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ENGLISH III ­HONORS ­ Reading Source Key AE = Prentice Hall Literature: The American Experience HO = Handout

UNIT 3: THE CRUCIBLE CL= Classroom Lecture I = Internet

READING ASSIGNMENTS: Introduction to Unit "BACKGROUND on ARTHUR MILLER, The Crucible, and the RED SCARE Arthur Miller's Vision of American Hysteria The Crucible Speech of Joseph McCarthy, Wheeling, West Virginia, February 9, 1950 Joseph McCarthy to President Harry Truman, February 11, 1950 CL

pp. 1034 ­ 1118 AE HO HO

WRITING ASSIGNMENTS: For this unit, you will be writing study questions for each act of The Crucible. They will serve as unit writings.

Monday, September 10th Tuesday, September 11th

DUE DATES: Vocab Words 5 (121 ­ 130) UNIT 2 TEST: Classicism Vocab Words 5 (131 ­ 140) Introduction to Unit ­ class lecture Begin reading ACT I Vocab Words 5 (141 ­ 150) READ: ACT I in class DUE: ***Mary Rowlandson Essay ROUGH DRAFT*** QUIZ: VOCAB QUIZ # 5 QUIZ: ACT I ­ The Crucible Vocab Words 6 (151 ­ 160) Parts of Speech: Nouns QUIZ: ACT II ­ The Crucible DUE: Study Questions for ACTS I and II Vocab Words 6 (161 ­ 170) Practice with Nouns Parts of Speech: Pronouns (begin) READ: part of ACT III ­ The Crucible in class, time permitting Vocab Words 6 (171 ­ 180) Parts of Speech: Pronouns (finish) Practice with Pronouns QUIZ: VOCAB QUIZ # 6 QUIZ: ACT III ­ The Crucible TEACHER WORK DAY ­ NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS! DUE: ***Mary Rowlandson Essay FINAL DRAFT*** Vocab Words 7 (181 ­ 190) Parts of Speech: Verbs with Verbals (begin)

Wednesday, September 12th Thursday, September 13th Friday, September 14th Monday, September 17th

Tuesday, September 18th

Wednesday, September 19th

Thursday, September 20th Friday, September 21st Monday, September 24th

Tuesday, September 25th

Vocab Words 7 (191 ­ 200) Parts of Speech: Verbs with Verbals (finish) Practice with Verbs and Verbals Vocab Words 7 (200 ­ 210) Practice with Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs with Verbals QUIZ: ACT IV ­ The Crucible DUE: Study Questions for ACTS III and IV QUIZ: POS ­ Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs (with Verbals) READ: "Speech of Joseph McCarthy" and " President Harry Truman" QUIZ: VOCAB QUIZ # 7 THINK TANKS on McCarthy speeches Vocab Words 8 (211 ­ 225) UNIT TEST: The Crucible PREP WORK: Court of Public Opinion Textual analysis of excerpts from The Crucible PREP WORK: Court of Public Opinion Textual analysis of excerpts from The Crucible QUIZ: VOCAB QUIZ # 8 SAT Prep: Hot Tips for a Better Verbal Score!! In-class SAT Essay Practice Theme Error Rules: Pronoun Errors in class VOCAB BINGO! TEST GRADE: Court of Public Opinion: The Cast of The Crucible InVOCABULARY MID-TERM TEST (words 1 ­ 225)

Wednesday, September 26th

Thursday, September 27th Friday, September 28th Monday, October 1st Tuesday, October 2nd Wednesday, October 3rd Thursday, October 4th Friday, October 5th Monday, October 8th Tuesday, October 9th Wednesday, October 10th

Thursday and Friday, October 11th and 12th NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS ­ ENJOY!


Microsoft Word - 2012_Fall_THE_CRUCIBLE_Syllabus.doc

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