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At WallStories we believe every wall should tell a story, make a statement , make you think, smile or just wonder. Like us, you are probably tired of seeing the same old uninspiring clichéd stuff in bland art shops. You want to be challenged, inspired, or just love something to death. WallStories offer work from a range of artists around the world who just love doing their thing. It's not mass produced, its original and full of inspiration and we're constantly updating our range, searching out those unique pieces. One thing is for sure you won't see our stuff everywhere, though beware, your friends may also want to get hold of what you've chosen. We do sell multiple copies of some pieces (it's too good not to share) but not enough to dilute what's special about them. We select the art, frame it and package it carefully ready to go to turn your bare walls into a story. We'll also tell you about the artist and the individual work chosen. And if what you choose is not right for you we'll swap it for something else ­ you can even try it out for a week in your home so you'll know it's right. WallStories - every wall should tell a story.

A sample of our summer offering:

(note: sizes vary from scale shown) All artwork depicted remains copyright of the artist

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1. Cinematic ­ Robert Reader 2. Tell me about her ­ John Clark 3. Unicorn Mask ­ Matt Cipov 4. Diesel ­ Jose Lampreia 5. TV Dinner ­ Robert Reader 6. Little Match Girl ­ Cate Anevski 7. Robot Love ­ Cate Anevski 8. Yellow chairs ­ Maria Janosko 9. Pecking Order ­ Sion Lee 10. Forest ­ Sion Lee 11. Retro design ­ Jenni Ski 12. Mysterious Genevieve ­ Emily Martin 13. Seasons collection ­ Hoang and Katherine Nguyen 14. Lunastrella Tape Mix ­ John W Golden 15. Cool Bird ­ Elsalinde Van Wijks 16. Bridge ­ Spruce Avenue 17. Lunastrella Record Player ­ John W Golden 18. Peace ­ Elsie Flannagan

53.2 x 55.4cm 49.6 x 30.8cm 62.8 X 49.3cm 39.0 x 42.3cm 53.2 x 55.4cm 34.3 x 29.3cm 65.1 x 52.6cm 32.0 x 31.5cm 42.4 x 36.0cm 42.4 x 36.0cm 38.8 x 30.7cm 41.7 x 35.7cm 23.3 x 78.3cm 42.1 x 50.3cm 39.8 x 44.8cm TBA 42.1 x 50.3cm 28.0 x 25.0cm

All artwork depicted remains copyright of the artist Many more prints, from a wide variety of international artist, are available in store including size and colour variations and many come as part of a series ­ Come in and see us at Homage.

1 Morgan St Newmarket Auckland Tel: (09) 520 5711 Email: [email protected]


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