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Subject: Using HGS Investor with Larry Connors High Probability ETF Trading Strategies HGS Investor provides two ways to use this new capability. One is by using the HGS SmartGroups to show you a list. The other way is to use HGS Warehouse Views if you want to use a different group of ETFs and/or modify his rules to produce your own lists.

In the HGSI Designer there are 7 long and 7 short strategies. Each strategy uses the same 20 ETFs that were back tested and used in the book. Just select a particular strategy to see the list. If list is empty, none of the 20 ETFs triggered an entry for that strategy. In a couple of seconds you can click through each of the strategies. It is not uncommon to find all the lists empty which could be a signal to be out of the market based on the Connors philosophy of revision to the mean methods.

Seeing empty SmartGroups lists can go on for days or weeks but when they do trigger, the probability of getting a positive return is in the high 60% to high 80% range (see book).

In the HGSI Warehouse you get more control over the strategies and can be more aggressive. There you can modify the filters, select a bigger universe of ETFs instead of the 20 from the book. Use the Chart Views with our Visual Filter Backtest indicator to see chart patterns when the strategy is triggered. For ease of use, each strategy is implemented with its own set of filters, views and combos using the same name as the strategy.

Connors book results are based on closeclose. Since publishing the book he has also tested openopen and reports that the difference is negligible. The High Probability ETF Trading book is really a must if you want the details behind what is implemented in HGSI. It is not our intention to teach the Connors Trading system. Here are two short movies to help you get started. The first movie is an introduction. The second is to show you how to use the VFB Chart Views that we provided. The VFB Charting indicator does a nice job of showing you the historical triggers for each of the strategies. · High Probability ETF Trading using HGS Investor Introduction · High Probability ETF Trading using HGS VFB Charting Indicator


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