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Holstein Foundation 2011 Holstein Dairy Bowl Practice Questions

1 What specific forage crop has the greatest buffer capacity during the ensiling process? Alfalfa or clovers 2 (HD 10)

What is the common name for Founder? Laminitis (HD 10)


What fastfood chain has partnered with the dairy checkoff to promote its new espresso drinks that contain up to 80% milk? McDonald's (DMI 10)


What term is used to describe an infertile heifer born twin to a bull? Freemartin (UG 10)


According to the PDCA Uniform Scorecard for Showmanship Contests, how many points does exhibitor appearance account for? 10 points (PDCA 10)


How much does it cost for a youth to join Holstein Association USA? $15 (HA 10)


How many million cows does the U.S. have? 9.1 million (HD 5/10)


Holstein Association USA sponsors a yearly scholarship to a dairy college graduate pursuing a master's degree in business administration. What is the name of this scholarship? Robert H. Rumler Scholarship (HA 10)


What is the name given to mineral elements that have a negative charge? Anions (HD 10)


Which U.S. cow has the honor of first producing 2,000 pounds of fat during a single lactation? BREEZEWOOD PATSY BAR PONTIAC (POB)

11 Which disease stopped the importation of cattle from Europe in 1905? Hoof and mouth disease (POB)

12 When silage goes through the fermentation phase, silage becomes acidic which helps to preserve it. Several different acids form, but one is stronger and is most beneficial making up 65 to 70 percent of the total silage acid. Which acid is this? Lactic acid (HD 10)

13 The release of which hormone causes the uterus to contract more forcefully and initiates the expulsion of the fetus? Oxytocin (HD 10)

14 In bovine health, what do the initials BTV stand for? Blue Tongue Virus (HD 10)

15 How many days are required in the summer for a fly to develop from an egg to an adult? 10 days (HD 10) 16 What term is given to a cow that can't rise to her feet using her own strength? Downer cow (HD 10)

17 In which stomach compartment does metal accumulate? Reticulum (NUT 10)

18 What is the first part of the small intestine called? Duodenum (NUT 10)

19 America's dairy producers have a long tradition of supporting childhood nutrition. This tradition started with the formation of what producer-funded organization in 1915? National Dairy Council (HD 10)

20 A Holstein cow is scored Good. What is the range of points for this classification? 75 ­ 79 (LC 10)

21 What nutrient is associated with winter hardiness in plants? Potassium (HD 10) 22 Which hormone is produced by the pancreas and promotes mammary cell growth and cell division? Insulin (HD 10)

23 U.S. dairy exports represent what percentage of all milk produced? 8 to 10% (DMI 10)

24 Percent carbohydrate reserves in alfalfa roots are greatest during which stage of plant growth? Full bloom (HD 10)

25 U.S. butter production climbed 7.3 percent in 2008 to 1.64 billion pounds. What state accounted for 33.8 percent of butter production? California 26 (HD 10/09)

Sales of yogurt and yogurt drinks continue to grow. What company accounts for sixty-seven percent of U.S. sales? Dannon (HD 2/10)

27 What type of organism causes Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR)? Virus (HD 10) 28 One serving of yogurt is how many ounces? 6 oz (DMI 10) 29 Next to the common cold what is the most communicable affliction among school aged children? Head lice (HD 10)

30 How many gallons of water does a cow need to drink to make one gallon of milk? 4 gallons (DMI 10)

31 Trichomonas causes infertility, abortions and pyometra in dairy cows. How is Trichomonas spread? Semen (HD 10) 32 How are Holstein bulls labeled on production reports that have been genomically tested? GTPI (HD 10)

33 What organism is the major cause of calfhood scours? E. coli (HD 10) 34 Oxytocin produces stimulus that causes what cells in the udder to contract and force milk out of the alveoli? Myoepithelial (DHM 10)

35 What is the name given to the natural protective agent found in the intestines? Mucin (ANAT 10) 36 What range is used in the linear classification scale for each trait? 1 - 50 (LC 10)

37 What term describes areas of grassland installed between cropland or feedlots and waterways to take up nutrients and prevent them from running off into water? Buffer strips (VT 10)

38 In what year did the Holstein Distinguished Junior Member program begin? 1922 (POB)

39 Which gland of the cow is responsible for mobilizing calcium from the bones? Parathyroid gland (HD 10)

40 What term describes a plan for the land application of manure and fertilizer to meet crop needs? Nutrient Management Plan (VT 10)

41 Which U.S. Holstein was the first to classify at 97 points? Linden Dictator Wimble Wimpy (POB)

42 What hormone is injected into cattle to cause superovulation? Follicle Stimulating Hormone (HD 10) 43 What term describes the portion of a feed that remains after water has been removed by drying in an oven? Dry matter (VT 10)

44 GDP is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing insight, guidance and networking for the global dairy industry. What do the initial GDP represent? Global Dairy Platform (HD 2/10)

45 What is the name of the renowned three-phase leadership and communication skills development program for young producers sponsored by the Holstein Foundation? Young Dairy Leaders Institute (HF 10) 46 A good rule of thumb to remember with genomic testing is that a genomic test is about equal to three lactations in a cow's index or how many daughters in a bull's proof? 15 daughters (HP 10)

47 What farm currently advertises on the back cover of the Holstein World? Pineland Farms (HW 10) 48 Moisture content of a compost mixture should be what percent? 50 to 60% (HD 10)

49 What does a cryoscope measure to determine if water has been added to milk? Freezing point of milk (HD 10)

50 Once you start chopping forages, what should be used to measure particle length? Particle separator or shaker box (DHM 10)

51 Which hormone used in reproductive management destroys or regresses the corpus luteum? Prostaglandin or prostaglandin F2 alpha (HD 10)

52 What is the name of the scientific publication that is published by the American Dairy Science Association? Journal of Dairy Science (ADSA 10)

53 Which U.S. cow was the first to sell in public auction for over one million dollars? Allendairy Glamorous Ivy (POB)

54 What vitamin is needed so that blood can clot after an injury? Vitamin K (HD 10) 55 What percentage of an individual's genes are identical to those of the paternal grandsire? 25 percent (SS 10) 56 What organ of the cow's body is responsible for approximately 25 percent of all metabolic activity? Almost all absorbed nutrients must pass through it, and it has a major influence on the quantities and nutrients supplied to other tissues and for maintenance and milk production. Liver (HD 10)

57 NDF and ADF both contain cellulose and lignin. Which other structural carbohydrate is included in NDF? Hemicellulose (FF 10)

58 What toxin is a common problem usually associated with feeding large amounts of cottonseed? Gossypol (HD 10) 59 The milk ring test is used to identify what disease in cattle? Brucellosis or Bang's (VT 10) 60 Several organic acids are produced during the fermentation process of silage. What is the most prevalent acid found in well-preserved silage? Lactic Acid (HD 10) 61 Plants go through a daily cycle converting sunlight into sugars that are stored temporarily as what? Starch (HD 10)

62 What is the name of the detected genetic in Holstein cattle that causes calves to be born with an abnormal curvature to the spine, a short neck and malformed rear legs? Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM) (HD 10)

63 The perfect soil contains what percent minerals? 45 percent (HD 10)

64 When composting a single adult cow the pile should be how many feet high? 5 to 7 feet high 65 What is metritis? Uterine infection or inflammation (HD 10) (HD 5/25/10)

66 At what Fahrenheit temperature does silage become caramelized or heat damaged? 120 degrees F (+/-5) (HD 10)

67 What term is used to describe forages that are seeded every year, and whose growth is completed in one crop year? Annuals (HD 10)

68 How many delegates were allowed at the 2010 National Holstein Convention? 128 (HA 10)

69 Which part of the digestive tract is responsible for reabsorbing water? Large intestine (ANAT 10) 70 Which important nutrient is found in the nodules on the roots of legumes? Nitrogen (FF 10) 71 What milk handling process breaks up fat globules to keep them suspended in the milk? Homogenization 72 (HD 10)

What element has been found to eliminate toxicity symptoms in high-aluminum soils? Boron (HD 10)


What is the zona pellucida? Gelatin-like capsule surrounding the ovum or egg (HD 10)


What publication is available from Holstein Association USA that lists the top 5,000 CTPI cows? Locator List (HA 10)

75 What is the major protein in milk called? Casein (HD 10)

76 What is the more technical term for heavy bleeding? Hemorrhaging (ANAT 10)

77 What name is given to the symbol licensed by the American Dairy Association that is a trademark that distinguishes authentic dairy foods from imitations? REAL Seal (HD 10)

78 What type of feed additives are sodium bicarbonate and magnesium oxide? Buffers (HD 10)

79 What is the name given to the area of transition between the skin and the hoof? Coronary band (ANAT 10) 80 Name the winner of the first-ever McKown Master Breeder award. James "Jim" Burdette (HD 9/09)

81 Which gland, located at the base of the brain, secretes FSH? Pituitary gland (HD 10)

82 In reproduction, what is the term for the uterus's button-like structures that attach the uterus to the developing fetal membranes? Caruncles (HD 10)

83 What sire had the most impact on the marketplace in 2009 with 20 daughters averaging over $17,000 at public auction? STBVQ Rubens-ET (HW 2/10)

84 What term is used to describe a substance that has high pH values? Alkaline or Basic (HD 10) 85 According to the Dairy Cow Unified Scorecard, how many points are allotted for Feet and Legs? 20 points (PDCA 10) 86 At what stage of bloom should red clover be cut to yield its highest feeding value? Half bloom (HD 10)

87 What is the name given for an infection of the mucous membrane lining the uterus? Endometritis (HD 10)

88 What body system is mainly affected when an animal is afflicted with BLAD? Immune system (HD 10) 89 Where does fertilization of an ovum occur? Oviduct (HD 10) 90 What substance in corn is likely to increase to toxic levels during a drought? Nitrate (HD 10) 91 What is the name of the tight muscle at the teat end which helps prevent foreign substances from entering the udder? Sphincter (HD 10)

92 What is the common result of a cow being infected with Neospora? Abortion (HD 10)

93 What is the fee for DNA Genotyping for parentage through Holstein Association USA? $45 (HA 10)

94 Tarsal hygroma is the medical name for what common cow aliment? Swollen hock (HDQ 2/10)

95 What term defines a legal entity that allows you to hold and manage assets? Trust (HD 10)

96 According to state Labor Laws, what is the minimum age to perform any job declared hazardous? 16 (DHM 10)

97 What is the name of the group who presents scholarships at the National Holstein Convention from the proceeds of the sale of Black and White Cookbooks? National Holstein Women's Scholarship Organization (NHWSO) (HA 10) 98 What is the name of the culture cheesemakers add to milk which helps determine flavor, texture, and body of the finished cheese? Starter culture (HD 10)

99 Milk-rich diets actually help shield against what common human stomach problem? Ulcers (HD 10)

100 In regards to animal organizations, what do the initials NRA stand for? National Renderers Association (PD 09)

101 What was the average mailbox price for 2009? $12.82 (HD 4/10)

102 Researchers have found that injecting cattle with what Vitamin A precursor can reduce the chance of those cows having retained placentas? Beta-carotene (HD 10) 103 The total number of licensed commercial dairy farms stands at how many? 54,942 (+/- 1,000) (HD 3/10) 104 Cows that are not cycling properly from a reproductive standpoint are called what? Cystic (HD 10)

105 Formalin in footbaths is not effective if temperatures fall below what degree Fahrenheit? 45 degrees F (HD 5/25/10) 106 Name the president of Holstein Association USA. Larry Tande (HA 10)

107 What term can be defined as the loss of feed from the point of harvest or delivery, to what is actually consumed by the cows? Feed shrink (DHM 10)

108 What is the name of the document that establishes the standards for Grade A milk? Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) (VT 10)

109 Each year, the top 25 individuals at the National Intercollegiate Judging Contest are eligible to compete for what scholarship? Kildee Scholarship (HD 10) 110 Name the judge's favorite cow of the 2009 Holstein Junior All-American Contest. Hillmont Durham Lyndi (HW 2/10)

111 What dairy product is one of the world's best sources of fat in the diet, as it requires no hydrogenation, addition of chemicals, or alteration? Cream (HD 10)

112 Who was the first 97-point bull of the Holstein Breed? ZELDENRUST FOND MEMORY (HA 10)

113 Dark discoloration and separation of the white line area between the sole and the hoof wall defines what lameness disease? White line disease (HD 10)

114 What Danish company is planning to build the largest dairy processing plant in the world? Arla Foods (HD 1/10)

115 What is the second-most common disease causing death loss in young calves? Pneumonia (HD 10) 116 What is the indigestible component of forages called? Lignin (HD 10)

117 Name one of the only proven ways that transmissible spongiform encephalopathies can be destroyed. Incineration at extremely high temperatures, long-term storage in sealed landfill or alkaline digestion (HD 5/25/10) 118 In what year are the paintings of the first official Holstein True-Type Bull and adult Female dated? 1922 (POB)

119 The Holstein cow with the current single-lactation record holder produced how many gallons of milk in one lactation? 8,295 gallons (HDI 3/10)

120 A simple management technique such as leaving the lights on has shown to increase production by what percent? 5 to 15% (HD 10) 121 Footbaths should be located on a level surface and be how many feet long by three feet wide? 8 feet (HD 5/25/10)

122 Measuring degree of skin tent on the neck and what else are two good ways to assess dehydration in neonatal calves? Eyeball recession (DHM 10)

123 How long should predip solution stay on the udder to assure bacterial kill? 25 - 30 seconds (HD 10) 124 Brucellosis affects which organ system? Reproductive system (HD 10) 125 The 2010 genetic base uses females born in what year as a reference point? 2005 (HD 9/09)

126 What is the name of the biennial plant that grows in pastures and roadside ditches and its seeds can be spread by cows? Burdock (HD 10)

127 Name the dam of the genetic giant O-Bee Manfred Justice-ET. Meier-Meadows El Jezebel-ET (HP WIN 2010)

128 What organization administers CWT? National Milk Producers Federation (CWT 10)

129 What term describes the process of inserting one or more genes into a plant or an animal? Transgenics (HD 10) 130 Leptospirosis is called what in humans? Weils disease (HD 10) 131 In order to obtain the highest yields in cutting alfalfa what is the recommended cutting height? 2 to 2 1/2 inches (HD 10)

132 The CVM test can be completed through a sample of an animal's hair, semen, tissue or what else? Blood (HW 10)

133 In regards to genetics, what do the initials EFI represent? Expected Future Inbreeding (HD 3/10)

134 How many pounds of whole milk does it take to produce one pound of butter? 21.2 pounds (HD 10) 135 What two Holstein Association USA recognitions can be awarded to a cow that meets certain requirements for both herself and her offspring? Gold Medal Dam and Dam of Merit (HA 10)

136 What act was established nearly 150 years ago that has made drainage of land and farming both possible and profitable on over 110 million acres in the U.S.? Swamp Lands Act (HD 10)

137 What is the major factor affecting increased somatic cell counts? Mammary infections (HD 10)

138 What is the common name for nitrogen dioxide found in recently filled silos? Brown gas (HD 10)

139 If you're looking at buying fans this summer it is important to look at the cfm watt rating of each. What does cfm stand for? Cubic feet per minute (HD 10)

140 Surface compaction can severely limit water infiltration while raising the risk for erosion. Surface compaction is limited to the top how many inches of soil? 6 to 8 inches (HD 10)

141 The amount of land devoted to alfalfa has declined by nearly how many million acres since 1995 due to greater pressure for land use? 4 million (HD 2/10)

142 For what purpose are tube coolers and plate coolers used on a dairy farm? Cool milk prior to entering bulk tank (DHM 10)

143 What term describes the process by which it takes more than three to four days to fill a silo or bunker? Delayed fill (PD 7/09)

144 Limit feeding has been found as a method to rescue costs of raising heifers. When should limit feeding be discontinued in a heifer feeding program? 30 to 45 days before calving (HD 10)

145 Dairies with tie stalls use on average what percent more kilowatt-hours per cow annually than those with freestalls? 28 to 32% (HD 2/10)

146 Define the term morbidity rate. Number of sick animals (HD 10) 147 What percent of nitrogen used in fertilizers in the U.S. is imported? 55 to 60% (HD 10)

148 Size, environment and what else are the three major factors that influence the energy requirements of dairy heifers? Growth rate (HD 10)

149 Feed efficiency has become an important measure of your dairy's nutrition program. How do you calculate it? Divide milk production by dry matter intake (HD 10)

150 Metritis is probably the most important disorder in dairy cattle, causing high economic losses due to prolonged days open and involuntary culling. Multiple studies have found the prevalence of postpartum metritis to be what percent? 18 to 37% (HD 3/10)


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