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A termly review from Highgate Wood School arts college


Issue No 1 Summer Term 2011

Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to the first edition of insight. The concept for insight is that it will be a publication that gives you some in depth coverage of what is happening at Highgate Wood School with a specific focus on celebrating our achievements. You will find in this first edition a review of the whole year that gives us a really good sense of just how much has been achieved this year. Every school year is very busy with so many areas of the school making positive contributions to student outcomes and experiences. This year is no different, and as you read through this booklet you will no doubt be amazed at just how much you'd forgotten about all of the things that have happened. The introduction of insight is part of a wider look at school communications. Newsweekly will no longer be published ­ Friday 22nd July is the last edition. insight will be produced on a less frequent basis than Newsweekly, but will go into more depth about some of the features of Highgate Wood School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Neil Killingback (our Newsweekly editor) for his tremendous commitment and hard work in producing the weekly message so consistently and reliably. He is leaving Highgate Wood at the end of August and I wish him the very best for the future. We will also be relaunching other ways of communicating with parents/carers and members of the community ­ hence more immediate information and reminders will take the form of specific letters home (where appropriate), website updates, emails, twitter alerts, text messaging and other appropriate emerging communication channels. We welcome your feedback as the autumn term progresses to let us know what is going well with the new communication systems and what your suggestions are for making improvements.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY New term starts: Tuesday 6th September 2011 A Level Results Day:Thursday 18th August 2011 GCSE Results Day: Thursday 25th August 2011

End of Year Thoughts

As we come to the end of this year, I am reminded by a colleague that this is the end of my 5th year in charge at Highgate Wood. Time has flown so fast, and yet so much has been achieved in that time. We have developed as a school in so many ways, educationally, physically and ethos wise. Educationally, we have seen significant improvements in student outcomes. Despite the disappointment of last year's GCSE results, I am conscious that every year of the 5 years that I have been the Headteacher has seen results exceed any previous set of results that Highgate Wood has produced prior to that time. This year, we are convinced that the results will be our best ever. Our results in the 6th form continue to be impressive as is the number of students who increasingly gain places at top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

See full calendar on page 7

Expectations of us from our community have increased and this is a compliment to us in terms of being given credit for our improvements. We will deliver the outcomes that parents, students and governors put their faith in us to do. Physically, the site has changed dramatically. Over the last five years we have improved the quality and quantity of specialist teaching spaces in the Arts and in Media. We have developed our performance spaces ­ e.g. the Main Hall and the Outdoor Stage Area. We have a new Learning Resource Centre. The Sports Hall, Tennis Courts and All Weather Pitch have been developed and/ or introduced to give our students better access to excellent sporting facilities. We have a newer larger dining hall with new caterers and a simple to use cashless catering system. Ethos wise... Highgate Wood has never been such a pleasant, relaxed and safe environment in which children come to learn. We are a calm and friendly school, yet we remain vibrant and creative. The introduction of a uniform has increased our sense of belonging and community, but anyone who witnesses our students' performances in the winter concerts, plays, musicals, MADfests, Art, Media and Textiles exhibitions will testify to the fact that individuality and imagination still remain one of the key features here at the school. We have been redesignated as an Arts College on two occasions, gained the International School's Award, become a Healthy School, and developed a partnership with the Royal Haymarket Theatre as well as other significant achievements. Looking back at this year, insight takes you through the many achievements that our excellent students have accomplished. I am also conscious that there have been many challenges ­ things that have made it more difficult to stay focused on the core and important issues at the heart of our school. I believe that we have managed to do this, despite the distractions ­ and the results that we achieve in August will be testament to this. The aim next year is to ensure that we can focus on the core purpose of the school without any more distractions. Our main priorities for the year ahead are... Learning and Progress Ethos and Vision Financial Sustainability I will inform you in more detail about the strategies and foci underpinning those priorities in the autumn term. I believe that what we have achieved in the last five

years is just the beginning. We have set about creating a platform from which to launch ourselves and from this coming September I expect to see a positive set of exam results from August to move us into the next stage of our development as we seek to get the best outcomes for our students and reaffirm the support and faith of our local community. I am so proud to be the Headteacher of this wonderful community school. Our students continue to make us proud; our staff work so hard at producing the best experiences and outcomes; our governors work smartly and intelligently in supporting and challenging the school and you the parents/carers are amazing in the way that you continue to support us in what we do. I feel very lucky to be doing the job that I do! Thank you all for your continuous support. Enjoy your summer! Patrick Cozier Headteacher

2011 Student of the Year

Dondu Ocak

At the Year 11 Celebration Evening in June Dondu Ocak was presented with the Pauline Ashbee 4Cs Award. She was nominated by her teachers and tutors in the Year 11 teaching team. Patrick Cozier, congratulated Dondu and said: "The award goes to a fantastic and superb student whose deserved achievement epitomises everything that our ethos of cooperation, consideration, courtesy and contribution are all about."


Summer 2011

November 2010

The introduction of cashless catering has meant that students and staff have had to get into the habit of always having their ID card with them. It is a good lifelesson because of the way we all now need our plastic cards, but it has taken some students longer to learn than others. Bringing in the cards in November turned out to be much more straightforward than we expected, with most people getting used to them very quickly. Lots of parents and carers are now using Wisepay, which means that their child's card is credited online and they do not need to carry money with them at all. If you need to get details for your Wisepay account email [email protected] and we will send them to you. November brought our annual cultural celebration evening with delicious food and artistic performances reflecting the different origins of the school's community one of the highlights in our calendar. We also learnt that Alexandra Horton had become a published writer. Young entertainers from our Her story, Blinded by the Turkishspeaking community. Light, was included in their Young Writers' Yearbook 2010.

September 2010

After months of building work and general disruption our BSF project finally came to an end in September when the school opened for the new academic year with a much improved computer network and significantly better ICT facilities. Not everything worked exactly as it was supposed to, but the basics were there and we have since continued to develop our new resources and get all the new systems working properly. We have also improved the environment around the school in other ways and this too began early in the year. A graffiti project carried out by our current Year 9s transformed the school playground. The first month of the year also brought a routine visit from Ofsted. They came to see the English department and applauded the work of our new Head of English, Chris Barker, and his team. Ofsted's judgement that the school was heading in the right direction was confirmed by more than two hundred Year 11 students who were entered early for their English GCSE. Eight students ( Noah Aldhous, Joanna Clarke, Katba Imansouren, Harvey Johnson, Katie Martinelli, Elizabeth Norton, Aurora Roelofs and Daniela Schamroth Rossade) received the top A* grade, whilst many others met or exceeded their minimum targets.

December 2010

October 2010

The Hungarian teachers and students who came to Highgate Wood School in October signalled the first of many initiatives that built on our International School status. Beyond the Hungarian experience we have had our students teaching their counterparts in Leon, Spain how to play cricket and netball, and benefited from exchange visits between ourselves and sixth formers from the IPSS Alfonso Our Hungarian visitors work with Ms Zwicky to give a workshop on printing techniques. Motolese School in Italy.

Summer 2011

Highgate Wood School has developed a strong reputation for its involvement with Model UN. This year it began with the London Model UN Conference in December. Our group of 34 students won the inaugural London MUN trophy at the twoday event, and were named as best delegation. Team members also collected a total of 10 individual awards. But this was just the beginning of Highgate Wood School's success with Model UN this year.


January 2011

The New Year began with a cross cultural experience for Year 7 where Turkish history, culture and art formed the basis of a day's enrichment. The cultural `feel' of the day was enhanced by Turkish speaking students at the school taking an active role. They were proud to pass on to their fellow students some of their traditions and art forms. Ms Birnie said: "Each class got a chance to experience workshops on Turkish and Kurdish culture -- dance, music, cookery, games, art, geography, religion, language and citizenship. The student `teachers' impressed everyone with their commitment and enthusiasm." BTech students showed enthusiasm and enterprise in a different way in January by being involved in the Food in the Sky Project -- where food was grown on the roof garden of Budgen's supermarket. The Food in the Sky project developed over the remainder of the year, and attracted the interest of many people. In June the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, paid a surprise visit to praise the students and their work.

Our success in December was repeated in March when the school hosted the North London Model United Nations. We entered a strong team for the event including some `veterans' from previous conferences. Head of Citizenship Niall O'Connor, who has led the school's involvement in the initiative from the beginning four years ago, said: "Students took on the role of UN ambassadors for the day, representing the views of their country in debate. The entire event was run by Highgate Wood students in eight different committees including UNICEF, the World Health Organisation and the Security Council." Natasha Collett of Year 11 took on the mantle of the United Nation's Secretary General and delivered an inspirational speech to delegates. In July our reputation as a leading player grew stronger still when Highgate Wood's students won three of the nine `Best Delegate' awards and seven other prizes at the Londonwide Model UN Conference.

February 2011

February saw the staging of one of our main art exhibitions. The Year 7 show that had originally been scheduled for December showcased the achievements of our youngest artists. Under the banner of This London Breed the show drew a large crowd. Appealing to an older creative audience our fourth Creative Careers Evening attracted interest from many students and parents. Professionals from the media, art, entertainment and journalism held small group discussions with students to tell them about the opportunities available and qualifications required for specific careers. We had speakers from a variety of industries, including advertising, marketing, film, TV, journalism, design, photography and art. February also saw the last printed issue of Highgate Wood School's News Weekly. With the need to save energy, paper and money school news moved online. We are now developing the use of our website, twitter feed, SMS, e mail, digital signage and, of course, our online News Weekly to get information and news out to students, parents, carers and the wider community.

Summer 2011

Talented performers galore delighted packed audiences at the three Winter Concerts held during the last week of the Winter term. Head of Music Ed Harlow and his team from Performing Arts were bowled over by the range of talent at the shows. In his programme notes Mr Harlow said: "It has been another busy year for Music at Highgate Wood and the concerts are the culmination of some of the work we have done. The dedication of the pupils involved is inspiring and makes my job a joy."


March 2011

May 2011

March brought one of Highgate Wood School's most spectacular drama productions. Patrick Cozier wasn't the only one who was astounded by the extraordinary professionalism of the production. As he listened to the actors performing the Little Shop of Horrors he was so convinced by their accents that he thought he had been transported from north London to New York. He said: "The whole cast never wavered and sustained American accents all the way through the production. All the students in the show were magnificent and Year 11's Serafina Taylor was brilliant in the lead role of Audrey. I thank the staff and students in Art, Drama, Music and Design and Technology for their effort, hard work, collaboration and dedication which resulted in such a magnificent show -- it represented the heart and soul of Highgate Wood School."

April 2011

Powerful and eyecatching work by Year 11s showed they had made the grade in May with the GCSE Art and Textiles show. Parents, friends and teachers joined in a celebration of the art and clothes designed and made by students as part of their examinations. Dean Mansfield who attended the event said: "I was impressed with the quality of the work and the way it had been exhibited. Some of the designs made in Textiles looked very professional. I thought the students' work mirrored current issues in society and demonstrated their passion and commitment." Since the summer, when we installed a transformer that brings down our consumption of electric power, Highgate Wood School has steadily become more ecoaware. David Grimmett and students from the Geography department launched our ecoschools initiative in January. We achieved the Bronze award during Easter and in May eco friendly students in Years 7 and 8 started an initiative this week to increase the amount of waste recycled at the school. Year 7 carried out a survey of recycling boxes in classrooms to make sure every room has one while Year 8s have made attractive posters to help teachers and students recycle properly. Global Action Plan have now confirmed that the school has managed to reduce its waste by a staggering 20%. Highgate Wood School will now be part of a pilot in September to recycle food waste which has just been extended to Secondary Schools.

A group of Highgate Wood students who made their mark at the school were presented with special awards by Haringey Mayor and Highgate Wood School Governor Eddie Griffiths. The awards for their contribution to a range of activities at the school were officially recognised by the Jack Petchey Foundation during a ceremony at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham. The students included Jack Tully, Arshom Spencer, Jack Stevens, Niall Kennedy, George Carroll, Elun Phillips, Natasha Collette, Tinashe Dzingai, Sushila Ghose Coveney, Emily Mort, Rosa Tully, Ben Carey, Amy Woff and Diyar Sigirtmac.

Summer 2011


June 2011

Yellows triumphed at this year's Sport Day. A fantastic allround effort by students on the running track and out in the field resulted in a welldeserved victory for the team. Head of PE Sol Ibrahim said: "A great turnout by students ensured that all races were exciting and competitive. Students wore their colours with pride, the singing and the chanting from the stands made for a loud and colourful event with a wonderful atmosphere throughout the day."

July 2011

Was this year's MADfest the best ever? It was certainly a spectacular way to end the year. Dozens of talented young people performed for the crowds while a range of stalls selling food, books and CDs did a roaring trade. One group of students sold `Fairtrade' chocolate while some enterprising Turkish students sold delicacies of their national cuisine prepared by themselves and their families. Head of Music, Ed Harlow, who helped the students' organising committee, said: "The performers at MADfest showed courage to get up and perform in front of so many people. They performed to a high standard and they should be proud of their achievements. I was impressed by the way in which our students in the audience were so supportive of the performers. I would like to say thanks to the Year 11 students on the committee who ran the day smoothly and ensured it was successful." Members of the PSA want to thank everyone who came to support the event. The event raised more than £9,000 -- which will be spent on school activities. MADfest included an exhibition of works by the school's AS and A2 Art and Photography students, A2 Media Studies students and A2 Product Design students.

The end of an era for the `Class of 2011' was celebrated at the Union Chapel in Islington with guest speaker Diane Abbot. Hundreds of students made special efforts to attend the event to mark the end of their GCSE years -- girls came in their `prom' dresses and some boys put on sharp suits. Hopefully we will see them all back at school in the sixth form in September.


Summer 2011

KEY DATES FOR 2011--2012

AUTUMN TERM 2011 Monday 5th September Tuesday 6th September Wed 28th September Wednesday 5th October Thursday 20th October Friday 21st October 24th ­28th October Thursday 3rd November Friday 11th November Thursday 8th December Tuesday 13th December Friday 16th December SPRING TERM 2012 Tuesday 3rd January Thursday 12th January Friday 13th January Tuesday 31st January Wednesday 1st February Tuesday 7th February 13th ­17th February Wed 22nd February Wed 7th February Thursday 8th February Monday 19th March Friday 30th March SUMMER TERM 2012 Monday 16th April Tuesday 8th May Wed 9th May Thursday 24th May Thursday 31st May 4th--8th June Monday 11th June Friday 20th July 10:50 Summer Term Starts 16:30 Year 7 Parents' Evening Late start for school (9:35 am) School closed to students in the afternoon for staff training End of Key Stage 3 celebration HALF TERM New Timetable Starts End of term Early finish @12:25

Summer 2011

INSET school closed to students 10:35 Year 7 Registration. 14:10 Year 8--11 Registration School closed to students in the afternoon for staff training School closed to students at 13:10 (Open Evening for new intake) 19:00 Heritage Evening INSET school closed to students HALF TERM Academic Review Day for Years 7, 8, 10 and 11 Late start for school (9:35 am) 18:00 Sixth Form Open Evening Winter Concert (continues Wednesday and Thursday) End of term.

Thursday 8th September 6th form teaching starts

Thursday 10th November 16:30 Year 9 Parents' Evening Thursday 24th November School closed to students in the afternoon for staff training

10:50 Spring Term Starts 16:30 Year 11 Parents' Evening INSET school closed to students 16:30 Year 10 Parents' Evening Late start for school (9:35 am) School closed to students in the afternoon for staff training HALF TERM 19:00 School play (continues Thursday and Friday) 16:30 Year 8 Parents' Evening Late start for school (9:35 am) School closed to students in the afternoon for staff training End of term Early finish @12:25


See you in September!

The new term starts on Tuesday 6th September 2011 Registration for Year 7 is at 10:35 am Registrations for Years 8 to 11 is at 2:10pm It will be Week 1 Remember you will need to come in full school uniform. School blazers, jumpers, the new school cardigan and ties will be available from the school office from 24th August through to 5th September, exclusive of Bank Holidays, between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm

Don't forget to bring your proximity card on your first day back!


at Highgate Wood School Monday 25th--Thursday 28th July

A 4 day course for enthusiastic and creative rock/pop musicians and singers aged 1318 yrs. A unique opportunity to learn from music industry experts who've worked with international multiplatinum bands and artists including Travis, KT Tunstall and Razorlight. In a series of rehearsals and workshops we will help you develop the tools that you will need to truly express yourself in your music ­ covering performance, songwriting and arrangement. We believe strongly that great music is often more about honesty, passion, fun and simplicity. The course is open to anyone who is serious about their music. We can't accept total beginners but equally we're not expecting virtuosos. If you can play a song on your instrument, know a few basic drum patterns or can sing a song through then you are welcome. No XFactor wannabees.

Please book through [email protected] or visit

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