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TOP TWENTY SALES 2010 Winter Mixed Sale January 14-16, 2010

Horse Birth Year/ Sex Dashin Follies 99 134 988 323 359 94 681 933 894 992 703 311 653 727 547 204 05 05 Daze Like This 06 06 Ah Sigh 92 09 M C Carrington Beach Vital Fishin Time 04 M Floridbunda 04 M M S Corona Fireball M M M Coronita Cartel A Tempting Strawfly Sire Dam Strawfly Special Dashing Folly Corona Cartel Dashin Follies Strawfly Special A Tempting Chick Corona Cartel Gold Daze Corona Cartel Hotsie Tootsie First Down Dash Cindio FDD Dynasty Runaway Wave Fishers Dash Vital Time Special Effort Tinys Rose Bud The Signature Acceptable Risk On A High M M M M M M Secret Meeting Pure D Dash Get A Victory Chicks Beduino Reeds Signature Mr Eye Opener Shes Jess Special Separatist Mongoose Jet Eye First Down Dash Deeachick Teller Cartel Walk Thru Fire Wave Carver Samaja, Gianni Franco Lazy E Ranch, LLC Pierce, Joel Rod Bob Moore Farms, LLC Mackie Racing, LLC Lazy E Ranch, LLC Foothills Farm Lazy E Ranch, LLC Page 1 of 2 Vince Genco, Agent $47,000 SRA Ranch $48,000 JBN Quarter Horses $50,000 JBN Quarter Horses $50,000 Teller Cartel Corona Cartel Molina, Celina Lazy E Ranch, LLC Kelly, Marilou Lazy E Ranch, LLC Kitchens, Bunt Blanchard Ranch $50,000 Corner K Quarter Horses, LLC $50,000 Vaughn & Jill Cook $52,000 Tac It Like A Man Corona Cartel Corona Cartel Pine Ridge Farm, LLC Lazy E Ranch, LLC Andreini, John Lazy E Ranch, LLC Lucas Racing, Inc. Lazy E Ranch, LLC Kuzyk, Zory Lazy E Ranch, LLC Double Bar S Ranch, LLC Post Oak Farm $52,000 JBN Quarter Horses $57,000 Rafter W Stables $65,000 Ah Sigh Partnership $70,000 Beto Orsi $73,000 First Down Dash Corona For Me Owner Agent Pohl, Michael A. Oklahoma Stud Pohl, Michael A. Oklahoma Stud Van Amburgh, Ron & Denise Gomez, Jaime Double Bar S Ranch, LLC Alan & Denise Tyler $100,000 Vaughn & Jill Cook $150,000 Tyler Graham, Agent $250,000

Hip 147

Covering Sire

Buyer Tyler Graham, Agent

Sale Price $875,000

Sign Windjammer 94 Mexican Radio 00 04 96 05 Steal Away 06 Make It Work 01 Pure Victory Dash Reeds Evening Star White Or Wrong M

Jan 19, 2010 - 1:35 pm

TOP TWENTY SALES 2010 Winter Mixed Sale January 14-16, 2010

Horse Birth Year/ Sex Ladys Cartel 99 844 139 480 Burnin Bye 06 Hot Lips Perry 06 Skyline Lover 06 G M M M Sire Dam Corona Cartel Ima Ladys Alibi Separatist Sweet Bye And Bye Mr Jess Perry Rustys Quickid Feature Mr Jess Loves That Gold Hawkinson Owner Agent Pierce Family Partnership Bob Moore Farms, LLC Barley & Sharp Farms & Steve Burns Burns Ranch Pohl, Michael A. Oklahoma Stud Burgess M.D., James G. JEH Stallion Station Dan Frazier $41,000 Andreini & Genco $42,000 Burns Ranch $42,000

Hip 367

Covering Sire Gold Medal Jess

Buyer Fernando H.F. Bertim

Sale Price $46,000

Jan 19, 2010 - 1:35 pm

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