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Holy Saviour School

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Term 1, Week 2 2011

From the Religion Corner

Welcome to all new parents and a familiar hello to all parents returning to Holy Saviour School. May I encourage you during these times to pray every night with your children. The purity of c children's prayers is very powerful. Praying as a family also strengthens the family. At this present time with floods, cyclones and political uproar particularly in the Middle East we certainly have many concerns on our minds and hearts. It is comforting to remember the many times God has answered our prayers to in the past. The following is the real story of God answering prayer. Invaders were threatening to overrun most of Europe and de Christianise Europe. The threat was real and it all came de-Christianise together at a sea battle at Lepanto in 1521. Realising the importance of this moment, Pope Pius V called upon all Christians to pray the Rosary for the success of this battle. The chances of the Christian forces winning the battle were almost impossible yet the Christian forces prevailed, Europe was saved for the Christian Faith. In honour of this n victory, the Pope declared Mary the Lady of Victory and declared her feast day to be held on October 7, the Feast of the Holy Rosary. May God bless us all during this new school year and keep us in His loving care.

Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2011 School Year. We hope you had a wonderful and relaxed holiday and lo forward to a look successful year. I would like to welcome both current and new staff back to school. All teachers offered personal time during the school holiday period to set up their classrooms and plan and prepare for the start of the 2011 school year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for their dedication and positive outlook outlook. In the coming weeks Holy Saviour School will launch its annual improvement plan for 2011. We hope to have it finalised for release before the end of term one one. Last week we welcomed our 2011 Kindergarten. The day started with a few tears but within the h hour, most were very excited and happy to be at `Big School'. We wish our new crew a successful and enjoyable year. We welcome the following new families to our school: Basset, Boulos, Bteddini, Ghadieh, Haddad (Rebecca Kg), Haddad (Brandon Yr 4), Hnein, Housseini, Kassouf, Mahfoud, Makhlouta, Pateman, Sabbagh, Said, Salloum and Sarayeldin. Finally, I invite all parents with a little spare time to lend a helping hand in the classrooms. Additional support in the areas of literacy, numeracy, library and Arabic will greatly benefit the children.

2011 Staff at Holy Saviour:

Principal: Mrs Dianne Klumpp School Administration (P.A): Mrs Mirvat Zoughaib Religious Staff: Fr Ibrahim Sultan (Chaplain) Sister Jeanette Mirabito (R.E Support and Librarian) Classroom Teachers: Kindergarten: Mrs Nicole Bechara Year 2: Mrs Georgina Bounader Year 4: Mrs Lamia Boulos/Mrs Terri Kyrilos Year 6: Mrs Dina Basset Year 1: Miss Rebecca Rahme Year 3: Mrs Rita Elazzi Year 5: Mrs Hend Taouk

Specialist Teachers: Teacher Educator: Mrs Rachael Bryant Literacy/Numeracy: Mrs Terri Kyrilos and Ms Lisa Ford Arabic Teacher: Mrs Siham Matar Music Teacher: Mrs Terezie Martinez Support Staff: Teacher Aides: Mrs Samira Dimassi, Miss Amanda El Khoury Maintenance & Bus Driver: Mr Pierre Haddad

School Hours:

8:40am 8:50am 9:40am 10:30am 10:55am 11:45am 12:35pm 1:25pm 2:15pm 3:10pm Morning bell and assembly Period 1 Period 2 Morning Tea Period 3 Period 4 Lunch break Period 5 Period 6 Dissmissal

Reading at Holy Saviour School

2011 is all about READING at Holy Saviour School. Teachers will be refreshing, updating and expanding their understanding of the process of reading, the skills people need to have in order to be able to read and the best ways to teach children to read. We began the year with two days of professional development looking into the most important elements of teaching reading, with a big focus on comprehension. One of the interesting ideas coming from the research on reading is the impact of parents in the early learning of children and the ways in which talking and listening, both at home and school, can help children become better readers and writers. `Listening and Speaking are the roots of reading and writing' (Ofsted 2005) Parents and carers play a crucial role in developing children's communication skills. Parents are a child's first teachers and provide a powerful example of good communication. Research shows that even very tiny babies understand the rules of conversation and can `take turns' in communicating with an adult, by copying facial expressions for example. Conversation with parents has been found to be one of the most important factors influencing children's achievement. So, as parents, what can you do to help? · encourage your child to talk about their interests, friends, pets, games, favourite books, recent television shows they've watched, favourite movies, activities they have completed

· · · · · · · · · · ·

show your child ways of talking for different purposes, eg using the telephone, inviting a friend to play, giving a message give your child a series of spoken instructions to follow encourage your child to give messages to other family members encourage your child to talk about things they have made using blocks, plasticine, cardboard and/or junk material have your child listen to stories and retell them to friends and family encourage your child to talk about drawings, paintings and models that they bring home from school encourage your child to read a variety of books and to retell the story in their own words encourage your child to read a variety of non-fiction (factual texts) and talk about the information presented in these encourage your child to talk to known adults as well as other children plan and discuss family outings, eg going to the beach, park, friend's place, movie, zoo, museum, art gallery, sports events encourage your child to discuss and debate issues in the news and newspapers. (adapted from NSW Board of Studies)


This Term, all children will participate in an athletics program. An external coach has been employed to assist the staff to prepare the students for the upcoming athletics carnival which will take place early term two.

After School Activities

On the 14th February, 2011 After School Sports Activities will commence. The sessions run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:30pm to 4:15pm and are free of charge. The sports operating this term are as follows: Tennis on Monday, Basketball on Wednesday and Hockey and Tennis on Friday. If you are interested in joining, please fill in the form attached and return to the front office no later than Thursday 11th February. We ask parents to ensure the following takes place: · Children participating in After School Sport must: 1. Be collected promptly at 4:30pm ( Failure to do so will result in termination of sports placement) 2. Bring a pair of sandshoes to change into 3. Bring a piece of fruit for afternoon tea Please Note: All sports will be made available to K-6 students this term as we will run with two coaches per session.

Project Compassion

Next month we begin the Great Fast in preparation for Easter. As is the custom in this school and throughout the catholic world, we will ask the children to deny themselves some treat in order put money into the Project Compassion box. You may remember last year we raised a good sum for those in need throughout the world. Unfortunately the request for financial help seems ongoing, so the church continues to rely on you and others in generous monetary support. Each class will be given a Project Compassion box to fill. Also, if you would like, you may request a box for your family to fill over the Lenten period. " In all things I have shown you that by so toiling one must help the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, `It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" Acts 20:35

Parents and Friends Morning Tea

The school would like to invite all the parents especially our new parents to a get to know each other morning tea on Wednesday 23rd February at 9:00am. Keep this date free!!!!!!!!!!!

School Uniform

Wearing a school uniform is an important part of school life. The students at Holy Saviour School look fantastic when they are all in school uniform! A school uniform should be worn with pride and I strongly encourage students to wear their school uniform each day (this includes black shoes, correct school socks, and a sun safe school hat).

1, 2011 What's on in Term 1, 2011?

· · ·

· After School Sports Activities: Starts on the week commencing the 14th February, 2011 Parents & Friends meeting: Wednesday 23rd February at 9:00am Financial Assistance Request Forms: Friday, 12th March School Photo Day: Monday 4th April with Good School Photography ( envelopes will be sent later)

School Fees:

Statements have been issued for Term 1 School fees. Term 1 accounts are due by Friday 1st April, 2011. Payment of fees is an important parental responsibility, which is comprehensively explained at enrolment interviews. Without payment we are unable to function effectively.

Financial assistance forms are available at the front office. These forms must be filled in and returned with the documents required to the school prior to. Parents with 2010 outstanding fees are asked to finalise debt prior to Friday25th February, 2011. Prompt payment will prevent cumulative debt.


· All student absences must be `explained' in writing. Please send a written explanation to your child's teacher as soon as possible after any absence or if you know of an absence in advance. Students who arrive late must "sign in" at the office and take a late card to their teacher. Students must be at school no later than 8:30a.m to allow time to enter the school grounds and meet/greet their peers before the bell. Period one commences at 8:50 am promptly. Parents are asked to support the school in this matter. Parent Car Parking - please follow policy as our children are very precious - let's keep them safe.



Parents are asked not to enter the building at the end of the school day until the bell rings. We ask that once you have collected all your children, please leave the school promptly. ALL parents must follow these rules to ensure our school remains safe for all children. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. All driveway areas are strictly 10km/hr All children must be supervised by parents once leaving the school gate. All cars must park correctly- no double parking or parking in non designated areas. All children travelling in cars must be wearing a seat belt. Entry to school parking is from Waterloo Road. Exit from parking via Mimosa Road.

NOTE: Parents entering the school grounds during the day must first make their way to reception and state the reason. Volunteers are to sign in at the office and collect a visitor pass.


· · Tiny Tots Kindergarten is offering the parents an opportunity to enroll their children for after school care in the school premises every day of the week. Please refer to brochure attached for more informations. Bankstown City Council is inviting you to join in the fun and games at the 2011 Bankstown Recreation Expo. Also council is Offering free `Come and Try Hockey' during March free of charge. For more information on both activities, please call 97079641 Please find attached the canteen menu and pricelist. All orders are to be placed in a brown lunch bag with the right amount of money.



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