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Compiling a Portfolio of Evidence

In order to establish entitlement to RPL/RCC, an applicant needs to provide substantial and concrete evidence, measured against specific Units of Competence. This may include: 1. 2. Thinking about role/s within the range of programs an applicant has covered in work claimed as relevant. Thinking about specific learner or client groups the applicant has worked with (who the learners/candidates/clients were, what they were learning, being assessed against or the specific services provided to them, where and when the learning/assessment/service provision took place, why the learning/assessment/service provision was taking place, how often these events occurred. Thinking about experiences with assisting learner/candidates/clients in their learning/assessment/service needs (how the applicant facilitated their learning/assessment or provided specific services). Based on this experience and evidence, deciding which Unit(s) for which the applicant thinks it possible to claim either whole or partial RPL/RCC. Considering the different evidence able to be provided to an RPL/RCC assessor to support a claim. Starting to collect and organise the evidence against unit/s criteria. It is important to be strategic in this as one piece of evidence may relate to more than one performance criteria across more than one Unit of Competence).


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What is Evidence?

Evidence is the information provided to an assessor to support claims of RPL/RCC. It is important to provide relevant information and evidence. Evidence may come in many forms and should be gathered together as a coherent portfolio. Some examples of types of evidence are:


Work samples - to include training programs, lesson plans etc


RPL/RCC 2008

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Verbal presentation and answering questions from the assessor Assessments and learning plans for individual learners Work in progress drafts (the development process - tools used before and after) Documentation which supports implementation of training systems - to include strategic objectives, forms, tools etc Job description Reference from employer Minutes of meetings attended Videos of training courses conducted or developed Promotional materials developed Awards/Transcripts Course manuals or workbooks Lesson plans and course outlines Mapping of units to delivery and/or assessment Reasonable adjustment strategies Feedback forms and analysis of these Minutes of planning and validation meetings Training schedules for timetables Learning activities/handouts materials Assessment tools Lists of resources used and samples Photographs of groups in training Class registers or attendance records Class assessment records Awards you have won for training or developing training programs Promotional materials Procedures for monitoring learner progress Electronic or hard copies of products Information provided to students on: o RPL o Assessment o Training Program o Induction Agendas Testimonials/Reference/Letters of Verification Job contracts/Resumes Audit reports Training needs analysis instruments Training plans/Contracts/Memorandums of Understanding Tender documents VET-related project work Newsletters

When considering evidence to prove RPL/RCC, it is important to consider all possibilities. Recognition can be granted against:

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The workplace (job experience or in-house training) Formal training sessions (qualifications or formal training courses) Life experience (volunteer programs, community involvement etc)


RPL/RCC 2008

All evidence provided must meet the rules of evidence which are:

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Authenticity - is it the applicant's own work? Validity ­ how does it relate to the evidence requirements of the Unit/s claimed? Currency ­ does it show recent use of skills and knowledge? Sufficiency - is there enough evidence to show consistent use of the skills and knowledge to grant recognition?

When the assessor is confident that all the criteria have been sufficiently satisfied, recognition for the unit(s) will be granted.

RPL/RCC 2008



How to Compile a Portfolio

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