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HexTow® IM7 carbon fiber is a continuous, high performance, intermediate modulus, PAN based fiber available in 12,000 (12K) filament count tows. This fiber has been surface treated and can be sized to improve its interlaminar shear properties, handling characteristics, and structural properties. It is suggested for use in weaving, prepregging, filament winding, braiding, and pultrusion. The unique properties of HexTow® IM7 fiber, such as higher tensile strength and modulus, as well as good shear strength, allow structural designers to achieve both higher safety margins for both stiffness and strength critical applications.

Typical Fiber Properties

Tensile Strength 6K 12K Tensile Modulus (Chord 6000-1000) Ultimate Elongation at Failure 6k 12K Density Weight/Length 6K 12K Approximate Yield 6K 12K Tow Cross-Sectional Area 6K 12K Filament Diameter Carbon Content Twist

U.S. Units

770 ksi 822 ksi 40.0 Msi 1.8% 1.9% 0.0643 lb/in3 12.5 x 10-6 lb/in 25.0 x 10-6 lb/in 6,674 ft/lb 3,337 ft/lb 1.94 x 10-4 in2 3.89 x 10-4 in2 0.203 mil 95.0% Never Twisted

SI Units

5,310 MPa 5,670 MPa 276 GPa 1.8% 1.9% 1.78 g/cm3 0.223 g/m 0.446 g/m 4.48 m/g 2.24 m/g 0.13 mm2 0.25 mm2 5.2 microns 95.0% Never Twisted

Typical HexPly 8552 Composite Properties

0º Tensile Strength 0º Tensile Modulus 0º Tensile Strain 0º Flexural Strength 0º Flexural Modulus 0º Short Beam Shear Strength 0º Compressive Strength 0º Compressive Modulus 0° Open Hole Tensile Strength 0° Open Hole Compressive Strength 90º Tensile Strength Fiber Volume

U.S. Units

395 ksi 23.8 ksi 1.6% 270 ksi 22.0 Msi 18.5 ksi 260 ksi 21.2 Msi 62 ksi 48.8 ksi 16.1 ksi 60%

SI Units

2,723 MPa 164 GPa 1.6% 1,862 MPa 152 GPa 128 MPa 1,793 MPa 146 GPa 427 MPa 336 MPa 111 MPa 60%

Test Method

ASTM D3039 ASTM D790 ASTM D2344 ASTM Mod. D695 ASTM D5766 ASTM D6484 ASTM D3039

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HexTow® IM7

Product Data

Yarn/Tow Characteristics

Specific Heat Electrical Resistivity Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Thermal Conductivity

U.S. Units

0.21 Btu/lb-°F 4.9 x 10-5 ohm-ft -0.36 ppm/ºF 3.12 Btu/hr-ft-ºF

SI Units

0.21 Cal/g-°C 1.5 x 10-3 ohm-cm -0.64 ppm/ºC 5.40 W/m-ºK

Carbon Fiber Certification

This carbon fiber is manufactured to Hexcel aerospace specification HS-CP-5000. A copy of this specification is available upon request. A Certification of Analysis will be provided with each shipment.

Available Sizing

Sizing compatible with various resin systems, based on application are available to improve handling characteristics and structural properties. Please see additional information on available Sizes on our website or contact our technical team for additional information.


Standard packaging of HexTow® IM7 is as follows:

Filament Count

Nominal Weight

(lb) (kg)

Nominal Length

(ft) (m)

6K 2.0 0.9 13,350 4,070 12K 4.0 1.8 13,350 4,070 Other package sizes may be available on request. The fiber is wound on a 3-inch ID by 11-inch long cardboard tube and overwrapped with plastic film.

Safety Information

Obtain, read, and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use of this product.


Hexcel Corporation believes, in good faith, that the technical data and other information provided herein is materially accurate as of the date this document is prepared. Hexcel reserves the right to modify such information at any time. The performance values in this data sheet are considered representative but do not and should not constitute specification minima. The only obligations of Hexcel, including warranties, if any, will be set forth in a contract signed by Hexcel or in Hexcel's then current standard Terms and Conditions of Sale as set forth on the back of Hexcel's Order Acknowledgement.

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March 2010


HexTow® AS4 carbon fiber is an aerospace grade, continuous, high strength, high strain, PAN based fiber available in 3,000 (3K), 6,000 (6K) and 12,000 (12K) filament count tows

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