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Handley Happenings

October, 2010 Volume 9, Issue 10

NEWSLETTER OF THE Historic Handley Neighborhood Association



Kenneth & Alice Moore; 10/11/1953 Jeanette Powers; 10/02/1940 Brenda Ehlers; 10/05/1957 Kathryn Mitcham; 10/08/1927 Alice Moore; 10/17/1934 Bill Weiler; 10/19 Lee Blackburn; 10/26

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Joann Ehlers, President (817) 451-1873 [email protected] Doris Harrison, Vice President (817) 451-7605 [email protected] Betty Coomer, Treasurer (817) 457-9059 [email protected] Shirley Collins, Secretary (817) 496-3442 [email protected] Nedia Dryden, Emeritus (817) 446-0239 [email protected] Sunshine Chairman (817) 446-1132 [email protected] Lloyd Jones, Newsletter, Photographer (817) 975-2472 [email protected]

Next Meeting: October 11 Handley United Methodist Church Starting at 6:30

Pictures from the last HNA Meeting

As we say good bye to the Handley Neighborhood Association founder Doris Harrison

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October, 2010



Hello, Those who missed the September meeting missed a good time. We had a party for Doris Harrison. As you probably know, Doris started the association 12 yrs ago with the help of other Handley residents. During this period she has served as President, Vice-President and Secretary. Since the carpet shop closed, Doris has decided to sell her house and move to West where her daughter Sherrie lives. But she has promised to come back often. We had about 75 people at the party, friends of Doris's from Handley, Ryanwood and Shriners that she and Jimmy were involved with. Lots of wonderful food and a large cake that said "Doris, We Will Miss You" and we certainly will. As you may have heard, the city was considering combining the Library and the Parks Department into one department. I and many others wrote letters to the Mayor and City Council opposing this merger. At this time this item has been postponed for a year for further study. As to the Libraries that were were scheduled to be closed, that has been delayed until March. Hopefully by that time a solution will have been worked out that will allow the libraries to stay open. The city has finally started work on the drainage problem at the intersection of Lancaster and Handley Dr. When this is completed, the caboose will be moved and HHDC will start working on the Railroad Museum. This has been a long time coming and has required hard work by several members of the HHDC, particulary Mike Harrison and Bob Taylor. This should bring more traffic to our Handley area and to the businesses. The Historic Handley Festival will be Saturday,. October 9th from 10:30 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. The neighborhood association will have a booth. We will sell Handley t-shirts and the Handley caps we have left. If you can work a few hours in the booth, please give me a call. We will start setting up around 8:00A.M. Our October meeting will be our Bingo night. Please plan to come and enjoy the fun. The meeting will be Monday, October 11th, 6:30 P.M. at the Handley United Methodist Church, 2929 Forest Ave. A light meal will be served. Joann


October, 2010

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Eastside Antiques

Open Monday-Tuesday By Chance Open Wednesday­ Saturday 11-5

3132 Handley Dr. Fort Worth, Texas 76112

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Hello--I hope this finds everyone well and happy and not too water logged. My goodness wasn't that some rain we had? I was one of the idiots out in it in Arlington--trying to get to the Division Street Diner on Division Street where some of Handley Alumni meet for lunch once a month. Just twelve of us showed up. I was turned back on Division St. and then again on Bowen, but Jody Hughes & I finally made it to our destination. I've never seen so much rain since Montgomery Ward's got flooded out many years ago. If you didn't get to attend our Handley Neighborhood Surprise Party for Doris Harrison, you really missed a good time. We had 70 plus in attendance. Everyone was so good to bring food--we had an abundant supply. Many people from the different Neighborhood organizations attended as well as some of Doris's friends from the Shriners. We had a money tree for Doris and presented a basket full of cards and notes. Doris is going to live with her daughter, Sherry, in West. She will be greatly missed. Doris was the one who got our Handley Neighborhood Assoc. started. She has been an inspiration to all of us through the years and has been a great asset to our community. The Handley Street Festival is just around the corner, October 9th, to be exact. We do hope you will plan to come support our area during that time. There will be plenty of everything there for young and old alike to enjoy. Our Eastside Ministries is on the verge of having to close its doors for lack of funds. Many of you may not be familiar with what Eastside Ministries is. Many residents in our community are in need of help each day. Some of those individuals go to area churches daily seeking food, clothing and other support. In 1985, eastside area churches from many denominations joined together to form a single nonprofit organization to address this need. The creation of a single service location, Eastside Ministries, for eastsiders who are in crisis or in need, has proven to be mutually beneficial to all parties and is far better at providing for the area needy than what the individual churches could do by themselves. Eastside Ministries is a private voluntary non-profit 501 © 3 organization whose sole purpose, without discrimination, is to serve needy families, the elderly, handicapped and homeless persons that live in zip codes 76103-76112-or 76120. This is a wonderful organization that has helped the needy in our own area for many years. Many of our churches are having financial problems now also. I am on the board of ESM and am a representative from my church, HUMC. You can make donations to ESM in memory of someone or in honor of someone. Every penny, every dollar helps greatly. You can make donations to ESM in %Pat Krick and send to ESM on East Lancaster. Your donation is tax deductible. Our new recipients of the yard of the month for September are Ron Dehaven & Linda Shewmaker. They live at 7253 Greenlee. Go by and see their pretty manicured yard. You can drive by all four seasons of the year and this yard is always immaculate. You can tell a lot of hard work is involved in keeping up this pretty yard. Congratulations to Ron & Linda. Ron & Linda are members of Handley Code Blue. The Historic Handley Development Corporation was established ten years ago to promote the development of the neighborhood. The corporation has

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Lease space available at a professional Salon and Spa facility. Hair stylist, nail techs, make-up artist, retail owners, office use and more.

Handley Heights Place 7101 E. Lancaster Avenue Fort Worth 76112 For more information please call (817) 457-0006

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made a number of improvements including our pretty streetlights and landscaping that you see along E. Lancaster and Handley Drive and the fence for the fire department parking lot. HHDC produces carnivals in our area as fundraisers. We own the caboose on E. Lancaster Street along with the property on which it sits and are trying to start a railroad museum on the property. We are the ones who put cans in almost all of the businesses in the area to collect funds for the RR Museum. We have collected almost $500.00 for this effort. Thanks to Kwik Kopy for letting us keep the can on their counter and also the service station on East Lancaster for letting us keep a can on their counter. It is greatly appreciated and much needed. By the way- the past few days the city is finally putting in drainage pipes and will be or has already finished filling in the hole there by the caboose. Now maybe we can start working toward getting the caboose and maybe another train car opened up for the museum. This might become a reality if we have a successful street festival this year. Did you know that citizens can help the city keep its street lights, storm drains and other structures in good repair? When you notice something that needs to be fixed, report it by doing one of the following: (I) Visit the website at and click on Request a Repair in the left menu. Fill out the form and click submit. Or (2) Call 817-392-8100 to speak with a customer service representative. Be sure to give the location, problem and address. Some of our streets are very dimly lit at night and when some of our street lights are out it makes it very dark. I usually don't go out on Code Blue Patrol at night, but due to some drug activity recently in our area I went out several times after dark. Some of the streets are really dark. We need more street lights in our area to make it safer. Well, my little dog from hell , Toby has been at it again. I ate supper the other night at Catfish Sam's

in Arlington and brought about 6 of those hushpuppy sticks home in paper in my purse. I was going to give the dogs 2 apiece the next morning. The next morning I go to my purse to get them out and all I had left was the paper. I turned my purse upside down and no hushpuppies. No wonder she is getting fat as a butter ball--all three of them. They are fat as butterballs and slick as moles.. Did you know that the city has gone up on city tags for the dogs? Seems as though if you don't have the chip put in their necks , it will cost you $36.00 for a tag for a year and they also have to be fixed. The cost used to be $7.00 and you could get the tag through your vet. Now, when you take a dog or cat to have their yearly shots and check-up, about three weeks later you get a bill from the city. My goodness sakes I have three dogs--anybody want some dogs? I have a dog with allergies, a special needs dog and a 13 year old that pays me back for leaving her by pooping in the floor. Now I have a giant Rat under my house that throws himself all around under the house and it sounds like a herd of elephants is crawling up the walls. I had Joe my helper put some Decon under the house and he came eye to eye with the giant rat. The dogs have been driving me crazy barking looking at the stove and cabinets underneath. The darned thing scares me.It's a great life if you don't weaken. Don't forget the senior fair coming up at Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall , set for Oct. 14-16. The First Handley High School was built in 1895 and was located at the corner of Church and Forest Ave. in 1922. In 1928 the school went into the Fort Worth Independent School District and in 1929 Edward Munden became the Principal. L.T. Scarborough became the president in 1948. The school colors were purple & white and the emblem was & is the Greyhound. Don't forget the Handley High School Alumni luncheon is on October 9, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. till 1 or 2:00 P.M. Smokey's Bar-B-Q will be catering the affair that is to be held at the Lion's Club Building on Craig Street. We have been having ap(Continued on page 7)

Handley Happenings Advertising Rates business card ad: $25 per month 1/4 page ad: $40 per month 1/2 page ad: $70 per month 6 month business card ad: $120 We reserve the right to refuse ads. Acceptance of an ad is not an endorsement of products or services. Ads must be received by the 15th of the month in order to reserve a space. To place an ad call, Betty Coomer at 817- 457- 9059

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October, 2010


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proximately 100 alumni members attend the affair and The Handley Antique Mall will be having an outside we have it every 6 months. flea market the first of every month-on a Saturday. They had a lot of goodies to sell at the last one they We are fixing to have another antique store as well as held. I even bought a Belly Dancers outfit--I'm a a gift shop in the Historic Handley area on Handley telling you if I wore that, it would be a picture no artist Drive. The Kerpoe family, Paul and Linda, have could paint. I bought it for one of my mannequin bought the house next door to the chiropractors oflady dolls. fice and plan to open the antique & gift shop there. Linda has a booth now in the Handley Antique Mall. The annual Code Ranger Picnic is to be held on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at the Riverside Community Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 5 th. Center 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Ryanwood Neighborhood Assoc. will have their Night Out at Sunset Hills Park beginning at 6:30 p.m. If someone calls your house in regards to a jury sumand should it rain, they will move to the Bridgewood mons, don't in any circumstances give them your soChurch pavilion. They will have free food, drinks, en- cial security number. or date of birth. This is how tertainment and surprise drawings as well as visits they get your information to steal your identity. They from the Police & Fire Departments. will try to pressure you into giving it to them. Hang up on them--DON'T GIVE ANYONE YOUR SOCIAL Don't forget our Handley National Night Out Against SECURITY NUMBER over the phone. Crime is on Tuesday , October 5th--6-9 p.m. at the Gazebo on Handley Drive. Please come out and help us The Drug enforcement Adm. is hosting a nationwide celebrate--bring some snacks if you'd like--we will prescription drug Take Back initiative. DEA will be have some too for you to munch on--we'll also have collecting unwanted prescription drugs for destrucmusic and visits from our Fort Worth Police Dept. and tion at sites nationwide on Sat., Sept. 25 th, 2010, 10 Fire Department. You might want to bring a chair. a.m. until 2 p.m. The service is free and anonymous. We hope you will come join us on the second Saturday in October for our annual Handley Fest--a whole day where Handley comes together for fun, art , food and entertainment--10:30 a.m. till 10:30 p.m. Freddie & Dub Holcomb are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary at the HUMC on Sept. 26th. Congratulations Dub & Freddie. You are invited to attend a special public information meeting sponsored by the Ft. Worth League of Neighborhoods in regards to Child Trafficking in Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, & North Texas, Thursday , Sept. 30, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the Ft. Worth Firefighters Assoc. Hall, 3855 Tulsa Way. Ft. Worth, TX 76107 Tulsa Way is one block south of Camp Bowie Blvd., just west of Montgomery. Deena Graves is doing the presentation.

At our next HNA meeting we are playing Bingo and will have some pretty nice prizes. Please plan to Please put all of these dates on your calendar, so you come have some fun with us. We will either have new won't miss any of these important meetings and gathofficer elections either in Oct. or November. erings. We are still having Code Blue saturation details on Thursday mornings, if enough patrollers participate. The Captains meeting is on Sept. 27th at the new Nashville Police facility. Please remember all of our sick and bereaved members in your prayers and thoughts. Until next time, stay well & be happy---Betty Allene Drinkard Coomer


October, 2010

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As early as 1856, residents of Fort Worth had begun efforts to get a railroad. With the end of the cattle drives, the need for rail service became critical. Since Texas cattle were barred from Kansas lands, the railroad had to be brought to Texas, or the state's livestock industry was doomed, and if the cattle industry failed, Fort Worth was also doomed. In the early 1870's, two lines--the Fort Worth and Denver City and the Texas and Pacific--were chartered to build into the town. By early 1873, the Texas and Pacific had laid track to within twenty-four miles of the city. Fort Worth boomed. Population jumped from 300 in 1870 to 3,000 in 1873. The town's first newspaper began publication. The first telegraph lines tying Fort Worth with the outside world were strung. The first city government was organized under a charter granted by the state. Thomas A. Tidball & John B Wilson formed Tidwell and Wilson, the town's first bank, now The Fort Worth National Bank. The new city government immediately passed ordinances to regulate gambling, restrict the carrying of deadly weapons, create a police force and a fire department (the Fort Worth Volunteer Hook and Ladder Company) and called for construction of sidewalks. But 1873 was a year of panic for the financial world. An international money crisis cost the Texas and Pacific its financial backing, and construction on the railroad was suspended. Many of the people who had moved to Fort Worth to meet the railroad left, and population dropped back to only 600 citizens. Once again, as they had in the county seat election in 1856, Fort Worth residents joined together to work for their own common good and for their city. Under the leadership of the bank then known as Tidwell, Van Zandt and Company, money was raised, and construction of the railroad began again. The state legislature agreed to extend the time limit on free right-of-way it originally had granted the railroad. The tracks crept forward, but very slowly. Three years later, the railroad still had not reached Fort Worth. The legislature, unhappy over the slow progress, issued an ultimatum: Unless the railroad was serving Fort Worth by the day the Legislature adjourned, the state would reclaim all right-of-way it had granted. To meet the challenge, Fort Worth citizens raised more money and hired an outside firm to pre(Continued on page 9)

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October, 2010


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pare the roadbed ahead of the rails. Construction speeded up. But by July 3, the date for the Legislature to adjourn, the railroad still was miles away. Fort Worth representatives in Austin managed to gather enough support to block the scheduled adjournment. The city government passed an ordinance moving the city limits eastward toward the rails. By July 7, the line had reached Johnson Station. Laborers began work at dawn, quit at dusk for supper, then worked on until midnight. Men from Fort Worth joined in to help. Women cooked, baked and carried food to the workers on the job. The rails sped forward a mile a day. And each day, the legislature met to vote on adjournment. Each day, adjournment was staved off by the margin of one vote. Finally, at 11:23 A.M., July 20, 1876, Texas and Pacific Engine No. 20 crawled across the shaky track into Fort Worth greeted by lusty cheers from the citizens. Fort Worth had beaten the deadline, and the legislature adjourned. From a pamphlet put out by Fort Worth National Bank years ago. I hope you enjoy reading about the history of Fort Worth. Betty Allene Drinkard Coomer

Handley Fest is Saturday Oct 9, 10:30am-10:30pm. There will be a sanctioned chili cook-off, vendors, eats, vintage car show, and entertainment. The Main Stage lineup for Saturday night will be Bodie Powell and the Borderline Band at 5:30pm, Me And My Monkey at 7:00pm, and Johnnie Red and the Roosters at 9:00pm. Daytime entertainment includes Tim Wooley and the Shakers, Tim Shewmake, Clay Jarvis Band, and others. The Main Stage will be just north of East Lancaster on Handley Dr. Admission is free, ya'll come out and have a good time!


October, 2010

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This is the Quilt that will be raffled off as a fundraiser for the HHDC. See one of the officers to purchase a ticket or buy them at the festival. They are $5.00 each, or 5 for $20.00.

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Page 10 October, 2010 H AN D L E Y H AP P E N I N G S

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October, 2010

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Helping the community through community involvement

In God We Trust

SATURDAY OCTOBER 9, 2010 10:30AM TO 10:30PM

October, 2010


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