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THE HOME MISSION BOARD OF THE NATIONAL BAPTIST CONVENTION, USA, INC. ~ Dr. Julius R. Scruggs, President Theme: "Solidarity with the Savior"

Rev. Gilbert Pickett, Sr., Chair 516.924.3273, Email: [email protected] Rev. Charles E. Mock, Executive Secretary, 814.504.5597, Email: [email protected] The Home Mission Board Website:

Partnering for Mission on The Mission Train: Get On Board!

Home Mission Board Mission Statement

To promote Home Mission Ministry in partnership with the constituency of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. throughout the United States, Virgin Islands and Overseas U. S. Military related Ministries.

Home Mission Board Goal

To spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and advance the Kingdom of God in "Solidarity with the Savior's Mercy and Might."

Home Mission Board Vision Statement

The Home Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. in "Solidarity with the Savior" seeks to witness to the Mercy and Might of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God. We fulfill the vision through biblical messages, ministry and mission education. In keeping with our Master's Mercy and Might, we believe that Jesus Christ's ministry was restorative, reconciling, and redemptive by nature. This threefold ministry is therefore holistic, dealing with every facet of human life. Our priorities for holistic ministry include the following foci: spiritual, mental, physical, social, finance and the environment. Only by addressing human life holistically can we be faithful in empowering others to realize the abundant life for which Jesus Christ died and arose. We partner with the constituency of the National Baptist Convention, its State Presidents, District Moderators, Pastors, and other clergy to provide relevant resources. These resources are designed to assist in the establishment, and/or development of Home Mission Ministry in cooperation with churches across local, global, multicultural and multiethnic territories.


A. Student Summer Mission Internships B. Mission Education Leadership Conferences We have given $2,000.00 scholarships to over 70 college and, or seminary students through our Student Summer Missionary Internship Program. We have sponsored the "Dawning of a New Day Conference" to inspire pastors and lay leaders to greater effectiveness in the ministries of Evangelism and Home Mission


A. Interfaith Organizing Initiative Leadership Table for Developing: a. Congregational Leadership b. Community Empowerment c. Local, State and National Domestic Policies and Reform B. The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Social Justice Conference C. Gamaliel International Foundation

The Samuel Dewitt Proctor Social Justice Conference, the Inter faith Organizing Initiative, Gamaliel International Foundation, Inc., and The African American Leadership, Commission of Gamaliel International, Inc. are social justice organizations that focus

on the Emancipation element in the Great Commission. Through our social justice ministry support we provide financial assistance in the development of pastoral and lay leadership for community organizing or revitalization.


A. New Church Starts Support B. Church Mission Ministry Supports C. Church Emergency Assistance D. Chaplaincy Endorsement and Service E. Evangelism & Mission Special Program Support F. Virgin Islands Church Development Support We gave $10,000.00 dollars to the Baptist Minister's Conference of New York City and Vicinity to assist families' recovering from the infamous 9/11 tragedy. We also contributed $10,000.00 to "Ministers United Against Human Suffering" a shelter for the disadvantaged in East St. Louis, Illinois. We supported the VISA House in Chicago, Illinois with $15,000 for its ministries to the homeless and to the drug addicts. We have provided over one $75,000 dollars of the past 15 years in support of new Baptist Church Starts. We financially support the German Baptist Association's Congress of Christian Education in Wiesbaden, Germany to assist Baptist pastors in their church work. We do this in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Baptist State Convention and the East Alabama District Association. Through the Office of the Ecclesiastical Endorser for the NBC, USA, Inc. we facilitate the endorsement process for Baptist Pastors that wish to serve as Chaplains in the armed services and other federal institutions i.e. hospitals and prisons.


A. Foreign Mission Board: Annual World's AIDS Day B. Laymen's Movement C. Disaster Relief D. American Baptist College E. The American Baptist College F. Others We have provided over $150,000 dollars in financial assistance to churches devastated by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and others in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, the U S Virgin Islands, and the Eastern seaboard. We have provided over $75,000.00 dollars in support of the Laymen's Movement in Katrina housing rebuilding ministry. From 20032009 we have contributed over $300,000.00 dollars to this Disaster Relief ministry. Working with the American Bible Society we facilitated the distribution of over 1,000 bibles to persons in the Gulf States. We have had joint conferences with the Foreign Mission Board on Health awareness and education, especially regarding HIV/AIDS.


We need individuals to partner with us by joining The Mission Train as we continue to deliver Evangelism, Christian Education, Justice, Helps and Services, and Financial assistance to those in need. Please email us at [email protected] for further information on how to become a Mission Train Partner! You can also call the Executive Secretary, Rev. Charles Mock at 814.504.5597.

I want to get on board as a Mission Train Partner! My monthly gift goal (please check gift level)

____Clergy ____ Lay Partner | Check Amount: ____$15 dollars _____$20.00_____$25.00____other $__________

Name ________________________________________________ Email _____________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip Code ______________________________________________________________________________ Mail checks payable to "The Home Mission Board" to: HMB Mission Train ­ c/o F. J. Wright 1330 North 14th Street Harrisburg, PA 17103 We thank you in advance for your participation as a Mission Train Partner that delivers the Master's Mercy and Might to the least of the Savior's brethren.


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