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A cash drawer audit procedure is required as part of the close of the business day. This function allows store personnel to "balance" the cash count to the total receipts for the day, which are automatically calculated by the system. Auditing may be performed by CRT (terminal), which would balance a cash drawer to receipts taken from a single work station, or for all receipts taken in the store. A computer generated receipt is printed to be matched to the bank deposit. The cash drawer audit determines the amount "long" or "short" at the time the audit is performed. This information appears on various reports and is included in transactions provided to the PRO/Accounting system. The cash drawer audit may be performed as many times during the day as desired, however, only the LAST cash drawer audit filed prior to beginning the End-of-Day process will be recorded for reporting purposes. Therefore, if a Cash Drawer Audit reveals an excessive shortage or overage, the auditing process may be completed, the error (if any exist) may be found and corrected, and another audit performed. Each Cash Drawer Audit filed includes the date and time on the printed receipt. Although there are various reasons that may cause the cash drawer to be long/short, following are two of the most common causes: · · A hand receipt is posted, but the cash is not actually put in the cash drawer. The cash from a hand receipt was put in the drawer, but the receipt was not posted.

After making the appropriate corrections, another Cash Drawer Audit should provide accurate reporting. The function to perform a Cash Drawer Audit is found on the Receipts menu (selection 2. from the MASTER MENU). After selecting this function, the system will prompt for the following: ! LOCATION Code A point and pick window will be displayed from which a location may be chosen. (Locations other than "Main" will only be displayed if this is the host system for a satellite location.) ! CRT Selection 1. One CRT · If one CRT is chosen, the audit will be performed, but no record will be filed. An exit is provided if this selection is made in error.


Rev. 11/30/00


The audit will display only the receipts and petty cash in or out posted on this CRT (e.g. terminal, work station). After entering the cash drawer beginning balance and actual cash count, any "long" or "short" will be displayed. OR 2. All CRT's · If all CRT's are chosen, the audit will display the total receipts posted from all CRT's and petty cash in or out. After entering the cash drawer beginning balance and actual cash count, any "long" or "short", the amount to be left in the cash drawer (the system defaults to the same amount entered as the beginning balance), and the bank deposit amount will be displayed. The actual cash count should include the beginning balance, as it is assumed that the ENTIRE cash drawer will be counted. The bank deposit amount excludes the amount to be left in the cash drawer.

The Cash Drawer Audit screen will be displayed with a prompt to "File this cash report?". A (Y)es response will prompt for printing to the system receipt printer. A (N)o response will clear the amounts entered on the screen so that they may be re-entered if entered incorrectly.


An option is provided to accommodate balance of the cash drawer with an electronic bank card "swipe" machine. If this option is activated, bank card receipts can be deducted from total receipts during the cash drawer audit, thus calculating the actual deposit of cash, checks, and money orders. (See section 17, MASTER FILE MAINTENANCE, "Market Parameters ­ Receipt Parameters" for information to set this option.) Two additional lines are included on the cash drawer audit screen to prompt for total(s) from the bank card closing report. The first additional line allows a "Pre-End-of-Day" total, if it is necessary to close the bank card machine more than once a day. The second line is for keying the "End-of-Day" closing total from the bank card system. If the bank card system cannot be closed for the day (i.e. the bank card system is down), these procedures should be followed: 1. Save the store copy of all manual bank card receipts for entry into the bank card system as soon as it becomes functional again. 2. If a "Pre-End-of-Day" bank card closing has been done since the last End-of-Day, enter the total as you would normally. Otherwise, enter zero for the "Pre-End-of-Day" bank card closing total. 3. Enter zero for the End-of-Day bank card closing total. This will result in an apparent cash shortage equal to the amount of bank card payments posted to PRO/Store during this business day.


Rev. 11/30/00


4. When the bank card system is next available for closing simultaneously with closing the PRO/Store cash drawer, first make sure that all manual bank card receipts have been entered into the bank card system. Then close the bank card system as usual. 5. Enter into the PRO/Store cash drawer audit the totals for all bank card closings that have not yet been entered into a PRO/Store cash drawer audit. This will result in an apparent cash overage equal to the amount of all bank card payments posted in prior business days when the bank card system could not be closed. The cash shortage in the step 3 business day(s) will wash with the cash overage in the step 5 business day(s), resulting in overall correct cash and bank card amounts across the business days involved. Results of filing a Cash Drawer Audit (only the LAST one performed prior to beginning the End-of-Day process): " The long/short and bank deposit amounts are recorded in the Daily Report file. " The long/short amount is recorded in the Receipt Audit Trail report file. " If the electronic bank card feature is activated, bank card totals are transmitted along with the deposit transaction information to the PRO/Accounting system.


Rev. 11/30/00


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