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Policy & Procedure Date: January 26, 2006 Name of Procedure: Use of Company Tools

An Inventory of tools owned by Hines Pool & Spa is to be maintained by the Retail Manager. These tools will be accounted for regularly and inspected as needed. A Tool Inventory for each truck is to be maintained and updated. Each driver will sign out the tools to be carried on the work truck, and these tools will be accounted for during each physical inventory and upon request in between. Tools that are kept for general use in the shop will be inventoried and released using a sign out sheet that will be kept and reviewed by the Retail Manager. Any employee who signs out for the use of a tool provided by Hines Pool & Spa will be responsible for the return of that tool within the appropriate time limit required for the job. The employee signing out the tool(s) will be responsible for their replacement if the tool(s) are not returned within the time limit or upon request. Training on the use and safety of these tools is the responsibility of each department supervisor. Theft of tools owned by Hines Pool & Spa will be grounds for termination. The cost of any tool unaccounted for will be deducted from my next paycheck by payroll deduction.

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Tool Sign out

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