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Reference List for Motorized Cable Preparation Tools Series S

January 2010

ABB Kabeldon, Sweden ABB Karlskrona, Sweden ABB Moskabel, Moscow, Russia Abhar Wire, Iran Agisa, Poland Nexans, Calais, France Nexans, Italy Arab Cables, Egypt BICC Baosheng, China General Cables, Barcelona, Spain General Cables, General, Du Quoin, USA BICC Wrexham, England Brugg Kabel, Switzerland Conductores Monterrey, Mexico Egytech Cables, Egypt El Sewedy Cables, Syria Electro Cable, Egypt Elka Zagreb, Croatia Federal Power Cables, Malaysia Fujikura Futtsu, Japan Fujikura, Japan Fulgor Cables, Greece Furukawa Chiba, Japan General Cable, USA Giza Cables, Egypt Hitachi Cables, Japan ICME, Romania J- Power Systems, Hitaka, Japan Jeddah Cable,Saudi Arabia JSC Electrocable Works, Russia JSC Saranskkabel, Russia Kema, Netherlands Kitanhion Electric Cable, Japan LG Cable Kumi, Korea LG Cables, Korea Liban Cables, Lebanon Nexans Charleroi, Belgium

And many more

Nexans Hannover, Germany Nexans Latina, Italy Nexans Norway, Namsos Nexans, Benelux Nexans, France Nexans, Norway NKF Kabel Delft, Netherlands Nokia Kabel, Finland Olex Australia, Australia Oznur Kablo, Turkey Pamukkale, Turkey Prysmian Cables, Eastleigh, England Prysmian Cables, Finland Prysmian Cables, Sens, France Prysmian Cavi e Sistemi, Milano, Italy Prysmian Schwerin, Germany Prysmian Cable, Milano Reka Cables, Finland Silec, France Saudi Cable, Saudi Arabia Sefag- Ixosil, Switzerland Showa Electric, Japan Simco Cables, Iran Solidal Esposende, Portugal Sumitomo Cables Osaka, Japan Sumitomo Osaka, Japan Sumitomo Yokohama, Japan Superior Cables Ltd.,Israel Syrian Modern Cables, Syria Taihan Cables, Korea Thai Yazaki Electric Wire, Thailand TPC, Taiwan Prysmian, Turkey Waskönig & Walter, Germany Yuzhcable, Ukraine Zhengzhou Cables, China



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