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NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (Hertfordshire)

Did you know that you may be able to claim a refund for the cost of travel to your NHS appointment?

Am I eligible? A m I eligible? flowchart

To qualify you must meet three conditions: - At the time of your appointment you must be receiving one of the following benefits: - Income Support - Income Based Employment and Support Allowance - Income Based Jobseekers Allowance - Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit - Pension Credit - Guarantee Credit - War disablement pension or meet the criteria of the NHS Low Income Scheme - You are named on, or entitled to an NHS tax credit exemption certificate - You have a low income and are named on certificate HC2 or HC3 - You must have been travelling to receive NHS-funded medical or dental care, to which you have been referred by a GP, dentist or consultant. - For referrals made by a doctor or dentist, your appointment must be on a different day or on different premises from the place where your doctor or dentist made the appointment for you.

If you do not qualify but are on a low income you may also be able to claim if you can provide proof that you are: - Living permanently in a care home or accommodation paid for by your local council - An Asylum Seeker for who support is provided under Part V1 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999


NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (Hertfordshire)

Transport to and from Mental Health Inpatient Units Additional support is also provided for patients attending appointments with Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Contact your care co-ordinator or ward staff for further information.

Taking a child or dependent for treatment You can claim travel costs for taking a child, or other dependent, if they meet condition 2 or 3 and you meet condition 1 at the time of the appointment. Any young person aged 16 or over may make their own Low Income Scheme claim.

What if I need someone to come with me? If you are eligible, you can also claim travel costs for an additional person if your doctor, dentist or consultant says that for medical reasons you need someone to travel with you.

What the scheme will not support You cannot claim costs of travel to: - Your local doctor or dentist for routine care, such as check-ups, vaccinations, cervical cancer screening or minor surgery - Urgent primary care services during the out of hour periods (i.e. between 6.30pm and 8.00pm weekdays, at weekends or on bank holidays) - Visit someone in hospital. (Although visitors in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits may be able to receive assistance in the form of a Social Fund payment. Contact Jobcentre Plus for more information.)

How do I claim a refund? The easiest way to claim your refund is on the day of your appointment at one of the following: - Lister Hospital, Stevenage (cash office located along the corridor from the main entrance) - Mount Vernon Hospital, Patient Affairs Office (cash office located in the main building near the reception) - Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Welwyn Garden City, (General Office located along the main corridor near the shop)


NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (Hertfordshire)

- Hemel Hempstead Hospital, Patient Affairs Office (located in the administration block) - Watford General Hospital, Patient Affairs Office (located in the front entrance of the main - Princess Michael of Kent - block)

In order to claim you will need to provide: - your travel receipts - a stamped appointment letter or card (clinic staff will be able to do this for you), and - proof of eligible benefits

Staff will be able to assist you with your claim.

If your appointment is not at one of the places listed above you can reclaim travel costs through the post.

Refunds through the post You will need to complete an orange form, known as an HC5 (T), which can be obtained from the hospitals listed above branches of Jobcentre Plus the Department of Health website at (enter HC5(T) in the search box) the Department of Health telephone line: 0845 610 1112 NHS Business Services Authority website at

[NB: Claims submitted on the old HC5 (blue) form will still be accepted].

Depending on the basis of your claim, you will then need to send or take the form to one of the following organisations to have your claim checked and stamped.


NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (Hertfordshire)

Eligible benefit

Where to send or take your form?

Income Support

Jobcentre Plus, Watford BDC Ascot Road, Watford, WD99 1AA

Your local Jobcentre can provide freepost )your claim form on (see phone dire envelopes or will forward

Income Based Employment and Support Allowance

Income Based Jobseekers Allowance

Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit

Pension Credit - Guarantee Credit


NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (Hertfordshire)

Pension Centre

(the one dealing with your claim)

War disablement pension

Veterans Agency, Norcross

Blackpool, FY5 3WP

NHS Low Income Scheme

NHS Business Services Authority Sandyford House Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE2 1DB


NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (Hertfordshire)

Named on, or entitled to, an NHS tax credit exemption certificate

You have a low income and are named on certificate HC2 or HC3.

Once the form has been stamped it will be sent, together with your travel receipts and stamped proof of attendance to NHS Hertfordshire (the primary care trusts) who will reimburse eligible transport costs.

Postal claims can be made up to three months after your appointment has taken place. If you are registered with a doctor outside of Hertfordshire we will refer your claim to the Primary Care Trust where you live.

What else do I need to know? You are encouraged to use public transport where it is available, however all reasonable journeys will be considered. If you travel by car you will be reimbursed the estimated cost of fuel only. The current rate based on government advice is set at 15p per mile. You are still eligible to claim for unavoidable car parking and toll charges on top. Where a cheaper reasonable public transport alternative is available you may be refunded at a lower rate. Advice will be provided about your options for future travel.

Where you plan to use a taxi for transport it is recommended that you check with the relevant hospital cash office before you travel to agree this. Taxi mileage claims in excess of 80p per mile will be queried.

Further help The Hospital Travel Costs Scheme is a national scheme and a booklet (HC11) 'Help with health costs' is available if you need further information. Copies can be downloaded from or can be obtained by calling 0845 610 1112.


NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (Hertfordshire)

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau may also be able to help.

To follow up a claim you have already submitted please write to:

NHS Hertfordshire Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme Claims Charter House Parkway Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire AL8 6JL

Or call 01707 369648



NHS Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (Hertfordshire)

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