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How to Activate Your E-Mail Account

Your official e-mail account was set up for you when you registered for classes. Communication with teachers and all official school business will take place through this account.

To have access to your account, you must first complete your account profile. 1. You can access your e-mail from several locations. a. open and click on the link under [email protected]

b. Open the main Hinds webpage at, and from the top line log-in menu, select Go.Live. 2. When the opening page appears, click on the Microsoft Exchange Labs icon and hit ENTER.

3. Enter your E-mail address and password.

E-mail address first name last name + last 5 digits of your Hinds ID (no spaces) Jillian [email protected] Your e-mail address uses the first and last name you listed on your Hinds registration form and cannot be changed. How to Find Your 7-Digit Hinds ID

1. Look on your Hinds registration ticket or your Hinds ID card to locate your Hinds ID number. 2. Present photo identification to Admissions and Records to obtain this number. 3. Login to My Hinds and click on "What's My User ID?" Enter your last name and social security number. Your Hinds ID should appear in the next box.



Password first initial in caps + last initial in caps + MMDDYY of birth + $ If Jillian Smith's birthday is March 7, 1989, her password is:

(no spaces) JS030789$

4. A "Provide Account Information" screen will appear. Fill in all blanks.

a. Enter your password.

b. Change your password. Choose something that will be easier to remember. c. Select a question and secret answer. This is not a password hint but an account security question that will identify you as the user. d. Enter an alternate e-mail address. This is very important in case you should forget your current password. The new password will be mailed to the alternate address. If you don't have a free Hotmail or Yahoo account, you will want to create one and enter it into your account profile.

e. Update your personal information.

f. Click the "I accept" button at the bottom of the page.

5. You are almost finished. Sign in again to complete the profile.

6. Enter your address and your new password.

7. On the "Office Outlook Web Access" screen, select the Central Time Zone, and click OK.

8. You are finished! You should now have access to your e-mail account.

How to Log-in

1. Click on the Microsoft Exchange Labs icon and hit ENTER.

If you have not yet created your account profile, you must do so immediately. See the instructions listed under "Start Here."

2. Use the "Sign in to Exchange Labs" screen. Enter your address into the "E-mail address" box. Remember, your e-mail address uses the first and last name you listed on your Hinds registration form and cannot be changed. first name last name + last 5 digits of your Hinds ID (no spaces) Jill [email protected] 3. Enter your password next. You must enter the password exactly as you typed it when you created your profile. If you are certain that you know your password but are unable to log-in the first time, try using a variation of capital and lower case letters until you find the right combination. If you are still unable to log-in, you will need to reset your password.



How to Reset Your Password

1. When you log-in to your Hinds e-mail but you cannot recall your password, click on "Forgot your password?"

2. A pop up box will request your e-mail address. You must read the characters in the pop-up box and enter them in the space provided.

3. Choose one of the reset options. To change the password, you will have to send a request to an alternate e-mail (not your account). If you do not have a free Hotmail or other account, you will want to set up one before you proceed.

4. When you send a password reset message to an alternate e-mail address, you will receive a message similar to the one below. Cut and paste the message into your web browser.

Hello [email protected]: You recently asked to reset your Windows Live ID password by e-mail. Follow the instructions below to reset your password, or to cancel your

password reset request. TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD: 1. Select and copy the following Internet address. /pjssmspRx2hF%2BCzNonI4ao0ZB0VH83dNvJewvf/iKGqN/yV3TyaW5za&lc=1033 &urlnum=0

2. Open a browser, paste the link in the address bar, then press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

2. Open a browser, paste the link in the address bar, then press Enter or Return on your keyboard. Thank you, Windows Live ID Customer Support NOTE: Please do not reply to this message, which was sent from an unmonitored e-mail address. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered.

5. You will receive a message that requires you to confirm your e-mail address.

6. In the next box you will create a new password.

7. You will receive a confirmation screen that lets you know that you have successfully changed your password.

How to Create and Send E-mail

How to Create a New E-mail Message

1. After you log-in to your account, click on the NEW button.

2. You will receive a blank screen on which to create your e-mail message. If you do not know the e-mail address of the Hinds student or professor you are trying to contact, you can search the Address Book by clicking on "To. . ."

3. Click in the search box and type in the last name of the individual you wish to e-mail. Hit Enter.

4. Scan the names that appear until you find the individual you wish to contact. Click on that name so that it is highlighted.

5. Click on "To" at the bottom of the screen. Then, click OK. The e-mail address of the person you wish to contact should now appear in your e-mail message. 6. Finally, click "Send."

How to Reply to E-mail

1. When you successfully log-in to your account, you will see the Office Outlook screen.

2. Click on "Inbox" to view messages that have been sent to you. Double-click on each message to read it.

3. When you open an e-mail to read, your top line menu will contain commands that will allow you to respond to the e-mail message. To send a return message, click "Reply."

4. Type your message in the space provided. When you are finished with your message, click "Send."

Changing Your Account Profile

You can see important information about your account by going to and opening Profile Management.

1. The Account Summary screen contains frequently asked questions with useful answers.

2. The Settings screen will allow you to change your password, alternate e-mail account, and security question.

3. The Profiles screen allows you to enter and edit information about yourself.

Hinds Help Desk

If you have difficulty with your e-mail account, you can receive assistance through the Hinds Help Desk. Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Phone 601.857.3344 Try to phone as the problem is occurring. E-Mail [email protected] Leave a complete description of the problem.

Create a personal profile. Chat with friends. Share pictures.

Maintain your files through this password-protected online file storage. Share files with friends. Share files through a public folder.


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