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2009 JUNIOR ARTIST AND HIGH SCHOOL COMPETITION INFORMATION FOR TEACHERS The following are the teacher's responsibilities: · Collect application forms, competition fees, and photos and mail them to respective chairpersons no later than September 8, 2009. Please use regular mail, not certified or registered mail. Hand deliveries will not be accepted. · Please make sure the email address you provide is a working one and one that you check regularly. HMTA will not be responsible if you do not receive your email. · Videotaping and/or flash photography is discouraged during the piano competition. If it becomes a nuisance, the videographer/photographer will be asked to leave. · Send one check, made payable to HMTA. Students should give his/her teacher cash or checks made payable to the teacher. Chairpersons: Strings ­ Sheryl Shohet 94-1058 Oli Loop Waipahu, HI 96797 [email protected] · · · · · · · Piano, Instrumental, Vocal ­ Glenn Nagatoshi 5402 Kilauea Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816 [email protected]

Each teacher is allowed a maximum of 5 students per level. In the event that a student will not participate, inform the respective chair ASAP. Fees are not refundable. Inform students of their performance times. Stress that tardiness will not be tolerated. Be sure each student has his/her music in order of performance with numbered square post-its. Music should be original unless approved by the competition coordinator. Scores reproduced from CD-Rom pdf .file disks are acceptable. Channel all questions and comments to the respective chairpersons. Do not contact UH Music Department personnel and judges before, during, and after the competition. All judges' decisions are final. Ties will be honored. Please exhibit good sportsmanship. Teachers of first place winners must submit titles of selections for the Winners Recital to the Winners' Recital designated chairperson immediately after the winner of each level has been announced. Please observe time limits. Second, third, and honorable mention winners will be called on stage to receive their awards during the recital.

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NEW REQUIREMENT BEGINNING IN 2009 Each teacher is required to contribute manpower to help with the smooth running of this event (Parents, responsible High School students, other studio teachers, and/or yourself)*. Teachers and/or helpers should sign up for one or more of the following duties: Winners' Recital chairperson The chairperson may delegate responsibilities as he/she sees fit. Duties include: getting names and pieces of first place winners concert program selecting an emcee ordering medals arranging seating of students arranging for someone to photograph the winners of each level in their respective groups at the Winners' Recital. Registration Desk/Check-in Directory sales (at the registration desk for Competition and Winner's Concert) Pick up lunches for judges and workers on competition day Provide coffee for competition day Door monitors (make sure people do not enter during performances) Clean up (Remove signs, trash) Collect tickets and hand out programs for the Winner's Recital

*The number of helpers will be determined by the number of entrants a teacher has, as follows: One to Three Entrants ­ 1 helper ( 2 hours minimum) Four to Six Entrants ­ 2 helpers (2 hours minimum each helper) Seven to Ten Entrants ­ 3 helpers (2 hours minimum each helper) Ten or more ­ 4 helpers (2 hours minimum each helper) Please enforce all regulations so that your students will not be disqualified.

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REPERTOIRE REQUIREMENTS: PreLevel I II III IV High School State Vocal 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-18 15-18 6 minutes 6 minutes 8 minutes 10 minutes 12 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes Pieces of contrasting styles. 2 pieces, one of which must be Baroque or Classical, OR 1 Baroque and 1 Classical piece. A minimum of 3 pieces representing 3 DIFFERENT style periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, Contemporary)

Must program one art song in each of the following languages: Italian, French, and German. In addition, one song by a 20th century composer must be included. All songs must be memorized and performed in their original languages.

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