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Holy Rosary Church August 3, 2008 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Readings: Is 55:1-3; Rom 8:35-38; Mt 14:13-21 "Bread of life" Jesus is presiding at the miraculous feeding of several thousand people. This story was considered important by early Christians, it appears six times in the Gospels. With this miracle Jesus is telling people that they share in God's own abundance and in the promises made to God's people. Jesus words and actions in the story remind us of Last Supper and of our celebration of the Eucharist. The Eucharistic celebration, proclaims the presence of God among us providing food and strength for our journey. Millions of people are spiritually fed by God daily and we take it for granted. We need to look at the Eucharist and our daily life with new eyes enlightened by faith and to celebrate it with grateful hearts.

St. John Bosco Center (The rest of the story) "A Community miracle project". St. John Bosco Center at 526 Campbell Street has a very inspiring story. It was built during the war (1939-1945) when most of the church remodeling was done under the leadership of Fr. Luigi Donanzan, cs. A few weeks ago I wrote an article in the bulletin to explain why the building was named St. John Bosco Center, and how it passed from the Scalabrini Father to the diocese. At present the diocese leases the building to the Don Bosco Centers. The reason of my writing was to alert Holy Rosary parishioners and Columbus Park residents that something was happening in our community. The Don Bosco Centers Board of directors organized a fund raiser celebration for June 20, 2008 that would coincide with the renaming St. John Bosco Center on north Campbell Street to "Alex Nigro Sr. Cultural Center". I was personally shocked by the news because I know the Center belongs to the diocese. When I called the diocese for information I was told that the Center is leased to the Don Bosco Centers and there is a clause in the lease contract that specifies that the name of the Center cannot be changed without the consent of the owner. I did some research about the origin of the Center and I interviewed several parish leaders to learn how they felt about the name change of the Center. All of them were strongly against the idea, because the Center was never identified with "One person" but as "A Community miracle project". The Center is still an integral part of Holy Rosary Parish community. A litany of names are mentioned as responsible for the "dreaming" and the actual building of the Center. Among them: Bishop O'Hara, the Scalabrini Fathers, Rose Nigro family, Sam Dasta Construction Co., teams of volunteer bricklayers, builders, helpers, Mike Berbiglia, Rosalie Strada, other financial supporters and Alex Nigro Sr. as the director of the Center for many years. Alex Nigro deserves recognition with many others. I knew Alex personally when I was stationed at Holy Rosary in the summer of 1955 and later at St. John parish on Garfield Street in 1957-1961. The chairman of the event celebration came to talk with me and we shared ideas and facts about the Center. I told him that Holy Rosary Parish and the Diocese will not accept to change the name of the St. John Bosco Center. Holy Rosary Parish is willing to go along with the fund raising celebration and to honor Alex Nigro Sr. with a plaque in the building, but not to dedicate the building to him. After our meeting we tried to contact the president of the Don Bosco Centers in order to continue our dialogue and to come to a compromise, but he was out of town. On June 7, 2008, I received a letter from the Don Bosco Centers Board of directors informing me that the celebration was cancelled. We kept in touch with Don Bosco board of directors and on June 1, 2008 three members of Holy Rosary Parish and I met with members of Don Bosco board of directors and we had a positive exchange of ideas, we review the terms of the lease and we pledged mutual support. One request of the lease contract is that two members of the community be part of the Don Bosco board of directors with full voting power. Neither of us was aware of this. Don Bosco board of directors have asked our input for their last meeting and they will inform us of their decision of how to continue.


Readings: Is 55:1-3; Rom 8:35-38; Mt 14:13-21


Saturday, August 2 1PM Wedding--Michael Farrell/Toni Arens 4PM Santa Smiroldo by Norma Moley & Family Minnie Tristanio by Josephine & Carl Privitera Sunday, August 3 8AM Maria Nguyen Thi Vu by Mrs. Ngo Thi Soan 11AM Delores Baccala Adams by M/M Nick Conforti Sal Distefano by J.C. & Marcy Denny Virginia Ferro by Norma Bruscato Monday, August 4 8AM Special Intentions Tuesday, August 5 8AM Anna Christie Mancuso by Family Wednesday, August 6 8AM Faithful Departed Thursday, August 7 8AM For all Parishioners who are ill Friday, August 8 8AM Mable Gurtis by Thelma Wingerter Saturday, August 9 4PM Joe & Josephine Giangrosso by dau. Josephine Passantino 6PM Wedding--Flattery/Fernholz Sunday, August 10 8AM St. Philomena by Anthony & Josephine Pace 11AM M/M Anthony Conforti by Family

Khi y, Chúa Giêsu làm phép l nuôi hàng ngàn ngi. Câu chuyn này ã c nhn mnh sáu ln trong Tin mng. Vi phép l này Chúa Giêsu mun nói vi dân chúng rng h ang chia x s phong phú và s quan tâm ca Thiên Chúa. Li nói và hành ng ca Chúa Giêsu trong phép l cho chúng ta nh li Ba Tic Ly và Phép Thánh Th. Trong Phép Thánh Th, chúng ta tuyên xng s hin din ca Thiên Chúa ã ban ca n và sc mnh cho cuc hành trình v quê tri ca chúng ta. Hàng ngày có hàng triu ngi c nuôi dng mt cách thiêng liêng nh vy bi Thiên Chúa và chúng ta cng tha nhn iu này. Chúng ta hãy nhìn Phép Thánh Th vi mt cái nhìn mi m c sáng lên bng c tin và hãy vinh danh Phép Thánh Th bng trái tim bit n ca chúng ta.

Cha Joseph v thm gia ình ca cha LITURGICAL MINISTRIES Cha s i ngày Th Hai 4 tháng 8 và tr v ngày 2 tháng August 9 & 10 9. Xin anh ch em hãy ý chm nom nhà th. Chúc LECTORS anh ch em mt mùa hè vui khe. 4PM: Mary Anne Monteleone Ngày Thánh Mu Carthage. Vào khong 70.000 ngi Vit Nam m o t khp mi ni trên th gii s t tu ti Carthage, MO t ngày 8 n ngày 10 tháng 8 mng ngày Thánh Mu. ây là ngày k nim s ra i ca ngi Vit Nam tìm T do và n ni an toàn ti Hoa K. Chúng ta hãy hip thông vi nhng ngi hành hng Vit Nam trong li cu nguyn và cùng vi h t n Thiên Chúa ã cho h n c bn b t do ca t nc chúng ta và chia x nhng truyn thng, phong tc tt p ca h.

Marian Days at Carthage An average of 70.000 Vietnamese devotees from all over the world will gather at Carthage, MO on August 810 for the Marian Days. This is the Vietnamese Exodus celebration and their safe landing to the United States. Holy Rosary parishioners accompany the Vietnamese pilgrims with prayer and join them in thanking God for their safe landing in our country and for the spiritual and cultural richness they share with us.

8AM: Joyce Strain 11AM: Janet Mancuso EUCHARIST MINISTERS 4PM: Donna Kelly-Dominick Armato 8AM: Tony Gumina-Marisa Smith-Elaina Smith 11AM: Mitchell Danna-Annette Cascone-Ron Venable ALTAR SERVERS 4PM: Brian Bui 8AM: Yen & Lang Bui 11AM: Triston & Fantasia Ta

WEEKLY COLLECTION Last Weekend Collections: $3154.00 Other Income: $1262.00 TOTAL: $4416.00 "Never measure your generosity by what you give, but rather by what you have left." --

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

Fr. Joseph visits his family I am leaving Monday, August 4 and will return September 2. Please, keep an eye on our buildings and property, and keep my family in your prayer as I do for you. Keep well and enjoy the summer.

"Gems" from Paul's letters "Brothers and Sisters, "So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are citizens with the saints and also members of the household of God, built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone. In him the whole structure is joined together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord; in whom you also are built together spiritually into a dwelling place for God". (Eph 2:19-22)


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