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An OHSAS 18001's extend of application...

Depends on

· OH&S policy · Nature of activities · Complexities of activities

An organization's OH&S Management System cannot simply be transferred


An OHSAS 18001 system needs to cover...

Organization employee (full-time and part time) Subcontractor and suppliers visitors

Organization's own equipment / facilities Rented and borrowed equipment / facilities


Several important definitions

Definition ­ OHSAS18001

Source or situation with a potential for harm in terms of human injury or ill health, damage in property, damage to the workplace environment, or a combination of these Combination of the likelihood and consequence of a specified hazardous event occurring

Analogous to ISO 9001's

Analogous to ISO 14001's


Customer requirements

Environmental aspects


Environmental impact

Risk assessment Overall process of estimating the


Intolerable risk

magnitude of risk and deciding whether or not the risk is tolerable

Contract review

EA evaluation Significant environmental aspects



Relations between clauses

Hazard Identification Risk Assessment Policy Objectives Procedures Programmes

Monitoring Audit Corrective / Preventive Action Review


The OHSAS 18001 flow

Continual Continual Improvement Improvement

Policy Policy Management Management Review Review Checking && Checking Corrective Corrective Action Action Implementation Implementation Planning Planning


4.1 General requirements

The organization shall establish and maintain an OH&S management system.


4.2 Policy

Authorized by the top management Appropriate to the nature and scale of the organization's OH&S risks Include a commitment to continual improvement Include a commitment to comply with applicable OH&S legislations and other requirements Documented, implemented and maintained Communicated to all employees Available to the public Reviewed periodically


4.3.1 Hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control

Establish and maintain procedures for Ongoing identification of hazards, assessment of risks and the implementation of necessary control measures Includes:

· Routine and non-routine activities · All personnel having access to workplace · Facilities at the work place


Types of hazard


Physiological / psychological behavioral





Electricity: leakage, statics, sparks Noise Vibration Radiation: x-ray,particle,particle, UV, laser Fire Extreme high/low temperature Dusts Fall from heights Ambient: lighting, ventilation, temperature, humidity Signage: lack of, unclear, inappropriate Signals: lack of, unclear, inappropriate


Chemical and biological

Chemical Toxic Corrosive Flammable / explosive Biological Bacteria / viruses Epidemics Poisonous flora and fauna


Physiological / psychological / behavioral

Physiological / psychological Manual handling Ill health Work in sensitive / taboo trade (e.g. funeral home) Mental abnormalities Physical handicap (color blinddeaf)



Errors in directing Errors in operating Errors in supervising

What kind of hazards ???


4.3.1 Hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control

Methods for hazard identification and risk assessment should: Proactive Provide for classification of risks and identification Consistent with operating experience and the capabilities of risk control measures employed Provide input into

· determination of facility requirements · identification of training needs · Development of operational controls

Provide for monitoring of required actions


4.3.2 Legal and other requirements

Establish and maintain procedure for Identifying and accessing

· Applicable legal requirements · Applicable "other requirements"

Keep this information up-to-date Communicate relevant information to employees and other interested parties


4.3.3 Objectives

Establish and maintain OH&S objectives at each relevant function and level The following should be considered when establishing objectives

· · · · · Legal and other requirements Hazards and risks Technological options Financial, operational and business requirements Views of interested parties

Consistent with OH&S policy


4.3.4 OH&S management programs

Establish and maintain programs for achieving objectives Shall include documentation of:

· Designated responsibilities and authorities for achieving the objectives · Means and time-scale for achieving the objectives

Shall be reviewed at regular and planned intervals. Amended if there are changes to the activities and operating conditions


4.4.1 Structure and responsibilities

Define, document and communicate responsibilities and authorities of personnel who

· Manage · Perform · verify activities having an effect on the OH&S risks

Top management responsibilities

Top management has the ultimate responsibilities Top management should provide resources for implementation, control and improvement of OH&S management system


4.4.1 Structure and responsibilities

Shall appoint a member of top management with particular responsibilities for ensuring OH&S system is properly implemented and performed The management appointee shall have defined roles, responsibilities and authority for:

Responsibilities of the management appointee

· Ensuring that OH&S system requirements are established, implemented and maintained in accordance with this Specification · Ensuring that reports on the OH&S system performance are presented to the top management

All management shall demonstrate their commitment to continual improvement


4.4.2 Training, awareness and competence

Personnel shall be competent to perform works that may impact on OH&S Competence is defined in terms of

· Appropriate education · Training · Experience


4.4.2 Training, awareness and competence

Establish and maintain procedure to ensure employees are aware of

· Importance of conformance to

­ OH&S policy and procedure ­ The requirements of the OH&S management system · The OH&S consequence, actual or potential, of their work activities, and the OH&S benefits of improved personnel performance

· Their roles and responsibilities in achieving conformance to

­ OH&S policy and procedures ­ The requirements of the OH&S management system ­ Emergency preparedness and response requirements

· Potential consequence of departure from specified operating procedure


4.4.2 Training, awareness and competence

Training procedures shall take into account differing levels of

· Responsibility, ability, and literacy · risk


4.4.3 Consultation and communication

Have procedure for

· Ensuring that pertinent OH&S information is communicated to and from employees and other interested parties

Employee involvement and consultations arrangements shall be documented and interested parties informed


4.4.3 Consultation and communication

Employees shall:

· Involved in development and review of policies and procedures to manage risks · Consulted where there are changes that affect workplace health and safety · Represented in OH&S matters · Informed of who is their employee OH&S representative and specified management appointee

Safety is not just the responsibilities of the safety officers


4.4.4 Documentation

Establish and maintain information, in suitable medium, that:

· Describes the core elements of the OH&S management system and their interactions · Provides directions to related documentation


4.4.5 Document and data control

Establish and maintain procedures for all documents and data required by this Specification to ensure that

· They can be located · They are periodically reviewed, revised as necessary and approved for adequacy by authorized personnel · Current versions of relevant documents and data are available at all locations where these documents and data are needed · Obsolete documents and data are promptly removed · Archival documents and data retained for legal or knowledge preservation are suitably identified


4.4.6 Operational control

Identify those operations and activities that are associated with identified risks where control measures need to be applied



4.4.6 Operational control

Plan these activities, including maintenance, in order to ensure that they are carried out under specified conditions by:

· Establishing and maintaining documented procedures to cover situations where their absence could lead to deviations from the OH&S policy and objectives · Stipulates operating criteria in the procedures · Establishing and maintaining procedures related to identified OH&S risks of goods, equipment and services purchased and/or used, and communicating these procedures to suppliers and contractors · Establishing and maintaining procedures for design of workplace, process, installations, machinery, operating procedures and work organizations, including their adaptation to human capabilities, in order to eliminate or reduce OH&S risks


Control from the source

Control strategies

Risk avoidance

· E.g.: re-design through engineering

Risk mitigation

· E.g. permit-to-work

Reduce loss

· E.g. PPE

Risk transfer

· E.g.: outsourced

Risk acceptance / awareness


Examples of Operational Control

Procedures Rules Administrative controls Licenses Permit-to-Work Signages Colour-coding PPE


Hierarchy of Controls

Design & Process Changes

Engineering Controls Administrative & Procedural Controls Safety Equipment PPE Emergency Response


What kind of controls ???


4.4.7 Emergency preparedness and response

Establish and maintain plans and procedures

· to identify potential for, and response to incidents and emergency situations · For preventing and mitigating the likely illness and injury that may be associated with them

Review these plans and procedures, especially after the occurrence of incidents or emergency situations Test such plans and procedures where practicable


4.5.1 Performance measurement and monitoring

Establish and maintain procedures to

· Monitor and measure OH&S performance on a regular basis

These procedures shall provide for:

· Both qualitative and quantitative measures · Monitoring of O&S objectives achievement · Proactive measures ­ Monitor compliance with OH&S programs, operational criteria and applicable legal requirements · Reactive measures ­ Monitor accidents, ill health, incidents and other historical evidence of deficient OH&S performance · Recording of data and results of monitoring and measurement


4.5.1 Performance measurement and monitoring

If monitoring equipment is required

· Establish and maintain procedure for ­ Calibration and maintenance of such equipment ­ Retaining records of calibration and maintenance


4.5.2 Accidents, incidents, non-conformance and corrective and preventive action

Establish and maintain procedures for defining responsibilities and authority for

· Handling and investigation of

­ Accidents ­ Incidents ­ Non-conformances

· Take actions to mitigate any consequences from accidents, incidents or non-conformances · Initiation and completion of CPA · Confirmation of the effectiveness of CPA

These procedures shall require

· All proposed CPA shall be reviewed through risk assessment prior to implementation


Accident ()

Undesired event giving rise to death, ill health, injury, damage or other loss

Incident ()

Event that gave rise to an accident or had the potential to lead to an accident [including near-miss ()]


4.5.2 Accidents, incidents, non-conformance and corrective and preventive action Any CPA taken shall be appropriate to the magnitude of the problems Implement and record any changes in the documented procedures resulting from the CPA


4.5.3 Records and records management

Establish and maintain procedures for

· Identification · Maintenance · Disposition Of OH&S records, and audit results and reviews

OH&S records shall be

· · · · · Legible Identifiable Traceable Readily retrievable Protected against damage, deterioration or loss


4.5.3 Records and records management

Retention times defined Records shall be maintained, as appropriate to the system and to the organization, to demonstrate conformance to this OH&S Specification.


4.5.4 Audit

Establish and maintain an audit program and procedures for periodic OH&S management system audits to be carried out, in order to:

· Determine whether or not the system: ­ Conforms to planned arrangements, including this Specification ­ Properly implemented and maintained ­ Is effective in meeting the policy and objectives · Review the results of previous audits · Provide information on the results of audits to management


4.5.4 Audit

The audit program shall be based on the results of risk assessment, and the results of previous audits Audit procedure shall cover

· · · · · scope frequency methodologies competencies Responsibilities and requirements for conducting audits and report results

Where possible, audits shall be conducted by independent personnel


4.6 Management review

Top management shall, at determined intervals, review the OH&S system to ensure its

· Continuing suitability · Adequacy · Effectiveness

The review process shall ensure necessary information is collected to allow this evaluation be carried out The review is documented


4.6 Management review

The review shall address the possible need for changes to policy, objectives and other elements of the OH&S system, based on

· Audit results · Changing circumstances · Commitment to continual improvement


OHSAS 18001 certification flow


On-site pre-certification

Stage 1 audit

Documentation review

On-site stage 2 audit

1 to 2 months


OHSAS 18001 Trainings

Lead auditor courses

5 days Detail standard requirements 3rd party audit skills For: core responsible staff and internal auditors

Internal auditor courses

2 days Detail standard requirements 1st party audit skills For: core responsible staff and internal auditors


1 day Brief standard requirements Importance of OHSAS 18001 For: all staffs


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OHSAS 18001:1999 Standard and Its Requirements

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