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Semiconductor Quality Management System

Semiconductor Quality Management System

Semiconductor Quality Management System

EDA System

Analyze cause of abnormal process and yield variation using statistical algorithm

TAS System

Inline Analysis

- Spec View - Data View - Trend Analysis - Significant Difference Analysis

EPM Analysis

- Spec View - Data View - Trend Analysis - Significant Difference Analysis

Probe Analysis

- Data View - Trend Analysis - Summary Analysis - Significant Difference Analysis

OLAP / Mining technology based yield analysis system for improving yield by early detection of defect cause and quality analysis

MAP / Chart Analysis

Relation Analysis

- Data View - Trend Analysis - Correlation Analysis

Commonality Analysis

- Significant Difference Analysis - Problematic Equipment Analysis


- OOC/OOS Report - Cp/Cpk Report - Yield Report - Correlation Report - Commonality Report

OLAP / Mining Analysis

Lot / Wafer Grouping

Utilizing Menus and functions to Excel Prompt analysis in multidimensional way Maximize convenience in utilization through mining analysis and systematization of results

Semiconductor Quality Management System


Inline Data Trend Analysis

- Query of the parameter data trend generated by measurement / process equipment according to the control limits registered on real-time SPC

Expected Benefit

EPM Parameter Summary

- Query statistical quantities of each parameter for all LOT operated during a particular period real-time SPC

Consistent system from data collection to analysis established Identify defects cause in a timely manner for prompt actions Fast cause analysis of quality problems

- Query inline, EPM, probe and various historical data - Easy cause analysis of quality problems by applying various statistical analysis methods - Supporting analysis processes of engineers by applying statistical analysis and mining algorithm

Systematical management of defects (affects yield)

- Maximize utilization of inspection data - Operating ratio of analysis equipment and Monitoring - Comprehensive analysis in association with probe / memory test results - Forecasting random yield loss

EPM Data Trend Analysis

- Analyzes the trend of basic data by lot or wafer based on parameters

Probe & Inline Time Trend Analysis

- Analyzes parameter trends according to probe standard and time of a particular step in the process

Improve productivity with yield enhancement

- Systematic analysis and Feed back - Preventing accident in the following process

Applicable Areas

Probe Significant Difference Analysis by Tester

- Analyzes the average difference between test equipment

EPM & Inline Linked Queries

- Based on inline time, the data for a specific parameter per site can be queried for lots of a particular step, by equipment

High tech manufacturing industries

- Micro process control areas (Semiconductor, LCD, PDP, Chip, MLB area) - Areas in which data collection and analysis from automated equipment is necessary - Areas with close correlation between work process

Correlation Trend Analysis

- Performs linked query on probe, EPM and inline data based on probe; the correlation of relevant data is identified by trend and scatter chart.

Problem Equipment Search

- Grouping good lots and bad lots according to probe or EPM and identify inline progress history of these lots and categorize these by main equipment then apply association rule to search main equipment with high ratio of bad lots

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EPM : Electrical Parameter Management OOC : Out of Control OOS : Out of Spec



Semiconductor Quality Management System

DAS System

Semiconductor Quality Management System

Quality Management Solution

DAS (Defect Analysis System) SPC (Statistical Process Control) EDA ( Engineering Data Analysis) TAS (Total Analysis System for Yield-up)

Analyzes the defect data generated from inspection equipment to achieve yield improvement

SPC System

MAP Analysis

- Defect MAP Analysis - Bin MAP Overlay - Repeat Defect - Defect Image - Zone Based Analysis - Defect Source Analysis


- User Monitoring - Equipment Monitoring - Process Monitoring - Data Loss Monitoring


- Dynamic Report - Defect Trend Report

Reporting and monitoring the management condition of unit processes and process capability by applying statistical management methods.

SPC Interface

- KLARF File Uploading - Image Uploading - Review File Generation

Yield Modeling

- Systematic Yield Summary - Random Defect Yield Summary

Configure Management

- User Management - Defect Type Define - Shot & Zone Editor - Coloring Setup

- Inline Spec - Inline Chart - Inline Cpk / XBar - Cpk Report


- Rule Spec Setup - History Chart (Trend Analysis) - Compare Parameter - OOC History (Out of Control) - OOC Report - Simulation

A quality management solution for improving yield, the most important indicator in manufacturing industries, provides functionalities and methods for improving yield through systematical analysis.

Functions Functions

Features and Benefits

More Advanced than existing solutions providing simple yield measurement. It provides a variety of analysis functions such as yield transition analysis (EDA)/problem process identification (DAS,EDA,SPC) / yield forecast (DAS) from the engineer's perspective. Integrate DB data of each system to one engineering DB to prevent data duplication and heterogeneity and maximize data stability (backup), compatibility and management efficiency.

Defect Map Analysis

- Defect map query of relevant device, router, LOT, wafer - Shift, zoom in/out of wafer map - Gallery and image saving of multi wafer - Query supported on existing images

Bin Map Analysis

- Analyzing the relationship between test results and inspection results

Inline Chart

- Analysis trend of parameter data generated by measurement / process equipment based on parameter specs

Cpk Report

- Displays periodical Cpk data (daily / weekly / monthly) of relevant parameters for each product of facility

Rule Spec Setup

- Functions able to inquire, register, modify and delete the control limits and rules of SPC parameters

Conceptual Design

Defect Detail Analysis

Application & Update Server

- Defect density Shows the number of defects in a die at a glance

Report DB

- Analysis defect by type and size

- Detect repeated defects

Defect & Image

Semiconductor Quality Management System

Engineering DB TEST Result ETL Server Mart Server OLAP Server

History Chart

- Queries the trend of parameter data generated by measurement / process equipment according to the control limits registered on the real- time SPC

OOC History

- Shows abnormal occurrence checked in real-time SPC rule checking engine based on the control limits registered on SPC


- Function able to find relevant rules of the process by using parameter data occurred while changing control limits and rule parameters of the relevant process before using the functionalities supported by the real-time SPC

Data Mart EDA SPC

Defect Source Analysis

- Checking Add defects, Carryover defects and Missed defects on more than two steps

Zone Edit

- Wafers are divided into specific zones to analyze the relationship between defects and specific zones

Trend report

- Research and analyze wafers which have defect trends similar to a specific wafer


- Monitors the parsing results of each equipment's data interface and loss data


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