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James Dore Corbett was baptized April 27, 1836, in Mahoonagh (Castlemahon) Parish, County Limerick, Ireland. His exact date of birth is not known. The baptismal records, written in Latin, state that his parents were Joannis Corbet and Honorae Dower, and his godparents were Joannes Fitzgibbon and Cathaina Hurley. He was the second son and fifth (and last) child of John Corbett and Honora Mary Dore Corbett. Baptismal records comfirming parentage and godparents are available for Three of the five children of John Corbett and Honora Dore. Their children, in order of birth, were: 1) Catherine, dates of birth and baptism unknown, 2) Margaret, baptized February, 1829 (Margaritam), godparents Jo-is Harnet and Margartia Mulcahy. 3) Patrick, baptized July 20, 1832, (Patricius) godparents Patricius Corbet and Catherina Doore. 4) Honora, dates of birth and baptism unknown. She died at age 11 years. 5) James, baptized April 27, 1836, (Jacobus), godparents Joannes Fitzgibbon and Cathaina Hurley. 1

Land records confirm that John Corbett leased and farmed 123 acres of land in the townland of Danganbeg, Mahoonagh Parish. Family history relates that John Corbett, his wife, Honora and probably their daughter Nora died during the typhus epidemic of 1848-1849. Margaret married a man with the surname Dooley and supposedly stayed in Ireland. Catherine, James and Patrick are said to have immigrated to America. Catherine is said to have married a John Dalton (circa 1837) and died a year later (1838) in Boston. According to the family history, she is buried in Boston. Her cause of death is unknown. The family history appears contradictory because it is thought that Catherine, James and Patrick came over at the same time. Ship passenger lists confirm that James Dore Corbett and his brother Patrick emigrated from Ireland to America aboard the ship Jessica, landing at Boston August 17, 1850. Family history relates that Patrick died about a year later, of tuberculosis, and is buried in Boston. Not much is known of James Dore Corbett from the time he landed at Boston until about 1860. Family records (Thomas Cyril Corbett) relate that Mary Bridget OConnor met James Dore Corbett in Chicago during one of her trips to that city. . She was the daughter of John OConnor and Mary Enright, who were married in 1840 at Newcastle West, County Limerick, Ireland. They emigrated to new Orleans and Mary Bridget OConnor made several trips to Chicago to visit her Enright cousins who lived there. James Dore Corbett and Mary Bridget OConnor had nine children. The following data was obtained from birth records and U.S. Census records (1870 and 1880): 1) Catherine (Kate), the oldest, was born December 15, 1858, in Chicago, when Bridget was about 15 years old and James about 20 years old.. She died in 1944, at Chicago, Illinois. 2) John James was born in Chicago in 1858 (1870 Census estimate) or 1859 (1880 Census estimate). He was a train engineer and died in a train accident during 1888, near St. Louis, MO. 3) James Patrick was born in New Orleans in 1862 and died of typhus in 1903 at Chicago, IL. 4) Thomas Henry Corbett was born in 1865 and died from pneumonia in1904, Chicago, Il, 5) Michael was born 1867 and died at birth, 6) William Thomas was born July 6,1867 (birth certificate) and died at birth, 7) Julia Dore was born 1869 and died at birth, 8) Nora was born 1871 in New Orleans. She became Sister

This is the only known photograph of James Dore Corbett. The Loveday Studio at 96 Blue Island Avenue opened after the original downtown studio was destroyed during the Chicago Fire of 1871. This photograph, found along with one of his son, John, taken in New Orleans, may be a copy made after his death when James' wife moved to Chicago with the children.

Benedicta and died 1936, Chicago. IL, and 9) William J. was born 1872 in New Orleans and died 1948, Chicago, IL. Birth certificates from New Orleans confirm the births of William Thomas Corbett and Julia Dore (spelled Dora) Corbett on the birth certificate. William Thomas was born July 6, 1867 at the Corbett residence at 315 Fulton Street. His death certificate confirms that he died at the same address on August 7, 1867, age 1 month. Julia Dore Corbett was born at the same address on July 1, 1868 and died the same day.

The above mentioned birth certificates, along with James Dore Corbetts death certificate, were obtained in 1996 by Thomas H. J. Corbett (DOB 7/6/1967, exactly 100 years after Wiliam Thomas was born- he is James Dore Corbetts great great grandson). Birth certificates for the other children were not found among the New Orleans records, suggesting that they might have been born elsewhere, or the births were not recorded. Oral history relates that prior to living in New Orleans, they may have lived in Covington, Louisiana, and James may have owned a cotton brokerage business and or a plantation near Covington, LA for a period of time. Covington records do not confirm this. Civil War records show that James D. Corbett enlisted as a private in the Confederate Army and fought in the Civil War. He enlisted in Captain Herricks Company (also known as the "Orleans Blues" regiment) on December 21, 1861, at Camp Lewis. According to family history, he was wounded at the Battle of Vicksburg. His would partially disabled him for the rest of his life. The type of wound and location is not known. He was later (about 1868) again wounded during a fire at a racetrack (family history) in New Orleans. Family history relates that he rescued a small child from being trampled by a frightened horse but received a chest injury in the process. Family birth records show that the family lived at 315 Fulton Street in New Orleans during 1867 and 1868. They later moved to 18 1/2 Adele Street in New Orleans and were at that address in 1873. The 1870 U.S. Census confirms that James Dore Corbett was at that time a citizen of the United States, had a net worth of $500.00, was employed as a policeman, and lived with his wife and four children: Catherine, John, Patrick and Thomas. A letter, dated June 7, 1873, written by James Dore Corbett to his uncle, Timothy Dore in Ireland, has been preserved in the family records. New Orleans, La. 18 1/2 Adele St. June 7, 1873 My Dear Uncle (Mr. Timothy Dore) Yours of the 22nd ult(?) is just come to hand. I had

begun to reason with myself, that probably you had decided not to write in answer to my letter and was therefore much surprised and exceedingly glad when I received your answer. I am thankful to you for your offer of assistance in case I should go home; but I must say it is impracticable, owing to injuries sustained by fire here about five years ago, I was obliged to join the Police Department and all I can now do is maintain my family in respectability. I have six children - four boys and two girls- all intelligent and very promising. Taking into consideration these facts, I presume you will suggest what is best done under the circumstances. I feel certain your superior discernment will enable you to decide favorable to my cause. I should be mighty glad to see you and my cousins (of whom I have never seen any) if I had but the means:- Even though it should be but for a season: how very happy I would be to stray about the field and meadow and converse about bye gone times and memories ever dear. If you should come to a decision to establish me in a shop at home-it would suffice for myself to go home and leave my family provided for here till I would be able to take them to the other side of the Atlantic. Having been left to my own resources at the age of 15 you will I presume be lenient on any errors you may detect. Myself and family are well. Trusting you and family enjoy the same blessing I remain, My Very Dear Uncle, your nephew, James D. Corbett

The letter gives some clues as to the misfortunes in his life, including being left to his own resources since age 15 years, or since 1850, and sustaining partially disabling injuries sustained in a fire about 1868 (about age 32 years). It appears from the letter that prior to the fire, he had experienced

better fortune in life, but had to lower his standard of living due to his injuries. The letter was well written with good penmanship, and was grammatically correct. He also stated in the letter that he and his family were well, which may not actually have been the case. James Dore Corbett died July 3, 1874, at age 38 years, about one year after the letter was written. A copy of James Dore Corbetts death certificate is in the family records. The cause of death, confirmed by physician Dr. E.J. Shepard, was phthisis pulmonalis, or tuberculosis. His son, John J. Corbett of Chicago, Illinois, recorded his death. The certificate confirms that he died at 18 1/2 Adele Street, New Orleans. In 1874, Following the death of her husband, Mary Bridget OConnor Corbett moved the family to Chicago, where she raised the children and died 54 years later, on January 26, 1928, at the age of 86 years,

Death Certificate for James Dore Corbett. His physician, Dr. Shepard, noted the cause of death as Phthesis pulmonalis, or tuberculosis. He died at his residence, 18 1/2 Adele Street, New Orleans, on July 3, 1874.

Mary Bridget O'Connor Corbett 1840-1928

Mary Bridget O'Connor was born in Newcastle West, County Limerick, Ireland. The 1880 U.S. Census lists her birth year at 1840. She was the daughter of John O'Connor and Mary Enright who married in Newcastle West, Ireland. Family history states that her parents saw each other for the first time on the day they wed. John O'Connor and Mary Enright had ten children. They all lived to maturity: 1. Catherine, married Michael Coughlin 2. Mary Bridget, married James Dore Corbett. 3. Martin, married Sarah Shey and lived in new Orleans until the Civil War. He was a Captain in the Confederate Army and "deserted" to the North and lived the rest of his life in Chicago. He never again saw his father after his "desertion". He and Sarah had ten children. 4. John, married a woman surname Griffin and remained in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, Ireland. family history notes heart disease "runs though the line". 5. Margaret, married Hugh Charles Lowery. They had no children. She died (dropped dead)of heart disease. 6. Mary, married John Manley. They had two children, John and Katherine. Both children died in early childhood. 7. Ellen, married and had four children. Husband's surname unknown. 8. Josephine, married Michael McMahon. 9. Thomas, married a woman surname O'Leary. They had seven children. 10. Margaret, married, but had no children. According to family history, John O'Connor, his wife, Mary Enright, and their


children immigrated to America and settled in New Orleans. Mary Enright O'Connor, Bridget O'Connor's mother, was the daughter of John Enright and Mary Creegan, both of Newcastle West, who married about 1803. They had six children. They were in order of birth: 1. Michael Enright, married Julia Quille and lived in Chicago. They had nine children: 1)Nelly (married William Frazier and had 3 children, Joseph, William and Julia. She died suddenly and he disappeared the night his wife was buried, 2) John (married Margaret Egan, no children), 3) Thomas (married, no children) 4) Jeremiah (died age 25, no children) 5) Michael (married with five children, He died 1932), 6) James (died of pneumonia age 22 years), 7) Catherine (married surname Casey, lived in Wilmette), 8) William (killed by shot from a saloon two months after marriage, wife later died in childbirth) and 9) Joseph (married with two children. One became a nun. He died 1932). 2. Catherine Enright, Married Daniel Egan and lived in Elmhurst, Illinois. They had no children. She was reportedly "a very pious woman". 3. Mary Enright, (born 1813) married John O'Connor. 4. Thomas Enright, who owned a farm on Lake Michigan at 26th Street (Chicago). Marital status unknown. 5. Timothy Enright, married, spouse unknown, owned the farm on Lake Michigan with his brother, Thomas. 6. Jeramiah Enright, is thought to have lived in Chicago. No other information. 7. James Enright, born in New Orleans, married Mary (or Catherine) Woods. They lived in New Orleans and had seven children: Catherine (married Patrick Quinn and had seven children), John (lived in Chicago), William (married Mollie White, lived in New Orleans, Timothy (became a priest), Thomas (unmarried), Nora (married Peter Elizardi of New Orleans and had eight children), and James (unmarried). Prior to her marriage, Mary Bridget O'Connor spent a great deal of time living with her Enright cousins and their families in Chicago and New Orleans (Catherine Enright (daughter of Michael Enright) and her husband Patrick Quinn), rather than with her parents. The exact date on which she married James Dore Corbett is unknown, but was during the period late 1857 to early 1858 (letter from Laura Bonfield Corbett to Thomas Cyril Corbett dated March 19, 1957). The marriage certificate was destroyed during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Daughter Catherine (Kate) was born in Chicago on December 15, 1858 (same letter) and Son John was born in Chicago in 1859 (U.S. 1880 census data). The family moved to New Orleans sometime between John's birth in 1859 and son James' birth in 1861(New Orleans birth certificate for James Patrick Corbett). The remainder of their nine children (Thomas Henry, Michael (died at birth), William Thomas. (died age 6 weeks), Julia Dore (died at birth), Nora, and William James, were born in New Orleans (1880 U.S. Census data, birth certificates). When her husband, James Dore Corbett, died in 1874, Mary Bridget O'Connor Corbett and the children moved to Chicago to be close to her relatives. The 1875 Chicago City Directory lists her address as 364 Loomis (Avenue). This was in the area of 12th Street and not far from Blue Island Avenue. The 1880 Chicago City Directory lists her address as 1573 Dearborn, Chicago.

Thomas Cyril Corbett described her as the matriarch of the family and related that she "ruled the roost". She died January 26, 1928, at the age of 86 years. At the time of her death, her residence was 4858 Drexel Blvd, Chicago. Her funeral was conducted at 9:30 AM, to St. Ambrose Church, 47th and Ellis Ave. Internment was at Calvary (Cemetery). DEATH NOTICE FROM CHICAGO TRIBUNE 1/28/1928: Corbett-Bridget Corbett, nee O'Connor, January 26, wife of the late James D, beloved mother of Catherine, Sister M. Benedicta, William J., and the late John, James and Thomas. Funeral Saturday, from late residence 4858 Drexel Blvd, 9:30 AM, to St. Ambrose Church, 47th and Ellis Ave. Internment Calvary (Cemetery).


Thomas Henry Corbett was born January 13, 1865, to James Dore Corbett and Mary Bridget O'Connor Corbett. He was the fourth of nine children. Both parents emigrated from County Limerick, Ireland, where their families had lived on farms near each other. They were married in Chicago, Illinois, about 1857. Following their marriage, they moved to Louisiana. The earliest available records, (birth certificate of William Thomas Corbett) document their residence at 315 Fulton Street, New Orleans, as of July 6, 1867.


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