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Access Ladders Product Guide


Standard ladder

75°-90° 65°-75° 50°-65° 30°-50° 15°-30° 0°-15°



Access Ladder Features

The standard design of the basic ladders together with our range of readily available accessories give specifiers flexibility and choice.


Standard ladder with cage


Standard ladder with walk through

SLC/WT Standard cages for ladders over 2.5m high or optional mesh lined cages are available for additional protection and security.


Standard ladder with cage and walk through

Access Ladders

> Safe vertical access. > Made to any size. > Range of accessories. > `Safe Tread' aluminium rungs. > 48.3mm stringers set 400 apart. > Rungs 250 centres. > Stays set 2.4m centres. > Cage 2.5m from ground. > Any RAL polyester powder coated finish.

All staircasing and fire escapes are designed in accordance with British Standard 5395: Part 3: 1985 and comply with relevant building regulations or safety standards.

SLC/RH The Retractable hand hold provides an efficient and economic method of improving the safety and convenience of ladder access. When not in use the hand hold simply unlatches and slides down adjacent to the ladder beneath.

Safe Tread rungs for all aluminium ladders.

SLC/SC Padlocked security closure for caged ladders to prevent unauthorised entry onto the ladder.

Ideal for use with a Surespan SRH Roof Hatch

SLC/WT Specification

SHP Ships Ladder Specification SL/LG The padlocked ladder guard can be supplied: LG20 - 2m long LG25 - 2.5m long mounted directly over the climbing rungs to prevent unauthorised use. Special sizes are made to order.

SL/P Landing platforms are recommended at 6m maximum, between platforms or landings.

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In the interest of continued improvement Hollaender Rainer reserve the right to modify any product or specification without prior notice. All sizes, weights and measures are approximate. © Hollaender Rainer 2006

Access Ladders Product Guide & Speed Klamp Roof Rail System

® ®

Retractable Heavy Duty Ladders

Model ZIP4 ZIP5 ZIP6 ZIP7 ZIP8 Ceiling Height Up to 2500 2501-2790 2791-3090 3091-3390 Up to 4600 Min. Aperture Width x Length 600 x 700 600 x 750 600 x 800 600 x 850 Dim `X ' Rungs Width 350 or 300 350 or 300 350 or 300 300 only

Model DD1 DD2 DD3

Height 1500 1800 2700


1210-1310 1310-1410 1410-1510 1510-1610

Drop Down Ladders

Telescopic Loft Ladders

Model TELEZIP1 TELEZIP2 TELEZIP3 Ceiling Height 2350-2650 2650-2930 2930-3200 Aperture Width x Length 520 x 890-1070 520 x 920-1100 520 x 950-1130

Built to order, with casing and trap door made to the exact dimensions of the opening in the ceiling. Please ring to discuss.

with a combination of these > Slim discreet appearance. sizes. Special heights to order. > Secure from unauthorised access. > Made in anodised aluminium. > Can be deployed from individual oors. > Polyester powder coated to match the building decor. > Certi ed to BS EN 131-2: 1993.

Most heights can be acheived

Maximum loading 150kg/tread. When the ceiling door is opened, pull down the ladder holder, release the ladder latch and pull out the ladder to its full length.

Hollaender Rainer Speed Klamp roof handrailing systems manufactured from aluminium tube and alloy`Slip-on' ttings. This combination o ers the most cost e ective handrail system for replacement or new installations `To match the life of your building '. Free standing roof handrail or xed rails o er the ultimate edge guard system, to complete your roof access requirements.

Construction is simple and can be easily carried out on site.

Typical roof and parapet edge guarding applications. Perfect partner for a roof hatch with ceiling door.

Maximum loading 200kg/tread or 2 500kg/m of the overall structure.

Closed in stored position 80 Lowered into use position 400

Substantial savings in time and transport over factory-built systems.

Every release section is locked with a lock-pin, which is pulled to the lower ladder.


Speed Klamp o ers the exibility to accommodate any overhanging gantries or obstacles on site.

Telescopic Ladders

Model TELEZIP4 TELEZIP5 TELEZIP6 Height 2600 3300 3800 Wt. kg 7.7 10.0 12.0

Wall mounted anges can be used to start or end a handrail run.



Maximum loading 200kg/7 treads.

The Telezip standard ladder is compact for easy transport and storage.

Hollaender Rainer Ltd.

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Telephone: +44 (0)1922 711474 Fax: +44 (0)1922 497943 E-mail: [email protected]

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