Kibling 1713-1774 His Ancestors and His Descendants; Book 2 with Parts 1, 2 & 3 Christoph Kibling 1713-1774; The Genealogy of his Mother Margaretha Catharina Zofel Christoph Kibling in the New World--1752-1774--Part 1 of 2 Christoph Kibling in the New World--1752-1774--Part 1 of 2 UPDATE Christoph Kibling in the New World--1752-1774--Part 2 of 2 Christoph Kibling in the New World--1752-1774--Part 2 of 2 (Updated version) Chronicles of Border Warfare Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. 1 of 3--Records of Augusta Co. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. 2 of 3--Records of Augusta Co. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. 3 of 3--Records of Augusta Co. Chronological Chart of Valley Happenings from Rockingham Register 18951902, A Chronology of the Descendants of John and Elizabeth Richards Beall Church Directory for Church of the Brethren from 1960's--1980's Church in the Valley, A Cite Your Sources Civil War Battles - The Maps of Jedediah Hotchkiss. Civil War Battles of Harrisonburg, Virginia including Cross Keys & Port Republic June 1862 Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia Civil War Diary- Reminiscenses of Surgeon Archibald Atkinson 1861-1865 10th Cavalry & 31st VA. Infantry Civil War History--Vol 6 No 3 Civil War History--Vol 6 No 4, Dec. 1960 Civil War History--Vol 7 No 1 Civil War History--Vol 7 No 2 Civil War Ladies Sketchbook--Volume 1 Civil War Ladies Sketchbook--Volume 2

Zz Chesnut, John B. Weisiger, III, Benjamin B. MacDonald & Millner Emswiler, Lois A. & Robert B. Sellers, F.M. Bowers, Mark Edwin Layman, Kathryn Foltz Sakowski, Wolfgang, Kisling, Earl F. Sakowski, Wolfgang Kisling, Earl F. & Sakowski, Wolfgang Sakowski, Wolfgang Sakowski, Wolfgang & Kisling, Earl F. Sakowski, Wolfgang Sakowski, Wolfgang & Kisling, Earl F. Withers, Alexander Scott Chalkley, Lyman Chalkley, Lyman Chalkley, Lyman Good, William A. Woofter, James Zz Andrew, Josiah Lackey, Richard S. Hearn, Chester G. & Mike Marino Moore, James Lord, Francis A. Atkinson, A.A. State University of Iowa State University of iowa State University of Iowa State University of Iowa York, K.A. York, K.A.

Civil War Ladies Sketchbook--Volume 3 Civil War Letters of Col. Alvin Voris Civil War Maps in the National Archives Civil War Sites in Virginia; A Tour Guide Civil War Soldiers Buried in Augusta County & Those Buried in New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery in Rockbridge County, Virginia Civil War Source Book--3rd edition Civil War Times Illustrated- Stonewall in the Shenadoah: The Valley Campaign of l861 Civil War Women - They Made A Difference Clarke County, Virginia Historic Marriage Register 1836-1850 Clash of Sabres--Blue and Gray Climbing The Family Tree With Nancy Cline Book, The Cline-Kline Family Clover Hill Methodist Church Cemetery Records, Rockingham Co. Clover Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery Clover Hill United Methodist Church, 100th Anniversary---1886-1986 Clutch Chatter-Tri-County AACA Cohlman Gerhab, Peter B. Weaver, Johann George Wimmer, Jacob Gangwere & George Jacob Koerner Families Coler/Colaw Family In America Colonial Churches of Virginia Colonial Diseases & Cures Colonial Maryland Naturalizations Colonial Records of Virginia Colonial Virginia - Its People and Customs Come In and Have a Seat - Vernacular Chairs of the Shenandoah Valley Compendium of Historical Sources, The How & Where of American Genealogy Compilation of Mitchell Descendants of Pendleton County, VA (W.VA) Compilation of Simmons Descendants, A of Pendleton Co., VA (W.VA) Compilation of the Descendants of Abraham Pitsenbarger, A (Propst, Eye, Rexrode) Compilation of the Descendants of Puffenbargers of Pendleton County, W.VA. (VA) Compilation of the Descendants of Sebastian Hoover of Pendleton Co., VA. (W.VA) Complete Registry of the Lindamoods in America, The Concise Genealogical Dictionary Concise History of the Civil War, A Confederate Chaplain William Edward Wiatt - An Annotated Diary Confederate Letters and Diaries 1861-1865

York, K.A. Voris, Col. Alvin National Archives Publication Robertson, James I., Jr. Zz Burd, Jack Civil War Times Illustrated Vogel, Cynthia Vogt & Kethley Swank, Walbrook D. Carlberg, Nancy Ellen Brzoska, Ellen Kline, Paul G. Swank, J. Robert & Reese, Helen Shiflet, Robert L. & Farley, Sue Myers Hill, Bernelle

Koerner, Gordon A. Golladay, Anna M. W. Rexrode Massey, Don W. and Massey, Sue

Wyand, Jeffrey A. and Florence L. Zz Stanard, Mary Newton Evans, Jeffrey S. Bremer, Ronald A. Eye, Walter L. Eye, Walter L. Eye, Walter L. Eye, Walter L. Eye, Walter L. Taylor, Sharon Harris, Maurine and Glen The Stackpole Company Wiatt, Alex L. Zz

Confederate Monuments: Enduring Symbols of The South and the War between the States Confederate Ordeal - Time-Life Books Confederate Surgeon - The Personal Recollections of E. A. Craighill - 2nd Edition Confederate Veteran Magazine May-June 1987 Connecting The Generations (A biography of Dwight Hartman) Conrad Clan, The Conscience in the Classroom : History of the Mountain View Mennonite School System Dayton, Virginia Consortium of Conestoga Conservators of Virginia Continuing Across The Years a story of and a stream through the Glick Family Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery Index, Rockingham Co. Cooks Creek Presbyterians--A Heritage of Faith (Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church History) Coonrod Family Genealogy Cootes (Newton, Derrow, Welch) Coppedge/Freeman and next of Kin Cornelius Bowman; A Founding Father of America and Some of His Ancestors and Descendants Counties of Pennsylvania - Their Parent County and County Seat listings County Census 1890 Floyd County, Virginia County Clerks of Spotsylvania County Courthouse Book County Index Cousins--A Look at Our Dutrow & Shook Families Cradled By the Massanutten: The Zellers-Sellers Family Crawford Exchange, The Crawford: My Family History--Haney, Lam, McDonald, Morris, Rodgers, Self, Shiflet, Sipe, Viands Crider Family of Rockingham Co. Va., The Crist Family From "The Oaks", The Cross Keys Peaked Mountain Church Cross Keys--An Interdiction--Sunday 8 June 1862 (The Battle of Cross Keys) Culpeper Co., Va. Publick Claims Culpeper County, Va. Marriages 1780-1853 Culpepper Co. Personal Property Tax 1787 List "C" Cumberland County Historical Society Newsletter Custer's Mill Cyclopedia of Biography; Virginia Volume I Cyclopedia of Biography; Virginia Volume II Cyclopedia of Biography; Virginia Volume III

Widener, Ralph W., Jr. Channing, Steven Houck, Peter W. Zz Jones, Nancy Bondurant Coffman, Floyd Wilmer Burkholder, E. Daniel

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Descendants of Thomas Looker, "The Quaker", Early Settler of Rockingham County, Virginia Descendants of Valentine Faber, Sr. Descendants of William & Priscilla Leake, The (Lake/Leake Newsletters) Descendents of George Evers & Christina Summers Descendents of Newton Godon Moore Son of John Moore and Elizabeth Harrison Moore, Henkel Descendents of Socrates Henkel (1847-1940) & Clara Ellen Whetzel Dove and his ancestral line Descriptive List of Manuscript Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Design Your Own Coat of Arms, An Introduction to Heraldry Diaries of Jacob. S. Sellers Diary of Ella N. Click --1879-1949 Diary of Lucy R. Buck Diary of Mary Susan Gregory School Teacher Augusta County, VA 1873-1876 Diary of Ruoabell Armentrout; Feb 1, 1876-Sept. 1878 Dickson with Schmehl family information Dictionary of American Family Names Diehl Family History Directory of Community Resources by United Way Harrisonburg & Rockingham County 1987 Directory of Maryland Church Records Discovering Your African-American Ancestors Discovery, Formation and Growth of Rockingham County and Harrisonburg Dobkins Family in America, The; 1730--1978 Donovan Memorial Church in Singers Glen Community--1875-1975 Dorothy's Search for Happiness Doty-Doten Family, The Dove (also Smith & Souder) Dove Family of Rockingham Co. Va., The Dovel Clan, The Downs-Glascock and Related Families Dry River Stories--The Thomas Family Dunavan & Gay--Shenandoah Valley Area 1700 & 1800 Dunmore's War Early Adventurers on The Western Waters--Vol. I The New River of Virginia 1745-1800 Early Adventurers on The Western Waters--Vol. II The New River of Virginia Early Child Immigrants to Virginia 1619--1642 Early Church Records of R'ham Co., VA (Rader, Peaked Mnt., Friedens, St. Michael's, Trinity)

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Early Descendants of Jacob & Valentine Pence of Augusta & Rockingham Co., VA 1750-1900 Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration 1 of 2 copies. Early Iron Ware Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania The Records of John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779 Early Marriages, Wills, & Some Revolutionary War Records- Botetourt County, Virginia Early New England Gravestone Rubbings Early Ohio Settlers- Purchasers of Land in Southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840 Early Pennsylvania Births, 1675-1875 Early Pennsylvania Land Records - Minutes of the Board of Property of the Province of Pennsylvania Vol. I & Vol. II Early Quaker Records in Virginia Early Records Hampshire County Virginia - Now West Virginia Early Virginia Immigrants--1623-1666 Early Western Augusta Pioneers--Including Cleek, Gwin, Lightner and Warwick Echoes of Shenandoah - A History of Shenandoah County's Public School System Economic and Social Survey of Rockingham County Edmund Pendleton 1721-1803 A Biography (Two Volumes) Volume One Edward Clark Genealogy, The 1676-1988 Edward Kintner and Glada Snyder Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America Eighteenth Century Emigrants, Volume 1--The Northern Kraichgau Eire - Ireland Vol 18 No.3 Elbert County, Georgia Deed Books S -W 1820 - 1835 Eld. Jacob Bowman Sr. Family Record of Maryland And Virginia Elder John Kline Elder John Kline; A Compilation of Articles and Photographs Elk Run Gap Book, 1842 Elkton Diamond Jubilee 1908-1983 Commemorative Book Emigrants To Pennsylvania, 1641-1819 Episcopal Church Records in Virginia, A Guide to Erasmus Rosenberger and his families in Germany and America Ernest (Kuhl) Cool Family, The 1788-1977 Everything Was Wonderful; A Pictorial History of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian Evolution of Harrisonburg, The 1780--1945 Eyewitness to War 1861-1865--Memoirs of Men Who Fought in The Battle of Trevilian Station--Vol. I

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Facts about The Civil War Facts, Scribbles and Scraps Fadely Family History and Genealogy, A Fairburn Family of Rockingham County Fairfax Co., Va. Publick Claims Fairfax County, Virginia, A History of Fairfax Family in Fairfax County, The Fairfax Line, A Historic Landmark Fairview Church of the Brethren At Endless Caverns - Cemetery Records Fallis Family, The Families of Jacob Showalter & Valentine Huffman Families of Our Common Ancestors with the Surname Kny/Knie/Knee Families of Valentine Huffman & Jacob Showalter, The Family Bible Information Vol. 1 A-G Family Bible Information Vol. 2 H-O Family Bible Information Vol. 3 P -Z Family Folklore Family History of Ancestors & Descendents of Miletus G. Jones & Sarah Jane Dalhouse Jones Family History of David Michael Rodes & Naomi Ruth (Koogler) Rodes, The Family History of Samuel H. And Emma Catherine Shifflett Blosser, A Family Lineage of Odessa Nair (includes: Hiser, Ritchie, Fulk) Family of Abraham Franklin Runion & Susan Elicabeth Ritchie & Edith Jane Davis Family of Benjamin Franklin Emswiler, The & Cora Arbelia Smith Family of Harrison Emswiler (1841-1888) & Frances Virginia Rhinehart (18441918) Family of Jacob Fawley 1802-1880, The Family of Jesse Conner of Montgomery County Pennsylvania, The Family of John Emswiler (1782-1861) & Frances "Fannie" Atwell (1796-1865), The Family of John Lewis, The--Pioneer Family of Simon Estep, The Family Record of David M. and Naomi R. Koogler Rodes Family Record of the Showalters Family Tree of Jacob Garber of Augusta County, VA and his descendants Farm Girl From Quicksburg, VA, A Fauquier Co., Va. Publick Claims Fauquier Co., Va. Tombstone Inscriptions Supplement Fauquier County Virginia 1759-1995 Fauquier County, Virginia Guardian Bonds 1759-1871

The Stonewall Jackson Memorial, Inc Baer, Beulah Ruh, Virginia (Fadely) Fairburn, Donald E., Sr. Abercrombie, Janice L. & Slatten, Richard Netherton, Nan, et al Kilmer, Kenton & Sweig, Donald McClinton, Coleman & Wayland

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Fauquier County, Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions--Supplement Fauquier Families 1759-1799, Tax & Tithable Lists, Marriage Bonds, Minute, Deed,Will books Fawley Family Genealogy and History Federal Census of 1830, 1840 & 1850 Alleghany Co., VA Federal Census of 1850 for Frederick County, Virginia Federal Census of 1850, Augusta Co., Va., The Federal Census of 1870 Alleghany Co., Va. Federal Population Censuses 1790-1890 Federal Population Censuses 1790-1890 (a price list of microfilm copies) Fellers Chronicle 1750-2000, A Fevers, Agues, and Cures - Medical Life in Old Virginia Fightin' Tom Rosser, C.S.A. Fighting For Time - The Image of War: 1861-1865 V0l. IV Finding Your Irish Ancestors - Unique Aspects of Irish Genealogy Finding Your People in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Finding Your Roots--How Everyone Can Trace His Ancestors--At Home and Abroad First Blood - Time-Life Books First Marriage Record of Augusta County, VA. 1785--1813 First Presbyterian Church--Harrisonburg, Virginia--1789-1983 Fitzwater Families in America Fitzwater Family of Rockingham County, Virginia Flory - Flora Fluvanna Co., Va. Marriages 1781-1849 Folk Art in Stone, Southwest Virginia Folks of Swan Pond, The; A History of the Folk Family Following the Tradition- Celebrating the Artisans of the Contemporary Longrifle Association Foltz Family, The Footprints & Memories of Spring Creek Footprints of the Pioneers in the Ohio Valley For Home and Honor, the story of Madison Co during the War Between the States 1861-1865 Forerunners--Strickler, Kauffmans, Stovers, Burners, Ruffners, Beavers, Shavers, Brumbachs Forgotten Companions: The First Settlers at Spotsylvania Co. & Fredericksburg Town Fort Harrison--A History Forward to Richmond - Time-Life Books Foster Men & Wifes; Chandler-Huston, Rockingham Co., VA (Vol II-PartIV of the "Mustain Men

Fleming, John Anderson & Baird, Nancy C Alcock, John P. Fawley, Howard E., Violet P., Paul D. & Sh Martin, Nora B. Hutton, James V., Jr Weaver, Dorothy Martin, Nora B. National Archives & Records Service The National Archives Fellers, Jon I. Savitt, Todd L. Bushong, Millard K. & Bushong Dean M. Zz Mitchell, Brian Good, Rebecca H. & Ebert, Rebecca A. Westin, Jeane Eddy Davis, William C. D.A.R. Beard, Pauline Devine, Katherine Fitzwater Kinsman, James G. Bunderman B. Q Vogt & Kethley Wust, Klaus Lowe, Elizabeth Snyder Barlow, Gordon Foltz, Ken & Carolyn Tysinger, Margaret Click Venable,W.H. Woodward, Harold R., Jr. Strickler, Harry M. Felder, Paula S. Geo. W. Fetzer & John Sease, Artchitecture Bailey, Ronald H. Bruno, Betty L. (Mustain) Kernahan

Foulke Family--One branch descended from James Ffookes Four Valiant Years (In Lower Shenandoah Valley)--1861-1865 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, New York Editorials, June 28, 1862, Franklin County Settlement Map , 1786-1886 Franks-A Genealogy of the Franks who were among the Early Settlers of Rockingham Co., Virginia and Their Descendants, The Frederick Co. Va., Wills & Administration 1795-1816 Frederick Co., Va. Publick Claims Frederick County City of Winchester Map Frederick County Marriages 1738-1850 Frederick County, Virginia, marriages, 1771-1825 Frederick, County, Maryland Descents Court Records 1794-1837 Free Negroes Registered in the Clerk's Office, Botetourt County, VA 1802-1836 Frenches of Woodstock, Virginia, The Fridley Family History, Book One Fridley Family History, Index to Book One Frieden's Church 200th Anniversary of the organization--1762-1962 Frieden's Church Register Shenandoah County, Virginia 1821-1871 Frieden's Lutheran & Reformed Church 1821 Records, Shenandoah County Friedens Lutheran & Reformed Church Congregations of R'ham Co., begun 1786 Part I of II Friedens Lutheran & Reformed Church Congregations of R'ham Co., begun 1786 Part II of II Frieden's United Church of Christ Cemetery Frieden's United Church of Christ Cemetery, Mt. Crawford, VA. From Corner To Corner From the Alps to the Apalachians A Brief History including some of the Neff Families From the Emmental to Eldee.. A History of the Layman Family From the Rhine to the Shenandoah, Volume III From the Rhine To the Shenandoah--Vol 1 From the Rhine To the Shenandoah--Vol 2 Eighteenth Centruy Swiss & German Pioneer From the Rhineland to the Promised Land of the Shenandoah From the Shenandoah to the Kanawha From Ulster to Carolina From VA to CA in a Model A - A 1937 Journal From Winchester to Cedar Creek The Shenandoah Campaign of 1864 Frontier Forts in West Virginia--Historical and Archeological Explorations Fudge, Henry Christian & some of his Descendants Fudge-Fultz-Fuls-Fotch Family--Varied Information

Foulke, Roy A. Hale, Laura Virginia Leslie, Frank Franklin County Historical Society Glovier, David Franklin Kangas, M. N. & Payne, D. E. Abercrombie, Janice L. & Slatten, Richard Scheel, Eugene M. Kethley & Vogt Davis, Eliza Timberlake Zz Boyd-Rush, Dorothy A. Dalke, Anne, French Christopher & Long, Fridley, Richard Charles Fridley, Richard Charles Church Price, Mitzi Fox, Editor Zz Zz Zz

Huemann S., Kelly, Sager, Richard Curry, John Sr. Smith, Hilda Neff Layman, Earl R. Bly, Daniel W. Bly, Daniel W. Bly, Daniel W. Wise, Harvey W. IV Smith, Chris Blethen, Tyler & Wood, Curtis Jr. Flory, Weldon Wert, Jeffry D. McBride, W. Stephen and Kim Arbogast an Fudge, Forest William, Lt. Col. Zz

Fudges of Madison Co., IA, KY & VA, The, (Mann, Eskew, Young, Coffey, Blair & others) Fulk Fulk Family; Book 1 and 2 Fulk Family; Index for Book I & II Fye Genealogy, A Gabriel Shank, Military records, articles, letters and diary Gabriel Thomas Barbee of Bridgewater, Virginia and The Virginia Farmers Alliance Gazetteer of Virginia and West Virginia, A Geil Family History Genealogical Local History Books in Print Genealogical Abstract of Rev. John N. Stirewalt's Pastorial Record 1869-1906 Page County, Genealogical Aids collected by Mrs. Alvera Dunn while she was researching Hell/Clear Family Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia, with History of St Mark's Genealogical Atlas of England and Wales Genealogical Books in Print Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory Genealogical Information on Thuma & Dinkle Genealogical Information Sources for Ohio Genealogical Records of the Seitz/Sites Family, Volume 1 Genealogical Research Essentials Genealogical Research in England and Wales, Vol. I Genealogical Research in England and Wales, Vol. II Genealogical Research Strandards Genealogies of the Kimble & Alt Families Genealogies of West Virginia Families Genealogist's Guide to Discovering your Female Ancestors, A Genealogist's Handbook for New England Research Genealogy For Beginners Genealogy of Josiah Turner--1840-1910 Genealogy of the Baker Family with some connecting lines (1701--1953 Genealogy of the Kemper Family in the United States--Descendants of John Kemper of VA (Vol I & Vol II) Genealogy of the Santee Family in America Genealogy of the Smiley Family, James and Catherine Lindsay Smiley, 18002004, The Genealogy Terms Glossary Genealogy to Enrich the Curricula

Monroe Zz Ritchie, Patricia T. Ritchie, Patricia T. Cathcart, Mary Hosford Forster, John & Pam Miller, Gordon W. Gannett, Henry Wenger, Joseph H Zz Miller, Howard G. Dunn, Alvera Green, Raleigh Travers Gardner, Harland and Smith Netti Schreiner-Yantis Hocker, Edward W. Thuma, Phil Zz Beck, John V. & Gibson, Suuzanne Sites Wright, Norman E. & Pratt, David H. Smith and Gardner Smith & Gardner Harland, Derek Alt, H. A. Corrections and Additions by B The West Virginia Historical Magazine Qu Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo New England Library Association Willis, Arthur J. Zz Baker, Robert Helsley Kemper, Willis Miller & Wright, Harry Lin Santee, Ellis M. Thompson, Richard L. Zz Wynne, Francis Holloway & Stevens, Cj

General Index to Register of Births, Rockingham County--1862-1894 General Marshall's Victory Report - On The Winning Of World War II In Europe And The Pacific General Turner Ashby and Stonewall's Valley Campaign Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles--Great Americana Genoa School - 1919-1961 Fulks Run, Virginia George A. Phillips George Adam Mann 1734-1821--A Family on Four Frontiers, PA, VA, KY, OH George and Barbara Bowman: Immigrants and Bowman House Builders George and Hannah Hawes Cowger of Pendleton County Virginia, West Virginia George B. & Elizabeth Blosser Showalter Family Records George Bowman and His Descendants George Klein Sr. Family Record George May of Virginia - Descendants of George May of Virginia George Rexrode Senior, of Virginia German Allied Troops 1776-1783 German Church Records of Rockingham County, Virginia--Volume 1 German Element in Virginia, The; Vol. 1 German Element of the Shenandoah Valley, The German Origins of Jost Hite German-American Names German-English Dictionary Germanna Newsletter Germanna; Outpost of Adventure 1714--1956; Germanna Record no. 7 Gettysburg - Time-Life Books Gettysburg--What they did here--The Standard Historical Guide Book on Gettysburg Gibraltar of the Shenandoah--Civil War Sites and Stories of Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County, Virginia Giles Co. Marriages 1806-1850 Give the enemy no rest! Sheridan's 1864 Shenandoah Campaign Gleanings of Virginia History with Smith & Harrison family information Glebe Burying Ground 1749 Gluck Across the Years a story of and a stream through the Glick Family God Blew And They Were Scattered - Peter's People God Blew And They Were Scattered- Peter's People (The Colonial Years) Book II God Blew And They Were Scattered- Peter's People- Book III Godfrey Bowman of Rockingham & Augusta Gold Star Honor Roll of Virginians in the Second World War Goldenseal--West Virginia Traditional Life Magazines

Zz Report Bushong, Millard K. Smith, John Turner, Lena Albright & Ritchie, Pat Turne Vance, Waid W. Knoff, Dorothy C. Bowman, Bernard (Bernie) D. Pope, Sandra Showalter, Thelma Estep Bowman, Anna Harman, Parsons, Mary Ru Mason, Floyd & Kathryn Lantz, Vergie Ruth Carr Rexroad, William D. Eelking, Max Von Burkett, Brigitte Schuricht, Herrman Wayland, John W. Jones - Conner - Wust Jones, George F. Thode, Ernest Zz Wayland, John W. Clark, Champ Minnigh, L.W. Moore, Robert H., II Vogt & Kethley Noyalas , Jonathon A. Boogher, William Fletcher King, W.W. Mrs. Glick Family Historical Committee Arbogast, Genevieve Tallman Arbogast, Genevieve Tallman Arbogast, Genevieve Tallman Meike Kerper Zz Zz

Golladay Family in America, The Golladays In America Good News, The; Descendants of Joseph Good & Margaret Stansbury Volumes 1 thru VI (three notebooks) Goodly Heritage--A History of the Carter Family in Virginia, Vol. I, A Goodly Heritage--A History of the Carter Family in Virginia, Vol. II, A Gordon's of Virginia, The Gordonsville, Virginia Historic Crossroads Town in Orange County Grandview, The House on the Hill with the Thompson & Surbaugh Families Grattan Family of Rockingham County, VA, The Grave Register II, Pendleton County, West Virginia 1980 Graves Family History & Genealogy Graveyard History of Morgan County (Va.) W. Va. Great Battles of the Civil War Great Forest, John Clayton & Flora, The Great Things Are Expected From The Virginians - Virginia in the American Revolution Great Valley Patriots Green County Magazine--Vol 1, thru Vol 5, April 1979 - April 1985 Greenbrier Co, W. Va. Court Orders 1780=1850 Greenbrier Co., (West) Virginia Records Greenbrier Co., Va. Publick Claims Greenbrier Co., WVA. Birth Records 1853 - 1899 Vol. I & Vol. 2 Greenbrier Co., WVa. Deed & Will Records Greenbrier Co., WVa. Land Entry Book 1780-1786 Greenbrier Co., WVa. Records Personal property tax lists, Vol. 2, 1/3 Greenbrier Co., WVa., Federal Census Greenbrier County Marriages, 1782 -1900 Volumes 1 thru 3 Greene Co. Marriages 1838-1850 Greensville Co. Marriages 1781-1853 Greenup County, Kentucky Will Abstracts 1822 - 1860 Guffey Gathering, A Guide to African American Manuscripts in the Collection of the Virginia Historical Society Guide To Church Records in the Archives Branch--Virginia State Library and Archives Guide to Genealogical Notes and Charts in the Archives Branch--Virginia State Library Guide to Genealogical Records in the National Archives Guide to help you find your Hessian Soldier of the American Revolution Guide to Millitary Organizations--1861-1865, A

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John Ruddell of the Shenandoah Valley John Siever Family of Rockingham County, The John Skelton of Georgia John Sonner John Taylor of Rockingham--An Old Shenandoah Valley Family John Turner Family (original manuscript for "Long John Turner Family") John W. & Sarah "Sallie" Zimmerman Cline John Wampler Family, The Joneses (Jones) of Kentucky's Calloway & Marshall Counties, 1820-1910 Joseph Miller and Elizabeth Thomas - A 3-Generation genealogy of Rev. Joseph Miller of Beaver Creek Church, Rockingham County, Virginia Journal Journal of A Genealogist With Ancestral Wills (Prehn Wright, Lewis, Westall,Bass,Elder,Gri Journal of a Secesh Lady - A Diary of Catherine Ann Devereux Edmondston-1860-1866 Journal of John Fontaine, The; An Irish Huguenot Son in Spain and Virginia 1710-1719 Journal of Joseph Webster Lantz Journal of the Chesterfield Historical Society, The Vol 1 Journals Written by Lucy Bailey Heneberger (1878-1885) Journey Into The Past: Historic Harrisonburg Just Twenty Years Ago; Tales of Life on a Virginiai Farm in the Early 20th Century--Myers Kagey Family, The 1715-2003 Kauffman-Coffman Lineages, The Kaylor Genealogy Keepers of the Spring Kegley's Virginia Frontier--The Beginning of the Southwest--Roanoke of Colonial Days Kesling Family, The Key to Southern Pedigrees, A Kibs' Kousins Newsletter about descendants of the German Kublinger (Kiblinger, Kiplinger) King Family History Volume 1 of 2 King Family History Volume 2 of 2 King William County, Virginia from old Newspapers & files Kisling Biographies, The from 1550 to 1953 Kline Klan, The Knave, Henry & Margaret Family Record (Knave-Nave-Neff) of PA & Rockingham Co., VA Known Military Dead During War of 1812 Koogler Family of Virginia, The

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Koontz Farm Cemetery, Pleasant Valley, Rockingham Co., Virginia Kratzer Clan Lake Beneath the Crescent Moon, A--Strickler-Bachman-Hiestand-Ringger Lanahan (Lenahan, Leanaham & Lenchan) Lancaster Co., Va. Marriage Bonds 1652-1850 Lancaster County Pennsylvania Deed Abstracts & Revolutionary War Oaths of Allegiance Land Records, Deeds 1850 Abstract Landmarks and Personages of Old Harrisonburg Landmarks and Personages of Old Harrisonburg Index Lantz Family of Rockingham Co., Va., The Layman, Laymon, Lamon, Lemon, Lemann, Lehman, Lehmann, Lhamon Leake Family and Connecting Lines, The Leaps, The Leaves from the Tree--an American Heritage (Miller-Sheets-Lincoln) Lee Co. Marriages 1830-1836 Lee Takes Command - Time Life Books Legend of Liskey, The--A Genealogical Journal Legends of the Skyline Drive and the Great Valley of Virginia (Shenandoah) Lehman Ancestors - In The Swiss Emmental Before Emigration Lehman Family Newsletter Leonards, The-- and Related Families--Volume 1 Lest We Forget Lest We Forget--A guide To Genealogical Research in the Nation's Capital Letters from Runion's Creek: The John H. Estep Family--1904-`1920 Levi May's Descendants Lexington in Old Virginia (Rockbridge County) Lexington Presbytery Heritage, The; Church History Lhamon, Lahmon, Lehman, Layman, Lemmon etc. connection Library--A Guide to the LDS Family History Library Life & Letters of Gen. Robert E. Lee Life Along Holman's Creek Life Along the Winding Smith Life and Family of William Deaver Life and Labors of Elder John Kline The Martyr Missionary Life and Labors of Elder John Kline The Martyr Missionary--INDEX Life In The Confederate Army Life of Gen. (Stonewall) Jackson Life of General Thomas J. Jackson, The

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Rockingham County Schools Zz

Rockingham County Tax Records 1787-1794 2 Volumes (M thru Z) Rockingham County Tax Records 1793-1798 Rockingham County Tax Records, 1797-1798 Rockingham County Tithables 1788-1806; from tax books?) Rockingham County Virginia During The American Civil War 1861-1865 Rockingham County Voter Registration of 1902; Linville District--5 Volumes Rockingham County Voter Registration of 1902; Plains District--5 Volumes Rockingham County Voter Registration of 1902; Stonewall District--5 Volumes Rockingham County Voter Registration of 1902; Ashby District--5 Volumes Rockingham County Voter Registration of 1902; Central District--5 Volumes Rockingham County Voter Registration of 1902; Linville & Plains Districts Rockingham County Wills Rockingham County Wills 1864 to----Rockingham County Wills and Administrations - 1803-1862 (9 Volumes) Rockingham County Wills and Administrations September 1803-November 1806 Rockingham County Wills and Administrations Feb. 1821-April 1824 Parts 1-2 (Incomplete) Rockingham County Wills Index Cards Rockingham County, Marriage Licenses by Groom 1865-1899 (Mof-Ove) Rockingham County, VA Minute Book, 1778-1792 Part III (of III) 1786-1788 Rockingham County, Virginia Confederate Enrollment Book Volumes 1&2 Rockingham County, Virginia Marriages 1778-1850 Rockingham County, Virginia Minute Book 1778-1789 Part I (of III) 1778-1786 Rockingham County, Virginia Minute Book, 1778-1792 Part II (of III) 17861788 Rockingham County, Virginia Minute Book, 1778-1792 Part III (of III) 17891792 Rockingham County, Virginia Postmasters 1865--present Rockingham Lutheran Parish 1976 Annual Report for St. Jacob's, Trinity, St. Paul's Church Rockingham Lutheran Parish 1978 for St. Jacob's, Trinity & St. Paul's Lutheran Church Rockingham Lutheran Parish 1985 Annual Report, St. Jacob and Trinity Lutheran Church Rockingham Lutheran Parish, 1976 Annual Reports, St. Jacob's, Trinity, St. Paul's Rockingham Lutheran Parrish 1984 Annual Reports, St. Jacob's, Trinity, St. Paul Church Rockingham Magazine Rockingham Recorder Vol. III, Book No. 1 Rockingham Recorder Vol. III, Book No. 2 Rockingham Recorder Vol. III, Book No. 3 Rockingham Recorder Vol. III, Book No. 4 (Index to Vol. III, Book No. 1-4)

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Smith Creek Baptist Church - A Beacon Light in the Wilderness. Smith/Smyth Family in America Smyth County, Va. Marriages 1832-1850 Snow Family Snyder/Snider Social Networking for Genealogists Soil Survey of Rockingham County, Virginia Soldiers of the Great War. Vol. I Soldiers of the Great War. Vol. II Soldiers of the Great War. Vol. III Solomon Church Baptisms, 1793-1850, Forestville, VA Some Ancestors of the Baughman Family in America; From Switzerland through Virginia Some Descendants of John Burk (1656-1699) Middlesex County, VA Some History of the Jeremiah Lewis Family and The Joseph Miller Family Some Madstones of the Virginias Some Old Family Cemeteries at Fulks Run, Va Some Randolphs Around Civil War Times Some Shenandoah Valley Mennonite Settlers (Blosser, Bear, Funk, etc) Someone You Knew II Shenandoah County, Virginia Necrology 1869-1981 Volume I and Volume II Song of Industry, The: Coal, Land and Improvement industries North River Gap, Augusta Co. Sons of Confederate Veterans Ancestor Album Sotheby's Source--A Guidebook of American Genealogy Sours Family of Page County, VA South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society Newsletter Southampton Co & Franklin Historical Society Newsletters Southampton County & Franklin--A pictorial History Southern Sketches from Virginia; 1881-1901; ( African American Information) Southwest Virginia and Shenandoah Valley; Railroads, Towns & City South-west Virginia and The Valley Souvenir History Methodist Episcopal Church South Harrisonburg, VA Spelling Variants of German & Germanized Family Names in Rockingham Co., VA Spiegel Family And Their Kin, The--A Story of the Migration to the West-Volume 1 Spies, Scouts and Raiders - Time- Life Books Spitzer-Jones, Frank & Lydia Ancs.-Des. 1322-1989 Spotsylvania County Records

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Stultz Family of Brocks Gap Area, Rockingham Co., Va. Supernatural Tales - Ghosts, Poltergeists, Phantom Animals and Unusual Occurences Superstitions Supplement of David Benjamin & Elizabeth Cline Wampler Family History Supplement to Seneca County, Ohip Cemetery Inscriptions Supplement to the 1810 Census of Virginia, A--Tax Lists of the Counties for which the Cens Surname Index covering 1637-1880 from The Virginia Genealogist Magazine Surnames in the Southeastern States Being researched by 20 members of the Johnson Co., KS Surnames of Ireland, The - Second Edition Surnames of Ireland, The - Sixth Edition Survey of American Church Records, Vol. 1 Survey of American Church Records, Vol. II Swanger/Williams Easter Egg Hunt, The--Robert Lewis Williams & Betty Jane Swanger Swift Years Come & Go, The--Life of Harry Showalter Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania Taking of Via Mountain, The Tales from Shenandoah Tallman Family Newsletters Ted Barclay, Liberty hall Volunteers: Letters from the Stonewall Brigade Tell Me of a Land That's Fair An historical essay on formation of Frederick County Tenth Legion Tithables for 1792 Tenting Tonight Terrell Trails Newsletters Teter Descendants of Hans Jorg & Maria Dieter Huffman--Judy--Nelson The 1787 Census of Virginia Berkeley County The 1787 Census of Virginia Hampshire County The 1810 Census of Shenandoah County, VA The 1830 Census of Pendleton Co. West Va. The 1850 Census of Pendleton County West Virginia The 1860 Census of Pendleton County West Virginia The 1870 Census of Pendleton County West Virginia The 1880 Cherokee Nation Census Indian Territory (Ohlahoma The 1st & 2nd Rockbridge Artillery The Adventures of a Waggon Tracker The Almanac Sampler The American Heritage Book of Great Historical Places

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The Amish-Mennonites of Waldeck and Wittgenstein The Appomattox Paroles - April 9 - 15, 1865 4th Edition The Arey Family--Descendants of Gottlieb (Cutlip)Ihrich/Arey, Sr. Died 1781 of R'ham Co. The Arey Family--Descendants of Gottlieb (Cutlip)Ihrich/Arey, Sr. Died 1781 of R'ham Co. The Arey Family--Descendants of Gottlieb (Cutlip)Ihrich/Arey, Sr. Died 1781 of R'ham Co. The Assassination - Time-Life Books The Battle of Gettysburg The Battle of Scary Creek The Beloved Schoolmaster The Bicentennial Guide to the American Revolution The Bicksler - Bixler Family 1728-1968 The Blockade - Time-Life Books The Bloodiest Day - Time-Life Books The Bly Family-A History of the Bly Family- A Record of the Descendants of Philip Bly- Eighteenth Century German Pioneer in the Shenandoah Valley of V The Brethren Encyclopedia Vol I, II,& III The Building of Interstate 81 and its Impact on Shenandoah, Rockingham, and Augusta Counties The Byerly Family of the Valley of Virginia The Children of the Shenandoah - Hensley Descendants - Vol. I & Vol. II. The Chimes, Muhlenberg Lutheran Church Newsletter--1969-1991 The Christian Wine Family--Section II of IV The Civil War The Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley - Second Edition The Civil War in Virginia--The Commonwealth - The Magazine of Virginia The Clocks of Shenandoah The Coastal War- Time-Life Books The Concise Illistrated History of the Civil War--Magazine The Confederate Cause and Conduct in the War Between the States The Confederate Constitution The Confinement of Axis Prisoners of War in the United States During World War II. The CPS Story: An Illustrated History of Civilian Public Service The Crooked & Weedy, Chesapeake Western Railway The Culpeper Classes The Cymry of '76 The Dean Mountain Story The Descendants of Captain Thomas Carter- 1652-1912 of Lancaster County, Virginia

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The Descendants of Jacob Richwine The Descendants of John Hupp, Sr. The Draper Manuscripts Microfilm Edition The Dyer Settlement, Fort Seybert Massacre The Early Settlers of Maryland The Earmans of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia The Embattled Confederacy - The Image of War 1861-1865 Vol III The End of an Era - The Image of War 1861-1865 Vol. VI The Estate of William Price Sites The Fairfax Line - A Historic Landmark The Family Dyer,Being a Complete Guide for Colouring Every Variety of Shade, on Woolen, Cotton, Linen and Silk Goods The Family of Henry Pirkey Sr of Rockingham Co., VA The Fifty-Five Years of the Massanetta Summer Assembly : The Lutheran Synod of Virginia The Fight for Chattanooga The Folk Art of Pennsylvania Dutchland The Games We Played The Genealogists Encyclopedia The German and Swiss Settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania The German Element in Virginia Volume 1 & 2 in same book The German-American Connection--A Historical Sketch with tips for sightseeing Adventures and for Tracing Family in Germany The Germans in Colonial Times The Gettysburg Death Roster - The Confederate Dead at Gettysburg The Great Valley Road of Virginia The Great Wagon Road The Guns of 62 - The Image of War 1861-1865, Vol. 2 The Handybook for Genealogists The Harmonia Sacra - A Compilation of Genuine Church Music The Heartland, Rockingham County The Heatwole Story The Hering Clock--It's Owners & their Families The Herrs And Lancaster County's Other First Mennonite Pioneers The High Alleghenies The Importance of Making Progress, The Potteries of Emmanuel Suter, 18511897 The Kagey Family 1715-2007 The Killing Ground- Time - Life Books The Kite Family of Page County, Virginia & Surrounding Counties The Lam & Knight Families of Rockingham County, VA.

Alatza, Mildred E. Dilts Davis, Ray M. Zz Talbot, Mary Lee Keister Skordas, Gust Jeffrey Myrle Earman Zz Zz Gibbs,Blaine; Gibbs,Ken; Hall,Elizabeth Si McClinton, Arthur T. HRHS Delaney, Sandra L. Byerly, J.H. and Ccommittee Korn, Jerry Smith, Elmer L. Heatwole, John L. Pine, L. G. Kuhns, Oscar Schuricht, Herrmann Lufthansa Bittinger, Lucy F. Krick, Robert K. Hofstra, Warren R. and Raitz, Karl Rouse, Parke Jr. Zz Everton, George B. Jr. Funk, Joseph Hess, Nancy Heatwole, Franklin David Hering, Mary Michele & Timothy Taylor, J Burkholder, Mabel Smith, J. Lawrence Suter, Scott Hamilton Runyon, Kenneth M. Jaynes, Gregory Souder, Tressie Grimsley Riegert, Sandi Lam & Pryor,Debbie Lam

The Leedy Family History The Legacy of Adam Fisher ( - 1757)

Connelly, Gordon M. Fisher, James S. Van Pelt, Michele L. U.S. Army The Library of Virginia Williamson, Mrs. Mary L. Hannah, Wayne and Sally Owen, Gregory L. Nottingham, Stratton Hoover, Mary Beth Baldwin, Mudge & Schlegel Murphy, Richard W. Turner, Edward Raymond Zz

The Legend of Liskey- A Genealogical Journal Vol. 2 The lesson and the Legacy--The Official Army Information Digest--U.S. Army Magazine--August 1961 The Library Of Virginia- Patron Information For Research The Life of General Thomas J. Jackson The Light Still Shines- Celebrating 70 Years Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative The Longest Patrol : A U-Boat Gunner's War The Marriage License Bonds of Westmoreland County Virginia From 1786 to 1850 The Martin Hoover and Amanda Rexroad Family The McKaig Journal: A Confederate Family of Cumberland The Nation Reunited - Time-Life Books The New Market Campaign The OCCGS Surname Index The Old House Journal The Old House Journal The O'Sullivans From Fahaduff County Kerry, To Loughfouder, County Kerry Ireland To The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia The Palatine Immigrant Vol. VIII NO. 3 (Newsletter) The Pennsylvania German Fraktur - 2 Vol. Set - Vol. 1 The Pennsylvania-German in Maryland The Pension List of 1820--Indexed Edition The Peter Fifer Family -Fifer History - Descendants of Peter and Hannah Caricofe Fifer The Politics of Conscience- The Historic Peace Churches and America at War 1917-1955 The Posterity Of Jacob And Mary ( Funk ) Driver The Private Mary Chesnut--The Unpublished Civil War Diaries The Progency of Jacob Brunk I, The Will - Maker The Purkey Family and The Delaney Family (McVicker, Ash) The Renalds Family The History and Descendants of W. Patrick and Nancy Renalds The Report - the Ohio Genealogical Society 1986 -1990 Vol.1 The Reporter - The Ohio Genealogical Society 1986 -1990 Vol 2 The Reporter - The Ohio Genealogical Society Vol 3 The Rice Families of New Market, VA The Road to Shiloh - Time-Life Books The Roadcap Family in Brocks Gap Area, Rockingham Co., VA The Roster of Rockingham County Men in the Confederate Service

Bowers, Judith O'Sullivan The Palatine Immigrant Society Weiser, Frederick S. & Heaney, Howell J. Nead, Daniel Wunderlich The Secretary of War Wampler, Fifer, and Seilhamer Keim, Albert N. and Stoltzfus, Grant M. Fisher, Clerice Joy Zehrbach Woodward, C. Vann, Muhlenfeld, Elisabet Brunk, Harry Anthony Delaney, Sandra L. Newcomer, Elsie Renalds Bell, Carol Willsey Bell, Carol Willsey Bell - Carol Willsey Rice, E. Walter, MD Nevin. David Ritchie, Patricia T., Breneman, Wilson R. Zz

The Roster of the General Society of the War of 1812 - 1989 The Royal Land Com'y of Virginia: Its Purposes and Charters: Its Anthracite Coal, Iron Ore, Other Mineral Timber Lands: and Its Narrow Guage The Rush Family History (with Benson, Belk, Goodrow, Jenkins, Posey, Powell, Taylor, Lee, Buchanan, Callahan) The Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania, 1763-1783 The Shenandoah in Flames - Time-Life Books The Shenandoah Valley a pictorial history The South Besieged - The Image of War 1861-1865 Vo. V The Spirit of 'Seventy-Six--The Story of the American Revolution As Told by Participants The Staunton Artillery - McClanahan's Battery The Stephenson Family History The Stepp Family Chronicles The Stonewall Brigade The Stonewall Brigade Band The Story of Fort Hell (Fort Sedgwick)--constructed during the siege of Petersonburg, 1864-1865 The Story of Helvetia Community, Randolph County, West Virginia (1869-1969) The Story of the Palatines - An Episode in Colonial History The Struggle for Tennessee - Time-Life Books The Studebaker Family in America 1736-1976 The Tie That Binds - The Peter Sipe Family of Rockingham County, Virginia 1680-2009 The Tie That Binds - The Samuel Garber Family The Trail of Agony--The Arduous Civil War Journey of David Whanger The Trail of the Black Walnut The Tree Army--A Pictorial History of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), 1933-1942 The Virginia Genealogical Society Newsletter The Virginia Home Guards 1st Edition The War & Louisa County 1861-1865 The War 1861-1865 as depicted in prints by Currier and Ives The Way We Are: A Celebration of 75 Years, 1917-1992 The Wetsel Family-Hans Martin Wetsel of Preuschdorf,To Paulser Whetsel of Bays Mountain, Tennessee - 2nd Edition The World Book of Ralstons Theses and Dissertations on Virginia History; A Bibliography They Are Indeed A Very Useful Corps - American Riflemen in the Revolutionary War They Went Thataway; Abstracts of wills, deeds, marriage and legal records (3 Vol in one) This Was The Life: Excerpts from the Judgment Records of Frederick County, Maryland--1748-1765

Blizzard, Dennis F. Royal Land Company of Virginia Finks, Phoebe Lee Davis Doddridge, Joseph Lewis, Thomas A. Steffey, Ron Zz Commager, Henry Steele & Morris, Richar Driver, Jr., Robert J. Stephenson, Eric D. Stepp, William W. Robertson, James I. Jr. Brice, Marshall M. Fort Hell Battlefield Helvetia Community Cobb, Sanford H. Street, James Jr. Studebaker Family National Association Garber, Wayne E. Thompson, Linda A. Whanger, Thomas Richard Reaman, G. Elmore Cohen, Stan

Weaver, Jeffrey C. Swank, Walbrook Davis National Mutual Insurance Company Publication committee Whetsel, Frances and Charles Zz Duncan, Richard R. Cecere, Michael Hamlin, Charles Hughes Rice, Millard Milburn

Thomas Begat--An accounting of the Family of Thomas Thompson Thomas Estep, Sr.and His Descendants Thomas Family, The Thomas Gordon of the Shenandoah His Descendants and Allied Families Thomas Hariot's Virginia Thomas Lamonts in America, The Thompson Connection, The Thompson Family History, The Three Interesting Families - Historical Reminiscence of Three Interesting Families Three R's and a Hickory Stick, History of Education in New Erection School Three Sons of Steffan Petry 1729-1977 Timberville, The Early Years (Hardcover) Timesaving Aid to Va.& WVa. Ancestors - Vol I Timesaving Aid to Va.& WVa. Ancestors - Vol I Timesaving Aid to Va.& WVa. Ancestors - Vol II Timesaving Aid to Va.& WVa. Ancestors - Vol II Timesaving Aid to Va.& WVa. Ancestors - Vol III Timesaving Aid to Va.& WVa. Ancestors - Vol IV Tinkling Spring Church, The--Headwater of Freedom To Walk in the Light, The History of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, R'ham Parish, H'burg, VA Tombstone Inscriptions found in Toms Brook, and vicinity in Shenandoah County, VA Tombstone Inscriptions Shenandoah and Page Counties, Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions Strasburg, and Vicinity Shenandoah County, VA Tombstone Inscriptions: New Market, Mt. Jackson, & Edinburg Vicinities of Shenandoah County, Virginia Tombstone Inscriptions; Page County, Virginia; Volume I of II Tombstone Inscriptions; Page County, Virginia; Volume II of II Tombstone Inscriptions; Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal Virginia & Other Warren County Vicinities Tombstone Inscriptions; Shenandoah County, Virginia & Borderin Counties: Frederick, Rockingham, Warren, Fauquier, Rappahanock & Hardy Co., West Virgin Tombstone Inscriptions; Woodstock and Vicinity, Shenandoah County, Virginia Touring the Shenandoah Valley Backroads Tracing Your British Ancestors - A Guide To Genealogical Sources Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor Tracing Your German Roots Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry Trans-Allegheny Pioneers - Historical Sketches of the First White Settlements West of the Alleghenies 1748 And After

Hankins, Edith Jackson Vidal, Millichampe, Wheland & Hanson Yankey, Lewis H. Temple, Terry G. de Bry, Theodore Lamont, Corliss William Thompson Genealogical and Histo Thompson, Mary Anna Swartz, M. Alberta Suter, Mary E. Rummel, Merle & Madelaine Olt Rummel Garber, Beverly L. Wardell, P. G. Wardell, P.G. Wardell, P. G. Wardell, P.G. Wardell, P. G. Wardell, P.G. Wilson, Howard McKnight Hall, Arthur R. Borden, Duane Lyle Borden, Duane L. Borden, Duane Lyle Borden, Duane Lyle Borden, Duane Lyle Borden, Duane L. & Ritenor, Jeanette Conn Borden, Duane Lyle Borden, Duane Lyle

Borden, Duane L. Sutcliffe, Andrea Hamilton-Edwards, Gerald Groene, Bertram Hawthorne Wellauer, Maralyn A. Cory, Kathleen B. Hale, John P.

Trissels Mennonite Church Cemetery Update of Rockingham Co., Trumbo Family Tugwell & Finch Families of TN and Allied Families of VA and NC Tulpehocken Church Records--1730-1800; Christ (Little Tulpehocken) Church & Altalaha Church, Rehrersburg Tunis Old School Primitive Baptist Church at Brocks Gap, Virginia, Minutes from 1860-1939 Tunker House Proceedings Turley Cemetery of Rockingham Cemetery Turner Mill, The Twenty Million Yankees - Time-Life Books Twenty Years of History; Massanutten and More Twenty-five Chapters on the Shenandoah Valley Twenty-four Hundred Tennessee Pensioners--Revolution War of 1812 Twixt North and South UDC Magazine (The United Daughters of the Confederacy) Ulrich Rinehart Family & Descendants, The; 1704-1985 (Rhinehart) Undying Past of Shenandoah National Park, The Uniforms of the American Revolution Unioinists and the Civil War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley Vol. IV Unionists and the Civil War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley - Volume V Unionists and the Civil War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley Vol. I Unionists and the Civil War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley Vol. II Unionists and the Civil War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley Vol. III Unionists and the Civil War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley Volume IV United Methodist Churdh History 1806-1972 New Hope, Virginia Unmasking, Virginia Myth, Who Visited First the Virgin Valley Unpuzzling Your Past - 4th Edition Unpuzzling Your Past 2nd Edition Until seperated by death. Lives and Civil War Letters of Jesse Rolston, Jr. & Mary Catharine Cromer Upper Peaked Mountain Church (Massanutten Church Lutheran-Reformed) (Presby. 1746-1776) Using Land Records to Solve Research Problems Va. Ghost Stories Valentin and Michael Kayser- Pennsylvania Pioneers and Their Descendants in Virginia Valley Leaves Valley Leaves Valley Leaves Valley Leaves

Smith, Eunice Geil Trumbo, Everette Allen & Mary Catherine Rollins, Sarah Finch Maiden The Pennsylvania German Society Zz Yount, Joseph B., III Emswiler, Robert & Lois Turner, Herman B. Jackson, Donald Dale Brinkman, June M. Wayland, John W. Armstrong Zella Calhoun, J. M. UDC Henning, Elma A. Lambert, Darwin Mollo, John & McGregor, Malcolm Wenger, Norman R, Rodes, David S, Bittin Rodes, David S., Wenger, Norman R. Bitti Rodes, Wenger, and Bittinger Rodes, Wenger, and Bittinger Rodes, David s. Wenger, Norman R., Bittin Wenger, Norman R., Rodes, David S., Bitti Barnhart, Nat G. Hammond, Gene Paige Croom, Emily Anne Croom, Emily Anne Miller, Joyce De Bolt HRHS Elliott, Wendy L.

Kiser, James Van Lieu Zz Zz Zz Zz

Valley Leaves Valley National Bank Presents Harrisonburg Illustrations Valley of the Shadow Valley Pioneer Artists And Those Who Continue Valley Thunder - The Battle of New Market and the Opening of the Shenandoah Valley Campaign, May 1864 Valley Turnpike, The; Winchester to Staunton and other roads; Volume 6 Vance Vanishing American Outhouse, The Vestry Book of Augusta Parish 1746-1776 Vintage Virginia; A History of Good Taste Virginia - A Guide to the Old Dominion Virginia 1840 Census Index Virginia Appalacian Notes Virginia Bulletin, The, Sons of the American Revolution, The Virginia Census--1790 (First Census of the United States) Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol. 30 Huntington Library Data Virginia Court Records in Southwestern Pennsylvania 1775-1780 Virginia Cousins A Study of the Ancestry and the Posterity of John Goode of Whitby Virginia Cowne Family: From it's Origin in the Isle of Man to England and America Virginia Craftsmen, Inc. Virginia Genealogy--A Guide to Resources in the University of Virginia Library Virginia Germans, The Virginia Ghosts Virginia Historical Registers: A Guide for Property Owners Virginia History in Documents; 1621-1788 Virginia Land Office Inventory - Third Edition Virginia Landmarks Register, The Virginia Local History Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, The; from October 1983-2000 Virginia Marriages 1700-1799 Virginia Military Records Virginia Militia In The Revolutionary War Virginia NGS Research in the States Series Virginia Off the Beaten Path--A Guide to Unique Places Virginia Old Order Mennonite Families Virginia Place Names--Derivations--Historical Uses Virginia Postmasters and Post Offices 1789-1832

Zz Loewner, Austin & Green, John Neff, Ray A. Shenandoah College and Conservatory Knight, Charles R. Wayland, John W. Zz Barlow, Ronald S.

Virginia Dietetic Association Cookbook, T WPA State of Virginia Jackson, Ronald Vern Southwestern Va. Genealogical Society, Ro

Zz Fleet, Beverly Crumrine, Boyd Goode, G. Brown Cowne, Jonathan A. and Janna L.

Zz Wust, Klaus Lee, Marquerite DuPont Va. Dept. of Historic Resources Gaines, William H. Virginia State Library and Archives Va Historic Landmarks Board Virginia State Library Virginia Historical Society McDonald, Cecil D., Jr. The Virginia Magazine of History & Biogra McAllister, J.T. Grundset, Eric G. Colbert, Judy & Ed Beery, Dwight and Erma Hanson, Raus McDill Axelson, Edith F.

Virginia Publick Claims Berkeley County Virginia Publick Claims for Shenandoah County Virginia about 1782 Virginia Publick Claims: Hampshire County Virginia Record - Confederate Centennial Edition Vol. 83 Virginia Record - Confederate Centennial Edition, Second Revised edition Virginia Research Sources with Additional Data Virginia Revolutionary War Land Grand Claims--1783--1850 (Rejected) Virginia Soldiers in the United States Army 1800-1815 Virginia Soldiers of 1776--Volume I Virginia Soldiers of 1776--Volume II Virginia Soldiers of 1776--Volume III Virginia Soldiers of the American Revolution--Volume 1 Virginia Soldiers of the American Revolution--Volume 2 Virginia State Convention of the American Legion of Harrisonburg 1930 Virginia State Library and Archives; Using Land Tax Records Virginia Tax Payers--1782-87 Virginia The Old Dominian; Vol I Virginia Valley Records Virginia Valley Records (Militia records) Virginia War History in Newspaper Clippings Virginia Wills and Administrations; 1632-1800 Virginia Wills before 1799 Virginia: The New Dominion Virginia; County Records; Early Virginia Marriages--Vol. IV (1700's & 1800's) Virginia--1830--Census Index Virginia's Colonial Soldiers Virginia's Executive Mansion Vital Records Handbook Wagon Road to the Western Mountains of Virginia Walker Family History Wampler Family Record, A Wamplers 1871-1971 100 Anniversary of John Wampler Family at Sunny Slope Farm War of 1812 Genealogy War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies-Series I, Vol 43 Part II War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. War on the Frontier - Time-Life Books War on the Mississippi - Time-Life Book

Abercrombie, Janice L. & Slatten, Richard Abercrombie, Janice L. Abercrombie, Janice L. & Slatten, Richard Zz Downey, Clifford Clay, Robert Y. Hopkins, William Lindsay Butler, Stuart Lee Burgess, Louis A. Burgess, Louis A. Burgess, Louis A. Eckenrode, Hamilton J. Eckenrode, Hamilton J. Zz Zz Fothergill, Augusta B. & Naugle Andrews, Matthew Page Wayland, John Wayland, John W. Zz Torrence, Clayton Clemens, William Montgomery Dabney, Virginius Crozier, William Armstrong Jackson, Ronald Vern Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt Seale, William Kemp, Thomas J. Griffin, Frances Huff Ashworth, June Faye Mason, Floyd R. Bowers, Catherine W. & Bryan, Roseline Schweitzer, George K. The National Historical Society Government Printing Office Josephy, Alvin M. Jr. Korn, Jerry

Waring--Waren--Weren--Wearren--Warren Warren County, Va. Marriages 1836-1850 Washington County Tennessee Wills - 1777-1872 Washington County Virginia Marriages -1853-1880 Washington County Virginia Marriages Minister's Returns 1776-1855 Washington County, Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 Way Family Reunion, Descendents of Harrison Frederick Gepart Way & Harriet Blanche Phillip Waynesboro, Virginia's Fuller Family and the War Between the States Weatherholtz Family History Weaver Family History Webster, Henry and Charity Family Record of Virginia Wehrmacht Autumns--German Prisoners of War (World War II) Plains District, Rockingham Co. Wenger Book Index, The Wenger Book, The West Augusta District- West Virginia West Virginia & Regional History Collection West Virginia (Historic Sites of) West Virginia and Regional History Collection Newsletter, Morgantown, West Virginia West Virginia Clippings (in bright Pink plastic accordian folder) West Virginia Estate Settlements West Virginia Genealogy Sources and Resources West Virginia Grave Register, Pendleton County, West Virginia--1977--Register I of II West Virginia NGS Research in the States Series West Virginia Revolutionary Ancestors West Virginians in the American Revolution West Virginians in the Revolution Weyers Cave's First Century 1874-1974 Whaling Masters When this you See, Think of Me! Heavner family When Your Ox Is in the Ditch--Genealogical How-to-Letters Where the River Flows--Finding faith in Rockingham Co., VA--1726-1876 (Churches) Whetzel Family, The White Church on A High Hill, A Whitmore Family Descendants of Jacob O. Whitmore Whitmore/Firebaugh Miscellaneous Will and Estate Records Virginia State Library; A Researchers Guide

Waring, R.N. Vogt & Kethley Burgner, Goldene Fillers Colley, Thomas Hiatt & Scott Burgner, Goldene Fillers Arlene Way & Betty Way Hedrick Skelton, Lawrence H. Weatherholtz, Sharon Morris, Virginia Dare Weaver Mason, Floyd R. and Kathryn Garst Owen, Gregory L. Wenger, Samuel S. Wenger, Samuel S. Brooks, Vince Zz Cohen, Stan B. & Pauley, Michael J. Zz Zz Johnson, Ross B. McGinnis, Carol Pendleton County Historical Society Little, Barbara Vines Reddy, Anne Waller Johnston, Ross B. Johnston, Ross B. Skelton, Harold E. Zz Liskey, Judy Ruleman McDowell, Vera Hewitt, Rob Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie Arrington, Mary Marie Koontz Whittemore, Grace Kilmer Zz Vogt & Kethley

William and Susan Wright Descendants William Clayton Vance of Rockingham County, VA (1860-1946) His Descendants & Ancestors William Good Family William Haydon, Kentucky Adventurer, 1740-1819 William Preston and the Allegheny Patriots William Silveus & Rachel Susanna Tusing Silveus Family History (1821-1990) William West Family, The Wills and Administrations of Elizabeth City County, Virginia 1610-1800 Winchester in the Civil War 2nd Edition Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Newsletter Wine Family Cemetery near Ottobine, Rockingham Co. Wine Family In America, The-- Section III of IV Wine Family in America, The-- Section IV of IV Wine Family in America--First Section of IV Winning The Old Northwest Territory 1774-1813 Witches and Witch Doctors Wittig Family of Rockingham Co., Va., The Women in the Age of the American Revolution Wonderful Shenandoah Valley, The Woodbine Cemetery Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., Va. Works Project Administration- Historical Articles from Rockingham CountyRecorded in the 1930s World Almanac, The World War II and Your Community, A Guidebook World War II Through My Eyes--Letters of John G. Stewart Wrights On The Move: Follow Over Six Generations of James Wright's Descendants From Delaware to Virginia, Pennsylvania and Points West Write it Right Wuerttemberg Emigration Index (German Emigration) Volume 1 of 4) Wuerttemberg Emigration Index (German Emigration) Volume 2 of 4) Wuerttemberg Emigration Index (German Emigration) Volume 3 of 4) Wuerttemberg Emigration Index (German Emigration) Volume 4 of 4) Wythe County,Va. Marriages 1790-1850 York Co., Va. Marriages, Vol. I, Bonds & Minister Returns York County Pennsylvania Deeds- Vol. I 1749-1758; Vol. II 1758-1761; Vol. III 1762-1763 Yorktown 1781--The World Turned Upside Down Zehring documents Zenda: 1869-1930 - An African American Community of Hope

Wilson, Elby C. Vance, John B. Hulvey, Velma June Haydon, Robert Johnson, Patricia Givens Pfeiffer, Gladys L. Silveus Behr, Steve Chapman, Blanche Adams Delauter, Roger U Winchester-Frederick Co. Historical Societ Glick, Dawn K. Wine, Joseph F. Wine, Dennis H. & Link, Donald N. Wine, Jacob David Smyth, Cecil B., Jr. Heatwole, John L. Yankey, Lewis H. edited Patricia Ritchie Hoffman, Ronald & Albert, Peter J. Gray, R.L. HRHS Liskey, J. Nelson Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Socie Zz Obrodita, William B. Stewart, John G. Kennedy, Sandra Wright Barnes, Donald R. & Lackey, Richard S. Schenk, Trudy; Froelke, Ruth; & Bork, Ing Schenk, Trudy; Froelke, Ruth; & Bork, Ing Schenk, Trudy; Froelke, Ruth; & Bork, Ing Schenk, Trudy; Froelke, Ruth; & Bork, Ing Vogt & Kethley Pollock, Michael E. Alguire, Joan L. Morrissey, Brendan Zz Jones, Nancy Bondurant

Ziegler Family Record, Revised Zimmerman Index Zion Church Records, Pendleton County, West Virginia Zion Hill Baptist Church (Dunkard) Botetourt County, Virginia Zirkle Branches - Yesteryears & Yesterdays Zirkle Family in America Zirkle Family Newsletter Zynodoa, Vol. XI; 1920 Yearbook of Shenandoah Collegiate Institute, Dayton, Virginia

Mason, Floyd R. Diehl, Elizabeth A. Zz Riffle, Conrad Jilka & Vickery Zirkle, Gordon K Zirkle Family Historical Association Senior Class of Shenandoah Collegiate Insti

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