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DRAFT Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 8:30 a.m. Treasure Mountain Inn

BOD Attendance: Mary Black, Stephanie Johnston, Jill Rathburn, Kevin Valaika, Rick Anderson, Andy Beerman, Monty Coates, Tana Toly Ireland, Alison Butz (Executive Director), Myles Rademan (Ex-Officio) Ken Davis (ExOfficio), and Georgia Anderson (Ex-Officio) Absent: Jan Wilking, Tim Mertens, Maren Bargreen, Nancy Rosen, Lori Harris, Meisha Lawson, and Mary Demkowicz Others present: Mike Sweeney, Alex Butwinski, David Nichols, Randy Winzeler, Shane Barber, and Becca Gerber The meeting was called to order at 8:37 a.m.

Minutes from September 21, 2010 Meeting No quorum was present at the start of the meeting, so the Board decided to move approval of the minutes until after the public input section. Public Input (Any matter of business not scheduled on agenda) Stephanie Johnston, the HPCA Board Member appointed to the Park Silly Sunday Market Board, introduced Becca Gerber from the PSSM. Becca explained that the PSSM is wrapping up the assessment of the 2010 operations. The HPCA booth was used all 15 weeks, however there were merchants at the end of the year who decided to no longer need the booth. While replacement merchants from the District were found, she suggested that the sign-ups occur monthly. Becca stated that all of PSSM's marketing efforts listed HPCA as the "proud host" of the market. Rick Anderson asked Becca the reason why the operations on the last Sunday were not expanded to the Brew Pub Parking Lot as proposed. She stated that they were not able to do it in the time allotted, but is interested in pursuing the idea for next year. Rick Anderson explained that the upper end of the street did not see an increase in traffic and was concerned that the parking revenue funds were generated to the impact of all businesses; however the market did not draw people up to the top of the street. Becca stated that PSSM is open to exploring options. Stephanie Johnston stated that she would bring the issue up at their next Board Meeting on November 12th. Andy Beerman stated that he and Alison Butz have begun discussions with the PSSM based on feedback received by the merchants. A meeting could be put together in November to gather input from the entire membership to help direct plans for 2011. Randy Winzeler asked if the booths on lower Main Street could be placed in the center of the street similar to the Arts Festival. Becca stated that at the beginning of the season the booths did have such orientation, but with the quick set-up needed it was difficult to execute. Tana Toly Ireland asked Becca what the planned changes were for 2011. Becca stated that the wrap-up was still taking place on 2010 so no discussions had occurred. Kevin Valaika referenced the surveys conducted by the HPCA for each event and requested the PSSM conduct a survey of the vendors. Mary Black asked how the participation was in the Farmers' Market area. Becca responded that it was difficult to draw farmers to participate on a Sunday.

Rick Anderson asked what the annual budget was for PSSM and was told it was around $500k. Tana mentioned that last year's final Silly Sunday was a larger event that was more exciting. Mike Sweeney, also a PSSM Board Member, stated that this year the staff was just trying to get through the year. Last year's event took more money to execute than they received. Mike confirmed that plans for 2011 have not begun. Andy Beerman reiterated that an Events Committee Meeting will be scheduled for November to seek input on 2011. Kids Day on Main Street ­ November 19th Alison Butz outlined that Mengelsen ­ Images of Nature approached her regarding the ability to have other businesses offer kids activities on November 19th to compliment the book signing they are holding. Alison stated that she was canvassing merchants for participation and would market the event. Recreation, Arts and Parks Tax Kevin Valaika asked if the Board would support a donation to the Arts Council to assist them in printing materials to support their efforts in the renewal of the RAP Tax. The Board stated that while this was slightly different than funding another non-profit organization, which they previously agreed to not do, they would be happy to send a letter of support to the membership. Car Show Feedback Andy Beerman asked the Board to provide feedback regarding the previous two car shows on the street. Ken Davis stated he was positively overwhelmed by the Porsche show. Rick Anderson stated the Porsche show was better than the rest. Members of the Board concluded that the reason may be the Porsche owners stayed in Park City and had more time to visit the shops and restaurants over the weekend, unlike the Viper event where they were based in Salt Lake City. Rick Anderson stated that the gift card purchase by the Viper group was a good idea and set a positive precedent for future shows. Randy Winzeler stated the Classic Sports Car Show in July was positive, but that it occurred on the first weekend he was open so he had no comparison. Mary Black mentioned the Main Street Deli discussed the idea of a motorcycle show. Tana Toly Ireland stated that the Harley Davidson shop scheduled an event that conflicted with the Viper Show. Perhaps that event could have had a positive impact to the street. The Board was in favor of exploring a motorcycle show during the slow season. Quorum Present with the addition of Jill Rathburn Minutes from September 21, 2010 Meeting Kevin Valaika requested the language in the September minutes reflect that a discussion took place regarding the Outdoor Dining Ordinance, not the Noise Ordinance. Alison Butz confirmed the minutes would reflect the change. Rick Anderson motioned to approve the minutes from the September meeting. Mary Black seconded the motion. The motion passes with no discussion. Website Update Since the September Meeting, Sumo Webworks and Alison Butz have been populating the site with articles, business information and photos. A soft launch of the website occurred on Thursday, via e-mail, facebook and twitter. From now on, the URL will be used when directing people to information regarding the District. In December a full launch of the website will occur with the leadership of Christa Graff garnering local press. We are waiting until December to capitalize on the increased tourist traffic during that time. Alison has already met with the Utah Department of Tourism and is scheduled to talk at the Ski Utah Board meeting next week. She is looking to schedule a

presentation with the Sunrise Rotary Club in November and asked the Board of other organizations to present to. Kevin Valaika extended an invitation to the Restaurant Association. Monty Coates asked what the compatibility was the iphones and ipads. Andy Beerman stated that it was compatible with both. The next 30 days will be used to work through any hiccups in the system. Mary Black pointed out that the Directory Map on the website still references HMBA on the bottom of the page. Alison was going to move to correct the map and update it with the current organization information. Randy Winzeler asked if Facebook and Twitter icons and links can be added to business pages. Andy stated that it will be requested. Stephanie Johnston recommended the information be provided to the This Week in Park City kiosks. Monty Coates requested the HPCA site be properly linked with the resorts and the Chamber. Kevin Valaika asked if instead of $ for restaurants, the HPCA could follow a similar designation as the Park City Restaurant Association. Alison stated that she would be happy to look into it. The Board voiced overall approval of the site and found it to be beneficial to the organization. They thanked Alison for her work. Allied Waste Trash Contract Update Rick Anderson explained Trash and Recycling Committee has been working with both Park City Municipal Corporation and Allied Waste regarding the terms of the Trash Contract extension. The current contract between PCMC and Allied Waste expires November 30, 2010. Terms of the agreement have been reached and are outlined below. The City Council will review the terms and approve the contract next month. The terms of the service agreement extension as provided for in the original service provider agreement and through this addendum shall run from December 1, 2010 through November 30, 2013. Allied Waste will be compensated at an increase of 3% for the term of one year running from December 1, 2010 through November 30, 2011 and 1.5% increase for each successive year thereafter for the duration of the agreement ending November 30, 2013. Allied Waste will collect and distribute, to the Historic Park City Alliance, a monthly Franchise Fee for the Recycling Program. Allied Waste will subtract a $100 per month service charge for the recycling program from the money collected for their billing services. Rick confirmed the Trash and Recycling Committee was unanimous in its recommendation to the Board. Monty Coates made a motion to accept the terms as recommended by the Trash and Recycling Committee for the new contract with Allied Waste. Tana Toly Ireland seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. Outdoor Dining Deck Review Council Member, Alex Butwinski asked if the Outdoor Dining Deck review could be moved forward on the agenda to accommodate his schedule since he needed to leave early. The Board was in favor of moving to the discussion. Alison Butz reviewed that this summer three decks were placed in the parking areas along Main Street. Due to the City process, additional restaurants expressed interest but were unable to make the timeline for application and construction work for this past summer season. The Planning Department outlined the process for 2011 and will require all applications be submitted late winter. The City Council is planning on discussing the Outdoor Dining Decks in November and has requested recommendations from

HPCA. Knowing that this process will evoke comments from all businesses, the Executive Committee recommends a separate meeting inviting the membership to provide input. The meeting date had not been set at the time of this report. As part of the invitation, a survey requesting responses from merchants will also be sent. Listed below are questions the Executive Committee outlined needed to be answered in order to form a formal opinion from the HPCA. Were the outdoor dining decks successful? Did they draw more people to the street? Did they add to the vibrancy of the street? Are there a maximum number of decks that should be allowed on the street? Should the restaurants pay for the use of the parking spaces? Should events, such as the Arts Festival, be required to work around the deck placement? Should retailers be able to apply for decks? The Board discussed the ability to calculate the benefit the businesses saw from the decks. Many felt that the outdoor deck seating just replaced the use of seating that would otherwise be used inside. Cisero's did serve lunch which they had not previously done. Kevin Valaika mentioned that he would pursue a deck next year and felt he would be quite successful drawing lunch business. Ken Davis stated that in smaller areas, such as in front of his store, more than one parking space was used. Cars tended to not park in close proximity to the decks and therefore not all available parking area was used. Mary Black asked if the should be a limit to the number of decks per block. The Board discussed the issue of removal for events. The discussion was split. Many felt the events were only a limited number of days and the decks should remain since they show a benefit the entire summer. Other felt the decks should be temporary and be stored in Swede Alley during events. The Board all voiced concern that they wish not to see the tents for the Arts Festival move to the sides of the streets due to deck placement. Monty Coates requested the special meeting address the look of the decks. If there were to be more, they should have a more consistent look. Alison Butz confirmed that a meeting would be scheduled in the following weeks in order to seek input from merchants as well as provide feedback to the City. 2011 Budget Review Alison Butz outlined the prepared draft budget for 2011; a draft budget has been developed. No approval is being sought today, instead input. Final approval will be schedule at the November Board Meeting. There are essentially four separate budgets since grants, parking revenue fees and recycling funds are restricted from use towards regular operating expenses. Operating Expenses The operating expenses budget remains virtually the same from 2010 with a $400 decrease in expenses from the 2010 proposed budget. Alison Butz has had approximately 8 months working with the budget and explained she has been able to accurately anticipate increases and decreases in cost for the next year. A $25,000 reserve fund remains within the budget and is carried forward from 2010 on the first line of income. In addition to the 2010 reserve fund, there is an anticipated $48,000 remaining from the previous budget year.

Alison has requested an increase in her annual salary and the proposed increase of $600 per month is shown in the budget. The Executive Committee would like to negotiate a 2 year contract at a set rate. Alison's current contract expires on December 31, 2010. Parking Revenue Funds To date the Alliance has spent $29,418 of the available $40,000 of parking revenue funds. The Executive Committee has discussed, per some initial recommendations from the Infrastructure Committee, a joint contract with a firm to assess all proposed infrastructure improvements. There is a need for all the ideas, once proposed, to be looked at in relation to each other to accurately assess timing. For example, when the power is being installed for the electric trolley, what other improvements can occur at the same time under the road so there is only one timeframe of disruption. Initial discussions show the City is interested in partnering with the HPCA on the cost of this assessment. For the $40,000 for 2011, some thoughts are to apply some of the costs of PR, addition of webcams for the website and replacement of the existing Main Street kiosks with a more interactive solution. The Chamber of Commerce is interested in exploring this option as a partner. All use of this money would require board approval and would be evaluated at the time of the requests. Trash and Recycling Funds Trash and Recycling Funds are held in their own budget since it is primarily funded by a variance in charges from Allied Waste and Franchise Fees. The Trash and Recycling Committee has filed for a grant amount of $4,000 to assist in the Recycling Contract Costs. Grants Grant funds are restricted during the granting process. Alison Butz is suggesting the Alliance apply for assistance for both Halloween and Holiday event for 2011, brochure for 2011, and PR. Other thoughts that will be solidified over the winter could be gift card promotion similar to Viper and NOVA and support for webcams. Grants are due in March. Rick Anderson asked if Alison felt she could benefit from attending the National Main Streets Conference. Alison stated that she would. She did not attend in 2010 since she was only 2 months into the position and wanted to focus her efforts on fully grasping the job and its duties. The Board asked about Gift Card breakage and if a line should be added to the budget to account for income from this area. Alison Butz explained that the contract with Store Financial does not benefit the HPCA significantly. Ken Davis concurred that the Gift Cards used for group sales seems to be the right fit for this tool. Ken Davis asked if the Board could begin building a fund for infrastructure improvements. The Board stated they wish to identify those improvements first. Monty stated that once projects were outlined the Board could identify a percentage or amount to be directed into the fund. Stephanie Johnsotn recommended the fund then be set aside in a separate interest bearing account, even if the amount of interest gained would be minimal. The Board requested the discussion of Alison's proposed increase be discussed privately. The Board discussed the proposal and determined that the decision would take place at budget approval in November. Adjourn Rick Anderson moved to adjourn the meeting and Monty Coates seconded motion. The Board voted to adjourn the meeting at 10:50am. Next meeting Tuesday, November16, 2010


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