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Brad Mehrtens, University of Illinois­ Urbana/Champaign

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Student Study Guide

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Another important aspect of the editorial process is the actual design, presentation, and layout of materials. It's confusing if the text and art aren't on the same page, or if a figure is too large or two small. We are indebted to the tireless efforts of Joyce Berendes (Lead Project Manager) and Wayne Harms (Design Manager) of McGraw-Hill. Their artistic talents, ability

to size and arrange figures, and attention to the consistency of the figures have been remarkable. We also wish to thank John Joran (Designer) who cleverly crafted both the interior and exterior designs. We would like to acknowledge the ongoing efforts of the superb marketing staff at McGraw-Hill. Kent Peterson (Vice President, Director of Marketing) oversees a talented staff of people who work tirelessly to promote our book. Special thanks to Chad Grall (Marketing Director), Wayne Vincent (Internet Marketing Manager), Debra Hash (Senior Marketing Manager) and Heather Wagner (Systems and Promotions Marketing Manager) for their ideas and enthusiasm for this book. The proposal of making a video website for the book was scary for the authors but actually turned out to be fun. Finally, other staff members at McGraw-Hill Higher Education have ensured that the authors and editors were provided with adequate resources to achieve the goal of producing a superior textbook. These include Kurt Strand (President, Science, Engineering, and Math), Marty Lange (Vice President, Editor-in-Chief), Michael Lange (Vice President, New Product Launches), Janice Roerig-Blong (Publisher) and Patrick Reidy (Executive Editor). In particular, Michael and Patrick communicated with the authors on a regular basis regarding the progress of this project. They attended most of the focus groups and author meetings, and even provided occasional input regarding the content of the book. The bottom line is that the author team is grateful that you have believed in this project, and have provided us with the resources to make it happen.

Student Supplements

Designed to help students maximize their learning experience in biology--we offer the following options to students: ARIS (Assessment, Review, and Instruction System) is an electronic study system that offers students a digital portal of knowledge. Students can readily access a variety of digital learning objects which include:

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chapter level quizzing pretests animations videos flashcards answers to Biological Inquiry Questions answers to all end-of-chapter questions MP3 and MP4 downloads of selected content learning outcomes and assessment capability woven around key content



Student Study Guide

ISBN: 0-07-299588-2 Helping students focus their time and energy on important concepts, the study guide offers students a variety of tools: 1. Practice Questions--approximately 10­12 multiple choice questions 2. Active Learning Questions--approximately 5­8 openended questions that ask the student to explore something and delve into content a little deeper, reinforcing content through experiential learning. 3. Outline/Summary of Fundamental Concepts--efficient listing of key concepts. 4. Key Terms 5. Strategies for Difficult Concepts

Content Delivery Flexibility

Brooker et al., Biology is available in many formats in addition to the traditional textbook to give instructors and students more choices when deciding on the format of their biology text. Choices include:

Color Custom by Chapter

For even more flexibility, we offer the Brooker: Biology text in a full-color, custom version that allows instructors to pick the chapters they want included. Students pay for only what the instructor chooses.


The complete text has been split into three natural segments to allow instructors more flexibility and students more purchasing options. Volume 1--Units 1 (Chemistry), 2 (Cell), and 3 (Genetics) ISBN 0-07-335332-9 Volume 2--Units 6 (Plants) and 7 (Animals) ISBN 0-07-335331-0 Volume 3--Units 4 (Evolution), 5 (Diversity), and 8 (Ecology) ISBN 0-07-335333-7


The entire text is available electronically through the ARIS website. This electronic text offers not only the text in a digital format but includes embedded links to figures, tables, animations, and videos to make full use of the digital tools available and further enhance student understanding.

Instructor Supplements

Dedicated to providing high quality and effective supplements for instructors, the following Instructor supplements were developed for Biology:

ARIS with Presentation Center

Assessment, Review, and Instruction System, also known as ARIS, is an electronic homework and course management system designed for greater flexibility, power, and ease of use than any other system. Whether you are looking for a preplanned course or one you can customize to fit your course needs, ARIS is your solution. In addition to having access to all student digital learning objects, ARIS allows instructors to:

· Assignments can include quiz questions, animations, and videos . . . anything found on the website. · Create announcements and utilize full course or individual student communication tools · Assign unique multi-level tutorial questions developed by content experts that provide intelligent feedback through a series of questions to help students truly understand a concept; not just repeat an answer.

Track Student Progress

· Assignments are automatically graded · Gradebook functionality allows full course management including: · Dropping the lowest grades · Weighting grades / manually adjusting grades · Exporting your gradebook to Excel, WebCT or BlackBoard

Build Assignments

· Choose from pre-built assignments or create your own custom content by importing your own content or editing an existing assignment from the pre-built assignment. xvi


· Manipulating data allowing you to track student progress through multiple reports

Offer More Flexibility

· Sharing Course Materials with Colleagues -- Instructors can create and share course materials and assignments with colleagues with a few clicks of the mouse allowing for multiple section courses with many instructors (and TAs) to continually be in synch if desired. · Integration with BlackBoard or WebCT--once a student is registered in the course, all student activity within McGraw-Hill's ARIS is automatically recorded and available to the instructor through a fully integrated grade book that can be downloaded to Excel, WebCT, or Blackboard.

etymology of key terms, "Beyond the Book" interesting facts, and sources for additional web resources. · Test Bank--The test bank offers multiple-choice and true/false questions that can be used for homework assignments or the preparation of exams. · Computerized Test Bank--This software can be utilized to quickly create customized exams. The user-friendly program allows instructors to sort questions by format or level of difficulty; edit existing questions or add new ones; and scramble questions and answer keys for multiple versions of the same test.

Student Response System

Wireless technology brings interactivity into the classroom or lecture hall. Instructors and students receive immediate feedback through wireless response pads that are easy to use and engage students. This system can be used by instructors to:

Presentation Center

Build instructional materials wherever, whenever, and however you want!

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Take attendance Administer quizzes and tests Create a lecture with intermittent questions Manage lectures and student comprehension through the use of the gradebook · Integrate interactivity into their PowerPoint presentations


ISBN: 0-07-295657-7 This boxed set of overhead transparencies includes every piece of line art in the textbook. The images have been modified to ensure maximum readability in both small and large classroom settings.

ARIS Presentation Center is an online digital library containing assets such as photos, artwork, animations, PowerPoints, and other media types that can be used to create customized lectures, visually enhanced tests and quizzes, compelling course websites, or attractive printed support materials. Access to your book, access to all books! The Presentation Center library includes thousands of assets from many McGraw-Hill titles. This ever-growing resource gives instructors the power to utilize assets specific to an adopted textbook as well as content from all other books in the library. Nothing could be easier! Accessed from the instructor side of your textbook's ARIS website, Presentation Center's dynamic search engine allows you to explore by discipline, course, textbook chapter, asset type, or keyword. Simply browse, select, and download the files you need to build engaging course materials. All assets are copyright McGraw-Hill Higher Education but can be used by instructors for classroom purposes.


Darrell S. Vodopich, Baylor University Randy Moore, University of Minnesota ISBN: 0-07-332398-5 This laboratory manual is designed to accompany Brooker et al: Biology. The experiments and procedures are simple, safe, easy to perform, and especially appropriate for large classes. Few experiments require a second class-meeting to complete the procedure. Each exercise includes many photographs, traditional topics, and experiments that help students learn about life. Procedures within each exercise are numerous and discrete so that an exercise can be tailored to the needs of the students, the style of the instructor, and the facilities available.


Warren D. Dolphin, Iowa State University ISBN: 0-07-332399-3 Developed to accompany Brooker et al: Biology, this lab manual focuses on labs that are investigative and ask students to use more critical thinking and hands-on learning. The author emphasizes investigative, quantitative, and comparative approaches to studying the life sciences.

Instructor's Testing and Resource CD-ROM

ISBN: 0-07-295658-5 This cross-platform CD-ROM provides these resources for instructors:

· Instructor's Manual--This manual contains instructional strategies and activities, student misconceptions,





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