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N O U NS ( £ (

A noun is a person, place or thing. Common Noun

£ (jativachak sangya) å

Proper Noun

£ )vyaktivachak sangya)

Abstract Noun

£ )bhavvachak sangya)

Things, places, animals,birds and people are usually common noun words. For example: Things: watch ( Ball ( Kite ( Temple ( Animals: dog ( Lion ( Parrot ( sher) kauwa), tota) raja), Birds: crow ( gaind) patang) ghar) mandir) dog), ghadi),

Names of specific thing usually people and places. Example: People: Ram City: Bombay Place: Tom Hotel à

Non-physical things are abstract nouns, things that you cannot touch or see. Examples:

Love Goodness Childhood Í

Places: house (

People: doctor ( È doctor), king ( Boy ( ladka)

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