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Social Infrastructure Systems Industrial Systems Air Conditioning Systems Energy Systems


Hitachi Plant Technologies' infrastructure solutions through environmental and energy efficient technologies. We will consolidate our "engineering capabilities", "monozukuri (manufacturing) capabilities" and "construction capabilities" to provide total solutions in the fields of social and industrial infrastructures.

Processing equipment for the electronics industry Logistics systems Cranes Pharmaceutical/Chemical plants Chemical equipment


Large pumps Compressors Converters Water treatment and environmental preservation systems

Social infrastructure systems


Industrial systems

Business Domain

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Air conditioning systems

Industrial air conditioning systems Building air conditioning systems


Social infrastructure systems Industrial systems Air conditioning systems Energy systems Research and Development Monozukuri (manufacturing) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

P04 P07 P10 P12 P14 P16 P18


Energy systems

Nuclear power plant construction Thermal power plant construction Hydropower equipment construction Transformer equipment construction Dust collection systems

Maintenance services

Social infrastructure systems

Both at home and abroad, we offer total solutions in the fields of social and industrial infrastructure, including delivery of water treatment and environmental systems and indusrial machinery systems such as pumps and compressors.

Social Infrastructure Systems

Water treatment and environmental preservation

Small-scale sewage treatment facilities

We offer various systems that can be easily maintained.

Screen type condensation system

A unique solid-liquid separator that uses a fixed screen and a scraper. It saves on space and is cheap to operate.

Submerged Membrane Bioreactor system

It combines a membrane filtration process and activated sludge process

Spiral Aerator Membrane module New water treatment system that confines water-purifying bacteria into 3mm polymer gel cubes. It can simultaneously treat BOD, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Integrated immobilization nitrogen removal process

Shovel chain type sludge collector

Uses a notched resin chain that has excellent wear resistance and can be recycled.

Soil and underground water cleaning system

Different systems are available depending on the degree of contamination.

Multi rotation disc type screen

Water is taken in by rotating the multi-disc screen in the downstream direction. Any trapped matter is discharged without removal.

Membrane-type water treatment system

Particulate matter and bacteria are filtrated with a membrane to supply safe water.

CSO Screen

Large capacity wise flow screen

Screen for primary treatment of effluent on rainy days.

We offer a variety of treatment systems for combined sewer system.

Industrial waste water treatment systems

We have various industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Environmental preservation systems

This system treats HF by crystallization with calcium.

Social Infrastructure Systems

Industrial machinery systems

Double suction volute pump

Pump for wide range of applications, such as water supply and distributing agricultural water.

Boiler feed pump

Pump to feed high temperature and high pressure water to boilers in thermal power stations.

Mubarak Pumping Station in Egypt

LNG pump Single suction volute pump

The Mubarak Pumping Station in Egypt is the world's largest class pumping station of it kind. This is core part of a gigantic project to transform desert area into afforestation by using water from Lake Nasser. Pump to transfer liquefied natural gas (LNG). Stable operation is maintained at super low temperatures (Liquid temperature: -162 ).

DAS : Dissipation Array System

This system protects important facilities from direct lightning strikes by utilizing natural phenomenon called point discharge.

Centrifugal compressor

Globally acclaimed high efficiency compressor using a highly efficient runner based on our unique design.

Three-dimensional six-degree-of-freedom shaking table

A simulator to precisely simulate 6 degrees of freedom motion during an earthquake in a 3D system, clarifying the behavior of buildings and the ground.

Oil-free screw compressor Jet fan

A tunnel fan used to maintain a safe environment by diluting harmful substances discharged from vehicles in tunnels. Supplies clean compressed air for applications in the electric, food, chemical and engineering industries.

I n d u strial systems

We provide various types of processing equipment for electronics and precision manufacturing fields, logistic system, crane system, and total solutions for pharmaceutical and chemical plants.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Displays

Hitachi Plant Technologies' Liquid-Crystal Drop and Vacuum Assembling System, such as dispensers and vacuum assembly equipment, contributes to the commercialization of large LCD TVs.

Seal dispenser

We support high-precision, high-speed processing in sealing material coating processes.

Liquid-crystal dispensers

We support high-precision, high-speed processing for dispensing liquid crystal drops.

Examples of products manufactured by Hitachi Plant Technologies' equipment

Awarded the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's award, the second annual Prize for Promoting Machinery Industry (Jan., 2005)

Vacuum assembly equipment

We support high-precision and high speed processing of large sized liquid crystal panels.

The photo of display is synthesized through inset.

2003 Advanced Display of the Year Grand Prix

Solar Panels

Chemical Compound Type Production Equipment

We contribute to high-efficiency circuit formation with fine coating and drying equipment that apply materials to flexible films.

Crystal Silicon Type Production Equipment

We support high-speed production with printing and drying equipment that print materials on silicon wafers.


Micro-ball printing/mounting system

This is a printing/mounting system used for the formation of the electrodes (bumps) for signal connections in substrates and wafers for various devices which are to be brains in electronic products.

Cream solder printer

This printer is used to support high-speed and high-precision processing and contributes to improved manufacturing of printed substrates.

Industrial Systems

Logistics systems

Chemical/General industrial plants

Deodorizing tower Cleaning tower Balloon tank

Refining unit

Sorting system Autonomous automatic guided vehicle

Provided with artificial intelligence, this automatic guided vehicle (AGV) facilitates the autonomous travel of vehicles designed to transport loads safely at high speeds while flexibly avoiding obstacles. System to sort goods at high speed

Compressor unit

Dryer unit

High purity liquefied CO2 manufacturing system

Full automatic system supplies high purity liquefied CO2 from industrial plants off gas.

Crane system

Crab Cranes

We provide crab cranes used in a wide variety of settings, such as specialty cranes for steel mills, cranes used in power plants, for general machinery, and can manufacturing plants.

Chemical plant

We offer wide engineering services ranging from process development to high quality manufacturing plants.

Air conditioning equipment Axial flow wind blower

Dockside Cranes

We provide bridge crane unloaders for bulk unloading and jib crane for extremely heavy objects.

Reactor for chemical plant

We manufacture reactors and vessels made of titanium, or other corrosion resistant materials.

Pharmaceutical plants

Biopharmaceutical plants

We have supplied more than 500 fermenters and bioreactors for microbial fermentation and mammalian cell culture.

Cooling tower

Oral solid dosage forms manufacturing plant

Based on the next generation pharmaceutical product manufacturing system "Lhoest concepts," we can conform to the current GMP standards and automate and achieve labor saving in material handling.

Air feed/exhaust units

Measurement / Analysis units Traverse unit

Environment/Wind tunnel test system

Verious tests of environmental conditions are available, such as temperature, humidity, pressure (altitude), solar radiation, snowstorm, etc.

Polymerization system

This sytem is used as highly viscous polymer reactor that produces polyester resin, etc.

Pilot bioreactor

200L bioreactor installed in our R & D laboratory enables mammalian cell culture experiments for advanced process design.

Bioreactor simulation

Bioreactor performance simulation, based on computerized fluid dynamics, provides more reliable scale-up data for better productivity. Nagoya Plant, Kowa Co., Ltd., which was established by Hitachi Plant Technologies as a package, was selected as a final candidate for "Facility of the Year" in the global pharmaceutical facility competition.

High containment docking station

Material feeding system that is a key component of the "Lhoest concept".

V.O.C.* gas recovery system

Zero-emission type system that can recover, refine and recycle solvents from V.O.C.* gas. *V.O.C. : Volatile organic compound

LNG satellite / DV&M* calorific value adjustment system

This system, that injects liquefied petroleum gas in natural gas, is simple and easy to operate, and it offers energy saving. *DV&M :Direct Vaporizing & Mixing

Simultaneous & Biaxial stretching system

This system stretches film in biaxial directions simultaneously.

A i r conditioning systems

Air conditioning, sanitary and plumbing systems, and electrical systems are provided to various facilities such as factories, office buildings, and hotels. Unique "total clean" technologies make it possible to realize many types of clean rooms for the electronic, biotechnology, and nano-technology fields.

Air Conditioning Systems

Industrial air conditioning systems Industrial clean room systems

Clean rooms for the electronics industry

A super-clean room is an essential facility for production lines of semiconductors and flat panel displays.

Building air conditioning systems

Air conditioning system for office buildings

A highly effective cold air distribution system that saves energy is used.

Dry clean room system

Dry clean technology produces an environment with super low-humidity that can reduce levels of atmospheric moisture down to 1/1,000,000.

Large multiplex buildings

In Dubai, UAE, construction of Burj Khalifa, the 828 meter tall multiplex building was completed in the beginning of 2010. We completed the works for the air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, fire fighting and building management system for the project.

Precision temperature control unit for the whole space Advanced cooling water control unit Target spaces

Special ion transport duct

Ion blow out opening

Precision temperature control unit for target spaces

Clean ion generetor Clean ion generetor

Precision environment chamber

A chamber that controls temperature within 5/10,000 , widely used for precise processing.

Clean ion transport neutralization device

It removes static electricity in the fabrication processes of electronics and precision industries.

Bio-clean/hazard-free room system

Total engineering for food and chemical plants

Air conditioning system for an auditorium

Electronic silencing system is used to create silent spaces.

Updating building equipment

While ensuring a building can continue to be used, various technologies allow a building to be effectively renovated. This photo shows Raffles Hotel in Singapore, for which the entire air conditioning system was renewed.

Energy saving systems

Various systems are available to meet the energy-saving needs in buildings or plants.

Cell type preparation facilities for regenerative medical care

It is the essential facility for regenerative medical care where makes full use of bioclean room and bio safety technologies and air flow and pressure control technologies.

Food processing room

We offer total solutions in compliance with GMP and HACCP.

Optimized HVAC control system for Energy-saving

While monitoring the room's status, the heat source and the air conditioning system are operated at optimum levels (the optimum point shown in the graph on the right).

Total Energy consumption Refrigerator Optimum point

Remote energy management system

With careful monitoring and analysis using the communication network, energy wastage can be eliminated.

Energy management service Energy analysis

Bio-clean food processing room

Bio-safety facilities

High-level containment technologies that ensure safety levels required by biological institutes, etc.

Pipeless transfer system


% reduction of energy consumption as calculated by Hitachi Plant Technologies


Cool water pump Air conditioner Cooling water pump Cooling tower

Facility manager

System mainly for displaying energy functions using the Internet


Various analysis results Various reports

Analysis specialist

System for calculation and analysis functions using storage data



Cooling water temperature


Customers' buildings and plants


Support center

E n e rgy systems

We have accumulated domestic and overseas experiences in plant construction for energy generation and transformation plants. Our engineering ability, based on optimized CAD/CAE, modularization construction techniques, skilled construction management, and safety management are highly acclaimed throughout the world.

Energy Systems

Power generation plants

Installation of a gas turbine generator

3D CAD systems

We can quickly and accurately prepare various layouts of equipment and pipes, detailed designs, transportation and installation plans, and planning of modules using a sophisticated CAD system.

Thermal power plant

We deliver services related to the construction of core systems of thermal power plant such as boilers, turbines and generators. Our main emphasis is the development and practical application of new techniques such as the jack-up system and automated cable-extension method.

Jack-up of a boiler furnace module

Dust collection systems

Nuclear power plant

We deliver services related to the construction of core systems in nuclear power plants such as reactors, turbines and generators, and we provide both HVAC design and installation. Our engineering capabilities, based on optimized CAD/CAE, proprietary large-scale modularization construction techniques using super-large cranes, skilled construction management, and safety management are highly acclaimed.

Actual site view

3D CAD data view

Installation of a turbine

Large-scale module

Outlet duct

Precipitators that effectively capture dust. We have made them compact and enhanced their performance.

Steel plants

Structure of pulse-jet type bag filter

Filtration cloth room Porcelain tube room Fixed electrode Charge unit



Outlet duct

Inlet duct

Installation of hydropower equipment

Installation of main equipment for hydropower station. Guri power station in Venezuela, which has a 10,300MW generating capacity, is one of the largest hydropower stations in the world.

Using a large crane to install a nuclear reactor pressure vessel

Structure of pulse-charged moving electrode-type electrostatic precipitator

Rotating brush

Moving electrode (dust-collecting electrode)

Installation of rolling mill plant

In addition to having a considerable track record in installation of rolling mill plant, we also have auxiliary equipment such as a mill cleaning system to improve quality and work efficiency.

R e s earch and Developmen t

By advancing the core technologies of "engineering capabilities," "monozukuri (manufacturing) capabilities," and "construction capabilities," we are developing world-class technologies and products. In order to speed up the cycle of R&D to solutions, we are actively promoting joint research with customers and academic institutes as well as R&D division of Hitachi Group.

Research and development system

Research and Development Group Technology Management and Business Development Division Matsudo Research Laboratory Tsuchiura Research Laboratory Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.


R&D collaboration with customers

Research and Development Group

Technology Strategy Office Central Research Laboratory Hitachi Research Laboratory Yokohama Research Laboratory Design Division Oversea Research Centers

Clean techno-center (Matsudo)

Joint research facilities for clean rooms technology

Matsudo Research Laboratory

Tsuchiura Research Laboratory Customers Hitachi group

Government offices and universities

Selection of issue

Decision of theme

Research and development

Supply of solution

Hitachi, Ltd.

Development divisions of business operations

Joint research facilities for environment, biology, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, process and mechatronics technologies

1st. research building (Matsudo)

Prototyping shop (Tsuchiura)

Research facilities for turbomachinery

Core technologies supported by Hitachi Plant Technologies Laboratories

Common areas

Numerical simulation technology (fluid, heat, structure, etc.) Digital control technology Technology to evaluate strength reliability

Industrial plants

Powder transport technology GMP certified cleaning and sterilization technology Plant production simulation technology Micro-reactor application technology

Air conditioning system

Cold air distribution system Cold air distribution system Noise-control of air-conditioning facilities Noise-control of air-conditioning facilities Hospital air conditioning Hospital air conditioning facilities facilities

Sealed container transport system (docking station) Polymer plant testing equipment Testing equipment of cold air distribution system Outdoor noise simulation

Thermo-fluid analysis in clean room

Flow analysis of centrifugal compressor

Micro-reactor (micro-process server)

Industrial machinery system

Technology for improving performance of turbomachinery System control/measurement technologies High-speed rotation technology Machine monitor/diagnosis technology 3D geometry measurement technology

Model impeller made with rapid prototyping Turbulent flow analysis of impeller

Water treatment/Environment

Microbe immobilization technology Membrane treatment and application technology Crystallization technology Bio-remediation Technology for treating exhaust gas, waste liquid, and refuse Technology for recycling and zero-emissions

Total clean technology

Super clean room technology Bio-clean room technology Bio-aerosol control technology Dry room technology High precision temperature control technology

Evaluation system of micro-organism activation

Wireless sensor and remote monitoring system

Membrane treatment system for wastewater

Air flow visualization test

Testing facility of clean room technology


High speed application technology High accuracy positioning technology Super-fine image processing technology Unmanned transport technology Logistics technology

Material handling device for dispensers

Rationalized construction

Jacking and lifting technology Power assist technology Three-dimensional measuring technology Project management system

Construction management system

Analysis, Evaluation, and Assessment

Environmental trace analysis Clean room-related contaminant analysis and evaluation Soil purification treatability

Autonomous automatic guided vehicle simulation Power assist lifting test unit DNA analysis unit GC/MS

M o nozukur i (manufacturing )

Hitachi Plant Technologies continues to strive for the best monozukuri (manufacturing) capability in the world. Through integration of excellent technological capabilities supported by a wealth of experience and achievements with advanced equipment and the superb skills of engineering staff, we can provide total solutions by creating key components for various plants and developing unique construction technology.

Top-level skills

Fine processing up to 1/1,000 mm are possible using our state-of-the-art technology and top-level skills. An employee wins a competition at a national welding competition.

Amagasaki Division

Processing shop for large machines

Our systems can machine items with a volume of up to 1,000 tons. Our advanced production systems can offer small volume/multi-type production.

Tsuchiura Works

Effective use of monozukuri (manufacturing) capability and its synergistic effects

Renovation of monozukuri and core technology Cooperation and support between works Expansion of internal manufacturing and promotion of streamlining Improvement of technological level with education and training

Major products

Large pump Compressor

Major products

Water treatment equipment

Ryugasaki Works

Reinforcement of project management capabilities and construction engineering capabilities

Establishment of optimum construction technology

Plant construction streamlining activity, development of streamlined methods and tools, establishment of fundamental technology database

Global Fabrication Center (Kasado)

Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Network

Sano Works

Major products

Electronics manufacturing equipment

Striving for the World's Best

Training project managers Nurturing and training expert engineers

Major products

Chemical plant equipment

Handing down skills

Major products


We have established a system in which the skills of our senior employees are handed down to younger staff members through comprehensive training conducted by our qualified engineering staff. We were presented with a Gold medal at the 2005 WorldSkills Competition (CNC machining category)


Manufacturing divisions of Hitachi, Ltd. Hitachi group companies External engineering organizations Universities

Training expert engineers

We implement practical training to develop "discerning abilities" and "engineering abilities."

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Hitachi Plant Technologies is fully committed to CSR in its management philosophy and vision, declaring "We will contribute to the development of an ideal society" and "We assume social responsibility based on high ethical values".

Management philosophy

Looking to the future, the Hitachi Plant Technologies Group will contribute to the creation of superior value and the emergence of a better world through offering reliable technologies and services.

Materials and photo courtesy of National Institute of Polar Research

Management vision

Become a global company supporting social and industrial infrastructures

Grow with customers and society Move boldly toward new eras Fulfill social responsibility by maintaining strict ethical standards

Concept chart of "Reinforcement of CSR Activities"

Sustained improvement of brand value

Creation of economic value

Secure and return profit in a fair manner Environmental preservation through businesses activities



Bolster corporate governance

Quality Safety Environment Social contribution

Strengthen and enhance organizational framework and systems Education and awareness raising Deciding on environmental policy

Publish CSR reports

Initiate action on both corporate and individual levels

CSR activity policy of Hitachi Plant Technologies Group

Activity targets are determined along with the common policy of Hitachi Group. Specific activities are implemented for each of the following eight activity policies:

1. Commitment to corporate social responsibility 2. Contribution to society through our business 3. Disclosure of information and stakeholder engagement 4. Corporate ethics and human rights 5. Environmental conservation 6. Corporate citizenship activities 7. Working environment 8. Responsible partnership with business partners

For more information about Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd., please visit our Web site at

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