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Jack Scruby's Toy Soldiers

40mm Scale Soldiers

The War of 1812 40T-78 British 1815 Uniform (Belgique shako, firing) 40T-79 same as above, advancing 40T-80 British/Canadian, stovepipe shako, 1810 uniform standing firing 40T-81 same as above advancing 40T-82 U.S. Infantry, 1813 Uniform, firing 40T-83 same as above, advancing 40T-101 same as above, on guard French Foreign Legion 40T-84 Legionnaire, Africa 1920 uniform, standing firing

NOTE: See more Legionnaires in the "Soldiers of Boxer Rebellion" section

World War I Germans in Picklehaub Helmet (spiked helmet) 40TC-88 Mounted Dragoon with sword (Cavalry) 40TC-92 Mounted Officer (cavalry) 40T-89 Infantryman, marching full pack Germans in Steel Trench Helmet 40T-85 Infantry, full pack, marching 40T-86 Infantry Drummer, marching 40T-87 Infantry Officer, marching 40TC-91 Mounted Officer (cavalry) 40T-97 Infantryman, throwing potato masher grenade 40T-98 Infantryman, full pack, charging with fixed bayonet 40T-99 Officer, leading charge 40T-100 Infantryman, full pack, kneeling, firing British 40T-93 40T-94 40T-95 40T-96

Infantryman, Boer War, full equipment Officer, Boer War, marching Infantry W.W.I trench helmet, full pack marching Infantry, WW.I soft peak cap, full pack marching

Sudan War of 1884 & Egyptian Campaign of 1882 British in red coats, half boots, 1880 uniform 40T-1 British Infantry, sun helmet, advancing 40T-3 British, sun helmet, marching at the slope 40T-4 British Guards, bearskin hat, dress, marching, slope 40T-6 British Line Infantry, picklehaub, dress, at slope 40T-7 Royal Navy, dress parade, marching at slope

40T-9 40T-10 40T-11 40T-12 40T-14 40T-20 40T-21 40T-46

Highlander, sun helmet, standing on guard Highlander, sun helmet, marching at the slope Highlander in Bonnet, dress, marching at slope British Infantry, sun helmet, standing on guard British Infantry, sun helmet, kneeling on guard British Infantry officer, sword in right hand British Infantry officer, pistol in right hand British Foot Artilleryman

British Colonial Soldiers (1880 Dress Uniform) 40T-5 Indian Sepoy, marching at the slope 40T-17 Indian Sepoy, standing on guard 40T -15 Gurkha, marching at the slope 40T-16 Gurkha, kneeling on guard

Use: 40T-20 or 21 for officers

Except for model TC-23, our cavalry men have a choice of sword arm, arm with lance, or arm with rifle. Please specify your choice.

40TC-22 40TC-23 40TC-26 Indian 'Cavalry on walking horse Colonial Cavalry (slouch hat) walking horse British Cavalryman, in sun helmet (makes lancer or dragoon)

British and Colonial Cavalry,

Egyptian Soldiers (in 1880 dress uniform) 40T-8 Infantry, marching at the slope 40T-18 Infantry, standing on guard 40T-47 Artilleryman 40T-19 Infantry Officer, with sword 40TC-28 Egyptian Lancers on galloping horse The Camel Corps (Sudan 1884-1885) 40T-51 British Camel Corps, walking camel 40T-52 Egyptian Camel Corps Native Warriors

These are"Arab type" warriors, which means they can be used as the Mahdi's Dervishes, Pathans on the Indian Frontier, or many other types of warriors dressed in turbans and tunics. We have two different categories of these Native Warriors: Full Cast Warriors- these models are cast in one part and require no soldering. Armless Warriors these figures require you to attach both arms. Armless Warriors give you the option of various weapons (spears, guns, swords, etc) that can be attached plus the flexibility of changing the arms' positions. This way, each figure can be made to look different, as in action, rather than all the same.

Armless Warriors 40T-24 Armless Warrior (specify arms) We'll send you a variety of Arab-type warriors, all attacking, charging or advancing. We have five different figures in this grouping so you will receive a broad variety. A- Right arm with sword S- Right arm with spear C- Right arm with musket 0- Right arm with rifle Full Cast Warriors 40T-48 Natives with Muskets E- Left arm with shield (small) F- Left arm without anything G- Left arm with musket H- Left arm with rifle

40T-49 40T-50

We offer three types of natives firing guns, or attacking with guns, and you'll receive a mixed batch for your native riflemen.

Natives Attacking with Swords We have two types to give you variety Natives Attacking with Spears We provide three different types

Native Cavalry 40TC-27 Native Cavalryman Attacking on a galloping horse

You may order a sword arm, arm wi1hspear, or arm with musket

From the 1880's up until World War I, there was a lot of colonial action in the Far East. We now offer you soldiers and native warriors from this highly interesting period. The Boxer Rebellion in particular is of interest to the Toy Soldier collector because it features European troops from many nations. You'll find many attractive "display sets' can be made from our popular 40mm scale models of this period. Please note: We relied heavily on Lynn Bodin's book "The Boxer Rebellion' (from the Osprey Men at Arms series) for uniform data, and suggest you purchase a copy of this fine book for background of the fighting and for the uniform information. Many of our 40mm British Colonial soldiers listed elsewhere (such as officers and artillerymen) can be used in campaigns in Asia

French 40T-29 40T-30 40T-33 40-T-41 German 40T-2 40T-31 40T-38 40T-40 Line Infantry, picklehaub full pack, marching Marine/Jager, dress uniform, full pack, marching Marine/Jager, full pack, dress uniform advancing high port German East Asia Brigade, marching (Boxer Rebellion uniform with bush hat)

Soldiers of the Boxer Rebellion and Other Asiatic Campaigns

Line Infantry, marching (overcoat, kepi, full pack) Foreign Legion, marching (kepi & havelock, full pack) Foreign Legion, advancing high port (same) Marine Infantry, Boxer Rebellion on guard, full pack

United States Boxer Rebellion, Philippines, Cuba, etc. 40T-34 Marine/Line Infantry, marching, slouch hat, full equipment 40T-35 Marine/Line Infantry, advancing high port (same)

Russia (Boxer Rebellion, Russo- Japanese War) 40T-36 Infantry, peaked cap, blanket roll, marching 40T-37 Infantry, pill box hat, blanket roll, advancing high port Other Countries 40T-32 Japanese Infantry (1900-1905) full pack, on guard 40T-39 Italian Bersaglieri, Boxer Rebellion, dress, full pack, marching Boxer Rebellion Chinese Soldiers

These figures are dressed in native costume, not regular uniforms. Therefore, they can be used as Chinese Boxers, or as many other Asiatic warriors such as "Black Flag Pirates' (in Indo-China), Moro's in the Philippines and Malay Reiver Pirates.

40T-42 40T-43 40T-44 40T-45 Boxer Charging with Spear

We have three different castings, in the same charging positions, with three spears and halbards.

Boxer Charging with Sword Boxer Charging with Gun & Fixed Bayonet Boxer Firing Musket

Two types of men, with different head gear in the same firing position


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