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Spec. No. SS-FS314 Drawing No. CDRFS340

HINO 700 Series

6x4, Truck Chassis

RATINGS & AXLE LOAD LIMIT (kg) Ratings Axle Load Limit (STD) (OPT) GVM 26,000 (28,300) Front: 315/80R22.5-156/153 Rear : 295/80R22.5-153/150 Front: 12R22.5-16PR Rear : 11R22.5-16PR Front Axle 7,500 7,500 6,500

- RHD - 380 PS (Euro-4) - 28.3 ton GVMR

( ) Maker design Rear Axle 21,800 21,800

CHASSIS DIMENSIONS (mm) : All dimensions are to standard specifications and unladen chassis HINO 72638 Model Production Code FS1EMKD FS1EMKM FS1ETKA Application For dump For mixer For cargo WB Wheelbase 3,920 + 1,310 5,075 + 1,310 OL Overall length 8,040 10,760 2,490 Overall width OH 3,095 Overall Height CA 5,020 3,865 Cab to rear axle center ROH 2,915 1,290 Rear overhang (at frame end) HF Front Chassis Height 1,090 1,070 HR 1,110 Rear Chassis Height Road clearance (at diff. case) 245 FT Front Tread 2,035 Rear Tread 1,855 8,500 10,300 Turning radius on tire Turning radius on wall to wall 9,200 11,100 CHASSIS MASS (kg) : Chassis mass quoted is to standard specifications without spare tire & std. tool set 8,515 8,185 8,200 (Total) 4,560 Chassis Mass 4,650 4,665 (Front) 3,955 3,530 3,535 (Rear) PERFORMANCE & GEAR RATIOS : Calculations based on 26.0 ton GVM, 295/80R22.5 tire Below 90 (controlled by speed limiter) Max. Speed (km/h) 60.0 Gradeability tan (%) ZF 16S221 Model 13.804 / 11.539 1st 9.487 / 7.930 2nd 6.529 / 5.458 3rd 4.565 / 3.816 4th 3.023 / 2.527 5th (Low/High) Transmission Gear Ratio 2.078 / 1.737 6th 1.430 / 1.195 7th 1.000 / 0.835 8th 12.923 / 10.803 Rev. THD17 Model Rear Axle 4.100 Gear Ratio


EQUIPMENTS ENGINE 1.Model 2.Max. output;(Net) 3.Max. torque;(Net) 4.Max. engine speed 5.Type

6.Combustion system 7.Bore and stroke 8.Piston displacement 9.Compression ratio 10.Engine oil capacity 11.Engine coolant capacity 12.Fuel injection pump Type Governor 13.Intake system Air cleaner 14.Air compressor Type Bore and stroke 15. Fly wheel P.T.O. 16. Engine control link 17. Insect protection CLUTCH 1.Type 2.Clutch disc ass'y 3.Facing material 4.Facing outside diameter 5.Clutch cover ass'y 6.Control TRANSMISSION 1.Type 16S221 2.Control PROPELLER SHAFT 1.Propeller shaft ass'y T/M R/A R/A R/A 2.Universal joints 3.Center bearing FRONT AXLE 1.Front axle ass'y 2.Type REAR AXLE 1.Type

2.Wheel brake ass'y Drum diameter x Lining width Front 406.4 x 152 mm Rear 406.4 x 216 mm Equipped 3.Air drier 4.ABS system Equipped 5.Auto brake shoes adjuster Equipped SECONDARY AND PARKING BRAKE 1.Type, for FS1EMKD/MKM Spring brake acting on front and rear frontward wheels, for emergency and parking purpose, manual control Spring brake acting on rear for FS1ETKA wheels, for emergency and Electronic control common parking purpose, manual rail type control Electric governor STEERING Dual paper elements 1.Type Telescopic and tilt steering column with locking device Single cylinder, waterRecirculating ball with cooled hydraulic booster integral 85 x 60 mm type Equipped(for FS1EMKM only) 2.Gear ratio 21.4 - 23.8 RETARDER Equipped Equipped 1.Type Hino engine retarder FRONT SUSPENSION Dry single plate with damper 1.Type Semi-elliptic tapered leaf springs springs with shock CS-430 series absorbers and stabilizer 2.Dimensions of springs Semi-mold Span 1,500 mm 430 mm DSP-430 series Width 90 mm Hydraulic with air booster REAR SUSPENSION 1.Type Semi-elliptic leaf springs ZF, sixteen forward and two with torque rods reverse speeds, overdrive, 2.Dimensions of springs synchromesh 1st - 16th 1,310 mm Span Mechanical control with Width 90 mm power shift WHEEL AND TIRE 1.Wheel type 10-stud disc wheels (ISO type) Tube type 2.Rim size, front 22.5 x 9.00 - offset 175 mm Solid type rear 22.5 x 8.25 - offset 165 mm Round bearing type 3.Tire size, front 315/80R22.5-156/153 295/80R22.5-153/150 rear 1-piece 4.Number of tires Ten (10) numbers MF78 series FUEL TANK 300 L Reversed Elliot, " " section 1.Capacity beam Equipped 2.Fuel pre-filter and sedimenter Tandem axle,dual drive with 3.Fuel tank cap key Equipped

inter axle differential, full floting single reduction, single speed by hypoid gearings with inter axle differetial lock, "No SPIN"

HINO E13C UK 279 kW {380 PS} at 1,800 r/min 1,814 N-m {185 kgf-m} at 1,100 r/min 2,000 r/min Diesel, turbo charged intercooled, 4-cy., vertical, 6-cyl., in-line, overhead camshaft, water cooled Direct injection type 137 x 146 mm 12.913 L 17.0 37.0 L 28.5 L


SS-FS314 Full air, dual circuit, taper roller type, leading & trailing shoes for front and rear


SS-FS314 Fuel gauge Ladder-shaped channel Coolant temperature gauge section side rails Air pressure gauge 2.Rear chassis width 850 mm 2.Warning, pilot lamps and buzzers 300 x 88 x 8.0 mm 3.Max. section (depth x Engine oil pressure warning lamp and buzzer Air pressure warning lamp and buzzer (for FS1EMKD/MKM) flange x thickness) 302 x 88 x 9.0 mm Buck-up warning buzzer (for FS1ETKA) Charging warning lamp 4.Tensile strength Beam indicator lamp 540 N/m? {55 kgf/m?} Turn signal indicator lamp Equipped for front and rear 5. Hooks Parking brake indicator lamp CAB Coolant level warring lamp and buzzer 1. Type Forward control, all steel Differential lock indicator lamp welded construction, full Engine over-run warning buzzer floating cab (front:air, Fuel level warning lamp rear:air) with electrical oil-pump Battery charging pilot lamp tilting mechanism ABS warning lamp Engine retarder indicator lamp Two 2. Seating capacity Sedimenter water level warning lamp 3. Driver's seat Air Suspension seat Transmission splitter range indicator lamp Urethane foam pads, high- 3.Switches 4. Side passenger's seat back and reclining seat with Lighting switch fabric cover and under tray Directional indicator, dimmer and passing switch 5. Center console Equipped Wiper and washer switch 6. Seat belts 3-point type on driver's & Hazard lamp switch side passenger's seat Fog lamp switch Dome lamp switch Electrically adjustable & heated 7. Rear view mirrors Warning lamp check switch Electric, triple, intermittent 8. Windshield wipers and 2-speed Map lamp switch Differential lock switch Two, for driver and side 9. Sun visor and 4.Others passenger over-head console 10. Center over-head console Equipped One-key starting-stopping 11. Cigarette lighter Equipped Throttle control knob 12. Ventilator Forced type by electric Horn button blower ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT 24 volt, negative earth 1.Type 13. Car heater and defroster Equipped 2.Batteries Equipped 14. Sleeping bed AM/FM radio with cassette Number per vehicle 12 V x 2, series-connection 15. Car audio Capacity 432 kC {120 A/h} at 20tape and CD player Vinyl type hour rate 16. Floor mat 3.Alternator Equipped(for FS1ETKA) 17. Front air spoiler Type With built-in rectifier and Equipped 18. Cab step voltage regulator Full trim type (side, roof and 19. Trim 24 V, 90 A Capacity back) 4.Starter 20. Electrical power window Equipped with both side Pinion shift Type Equipped 21. Electrical door lock Capacity 24 V, 6.0 kW Equipped at both door side 22. Door pockets Headlamps 5.Lamps Not Equipped 23. Tire inflator Fog lamps 24. Transmission P.T.O. Equipped(for FS1EMKD only) License plate lamp and P.T.O. control Equipped Stop/Tail lamps 25. Exterior Sunvisor Back-up lamp 26. Cushioned Rear Lamps Equipped Equipped with front 3 Directional indicator and 27. Speaker Driver and assistant hazard lamps (front, side 28. Ashtray Driver and assistant and rear) 29. Power window INSTRUMENTS Reading lamp (Fluorescent km-kg system 1.Meter and gauges lamp) Map lamp Speedometer with trip meter Odometer Front end outline marker Tachometer lamps -3CHASSIS FRAME 1.Type

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT 1. Vertical Exhuast in stainless steel incorporating O.EM. Muffler 2. Alloy Road Wheels Alcoa forged alluminium alloy roadwheels. ( 22.5X8.25 rim and or 22.5X9.00 rim )

3. Central Chssis lubrication System 4. Alloy Fuel Tank 300Ltrs 5. Illuminated Headboard 6. Rotating Beacons roof mounted 7. Air conditioner 8. Sleeping bed curtain 9. Night Heater 10. Comfort Matress 11. Front Roof spoiler 12. Hi-Roof Conversion

SS-FS314 . 13. Reversing Camera System 14. "Handbrake not applied" audible warning 15. Visible "Diff Lock engaged" warning lamp 16. Stainless Steel Lighting Bars: Roof and Front mount 17. Lighting options: Work Lamps Spot Lamps . Lightbars . 18. Bodies: . Muckaway Steel or Hardox Tipper Tipper Grab Alloy Aggregate Alloy Insulated Hookloader Concrete Mixer Block/Brick Carrier Cheese Wedge 19. Onboard Weighing Systems 20. Air Horns

Note: All specifications of the products are with normal manufacturing allowances and tolerances. Hino Motors, Ltd. reserve the right to alter specifications at any time without previous notice. Figures of axle capacity can be changed by the operating conditions and specifications of equipments concerned. When selecting optional equipment, consult Hino technical staff as the adaptation of some of the optional equipment on production line may require an extra lead time.




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