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The Experienced Professional Series

Dr. Bonnie Truax, Career Counselor Career Development Center, High Point University

Resume Development: Professional Experience Section Developing Accomplishment Statements

This information will help you develop a resume to market the skills and abilities that you have developed from your work and experience. It is important to include accomplishments on a resume in an increasingly competitive job market. Refer to the section titled "Content for Resume for Experienced Job Candidates" before proceeding with this exercise to be sure you understand where accomplishments will be listed on your resume. First after each job title listed, you will create a one or two sentence statement that highlights major responsibilities for the job. This is followed by "bulleted" items that articulate accomplishments, to describe how you contributed to the success of the organization or company. You can also include accomplishments for your volunteer or community activities if they are more relevant to your next job. You want the resume to communicate your strengths and skills. The best way to begin assessing your skills is to start with your accomplishments. What are accomplishments? You can start to uncover them by listing at least six job-related accomplishments of which you have been proud and that you found satisfying. Then relate these to the job where each accomplishment occurred. As you consider each accomplishment, think about: What challenges did you face? What actions did you take? What results occurred? Follow these steps in developing your accomplishment statements. · Start with an action word ­ i.e. Directed, Completed, Improved, etc. · Describe the action taken in a statement about what you did that is brief and to the point. · Close the statement by showing the result of the action (s) you took. The result of the action is a measurable viable outcome to show how you have made a difference. Examples: Action Designed and implemented a preventative maintenance program (what was done) that... + Result reduced equipment downtime by 20% and significantly increased order processing (measurable outcome). Designed and implemented a preventative maintenance program (what was done) that reduced equipment downtime by 20% and significantly increased order processing (measurable outcome). Action + Result Negotiated with outside supply company for best prices (what was done) and... saved the company $5,000 annually on office supplies (measurable outcome).

Negotiated with outside supply company for best prices (what was done) and saved the company $5,000 annually on office supplies (measurable outcome).

Accomplishments (Continued):

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Examples of Accomplishment Statements Here are some examples that show action and results: · Negotiated local transportation contract resulting in yearly savings of $40K and increased equipment availability. · Created new plan for office work flow that resulted in time savings and improved support staff efficiency in producing company materials. · Developed and implemented, with team involvement, modifications to the data entry incentive pay systems that decreased costs. · Assisted on a task force that improved inventory accountability by initiating use of bar code identification for tracking products. · Reorganized cost area to more evenly distribute workload that resulted in decreased overtime, increased efficiency of reporting, and reduced errors. · Researched and analyzed costs and developed strategies that resulted in 30% reduction of temporary labor expense. · Initiated cost reduction program for small company that realized $100K in savings within the first two years of implementation. · Created a cohesive sales team that generated an increase in total sales revenue from $1 million to over $1.8 million in one year period. · Trained 25 staff in new software to increase efficiency in workflow and decrease in order processing errors. · Increased morale by initiating incentive program that included flex time benefit for contributing new ideas implemented by company. Accomplishment Questions These questions should help you identify and clarify your own success. Keep them in mind as you compose your accomplishment statements in the continuing exercises. 1. Did you implement a new procedure or system? 2. Did you solve a major problem for your section, department or division? 3. Did you save the company money? 4. Did you identify and/or implement a better or more efficient way of doing a procedure? 5. Did you train anyone and how effective were you in doing so? 6. Did you develop or do something for the first time at your company? 7. Did you do a job with fewer people or in a shorter time? 8. Did you receive any special recognition or awards? 9. Did you participate in any recent company sponsored training? 10. Were you involved in any special projects? 11. Did you suggest or "roll out" any new products or programs for your company? 12. Did you exceed your goals or objectives? 13. Did you increase market share? 14. Did you develop new business or enlarge a market? 15. Did you reduce errors? 16. Did your job performance exceed past performance? 17. Did you improve employee performance? 18. Did you have a reputation for handling certain difficult problems, situations or people? ACCOMPLISHMENT DEVELOPMENT ACTION WORDS

An action taken which resulted in an outcome that was

measurable and beneficial = Accomplishment

Accomplishments (Continued):

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Review each word on the following list and place a check mark by the words that describe the things you did on your job within the most recent position. These are great words to start your accomplishment based statements and are for your reference as you develop your resume. In the past, when I worked with DATA, I have Administered Analyzed Arranged Assembled Assessed Authored Balanced Budgeted Calculated Co-authored Compiled Completed Composed Computed Condensed Converted Coordinated Corrected Defined Designed Determined Developed Edited Evaluated Formulated Identified Integrated Interpreted Marketed Modified Organized Planned Presented Processed Promoted Programmed Proved Provided Publicized Published Read Recorded Reconciled Refined Reorganized Reported Researched Revised Setup Simplified Sorted Standardized Streamlined Systematized Synthesized Tracked Updated Verified Wrote In the past when I worked with PEOPLE, I have Administered Advised Assisted Coached Communicated Conducted Consulted Counseled Decided Delegated Demonstrated Determined Directed Eliminated Enforced Established Expedited Facilitated Guided Headed Hired Initiated Instructed Learned Led Managed Motivated Negotiated Operated Organized Performed Persuaded Presented Produced Protected Provided Reconciled Recruited Reduced Represented Resolved Restructured Scheduled Served Shared Showed Staffed Supervised Taught Tended Tested Trained Traveled Unified In the past when I worked with THINGS, I have Arranged Assembled Balanced Bargained Built Centralized Conceived Conserved Consolidated Constructed Converted Created Cut costs Demonstrated Designed Determined Developed Devised Eliminated Established Expanded Fabricated Formed Founded Generated Guided Handled Improved Innovated Inspected Installed Introduced Invented Made Modernized Opened Operated Organized Originated Pioneered Presented Produced Purchase Reconstructed Redesigned Reduced Repaired Restructured Shaped Strengthened Tended Tested Upgraded


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