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Hindu Temple of Minnesota

10530 Troy lane N, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Tel: 763-425-9449

To our countless volunteers who spend many hours of their valuable time at the temple selflessly - Thank You.

Priest Murali ji

Naina Varanasi President -2011

Priest Jignesh ji

I urge you all to be a part of this history by supporting the temple and experiencing the gratification and the divinity that supersedes anything that you may have experienced in your life. Come join the family

Namaste Not very often in one's lifetime comes an exceptional opportunity and life changing experience to be part of history - The Hindu Temple has provided that opportunity to all of us.

Priest Gowtham ji

A place that has brought people from diverse communities, local and global, together to form one big extended family. There is something divine and miraculous about this temple, and when you open that door and set your foot in you will experience it , I promise. No doubt we have a monumental task ahead of us, but Together We Will Succeed. Personally, for me being associated with the Temple allowed me to make some extraordinary changes in my life and clearly make a distinction between what is `Should' vs 'Must'.

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Priest Ravikant ji

Priest Govardhan ji

In Minnesota, Big Moment for a Temple for Hindus By CHRISTINA CAPECCHI Published: June 28, 2009

constructing the temple, which came with a $9.5 million price tag, five years ago, and worshipers have been able to use it since 2006. But it was not considered complete until this weekend, when its 65-foot tower was consecrated.

When building began, the society's database consisted of 1,000 families. Now the group MAPLE GROVE, Minn. -- Amid the soybean claims 4,000 families. fields and silos on the outskirts of this town, a testament to the Hindu faith, a 43,000At least 10,000 people attended the formal square-foot temple, has risen. opening of the temple in Maple Grove this weekend, according to temple officials. It The location, direction (facing east) and was a long time coming for the volunteer elevation (at the highest point in the vicinity) planners, who have struggled to reconcile of the building have been chosen according city code with religious code. Enforcers of to Hindu rules. Even the minute of the each supervised closely. temple's final consecration -- 12:01 p.m. Sunday -- was chosen because it was The Fire Department, for example, was considered the most auspicious time. concerned about the temple's fire pit, which is sacred to Hindus. The Hindu Society of Minnesota began

cornfields that surrounded the holy place. One of the students shivered, a reminder that there was no expectation that anyone was there to work up a sweat. The inspiration came from within. And on this night about a dozen kids, middle-aged adults and teenagers came to try to tap that inner jackpot. The temple's setting, where inside a whiterobed priest performed chants and blessings for various young couples, was a far cry from what one might find at a typical American yoga Yoga finds past purpose studio, where soothing music is often played Minnesota's Hindu Temple, with its laid-back, on a stereo and the outfits are pricey spandex. spiritual approach, is bringing back a more traditional form of yoga at its classes. But with the temple's traditional Indian approach staged more like a spiritual workshop By Amelia Rayno, Star Tribune than a cardio routine, the trendy practice September 14, 2010 became what it was originally intended to be: a spiritual guide to finding oneself. Some of the pupils came in jeans, baggy dresses and T-shirts. The only sound was the purr of the wind curling through the

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Architectural Magazine showcases Mandir

Architecture MN December 2010

Higher calling

by Linda Mack

engineers, the new Hindu temple of Minnesota connects followers from five Midwest states to Hindu traditions from across India.

Temple design - Muthiah Stapathi Total built up area - 42,000 sq.feet Height of Gopuram - 60 feet Main temple - 30 feet tall Ground breaking - Oct 2004 First Kumba-Abishekam ­ July 2006 Raja Gopuram Kumba Abishekam-2009 - 21 mini-Temples from all across India - Skylights in the Temple hall - Unique temple architecture ­ Vaastu Shastra ­ from east-west & north-south of India Page 3

Only once in the past decade has an issue of Architecture Minnesota has focused on sacred architecture. These buildings were designed to nurture their communities' highest aspirations, whether those aims are to worship, promote peace, steward the environment, or preserve the spiritual and cultural traditions of a homeland. Built with the help of volunteer architects and

Padmashri Muthaiah Sthapathi The design architect of our Temple

Construction site he takes time for all Shilpis. They all look up to him as a father figure who not only employs them but nurtures and educates them. The only reason our temple interior design and decorations are so outstanding is that all the shilpis are experienced and have learnt the practical science of the execution of the Shilpa Shastra from the tireless teacher in Muthiah. Regularly there are more than 100 interns who are under training at his sculpture shop in Chennai and The first time I met Thiru Muthiah was in more than 300 well trained shilpis work under Houston in 1980 for the design of Sri his direction at various sites around the globe Meenakshi Temple. It was the first USA temple in addition to his Chennai sculpture shop. He design project for Muthiah and the first ever has built several beautiful temples around the temple project with me. world. Byron Byraiah, HSMN construction committee When I asked him as to what specifically he member approached me in 1998 to find a liked about the Minnesota Temple, he Hindu Temple design architect. I immediately answered in one word, "INCLUSIVENESS" He called Muthiah in Chennai, India. He came to felt that our community was very inclusive and Minnesota in June 1998 and prepared the first built an extraordinarily beautiful temple with 21 HSM Temple drawing in my office. The exact Mini Temples which represent different regions date of his presentation is June 11, 1998. That from all parts of India in one hall. impressive initial presentation prompted us to He has two sons and two daughters and not have him as the designer and builder of the surprisingly his sons are following in his temple. footsteps. Sri Muthiah was born on December 14, 1941 at Eluvankottai, Ramnad District, Tamil Nadu, Written by Mr. Swami Palanisami, PE India. He received formal training in the art of sculpting, temple design and town planning in the Mamallapuram Sculpture School from 1957 and 1961. Muthiah has designed 32 temples in USA. The Hindu Temple in Minnesota is his 25th on the list and exactly 25 years after the first Hindu Temple (Meenakshi) in Houston. The highest civilian award "Padmashri" was awarded to Mr. Muthiah in 1992 by the President of India. He has designed temples in many European and Asian countries as well. Every time Muthiah visits the Temple

Narender Venkata, Byron Byraiah, Swami Palanisami . Page 4

Many stages in the Mandir construction

Polk street Mandir

Ground breaking - 2004


Main temple

Two large brass doors

Shilpi at work

Multi-layers of the Gopuram

Shilpi working in India

Deities covered with rice

Lord Hanuman in a wooden crate


Shilpi Dandapani


Raja Gopuram event

View from a helicopter

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Religious events at the Mandir

Maha Shivarathri 2010

Janmashtami 2009

RGM - Homum

Ganesh Chaturthi 2009

Ratha Yatra 2008

Jain mini-temple

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Ratri before HYMN

Namaste! I am a junior at Wayzata High School and have been volunteering at the Mandir's Front Desk for the past five years. My involvement has grown since last year when I joined HATS as a student teacher for the Dharma Level IV class. Currently I work with the children in Level V Mahabharata section. I enjoy spending time with the kids helping them learn important values, traditions, and stories from our rich Hindu religion and culture. Last summer a few Hindu teenagers formed a group called Hindu Youth of Minnesota. HYMN has provided me with numerous opportunities to portray my talent, leadership qualities, and offer selfless service. It also allows me to connect with other culturally engaged teenagers. The Mandir values the traditions our forefathers followed during festivals and the Vedic prayers chanted before every auspicious occasion. HYMN is able to uphold these ideals, beliefs, and practices and I am fortunate to be a part of it. Indulging in various HYMN activities, I have discovered greater respect and pride for our wealthy culture and am able to share its importance outside HSM. I strongly encourage all Hindu teenagers to become a member of HYMN. Members will have opportunities to gain volunteer hours, expand interpersonal and communication skills, and make new friendships. By: Shraddha Raghavan [email protected]

Shraddha Raghavan

HYMN - Hindu Youth of Minnesota

1. Temple Teenager club - governed by an elected council. 2. Keeps teenagers involved in Mandir religious and cultural activities. 3. Provides opportunities to teenagers for volunteering and Seva activities 4. Helps them develop leadership, organizing and planning skills 5. Exposes them to advocacy, media and communication and other institutions to make them better Hindu American citizens. 6. Teenagers serve as a good role model to younger kids through participation in HATS as teachers. Page 7

Religious discourses

Dr. Shashikant Sane

Prof Rambachan

Prof.KSP Kumar

Vasudeva sutam devam Kamsa-Chanoora mardanam Devaki parama-anandam Krishnam vande Jagatgurum I do vandana (glorification) of Lord Krishna, the resplendent son of Vasudev, who killed the great tormentors like Kamsa and Chanoora, who is a source of greatest joy to Devaki, and who is indeed a world teacher.

Religious discourses are held on most Sundays. Audio Podcasts are available at the Mandir Website

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Did you know ­ the basic tenets of Hinduism

Namaste ­ `I honor the light within you' is a 6. Hindus have One Supreme God ­ traditional greeting in Hinduism, one of the Brahman: Formless, Omniscient, oldest religions. It has gone through reforms, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. survived through great adversities, and is the Hindus believe in one Supreme Being, the third largest religion in spite of no conquest or Brahman. Brahman in manifest form is conversion. Some of the tenets of this gentle called Ishvar. The large pantheons of Gods religion are as follows: or Divine Murtis are a mere representation of that Single Ishvar. These Gods are like 1. Tat Tvam Asi ­ That Though Art! This is custom made solutions for different spiritual the essence of Hinduism that emphasizes temperaments. that we are all spiritual beings going through a human experience. The all-pervading 7. Hinduism celebrates Feminism. Divine Spirit is in humans, animals and inert Hinduism believes in oneness and equality of objects alike. all, regardless of the age, gender, race, ethnicity or skin color. This is emphasized by 2. Hinduism and Conversion: In Hinduism, the fact that the Hindu pantheon has many there is no concept of conversion, and Goddesses who are just as or sometimes conversion to Hinduism is additive, not even more powerful than their male substitutive. Hinduism is meant to strengthen counterparts. a person's own faith. 8. Principle of Karma is the Law of 3. Sat-Chit-Anand: Hinduism believes that Actions-and-Consequences. The Law of contentment comes in understanding the true Karma says that the present standing of a nature of the self, which is Truth, man is a natural consequence of her or his Consciousness and Bliss. past actions in the present life and the many before. Man is caught in a cycle of death and 4. Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanti: rebirth until all his karmas are exhausted and Tradition of Mutual Respect not simply oneness with God Tolerance: Hinduism preaches acceptance of all other faiths and not simply tolerance. 9. Very Hopeful Religion: Each Individual It's of no surprise that India, in the birthplace is liberated (MOKSHA): There is NO eternal of Hinduism where nearly 85% practice hell or damnation in Hinduism. Everyone completes his education learning through the Hinduism. life experiences and helped by the spiritual 5. Caste System: The Social order was teachers (GURU) and guided by the Sacred strictly based upon the activities performed Hindu Scriptures. (professions) and the qualities exhibited by the individuals. It did not depend upon the 10. Practices and Rituals in Hinduism family one was born in. The three siblings in There is no prescribed practice or ritual the same family could have three different mandated by Hinduism. Ancient Dharma chosen social classes. The modern Hindu Shastras are like a general code of conduct, society has recognized the irrelevance of this which are open to improvisations based upon system today and actively discourages any the circumstances and the times that we live form of discrimination. in. Page 9

HATS school ­ success breads success

My name is Amrit Bhatia. I am 12 years old and attend the Hindu American Temple School (HATS) at the Hindu Temple of Minnesota. I am in the level 5 dharma class. In class, we are learning and discussing the Mahabharata. I go to HATS to learn about our religion, culture, and Hindu values. I also get opportunities to learn leadership qualities which I can apply to day to day life. We learn a lot about our festivals, and how they are celebrated in India and here. Every Sunday, I have lunch at the temple. By doing so, I get to taste different foods from all over India and also be with my friends at the same time. Every year, my parents and few of their friends sponsor lunch at the temple. I volunteer at the cash register, and also help out in the kitchen. When the whole lunch event is done, I feel great about raising money for the mandir. I learn about volunteering. By attending HATS every week, it gives me an opportunity to do darshan upstairs in the Hindu Mandir. I pray to every god and attend the aarti. The atmosphere during the aarti is joyous. I feel great! I'm glad that I'm part of the HATS school and excited that I have earned the opportunity to learn new things.. By: Amrit Bhatia (12 yrs old)

HATS SCHOOL ­ Vishal Agarwal

** 180 students enrolled. ** Studying Dharma ** six Indian languages. ** Science clubs, SAT/ACT classes. ** Meditation integral part ** non-sectarian 14 year curriculum ** empower our children as self-confident Hindu Americans. ** Second generation teenagers involved on a large scale . Page 10

Pictures on the right: Picture 1 ­ HATS class Picture 2 -- HATS class Picture 3 ­ Amrit Bhatia

We should help our larger community

I humbly express my gratitude to this magnificent place of worship and the people who made this Temple a reality. Being the daughter of a Priest / Astrologer, visiting temples and participating in religious rituals have been an integral part of my life. Although I have come thousands of miles from our homeland, it is because of the Hindu Temple of Minnesota that I can still stay connected to my religious, cultural and philosophical roots. Furthermore, it gives me immense happiness and great satisfaction to watch my children bask in the warm glow of our values and traditions at the Temple. Visiting and volunteering at our Temple gives me a feeling of completeness and an opportunity to give of myself, as a very small gesture of my appreciation of the many blessings that the Almighty has bestowed upon me.

By: Vallabha Tantry. Pictures on the right: Our Mandir volunteers cook food in the Mandir, take it to "Share and Care" home for the homeless and serve them

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Key visitors to our Mandir

Swamy Dayanada Saraswati

P.C. Mangalick Sr

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Sri Gajapati Maharaja Dibyasingha Deb

Governor Tim Pawlenty

Senator: Amy Klobuchar

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Visitors to our Mandir website

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Where is the Hindu Temple located

Temple Timings: Monday to Friday 9:30am to 11:30am and 5:30pm to 8:30 pm Weekends and Holidays 9:00 am to 8:30 pm Hindu Temple is located in the Northwest corner of the Twin Cities. About 26 miles from Minneapolis Downtown. For Yahoo or other Maps ­ use the address 10530 Troy Lane North, Maple Grove MN 55311

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Contacts for key Mandir services

Contact information for the year 2011 In addition to people shown here, our Mandir is blessed with hundreds of volunteers

Chairwoman - TEC

Take a guided tour

Cook food during the weekends

Dr Kumud Sane

[email protected]

Shyamala Ganesh

[email protected]

Sanjukta Mishra

[email protected]

Auditorium rental Arrange a Pooja

Learn more about HATS school

Trustee Membership payment of dues

Narender Venkata

[email protected]

Vishal Agarwal

Sastry Varanasi

[email protected] [email protected]

Yoga Classes

Summer Camp science camp

Cook and Serve for homeless shelters & Mandir Store

Mythili Chari

[email protected]

Vishal Dutt

[email protected]

Vallabha Tantry

[email protected]

Special events

Sunday Satsang & Interfaith Dialogs


Kanak Dutt

[email protected]

Dr. Shashi Sane

Arvind Naik

[email protected]

[email protected] Before contacting the volunteers above, check on-line information at

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Ways to participate

Dear Devotee / Visitor,

** On major event days, we attract 1000 - 2000 persons on a regular basis. ** On Sunday mornings, you will see children and parents attending the HAT school. ** On a monthly basis, our Website gets over 5000+ visitor, from all over the USA. ** We are the largest Temple in North America ­ article by New York Times ** The Architectural digest of MN put our Mandir on their cover. ** With mini-deities from every part of India, our Temple is unique in the whole world. ** an investment in our traditions and culture for your sons and daughters

Will you join us? Contact

Vasanth Chaganti

763-416-6287 [email protected]

Type of Support

Description · · Member of the Hindu Temple

Benefits 3 Archanas for family, 2 Archanas for Individual, 1 Archana for Student Can participate in monthly Executive Committee meetings Can become part of Executive committee; Elections every 2 years. Discount on renting auditorium and dining/kitchen for private parties. Name on Board within temple 5 FREE Archanas per year Can attend monthly Trustee Executive Council (TEC) meetings and help govern society's activities. Can be elected to (TEC); Elections every 2 years Substantial discounts on auditorium and dining/kitchen rentals for private parties. Name on plaque within temple (downstairs) 4 FREE Archanas per year Vastram (deity adornment) after 1st payment ** Memento after full payment Substantial discounts on auditorium and dining/kitchen rentals for private parties. Name on back wall of sponsored temple Name on plaque within temple 5 FREE Archanas per year Vastram (deity adornment) after 1st payment (Memento after full payment) Substantial discounts on auditorium and dining/kitchen rentals for private parties.



· · · · ·

$200 per Family, $100 for Individual, $50 for Student

Trustee Membership

Trustee of the Hindu Temple

$1000 for initiation, $500 per year thereafter (Installment options available )

· ·

Donation towards any item in the temple Jewel of Temple Donorship Levels: · · · ·

· · ·

Sapphire: $5000 · Ruby: $10,000 · Emerald: $15,000 Diamond: $20,000 · · · · ·

$5,000 - $20,000, payable over 5 years

Mini-temple Sponsorship

Sponsorship of the various mini-temples

$25,000 and above, payable over 5-10 years.

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