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· RATINGS (kg)

Ratings GVM 10,400 GCM 16,000

4x2 Truck Chassis

DIMENSIONS (mm): All dimensions are to standard specification and unladen chassis Model Long 260 ACE Model Ordering Code FD1JLPG 260 Wheelbase Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height Cab Height Exhaust to Rear Axle Centre Front Overhang Rear Overhang Front Chassis Height Rear Chassis Height Front Track Rear Track Road clearance (at diff. Case) Turning Radius (kerb to kerb) Turning Radius (Swept) 7,500 8,200 EXRA FOH ROH HF HR FT RT 2,060 775 805 1,770 1,660 215 3,845 1,185 WB OL OW OH 4,850 8,240 2,175 3,260 2,450

XLong 260 ACE FD1JPPG 260 5,500 9,250

4,495 2,420

8,500 9,200

· CHASSIS MASS (kg): Chassis mass quoted is to standard specification with full tank of fuel but without spare tyre and tool kit

Total Chassis Mass (kg) Front Rear 3,475 2,260 1,215 3,530 2,300 1,230

· PERFORMANCE: Calculations based on Engine speed 2,900 r/min at rated GVM and standard specifications

Max. theoretical speed km/h Gradeability (theoretical, tan)% 136 48.4



FOH Drawings for illustration purposes only





Important Notice

Hino Trucks are distributed in Australia by Hino Motor Sales Australia Pty Ltd A.C.N. 064 989 724 Information contained in this brochure was correct at time of printing. Hino Motor Sales Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter any details of the specifications and equipment without notice. Hino in so far as it is permitted by law to do so, shall not be liable in any way as a result of any reliance placed by any person on anything contained in this brochure. You should therefore check with your authorised Hino dealer at the time of ordering your motor vehicle to ensure that colour, specifications, equipment, design features and options are available for the vehicle you are ordering. Please note that some options may only be available in combination with others. Authorised Hino dealers will on request provide up to date information on all accessories, design features, prices and availability





Max. output (JIS Gross) Max. torque (JIS Gross) Max engine speed Type

Bore and Stoke Displacement Compression Ratio Cooling Fan · CLUTCH Type Control Facing Material Facing outside diameter · TRANSMISSION Type

Gear Ratio


Type Capacity · REAR AXLE Type Capacity Ratio · PROPELLER SHAFT Universal joints Centre Bearing

HINO J08C-UK 191 kW at 2,500 rpm 745 Nm at 1,500 rpm 2,900 rpm Diesel, turbo charged & inter-cooled, 6 cylinder in-line with 4 valves per cylinder and overhead camshaft. Mechanical Governor. Combustion by Timed Injection-rate Control System (TICS) and employing Hino's Micro Mixing System (HMMS) 114 x 130mm 7,961cc 18.0:1 Indirect type fitted with viscous coupling Hino CS-350 Dry single plate with damper springs Hydraulic with air booster Cerametallic 350mm LJ06S 6 Forward & 1 Reverse speeds. Over Drive with mechanical control and power assisted shift. Synchromesh 2nd-6th 1st 6.746 5th 1.000 2nd 4.190 6th 0.823 3rd 2.451 Rev. 6.453 4th 1.474 LF366 Reversed Elliot `I' section beam 3,600kg SH13-2 Full-floating, single reduction, single speed with hypoid gears 7,000kg 3.900:1 LF0932 Round bearing type 1-piece (Long) 2-piece (XLong) Air over hydraulic, dual circuit with two leading shoes for front and rear acting on all wheels. Auto adjuster fitted 320 x 110mm 320 x 145mm 3,216 cm2 Equipped Single Cylinder water-cooled type Spring Brake acting on rear wheels Electric-pneumatic operation with butterfly type valve Collapsible telescopic and tilt steering column and wheel with locking device. Recirculating ball with hydraulic booster, integral type 18.61:1 Taper leaf springs with double acting shock absorbers 1,300 x 70mm 18.5 mm x 1 + 19.8mm x 1 + 16.2mm x 1 HAS200 Lo-Pro Two air bags with double acting shock absorbers 6-stud disc wheel (JIS type) 6.75 x 17.5 - offset 135mm 9.5R17.5-129/127 7 (including one spare tyre) Equipped Includes wheel brace and hydraulic jack 200 litres Equipped with water separator


Type Rear chassis width Size Tensile strength Hook Tool Box · CAB Type Seating capacity Driver's seat Parallel Chassis 820mm 231.6 x 73 x 6.8mm 540N/mm2 {55kgf/mm2} Equipped for front & rear Mounted on chassis EGIS safety cab. Forward Control, all steel construction with torsion bar tilt mechanism. Three ISRI air suspension seat with lumbar support and an automatic pressure setting according to driver's weight. Adjustable slide, height, recline, swab angle and head restraint. Urethane foam padding with fabric upholstery. Three point auto retracting lap sash belt with a height adjustable shoulder anchor Reclining high back urethane padded seat with head restraint and fabric upholstery. Three point auto retracting lap sash belt Urethane foam padded seat and backrest which folds flat into a snack bench with a storage console. Fabric upholstery. Two point lap seat belt Fitted for driver and passenger side 2-speed and intermittent control 2 x West Coast type with spotter mirror on LHS Fitted for driver and passenger side AM/FM radio cassette with CD player Fitted as standard. Ventilation is forced type by electric blower through 12 outlets. Equipped Fitted with mattress behind seats Equipped Electric Electro-rheostat headlamp levelling adjustment

Side passengers seat

Centre passenger's seat

Sun Visor Windshield wipers Rear view mirrors Over-head console Audio Air Conditioner




- Front - Rear Effective Lining Area Air Dryer Air Compressor Park Brake Exhaust Brake

Front air spoiler Rest bench Power Windows Door Lock Headlamp Adjustment · INSTRUMENTS Meters and gauges Speedometer Odometer with 2 trip meters Tachometer Warning, pilot lamps and buzzers Oil pressure warning lamp & buzzer Air pressure warning lamp & buzzer Engine over-run warning buzzer Brake fluid level warning lamp & buzzer Brake adjustment warning lamp & buzzer

Fuel gauge Coolant Temperature Gauge Air pressure gauge (Front & Rear) Charging warning lamp Beam indicator lamp Turn signal indicator lamp Parking brake indicator lamp Seat belt warning lamp and buzzer Reverse warning buzzer Hazard warning lamp



Gear Ratio


Type Size Leaves · REAR SUSPENSION Type


Wheel type Rim size Tyre size Number of tyres Spare tyre carrier Tool Kit · FUEL TANK Capacity Fuel pre-filter & sedimenter

Exhaust brake indicator lamp Injection pump electrical warning lamp Coolant level warning lamp & buzzer Switches Lighting switch Exhaust brake switch Wiper and washer switch Hazard lamp switch Directional indicator and dimmer switch Others One-key starting-stopping Horn button Throttle control knob · ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Type 24 volt, negative earth Batteries 12 V x 2, series connection Capacity: 65 Ah at 20-hour rate Alternator 24V, 50A with built in rectifier & voltage regulator Headlamps Semi-sealed beam, halogen type with integrated Fog lamps Other lamps Clearance lamps, License plate lamp, Reversing lamp, Stop/Tail lamps, Roof Marker lamps, Internal Dome lamps. 12 volt electrical source Equipped · OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Engine Driven PTO ABS Braking System (available by irrevocable order only)


Date of Issue 1/11/2005



RP-6 FD 260 ACE Spec. Sheet

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