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INTRODUCTION This guide to the Highland Council Archive provides an inventory of the records, both official and private, preserved in the Archive. It was compiled during the last 6 months of the life of the Highland Region (which ended 31 March 1996) as a record of the holdings of the Highland Regional Archive at that date. The Archive was formally established in 1990, under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, and was responsible for making "proper arrangements" for the records of not only the Region, but also those it inherited from the 5 County Councils which made up the new Region in 1975. The records of the 8 District Councils within the Highlands, established in 1975, and those Burgh records which they inherited, were outwith the responsibility of the Regional Archive. However, in the absence of official archival care in the Districts, certain Burgh records were deposited with the Regional Archive, notably those of Fortrose and Inverness. The records of Inverness Burgh, which represent the single most important archive collection in the Guide, are at present being recatalogued. Reference to these records in the Guide, therefore, is of a summary and incomplete nature. All archive guides soon become out of date as new records are received. This is particularly the case with this Guide, since the reorganisation of local government in April 1996, and the creation of the new single-tier Highland Council, has led to a major influx of local authority records into the new Highland Council Archive. These records, including those belonging to the defunct District Councils and the pre 1975 Burghs have had to be omitted from this Guide. Notwithstanding these omissions, it was believed important to have a guide available so that Council officials and members of the public could be made aware of the variety of local authority records which the Highland Council Archive already holds. It is intended that supplements to the Guide will be produced, updating the information it contains. In addition to the official records of local government, the Highland Council Archive is a place of deposit for private records which have been produced by Highland families, estates, businesses, societies and organisations over the centuries, and are deemed of archival interest worthy of permanent preservation. Before the establishment of the Highland Regional Archive in 1990, private deposits of records have been received by the Highland Region. Unfortunately in the absence of an archive service, certain collections had been broken up and artificial classifications imposed, resulting in loss of provenance and archival integrity. As a result, a major exercise of accessioning and recataloguing had to be undertaken before the private deposits could be properly identified. Unfortunately the provenance of many collections remains unknown. A number of accessions are photocopies of originals, these are identified by (P) beside an entry. The work of cataloguing the private archive collections and official records in on-going, therefore, not all records will have been listed in detail. Where the * is given beside an entry, this will indicate a list is available. The Highland Council Archive based in Inverness, and the North Highland Archive Area office, based in Wick, Caithness (whose records are listed separately in the Guide), both operate a public service whereby the records they hold are available for consultation. However, in both cases, appointments are preferred, especially in the case of the Highland Council Archive whose records are kept in separate stores. In addition, it should be noted that depositors may impose

their own conditions on public access to their records and in the case of official records, certain categories providing sensitive information on people may be closed for periods ranging from 30 to 100 years. The compilation of this Guide has been undertaken by Dr Sandra Bardwell without whose enthusiasm and professional commitment this, the first, Highland Council Archive Guide would not have been produced. The Highland Council Archivist, however takes full responsibility for errors and omissions. The Highland Council Archive wishes to acknowledge Mrs Lucille Campey of the Highland Family History Society for providing the incentive and encouragement for the compilation of this Guide and Mr Alan Lawson who did so much to preserve the Highland's archives prior to the establishment of a full-time archive service in 1990. Finally, recognition should be made of the clerical and administrative contribution made by Fiona MacLeod, over and above her normal duties, which has been of major assistance in the successful production of the Guide. The example of the Guide to the Cheshire Record Office has been used as a model for this Guide. The physical production of the Guide has been kindly undertaken by the Graphics Unit of Cultural and Leisure Services. The Highland Council Archive . Inverness Library . Farraline Park . Inverness . IV1 1NH . Tel (01463) 220330 . Fax (01463) 711128

North Highland Archive . Wick Library . Sinclair Terrace . Wick . KW1 5AB Tel (01955) 606432 . Fax (01955) 603000

CONTENTS Official and Public Records

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HIGHLAND REGIONAL COUNCIL Highland Region was constituted under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 and existed from May 1975 until March 1996. It replaced five former County Councils (Caithness, Sutherland, Ross and Cromarty, Inverness and Nairn) and its boundaries took in part of Moray (Grantown on Spey Burgh and Cromdale district) and Argyll (Ardnamurchan district and Ballachulish and Kinlochleven electoral divisions). Altogether it became the largest local government unit in western Europe with an area of 2,513,000 ha. (9,700 square miles). The Western Isles, administration of which had previously been divided between Inverness and Ross and Cromarty County Councils, became a separate, all-purpose authority in 1975. The Regional Council was given responsibility for education, roads and transport, social work, water and sewerage, planning, economic and industrial development, the European Community, consumer protection and trading standards, libraries and leisure services. The functions of police, fire service, valuation and electoral registration were exercised through Joint Committees with the adjoining island authorities. It should be noted that the records of previous authorities are, in some cases, subsumed within some of the series of records listed below.

REGIONAL COUNCIL Minutes of meetings, agenda papers, 1975-1987 * CHIEF EXECUTIVE Chief Officer's Group Agendas and supporting papers for meetings, 1975-1994 DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Souvenir programme, Lochinver harbour opening, 1992 EDUCATION DEPARTMENT School and school council correspondence files, c1976-1991, including files on schools closed during 1980s, community education at Culloden Academy, school council minutes. Papers of departmental working groups, including curriculum development; administrative papers re various subjects including school councils, school upgrading, secondary education, Raddery House Special School, 1974-1979 Brochures produced for opening of schools, 1970-1980 * Sub-committee on Scheme of Educational Provision Minutes, 1982-1986 R54 D148 R15


R33 R5


Joint Consultative Committee on Education Minutes, 1976-1981 COSLA Education Committee Minutes of meetings, 1981 Ross and Cromarty Division Language and Arts Panel for Primary Education Agenda and minutes, 1978 - 1979




DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARIES AND LEISURE SERVICES Correspondence and policy papers, 1975 - 1988, including papers re Arts Officer, all weather centres, and many other topics. Correspondence re establishment of regional library service, 1975-1979; correspondence and reports re mobile libraries, 1952-1979 PLANNING DEPARTMENT Published local plans comprising written statement and associated plans, 1980-1992 * Plans and reports of of public local inquiries inc. Drumbuie Platform Construction 1973-75,Nigg Bay oil refining and petro chemicals 1975 1980, British Aluminium Co., Invergordon 1969-71, Lurchers Gulley, Cairngorms 1980, also Amenity Woodland Survey 1988 *






BADENOCH AND STRATHSPEY DISTRICT COUNCIL INVERNESS DISTRICT COUNCIL LOCHABER DISTRICT COUNCIL NAIRN DISTRICT COUNCIL ROSS AND CROMARTY DISTRICT COUNCIL SKYE AND LOCHALSH DISTRICT COUNCIL SUTHERLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 created a two-tier system of local government regional and district. Within Highland Region, eight district authorities were created to provide more local services, in contrast to the large scale strategic services provided by Highland Regional Council. The main responsibilities exercised by the District Councils were housing, environmental services, local licensing; they shared with the Region powers over recreational and leisure provision and industrial development. It should be noted that Caithness District Council has not been included in the following listing, its records being held in North Highland Archives, Wick.

Valuation rolls are held for each District Council for the period 1975 - 1986, and to 1989 for Inverness. Electoral registers are held for each District for 1992, and for some earlier and later years in most cases. The 1992 register for the Western Isles is also available.

COUNTY COUNCILS County Councils were established under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889. They assumed the powers of the Commissioners of Supply, and of Parochial Boards, excluding those in Burghs, under the Public Health Acts. The County Councils also assumed the powers of the County Road Trusts, and as a consequence were obliged to appoint County Road Boards. Powers of the former Police Committees of the Commissioners were transferred to Standing Joint Committees, composed of County Councillors, Commissioners and the Sheriff of the county. They acted as the police committee of the counties - the executive bodies for the administration of police. The Act thus entrusted to the new County Councils most existing local government functions outwith the burghs except the poor law, education, mental health and licensing. Each county was divided into districts administered by a District Committee of County Councillors. Funded directly by the County Councils, the District Committees were responsible for roads, housing, water supply and public health. Provision was also made for the creation of Special Districts to be responsible for the provision of services including water supply, drainage, lighting and scavenging. The Local Government Act (Scotland) 1930 abolished the District Committees and Parish Councils and transferred their powers and duties to the County Councils. It should be noted that the County of Inverness-shire included Harris, North and South Uist and Barra in the Western Isles, while Lewis (also in the Western Isles) was part of the County of Ross and Cromarty. The Education (Scotland) Act 1872 transferred the powers and duties of the heritors and ministers of each parish relating to education to School Boards, elected by ratepayers, for every Parish and Burgh. The Education (Scotland) Act 1918 abolished School Boards and replaced them with elected Education Authorities, on a county basis, vesting in them the management of education, as bodies corporate. In addition, the Act provided for the appointment of School Management Committees, representative of the Authority, parents and teachers. Necessary funds were channelled from rating income to the Committees via the Parish Councils. Their responsibilities were largely confined to the enforcement of attendance. The Education Authorities were abolished by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1929 and replaced by Education Committees, appointed by County or Town Councils and comprising at least a majority of Council members, together with a specified number of people experienced in education. In 1947 the School Management Committees were replaced by Sub-committees of the Education Committee. The records of the School Boards, Education Authorities, Education Committees, and any subsidiary committees, and of officers of those bodies, together with School Log Books, have all been included in the following section under their respective Counties and Burghs. While this arrangement may not fit precisely with the overall administrative structure of this Guide, it does acknowledge the fact that the same records commonly continued in use by successive bodies with the same or similar duties and responsibilities.

COUNTY OF ARGYLL-SHIRE County Council Minute books, 1929-1949 County Assessor Valuation rolls, 1966-1974 (areas within Highland Region post-1975) Argyll Constabulary Annual reports, 1968-1971 Education Committee Conveyance files, Ardnamurchan and Lorn Districts, 1936-1975 Correspondence files, Ardnamurchan District, 1947-1974 School files, 1919-1975 * (re schools in County of Argyll before transfer to Highland Region in 1975) School files, 1921-1956 * Ardnamurchan District Education Sub-Committee Minutes, 1947-1975; Correspondence files, 1948-1973 North Lorn District Education Sub-Committee Minutes, 1953-1975 Ardnamurchan District Council Minutes, 1939-1966 Abstracts of accounts, 1950-1973 Ardnamurchan District Community Council Minutes, 1957 - 1974 * * * * *







R111 R111


COUNTY OF INVERNESS-SHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL County Council and County Road Board Minute books, 1890-1930 County Council and Committees Minute books, 1930-1975 Administrative schemes and related statutory instruments, 1930-1950




Committees of County Council Allotments and Small Holdings Correspondence and reports, 1892-1900 Children's Panel Advisory Committee Minute book, 1970-1975 County Committees Minute books, 1890-1927 Finance Committee Minute books, correspondence, budget papers, 1841-1935 * Local Pension Committee Correspondence, 1908-1921 * Public Assistance Committee Minute book, 1930-1938 Raasay Special Pier Committee Minute book, 1949-1950








Joint Committees Burgh and County Joint Public Library Committee Minute books, 1933-1963 1967,1973; interim and annual reports; minutes of the Museum and Art Galllery Sub-Committee, 1969-1972 Corran Ferry Joint Committee (with Argyll County Council) Minute books, 1929-1975 Inverness Burgh and County Joint Hospital Board Abstracts of accounts, 1937-1946, 1948 (Culduthel Infectious Diseases Hospital, Muirfield Institution and Hospital, Rosedene Maternity Hospital) Inverness Joint Police Committee [Inverness County and Burgh constabularies were amalgamated in 1968 to form a new combined force under a Joint Police Committee] Minute book, Abstracts of accounts, 1968-1975 Standing Joint Committee Minute books, 1890-1927; Ledgers, 1894-1926






District Committees

1st (Inverness) District Committee Minute books, 1890-1922 2nd (Aird) District Committee (and Road Trustees) Minute books, 1879-1930 3rd (Badenoch) District Committee Minute books, 1879-1930 Skye District Committee Minute books, 1890-1923; Public Health Minute books, 1891-1924





Papers re Barra and North Uist Committees, 1890-1893


Water Supply District Committees 3rd District Minute books, 1890-1946


Reports to Council by Officials Chief Constable Annual and other reports, 1929-1974 (incomplete)

R91/D31/1, CI/3/6 R91/D3/1

Children's Officer Annual reports, 1960-1964 County Surveyor Annual reports, 1933-1964 Development Officer Annual reports, 1960-1968 Medical Officer of Health Annual reports, 1948-1971 Northern Area Fire Brigade Annual reports, 1966-1969 Sanitary Inspector Annual reports, 1891-1970 (incomplete) Water and Drainage Engineer







Annual reports, 1957-1967 Weights and Measures Annual reports, 1967-1974



COUNTY CLERK'S DEPARTMENT A diverse collection including: minutes of Valuation Committee and judges' opinions; reports of Commissioners of Caledonian Canal, 1804-1848; Public Inquiry Reports on Hydro Electic Schemes, 1944.* Correspondence and legal records c.1890-c1923 A very large collection of files covering the Clerk's many responsibilities, especially property and housing, and including District Housing Sub-committees, c1889-c1967; Civil Defence Corps enrolment, 1951-1968; Development Plans, 1948-1974; legal matters including bursaries, agreements with other authorities, development projects, 1855-1975. Letter books, correspondence and other papers, 1870-1970 * Subjects include: local government administration and public works, especially road construction schemes and housing. Correspondence files and policy records, 1935-1975 * A diverse collection of papers covering, inter alia, regional development, housing, planning, forestry, tourism, local government reform, roads, nature reserves, North Sea oil. Correspondence files, c.1930-1975 Subjects covered include: development plans, local government reorganisation, housing, burial grounds, piers and jetties, roads, war graves, bridges. Register of feu dispositions, 1876-1881 Register of motor cars, 1903-1975 * Counterfoils of licences for horse-drawn and hackney carriages, 1933-1942; legislation and government circulars re motor cars, 1903-1918. Diaries, 1914-1975 Licensing Courts Registers of applications, 1st and 2nd Districts, 1958-1962; Appeal Court, 1947-1961.





R48 R13/Q/1

R9 CI/3/18


COUNTY TREASURER Financial records, 1945-c1957 Ledgers, receipt books, cash control books for various Committees and statutory responsibilities * Ledgers, books of account, accounts of charge and discharge, 1886-1929 * Abstracts of accounts, 1862-1975


R13/G CI/4/1

COUNTY ASSESSOR Valuation rolls, 1855 (part), 1868-1975 Copy letter book, Land Valuation Act, 1855-1857; Abstract of County valuation roll, 1885-1886 Valuation rolls and associated papers, 1856 - 1934 * CI/4/2 R98 R13/K


Minutes and papers of the Committee for Gaelic Informal Education, including work diaries of county organiser of Comunn na h'Oigridh (youth association), 1950-1954 Correspondence files, 1927-1939 * Correspondence with School District Management Committees, 1923-1934 * School administration files, 1919-1934 * Subject files, 1913-1937 * Education Authority correspondence files,1937-1985; Subject and school opening files *

R33 R13/B/8,9 R13/B/10 R13/B/19 R13/B/20


Correspondence files, c1932-1975 * Subjects include: endowments, prizes, proposed new schools; also files re individual schools. Papers re campaign for fifth university in Scotland, and establishing a university in Inverness, 1947-1964



Correspondence files re Continuation and special classes, Lochaber District, 1969-1975 Feu charters of school properties, c.1867-c.1915 * Medical Treatment Cases, 1922-1932 * Lists of Bursars, 1928-1932 * School Management Committees Minute books, 1919 - 1975 * Education District Sub-Committees Inverness, Aird, Badenoch and South-West Sub-committees Minute books, 1947 - 1975 *

R104 R79 R13/B/13-14 R13/B/12


R17/B/1-5 CI/5/41-44

Lochaber Sub-Committee Minute books, 1958-1969; 1971-1975 Skye Sub-Committee Minute books, 1947-1975 Committees Education Committee and Sub-Committees Minutes, 1934-1935 Education and Property and Works Committees Minute books, 1930-1935 Committee on Secondary and Technical Education Minute book, 1893-1918 Statements of account, 1909-1917 * National Committee for the Training of Teachers, Central Executive Committee Minutes of meetings, 1928-1957 Financial records Education Authority Endowment cash books, 1918-1933 School fees registers, 1883-1928 * Technical School Domestic Science Department Petty cash book, 1924-1929





CI/5/2 R2/57


R2/44,46 R13/B/17


Education Committee Cash book, 1919 - 1920 Ledgers, 1920 - 1933 Accounts ledgers, 1946-1975 Estimates papers, 1951-1983 Property ledger, 1936-1974 Scotch Education Department Estimates, 1910 - 1914 * Reports Annual reports on Bursars (secondary and tertiary), 1932-1937 HM Inspectors' reports, 1919-1933 Reports of Education Committee to County Council, 1943-1961 * Reports of School Medical Officer, 1970-1974 * Examinations Leaving Certificate examination results files, 1919-1934 * Leaving Certificate examination papers, 1946-1959 * Education Authority/Committee examination results, 1925-1947 * Scottish Certificate of Education examination results, 1964-1970 * Miscellaneous Register of Students, Portree and Fort William hostels 1928-1947 Forms E1, E2, E2A, E3, E4, E5: enrolment statistics, and summaries, 1922 - 1975 * Notes on educational provision in the County, compiled by the Director for the Third Statistical Account of Scotland, 1957-1964 Registers of withdrawals, admissions and transfers and of examination and promotion, c1940-1974 * Skye School Children's Mid-day Meal Trust Minute book, 1907-1942

R2/5 R2/6-21 R17/D/1 R17/D/2 R79/F/1


R13/B/11,15 R13/B/21 R17/G/1 R17/G/2

R13/B/22 R17/I/1-4 R17/J/1-2 R17/J/3-5






School Boards [ED/CI/5/4-30*] In this summary listing, the following abbreviations have been used: MB: Minute book LB: Log book AR: Attendance register FR: financial records MISC: Miscellaneous Aberbethy & Kincardine: MB 1873-1919 Alvie: MB 1873-1919; FR 1873-1900; MISC 1873-1920 Ardersier: MB 1873-1919; MISC 1907-1914 (R13/A/1) Arisaig & Moidart: MB 1895-1919; MISC 1895-1909 Cromdale: MB 1873-1919; FR 1876-1916 Daviot & Dunlichity: MB 1873-1902; 1904-1919 (R/13/A/2) Duthil & Rothiemurchus: MB 1873-1919 Glenelg: MB 1912-1919; FR 1902-1909 Glengarry: MB 1888-1914 Grantown Female School: MB 1862-1889 Insh: MB 1873-1919 Inverness & Bona (Landward): MB 1892-1919; 1904-1919 (R/13/A/2) Inverness Burgh: MB 1895-1918; FR 1895-1919 (R2/1-4; 53-54) Inverness Royal Academy: MB 1798-1834; 1848-1907; FR 1887-1909; FR 1906-1912 (R43); MISC (5/4/13) Kilmallie: MB 1873-1919 Kilmonivaig: MB 1891-1916 Kilmorack: MB 1873-1919 Kilmuir: FR 1873-1881; MISC 1877 Kiltarlity: MB 1873-1919 Kingussie: MB 1873-1919 Kirkhill: MB 1873-1919 Laggan: MB 1873-1887; 1890-1919 North Uist: FR 1916-1919 (R2/22) Small Isles: MB 1906-1919 Stenscholl: FR 1918-1919(R2/23) Strath: MISC 1888-1893; FR 1890-1891; 1918-1919 (R2/24) Petty: MB 1874-1919; FR 1873-1909 (R13/A/3) Urquhart & Glenmoriston: MB 1883-1919

School Management Committees [ED/CI/5/31-40*] Aird District: MB 1935-1946 Badenoch District: MB 1919-1945 Cromdale District: MB 1919-1934 Daviot & Moy: MB 1919-1930 Glenelg, Arisaig, Moidart & Small Islses: MB 1919-1930 Inverness District: MB 1919-1946 Kilmallie and Kilmonivaig: MB 1919-1934 Kilmorack, Kiltarlity & Kirkhill: MB 1919-1930

Skye: MB 1930-1937 Urquhart & Boleskine: MB 1919-1930

School Log Books, Admission Registers and Related Records (inc. items for Counties of Argyllshire and Nairnshire) [ED/CI/5/3/1-154*] Aberchalder: LB 1889-1946 Abernethy: LB 1871-1913 Abriachan: LB 1875-1958; AR 1875-1958 Achaphubuil: LB 1968-1983 Acharacle: LB 1874-1918 Achnacarry: LB 1882-1972 Achnarrow: LB 1877-1959; AR 1877-1957 Advie: LB 1930-1960 Aird: LB 1891-1956 Airor: LB 1926-1931 Annat: LB 1943-1953; AR 1943-1953 Ardersier: LB 1873-1938; AR 1874-1923; MISC 1929-1972 (R24) Ardgour: LB 1864-1975 Ardgour Evening School: LB 1893-1897 Ardtoe Side: LB 1921-1925 Arisaig Church: LB 1879-1974 Arisaig R.C.: LB 1881-1929 Arnisdale: LB 1897-1958; AR 1880-1955 Balcroy: LB 1910-1958; AR 1943-1960 Banavie: LB 1955-1975 Barivan: LB 1923-1956; AR 1917-1954 Beauly: LB 1866-1962; AR 1884-1978 Beauly; St Marys R.C.: LB 1916-1991; AR 1870-1987 Bernisdale: LB 1873-1965 Blarmacfoldach: LB 1912-1961; AR 1906-1960 Boleskine: LB 1874-1977; AR 1874-1976 Borreraig: LB 1923-1956; AR 1900-1959 Braeroy Side: LB 1924-1930 Braes: LB 1892-1947; AR 1897-1947 Breakish: LB 1877-1965; AR 1917-1965 Bunavullin: LB 1879-1971 Bunchrubin: LB 1902-1955 Bunloit: LB 1893-1946; AR 1883-1946 Campbell's; Ardclach: LB 1884-1960; AR 1873-1958 Camusaine Side: LB 1926-1943 Canna: LB 1874-1916; 1931-1970; 1985-1992 Caol: LB 1952-1967 Cathedral Boys: LB 1870-1943 Cawdor: LB 1864-1947 Clachnaharry: LB 1925-1975; AR 1947-1975 Claggan: LB 1905-1971

Clava: LB 1874-1986; AR 1910-1984 Clunas: LB 1876-1961; AR 1888-1960 Colbost: LB 1896-1907; AR 1909-1967 Conaglen Side: LB 1925-1939 Convent R.C.: LB 1935-1970; AR 1935-1969 Corrimony: LB 1875-1897; AR 1882-1974 Corrour: LB 1977-1980 Cromdale: LB 1910-1964 Culburnie: LB 1890-1968; AR 1887-1911; 1935-1968 Culcabock: AR 1875-1946 Culduthel: LB 1903-1969; AR 1885-1966 Dalarossie: LB 1877-1894; 1912-1956; AR 1876-1955 Dava: LB 1895-1960 Delnies: LB 1874-1985; AR 1875-1984 Dorback: LB 1907-1959; AR 1894-1956 Dorlin Side: LB 1925-1942 Drumfearn: LB 1891-1939 Duisdale: LB 1877-1968; AR 1877-1968 Duisky: LB 1882-1921; 1945-1968 Dulnain Bridge: LB 1914-1968; AR 1887-1967 Dulsie: LB 1890-1949; AR 1890-1928 Dunmagalss: LB 1909-1944; AR 1886-1947 Duror: LB 1943-1976; MISC 1909-1929 (R87) Eilean Shona: LB 1878-1904; 1917-1938; 1955-1980 Eskadale R.C.: LB 1864-1867; AR 1899-1967 Eynort: LB 1926-1945; 1953-1963 Ferness: LB 1867-1923; 1978-1993; AR 1949-1992; MISC 1906-1992 (R64) Fiunary Side: LB 1926-1931 Fornighty: LB 1903-1938 Fort Augustus R.C.: LB 1916-1972 Fort William H.G.: LB 1873-1946 Geddes: LB 1875-1966 Glenbrittle: LB 1908-1940 Glenconvinth: LB 1885-1963; AR 1885-1963 Glencreran: AR 1916-1976 Glendale: LB 1927-1946 Glenetive: LB 1877-1984; AR 1929-1981 Glenfeshie: LB 1928-1947 Glenfinnan: LB 1877-1983; AR 1877-1981 Glenfintaig: LB 1898-1944; AR 1912-1943 Glenhurich Side: LB 1949-1969 Glenliddlesdale Side: LB 1929-1947 Glenroy Side: LB 1929-1932 Glenshiero: LB 1930-1945 Glentruim: LB 1873-1956; AR 1878-1956 Glenuig: LB 1899- 1966; AR 1876-1965 Gorten: LB 1929-1931 Grantown Grammar: LB 1874-1934 Grantown Evening: LB 1894-1903

Guisachan: LB 1914-1946 Highland Orphanage: LB 1894-1957; AR 1894-1922 Heast: LB 1875-1918 Insh: LB 1873-1947; AR 1880-1947 Invergarry: 1898-1971; AR 1892-1916; 1919-1963 Inverlair Side: LB 1895-1897 Invermoriston: LB 1874-1992; AR 1874-1992 Kilchoan: LB 1874-1969 Kilmallie R.C.: LB 1907-1954 Kilmaluag: LB 1875-1909 Kilmonivaig: LB 1864-1953 Kilmonivaig Township: LB 1912-1946 Kilmory: LB 1907-1962 Kingairloch: LB 1879-1983; AR 1916-1978 Kinlocharkaig: LB 1923-1953; AR 1923-1937 Kinlocheil: LB 1898-1962; AR 1878-1961 Kinlochleven Secondary: LB 1919-1938 Kinlochmoidart: LB 1931-1945 Kylerhea: LB 1900-1936; AR 1887-1934 Lady Lovat: LB 1898-1945 Lagganlia LB 1924-1959; AR 1880-1959 Lettermore: LB 1903-1963; MISC 1909-1963 (R87) Lochailort: LB 1902-1961 Lochaline: LB 1911-1931; 1958-1975 Lochbay: LB 1956-1962 Loch Treig Side: LB 1927-1933 Lorne: LB 1898-1923 Lynwilg: LB 1892-1914; 1923-1930 Macdiarmid, Braes: LB 1865-1891; AR 1875-1891 Mallaig Secondary: LB 1906-1972 Marydale R.C.: LB 1874-1969; AR 1874-1969 Mauld: LB 1876-1898 Meoble: LB 1929-1971 Millbank: AR 1873-1965 Monitory: AR 1867-1925 Moyness: LB 1917-1962 Mucherach: LB 1923-1929 Muck: LB 1925-1969 Nairn Academy: LB 1920-1948 Nairnside: LB 1907-1948; AR 1897-1948 Onich: LB 1873-1980 Petty East: LB 1898-1987; AR 1913-1986 Petty West: LB 1876-1989; AR 1936-1989 Rhum: LB 1913-1945 Rhum Side: LB 1918-1926 Rothiemurchus: AR 1937-1955 Slochd: LB 1910-1959; AR 1925-1959 Soay: LB 1878-1920; AR 1881-1908 South Laggan: LB 1900-1977; AR 1900-1977

St Mary's Episcopal: LB 1880-1954 St Brides: LB 1938-1971 Staffin: AR 1956-1989; MISC 1962-1972 (R6/9-10) Strathaird: LB 1890-1912; 1917-1964 Strathaird & Faolin: LB 1920-1929 Stratherrick: LB 1903-1962 Strontian: LB 1874-1950 Struy: LB 1898-1976; AR 1917-1971 Tarscabhaig: LB 1877-1946 Tomacharrich: LB 1900-1972; AR 1904-1972 Torran: LB 1878-1908; 1923-1949 Torrin: LB 1878-1961 Tulloch: LB 1913-1957; AR 1927-1957 Tulloch Station: LB 1897-1964 Vatten Bridge: LB 1936-1984; AR 1932-1984 Whitebridge R.C.: LB 1875-1915 Whitebridge P.: LB 1940-1977 EDUCATION AUTHORITY; EDUCATION COMMITTEE (continued) Mackintosh of Farr Mortification This endowment was established by Captain William Mackintosh of Farr under his will, finalised early in the 19th century. Originally administered by Inverness Burgh Magistrates, it was vested in Inverness County Council in 1932 and administered by a special Sub-Committee. It made provision for Foundationers, students needful and deserving of assistance from certain areas, to complete their education at Inverness Royal Academy. The Mortification continues to provide benefits, albeit within the context of a significantly altered education system. Minute book, 1861-1887; Letter book, 1876-1885 Correspondence and memorials, 1880-1888 Ledgers, 1887-1935 Record book, 1797-1882 Record book, 1826-1860 Revenue account rental register, 1925-1976 Macdiarmid Foundation Minute books, 1834-1917; Abstracts of accounts, 1890-1932 Correspondence and cash books 1890-1935 Dr. Bell's Trust Record book, 1831-1851 Dr. Fraser's Bursaries Minute book, 1845-1940 Glenelg Public School Papers re history of school, c1903-c1926 (P) R2 R2/58,59 R2/36-41 CI/5/5 R13/Q/7 R17/K/1

CI/5/6 R2/49,50,55




Inverness High School Golden Jubilee magazine, 1987; history notes Inverness Royal Academy Minute books, 1798-1936 * Ledgers, 1887-1909; 1908-1933 Fees books, 1887-1930 * Howden Trust Scheme papers, 1918-1936 * Roll of Honour, 1914-1919 Bicentenary memorabilia, 1992 Inverness School of Art and Museum Minute book, 1873-c1881 BUILDINGS AUTHORITY Buildings Authority minute book, 1964-1975 Buildings Authority warrant files, 1965-1974 [Applications for and permission to erect buildings under Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations] Register of applications for Building Authority Warrant, 1964-1975 Index to applications in Building Register,for Inverness and Aird Districts, c1965-c1969


CI/5/4 R2/25-27, CI/5/4 R2/28-35 CI/5/4 D174 D141





RETURNING OFFICER Papers re parish and County Council elections, 1922-1928 * Papers re Temperance Act poll, Harris, 1935 Papers re County Council elections, 1961, 1965 * R13/L;R19/1 R13/L R19/2,4

ROADS DEPARTMENT Trunk roads contracts and specifications, 1925-1931; papers re Fort William-Ness-side section of Glasgow-Inverness road, 1930-1931; papers re Inverness-Perth road, 1925-1929 * INVERNESS-SHIRE CONSTABULARY Harris District Station Officer's records, 1964-1975 R91/C5/1-5



Correspondence, 1919-1932; Cash book, 1915-1918


PLANNING DEPARTMENT Register of Planning Applications, 1948-1961 SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT Records of Skye (and Lochalsh) district office: index to social work cases, c.1960 - c1970; index to child protection cases, c.1960 - 1975; petty cash book, 1954 - 1975 R53


WATER AND DRAINAGE ENGINEER'S DEPARTMENT Contract papers and plans re rural water supply schemes, Dores, Glenurquhart, Vatersay, Spey Valley, Beauly Firth, 1959-1971 * Files re water supply schemes, Isle of Skye, c1947-c1973

R89 R68

INVERNESS-SHIRE WATER BOARD [Established under the Water (Scotland) Act 1967] Minute books, 1968-1975 Annual reports, 1968-1974 Accounts, 1968-1974 * CI/3/17, R90/1 CI/3/15, R90/2 CI/3/17, R90/3

* * * * *

MORAY AND NAIRN JOINT COUNTY COUNCIL Moray and Nairn Joint County Council was established under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1929 and existed from 1930 to 1975. It exercised the full range of functions provided by County Councils, with joint officers appointed to oversee services. A separate Education Committee of the Joint County Council, which created its own series of minutes, was similarly established in 1930 and continued to 1975. Nairnshire County Council (see below) continued until 1975 as a separate body with much reduced powers. County Council Minute books, 1930-1975 R82

Education Committee Minute books, 1930-1954 Public Assistance Department Balblair Home Minute books, 1940-1975 * Correspondence, 1961-1975 * Financial records, 1948-1975 * Registers, 1941-1975 * (CP) R82

R80/1 R80/2-3 R80/4-7 R80/8

* * * * *

COUNTY OF NAIRN-SHIRE County Council Minute books, 1890-1975 Record of notices of motion to Council meetings, 1890-1946 Record of sealed deeds and other documents, 1891-1975 Committees of Council Old Age Pensions Committee Minute book, 1908-1917 Holiday Home Week Committee Minute book, 1961-1973 R81/C/a R81/C/e R81/C/e



Joint Committees with Burgh of Nairn Venereal Diseases Committee Minute book, 1926-1930 Fever Hospital Committee Letter book of Clerk, 1916-1923



County Clerk's Department

Copy letter books, 1890-1975 Correspondence files, 1916-1975 * List of Councillors, Convenors and Vice-Convenors, 1890-1975; List of Lord Lieutenants of the County, 1819-1975 Miscellaneous records, 1878-1975 * Including: newspaper cuttings scrapbooks, 1890-1973; Record of cases of TB 1926-1937; Veterinary Inspector's reports, 1937-1938.

R81/C/c R81/C/d



County Treasurer Local annual budget, estimates by Finance Committee, 1890-1969; Abstracts of accounts, 1890-1967; Ledgers, 1890-1939; Cash books, 1890-1946 * Registers re Housing Acts, 1923-1968 *

R81/D/a R81/D/c

County Assessor Valuation rolls, 1866, 1879-1975 R81/D/b

Education Authority Minute books 1919-1930 Files re closure and sale of schools, 1889-1973 * Accounts, mortgage register, 1920-1930 School files, 1936-1975 * Scholarship and Bursary Trusts minute books and chartulary, 1801-1974 Teachers Service records 1921-1928 School Boards [ED/CN/5/N/1-7, 20] Ardclach: MB 1873-1919 Auldearn: MB 1873-1919 Cawdor: MB 1873-1919 Croy: MB 1873-1919 Nairn Burgh: MB 1873-1919; MISC 1910-1919 Nairn (Landward): MB 1893 - 1919 CN/5N/26-27 R17/A/4 CN/5N/28-29 R17/A/5 CN/5N/21-23 CN/5N/24/1

Rose's Academical Institution: MB 1830-1921 School Management Committees [ED/CN/5/N/10-20] Ardclach: MB 1919-1930, Children's Census 1922-1926 Auldearn: MB 1919-1929, Children's Census 1922-1926 Cawdor: MB 1919-1930, Children's Census 1922-1926 Croy: Children's Census 1922-1926 Nairn Burgh: MB 1919-1930, Children's Census 1910-1926 Nairnshire: MB 1930-1936

School Log Books and Admission Registers see Inverness-shire

Sessional School of Nairn Directors' minute book, 1836-1873 Ardclach Parish School Board Memorial for opinion of counsel re school site, 1889 County Surveyor Report to County Road Committee, 1904 Copy letter book, 1939-1940 Record of milestones, 1925 Contract of employment, 1946 Monthly wages account, roads and bridges workmen, 1897-1898



R81/E/1 R81/E/2 R81/E/3 R81/E/4 R81/E/5

Auldearn District Water Supply Minute book, 1890 - 1907 Minutes of meetings of local authority re water supply, 1888-1889

R81/H/1 R81/H/2

* * * * *

COUNTY OF ROSS AND CROMARTY County Council Minute books, 1890-1975 * CRC/3/1

Committees of Council Education Minute books, 1919-1975 Executive Minute books, 1890-1892 Finance Minute books, 1890-1893 Planning Minute book, 1972-1975 Police Standing Joint Committee Minute books, 1890-1930 Police Visiting Committee Minute books, 1878-1931 Public Assistance Minute book, 1939-1945 Minutes, 1931, 1935-1939 * Road Board Minute books, 1890-1930 Valuation Minute books, 1890-1925







CRC/3/9 R69/13



Joint and Other Committees Arthurville Management Sub-Committee Minute books, 1930-1970 Dingwall District Joint Committee Records of applications for poor relief, 1930-1948 * Invergordon/Balblair Ferry Minute books, 1921-1971 Joint Public Assistance Committee (Invergordon District) Minutes, 1930-1947 Lochbroom Special Water District Minute books, 1893-1930 Lochbroom Local Committee






Minutes of meetings re development of rural industries and transport, especially Garve-Ullapool railway, 1918-1919. (P) Ness House Management Sub-Committee Minute book, 1939-1948 Ross/Sutherland Joint Police Committee [Ross and Cromarty and Sutherland Constabularies amalgamated in May 1963 to form a new combined force under a Joint Police Committee] Minute book, 1963 - 1975 Ross/Sutherland Joint Valuation Committee Accounts, 1958 - 1970 (incomplete)





District Committees Black Isle Records of the Committee, 1890 - 1936 Minute books, 1890-1930

D275 CRC/7/1

Black Isle Committee - Avoch and Munlochy Sub-Committee Records of the Committee, 1890-1936 * Minute books, 1881-1930 * Easter Ross Minute books, 1890-1930 Mid Ross Minute books, 1890-1930 South-Western Minute books, 1890-1930 Financial records, 1890-1930 * Tain Minute books, 1930-1948 Western Minute books, 1890-1930 Ledger no. 2, 1913-1927

D275 CRC/7/1-4



CRC/7/6 R38


CRC/7/5 R38

County Clerk's Department Register of motor cars, 1974 D14

County Treasurer Abstracts of accounts, 1929-1975 Estimates, 1959-1971 (incomplete) Register of mortgages and deeds, 1891-1935 CRC/4/1 CRC/4/1 CRC/4/3

County Assessor Valuation rolls, 1868-1975 CRC/4/2

Education Authority; Education Committee Minute books, 1919-1930 Papers of Committees and Sub-committees, 1946-1974 * Administration and subject files, 1938-1977 * Correspondence and reports re religious education, 1946-1973 Records of Educational Trusts and Trust Schemes, c.1867-1963 * Balmacara House school records, 1947-1965 * Duncraig Castle College records, c.1939-1965 * Duncraig and Balmacara scheme records, 1946-1961, re provision of practical residential education for young Highlanders. * Raddery House school files, 1952-1964 * Lews Castle College records, 1962-1963 * School building files c.1956-1973 * Reports and Surveys 1945 - 1974, including medical officer, bursaries, special needs.* CRC/5/1 R27/33-38 R27/1 R27/51 R27/21-32 R27/2-7,17 R27/8-10,17

R27/11,12,17 R27/13-15,17 R27/16,17 R27/18-20


Statistical returns, 1951 - 1976 * Examination question papers 1961 - 1965; marked examination papers, Balmacara House, 1968-1973; results, mainly Scottish examinations, 1947-1974. * Papers re Nigg School centenary, 1973 - 1978 The William Denoon Bursary Minute book, 1890, 1915 Education District Sub-Committees Fortrose Minute books, 1948-1975 Dingwall, Fodderty and Kiltearn Minute book, 1946-1975 Gairloch Minute book, 1948-1975 South-West Minute books, 1948-1975 Lewis Minute books, 1951-1973


R27/71-85 R27/87







Lochbroom Minute books, 1948-1975 Lochcarron Minute books, 1948-1975 Muir of Ord Minute book, 1950-1975 Invergordon Minute books, 1948-1975 Tain and Fearn Minute book, 1955-1975 Tain Academy Records of the school, c1800-1975 *







School Boards [ED/CR/5/2-14*]

(nb MB: Minute books; FR: Financial records) Applecross: MB 1873-1919 Avoch: MB 1906-1919 Carnoch: MB 1873-1911 (QS Contin; Fodderty & Urray) Contin: MB 1873-1919 Cromarty: MB 1891-1919 Fearn: MB 1907-1919 Fortrose Academy Directors: MB 1858-1887 Kilmuir Easter: MB 1873-1897 Knockbain: MB 1873-1906 Lochalsh: FR 1908-1910; MISC 1891-1940 (R77) Lochbroom: MB 1873-1919; MISC 1867-1869 (R77) Lochcarron: MB 1873-1919; FR 1873-1884; 1897-1903 Resolis: MB 1908-1919 Rosemarkie: MB 1873-1919; FR 1873-1919 (R77); MISC 1894-1928 (R77) Stornoway: FR 1875-1940 (R77) Urquhart: MB 1873-1919 School Management Committees [ED/CR/5/15-24*] Avoch & Rosemarkie: MB 1919-1947 Cromarty & Resolis: MB 1919-1930 Dingwall, Fodderty & Kiltearn: MB 1919-1946 Gairloch: MB 1919-1946 Killearnan, Urray & Muir of Ord: MB 1928-1949 Lochalsh: MB 1927-1947 Lochbroom: MB 1919-1942 Lochcarron: MB 1934-1947 Nigg, Fearn & Tarbat: MB 1919-1947 Rosskeen: MB 1921-1937 Tain District: MB 1930-1947 Urray, Contin, Kinlochluchart & Carnoch: MB 1919-1930

School Log Books, Admission Registers and Related Items [ED/CR/5/3/1-58*] Achanalt: LB 1920-1953 Achiltibuie: MISC 1867-1870 (R77) Achnasheen: LB 1895-1952; MISC 1883-1920 (R77) Alligin: LB 1897-1955; MISC 1960-1961 Ardindrean: LB 1941-1961; AR 1876-1960 Arinacrenachd: LB 1870-1923 Auchmore: LB 1908-1940 Aultandoo: LB 1874-1947 Aultandoo Evening Class: LB 1898-1900 Balmacara: LB 1947-1973; AR 1947-1972 Bridgend of Alness: MISC 1865-1868 (R77) Conon Bridge: LB 1863-1953; AR 1874-1943; MISC 1885-1973 (R94)

Corriemore Side: LB 1962-1971 Craig: LB 1948-1970; AR 1942-1969 Cromarty Boys: AR 1901-1924 Cromarty Girls: AR 1901-1930 Cromarty Higher Grade: AR 1905-1938 Culbokie: LB 1873-1975 Culbokie Evening Continuation Classes: LB 1894-1895 Drumsmittal: LB 1921-1945 Ferintosh: LB 1865-1904; AR 1929-1958 Fodderty: LB 1873-1975 Glenglass: LB 1875-1904; 1933-1956 Glenshiel & Letterfearn: MISC 1893-1936 (R77) Invergordon Academy: LB 1875-1934 Inverinate: LB 1912-1934 Isle Ewe: LB 1963-1976 Isle Martin Side: LB 1922-1949 Killearnan: LB 1875-1949 Killen: LB 1928-1985; AR 1920-1985 Killilan: LB 1875-1959 Kilmuir Easter: LB 1873-1977 Kiltearn: LB 1894-1969 Kinlochewe: LB 1877-1963 Kinlochluichart: LB 1873-1964; AR 1903-1964 Kishorn: LB 1940-1947; AR 1876-1929 Laide: LB 1874-1960 Lemlair Side: LB 1904-1918; 1928-1951 Letterfearn: LB 1929-1970; AR 1892-1952 Lochalsh: LB 1874-1908; 1924-1990 Loggie Side: LB 1932-1948 Logie Easter: LB 1917-1977; MISC 1873-1876 (R77) Marybank: LB 1874-1917; MISC 1912-1993 (R63) Maryburgh: LB 1864-1877; 1900-1914; MISC 1857-60 (R77) Mulbuie: LB 1899-1967; AR 1884-1953 Nigg: LB 1873-1991; AR 1951-1990 Peddieston: LB 1875-1971; AR 1921-1970 Pitcalnie: LB 1877-1991; AR 1930-1989; MISC 1962-1965 Raddery House: LB 1955-1972; AR 1955-1971; MISC 1955-1971 Rosemarkie: LB 1897-1937 Rosemarkie Fortrose Infants: LB 1874-1899 Saltburn: LB 1916-1962 Sand: LB 1929-1949 Scatwell: LB 1897-1975; AR 1951-1975 Seaforth Children's Home: LB 1951-1961 Shieldaig: LB 1919-1953 Strathconon: LB 1869-1877; 1907-1969 Strathgarve: LB 1914-1949 Tain Free Church Congregational: LB 1864-1878 Tain Academy: LB 1888-1976; AR 1814-1833, 1887-1966 (R59) Tain Public: LB 1878-1900

Tarbat West: LB 1876-1964; AR 1925-1964 Tore: LB 1879-1949 Tullich: LB 1874-1971 Ullapool: MISC 1848-1863 (R77) Upper Knockbain: LB 1928-1969

Housing Department Cash book, 1934-1956 R105

County Library Service Annual reports, 1925-1974 R106

Police Committee Letter books, 1865-1934 Registers, 1900-1966 Cromarty Station Records of persons detained in cells, 1885-1964 Charge books, 1912-1960 Registers; Bail book, Duty book, Record of convictions, 1901-1965 R91/A1/1-59 R91/A2/1-6

R91/5/1-5 R91/5/6-8 R91/5/9-13

Inspector of Poor, Public Assistance Department Social Welfare Department Case files, 1885-1964 Applications for relief re patients of county institutions, and those cared for privately. * Applications for relief, 1901-1948 Papers re disabled people not in care * Easter Ross Combination Poorhouse (Arthurville, Tain) Register of admissions and papers, 1850-1964 Arthurville House, Craig Dunain Hospital, Coulregrein House * Registers of admissions, 1928-1947 Register of applications for assistance, Lochcarron District





c1937-c1962 (CP) Roll of Poorhouse Patients 1938-1952 Financial records Ledger, 1916-1926 *; 1930-1939 Record of applications for payments, 1931-1935 Lochcarron District records, 1937-1959

R38 CRC/10/8

R38;R69/15 R38 R38

Medical Officer of Health Annual reports, 1938-1972 Annual reports on school health administration (incomplete), 1941-1963 Public Works Contract ledgers, correspondence and other papers re public works, school and police projects, c1920-1975 Agreements re road building projects, 1967, 1973 *

D68 D68

R84 R79/T/3

Ross and Cromarty and Sutherland Constabulary Annual reports, 1963-1974 (incomplete) Accounts, 1964 - 1974 Dingwall Station Officer's records, 1970 R91/C3/1-2, CRC/3/17 CRC/3/18 R91/C5/2

Ross and Cromarty Steering Group Group established to organise change of local government. Minutes, correspondence and report, 1972-1974 Ross and Cromarty Water Board Minute books, 1967-1975; Accounts, 1969-1974 CRC/3/15


Water and Sewerage Department Correspondence files, c.1967-c.1972, re water supply schemes, water orders, supply loans, claims re surface damage


* * * * *

COUNTY OF SUTHERLAND County Council Minute books, 1890-1975 CS/3/1

Committees and Boards Bonar Water Supply Sub-Committee Minute books, 1894-1930 Brora Sub-Committee Minute books, 1893-1971 County Council as District Committee Minute Book, 1890-1891 County Road Board Minute books, 1890-1937 Dornoch Public Library Committee Minute book, 1907-1959 Helmsdale Water, Drainage and Scavenging Sub-Committee Minute books, 1910-1973 Lochinver Water Sub-Committee Minute books, 1894-1931 Public Health Committee Minute books, 1890-1936









Joint Committees Bonar Bridge Joint Committee Minute books, 1892-1949 Standing Joint Committee Minute books, 1890-1937 Minute book, 1874-1928


CS/3/3 R91/B6/3

County Clerk's Department Applications for planning permission under Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1947, 1948-1954


County Treasurer Abstracts of accounts, 1891-1975 Registers of Mortgages, 1893-1968 CS/4/1 CS/3/8

County Assessor Valuation rolls, 1874-1975 (incomplete) CS/3/7

Education Authority; Education Committee Minute books, 1919-1930 School Medical Officer Annual reports, 1926-1939 Secondary Education Committee Minute book, 1893-1919 CS/5/2



School Boards [CS/5/3/1-13*] (nb MB: Minute books; FR: Financial records) Assynt: MB 1873-1884 Clyne: MB 1873-1918 Creich: MB 1873-1905 Dornoch: MB 1912-1919 Eddrachilles: MB 1917-19; FR 1873-1919 Farr: MB 1873-1919 Golspie: MB 1915-1919 Kildonan: MB 1884-1919; FR 1911-1919 Loth: MB 1899-1919 Rogart: MB 1907-1919 Tongue: FR 1878-1894

School Management Committee [CS/5/3/7, CS/5/4/1-6*] Assynt: MB 1919-1947

Dornoch & Creich: MB 1919-1947 Eddrachilles & Durness: MB 1930-1947 Golspie, Rogart & Lairg: MB 1919-1949 Kildonan, Loth & Clyne: MB 1919-1947 Tongue: MB 1919-1947

School Log Books, Admission Registers and Related Items [ED/CS/5/5/1-37*] Achlyness: LB 1920-1950 Ardmore: LB 1927-1950 Assynt: LB 1874-1962 Altenduin: LB 1884-1910; 1949-1950 Badcall Inchard: LB 1874-1970 Blarich: LB 1902-1962; AR 1880-1967 Bonar Bridge: LB 1874-1910; 1913-1963 Brora High Grade: LB 1908-1957 Clyne: LB 1874-1908; AR 1905-1956 Clyne Infant: 1894-1903 Creich: LB 1873-74 Doll: LB 1903-1935 Dornoch: LB 1903-1935 Embo: LB 1863-1981; AR 1877-1980 Golspie: LB 1873-1953; Golspie Evening Continuation: LB 1893-1895 Hope Side: LB 1926-1951 Invershin: LB 1910-1951 Kilbrair: LB 1878-1895 Kildonan: LB 1900-1932 Kinbrace: LB 1910-1941 Laid: LB 1901-1955 Lairg Higher Grade: LB 1903-1985 Lairg Public: LB 1873-1902 Larachan: LB 1878-1929 Loth: AR 1877-1888 Melness: LB 1874-1972; AR 1878-1900; 1934-1971 Oldshore: LB 1906-1928 Portgower: AR 1890-1945 Rearquhar: LB 1924-1945 Rhilochan: LB 1875-1965 Rogart: LB 1865-1902 Rosehall: LB 1957-1980; AR 1880-1960 Skerry: LB 1874-1962 Skibo: LB 1900-1967; AR 1951-1967 Strathbrora: LB 1896-1960 Strathnaver: LB 1905-1956 Tongue: LB 1873-1923 Torboll Side: LB 1908-1946 Unapool: LB 1922-1992; AR 1897-1990

Police Committee Minute books, 1930-1947 Letter books, 1866-1921 (incomplete) Registers, 1858-1959 Annual report, 1962 Dornoch Police Court Records of complaints, 1893-1930 Bonar Station Officer's records, 1881-1885 Dornoch Station Officer's records, 1955-1962 Helmsdale Station Officer's records, 1878-1891 Invershin Station Officer's records, 1871-1873 Lairg Station Officer's records,1894-1896 Lochinver Station Officer's records, 1891-1892 Tongue Station Officer's records, 1930-1937 R91/B6/1-2 R91/B1/1-4 R91/B2/1 R91/B3/1

CS/7/3 R91/B5/3 R91/B5/7 R91/B5/1 R91/B5/9 R91/B5/5 R91/B5/4 R91/B5/6

Ross and Cromarty and Sutherland Constabulary [Ross and Cromarty and Sutherland Constabularies amalgamated in May 1963 to form a new combined force under a Joint Police Committee] Annual reports, 1963-1971 Dornoch Station Officer's records, 1963-1969 R91/C3/1-2 R91/C5/1

Public Assistance Office; Department of Social Work Correspondence and subject files, 1930-1974 Subjects include: allowances, adoption, Gale Damage Committee, Rhives House, Golspie. * Applications for relief: Registers, c.1922-1970

R40/A-B R40/D

Applications for relief, c.1908-c.1948 Emergency relief records, 1939-1950 Subjects include: civil defence, air raids; Commonwealth food parcels. * Salaries records 1946-1948 Statistics, 1934-1974; including: children in care, probationers, residential homes * Report on Redevelopment and Planning: Survey of local conditions, 1951.


R40/G R40/H



Inspector of Public Assistance Visiting reports, 1930-1934 * Children's Officer Financial records, 1940-1970 * Dornoch Combination Poorhouse Minute books, 1902-1948 Sutherland Probation Committee Records of the Committee, 1933-1968 *





Medical Officer of Health Annual reports, 1925-1945 Annual reports on health of the county and school health administration, 1946-1957

D68 D68



Aird District Council Minute books, 1930-1975 Abstracts of accounts, 1930-1975 (incomplete) * AD2/1 AD2/2

Inverness District Council Minute books, 1930-1975 * Abstracts of accounts, 1930-1975 (incomplete) * ID1/1 ID1/2


Avoch District Council Minute book, 1930-1975; abstract of accounts, 1930-1972 * D275

Dingwall District Council Minute book, 1930-1946 CRC/10/1

Fortrose District Council Minute book, 1930-1975 * D275/B/1-2

Financial records, 1930-1972 * Correspondence, 1930-1948 *

D275/B/2-6 D275/B/7

South West District Council Area covered included Plockton, Balmacara, Lochalsh and Dornie. Minute books, 1931-1971 Applications for relief, 1921-1952 Admissions to poorhouse, 1935-1935 CRC/3/13 CRC/3/13 CRC/3/13

BURGHS The 13 Burghs in the Highlands were variously created over the centuries, either by privileges granted directly by the Crown, known as royal burghs (of which there were 7 in the Highlands in 1975), or created by subject superiors with permission of the Crown, known as burghs of barony or regality. In the 19th century, additional 'parliamentary' burghs or 'police' burghs were set up by Acts of Parliament. Burghs became responsible for most aspects of local administration and between 1833 and 1890 certain statutory functions were carried out by police commissioners including street cleaning, water supply and conventional policing. Burgh dean of guild courts controlled building operations and approved building plans. Most of the responsibilities of Burghs were transferred to the new District Councils under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.

BURGH OF CROMARTY Records of the Burgh, 1868-1970, including: Assessment rolls, 1940-1953; Abstracts of accounts, 1966-1967; Housing project plans, 1970 * Register of loans, 1933-1975

D276 R105/C/1

* * * * *

BURGH OF DINGWALL Burgh records, 1934-1975, including: files re public works projects, 1934-1970; Housing register and returns, 1946-1975; housing plans, 1944-1969 * Burgh records, 1918-1975,including: Abstracts of accounts, 1918-1973 (incomplete); Loans ledger, 1952-1975; Correspondence re postwar permanent housing,1948-1951; Register of societies, 1956-1975 * Public Health Office Annual reports, 1922-1959 (all incomplete): Medical Officer of Health, 1922-1937; Sanitary Inspector, 1922-1944; Health and sanitation, 1947-1959




* * * * *

BURGH OF FORTROSE Records of the Burgh, 1455-1975 * These records comprise a disparate, somewhat fragmentary but very valuable collection spanning more than 400 years of the affairs of the Burgh. Many of its responsibilities, several court cases, contentious local issues, and protracted property transactions are documented. Other records are held by the Scottish Record Office. Legal records, 1455-1962 Court records, 1717-1973 Minute books, 1711-1975 Stent records, 1704-1818 Papers re stipend and tiend, 1810-1950 Valuation rolls, 1909-1961 Assessment rolls, 1935-1952 Threepenny Court lists, 1811-1829 Papers re Burgh lands and property, 1693-1973 Financial records, 1638-c.1968 Dean of Guild Court, 1894-1972 Letter books, 1835-1938 Papers re Burgh administration, 1698-1973 Housing records, 1925-1975 Quoad Sacra Parish of Fortrose, 1838-1874 Manse Maills, 1717-1889 Plans, 1843-1972 D229/A/1-16 D229/B/1-3 D229/C/1 D229/D/1-3 D229/E/1-4 D229/F/1 D229/G/1 D229/H/1 D229/I/1-7 D229/J/1-16 D229/K/1 D229/L/1-2 D229/M/1-6 D229/N/1-2 D229/O/1 D229/P/1 D229/R/1-10

Financial records, 1917-1974 *: Ledgers, 1930-1974; Cash books, 1931-1967; Abstracts of accounts, 1917-1949


Housing records, 1923 - 1975 *: Ledgers, 1939-1975; Correspondence, 1923-1973 Burgess Ticket in favour of Rubert Lumsden, Rosemarkie, 1902 Harbour Trust Cash books, 1880-1975

R105/A/6-10 D72


* * * * *

BURGH OF FORT WILLIAM Town Council Minute books (scroll), 1893-1927 * Committees Cleansing and Lighting Minute books, 1884-1958 Finance and Law Minute books, 1931-1962 General Minute books, 1896-1927 Public Health Minute books, 1893-1939 Roads and Bridges Minute books, 1894-1959 Sewers Minute books, 1894-1937 Slaughterhouse Minute books, 1896-1958 Special Minute book, 1906-1960 Special Sub-Committees Minute book, 1902-1921 Water and Lighting Minute books, 1879-1959












Police Commissioners Minute book (scroll), 1877-1902 Magistrates Minute book, 1893-1939 Dean of Guild Court Minute books, 1894-1951




Miscellaneous registers, 1881-1953


* * * * *

BURGH OF GRANTOWN-ON-SPEY Valuation roll, 1974-1975 B/G/1/1

* * * * *

BURGH OF INVERGORDON Abstracts of accounts, 1868-1941 Abstract of accounts, 1974-1975 Register of mortgages, 1947-1975 Correspondence re postwar permanent housing,1951-1954 Register of standard amenities under Housing Scotland Act 1968, 1968-1974 Register of Societies, 1956-1975 R111 R105/D/1 R105/D/2 R105/D/3

R105/D/4 R105/D/5

* * * * *

BURGH OF INVERNESS The arrangement and listing of the records of Inverness Burgh (spanning almost 500 years) is not

yet complete. The volumes are listed below, virtually in the order of the survey by the Scottish Record Office in the early 1970s. Additional, more recent (post 1989) accessions are also included. Of the 20 or more series of documentary records, about half were broken up and incompletely arranged in subject categories, irrespective of provenance, during the late 1970s. The following summary is included here to indicate the range of records held; further details are available from Highland Archives on request. Intact series: Town Treasurer's accounts; Ale impost accounts; Claims (civil proceedings in burgh court); Complaints (criminal proceedings); Bonds; Bonds of cautionary; Protested bills; Petitions for service of heirs, etc; Inventories of processes. Possibly intact series: Church papers and accounts; Dean of Guild processes; Captions, liberations, etc; Dispositions omnium bonorum; Apprentice indentures. Dispersed series: Burgh papers (from 1408); Council papers (from 1682); Letters (from 1665); Securities (from 1656); Miscellaneous deeds re the town, including leases (from 1685); Processes re the burgh (from 1665); Extract acts and minutes (from 1631); Miscellaneous accounts (from 1496); Accounts rendered in exchequer. Court Books (with administrative matters); Council minutes Burgh Court Book, 1556-1586; 1602-1621 Burgh Court Book (transcript), 1556-1586; 1602-1621 Council minute books, 1619-1975

IB1/1/1-3 IB1/1/A1-A11 IB1/1/3A-108

Council Committee minutes Committee minute books, 1850-1882 Police Commissioners Minute books, 1847-1893 Committee minute books, 1850-1882 Accounts, 1883-1900


IB1/3/1-7 IB1/4/1-5 IB2/3/1-2

Miscellaneous minutes Magistrates, Minute books, 1805-1836; 1907-1936 Raising men for HM Navy, minute book, 1795-1798 New Jail and Courthouse, minutes and other papers, 1829-1832 Library Committee, minute books, 1877-1943 Trustees of Robert Smith's Mortification, minute book, 1888-1891 Gas and Water Commissioners, minute book, 1876-1877 Motion Books

IB1/5/1-2 IB1/5/3 IB1/5/4 IB1/5/7-10a IB1/5/11 IB1/5/12

Motion book, 1897-1938 Court Books Burgh Court books, 1621-1683 Burgh Court minute books, 1776-1863 Miscellaneous Court Records Register of Extracted Decreets, 1797-1814 Minute book of Decreets, 1785-1846 Act of Warding Book, 1787-1843 Record of Criminal Processes, 1808-c1824 Licensing Court Registers of licences, 1765-1786; 1856-1975 Register of Deeds, Protests, etc Registers of Deeds, 1627-1873 (incomplete) Registers of Protests, 1785-1838 (incomplete) Registers of Bonds and Discharges, 1662-1682 (incomplete) Register of Probative Writs, 1786-1822 Register of Executions of Poindings, 1808-1815 Record of Services Records of Special and General Services, 1786-1848 Protocol Books Burgh Protocol Books, 1606-1621; 1662-1679 Sasines Burgh Registers of Sasines, 1602-1869 Burgh Registers of Sasines minute books, 1787-1869 Dean of Guild Decreet books, 1786-1827 Court books, 1788-c1792; 1806-1837 Minute books, 1856-1863; 1883-1969 Building plans and warrants, c.1880-1930 *


IB1/7/1-2 IB1/7/3-13

IB1/8/1 IB1/8/2-4 IB1/8/5-7 IB1/8/8


IB1/10 IB1/10 IB1/10/3-4 IB1/10/10 IB1/10/14-15



IB1/12 IB1/13

IB1/14/1,4 IB1/14/2-3 IB1/14/5-13 R65

Register of Plans and Warrant Applications, 1935-1974 Record of Apprentice Indentures Records of Indentures, 1738-1846 Miscellany Programmes of events in the Burgh, 1929-1973 * Charters Burgh Charters, c1180-1702 (P) Merkinch Chartularies, 1804-1974 *




IB1/18/1-11 R85

Treasurer's Department Treasurer's accounts, 1738-1900 Miscellaneous financial records, 1719-1911 Abstracts of accounts, 1900-1974 Burgh Assessor Valuation rolls, 1876-1975 Valuation roll, 1855-1877 (microfilm) Chief Constable [Burgh and Inverness Constabulary amalgamated in 1968] Annual reports, 1945-1967 Inverness Tolbooth Warding and liberation book (Civil), 1818-1831 (incomplete)

IB2/1/1-13 IB2/2/1-4 IB2/4

IB2/5/A1-74 D215



Water Department Letter book, 1912-1924 Reports re water supply, 1873-1971 (P)

R23 R23

* * * * *

BURGH OF NAIRN Burgh Court Court books, 1657-1673


Register of decreets, 1784-1785 Registers of deeds and protests, 1672-1715; 1811-1849 Chartularies of the Burgh, 1780-1894; 1908-1974 Town Council Minute books, 1674-1974; Index to minute book, 1862-1879 Burgh Treasurer Account book, 1759-1806, including Rent roll, 1759

D231/B/1 D231/B/2-4 D231/C/1-6



Burgh Assessor Valuation rolls, 1867-1975 Assessment rolls, 1945-1975 Housing Department Registers of new housing provided under Housing (Scotland) Acts, 1923 - 1978 * Register: houses subject to special conditions; applications for grants; houses decontrolled; houses in Clearance (&c) areas; improvements, under various Acts, 1928-1965



Burgh Surveyor Copy letter books, 1931-1945; 1952-1975


* * * * *

BURGH OF TAIN Burgh Treasurer Abstracts of accounts, 1910-1973 (incomplete)* Ledgers, 1955-1973 (incomplete)* Cash books, 1970-1974 Register of local bonds, 1932-1965 Register of Burgh loans and mortgages, 1919-1974

R105/B/4 R105/B/5 R105/B/6 R105/B/3 R105/B/2

Register of mortifications for the benefit of the poor, 1833-1903 Housing Department Ledgers, 1946-1975 Register of grants, 1959-1975 Register of dwellings provided under Housing (Scotland) Act, 1950, 1954-1975 Register of rents and feu duties paid, 1950-1970


R105/B/7 R105/B/10

R105/B/8 R105/B/12

Register of Societies, 1957-1965 Standing Orders of Council, 1965

R105/B/11 R105/B/12

A Planning Study and Report on Potential Future Development, 1975


PAROCHIAL BOARDS PARISH COUNCILS The Poor Law Act 1845 established Parochial Boards to administer poor relief in each parish; between 1867 and 1890 the Boards were also responsible for some public health matters. Combination Poorhouses could be established by several parishes acting together. In terms of an Act of 1894, the Boards were replaced by Parish Councils elected by parishioners. Their main responsibility was administration of the Poor Law. The Councils in turn were abolished in 1930. The records have been grouped by local government area, for ease of reference (and reflecting the arrangement imposed when many were accessioned during the 1970s and early 1980s). It was common for Parish Councils to continue using the records created by the Parochial Boards (eg. minute books). The following abbreviations have been used where appropriate: MB - Minute book; GRP - General register of poor; A - Applications for relief; C - correspondence; FR - Financial records; CR - Children's register. BURGH OF INVERNESS Inverness Parochial Board/Inverness Parish Council Minute books, 1856-1928 (incomplete) * General register of the poor, 1865-1927 Children's register, 1905-1925 Applications for relief, 1855-1935 Applications for relief, 1944-1947 Index to applications, 1855-1912 Other applications for relief, 1922-1947, mainly by the "able bodied" Register of inmates of homes, etc. 1950-1979 Miscellaneous records, 1865-1954 *

IB4/1/1-31b IB4/1/32-43 IB4/1/44-45 IB4/1/46-100 IB5/1/1-11 IB/4/118 IB4/1/100a IB4/1/101-109 IB5/1 - 5 IB4/1/119 IB7/1 - 2

* * * * *

COUNTY OF INVERNESS-SHIRE (includes some parishes formerly in the Counties of Argyll and Moray) Abernethy MB, 1907 - 1930; GRP 1866 - 1930; A,1900 - 1930 Alvie


MB,1867 - 1930; GRP, 1846-1930; A, 1896-1930; C, 1901-1930; F,1856 - 1920; Miscellaneous, 1901 - 1924. Appin and Lismore GRP, 1883-1930 Ardersier Minute book, 1845 - 1902 Arisaig and Moidart MB, 1895-1920; C, 1895-1905; CR, 1904-1916 Boleskine and Abertarff MB, 1925-1930 FR, 1907-1949 Cromdale MB, 1845-1930; C, 1855-1860; FR, 1895-1929; Education register, 1873-1888. Croy MB, 1845 - 1927; FR,1923 - 1967 Daviot and Dunlichity Minute book, 1885-1930 Dores Minute book, 1914-1930 Duirnish C, 1879 Duthil and Rothiemurchus MB, 1849 - 1858; GRP, 1906-1930; A, 1921-1930 Glenelg Minute books, 1883-1930 Inverness (Landward) Minute book, 1895-1925 Kilmallie MB, 1845-1921; C, 1851-1853 Kilmonivaig Minute book, 1895-1930





CI/7/2 R79/L/1












FR, 1911-1953 Kilmuir FR, 1862 - 1886; C, 1856 - 1887 Kingussie and Insh MB, 1862-1930; GRP,1866-1927; A, 1887-1930; Children's register, 1866-1915 Kirkhill MB, 1845 - 1920; C,1822-1900; FR, 1873-1909 Laggan MB,1870-1930; G, 1865-1930; A, 1902-1930 Moy and Dalarossie Minute book, 1909-1930 Petty Minute book, 1908-1930 Portree General register of poor, 1900-1929 Snizort Correspondence, 1883-1884 Urquhart and Glenmoriston Minute book, 1904-1930











* * * * *

COUNTY OF ROSS AND CROMARTY Applecross MB, 1886-1930; GRP, 1876-1930; A, 1901-1930; CR, 1866-1924 FR, 1900-1930 Avoch MB 1845-1930 GRP, 1865-1930 A, 1855,1929 FR, 1866-1961 Contin MB, 1880-1930; GRP, 1865-1930

CRC/6/1 R38

CRC/6/2 D275/E



GRP, 1881-1930; CR, 1869-1930; FR, 1902-1930 Black Isle Combination Poorhouse FR, 1909-1930; Printed Rules and Regulations, James J.R. Mackenzie, Chairman, 1866 Dingwall MB, 1917-1930; GRP, 1922-1930; A, 1883-1930 Easter Ross Combination Poorhouse (Arthurville, Tain) FR; register; papers re admissions, staffing, c.1860-c.1960 Gairloch GRP, 1906-1935 Killearnan MB, 1910-1929; GRP, 1869-1930 FR, 1921-1930 Kincardine FR, 1901-1902 Knockbain MB,1845-1930; GRP, 1865-1930; A, 1849-1907 FR, 1878-1930 Lochbroom MB, 1845-1930 GRP, 1901-1930 Lochcarron MB, 1847-1929; GRP, 1845-1930; A, 1855-1930; CR, 1880-1922; C, 1850-1855; Other, 1873-1921; Parish Assessment roll, 1863-1927 FR, 1858-1940; Other, 1869-1908 * Logie Easter MB, 1903-1925 Nigg MB, 1916-1930 Resolis MB, 1845-1929; GRP 1865-1930; A, 1956-1929 FR, 1883-1929 Rosemarkie MB, 1867-1930; GRP, 1865-1930; A, 1855-1914 FR, 1873-1874, 1881-1930 * Rosskeen






CRC/6/7 D275/F


CRC/6/9 D275/G


CRC//6/11 R38



CRC/6/14 D275/H

CRC/6/15 D275/I

MB, 1885-1930 Tarbat MB, 1907-1928; Free Library, MB, 1899-1950; Viscount Tarbat's Barley Trust, MB, 1846-1873 Urquhart MB, 1859-1910; GRP, 1865-1930 Urray MB, 1866-1930; GRP, 1857-1930; A, 1873-1930; FR, 1911-1930





* * * * *

COUNTY OF SUTHERLAND Assynt MB, 1904-1930; GRP, 1855-1927; A, 1899-1930 Assessment roll 1908-1927 Clyne MB, 1845-1930; GRP, 1865-1929; A, 1857-1930; CR,1864-1922; Assessment roll 1878-1927; Burial Ground Committee, MB, 1899-1904 Creich MB, 1880-1930 (incomplete); FR, 1896-1930; Assessment roll, 1908-1930 Dornoch MB, 1845-1930; GRP, 1879-1930; Assessment roll, 1899-1930 Durness MB, 1845-1930; GRP, 1876-1929; A, 1901-1904; FR, 1879-1929; Assessment roll, 1847-1927 Eddrachilles MB, 1858-1930 (incomplete); GRP, 1845-1929; A,1856-1929; CR, 1853-1896; FR, 1855-1929; Assessment roll, 1847-1855; Register of Outdoor relief, 1845-1858







Farr MB, 1845-1930; GRP, 1845-1930; A, 1855-1930;

CR, 1861-1926; C, 1845-1877; FR, 1925-1930; Miscellaneous, 1850-1930 Inspector of Poor's visiting report book, 1907-1910; Other report, 1911-1915; FR, 1897-1927 (incomplete) Golspie MB, 1845-1930 Kildonan MB, 1845-1930; GRP, 1924-1930; CR, 1895-1900; FR, 1895-1920 Lairg MB, 1845-1930 Loth MB, 1919-1930; GRP, 1865-1930; A, 1856-1930; CR, 1866-1896; FR, 1895 - 1929 Rogart MB, 1845-1930 Tongue MB, 1845-1930; GRP, 1845-1864; A, 1923-1930; CR, 1859-1871, 1895-1930; C, 1846-1890; FR, 1901-1903, 1917-1930; Miscellaneous, 1865-1928 Inspector of Poor's visiting report book, c.1911; FR, 1899-1920 (incomplete)

CS/6/13 R31






CS/6/12 R31

* * * * *

COUNTY OF NAIRN Cawdor MB, 1874-1930


THE SHERIFFDOMS Since the 12th century, sheriffs have represented the Crown as judicial officers and administrators and were important units of government. From the mid 18th century, the powers and responsibilities of sheriffdoms were changed and extended, with sheriff deputes and their assistants, sheriff substitutes, and sheriff clerks becoming responsible for a wide range of administrative duties. These included accounting for Crown duties and rogue money funds, calling jurors, organising parliamentary elections, managing court houses and toll booths. The records of the Sheriff Courts and held by the Scottish Record Office. Sheriff of Inverness, Moray and Nairn Sheriff's correspondence, 1882-1886 * Papers re dispute between Sheriff Ivory and Mr. D. Maclachlan, Depute Sheriff Clerk, Portree, re enforcement of law during the "crofter agitation". D57

Sheriff of Ross and Cromarty Sheriff-Clerk's letter book, 1845-1854 Heritors of the Cromarty District of the Sheriffdom of Ross and Cromarty, minute book, 1842-1862 Heritors of the Western or Dingwall District of the Sheriffdom of Ross and Cromarty, minute book, 1842-1861 CRC/10/6



COMMISSIONERS OF SUPPLY Commissioners of Supply were first appointed in 1667, as a Committee of the prominent landowners of each county, to collect the national land tax (the cess). In the 18th century they aquired responsibility for the maintenance of roads. The Police Acts 1839 and 1857 placed upon them additional statutory duties as the executive body for the administration of the police force in the county, as did the Contagious Diseases Animals Act, 1878. The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889 transferred most of the Commissioners' powers to the new County Councils; the Commissioners were finally abolished in 1930. COUNTY OF INVERNESS Minute books, 1761-1890 * Committee minute book, 1856-1880 Local Authority (Diseases of Animals) Minute books, 1869-1930 Constabulary Committee Minute book, 1840-1857 Police Committee Minute books, 1857-1889 Rolls of Freeholders, 1784, 1788, 1801 Rolls of Commissioners, 1880-1883; 1922-1923 Roll of Commissioners, 1897-1898 List of Members, 1882-1909 Valuation rolls and records, 1691; 1788-1929 (incomplete) Papers re Skye Crofters, 1882-1888 * CI/1/1 CI/1/2



R13/C/1, CI/1/9 CI/1/10 CI/1/11 R13/E/2 R13/J/1 CI/1/5 R13/J/2-7

* * * * *

COUNTY OF NAIRN Minute books, 1790-1930 * Local Authority (Contagious Diseases, Animal Act) Minute book, 1884-1890 R81/A/1-4


Valuation roll and Cess book, 1831; Annual cess roll, 1838-1890 Assessment appeal register, with judgements, 1820-1867 Assessment roll, Parochial Church manse and school house repairs, 1860-1862 Register of mortgages, 1869

R81/A/6 R81/A/7

R81/A/9 R81/A/8

* * * * *

COUNTIES OF ROSS AND CROMARTY (The separate counties of Ross and Cromarty were amalgamated in 1890 to form the single county of Ross and Cromarty.) Ross Minute books, 1765-1926 * Committee minute books (various responsibilities), 1733-1890 * Valuation book, 1826 CRC/1/1 CRC/1/2 CRC/1/1

Cromarty Minute books, 1765-1888 Minute book: Freeholders, 1765-1768; Police Committee, 1868-1889 Valuation book, 1698-1775 Register of Voters, 1862-1872 CRC/1/3 CRC/1/3 CRC/1/3 CRC/1/3

Counties of Ross and Cromarty Prison Board minute book, accounts. letter book, 1840-1878 Commissioners of Supply and Heritors of Counties of Ross and Cromarty general meetings under the several Acts relating to Parliamentary roads and bridges, minute books, 1805-1866 CRC/10/4


* * * * *

COUNTY OF SUTHERLAND Minute books, 1736-1790; 1813-1929 Enrolment Committee Minute book, 1903-1929 CS/1/1


STATUTE LABOUR TRUSTS COUNTY ROAD TRUSTS Statute Labour Trusts were first appointed in the 18th century and were the main highway authorities (apart from the Turnpike Trusts) until 1878. They had powers to raise and spend taxation for the purpose of road repairs, and replaced the earlier statute labour system of enforced work on roads by tenants and others. County Road Trusts were established by the Roads and Bridges (Scotland) Act, 1878 and assumed the responsibilities of the Statute Labour Trusts and the Turnpike Trusts (see over). They were abolished in 1889 and their powers transferred to the new County Councils. COUNTY OF INVERNESS-SHIRE Minute book, 1831-1863 Minutes, correspondence, reports, 1879-1898 First (Inverness) District Minute book, 1865-1879 Third (Badenoch and Strathspey) District Ledger, 1850-1879 Minute book, 1879-1889 Fifth (Skye) District Correspondence, 1873-1884 CI/2/1 R13/E/2,4


R13/E/3 CI/6/3


* * * * *

COUNTY OF NAIRNSHIRE Minute book, 1863-1890 Road assessment rolls, 1879-1890 Road assessment receipt book, 1883-1887 R81/B/11, 12 R81/B/14-15 R81/B/16

* * * * *

COUNTY OF ROSS-SHIRE General Road Trust Minute books, 1807-1890 First District Trust Minute books, 1818-1866 Second District Trust Minute books, 1825-1866 Third District Trust Minute books, 1833-1885 Fourth District Trust Minute books, 1807-1866; Cash books, 1828-1866 Fifth District Trust Minute book, 1826-1842 Sixth District Trust Minute book, 1863-1866 Seventh District Trust Minute books, 1807-1866 Eighth District Trust Minute books, 1807-1866 Tenth District Trust Minute book, 1843-1866 Eleventh District Trust Minute book, 1853-1866 Twelfth District Trust Minute book, 1841-1866 Thirteenth District Trust Minute book, 1851-1866 Fourteenth District Trust Minute book, 1851-1866















* * * * *

COUNTY OF SUTHERLAND County Trust Minute books, 1804-1890 (incomplete); Letter book, 1888-1890; Account book, 1842-1845; Cash book, 1832-1838 Assynt District Trust Minute book, 1820-1843 Dornoch District Trust Minute book, 1822-1843 Reay District Trust Minute book, 1828-1843






From the 1750s until 1878, Turnpike Trusts were responsible for borrowing money, imposing tolls on and maintaining specified roads, as well as building new roads.

COUNTY OF NAIRN Minute book, 1820-1864 R81//B/1-3


Minute book (general meetings), 1820-1864 Minute books (1st District), 1820-1864 Minute books (2nd District), 1820-1864 (includes minutes for 3rd District from 1843) Correspondence re finances, 1857-1859 Papers re Turnpike and Commutation Road Act Trusts, 1790 - 1860; reports on Roads and Bridges Committee, 1893

R81/B/4 R81/B/5-6

R81/B/7-8 R81/B/9


HERITORS OF THE PARISH Local land and property owners served as the Heritors of parishes until 1925, and were responsible for building and maintaining post-Reformation Parish churches, manses and schools. See also - Sheriff of Ross and Cromarty, p53 Counties of Ross and Cromarty, p55

Heritors of the Parish of Nairn Minute book, 1840-1892


LORD LIEUTENANT The Lord Lieutenant is appointed by the Crown and was formerly an ex-officio member of the executive authority for police. Permanent lieutenancies were established in the 1790s with the powers to raise and direct militias and volunteers in the counties. The rise of the police forces under various 19th century Police Acts led to the decline in the active powers of the lieutenancy.

County of Cromarty Court of Lieutenancy Minute book, 1825-1828


County of Nairn Minute book, 1819-1831 (including appointment of Clerk, 1874-1875) County of Ross-shire Minute book, 1803-1806




HELMSDALE HARBOUR TRUSTEES Register, 1894-1907 INVERNESS HARBOUR TRUSTEES Minute books, 1899-1920 Abstracts of Accounts, 1863, 1881 IB/6/2 IB/6/2 CS/7/1


ASSOCIATION OF HIGHLAND DISTRICT COUNCILS Minutes, agendas, correspondence and working papers, 1981-1994 D374

GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE National Register and Census, 1941, Ennumerators' papers, 1939 - 1941, Grantown-on-Spey area; a few cancelled, completed registration forms, 1941. County Elgin, Registration District of Inverallan Census of Scotland, 1881. List of persons qualified to act as Ennumerators; Plan of Ennumeration Districts



HARBOUR MASTER, PORTREE Uig pier: diaries, 1987-1991; order books, 1987-1992; Receipt books, oil sales and pier dues, 1986-1991



INVERNESS AND DISTRICT POST OFFICE Establishment books, 1898-c.1933 Service, duties, pay and conditions for all staff: Inverness, 1898-c.1933; Gollanfield, 1898-1906; Beauly, 1900-1902; Sub-offices, c.1920-1926


LORD CLERK REGISTER The following Abridgements of Sasines are printed summaries of the documents copied into the Register of Sasines which is the record of transfer of ownership of heritable property in Scotland.

County Caithness Abridgements of Sasines, 1869-1943 Indices to Sasines (persons and places), 1872-1940 * (incomplete) County Cromarty Abridgements of Sasines, 1781-1889 Indices to Sasines (persons and places), 1781-1889 * (incomplete) County of Inverness-shire Abridgements of Sasines, 1781-1969 Indices to Sasines (persons and places), 1781-1960 * (incomplete) County of Nairnshire Abridgements of Sasines, 1781-1969 Indices to Sasines (persons and places), 1781-1961 (incomplete) County of Ross Abridgements of Sasines, 1781-1889 Indices to Sasines (persons and places), 1872-1889 County Ross and Cromarty Abridgements of Sasines, 1890-1969 Indices to Sasines (persons and places), 1890-1960 * County of Sutherland Abridgements of Sasines, 1781-1969 Indices to Sasines (persons and places), 1781-1961 (incomplete)








ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE Home registration cards, c.1904 - c.1910 Registration details of reservists in Home District of Inverness Letter book, 1899 - 1913; Enrolment book, 1928 - 1971; Discharge papers and letters, n.d.





BUSINESS STATISTICS OFFICE, BOARD OF TRADE Census of Distributors Plan of Inverness town centre showing each business premises, 88 feet:1 inch, 1969


HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS DEVELOPMENT BOARD Maps and charts covering the Board's territory. Ordnance Survey sheets, 1:10,000, 1:10,560, 1:2500; 1959-1974. Admiralty Hydrography charts, c.1972-c.1979, including North Sea offshore charts.*


COUNTY OF ARGYLL-SHIRE Plans re road construction, Special Finance Assistance Schemes, Isle of Mull, 1936 *


COUNTY OF INVERNESS-SHIRE Architect's and Planning Officer's Department Services maps for water, sewerage, gas and electricity supply schemes, mostly 1:25,000, 1950-1967 * Water and Drainage Engineer's Department Plans of proposed drainage schemes, water supplies, Special Drainage and Water Supply Districts, Culloden, Culcabock, Inverness and Barra, c.1908 - c.1938 *



Plans of Special Districts Drainage, 1904-1971; Lighting, 1948-1974, Water, n.d. Scavenging, 1939-1966 Plans of public works projects 1852 - 1945; estate maps and village feuing plans, Skye, 1859 - 1904 * Public works, c.1894-1956, including harbours, piers, jetties, water supply schemes, roads, County Council properties; River flow records, Ness Basin *

R79/O/1-3 R79/P/1-4



COUNTIES OF NAIRN AND ROSS AND CROMARTY Architects plans of schools, court houses, police stations, 1848-1933 * R83

COUNTY OF ROSS AND CROMARTY Plans of police stations, schools, poorhouses, court houses, c.1848-c.1901; Estate maps: Lochbroom, 1829, Ben Damph, 1882 * Plans of school buildings, 1946-1977 Development Plan. Amendment no. 6, Invergordon-Nigg area, 1968

CRC/8 R27/63


COUNTY OF SUTHERLAND Golspie Special Lighting District, 1896,1958 Golspie Water and Drainage District, 1896 Portgower Special Drainage District, 1953 Certified declarations of National Nature Reserves, 1956-1969 * R79/T/2a R79/T/2b R79/T/2c R79/T/2e

COUNTIES OF CAITHNESS, INVERNESS, NAIRN ROSS & CROMARTY, SUTHERLAND Plans and contract drawings for bridges and harbour facilities, 1818-1974 *


PLANS - GENERAL A diverse collection, c.1878-c.1956, including Benbecula Rocket Range, Salmon ladders - Conon Falls



HARBOUR MASTER, PORTREE Portree harbour, 1992 R71

HIGHLAND REGIONAL COUNCIL Development Department Promotional video tapes, 1980s (Several produced by or for Highlands and Islands Development Board); Promotional and publicity photographs, 1980s


COUNTY OF INVERNESS-SHIRE Aird District Council Members of the Council, 1975, colour photograph


Highways Department Photographs of snow clearing,c1952-c1978 Album of photographs: bridges Inverness-Perth road (Inverness to Blair Atholl section), 1924-1927, together with engineering specifications Album of photographs of opening of the Moidart Road, 1966 County Council Members of the Council, 1930s Members of the Council, 1954 Members of Inverness County Education Authority, 1925 PETTY EAST SCHOOL School pupils, 1979 - 1986, album of photographs; (also papers re participation in Inverness music festivals, 19th century)

R12 CI/3/13

R25 R25 R25


SCOTTISH OFFICE Education Department Scottish Education into the 90s, video re school boards, and curriculum and assessment, with printed transcript



HIGHLAND REGIONAL COUNCIL "Grapevine", nos. 1 - 25, 1989 - 1995; The Highland Courier, 1990, re 15th anniversary of the Council; publications re local government organisation, c.1994 - 1995 *


COUNTY OF ROSS AND CROMARTY School magazines, various dates * School and college prospectuses * R27/86 R27/88

SECRETARY OF STATE FOR SCOTLAND Survey of the County of Ross and Cromarty, 1961 CRC/10/2

SCOTTISH OFFICE Report of Dounreay European Demonstration Reprocessing Plant for Fast Reactor Fuel, Public Local Inquiry,1986 * History of the Inverness-shire Highlanders (97th Regiment) 1794-1796




INLAND REVENUE Land valuation maps, 1910 OS maps showing numbered units of property, which lead to Revenue Inspectors' field books (held by the Scottish Record Office), which record site value and much other information about each unit; arranged by county, and further by parish and burgh. D267

* * * * *

CUSTOMS AND EXCISE INVERNESS DISTRICT OFFICE Registers of declarations of ownership, 1811-1847 (incomplete) Registers of ships at Inverness Port, 1811-1881 Register of ships at Isle Martin Port, 1789-1812 Register of ships at Fort William Port, 1824-1827 Register of steam boat certificates, 1855-1934 Registers of transactions, 1829-1903 Annual accounts of ships registered, 1786-1824; 1862-1910 Registers of fishing boats at Inverness Port,1862-1902 Index to fishing boats, c.1905-1955 Indexes to ships registered, c.1830-1954 Fees and deeds books, 1923-1985 Registration of ships, 1945-1982 (incomplete); documents re withdrawal and transfer of ships Letter books, Millburn and Glen Mhor/Glen Albyn distilleries 1804-1967 Collector's letter book and report book, 1915-1972

D217/1-3 D217/4-12 D217/13-14 D217/15 D217/16 D217/17-19 D217/20-21 D217/22-28 D217/31 D217/29-30 D217/32-35


D379 D379

HM Customs, letter books, 1923-1951 Establishment and salary books, 1913-1936 Rulings of the Board, 1929-1948 Reports, despositions and returns re wrecks, 1886-1974 Receiver of Wrecks Droit books (particulars of wrecks), 1940-1962 Parliamentary Commissioners for Highlands Roads and Bridges Annual reports, 1803-1821, 1833-1861

D379 D379 D379 D379


CRC/2/1, CI/3/13

* * * * *

ORDNANCE SURVEY The holdings of Ordnance Survey maps are arranged geographically for ease of consultation, rather than by their accession numbers. Counties Caithness, Sutherland, Ross & Cromarty, Inverness-shire, Skye (Inner Hebrides), Nairnshire, Argyllshire, Outer Hebrides and Lewis Initial survey of the Highlands 1866-1876; 6 inch-1 mile; microfilm Original and paper copies of the following series. Complete sets are held unless otherwise indicated. Argyllshire That part of North Argyll which became part of Highland Region in 1975. Initial survey, 1866-1871; 6 inch; incomplete First revision, 1897 - 1898; 6 inch, 25 inch Caithness Initial survey, 1870-1872; 6 inch, 25 inch First revision, 1904-1905; 6 inch, 25 inch Second revision, 1938; 6 inch National Grid survey, 1964-1976; 1:2500; incomplete Burgh of Wick 1872; 1:500 Elginshire (Morayshire) Comprising that part of Elginshire which became part of Highland Region in 1975. Initial survey, 1866-1871; 6 inch; incomplete First revision, 1902 - 1904; 6 inch, 25 inch Inverness-shire

Initial survey, 1866-1876; 6 inch, 25 inch; incomplete First revision, 1899-1903; 6 inch, 25 inch Second revision, 1929, 1938; 6 inch, 25 inch National Grid Survey, 1966-1980, 1:2500; incomplete Inverness Burgh, 1867; 1:500 Nairnshire Initial survey, 1866-1869; 6 inch Initial survey, 1866-1869; 25 inch; incomplete First revision, 1903-1904; 6 inch, 25 inch National Grid survey, 1965-1967; 1:2500; incomplete Burgh of Nairn, 1867; 1:500 Outer Hebrides and Lewis Those parts of Inverness-shire in the Outer Hebrides (Harris, North and South Uist, Barra) were treated as a separate county by Ordnance Survey, as was Lewis, though part of Ross-shire. Initial survey, Outer Hebrides, 1876; 6 inch, 25 inch; incomplete First revision, Outer Hebrides, 1901; 6 inch, 25 inch; incomplete First revision, Lewis, 1895-1896; 6 inch, 25 inch; incomplete Ross and Cromarty Until 1890 Ross-shire and Cromarty-shire were separate counties but were treated as a single unit by Ordnance Survey. Initial survey 1868-1875; 6 inch, 25 inch; incomplete First revision, 1901-1905; 6 inch, 25 inch Second revision, 1938; 6 inch; incomplete National Grid survey, 1964-1982; 1:2500; incomplete Skye and Small Isles (Inner Hebrides) Initial survey, 1874-1877; 6 inch, 25 inch; incomplete First revision, 1898-1901; 6 inch, 25 inch National Grid survey, 1964-1976; 1:2500; incomplete Sutherland Initial survey, 1868-1873; 6 inch, 25 inch; incomplete First revision, 1902-1905; 6 inch, 25 inch Second revision, 1938; 6 inch National Grid survey, 1959-1976; 1:2500; incomplete

Argyllshire, Caithness, Inner Hebrides, Inverness-shire, Outer Hebrides, Nairnshire, Ross & Cromarty, Sutherland Name books (microfilm) The name books were compiled during the Ordnance Survey of Scotland, 1845-1878; they contain detailed information about all places shown on the 6" and 25" maps, arranged by parish within county. Plans of proposed works, Cromarty Harbour, 1878



BOARD OF ORDNANCE William Roy, military survey of Scotland, 1747-1755, 1:36,000; 35mm transparencies of the "fair copy" of Roy's maps of the Highlands, showing woodlands, cultivated land, houses and other features. Wade Collection. Maps and plans associated with Field Marshall George Wade, Commander-in-Chief in Scotland, 1724-1740, re forts and barracks at Fort William, Fort Augustus and Inverness; military roads in the Highlands; "Murray" and Cromarty Firths, c.1724-c.1736 * P



N O R T H H I G H L A N D A R C H I V E, W I C K With support from the European Regional Development Fund and Caithness District Council, the first area office of the Highland Regional Archive was opened in 1995. Based in Wick, the office exists to preserve, conserve and make accessible the historical records of Caithness, both privately owned and officially created. HIGHLAND REGIONAL COUNCIL Archaeology Section Investigation of old auction mart site, Wick, 1995


* * * * *

CAITHNESS DISTRICT COUNCIL Valuation roll, 1975-1989 Electoral register, 1992 Housing Committee Minute book, 1975-1977 OC9 OC9


* * * * *

CAITHNESS COUNTY COUNCIL Council Minute book, 1902-1975


Committees of County Council Castletown Water and Drainage Committee Minute book, 1932-1947 Castletown Special District Lighting Committee Minute book, 1935-1940 Murray Bequest Trustees Minute book, 1913-1938 Standing Joint Committee Minute book, 1928





Thrumster Burial Ground Committee Minute book, 1888-1959


County Assessor Valuation rolls, 1878-1974 Valuations, 1666-1702 (transcriptions)

OC1 D132

Justice of the Peace Minute book, 1910-1976


Buildings Authority Buildings registers, applications, certificates, drawings, associated correspondence, 1944-1975


Housing Department Register of grants under Housing (Rural Workers) Act 1926, 1927-1945


Register of Infectious Diseases, County, 1912-1926, 1936-1945 Register of Infectious Diseases, Burgh of Wick, 1935-1940


Register of Publicans' Certificates, 1833-1959


CAITHNESS DISTRICT COURT Register of cases, 1961-1993 OC9

CAITHNESS LICENSING COURT Register of applications, 1960-1975 OC9



* * * * *

BURGH OF THURSO Town Council Minute books, 1904-1965 Bailie's Court book, 1728-1780 Magistrates and Councillors Minute books, 1803-1891 Police Commissioners Minute books, 1841-1904 Burgh Surveyor Office report book, 1922-1930





Register of Bookmakers'permits and Betting Office licences, 1962-1969


* * * * *

BURGH OF WICK Town Council Minute books, 1660-1975 Town Council and Magistrates Minute book, 1794-1819 Roads Committee Minute book, 1860-1886




Burgess rolls, 1790-1956 Charters for the Burgh, 1829-1951 (P) Suppliers' account book, 1820-1834 Contract book, 1903-1934 Valuation rolls, 1883-1960


* * * * *

PAROCHIAL BOARDS; PARISH COUNCILS The following abbreviations have been used where appropriate: MB - Minute book; GRP - General Register of the Poor; A - Applications for relief; C - Correspondence; FR - Financial records; CR - Children's register. Halkirk MB, 1845-1930; GRP, 1845-1885; CR, 1862-1919 Reay MB, 1845-1930; GRP, 1865-1877; C, 1846-1851; Reay Burial Ground Committee, MB, 1883-1930 Wick MB, 1840-1930; GRP, 1870-1930; A, 1855-1930; CR, 1914-1930; FR, 1896-1929; Other, 1872-1923 * Wick Burial Ground Committee, MB, 1865-1899 Wick - Eastern District A, 1930-1949 Bower MB, 1845-1930; FR, 1928-1930; GRP, 1858-1930; CR, 1894-1916; A, 1897-1930 Canisbay MB, 1898-1930 Dunnet MB, 1845-1930; CR, 1865-1896; A, 1865-1930 Dunnet Burial Ground Committee, MB, 1884-1930 Latheron MB, 1901-1930; GRP, 1911-1929; FR, 1923-1924 Olrig MB, 1845-1930;FR, 1919-1928; GRP, 1865-1930; A, 1923-1930 Thurso MB, 1845-1930; A, 1855-1917; CR, 1854-1900; FR, 1916-1927; Assessment roll, 1881-1885; Inspector's visiting book, 1873-1889; Burial Ground Committee, MB, 1861-1900; Thurso Combination Poorhouse, MB, 1905-1925 Inspector of the Poor











Correspondence and printed papers, 1922-1923


Licensing Court Minute book, 1961-1975 Dean of Guild Plans and petitions,1928-1975



LORD CLERK REGISTER Abridgements of Sasines for Caithness County, 1781-1969 Indices to Sasines (persons and places) 1781-1960 (incomplete)

HARBOUR TRUSTS THURSO RIVER Minute books, 1887-1971


WICK HARBOUR Trustees minute books, 1880-1948, 1975-1988* Scroll minute books, 1931-1979 * Chartularies, 1829-1938 * Secretary of the Trust Correspondence, 1924-1986 * P20 P20 P20


Resident Engineer and Superintendent of Works Correspondence and reports, 1913-1973 Diaries, 1884-1888

P20 P20

Treasurer Correspondence, 1869-1990 Financial records, 1890-1974 * Diaries, 1920-1984 Harbour Master Log books, 1849-1889

P20 P20 P20


Registers of vessels, 1860-c1981 Registers of tonnage, cargoes and dues, 1850-1982 Employees' records, 1884-1987 Tenders, 1927-1960 * Stock, store and order books, 1884-1990 Weigh books and fish landings records, 1889-1974 Lettings and sales of stances, 1859-1940 Miscellaneous records, 1870-1965 * Orders re development, 1899-1933 *

P20 P20 P20 P20 P20 P20 P20 P20 P20

* * * * *

TRUSTEES OF THURSO TOWN HALL Minute book, 1880-1904 OC4

* * * * *

WICK POST OFFICE Establishment books, 1892-1963 Whiteley Council, Wick Area Minute book, 1920-1982 P21


* * * * *

BIGNOLD HOSPITAL Minute book, Trustees, 1939-1948 Register and admittance books, 1903-1952 P37 P37

MAPS AND PLANS COUNTY OF CAITHNESS Plans and elevations, schools, hospitals, public buildings, c1928-1966 * ORDNANCE SURVEY Initial survey, 1870-1872; 6 inch, 25 inch First revision, 1904-1905; 6 inch, 25 inch Burgh of Wick, 1872; 1:500 Name books (microfilm) The name books were compiled during the Ordnance Survey of Scotland, 1845-1878; they contain detailed information about all the places shown on the 6" and 25" maps, arranged by parish within the county. BOARD OF ORDNANCE William Roy, military survey of Scotland, 1747-1755, 1:36,000; 35mm transparencies of the "fair copy" of Roy's maps of Caithness. OC5







ASH, Dr. MARINELL D161 Research papers for book "This Noble Harbour" [Cromarty Firth] deposited by the author's Trustees. Embargoed to 2003. Newspaper cuttings, 1967-1984; correspondence from WRENS at Invergordon, 1939-1945; papers re Cromarty Firth Port Authority and working papers for "This Noble Harbour", 19851988. BAILLIE OF DOCHFOUR D304 Report by Dickson & Armitage, chartered accountants, Edinburgh on accounts of factor, cashier and agents for Evan Baillie of Dochfour, 1875-1880. Report re management of Baillie of Dochfour's estates by James Mollison, factor, and others. Chartulary of Kingussie: James Evan Baillie of Kingussie and Evan Baillie of Dochfour, 18351881; copies of feu charters for lands in Kingussie, and Dochgarroch, Aldourie, Glenelg. BAILLIE, ALEXANDER OF DOCHFOUR Probate of will and codicils, 1797-1799. D348

BARRON, EVAN D297 A large collection of papers, c.1800-c.1960. Barron was a distinguished local historian and editor of the "Inverness Courier" for 46 years. Family and business correspondence; articles, lecture notes, drafts of publications, press cuttings re Highland and Scottish history, compiled by Evan Barron; local guide books; genealogical research papers, c.1800 - c.1960. Also: military papers of James Barron Jnr, an officer in the Cameron Highlanders before and during World War I, 1900 - 1940s. CAMERON-HEAD of INVERAILORT D271 Family, household and some estate papers, private correspondence and papers of Mrs. L.R.A. Cameron-Head (1917-1994), Inverness County Councillor and member of various National Health bodies; also papers re West Highland railway (Mallaig) extension, 1890s; building of Lochailort road and development of fish farm, c.1870 - 1994. Plans and pedigree chart. Papers and correspondence (mainly military) of Major General Sir Alexander Cameron, Colonel of 74th Highland Regiment of Foot (d. 1850) who served in Napoleonic wars. Also: papers of his brother Duncan, Barrack Master at Fort William and son Duncan, and son's father-in-law, Thomas Gillespie of Ardachy, c.1810 - 1850. CHISHOLM OF CHISHOLM D365 Papers relating to lands of Comar, Strathglass, 1710-1907, *, P. Legal documents including marriage contract, 1710; excerpt from rent roll, 1788; assignation of lease, 1892. CHISHOLM, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL JAMES D209 Papers of James Chisholm, from Strathglass, re his military career, administration of his estate, business and family affairs. Correspondence re his military career, 1802-1807; correspondence and accounts with Army agents, London, 1802-1825; correspondence of Chisholm's executor, 1821-1839; private bills, 1818-1821.

CUTHBERT, LEWIS Cuthbert, of Castlehill, Inverness-shire, was Provost-Marshall of Jamaica. Papers re his executry, 1799-1824.


DALLAS, WILLIAM D241 Papers from Compt Book of William Dallas, merchant, Inverness, and his wife, Christine Rose, 1685-c.1693. Fragmentary notes apparently re Dallas' business affairs, most undated, c.1687. Genealogical notes re Dallas and his wife. DAVIDSON, DUNCAN OF TULLOCH D106 Correspondence re quarrel between Davidson and Hugh Ross of Cromarty, 1841; part of pedigree of Macdonald, Baronet of the Isles, Baron of Sleat, showing Davidson of Tulloch. (P) DURHAM, JANE D102 Papers re symposium and study tour "Our Vanishing Heritage" (effects of present and future land use on face of Scotland), organised by Inverness Field Club in association with Council for British Archaeology, Scotland, April 1987. Papers comprise correspondence, newspaper cuttings, copies of Hansard and other publications, c.1970-1989. EXECUTRY PAPERS D346 Papers accumulated by Mr. A. Lawson during the 1970s relating to people in Inverness and Nairn and surrounding districts and mostly dated 1850-1900. * FORBES OF SKELLATER D2 Two charters to Earls of Mar and William Forbes, re lands of Ord, 1642; William Forbes to George Forbes, confirmed by Earl of Mar, 1663. Three Instruments of Sasine, George Forbes, 1663-1679. FRASER, ALEXANDER D17 Petition of Rev. Alexander Garden Fraser claiming The Ancient Peerage of Lovat, to Committee of Privileges, House of Lords, including his pedigree, c.1845. (P) FRASER, ALEXANDER D308 Personal, family and business papers mainly re agency for Commercial Banking Co. c.1849c.1894. Fraser (1822-1899) was a Provost of Inverness, Chairman of the Parochial Board, councillor and magistrate, and prominent in local organisations. It seems probable that an original accession of his papers was dispersed into several subject categories during the 1970s. Correspondence, invitations, 1849-c.1888; household accounts, 1879-1888; accounts re his properties, 1881-1899; family records,1822-1899; leases of salmon nettings, 1872-1894; papers re life and fire insurance, 1864-c.1888; papers re Commercial Banking Co. c.1829-c.1865, under Fraser's predecessors as agent: James Wilson, James Mackenzie, Angus Macleod: correspondence, legal documents, bank books, "Old Instructions".* FRASER, DONALD Fraser, a distiller at The Brewery, Inverness, lived at Holm. Private, domestic accounts, receipts and miscellaneous papers, 1803-1827. * D314

FRASER, JOHN of CARNARVON Case and opinion re his claim to Lovat Estates and title, 1879. FRASER, THOMAS Fraser, of Ledclune, Stratherrick, emigrated to New Zealand in 1858. Family correspondence, family trees and obituary, 1803 - 1833. (P)



FRASER OF CULBOKIE D111 Correspondence, legal documents and family tree, 1662-1825, including genealogy of family of Guisachan and Culbokie, called MacHutcheon, 1825; letters to William Fraser, with transcriptions, 1747-1795. FRASERS OF BOBLAINY D238 Papers re the affairs of Thomas, Simon and Hugh Fraser of Boblainy, 1729-1838. * Private and business correspondence; legal documents especially re disputes between Simon Fraser and various parties; accounts. FRASERS OF NEWTON D240 Papers of brothers Thomas and Alexander Fraser of Newton, and of Hugh Fraser, as settled by his executor, 1793-1871. * Thomas' papers relate mainly to sale of estate to Thomas Biscoe, 1840s; Alexander's papers are mostly legal documents. Hugh Fraser's papers are accounts settled by James Wilson, 1842-1851. Also: brief genealogical note re the family. FRESSON PAPERS D250 A small collection of papers re commemoration of Britain's first internal airmail service, 19341994. GORDON, ROBERT D338 Papers re business and legal affairs and properties of Robert Gordon of Drakies, 1809-1834. The business was at "The Haugh", Inverness, now known as Holm Mills. Papers re financial position and dissolution of Mackenzie, Gordon & Co., woollen manufacturers, and related affairs of Robert Gordon, 1815-1821. Correspondence to Rev. D. Fraser, Kirkhill, one of Gordon's trustees. GRIGOR, JOHN D281 Papers deposited by Grigor's biographer. Dr. John Grigor of Nairn (1814-1886) was a prominent local doctor and historian. Manuscript of the book (published 1994), correspondence and personal papers. Notes for various lectures given and research undertaken by Grigor; notes re Grigor's family history; private correspondence and papers of Grigor and his wife; newspaper cuttings re local events and issues and family matters; papers of societies of which Grigor was a member, c.1801 - 1915. *

HOSSACK, JOHN D268 Letter to The Laird of Achnagairn, 13.11.1715, re activities of Lord Lovat, Duncan Forbes of Culloden, Keppoch, and others. (P)

JOHNSTONE, JAMES D311 Private and other papers, including photographs, c.1929-c.1990, re Johnstone's school days, Fleet Air Arm service, career as a geography teacher, mainly at Inverness Royal Academy (19611989); copies of The Academical, 1892-1894, 1921; Inverness Royal Academy magazine, various years 1961-1983. LOGAN, ALEXANDER Papers re croft, Craigton, North Kessock, 1899-1961. (P) Order by Crofters' Commission fixing fair rent, 1899; rent book. D136

MACBEAN OF TOMATIN D104 Family papers include: marriage settlement, 1677-1688; legal documents, 1709-1875; accounts and correspondence, 1747-1902; valuations, 1879-1904. Papers re management of estate at Tomatin: farm accounts and records, 1783-1908; feu duty receipts, 1770-1824; Rental book, 1787-1814; building plans and specifications, 1873. MACDONALD, DONALD Macdonald was a painter at 33 Bridge Street, Inverness. Letter book, 1901-1903. D332

MACDONALD, KENNETH D5 Papers concerning family of Kenneth Macdonald, Town Clerk of Inverness c.1880-1921, and noted local historian. * Papers re incidents at Dingwall, 1721, at time of Burgh elections; papers re incidents at Nairn, n.d.; private correspondence and papers, 1864-1895. MACDONALD, MURDO D144 Drummond Park Hostel (Inverness Royal Academy) diary, 1956-1958; his experiences at the school. MACDONALD, MURDOCH D6 Macdonald was resident engineer for the construction of the Black Isle railway and later became one of Scotland's leading civil engineers, as founder of the firm, Sir M. Macdonald & Partners, later Mott, Macdonald (see Professional, Business and Commercial Papers, D197). Black Isle railway, 1889-1895: longitudinal elevation, Muir of Ord - Fortrose; schedule of measurements. Correspondence re engineering works, Black Isle, to Macdonald in his private practice, 18941895. Rovers Football Club, North of Scotland Football Association, accounts, 1889-1890. MACFADYEN, REV. DONALD D380 Papers re stipend of Parish of Laggan (Strathspey); inventory and valuation of household effects of Macfadyen, 1844 - 1881. MACGILLIVRAY, FINLAY D344 Macgillivray, of Nairn and Dunmaglass, was a road surveyor. Correspondence from Duncan Macgillivray, 1853-1883, and from a cousin in Australia, 18541855.

Genealogical information, mainly 19th century, re Macgillivrays. MACKENZIE OF PORTMORE D286 Genealogical table showing the origin and the direct and collateral descent of the family, compiled by Colin Mackenzie, to 1894. MACKINTOSH, ANGUS OF HOLME AND DRUMMOND D352 Legal papers re court case to decide whether Mackintosh was sane and capable of managing his own affairs, 1852-1859. MACKINTOSH OF BALNESPICK D351 Correspondence to Campbell, William, George and Lachlan Mackintosh, 1786-1799; legal and other papers re members of the Mackintosh family, mainly Lachlan, 1783; copy of Instrument of Sasine in lands of Balnespic, 1606. MACLEAN, DONALD Maclean was headmaster at Muir of Ord school. Sermon note books, 1904-1921, with list of places in Highlands where sermons given. D48

MACLEODS OF CADBOLL D63 Most of the holding comprises papers of Norman Macleod (1866-1945), Chief Justice of Bombay in the 1920s, together with those of his wife Anna and their three children. * Norman Macleod: correspondence, 1887-1945; legal documents, 1919-1945; financial records, 1890-1945; reminiscences, c.1890-c.1926; miscellaneous papers, c.1867-c.1940. Anna Macleod: correspondence, 1913-1932; diaries, 1907-1926; financial records, 1905-1938; miscellaneous papers, 1879-c.1944. Torquil Macleod: correspondence, 1919-1970; legal documents, 1905-1952; Army records, 1923-1948; miscellaneous papers, c.1896-1966. MACPHERSON, MARGARET D171 Margaret Maclean, later Macpherson, writer, lifelong radical and early woman graduate, corresponded regularly with her sister. Private correspondence, c.1919-c.1940. MELVILLE/MELVIN, JOHN D353 The provenance of these items, grouped by Mr. A. Lawson,is unknown. Correspondence to John Melville/Melvin, 1811-1831 from relatives and friends; to Mrs Melvel, 1814; to Helen McRae, 1844. Discharge, Francis Melvill, Independent Company of Invalids, Fort George, 1783. MICHAEL, WILLIAM D71 Letter from William Michael, Smeaton Hill, Victoria, Australia, December 1852, to his brother Robert, shepherd near Lairg, Sutherland, re his journey and conditions in Victoria.

MORISON, DONALD D368 Morison, a Leòdhasach, merchant and recruiting officer, fought in the American War of Independence. Letter books, 1786-1797 written from Stornoway, Torridon, Glasgow, Edinburgh; transcript.

MORISON, JOHN Certificate of appointment as Collector of Excise and Inland Duties, 1801. (P)


MORRISON, JAMES D347 Family papers, mainly re marriages and deaths, 1848-1982. Receipts and other papers re rental and stock management, croft at 11 Newton Hill, Lentran/Kirkhill; rental of land at Reelig, 1928-1982. MULHOLLAND, ROBERT D336 Mulholland founded the Scottish Sovereignty Party and has been a prolific correspondent to the Inverness Courier. Newspaper cuttings and correspondence re Scottish nationalist issues, c.1970-c.1990. MUNRO, HETTY Hetty Munro served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, based at Stromness, Orkney. Diary, 1939-1944. (Transcript) D382

MUNRO, JAMES AND MACKENZIE, MURDOCH D298 Correspondence, legal documents and other papers re dispute between James Munro, Delny and Murdoch Mackenzie, Ardross, re sale of sheep, 1816-1820. * MURCHISON, RODERICK IMPEY OF TARRADALE D239 Marriage settlement, 1815; probate of own, wife's and nephew's wills, 1869-1873; appointments of trustees, 1879-1934. ROBERTSON, JOHN L. D29 Large bound volume presented to Robertson, HM Chief Inspector of Schools, by the educational authorities and teachers of the Northern Highlands, 1905. Includes numerous autographed photographs of officers and staff and photographs of schools, including St. Kilda, 1902. ROSS, ALEXANDER D227 Papers re tenancy of Reiskmore farm, Cadboll Estate, by Parkhill, Easter Ross. (P) Rent book, 1828-1890; correspondence, receipts, 1851-1862; lease of Reiskmore, 1844; stamped tack, 1858. ROSS, ALISTAIR J. Drivers' and vehicle licences and membership cards of Inverness Clubs, c.1922-c.1981. SMITH, WILLIAM Smith was assistant engineer, Highland Railway and lived at Millburn; died c.1910. Diary, 1880-1881. D164


SPAVEN, FRANK D285 Frank Spaven was head of Planning & Research, Highlands and Islands Development Board, 1946-1965. Papers re Beeching railway closure proposals and related transport matters, 1960-1966; Regional surveys, development planning papers, 1946-1966. Miscellaneous publications.

SPENCER, COLIN D246 Collection of correspondence, reports, photographs and other papers re the work of An Commun Gaidhealach, of which Mr. Spencer was Education Director, c.1976-c.1985. STEUART, BAILLIE JOHN D291 Baillie Steuart was a prominent Inverness merchant who served on Inverness Town Council, 1703 - 1714. Letter book, 1735-1752 (transcribed in part in Scottish History Society, Second Series, vol. 9, 1915). STRAITH, JOHN D232 Presentation, The Heritors of Nairn, in favour of John Straith, schoolmaster, 1767, with details of appointment. SUTHERLAND, A. D330 Membership cards of several social, recreational and welfare societies in Kinlochleven, Lochaber, c.1910-c.1915; miscellaneous correspondence. SWEETLAND, MRS. D317 Domestic accounts, Nessbank, Inverness. House Expense book, 1820-1823, 1844-1847; Grocery account book 1826-1833; Fuel account book, 1832-1833. URQUHART FAMILY D265 Family pedigree from Richard Urquhart of Cromarty, b.1128, to issue of Michael Urquhart (d.1940) and of Donald Urquhart, b.1902.


BALINTRAID ESTATE D237 Papers of John Forsyth and his family at Balintraid, Easter Ross,1890-1953. (See also Societies, Easter Ross Committee, D113) Farmers' account book, 1897-1953 (incomplete); financial records, 1890-1903. CONCHRA ESTATE D302 Papers and accounts re the estate, during and after ownership of Rev. Alexander Downie, minister, Lochalsh, 1819-1822. CRAIGTON AND KESSOCK ESTATE D303 Papers relating to sale and administration of the estate, 1890-1906. The estate was sold by Baillies of Dochfour to Donald Macdonald in 1898. Particulars of estate (including Redcastle), 1890; correspondence and other papers re arbitration between Baillie of Dochfour and Macdonald, 1874-1906; papers re fair rent, 1899; Rent roll, report and valuation and other papers, 1898-1906. DELNY, WHITE COTTAGE D243 Rent book, 1786-1879, for Walter Ross and his widow, John and William Mackenzie re farm in Easter Ross. (P) DRUMMOND ESTATE D147 Papers re sale of part of the estate, Inverness, 1864-1957. (P) Feu charters to Alexander Forbes, Lydia Fraser or Miller, 1864-1865; Minute of waiver with plan, Salvation Army Assurance Society Ltd. (feu superiors), 1957, re proposed housing development by Burgh of Inverness. EDDRACHILLES PARISH D46 Estate rental, arranged by township, together with details of crofters' assistance, improvements and hill pasture, re west Sutherland parish, 1847-1922. FARM WORKER'S DIARY D173 Handwritten diary and ledger, c.1844-c.1881 including detailed daily work record (location not certain) and copies of accounts. Also: notes re Duncan Gordon at Wester Drakies farm. FARR ESTATE D53 Records of management of the estate south of Inverness, under ownership of Major A. Mackenzie, 1931-1948. * Financial records, 1931-1944; Rentals, 1931-1943; Memorandum book, 1932-1948; Hillend farm and fishings financial records, 1931-1945. GARBOLL FARM D300 Records of the Strathdearn farm when sub-tenanted by Alexander Fraser (probably of the Commercial Bank, Inverness), 1856-1863. Papers re tenancy, 1854-1863; financial records and correspondence, 1856-1863; accounts, Kyllachy Mill, 1858-1863.

GORDON, DUKE OF Lists of estate rents and accounts for feu duties, Badenoch and Lochaber, 1753.


INVERLOCHY ESTATE D355 Rules and regulations for the angling on the Rivers Roy, Spean and Lochy, to be let, 1917, and related correspondence. INVERNESS PROPERTIES Douglas Row D92 Feu charter by The Very Reverend Norman Macleod in favour of Donald Maclennan, 1906. (P) High Street D91 Instruments of sasine and other legal documents re property, 1789-1840, involving inter alia, members of Rose family and trustees of the Inverness Tavern and Hotel Company. 42 Huntly Street D121 Legal documents re ownership and sale of the site, 1836-1953. (P) Lincoln Villa, Friars Lane D312 Papers re changes of ownership and tenancy c.1953-1975. INVERNESS, SHORE STREET D131 Correspondence and legal documents re dispute between George Walker & Co. sawmillers, and Highland Railway Co.,1881-1965; plan of land to be taken by railway, 1898; plan of property, Shore Street, belonging to Mollison & Co. Ltd., 1883. KNOYDART ESTATE D235 Financial records, 1893-1930; Factor's correspondence, 1902-1932; Rental book, 1893-1919; Workers' time book, 1893-1898; Inverie Farm records, 1893-1915; Kilchoan sheep book, 19291941; applications for posts, 1947. LOVAT ESTATES D366 Papers re land transactions, leases and rentals, Muirtown, Glenstrathfarrar, The Aird, Stratherrick, Abertarff, Beauly and Easter Drummond; Factor's accounts, 1638-1866. * MISCELLANEOUS AGRICULTURAL AND ESTATE PAPERS Papers collected together by Mr. A. Lawson, provenance unknown. 1. Inches estate, tenants' payments, 1733-1739. 2. Bunchrew farm papers, 1819-1826. 3. Easter Inverness-shire sheep stocks returns, 1871. 4. Dunmaglass lands for "sett", 1806. 5. Explosion on Isle of Canna, report, 1928. 6. Notices for horticultural exhibitions, farm stock and implement shows and sales, 1862-1885. 7. Kirkton Farming Club accounts and correspondence, 1907-1910. 8. Cullachy Farm, Fort Augustus, accounts and correspondence, Alexander Fraser, 1883-1888 9. Tenancy, Cantranabruich, c.1783-1784. 10. Inchrory and Burntown tenancies, 1775. 11. Culduthel crop receipts, 1793. 12-14. Records of payment for work done, crops and stock sold, most undated. D305

MISCELLANEOUS AGRICULTURAL AND ESTATE PAPERS 15. Wester Moniack farm papers, 1854. 16. Skibo estate, payment of rents, 1876-1888. 17. Parish of Creich, crofters' claims, 1892. 18. Edderton crofts, application to Crofters' Commission, 1887-1892. 19. Coigach salmon fishings case, 1865. 20. Cost of milk production, Scotland, report, 1920-1921. 21. Market prices, stock and commodities, Scotland, 1922, 1925. 22. Shooting Quarters to Let, Scotland, 1878.


MISCELLANEOUS LEGAL PAPERS RE INVERNESS-SHIRE ROSS-SHIRE AND NAIRN PROPERTIES D364 Papers assembled by Mr. A. Lawson under the headings Property/Inverness and Property/Nairn. * 1. Lands of Dalmigavie, 1514-1885. 2. Aberarder and Glenmazeron, 1755-1916. 3. Green of Muirtown, 1774-1868. 4. Mackintosh of Drummond, 1805-1856. 5. Various Inverness properties, 1805-1806. 6. Achnagairn, 1813-1829. 7. Various Nairn properties, 1833-1892. 8. Ross-shire, miscellaneous transactions, 1824-1900. 9. Changes of ownership, Burgh of Inverness, 1889-1903. NEWHALL ESTATE D32 and D224 Records re complex series of court cases and associated transactions re liability for payment for improvements on the estate (Black Isle) by Donald Mackenzie, 1755-1845. * Legal and court papers, 1791-1838; correspondence, 1811-1845; financial records, 1806-1833; valuations and rentals, 1755-1838; Sederunt book, 1817-1838; stipends, 1807-1832; plan of Braelangwell, n.d. SALES CATALOGUES D4 Catalogues for the sale of Highland estates, 1986 to date. * Also for: Belladrum, 1857; Northern Sutherland estates, 1918; Guisachan, 1920; Loch Rosque, Ross-shire, 1924; Balmacaan, 1945; Invereshie, Kincraig, 1953; Rosehaugh, 1959. SPRINGFIELD ESTATE D339 Correspondence and other papers, 1848-1912, re administration of the estate in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in which certain Inverness people, including Alexander Fraser of the Commercial Bank (see Family and Personal Papers, D308), were interested. SUTHERLAND ESTATE D373 An account of improvements on the estate by James Loch, 1820, including plans of various farm buildings, inns, towns, and Clyneish distillery, (P) * Reports and letter re west coast salmon fishing, by William Dunbar, 1871. (P) * Papers re Bighouse farm, Tongue, 1887 - 1890. (P) * Letters re Syre, P.P.Sellar, 1882. (P) *

TARBAT AND ROSSKEEN D282 Royal Charter of Confirmation granted by James VI of Scotland to David, Bishop of Ross, confirming him in his lands and rents at Tarbat and Rosskeen, Easter Ross, 1610. TORBRECK FARM D299 Correspondence, 1831-1835; financial records, 1833-1834; miscellaneous papers, 1831-c.1835; plan of farm (near Inverness), 1831.

PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, INVERNESS Correspondence, 1843-1844, re rents and tenancies; John Mackenzie, banker. CALEDONIAN BANKING COMPANY Account book, 1888-1900; receipts, 1881-1882. D342


CHRISTIE AND FERGUSON D123 Records of the practice of Alexander Macdonald, solicitor, Portree, Isle of Skye,in the main, also of his successor, the partnership Macdonald & Fraser (later Christie and Ferguson) *. Kilmuir estate records, 1854-1882, including correspondence, financial records, rental and tenancies, papers re crofters' agitation in 1880s. Glendale, Colbost and Skinidin estate records, 1809-1904, including correspondence and financial records. Skeabost and Bernisdale estate, 1875-1888, including correspondence, financial records, rentals and tenancies. Strathaird Estate, 1855-1952, including correspondence, financial records and rental books. Macleod, Macdonald, Raasay, Lyndale and Treaslane, Waternish, Eigg, and Duisdale estates, 1839-1946 correspondence. Skye Farming Society records, 1863-1878. Skye Agricultural Society papers, 1903-1919. British Diatomite Company, correspondence, wages records, financial papers, leases, 1900-1906. Donald Macdonald of Tormore, correspondence, 1878-1907. Papers re Macdonald's practice, 1880-1953. Mackinnon Memorial Hospital, Broadford, 1888-1949, including correspondence and financial records. 8th Inverness-shire Highland Rifle Volunteers, Portree Company, records including correspondence, returns, accounts 1867-1897. Alexander Macdonald, private correspondence, 1835-1895. CHRISTIE AND FERGUSON D293 A further accession to D123, above. Scalpay Estate, Harris (included Isle of Pabbay), papers re estate management, c.1920-1935. Skeabost, Skirinish and Unakill estates, papers re estate management, c.1912-c.1941. Lyndale estate, papers re sale by D. Macdonald and management for Lord Wynford, c.1931-1933. Corry estate, Skye, papers re sale by Captain F. Shaw, 1945. Eigg estate, papers re sale, c.1914. R.L. Thomson of Strathaird and his trustees, papers re Swordale farm, c.1875-c.1930. Colonel Macdonald's executry, c.1896-c.1900. "Harris Heritors", early 20th century. Estate of Major William Stewart of Ensay, Trustees' minute book, 1908-1910. Snizort Collectors Cash book, 1884-1893. Skye Patriotic Fund, legal papers, correspondence, 1914-1921. Skye School Management Committee, correspondence, 1924-1926. Duirinish communion, correspondence, 1923-1924. Alexander Macdonald, private correspondence, c.1863-c.1875.

Ronald Macdonald, private letter books, 1899-1914. COGHILL, JOHN AND SON D367 Papers of trustees of sequestrated estate re construction at Cameron Barracks, Inverness. Lists of Sub-contractors accepted, 1879; Bills of quantities, 1879; accounts, 1880-1884; contractors' correspondence, 1881-1883; trustees accounts and related papers, 1883-1884. FRASER, ALEXANDER AND CO. D122 An extensive and varied collection covering commercial and business spheres, as well as charitable, religious and municipal life in Inverness and the Highlands in early 19th century together with papers re personal and family affairs of Alexander Fraser,founder of the company, and particularly of his son John, Provost of Inverness 1834-1836, among many other positions. * Family and personal correspondence, 1775-1851; Church of Scotland papers, 1798-1835; Royal Northern Infirmary, Inverness, 1803-1837; papers re several charitable organisations of which John Fraser was a member 1818-1835; business papers of William, Alexander and John Fraser, merchants, 1791-1837; Alexander Fraser & Co.: shipping, timber, wool and retail business, 1818-1836; Suddy Farm, Munlochy papers, 1815-1837; Perth Banking Co., Inverness, papers re Fraser's agency, 1818-1833. FRASER AND ROSS D208 Residue of papers relating to affairs of clients of an Inverness firm of solicitors. Correspondence, including items to Alexander Fraser, Banker, late 1870s, and to Fraser, probably as factor for Culloden Estates; to Mr. & Mrs. T. Biscoe of Newton, late 1870s, Mr. J. Williamson, Knockfin, and other clients. HARRIS TWEED ASSOCIATION D190 Records re a protracted court case concerning the meaning and use of term "Harris Tweed", early 1960s; many papers cover the early history of the Harris tweed industry. * Court records; solicitors' and counsels' papers; correspondence files, especially of the Association; financial records, especially re tweed production; yarn supply records of the Association; shipment records, Stornoway; advertising material, photographs, samples, publications, 1851-1963. HIGHLAND CLUB D195 The Club was founded in 1870 in Inverness. Annual reports, accounts and correspondence, 1882-1897; correspondence re elections and subscriptions, 1888-1889; correspondence re sporting matters, 1888-1889 and particulars of sale of Maclachlan estates; business correspondence, T.G. Henderson, wine merchant, 1879-1889. HIGHLAND MEXICAN LAND AND LIVE STOCK CO. LTD. D341 Reports of the meetings and business of the Company in which several Highlanders had a stake. Annual report and balance sheet, 1888-1890; reports of meetings, 1886-1891; reports to the company about its investment(s).

INVERNESS AUCTION MART D294 Financial and commercial records of the firm, formerly Macdonald, Fraser & Co. Ltd., auctioneers. Bill Book (Bill of Sale), 1908-1935; Crop and Stock Sale Ledger, 1911-1923;

County Abstract Ledger, 1957-1975; Cash and Business Account Ledgers, 1925-1975; Inverness Sellers Book, 1975; Buyers and Sellers Accounts, 1980; Valuations, 1960-1964; Sale Catalogues, 1964-1972; miscellaneous correspondence and legal papers. INVERNESS, LOCH NESS AND NAIRN TOURIST BOARD D198 Records of the Board and its predecessors, and of related organisations in the tourism industry. * Highland Tourist Advisory Committee, Area Councils of Inverness & Nairn Tourist Organisation, the Tourist Board, minute books, 1948-1989; correspondence, especially re International Gathering of the Clans, 1977; Newsletters, c.1980-1989; Scottish Tourist Board, Highlands & Islands Development Board, Scottish Confederation of Tourism, minutes and reports, 1975-1986. INVERNESS TAVERN AND HOTEL COMPANY D43 Articles of Association of the Company, Inverness, 1837, with names of first Committee of Management. SIR M. MACDONALD AND PARTNERS (INVERNESS) LTD. D197 Partial record of the work in the Highlands of firm of engineers founded in 1921. * Reports, contracts, maps, plans, photographs, correspondence, re Loch Shin hydro-electric project, 1947-1960. Reports, contracts, specifications, plans and photographs, Ness suspension bridge, Inverness, 1935-1959. Report, contract, diary, plans, photographs re Clachnaharry sewerage scheme, 1973-1974. Reports re various schemes for North of Scotland Hydro-electric Board, 1949-1955. Numerous other job files, maps, plans,and photographs. MCKENZIE, F. AND CO. Prescription Book, Inverness chemists, 1931-1934, 1948-1963. D335

MACKINTOSH, L. D36 Ledger of an agent/banker for military personnel and others in India, 1800-1803. Provenance unknown. NAIRN CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY Sales ledger, 1957-1963. D292

RHIND, JAMES E. D280 Rhind was an architect in Inverness for 30 years who designed many notable buildings. Alphabetical index to Notes on Building Construction, dated 25.8.1917 at 6 Victoria Terrace, Inverness. ROSS, COLIN Timber and general merchant, Moy-Duthil, Strathdearn. Rough account book, 1808-1830. D356

WINK, MACKENZIE & MACKAY, W.S. D350 Letter book, 1909-1916 for Moray & Nairn Laundry Co. Ltd. for whom the firm acted as accountants, solicitors and managers.

TRANSPORT AND INDUSTRY AI WELDERS LTD. D1, D97, D129 The company began in Inverness as Northern Agricultural Implement & Foundry Co. in 1872; operated as Rose Street Foundry & Engineering Co. for 50 years; changes of name and ownership culminated in management buy-out in 1992. * Directors and other minutes, 1872-1966; financial records, 1922-1966; Pension fund records, 1951-1975; Plant register, 1937-1963; film of Operation Pluto, 1944; technical papers, manuals, plans and photographs (of equipment and staff). BARBOUR & CO. D333 Firm of saddlers and harness makers, Eastgate, Inverness. Rough order book, 1931-1947 (some years missing); Ledgers for several customers, 1916-1949. BRITISH ALUMINIUM CO. LTD. D266 Papers relating to history and closure of the smelter at Foyers, Loch Ness; a few papers re closure of Invergordon smelter. Press cuttings, magazines, articles re Foyers and Invergordon smelters, c.1967-c.1981; articles re history of Foyers smelter; photographs of machinery in Foyers smelter, and of the village and hinterland, n.d. BRITISH ALUMINIUM CO. LTD. D337 Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company, 1894; papers re effects of Foyers scheme on lochs and crofts in the area, 1895-1898; reprint of article including history of aluminium industry in the Highlands, 1940. DORIS, HOWARD LTD. D223 Papers re operations at Loch Kishorn platform yard, Wester Ross. Kishorn News, 1974-1985; Ninian platform ceremony programme, 1976; press articles, 1982, 1984; clearance sale notice,1988. HIGHLAND COLLIERY LTD. D290 Some records of the collier at Brora, earlier Brora Coal & Brick Co. Ltd. Financial records, 1955-1970; sales and output ledger, 1970-1972; general report book, Ross Pit No. 2, 1969; plan of Brora main seam, n.d.; miscellaneous records, c.1953-c.1972. HIGHLAND SCOTTISH OMNIBUSES LTD. D112 Operations of David Macbrayne and successors to 1970 when company became part of nationalised Scottish Transport Group as Highland Scottish, in turn taken over in 1991 by Highland Bus & Coach Co. * Minutes and agendas, 1951-1991; Directors records, 1966-1991; share records, 1952-1979; annual accounts, 1952-1989; marketing and corporate planning records, 1982-1991; pension fund records, c.1970, c.1980; correspondence, 1955-1969, 1972-1984; records of subsidiary and associated companies, 1930-1982.

HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS AIRPORTS LTD. D33, D196 Aircraft movements log books, air traffic control watch logs, Inverness (Dalcross), 1958-1993.

INVERGARRY AND FORT AUGUSTUS RAILWAY BILL D126 Papers re preliminary inquiry, start of construction, parliamentary bills re extension to Inverness (North British and West Highland Railway Companies), and related matters,1896-1897. KLONDYKE, YUKON, MINING PAPERS D354 Prospectuses for Anglo-French Klondyke Syndicate Ltd., 1898, McDonald's Bonanza (Klondike) Ltd., 1899; reports with map re claims, Canadian Finance & Exploration Co. Ltd., 1898; report of interview with Alexander McDonald of Klondyke, 1899. MISCELLANEOUS TRANSPORT PAPERS D340 Papers collected by Mr. A. Lawson; original provenance unknown. 1. Inverness & Perth and Inverness and Aberdeen junction railways, timetables, 1864. 2. Highland Railway Co., Directors' report and accounts, 1881-1891 (incomplete). 3. Highland Railway timetables, 1883. 4. Great North of Scotland Railway Co., papers re opposition to proposed line to Inverness, 1883-1884. 5. Testimonial, Mr. Garrow, Superintendent, Highland Railway, 1900. 6. London & North Eastern Railway, North Scotland timetable, 1928. 7. Papers re formation of Inverness & Nairn Railway Company, 1853 and 1860. 8.and 9. Miscellaneous circulars. 10. Dornie Bridge papers, 1928-1929. ORD DISTILLERY D331 Accounts and receipts, orders for whisky and ale, accounts of whisky, etc. to be permitted to various customers of the distillery at Muir of Ord, 1860-1870. THREAD FACTORY D334 The factory, at/near "West Side Bridge", Inverness, was run/owned by Hugh Macleod. Correspondence and accounts, 1806-1820; wages and account book, 1806-1809; correspondence, James Ogilvie, Elgin, 1816-1820. TULLOCH, A.J.R. AND SONS LTD. D99 Records of haulage and timber business, Nairn. Income books, 1946-1947, 1949; expenditure books (haulage business), 1937-1944, 1948-1951; wages books (haulage business), 1949-1953; ledger (timber), 1953-1958; miscellaneous papers.


ARDCLACH QUOITING ASSOCIATION D100 Minute book, 1892-1901, containing details of membership, rules, competitions and social activities of the club, near Nairn. (P) ARDERSIER, CROY AND PETTY NURSING ASSOCIATION R79/N Minutes, 1916-1951; annual reports, 1915-1947; financial records, 1915-1951; correspondence, c.1930-1951; constitution, 1915. * ART SOCIETY OF INVERNESS D56 Minutes of annual and committee meetings, 1945-1987; correspondence, 1972-1988; annual exhibition catalogues, 1974-1988 (incomplete); press cuttings 1969-c.1979; miscellaneous records, 1956-1991. AULDEARN RIFLE CLUB D120 Minute book, 1907-1956 (n.b. Club in abeyance, 1914-1936, 1938-1946),including a few statements of account. (P) AVOCH FRIENDLY SOCIETY D329 Rules and regulations, 1801; list of members, 1801-1804; attendance at meetings, financial transactions, 1801-1812. (P) BADENOCH FIELD CLUB Syllabus cards, 1953-1967. BRITISH ORDER OF ANCIENT FREE GARDENERS Foundation Charter, Foyers Branch: The Foyers White Heather Lodge, 1907. (P) CLAN CHISHOLM SOCIETY Minutes, 1952-1993 (incomplete); correspondence, 1952-1956. * D41


News Bulletin, 1952-1959;

D165 Journal, 1960-1993;

DORNOCH CURLING CLUB D328 Correspondence, accounts, 1892-1904; papers re matches, various dates; plan of proposed ponds, n.d; circulars, The Royal Caledonian Curling Club, 1902-1904. DRAKIES RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION CULCABOCK AND DRAKIES COMMUNITY COUNCIL D70 Association: Minutes, correspondence, newsletters, 1972-1979. Council: Minutes and newsletters, 1980-1986; correspondence re Highland Regional Council, planning matters, local facilities, notably playing fields; transport issues, 1980-1986. EASTER ROSS LAND USE COMMITTEE D113 A sub-committee of the Easter Ross branch of the National Farmers' Union, formed 1967 to protect the interests of local farmers threatened by planned industrial development of Cromarty Firth. * Committee: constitution, minute book with accounts, correspondence, papers re Ross &



Cromarty Development Plan, public inquiries, transport planning, Cromarty Firth Port Authority, 1967-1979. Balintraid Farm, Delney: Crop and Farm account books, 1906-1983 (incomplete). (See also Property and Estate D237) FORBES METEOROLOGICAL TRUST D320 The Trust was set up in 1881 by Mrs. Louisa Forbes, widow of Arthur Forbes, to fund the establishment of The Forbes Meteorological Station in Inverness, using her husband's meteorological instruments and to take observations, to be sent to the Scottish Meteorological Society (see D233 below). Record book, 1881-1938; minutes of trustees' meetings (1881-1932 and current account, 18821906; financial statements, 1932, 1936. GLENURQUHART RURAL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Bulletin (annual), no. 3, 1953, to date; Newletter, no. 1, 1985, to date. D95

HIGHLAND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY D234 Founded in 1906, in place of the Inverness Horticultural Society; from 1947 incorporated the Tomato Growers Club. Minute books, 1906-1965. HIGHLAND AND ISLAND EMIGRATION SOCIETY The Society was formed in 1851. Lists of Assisted Emigrants to Australia, 1852-1855. P. Chronological lists, arranged by vessel, to several ports. From Scottish Record Office, ref. HD4/5. HIGHLAND LAND LAW REFORM ASSOCIATION OF ROSS AND CROMARTY Minute book, 1883-1899, Mulbuie Branch, Black Isle. P HIGHLAND REGIONAL COUNCIL SPORTS AND SOCIAL CLUB Minutes of meetings, 1980-1992. D295



INVERNESS ARTS CENTRE D210 Opened 1951, to develop greater knowledge of the fine arts and to develop an Arts Centre for cultural and artistic activities. Correspondence, 1950-1956, mainly re the Centre, Farraline Park. INVERNESS ARTS GUILD D325 The Guild was formed in 1971, as successor to the Inverness Arts Centre (see D210 above), to promote and encourage the study, practice and knowledge of the fine arts in Inverness and surrounding district. Minutes of Executive Committee, 1971-1972; Bulletins, circulars and other papers, 1971-1972.



INVERNESS FIELD CLUB D30 Formed in 1875 as Inverness Scientific Society and Field Club; changed name in 1972. * Minute books, 1875-1981 (incomplete); financial records, 1938-1974 (incomplete); Secretary's correspondence, 1893-1988 (some gaps); papers re two publications, 1978, 1983; reports of meetings, lectures, excursions, Study Weeks, 1880-1985; membership lists, 1875-1977 (incomplete); syllabus cards, 1924-1951, 1970-1987; miscellaneous papers, various years. * INVERNESS FILM SOCIETY Cash book, 1946-1962; annual statements of account and associated papers, 1960-1962. D324

INVERNESS MUSICAL SOCIETY D326 The Society was founded in 1947 to stimulate interest in music in Inverness and to cooperate with others in establishing a local concert hall. It was wound up in 1978, its main object having been achieved, largely with the opening of Eden Court in 1976. Minute book, 1947-1978. INVERNESS SEA CADET CORPS Minute book, 1951-1956. D323

INVERNESS SOUP KITCHEN D322 Account book (record of donations to the charity), 1862-1867; list of persons attending, 18781879, 1888. INVERNESS-SHIRE RIFLE ASSOCIATION D200 Minutes of meetings, 1927-1992; financial records 1961-1990; correspondence, 1969-1993; competition papers, 1955-1990. LOCHBROOM DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION Minute book, 1916-1950 CRC/6/10

MEIKLE FERRY FUND COMMITTEE D77 The Committee was established in Dornoch to enlist subscribers to a Fund for the relief of survivors, following the sinking of the ferry in Dornoch Firth with the loss of more than 100 lives. Account and minute book, 1809-1811, together with second and third reports of the Committee. 1st NAIRN ARTILLERY VOLUNTEER CORPS D159 Muster roll, 1860-1882, with notations to c.1903. On same document: rolls for 1st Inverness Artillery Volunteers, 11 and 12 Batteries, 1882-1895, and Highland Volunteer Artillery Corps, 10 and 11 Companies, 1896-1906. NAIRN FISHERMEN'S SOCIETY D76 Title deed to property at 7a Society Street, Nairn; Society disponed feu to the property to Janet Main Bunker or Coggs, in 1908. (P) NAIRN FISHERMEN'S SOCIETY D124

Founded in 1767 for the mutual benefit and welfare of the town's fishing community. Minute books, 1767-1961, including membership lists; share certificate book, 1968; constitution, 1840; papers re trustees, 1977-1979; History of the Society, manuscript; correspondence and accounts, scattered dates. NAIRNSHIRE COUNTY NURSING ASSOCIATION R81/I Minute books, 1930-1953; minute book (Advisory Committee), 1954-1964; correspondence, 1954-1974. * NAIRNSHIRE VOLUNTEER INFANTRY Pay lists, 1798, 1808; Officers' returns, 1808. (P) D47

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICERS D213 Records of the Highland Region and Ross-shire County branches, and of some sub-branches of the Association (now UNISON). Minutes, Executive Committee of Regional Branch, 1982-1990; papers of Police Civilian Subbranch, 1977-1990; Branch rules, 1956, 1958; Branch and Sub-branch correspondence and papers, 1966-1967; miscellaneous reports, 1966-1974. NESS ANGLING CLUB D321 The Club was apparently established in 1849 through purchase of "four coble fishings on the River Ness". Minutes, rules and regulations, lists of members, receipts, 1849-1887; correspondence, 18501854, mainly re membership, also re netting on River Ness. NORTHERN MEETING D24 The Northern Meeting was formed in 1788 to bring together leading families of the Northern Highlands for social activities. Its Piping Competitions (since 1841) are renowned, and its Highland Balls and Highland Games have made an important contribution to Highland culture. The following correspondence and accounts have been partly sorted into three categories.* Papers re Northern Meeting rooms: Building, 1791-1794; work under contract, 1883-1900. Papers re Northern Meeting balls, 1834-1903, covering organisation, receipts for wages, attendance. Papers re Northern Meeting games, 1847-1900, including entry forms, requests to enter, accounts, prizes. General correspondence and financial papers, 1821-1901. NORTHERN MEETING D50 Minutes, committee and financial records, 1788-1957; minutes of general and committee meetings, annual accounts, 1788-1957; committee book - applications for ball tickets, 18911911; cash book, 1852-1948. ROSS, CAITHNESS, SHETLAND AND CROMARTY MILITIA D25 General and Garrison order book for the mililtia (also known as 5th or Ross-shire Militia), 18131814, together with some background information, 1988.

SCOTTISH METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY D233 Observations taken at Culloden, 1863-1895: daily temperature and rainfall readings; several

years missing, some incomplete. * See also Forbes Meteorological Trust, D320, above. STRATHDEARN WOMEN'S GUILD D192 The Guild was founded in 1911 and carried out non-denominational charity work in Strathdearn (Tomatin); it was closed in 1977. Minute Book, 1921-1930, 1930-1977; financial records, c.1912-1978; Garment records, 19401962. SUTHERLAND NURSING ASSOCIATION Minute books, 1918-1943. CS/7/1

TOC H, INVERNESS GROUP D164 The Group was founded in 1932. Annual meeting papers, 1933-1937; lists of Group members, 1932-1940; papers re procedures, activities, property, 1934-1936; scrapbook, 1932-1950; National office reports, etc. 1931-1978. * 1ST VOLUNTEER BATTALION, CAMERON HIGHLANDERS D343 Correspondence,lists of officers, circulars, statements of receipts and expenditure, newspaper cuttings, 1891-1899. "D" Company (Inverness): report, nominal rolls, rules, attendance at camps, 1899-1903. Inverness Artillery Volunteers: invitations, certificate of proficienty, 1860-1883. Inverness-shire Highland Rifle Volunteers: correspondence, rules, Battalion orders, c.1871c.1888.


BAPTIST CHURCH, GRANTOWN D319 "Sketch of my own life and times and a history of the Baptist Church, Grantown, and the progress of religion in Strathspey, from the beginning of 19th century", Peter Grant, Baptist minister, Grantown, 1844-1869. (P) List of Pastors of the Grantown church, 1805-1978. BISHOP OF MORAY, ROSS AND ARGYLL D220 Extracts from Register of Letters of Orders of the Episcopal Bishop, David Low, 1820-1841. P. Brief record of services conducted, mostly in Fife, a few in Highlands; also ordination of ministers, consecration of chapels and burial grounds. (P) CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, INVERNESS Papers collected by Mr. A. Lawson and classified as Church Affairs, Inverness. Miscellaneous papers, c.1712-1951. 1. Papers re James Dunbar and family's seats in High Church, 1712-1714. 2. Augmentation of stipend, Third Charge, 1766. 3. Widow Calder's bequest, n.d. 4. Account, Gaelic/Highland church, 1789. 5. Memorandum re tiends, Bishop's Palace, 1882. 6. Applications for vacancy, First Charge, Inverness, 1889. 7.and 8. Miscellaneous papers, c.1799-c.1883. 9. The Jubilee Book, Ness Bank Church, 1901-1951. CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, INVERNESS PRESBYTERY Minute book, 1745-1748. D359


FREE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND D360 Miscellaneous papers, c.1909-1962, including newspaper cuttings, accounts and lease (Kirkhill). FREE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, INVERNESS HIGH CONGREGATION D357 Accounts, 1854-1866; collectors' monthly cards, 1854; statements of account, 1846-1851, 18561857; miscellaneous papers, 1844-1889. (Formerly English Free Church) INVERGORDON, ST NINIAN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH D219 Service registers, 1916-1992; committee minutes, 1917-1923; financial records, 1916-1946; log book, 1940-1946. LAIRG PARISH D218 Call of Thomas Mackay to ministry of Parish of Lairg, December 1748, signed by heads of families. (P) UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, INVERNESS D361 Papers re erection of new church in King Street, 1864-1867, and disposition of trustees re property following congregation's transfer to Free Church, 1876. Constitution of the Union Street congregation, c.1882. ANTIQUARIAN COLLECTIONS

CLAN CHATTAN D225 Genealogical notes, pedigrees, extracts and copies of wills, sasine registers, estate papers, 1497 1914, re Clans Chattan (including families of Mackintosh, Shaw, Macpherson, McBean, Farquharson), Mackenzie, Allan, Fraser of Lovat, Gollan of Nairn and Bute. John Mackintosh of Phopacy Trust minute book, 1796 - 1811. Papers possibly collected by A. Mackintosh of Geddes. CLAN CHISHOLM D247 Chisholm family trees: Chiefs' line, Chisholms of Strathglass; Clan ancestry to 1992; trees for several branches of the family in the United Kingdom and for members of the family in several Commonwealth countries and in the United States. Clan Chisholm Journal: nos. 1 - 37, 1960 - 1994. CULLODEN, BATTLE OF D369 Collection of newspaper cuttings and magazine articles about the battle and its aftermath, c.1945 - c.1978. GENEALOGICAL MANUSCRIPTS AND NOTES D90 A collection, augmented from time to time, of information about individuals and families in the Highlands. * INVERGARRY HISTORICAL SOCIETY D193 Records probably collected by Mr. S. Anderson, Head Teacher, Invergarry Primary School.* Glengarry Literary and Social Club, minute books, 1894-1939; maps of Glengarry; articles and publications of local historical interest. (P) JOASS PAPERS D133 Antiquarian notes in which topics covered include brochs in Sutherland and Ross-shire subscribers to Duke of Sutherland monument, 1833. Other papers include extracts from Golspie Kirk Session minute book 1731-1776 and notes re inscriptions on monuments in Golspie churchyard. * KINGUSSIE AND INVERNESS MISCELLANY D258 A small collection of papers relating to the history of Inverness and Badenoch, including prints of Inverness and the Great Glen, c.1836; guide to and photographs of Badenoch 1948. MACPHERSON COLLECTION D22 Mrs. Elizabeth Macpherson's collection of notes, newspaper cuttings and genealogical material re (mainly) Scottish history and culture. Folders of notes re heraldry; lines of succession to the Scottish throne; pedigrees of the Earl of Seaforth, Earls of Cromartie, Rosses of Petkeane; paleography. MELDRUM, EDWARD D3 A collection of papers relating to architectural history of many buildings in Inverness and elsewhere in the Highlands, including Queen Mary's House, Inverness, n.d.; Old High Church, Inverness, late 1960s; notes re

MELDRUM, EDWARD D3 Fortrose sites and biographical notes re Sir Roderick Murchison; Abertarff House, Inverness, c.1964; Castles of Nairnside; notes for his guide to Inverness and The Aird. MEMORABILIA OF INVERNESS D74 Chronological list of remarkable occurrences relating to the town and neighbourhood of Inverness taken from the Inverness Courier, 1822; compiled by James Sutar. MORRISON, MURDO D128 A small collection of papers re Morrison's career in education, latterly as Director of Education, Inverness-shire (1919-1939); he died in 1974 aged 102. (See also: Tapes and Videos, D49) Correspondence, 1968-1974; obituaries. Newspaper cuttings and notes re St. Coiveil's Church, Braes of Lochaber, c.1932-c.1988. ROBERTSON COLLECTION D221 Papers of Rev. C.M. Robertson held by National Library of Scotland at Ms.357-483. Robertson (d.1927) was a Gaelic scholar and phonetician. Lists of place names: Ross & Cromarty; Sutherland and Caithness; Nairnshire. Notes on terms for streams and valleys in Highlands; The Gaelic of the West of Ross-shire; Folklore from the West of Ross-shire; Scroll list of the collection. (P) * SKINNER, TOM D69 Thomas Skinner, a native of Fearn, Ross-shire, established a successful bakery business in Inverness during the 1920s. Collection of notes, documents, articles and newspaper cuttings, mainly re history of Inverness, clan histories (including Fraser of Lovat, other Frasers, Macintosh), to some extent systematically organised, c.1930-c.1970. WALLACE PAPERS D251 "Notes on Old Inverness", history of Inverness and District, Thomas D. Wallace, c.1907. Manuscript of the work with index and sketch of geological and archaeological features east of Inverness. List of the 7 "Excursions" described. Together with A. Gerald Pollitt's notebooks and index, derived from Wallace's notes and used to compile Pollitt's "Historic Inverness" (pub. 1981).


BONAR BRIDGE PAPERS D257 Bonar Bridge (Kyle of Sutherland): specification, schedule of quantities, tender, 1892; papers re maintenance, 1915-1920; Brora Harbour: town plan, 1811; correspondence and report re improvements, 1855-1856 P; Helmsdale bridge - opening and history, 1972-1978; catalogues of ironwork products, A.J. Main & Co.,1927,1931; Bannerman family: Alexander (1829-1907), Williamina (1828-1912), 10 children - dates of birth, etc. CADENHEAD, A. D98 Reminiscences of Rose Street and Longman Road, Inverness, 1930s, and as employee of Thornbush slipway, 1942-1945. CAPITAL OF THE HIGHLANDS D167 Script of BBC Scottish Home Service radio programme, June 1951: an impression of Inverness with contributions by several local identities and Inverness Choral Society. DICKSON, CAPTAIN BERTRAM D248 Papers re his life and career as pioneer of Royal Air Force. P Biographical notes; photographs, 1910; obituary, 1913; programme, commemoration ceremony, The Aircrew Association, 1994. DRUMNADROCHIT WEATHER STATION Monthly temperature and rainfall statistics, 1994. D149

EDUCATION PAPERS D363 Papers collected by Mr. A. Lawson in 1970s and originally variously classified as "ED". Inverness Reformatory, c.1870-1881, reports, proposed constitution; Bursars on George Duncan's mortification, attendance certificates, 1788-1791; Inverness College, 1883-1893, including class lists, 1883; directories, invitations, correspondence, c.1849-c.1923. FRASER, JAMES D207 Fraser's reminiscences, 10th July 1867 at London, Ontario, Canada. He was born at Kiltarlity, Inverness. (P) GAELIC, TEACHING OF D127 Papers collected by Mr. A. Lindsay re punishment of pupils speaking Gaelic, 1905-1981. Correspondence from and about (former) Gaelic speakers, 1981; Scotch Education Department circular re Gaelic, 1906. GRAVEYARD INSCRIPTION SURVEYS D256 Surveys of inscriptions on gravestones at Fortrose Cathedral, Beauly Priory and St Mary's Chapel, Crosskirk, Caithness, prepared by Scottish Genealogical Society for Historic Scotland, 1985; full details of inscription; photograph; graveyard plans. HIGHLAND CORRESPONDENCE Private correspondence, various Highland people, c.1795-c.1855. D279

HIGHLAND AND JACOBITE EXHIBITION D67 A comprehensive collection of papers re organisation and administration of the Exhibition in Inverness, 1903, including: minute book; financial records; lists and descriptions of exhibits; official catalogue; weekly statements of admissions; catalogue advertising; list of patrons; patrons' letters. HIGHLAND THEATRES D313 Playbills for theatres in Inverness and district. Inverness: The Theatre, 1842, Theatre Royal,1849-1851, Lowe's Rooms, 1850; Caledonian Hotel, Dingwall, 1849; Macpherson's Hotel,Beauly,1851. INVERNESS INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL D362 Financial records, correspondence re donations, 1852-1857; (also known as Inverness Ragged School). MACBRAYNE, DAVID LTD. D81 Timetable and fare list, Royal Mail steamers, Caledonian Canal, 1908; Glasgow-Inverness and return, and pleasure sailings. MACDONALD, JAMES D59 Will, 1891; legal papers re William Macdonald, 1891-1896; lease conditions, Balnagown farm, 1905. (P) MACTAVISH, DUNCAN D16 Mactavish (1878-1966), was a native of Arnisdale, Loch Hourn. Extracts from his notebook, including details of the occupants of "thatched cottages at Camusbane", Arnisdale, n.d.; extracts from Arnisdale school admission register, 1920s. MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS D316 Papers collected by Mr. A. Lawson in 1970s and classified as family; commerce, trade and industry; voluntary bodies, and miscellaneous. 1. Correspondence, estate of Duncan Rose, New Hampshire; 1832. 2. Inglis family, Inverness, papers re Anderson Trust, 1877-1885. 3. Marriage contract, Roderick Morrison and Jane Robertson, 1867. 4. Papers re William Bain and John Mackay, Inverness, 1888-1948. 5. William McLean, Ullapool, correspondence, 1881. (P) 6. John Macdonald of Glenaladale, Glenfinnan, correspondence, 1772; article re his life in Canada, 1979. 7. Bond, Charles and Robert Grant to Alexander Brander, Elgin, 1833. (P) 8. Baptismal certificates, Clunes family, Loth, 1790-1845. 9. Voyages and crew of ship "Fantasy", Tain, 1879. 10. Northern Counties Cricket Club, souvenir programme, 1965. 11. Board of Trade Reports re Wrecking in the Hebrides, 1866-1867. 12. Papers re dispute between Lord Alexander Macdonald and Norman Macleod of Macleod re "Kelp Isles", Western Isles, 1765-1781. 13. Trade circulars, 1819-1835. 14. Commercial Hotel, Inverness, inventory and valuation, 1911. 15. Papers re shipping, sale of fir woods; Banavie Hotel brochure (ex CTI/M/12/24-30 *).



16. Papers re Inverness Swimming Bath, 1881; Inverness Cemetery 1872; Northern Agricultural Implement Foundry Co. 1880-1882. 17. Souvenir programmes, guide books, c.1935-1980. 18. Town Memorandum Book; notes on history of Inverness, anon. 19. Copy of address by 102 Chief Heritors and Heads of Clans to George I on his accession, 1714. 20. Voluntary bodies papers, including Philharmonic Society of Inverness, 1881-1882, Inverness Football Club, 1881, Inverness Working Men's Club, 1870 (ex VB/INV/26-29, 33). SHANNON, H.M.S. "Strewth", December 1914; magazine of ship based at Invergordon. D78

SOUTH BONAR NOTES D109 Extract from recollections of George Anderson, 1876; explanatory correspondence from his granddaughter, 1992. STRATHKYLE NOTES D134 Newspaper cuttings compiled by Alex Brooks, Strathkyle, c,1893-1899; letter from Brooks, Secretary, Prisoners of War Committee, 1918, re treatment of POWs in France (P) SUTHERLAND MISCELLANY D269 A collection of papers, most assembled by Mr. A. Lawson, as "Miscellaneous - Sutherland". 1. 1811 Census returns: County, and several parishes; lists of names for Assynt, Golspie, Farr; collectors' papers. 2. 1821 Census return: County, Assynt. 3. 1831 Census returns for County and parishes; correspondence. 4. Items of correspondence re Earl of Sutherland, 1715-1750. 5. Gutters Abridgement of the Scottish Statutes from James I to 1682, original Ms copy; published 1707. 6. Account book, 1802-1803 (?soldiers' wages book). 7. Cash book, 1846-1854 (?Dornoch Postmaster). 8. Kyle of Tongue Fishing Syndicate, correspondence, 1920-1921. TARTAN ARCHIVE D108 Papers re compilation of two books on history of tartan, by D.C. Stewart and J. Scarlett. Stewart papers, c.1927-c.1975, re Setts of the Scottish Tartans together with papers of Scottish Tartan Society, 1962-1975. Scarlett papers, c.1831-c.1990, including papers for publication of Scotland's Clans and Tartans, Highland Textiles, and many other papers, and samples of tartans; Sindex: index cards with coloured strips for identification of tartans.

MAPS AND PLANS AITKEN, DAVID, SURVEYOR Drynie D262 Survey of lands and barony of Drynie, of Col. C. Graham, 1786, together with copies of Ordnance Survey sheets showing boundaries of Tarradale and Drynie estates. (P) Findon D263 Survey of estate and barony of Findon, 1769, property of Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Scatwell. (P) Also: Survey of lands and barony of Tulloch and Dachearty, of Henry Davidson, 1804. Tarradale Survey of estate of Kenneth Murchison, 1788. (Transparencies) D274

Tulloch D264 Plans of Estate of Tulloch, 1789 and n.d., of Duncan and of David Davidson. P. Together with plan of Water of Conon, 1763, surveyed by Alex Sangster; plan of part of estate of Brahan, showing proposed reclamation along River Conon, 1852. (P) BINGHAM, HUGHES AND MACPHERSON D226 Architectural drawings for Inverness surveyors, 1960-1970: 12 sets of plans for new buildings and for alterations to houses, farm buildings, mainly Inverness district, also Glenurquhart, Strathglass, Kinbrace. BOATH HOUSE Plans of house near Auldearn, n.d. and 1901. (P) D273

CALEDONIAN CANAL D172 Plans of canal and adjacent lands from Inverness to Corpach, including H. Morrison's survey of 1843-1844, including locks, bridges and canal buildings, 1803 - 1963. (P) Together with plan of Lordship of Lochaber, 1831; sale plans of Glengarry and Inverlochy estates, 1840; plans of Fort Augustus c.1804; the Abban, Inverness, 1818; Muirtown, Kinmylies, 1804; Glenalbyn distillery, Inverness, 1818; Craig Phatric, Inverness, 1809. CAMPBELL, JOHN OF CALDER A Plan of the Contraverted Grounds between Campbell and the Toun of Nairn, 1770. (P) Together with notes re provenance, origins and coverage of plan. CAWDOR ESTATE Plans of the estate, n.d. Transparencies. D88


CULLODEN MUIR D230 Plans of the Muir, from plan by John Rose, 1840, also plan of Battle of Culloden, 1746, with corrections from 1840 plan. DOIG & CO., ARCHITECTS, ELGIN Plans of Croy Farm, Drumnadrochit Hotel, properties in Cawdor, 1873 - 1914. (P) * THE DROVE ROADS OF SCOTLAND D89


Main routes from Skye and Western Isles; Argyll; Morayshire, Aberdeenshire and Angus; the North, and in the South, with gathering areas indicated, and sites of Falkirk Tryst; n.d., 15 miles: 1"; Matthew, Edinburgh. DUFF, H.R. AND TOWN OF INVERNESS D184 Plan of lands in dispute between Major H.R. Duff of Muirtown and the town; survey by Thomas Cumming, 1806. (P) DUNACHTON HOUSE D185 Plans for additions to the house, near Kincraig, Badenoch, 1880; architect at 3 Union Street, Inverness. Plan of 1st floor, 1903, A.M. Mackenzie, Aberdeen. (P) EASTER ROSS AND CROMARTY FIRTH D372 Chart of Firth of Cromarty and part of River Conon, from Admiralty Survey, 1837 - 1838 (colour negatives) Plan of estates of Invergordon, Delnie and Rosskeen, and lands of Priesthill, Cromartyshire, belonging to Sir John Gordon, n.d. (late 18th century) (colour negatives) FOWLIS ESTATE D270 Plan of Fowlis estate in parish of Kiltearn, Ross-shire, property of Sir Charles Munro, 1861. GORDONSBURGH D146 General survey of the town, with the houses, gardens and other lands contiguous thereto, the property of Duke of Gordon, 1753, by "P.M.", with part of table of houses and families. (P) HIGHLANDS AND OTHER AREAS IN SCOTLAND D44 A very varied collection of maps and plans of estates, houses, churches, towns, public utilities, Ordnance Survey and Bartholomew's maps, 1829-1982. * Including: Lochbroom, Ben Damh, Strathaird estates; Caledonian Canal, 1852; Viewfield, Portree, 1853, 1903; deer census, Glenmoriston, Glenurquhart, 1965; council housing, Skye, 1921; crofters, Broadford area, 1922; feuing plan, Broadford, 1889; Stornoway harbour, 1891; Mains of Kilravock, 1835; Parish of Assynt land use, 1774; Rosehaugh Estate, 1850. HOLM ESTATE D222 Plan of the estate, property of Aeneas Mackintosh; survey by George Mackay, Inverness, 1857, showing houses,farm buildings, fields, and abstract of areas of each farm under arable, pasture and wood. (P) INVERNESS AND ADJACENT COUNTRY A general survey of Inverness and the country adjacent to the foot of Loch Ness, 1725. (P) D61

INVERNESS AND DISTRICT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES D15 Plans drawn by James Fraser, Inverness (Field Club), 1878-1883, of archaeological sites in Inverness district, Ross-shire, Laggan, including forts at Torvean, Daviot, Knockfarril, Inverfarigaig, Laggan; "Stone circles" at Culdoich, Gask, Clava, Cawdor, Torbreck, Leys, Raigmore, Tordarroch, Daviot, Newton of Petty. Also: plan of Inverness Burgh, 1868. INVERNESS (LONGMAN) AIRFIELD Site plan, 1954, showing buildings, runways, adjacent land. D119

INVERNESS AND OTHER AREAS D178 Fishing pools, River Ness, c.1900; Inverness Castle, and harbour, 1992; Urquhart Castle, 1992. (P) INVERNESS, ROYAL BURGH OF D38 A varied collection of maps and plans, 1774-1972 *, including: Hume's map of Inverness,1774; Loch Ashie water supply, c.1875; Waterloo Bridge, 1807; River Ness (Holm-Islands), 1843; artillery installations, Longman, 19th century; McLean and Morrison outline plan of Inverness showing land ownership, 1841. * INVERNESS, 17th CENTURY D11 Pencil sketch of Inverness by James Gordon, part of Robert Sibbald's proposed atlas of Scotland, n.d. (P) INVERNESS, TOWN OF D55 Plan from survey, John Wood, 1821; owners/occupiers or use of most properties shown; c.6 chains:1". (P) MORAY FIRTH D125 Plan showing "sea coast of Murray, Nearn, Inverness, Ross, Sutherland and with all harbours, rivers within those shires on east side of Scotland" and describing woods already purchased by York Building Co. for "iron manufactory" and "gentlemens'" properties; surveyed by Joseph Avery, 1725-1730. (P) NAIRN, TOWN OF D284 Plan from survey by John Wood, 1821, showing buildings and names of owners/occupiers; 3 chains: 1". (P) ROSS & CROMARTIE D87 A plan of the cross-roads in the Shires, 1776, by John Roberts, covering Tain to Beauly, Inverness to Dingwall, showing roads, main properties and owners, table of distances. SCOTLAND D370 "A new and correct map" of Scotland or North Britain with post and military roads, Lieutenant Campbell, 1790; c.1":1.5 miles. SUTHERLAND D245 Maps and plans of various parts of the county of Sutherland, including: Parish of Loth, 1772, John Kirk, Jnr; Plan of Badenahauglish-Braevat area, n.d. (P)


CALEDONIAN CANAL Banavie and Corpach, n.d.


DRUMSMITTAL SCHOOL D177 Teachers and pupils, c.1926-c.1931; subjects named but only some dated. Report of closure of school (on Black Isle), 1993. (P) FARRALINE PARK SCHOOL Teacher and pupils, n.d., unnamed. FARRALINE PARK SCHOOL Pupils, c.1918, unnamed. FORT WILLIAM HIGH SCHOOL Class and staff, c.1904-c.1912; labelled. Alexander and Mary Gray, family tree. D206


D83 Copies with members of Gray family marked;

INSH SCHOOL Pupils and teachers, pre 1914 (Strathspey). (P)


KNOCKBAIN SCHOOL D216 Postcard, marked 1909. Together with postcards, Ben Arkle, Sutherland, by Prince of Wales, 1991. LAIRGDOUR FARM Farmhouse and steadings, Daviot, c.1964, untitled. MACEWEN, SIR ALEXANDER Photograph albums, 1929 - 1931 re events during his term as Provost of Inverness. RAILWAYS Trains, station, signals, Crianlarich-Oban, Fort William-Mallaig lines, 1976-1977. SWORDALE SCHOOL Exterior and interior of the disused building near Evanton, Ross-shire, 1980s. D249





AN CARRANACH D85 Community magazine, Lochcarron-Applecross-Shieldaig-Kishorn-Torridon area, 1986-1991 (incomplete). CALEDONIAN MERCURY D287 Thursday May 1, 1746, num.3987, Edinburgh; report of Battle of Culloden from Messenger from Duke of Cumberland. COMUNN NA GAIDHLIG Reports about the Gaelic language and community, 1982-1992. D150

LOCHALSH, PARISH OF D116 History of the church and parish, from days of Celtic church to c.1915 (incomplete); together with a few papers re local history.


CROSSING OF THE THREE FIRTHS D96 Pamphlet re need for improved trunk road system in Highlands, R. Clarke, P. Hunter Gordon and J. Smith, 1969, P. Audio tape: "Building the Gap. Three Bridges"; correspondence, newspaper cuttings, c.1968-c.1973. THE HIGHLAND SOUND ARCHIVE D205 Cassette copies of recordings, in Gaelic and English, of the reminiscences of residents of Inverness district, Black Isle and Gairloch, 1986-1990. * INVERGARRY - FORT AUGUSTUS RAILWAY D288 Video documentary using archival material, newspaper articles and modern day footage re the railway c.1896-1994; published 1995. MACDONALD, D. J. D186 Tape of interview with Mr. Macdonald, n.d. Mr. Macdonald was one-time Rector of Inverness Royal Academy, and native of Lochcarron. MORRISON, MURDO D49 Interview with Murdo Morrison, late Director of Education, Inverness-shire, in Gaelic BBC Highland, 1972. See also Antiquarian Collections, D128. SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS D182 Video tape, no.18 in series Yesterday's Britain, 1992. Three British Transport films: Heart is Highland, 1951; Wild Highlands (Ardnamurchan), 1959; Highland Journey, 1957. N O R T H H I G H L A N D A R C H I V E, W I C K

FAMILY AND PERSONAL CAITHNESS, EARLS OF P40 Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1798 - 1902, notably Burgess Ticket, 1798, press reports of deaths of 14th and 15th Earls, papers re Mr. A. B. Matthews, sometime Lord Mayor of York, 1873 - c.1902. CALDER, JAMES Notebeook re his work The History of Caithness, 1858 (published 1861). P24

HAMILTON, JOHN P22 Letter from Hamilton to Frank Hamilton, 1931. Article re Hamilton, "The Patagonian Link", 1984. * HENDERSON, HENRY P27 Henderson was known as The Bard of Reay, and was Bard of the Thurso Jolly Beggars Burns Society. Burns Supper address, 1937. HENDERSON, HENRY Poems, notes, letters, c.1908 - 1945. P32

KEITH FAMILY P38 Mainly papers of Sheriff David Barrogill Keith; qualified as solicitor, 1914, served in France during World War I, law practice in Thurso 1919 - 1940, Sheriff Substitute of Orkney, 19461968. * Ms and own illustrations for autobiography, 1969. Volmes of annotated caricatures of service colleagues, World Wars I and II. Private correspondence, journals, papers 1915-1969. Ms of autobiography of Christina Keith (his sister), 1918-1919 re service in France as Education Staff Officer, British Army. Second Protocol Book of Peter Keith, solicitor, 1887-1914, Thurso, details of vessels berthing in Thurso harbour. * KENNEDY, ROBERT Notes re history of Caithness 1814 (as used in Sinclair's Caithness Events, 1894). * P28

MEWS, PETER P35 Mews (1619-1688) became a leading Anglican churchman, and fought in Caithness during the Civil War. Biography of Mews by Alexander Juffiess, 1956; correspondence and photograph. * PENDER, JOHN P30 Correspondence to or associated with Pender, Member of Parliament for Wick 1872-1885, 18921896; 1877 - 1911. *

RHIND, JOHN Membership certificate, Natural History Society of Glasgow 1882.


ROBERTSON, FREDERICK Letters to Robertson from Fr. R.C. Graham, and Neil M. Gunn, 1931 - 1942; pamphlet re Gunn by J.B. Caird c.1950.


* * * * *

PROPERTY AND ESTATE KILIMSTER AND REISS Accounts notebook re deliveries of oats, 1852 - 1853. * P2

* * * * *


* * * * *

SOCIETIES AND VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS AN COMUNN GAIDHEALACH (WICK BRANCH) The Branch was founded in 1925 and wound up in 1953. * Minute books,1925 - 1953; miscellaneous papers,c.1935 - c.1944. P34

BRITISH FISHERIES SOCIETY P16 The Society, founded in 1786, was responsible for management of Pultneytown Harbour to 1979 it was succeeded by Wick Harbour Trust. Annual report and statement of accounts, 1873 - 1893; list of members, 1819, 1874. BROTHERLY SOCIETY OF COOPERS, WICK Account book, 1835 - 1838. * P11

CAITHNESS BENEVOLENT AND LITERARY ASSOCIATION P8 Papers re the Association, 1905 -1908, and re Glasgow - Caithness Literary Society 1908 - 1936. *

CAITHNESS FIELD CLUB P15 Correspondence, 1924 - 1933; circulars re Club activities, 1914 - 1924; list of members, 1921;

financial records, 1921 - 1933. * LONDON - CAITHNESS ASSOCIATION The Association was founded in 1856. Annual report, 1924 - 1927. * LYBSTER REFORM ASSOCIATION Declaration of support, 1835, anon. OLRIG DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION Minute book, 1928-1957 P14



VIKING SOCIETY FOR NORTHERN RESEARCH P13 Founded in 1892 as The Orkney, Shetland & Northern Society or Viking Club; meetings usually held in London. Annual reports, circulars copies of Saga-Book of the Society, 1918 - 1972. * 1st WICK BOY SCOUTS TROOP Record book, re members of the Troop 1935 - 1938. WICK AND PULTNEYTOWN DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION Minute book 1893 - 1946; account book, 1936 - 1948. WICK AND PULTNEYTOWN MERCANTILE DEBATING SOCIETY Papers re activities of the Society, 1869 - 1947. * WICK SOCIETY Minute book, 1972. P12




* * * * *

ANTIQUARIAN COLLECTIONS FAMILY TREES P31 Trees for Swanson, Leitch, Nicholson, Ross, Skinner, Bremner, McBeth and Waters families by Ian Aitchison, 1995.

* * * * *

MAPS AND PLANS PROPOSED ROADS IN CAITHNESS P44 Plan of present and proposed roads in county of Caithness, by Grainger and Miller, 1829, c.1": 1 mile. (P)

PUBLICATIONS CAIRD, J. B. Lecture entitled Neil Gunn, novelist of the North, 1975. * EDINBURGH - JOHN O'GROAT LITERARY SOCIETY Magazine, 1957. FIRST FREE CHURCH, THURSO Booklet re ordination of Rev. G. H. Morison, 1894. GUNN, NEIL M., ARTICLES RE Extracts from journals and newspaper re Gunn, 1933 -1975. * ST. ANDREWS CHURCH, THURSO 60th Anniversary publication, 1930. TEMPERANCE PUBLICATIONS The Northern Abstinence Advocate, 1840 - 1841; other publications, 1841 - 1845. * P29






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Balmacaan estate: Balmacara: House, ; school, Balnagown: farm, Balnespic(k): lands of, Banavie: hotel, ; photos, ; school, Banking: Bank of Scotland, Inverness, ; Caledonian Banking Co., ; Commercial Banking Co. Inverness, ; Perth Banking Co., Bannerman family: Baptish Church: Grantown, Barbour & Co.: Barivan: school, Barra: District Committee, ; drainage and water supply, ; Ordnance Survey maps, Barracks: Cameron, ; Highlands, Barron, Evan, and James Jnr: Beauly: Lovat estates, ; Macpherson's hotel, ; post office ; Priory gravestones, ; schools, Beauly Firth: water supply, Belladrum: estate, Bell's Trust: Benbecula: rocket range, plans, Ben Damh estate: 67; plan, Bernisdale: estate, ; school, Betting office licences: Thurso, Brora: Coal & Brick Co. Ltd., ; harbour, school, ; Sub-committee, Brotherly Society of Coopers, Wick: Buildings Authority: County Inverness, Bunavullin: school, Bunchrew: farm, Bunchrubin: school, Bunker, Janet Main, Nairn: Bunloit: school, Burial grounds: Beauly Priory, ; Dunnet, ; Fortrose Cathedral, ; County of Inverness, ; St. Mary's Crosskirk, Burntown: tenancy, Business Statistics Office: Bighouse farm, Tongue: Bingham, Hughes & Macpherson, surveyors: Biscoe, Thomas: ; Bishop's Palace, Inverness: Black Isle: Combination Poorhouse, ; District Committee, ; Highland Sound Archive, ; railway, Blair Atholl: Blarmacfoldach: school, Boath House: plans, Boleskine: school, Boleskine & Abertarff: Parochial Council, Bonar: police station, ; South, notes, ; water supply, Bonar Bridge: ; Joint Committee, ; school, Bookmakers' permits: Thurso,

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Cadboll estate: Cadenhead, A. Inverness: Caird, J.B., writer: ; Caithness: bridges and harbours, ; and Civil War, ; County, ; District, ; Earls of, ; Gaelic place names, ; history of, ; London Association, ; maps and plans, ; Ordnance Survey initial survey, name books and maps, ; Roy's military survey, ; Sasines, Caithness Benevolent & Literary Association: Caithness Field Club: Calder, James, historian: Calder, Widow: Caledonian Banking Co: Caledonian Canal: ; photos ; plans, steamers, Caledonian Hotel, Dingwall: Caledonian Mercury: 1746 edition, Cameron Barracks: Cameron, Duncan, Fort William: Cameron Highlanders: ; 1st Volunteer Batallion, Cameron, Major-General Sir Alexander, Napoleonic wars: Cameron-Head of Inverailort, family: Campbell, Lieutenant, surveyor: Campbell, John of Cawdor: Campbell's school: Camusaine: side school, Camusbane: Canada: reminiscences, , Canadian Finance & Exploration Co. Ltd.:

Canisbay: Parochial Council, Canna, Isle of: explosion, ; school, See also: Small Isles Cantranbruich: tenancy, Caol: school, Carnoch: School Board, ; School Management Committee, Castletown: Special Lighting District, ; water and drainage, Cathedral Boys' school: Cawdor: estate, plan, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; properties, ; school, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, ; stone circle, plan of, Census: distributors, national, 1881, ; 1941, Chattan, Clan: Chemists: Mackenzie, F. & Co., Children's Officer: Inverness, ; Sutherland, Children's Panel Advisory Committee: Inverness, Children's Home, Seaforth: Chisholm: Lieut.-Colonel Jemes, ; of Chisholm, Chisholm, Clan: Society, ; genealogy, Christie & Ferguson, solicitors: Church of Scotland: Fraser papers, ; Inverness ; Ness Bank, Civil Defence: Corps, Inverness, ; Sutherland, Clachnaharry: school, ; sewerage scheme, Claggan: school, Clans: Chattan, ; Chisholm, ; ; International Gathering of, ; publication re, Clarke, R.(Highland roads): Clava: school, ; stone circle, plan of, Clunas: school, Clunes family: Clyne: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; schools, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Coggs, Janet Main, Nairn: Coghill, John & Son, builders: Coigach: fishings, Colbost: estate, ; school, Comar: Commercial Banking Co.: Inverness, Commercial Hotel, Inverness: Commonwealth food parcels: Comunn na Gaidhlig: reports, Cumunn na h' Oigridh: County Inverness, Conaglen: side school, Conchra estate: Conon Bridge: school, Conon Falls: salmon ladders, Conon, River: plan, ; reclamation, Conon, Water of: plan Constabulary: see under Police Contagious Diseases Animals Act 1878: Contin: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee,

Convent, Roman Catholic: school, Corpach: photos, Corran Ferry: Joint Committee, Corriemore: side school, Corrimony: school, Corrour: school, Corry estate: COSLA: Coulregrein House: Council for British Archaeology, Scotland: Court houses: Inverness, ; Nairn, Ross & Cromarty, Craig: school, Craig Dunain hospital: Craig Phatric: plan, Craigton, croft: Craigton & Kessock estate: Creich: crofters in parish, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; school, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Crofters/crofting: Broadford, ; Creich, ; Edderton, ; Kilmuir estate, ; Skye, ; Crofters Commission: fair rental, ; Cromartie, Earl of: Cromarty, Burgh of: Cromarty, County of: Commissioners of Supply, ; Court of Lieutenancy, ; Sasines, Cromarty, District of: Heritors, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; plan of crossroads, ; schools, ; School Board, Cromarty Firth: development, ; harbour, ; maps, , ; Port Authority, ; Cromarty & Resolis: School Management Committee, Cromdale: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; school, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Croy: farm, plans, ; Nursing Association, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Culbokie: evening classes, ; school, Culburnie: school, Culcabock: drainage and water supply, ; & Drakies Community Council, ; school, Culdoich: stone circle, plan of, Culduthel: crop receipts, ; Infectious Diseases hospital, ; school, Cullachy: farm, Culloden: Academy, ; Battle of, , plan, , ; drainage and water supply, plans of Muir ; rainfall, Cumming, Thomas, surveyor: Cuthbert, Lewis of Castlehill:

Dachearty: plan of lands, Dalarossie: school, 14 Dalarossie & Moy: Parochial Council, Dalcross airport: Dallas, William, merchant: Dalmigavie: lands of,

Dava: school, David, Bishop of Ross: Davidson, Duncan of Tulloch: Davidson, Henry, Duncan, David: plans of estate, Daviot: plans of fort and stone circle, ; Lairgdour farm, photo, Daviot & Dunlichity: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board, Daviot & Moy School Management Committee: Dean of Guild Court: Fortrose, ; Fort William, ; Inverness, Delnie estate: plan, Delnies: school, Delny: White Cottage, rental, Denoon, William, Bursary: Development Department, Highland Regional Council: Development Officer, County of Inverness: Dickson, Captain Bertram: Dickson & Armitage, accountants: Dingwall, Burgh of: ; Caledonian Hotel, ; District Council, ; Heritors of the District, ; incidents at, 1721, ; Joint Committee, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; police station, Dingwall, Fodderty & Kiltearn: Education District Sub-committee, ; School Management Committee, Distilleries: Clyneish, ; Glenalbyn, ; Inverness, ; Ord, Dochfour: Evan Baillie of, Alexander of, Dochgarroch: feu charters, Doig & Co., architects: Doll: school, Dorback: school, Dores: Parochial Council, ; water supply, Doris, Howard Ltd.: Dorlin: side school, Dornie: bridge, Dornoch: Combination Poor House, , ; Curling Club, ; Meikle Ferry, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; police court and station, ; Public Library Committee, ; school ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, ; Statute Labour Trust, Douglas Row, Inverness: property, Dounreay: public local inquiry, Downie, Rev. Alexander: Conchra estate, Drainage Districts: Inverness, ; Sutherland, Drakies Residents Association: Drivers' licences: Drove roads of Scotland: Drumfearn: school, Drummond estate: Drummond Park Hostel: Drumnadrochit: hotel, plans, ; weather statistics, Drumsmittal: school, ; photos, Drynie: estate plan, Duff, Major H.R.of Muirtown: lands, Duirnish: Communion, ; Parochial Board,

Duisdale: estate, ; school, Duisky: school, Dulnain Bridge: school, Dulsie: school, Dunancton House: plans, Dunbar, James, Inverness: Dunbar, William: report re fishing, Duncan, George, mortification: Duncraig Castle College: Dunmaglass: lands, ; Macgillivray family, ; school, Dunnett: Burial Ground Committee, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, Durham, Jane: Durness: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Management Committee, Duror: school, Duthil & Rothiemurchus: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board,

Easter Drummond: Lovat estates, Easter Ross Combination Poor House: See also: Arthurville House Easter Ross District Committee: Easter Ross Land Use Committee: Eastgate, Inverness: Edderton: crofts, Eddrachilles: Parish rental, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board, School Management Committee, Eden Court: Edinburgh-John O'Groat Literary Society: Education: Bursars, bursaries, , , , ; Community, ; County Argyll, ; County Inverness, Joint County Moray & Nairn, ; County Nairn, County Ross & Cromarty, County Sutherland, ; Department, Scottish Office, Education District Sub-committees, ; enrolments, ; examination results, ; Gaelic, ; Highland Regiional Council, ; HM Inspectors, ; hostels, County Inverness, ; Industrial/ragged school, Inverness, ; Lochaber, ; Macdonald, D.J., ; medical service, ; Morrison, Murdo, ; religious, ; School Boards, ; ; School District Management Committees, ; School log books, ; School Management Committees, ; school properties, secondary and technical, ; teacher training, Eigg: estate, Eilean Shona: school, Elections: County Inverness, Electoral Registers: Caithness, ; Districts in Highland Region and Western Isles, Electricity supply: County Inverness, Elginshire: Ordnance Survey maps, Embo: school, Engineers: AI Welders, ; M. Macdonald, ; Sir M. Macdonald & Co. (Inverness) Ltd., ; Rose Street Foundry, Episcopal Church: Bishop of Moray, Ross & Argyll, ; St. Ninian's, Invergordon,

Eskadale: Roman Catholic school, Estates: Balaintraid, , ; Balmacaan, ; Belladrum, ; Ben Damh, , ; Brahan, ; Cadboll, ; Cawdor, ; Conchra, ; Corry, ; Craigton & Kessock, ; Delnie, ; Dochfour, ; Drummond, Drynie, ; Duisdale, Eigg, ; Farr, ; Findon, ; Fowlis, ; Glendale, Dolbost & Skinidin, ; Glengarry, ; Guisachan, ; Holm, ; Inshes, ; Invereshie, ; Invergordon, ; Inverlochy, , ; Kilmister & Reiss, ; Kilmuir, ; Knoydart, ; Lochbroom, ; Lochcarron, ; Loch Rosque, ; Lovat, ; Lyndale, ; Lyndale & Treaslane, ; Macdonald, ; Maclachlan, ; Macleod, ; Northern Sutherland, ; Raasay, ; Rosehaugh, ;; Rosskeen, ; sales catalogues, ; Scalpay, ; Sk Skeabost, ; Skeabost & Bernisdale, ; Skirinish, ; Springfield, ; Strathaird, ; Sutherland, ; Tarradale, ; Tomatin, ; Tulloch Unakill, ; Waternish, European Demonstration Reprocessing Plant, Dounreay: Executry papers; Lewis Cuthbert, ; Hugh Fraser, ; various, Eynort: school,

"Fantasy", ship: history, Farquharson family: Farr: estate, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; Parish of, census, ; School Board, Farraline Park: Arts Centre, ; school, photos, Fearn: School Board, ; School Management Committee, ; Tom Skinner, Ferintosh: school, Ferness: school, Fever Hospital Committee, County Nairn: Findon estate: Fire brigade: Northern Area, Fiunary: side school, Fishing/fisheries: British Fisheries Society, ; Coigach salmon, ; Kyle of Tongue syndicate, ; Lochailort fish farm, ; Nairn Fishermen's Society, ; Ness Angling Club, ; registers of boats, ; salmon nettings, Inverness ; West coast salmon, ; Wick, Fodderty: school, ; School Management Committee, Folklore: Gaelic, Football: Highlands, Forbes, Alexander, Inverness: Forbes, Arthur and Louisa: Forbes, Duncan of Culloden: Forbes Meteorological Trust: Forbes of Skellater, George and William: Forestry: fir woods, ; County Inverness, Forsyth John, Balintraid: Fort Augustus: fort, plans, ; plans, ; railway - Invergarry, ; school, Fort George: Independent Company of Invalids, Fortnighty: school, Fortrose: Academy Directors, ; architecture, ; Black Isle railway, ; Burgh of, ; Cathedral, gravestones, ; District Council, ; Education District Sub-committee, ; Harbour Trust, Forts: prehistoric, plans of, ; Wade's plans of in Highlands, Fort Willliam: Burgh of, ; fort, plans, ; Hostel, ; ships' registers, ; school, , Fowlis estate:

Foyers: aluminium smelter, ; White Heather Lodge, Fraser, Alexander, banker: Fraser, Alexander, Cullachy: Fraser, Alexander, merchant: Fraser, Alexander, Garboll: Fraser, Rev. Alexander Garden: Fraser, Alexander & Co., merchants: Fraser, Dr., Trust: Fraser, Rev. D. of Kirkhill, Fraser, Donald, distiller: Fraser, Hugh, Boblainy: Fraser, James: archaeology plans, Fraser, James, Kiltarlity and Ontario: Fraser, John of Carnarvon: Fraser, John, merchant, banker, Provost: Fraser of Lovat: genealogy, Fraser, Lydia, Inverness: Fraser, Thomas, Ledclune: Fraser, Thomas and Alexander of Newton: Fraser, William, merchant: Fraser, William of Culbokie: Fraser and Ross, solicitors: Frasers of Boblainy (Hugh, Simon, Thomas): Free Church of Scotland: Inverness High ; Inverness, Union Street, ; Kirkhill, ; Thurso (1st), Fresson papers: Friars Lane, Inverness: property,

Gaelic: An Commun Gaidhealach, , ; Highland Church ; Highland Sound Archive, ; Informal Education Committee, ; Morrison, Murdo interview, ; reports re, ; Robertson papers, ; teaching of, Gairloch: Education District Sub-committee, ; Parochial Council, ; reminiscences, ; School Management Committee, Garboll farm: Garrow, Mr., Highland Railway Co.: Garve - Ullapool railway: Gas supply: County Inverness, Gas & Water Commissioners: Burgh of Inverness, Gask: stone circle, plan of, Geddes: school, George I: accession address, Gillespie, Thomas, Ardachy: Glasgow - Caithness Literary Society: Glasgow - Inverness road: Glasgow, Natural History Society of: Glenalbyn distillery: ; plan, ; Glenbrittle: school, Glenconvinth: school,

Glencreran: school, Glendale: school, Glendale, Colbost & Skinidin estate: Glenelg: feu charters, ; Parochial Board/Paraochial Council, ; public school, ; School Board, Glenelg, Arisaig, Moidart & Small Isles School Management Committee: Glenetive: school, Glenfeshie: school, Glenfinnan: school, Glenfintaig: school, Glengarry: estate, plans, ; Literary & Social Club, ; maps, ; School Board, Glenglass: school, Glenhurich: side school, Glenliddlesdale: school, Glenmazeron: property, Glen Mhor distillery: Glenmoriston: deer census, Glenroy: side school, Glenshiel & Letterfearn: school, Glenshiero: school, Glenstrathfarrar: Lovat estates, Glentruim: school, Glenuig: school, Glenurquhart: deer census, ; plans of buildings, ; Rural Community Association, ; water supply, Gollan family, Nairn and Bute: genealogy, Gollanfield: post office, Golspie: evening school, ; Kirk session and burial ground, ; Parish of, census, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; school, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Special Lighting, Water & Drainage Districts, Gordon, Duke of: Badenoch and Lochaber, ; plan of property, Gordon, Duncan, Wester Drakies: Gordon, James, surveyor: Gordon, Sir John: lands, Gordon, Robert of Drakies: Gordonsburgh: plan, Gorten: school, Graham, Colonel C.: estate plan, Graham, Fr. R.C.: correspondence, Grant, Charles and Robert: Grant, Pastor Peter, Grantown: Grantown-on-Spey: Baptist Church, ; Burgh of, ; Census,1941, ; evening school, ; Female School Board, ; Grammar School Board, "Grapevine": Highland Regional Council magazine, Gravestone inscriptions: Gray family, Fort William: Great Glen: prints of, Great North of Scotland Railway Co.: Grigor, Dr. John, Nairn: Guisachan: estate, ; school,

Gunn, Neil M.: articles and lecture re, ; correspondence and pamphlet re,

Hackney carriages: licensing, Halkirk: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, Hamilton, Frank, John: Harbours: Brora, ; County of Caithness, ; Cromarty, ; Fortrose, ; general, ; ;Helmsdale, ; Inverness, ; Inverness-shire, ; Lochinver, ; Nairnshire, ; Portree, ; Pultneytown, ; Ross & Cromarty, ; Stornoway, ; County of Sutherland, ; Thurso River, ; Wick, Harris: heritors, ; Ordnance Survey maps, ; police station, ; Temperance Poll, Harris Tweed Association: Haugh, The, Inverness: Health, Medical Officer of: Inverness, ; Ross & Cromarty, ; Sutherland, Health, public: Burgh of Dingwall, ; Burgh of Fort William, ; County of Nairn,Committee, ; Skye District Committee, ; Sutherland, Heast: school, Hebrides: wrecking reports, Hebrides, Inner and Outer: Ordnance Survey initial survey, ; Ordnance Survey maps and name books, Helmsdale: bridge, ; Harbour Trustees, ; police station, ; Water, Draianage & Scavenging Sub- committee, Henderson, Henry, The Bard of Reay: Henderson, T.G., wine merchant: High Street, Inverness: property, Highland & Island Emigration Society: Highland Bus & Coach Co.: Highland Club: Highland Colliery Ltd: Highland District Councils, Association of: Highland Games: Highland Horticultural Club: Highland & Jacobite Exhibition, 1903: Highland Land Law Reform Association of Ross & Cromarty: Highland Mexican Land & Live Stock Co. Ltd: Highland Orphanage: school, Highland Railway Co.: ; diary, ; property, Highland Regional Council: ; Archaeology Section, ; "Grapevine", ; "Highland Courier", ; Sports & Social Club, Highland Rifle Volunteers, 8th Inverness-shire: Highland Scottish Omnibuses Ltd: Highland Sound Archive: Highland Tourist Advisory Committee: Highland Volunteer Artillery Corps: Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd: Highlands & Islands Development Board/Enterprise: maps and charts, ; promotions, ; Spaven papers, ; tourism, Highways Department, County Inverness: snow clearing, Hillend farm: Holiday Home Committee, County Nairn:

Holm estate: Holm, Inverness: Holm Islands: Holm Mills: Hope: side school, Horticulture: exhibitions, ; Highland Club, Hospital Board: Inverness, Hospitals: Bignold, ; Caithness, plans, ; Craig Dunain, ; Culduthel Infectious Diseases, ; Fever, Nairn, ; Mackinnon Memorial, Broadford, ; Rosedene Maternity, ; Royal Northern Infirmary, Hossack, John: Housing: Caithness District, ; Burgh of Cromarty, ; Burgh of Dingwall, ; Drummond estate, ; Burgh of Fortrose, ; Burgh of Invergordon, ; County of Inverness, ; Burgh of Nairn, ; County of Nairn, Ross & Cromarty, ; Skye, council, Burgh of Tain, Hume: map of Inverness, Hunter-Gordon, P., Highland roads: Huntly Street, Inverness: property, Hydro-electric schemes: Loch Shin, ; public inquiry reports,

Inchrory: tenancy, Inglis family: Insh: school, , ; School Board, Inshes estate: Inspectors of the Poor in the Counties of Inverness, Ross, Cromarty & Nairn, Society: Inverailort: Cameron-Head family, Inverallan, District of: 1881 census, Invereshie estate: Inverfarigaig: fort, plan of, Invergarry: Fort Augustus railway, ; Historical Society, ; primary school, ; school, Invergordon: Academy, ; -Balblair ferry, ; Burgh of, ; correspondence re, ; development plan, ; Education District Sub-committee, ; estate, ; Public Assistance Committee, ; St. Ninian's Episcopal Church, ; smelter, Inverie, Knoydart: farm Inverinate: school, Inverlair: side school, Inverlochy estate: angling, ; plan, Invermoriston: school, Inverness: architectural history, ; cemetery, ; guide to, ; histories of, , ; impressisons of, ; land ownership, 1841, ; memorabilia, ; port registers, ; Provosts: Alexander Fraser, ; John Fraser, ; Alexander Macewen, ; 17th century sketch, ; survey, ; swimming bath, ; theatres, ; town maps and plans, ; Inverness & Bona (Landward) School Board: Inverness & District Post Office: Inverness & Fort Augustus Railway Bill: Inverness & Nairn Railway Co.: Inverness & Nairn Tourist Organisation: Inverness Artillery Volunteers: , Inverness Arts Centre:

Inverness Arts Guild: Inverness Auction Mart: Inverness Barracks: Inverness, Burgh of: ; maps and plans, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; Post Office, ; property ownership, ; School Board, ; town plan, Inverness Castle: plans, Inverness Choral Society: Inverness College: Inverness County Nursing Association: Inverness Courier: Evan Barron, ; correspondence, ; extracts, Inverness District: Buildings Authorities, ; Council (to 1935), ; School Management Committee, ; valuation rolls, Inverness District Committee: Inverness Field Club: ; Inverness Film Society: Inverness Harbour: plans, ; Trustees, Inverness High School: Inverness Horticultural Society: Inverness Industrial School: Inverness, Loch Ness & Nairn Tourist Board: Inverness, Moray & Nairn, Sheriff of: Inverness Museum: Inverness Musical Society: Inverness-Perth road: Inverness Philharmonic Society: Inverness Royal Academy: ; diary, ; Johnstone papers, ; Macdonald, D.J., ; magazines, ; School Board, Inverness School of Art and Museum: Inverness Sea Cadet Corps: Inverness Scientific Society & Field Club: See also Inverness Field Club Inverness-shire, County of: County, , ; bridges and harbours, ; Buildings Authority, ; Commissioners of Supply, ; Country Road Trusts, ; County Road Board, ; District Committees, ; Education Authority, , ; Education District Sub-committees, ; Highways Department, ; Ordnance Survey initial survey, maps, name books, ; Parochial Council, ; Planning Department, ; Reformatory, ; Sasines, ; School Management Committees, ; Special Districts, ; Statute Labour Trusts, ; technical school, Inverness-shire Highland Rifle Volunteers, 8th, Portree: , Inverness-shire Highlanders: Inverness-shire Rifle Association: Inverness-shire Sanatorium: Inverness-shire Water Board: Inverness Soup Kitchen: Inverness Tavern & Hotel Co.: Inverness Working Men's Club: Invershin: police station, ; school, Iron: land for manaufactory, Isle Ewe: school, Isle Martin: ships registers, ; side school,

Ivory, Sheriff:

Jacobite Exhibition, 1903: Jail: Inverness, James VI of Scotland: Joass papers: Johnstone, James, Inverness: Juffiess, Alexander, writer:

Keith, Christina, World War I: Keith, David B., Sheriff: Keith, Peter, Thurso: Kelp Isles: dispute re, Kennedy, Robert, historian: Kilbrair: school, Kilchoan: school, Kildonan: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; school, School Board, ; School Management Committee, Killearnan: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, school, ; School Management Committee, Killen: school, Killilan: school, Kilmallie: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; school, ; School Board, Kilmallie & Kilmonivaig School Management Committee: Kilmaluag: school, Kilmister & Reiss: statistics re, Kilmonivaig: schools, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Kilmorack: Parochial Council, ; School Board, Kilmorack, Kiltarlilty & Kirkhill School Management Committee: Kilmory: school, Kilmuir: estate, ; Parochial Council, ; School Board, Kilmuir Easter: school, ; School Board, Kiltarlity: reminiscences, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Kiltearn: school, ; School Management Committee, Kinbrace: plans of buildings, ; school, Kincardine: Parochial Council, Kingairloch: school, Kingussie: chartulary, feu charters, ; James Evan Baillie, ; miscellany, ; School Board, Kingussie & Insh Parochial Board/Parochial Council: Kinlocharkaig: school, Kinlocheil: school, Kinlochewe: school, Kinlochleven: societies, ; secondary school, Kinlochluichart: school, Kinmylies: plans of, Kirk, John, Jnr: surveyor, Kirkhill: croft at, ; Free Church, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee,

Kirkton Farming Club: Kishorn: construction yard, ; school, Knockbain: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; school, ; School Board, Knockfarril: plan of fort, Knoydart estate: Kylerhea: school, Kyle of Tongue Fishing Syndicate: Kyllachy mill:

Lady Lovat school: Laggan: fort, plan of, ; incumbent of parish, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board, Lagganalia: school, Laid: school, Laide: school, Lairg: schools, ; Parish, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; police station, ; School Management Committee, Lairgdour farm: Land valuation: Act, ; maps, Larachan: school, Latheron: Parochial Council, Ledclune: Leitch family: Lemlair: side school, Lentran: croft, Letterfearn: school, Letterfearn & Glenshiel: school, Lettermore: school, Lewis: Education District Sub-committee, ; Ordnance Survey initial survey, ; Ordnance Survey maps, Lews Castle College: Leys: plan of stone circle, Library Committee: Burgh of Inverness, ; Dornoch, Library Service: Inverness, ; regional, ; Ross & Cromarty, Libraries & Leisure Services, Department of: Licensing Court: Burgh of Inverness, ; County of Inverness, Lighting, Special Districts: Castletown, ; County of Inverness, ; County of Sutherland/Golspie, Lincoln Villa, Friars Lane, Inverness: Lindsay, A.: Gaelic teaching, Local government reform: Highland Regional Council, ; Inverness, ; Ross & Cromarty, Lochaber: Braes of, church, ; Gordon estates, ; Lordship of, plan, Lochaber District: Education Sub-committee, ; valuation rolls, Lochailort: road, ; school, Lochaline: school, Lochalsh: parish history, ; school, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Loch Ashie: water supply map, Lochbay: school,

Lochbroom: District Nursing Association, ; Education District Sub-committee, ; estate, ; Local Committee, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council School Board, School Management Committee, ; Special Water District, Lochcarron: District, Social Welfare, ; Education District Sub-committee, ; estate, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Lochinver; harbour, ; police station, ; Water Sub-committee, Loch, James: survey of Sutherland estate, Loch Rosque estate: Loch Shin hydro-electric project: Loch Treig: school, Lochy River: angling, Logan, Alexander, North Kessock: Loggie: side school, Logie Easter: Parochial Council, ; school, London & North Eastern Railway: London-Caithness Association: Longman: airfield, ; artillery, Longman Road, Inverness: reminiscences, Lorn District: Lorne: school, Loth: map of parish, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; school, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Lovat: estates, ; Lord, ; peerage claims, Low, Bishop David: Lowe's Rooms, Inverness: Lumsden, Robert, Rosemarkie: Lybster Reform Association: Lyndale estate: Lyndale & Treaslane estate: Lynwilg: school,

Macbean of Tomatin: McBean family: McBeth family: Macbrayne, David, transport operator: Macdiarmid Foundation: Macdiarmid school, Braes: Macdonald, Alexander, solicitor, Portree: McDonald, Alexander, of Klondyke: Macdonald and Fraser, solicitors: Macdonald, Baronet of the Isles: Macdonald, Colonel: executry, Macdonald, D. J., Inverness Royal Academy: Macdonald, Donald, painter, Inverness: Macdonald, Donald, Craigton & Kessock estate:

Macdonald, Donald, of Tormore: Macdonald estate, Isle of Skye: Macdonald, Fraser & Co. Ltd., auctioneers: Macdonald, James and William, Balnagown: Macdonald, John, Canada: Macdonald, Kenneth, historian: Macdonald, Lord Alexander: Macdonald, Murdo, Inverness Royal Academy: Macdonald, Ronald, solicitor: Macdonald, Sir M. & Partners (Inverness) Ltd., engineers: McDonald's Bonanza (Klondike) ltd: Macewen, Alexander, Provost of Inverness: Macfadyen, Rev. Donald, Laggan: Macgillivray, Duncan and Finlay, Dunmaglass: MacHutcheon of Guisachan and Culbokie: Mackay, George, surveyor: Mackay, John, Inverness: Mackay, Thomas, Lairg: Mackenzie, A.M., Aberdeen: Mackenzie Clan: Mackenzie, Donald, Newhall estate: Mackenzie, F. & Co., chemists: Mackenzie, Gordon & Co., woollen manaufacturers: Mackenzie, James, bank agent: Mackenzie, John and William, Delny: Mackenzie, Major A., Farr estate: Mackenzie, Murdoch, Ardross: Mackenzie of Portmore: Mackenzie, Sir Roderick, of Scatwell: Mackinnon Memorial Hospital, Broadford: Mackintosh, Aeneas, Holm estate: Mackintosh Clan: Mackintosh, L., banker: Mackintosh of Balnespick (Lachlan, Campbell, George & William): Mackintosh of Farr Mortification: Mackintosh of Geddes, A.: Mackintosh, Angus, Holme and Drummond: Mackintosh, John, of Phopacy, Trust: Maclachlan, D., Portree: Maclachlan estates: Maclean, Donald, headmaster: Maclean, William, Ullapool: Maclennan, Donald, Inverness: Macleod, Angus, bank agent: Macleod estate: Macleod, Hugh, Inverness: Macleod, Norman, of Macleod: Macleod, Very Rev. Norman: Macleod, Norman, of Cadboll, Anna and Torquil:

Macpherson, Clan: Macpherson, Elizabeth, antiquarian: Macpherson, Margaret, writer: Macpherson's Hotel, Beauly: McRae, Helen, Inverness: Mactavish, Duncan, Arnisdale: Main, A.J. & Co., ironworkers: Mains of Kilravock: plan, Mallaig: railway, ; secondary school, Mar, Earls of: Marybank: school, Maryburgh: school, Marydale: Roman Catholic school, Matthews, A.B., York: Mauld: school, Meikle Ferry Fund Committee: Meldrum, Edward, historian: Melness: school, Melvill, Francis, Fort George: Melville/Melvin, John, Inverness: Meoble: school, Merchants: William Dallas, ; Alexander Fraser & Co., ; T.G. Henderson, ; Donald Morison, ; Colin Ross, ; Baillie John Steuart, Merkinch: chartularies, Meteorology: Drumnadrochit, ; Forbes Trust, ; Scottish Society of, Mews, Peter, churchman: Michael, William, Australia: Milk: costs, Milestones: County of Nairn, Military: Highland roads, ; private papers, ; Roy's survey, ; service, Millbank: school, Millburn: distillery, , Moidart: School Management Committee, Mollison & Co. Ltd, Inverness: Mollison, James, factor: Monitory: school, Moray & Nairn Joint County Council: Moray & Nairn Laundry Co. Ltd.: Moray Firth: maps, Moray, Ross & Argyll, Episcopal Bishop of: Morayshire: Ordnance Survey initial survey,

Macdonald, Murdoch, engineer:

Morison, Donald, merchant, recruiting officer: Morison, Rev. G.H., Thurso: Morison, James, Kirkhill: Morison, John, customs officer: Morrison, H., surveyor: Morrison, Murdo: career, ; Gaelic interview, Morrison, Roderick: Motor cars: licences, ; registration, , Moy, Duthil: Moy and Dalarossie Parochial Council: Moyness: school, Muck, Isle of: school, See also Small Isles Muckerach: school, Muirfield Institution: Muir of Ord: Balck Isle railway, ; distillery, ; Education District Sub-committee ; School Management Committee, Muirtown: Lovat estates, ; plans, , Mulbuie: Highland Land Law Reform Association, ; school, Mulholland, Robert, Scottish nationalist: Mull, Isle of: roads, Munro, Sir Charles: estate, Munro, Hetty: World War II service, Munro, James, Delny: Murchison, Kenneth, Tarradale: Murchison, Roderick, oof Tarradale: Murray Bequest: Music festivals:

Nairn: Grigor papers, ; Heritors of the parish and John Straith, ; incidents at, ; properties, Nairn Academy: 1st Nairn Artillery Volunteer Corps: Nairn, Burgh of: ; Ordnance Survey map, ; School Board, School Management Committee, Nairn Co-operative Society: Nairn, County of: ; bridges and harbours, ; Commissioners of Supply, ; Court of Lieutenancy, court houses, ; education, ; housing, ; Ordnance Survey initial survey, ; Ordnance Survey maps, ; police stations, ; Road Trust, ; Sasines, ; schools, ; School Management Committee, Statute Labour Trust, ; Turnpike Trust, Nairn District: valuation rolls, Nairn Fishermen's Society: Nairn, Town of: plans, Nairnshire: Gaelic place names, Nairnshire Commutation Road Act Trust: Nairnshire County Nursing Association: Nairnshire Volunteer Infantry: Nairnside: castles, ; school, National Association of Local Government Officers (NALGO): branch and committee papers,

National Farmers' Union: Easter Ross, National Nature Reserves: County Inverness, ; County Sutherland, Natural History Society of Glasgow: Naval Reserve, Royal: Navy, H.M.: recruitment, Ness Angling Club: Nessbank: domestic accounts, Ness basin: Ness House: Ness suspension bridge: Newhall: estate, Newton of Petty: stone circle, plan of, Nicholson family: Nigg: development plan, ; Parochial Council, ; school, Nigg, Fearn & Tarbat School Management Committee: North British Railway Co.: North Lorn Education District Sub-committee: North of Scotland Football Association: North of Scotland Hydro-electric Board: North Sea: Admiralty charts, ; oil industry, North Uist: District Committee, ; School Board, Northern Abstinence Advocate: Northern Agricultural Implement Foundry Co.: Northern Counties Cricket Club: Northern Meeting: Northern Sutherland estates: Nursing Associations: Ardersier, Croy & Petty District, ; Inverness County, ; Lochbroom District, Nairnshire County, ; Olrig District, ; Sutherland, ; Wick & Pultneytown District,

Ogilvie, James, Elgin: Oil industry: North Sea, Oldshore: school, Olrig: District Nursing Association, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, Onich: school, Operation Pluto: Ord: distillery, ; lands at, Orkney, Sheriff-Substitute: Orkney, Shetland & Northern Society: Outer Hebrides: Ordnance Survey initial survey and maps,

Pabbay, Isle of: Paleography: papers re, Pavilion cinema, Wick: Peddieston: school, Pender, John, MP for Wick: Pension Committee: Inverness, ; Nairn, Perth Banking Co.:

Petty: Nursing Association, ; Parochial Council, ; School Board, Petty East: school, Petty West: school, Philharmonic Society of Inverness: Piping competitions: Pitcalnie: school, Place names: Gaelic, Planning: County of Inverness, ; Highland Region, ; Ross & Cromarty, Playing fields: Drakies and Culcabock, Police: Burgh of Fort William, ; Burgh of Inverness, , ; Burgh of Thurso, ; County Argyll, ; County Cromarty, ; County Inverness, ; County Ross & Cromarty, ; Ross, Cromarty & Sutherland, ; Ross/Sutherland, County Sutherland, ; Harris District, ; Sub-branch of NALGO, Police stations: Nairn, Ross and Cromarty, Pollitt, A. Gerald, historian: Poor houses: Ross & Cromarty, ; Thurso, Poor, Inspector of: Ross & Cromarty, ; Thurso, Portgower: school, ; Special Drainage District, Portree: Harbour Master, , ; Highland Rifle Volunteers Co. ; hostel, ; Parochial Council, solicitors, Post office: Inverness and district, Priesthill: plan of lands, Prison Board: Ross & Cromarty, Probation Committee: Sutherland, Public Assistance Committee: Inverness, ; Ross & Cromarty, ; Sutherland, Public Library Committee: Inverness, Pultneytown: harbour, ; District Nursing Association, ; Mercantile Debating Society,

Queen Mary's House, Inverness:

Raasay: estate, ; Special Pier Committee, Raddery House special school: Raigmore: stone circle, plan of, Railways: Beeching closures, ; Black Isle, ; Great North of Scotland Co., Garve-Ullapool, ; Highland: diary, , property, , timetables, ; Highlands, ; Invergarry-Fort Augustus, ; Inverness & Nairn Rialway Co., ; Inverness-Perth & Aberdeen, ; London & North Eastern, North Scotland, ; photographs, Rearquhar: school, Reay: Bard of, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; Statute Labour Trust, Redcastle: Reelig: farm, Reiss, Kilmister: accounts, Resolis: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Rhilochan: school, Rhind, James, architect: Rhind, John:

Rhives House, Golspie: Rhum: school, ; side school, Road Board: Ross & Cromarty, ; Sutherland, Roads: Caithness, plans, ; County Road Trusts, ; "Crossing the 3 Firths", ; drove, map, ; County of Inverness, ; Isle of Mull, ; military and post, ; County Nairn, ; plans, ; Ross & Cromarty, ; Statute Labour Trusts, Roads and Bridges Committees: Burgh of Fort William, ; County of Nairn, ; County of Ross, ; Burgh of Wick, Roberts, John, surveyor: Robertson, Frederick: correspondence, Robertson, Jane: Robertson, John L., HM Chief Inspector: Robertson, Rev. C.M., Gaelic scholar: Rogart: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; school, ; School Board, Rose, Christine, Inverness: Rose, Duncan, New Hampshire: Rose family: property, Rose, John: plans by, Rose Street Foundry & Engineering Co.: Rose Street, Inverness: reminiscences: Rosedene Maternity Hospital: Rosehall: school, Rosehaugh: estate, Rosemarkie: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; school, ; School Board, Rosemarkie-Fortrose infants' school: Rose's Academical Institution: Ross, Alexander, Reiskmore: Ross, Alistair J., Inverness: Ross and Cromarty, County of: , ; bridges and harbours, ; court houses, ; development plan, District Committees, ; education, ; Gaelic place names, ; Ordnance Survey initial survey, ; Ordnance Survey maps, namebooks, ; police stations, ; Prison Board, ; Sasines, ; school buildings, Sheriff, ; Survey of County, See also: Cromarty, Ross-shire Ross and Cromarty, District of: valuation rolls, Ross, Caithness, Shetland & Cromarty Militia: Ross, Colin: ; genealogy, Ross, Hugh of Cromarty: Ross of Petkeane: pedigree, Ross, Walter, Delny: Rosskeen: estate, ; lands and rents, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, Ross-shire: archaeological sites, plans, ; Commissioners of Supply, ; County Road Trusts, ; Court of Lieutenancy, ; Crossroads, map, ; Duke of Sutherland monument, ; east coast, map, ; Gaelic and folklore, ; Heritors, ; Militia, ; property transactions, ; Sasines, ; Water Board, Rothiemurchus: school, Rovers Football Club: Roy River: angling,

Roy William, surveyor: Royal Air Force: Royal Caledonian Curling Club: Royal Naval Reserve: Royal Northern Infirmary:

Saddler and harness maker: St Andrew's church, Thurso: St Bride's school: St Coiveil's church, Lochaber: St Kilda: school, St Mary's chapel, Crosskirk: gravestones, St Mary's Episcopal school: St Ninian's Episcopal church, Invergordon: Salmon: fishings, west coast, ; ladders, ; nettings, Inverness, Saltburn: school, Salvation Army Assurance Society Ltd: Sand: school, Sangster, Alex, surveyor: Sanitary Inspector: Dingwall, ; Inverness, Scalpay: estate, Scarlett, J.: clan and tartan history, Scatwell: school, Scavenging Districts: Helmsdale Sub-committee, ; County of Inverness, School Boards: Caithness, ;Inverness, Nairn, ; Ross & Cromarty, ; Scottish Office, ; Sutherland, School District Management Committees: Inverness, ; Skye, School log books: Inverness, ; Ross & Cromarty, ; Sutherland, School Management Committees: Inverness, ; Nairn ; Ross & Cromarty, ; Sutherland, School plans: Nairn, ; Ross & Cromarty, School publications: Inverness, ; Ross & Cromarty, Scotch Education Department: , Scotland: map, 1790, Scottish Confederation of Tourism: Scottish Genealogical Society: "Scottish Highlands", video: Scottish Meteorological Society: Scottish Sovereignty Party: Scottish statutes: Scottish Tartan Society: Scottish Tourist Board: Seaforth children's home: Seaforth, Earls of: Sellar, Patrick, Sutherland: Sewerage schemes: Fort William, ; County of Inverness, Shannon, HMS: ship's magazine, Shaw, Captain F.,Skye: Sheep stocks: East Inverness,

Shieldaig: school, Ships: papers, ; registers, Inverness District, ; registers, Wick, ; Thurso harbour, Shooting: quarters to let, Shore Street, Inverness: property, "Sinclair's Caithness Events": Sindex: tartans, Skeabost & Bernisdale estate: Skerry: school, Skibo: estate, ; school, Skinidin estate: Skinner, Tom, Fearn: ; genealogy, Skirinish estate: Skye Agricultural Society: Skye & Lochalsh District: Social Welfare Department, ; valuation rolls, Skye County Road Trust: Skye District Committee: ; Education District Sub-committee, ; School Management Committee, Skye Farming Society: Skye, Isle of: council housing, ; drove roads from, ; maps and plans, ; Ordnance Survey initial survey, ; Ordnance Survey maps, ; water supply schemes, Skye Patriotic Fund: Skye District Statute Labour Trust: Slaughterhouse Committee: Burgh of Fort William, Slochd: school, Small Isles: Ordnance Survey maps, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, See also Isles of Canna, Eigg, Muck, Rhum Smith, J.: Highland roads, Smith, Robert, Mortification: Smith, William, railwayman: Snizort: Collector (Poor Law), ; Parochial Board, Soay: school, Social Work Department: Ross & Cromarty, ; Skye & Lochalsh, ; Sutherland, Solicitors: Christie & Ferguson, ; Fraser & Ross, ; D.B.Keith, ; Alexander Macdonald, ; Ronald Macdonald, ; Macdonald & Ferguson, ; Wink, Mackenzie & Mackay, South Laggan: school, South West District Council: ; Education District Sub-committee, South Western District Committee: Spaven, Frank, planner: Spean River: angling, Spencer, Colin,educationalist: Spey Valley: water supply, See also Badenoch and Strathspey, Strathspey Springfield estate, Sri Lanka: Staffin: school, Steam boats: register of certificates, ; timetables, Stenscholl: School Board, Steuart, Baillie John, merchant: Stewart, D.C., historian: Stewart, Major William, of Ensay:

Stone circles: plans of, Stornoway: harbour, ; Harris Tweed industry, ; Donald Morison, ; School Board, Straith, John, schoolmaster: Strath: School Board, Strathaird: estate, , ; school, Strathaird & Faolin school: Strathbrora: school, Strathconon: school, Strathdearn Women's Guild: Stratherrick: Lovat estates, ; school, , Strathgarve: school, Strathglass: Chisholm lands, ; buildings, Strathkyle: Strathnaver: school, Strathspey: religion, See also Badenoch & Strathspey, Spey Valley Strontian: school, Struy: school, Suddy farm: Surveyors: David Aitken, ; Bingham, Hughes & Macpherson, ; Lieut. Campbell, ; Thomas Cumming, ; George Mackay, ; John Roberts, ; William Roy, ; Alex Sangster, George Wade, ; John Wood, Sutar, James, Inverness: Sutherland, A., Kinlochleven: Sutherland: brochs, ; coast, map ; Duke of, ; Earl of ; estate, ; Gaelic place names, ; miscellaneous papers, ; map, Sutherland, County of: ; bridges and harbours, ; census returns, ; Commissioners of Supply, ; County Road Trusts, ; education, ; Nursing Association, ; Ordnance Survey initial survey, ; Ordnance Survey maps and name books, ; planning permits, ; Statute Labour Trusts, ; valuation rolls, Sutherland, District of: valuation rolls, Swanson family: Sweetland, Mrs, Nessbank: Swordale: farm, ; school, Syre, and P. Sellar:

Tain Academy: ; Education District Sub-committee, Tain: Burgh of: ; District Committee: ; Free Church congregational school, ; public school, ; School Management Committee, Tain & Fearn Education District Sub-committee: Tarbat: Free Library, ; lands and rents, ; Parochial Council, Tarbat, Viscount, Barley Trust: Tarbat West: school, Tarradale: estate, Tarscabhaig: school, Tartan Archive: Temperance: Poll, Harris, ; publications,

Textiles, Highland: The Theatre, Inverness: Theatre Royal, Inverness: Thomson, R.L., Strathaird: Thornbush slipway, Inverness: Thread Factory, Inverness: Thurso, Burgh of: ; Combination Poorhouse, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, Thurso Burns Society: Thurso: Harbour, ; 1st Free Church, ; D.B. Keith, solicitor, ; St Andrew's church, Thurso Jolly Beggars: Thurso River Harbour Trust: Thurso Town Hall Trustees: Timber merchants: Alexander Fraser & Co., ; A.J.R. Tulloch & Sons, Toc H: Inverness, Tolbooth: Inverness, Tomacharrich: school, Tomatin: Strathdearn Women's Guild, ; Macbean estate, Tomato Growers' Club, Inverness: Tongue: Bighouse farm, ; Fishing Syndicate, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; police station, ; school, ; School Board, ; School Management Committee, Torboll: side school, Torbreck: farm, ; stone circle, plan of, Tordarroch: stone circle, plan of, Tore: school, Torran: school, Torrin: school, Torvean: fort, plan of, Tourism: County of Inverness, ; Highlands & Islands, Treaslane: estate, Tullich: school, Tulloch: estate, survey, ; school, Tulloch, A.J.R. & Sons Ltd, timber merchants: Tulloch station: school,

Uig, Skye: pier, Uist, North and South: Ordnance Survey maps, Ullapool: railway, ; school, Unakill: estate, Unapool: school, UNISON: branch records, United Presbyterian Church: Inverness, Upper Knockbain: school, Urquhart: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Board, Urquhart and Boleskine School Management Committee: Urquhart and Glenmoriston: Parochial Council, ; School Board, Urquhart Castle: plans, Urquharts of Cromarty: pedigree, Urray: Parochial Board/Parochial Council, ; School Management Committee,

Valuation Committee: Inverness, Valuation, land: maps, Valuation rolls, Burghs: Cromarty, ; Fortrose, ; Grantown-on-Spey, ; Inverness, ; Nairn, ; Wick, Valuation rolls, Counties: Argyll, ; Cromarty, ; Inverness, ; Nairn, ; Ross, ; Ross & Cromarty, ; Sutherland, Vatersay: water supply, Vatten Bridge: school, Venereal Diseases Committee: County of Nairn, Viewfield, Portree: plan, Viking Club/Viking Society for Northern Research:

Wade, George: maps and plans, Wales, Prince of: painting, Walker, George & Co., sawmillers: Wallace, Thomas D., historian: War graves: County Inverness: Water and drainage: Castletown, ; Golspie, ; Inverness, Water and Gas Commissioners, Burgh of Inverness: Water and Lighting: Burgh of Fort William: Water and Sewerage: County of Inverness, ; County of Ross & Cromarty, Water Board: County Inverness, , ; County of Ross & Cromarty, Waterloo bridge: plan, Waternish: estate, Water, Special Districts: County of Inverness, County of Ross & Cromarty, Waters family: Water supply: District Committee, County of Inverness, ; Loch Ashie, map, ; schemes, , Weights and Measures: County of Inverness, Wester Drakies farm: Wester Moniack farm: Western Isles: drove roads from, ; Electoral registers, ; Kelp Isles, ; West Highland Railway Co.: Whitebridge: schools, Whiteley Council: Wick, Wick: An Commun Gaidhealach, ; 1st Boy Scouts troop, ; Brotherly Society of Coopers, ; MP for, ; old auction site, ; Parochial Board/Parochial Council, Pavilion cinema, ; post office, Wick and Pultneytown District Nursing Association: Wick and Pultneytown Mercantile Debating Society: Wick, Burgh of: 77; Ordnance Survey map, Wick, Eastern District Parochial Council: Wick Harbour Trust: Wick Society: Williamson, J., Knockfin: Wilson, James, bank agent:

Wink, Mackenzie & Mackay, WS, solicitors: Wood, John, survyeor: Woodlands: Roy's maps, Wool merchants: Alexander Fraser & Co., Woollen manufacturers: Holm Mills, World War I: World War II: Wrecks: Board of Trade reports, ; in Hebrides, ; Receiver of, ; Reports, WRENS: Invergordon, Wynford, Lord, Isle of Skye: York Building Co.: land purchases, map,


Highland Council Archive Guide

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