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EAHC NewsletterNo. 16

January 1995


A seminaron navigationalwarning in NAVAREA XI was for the first time Hall of the Hyheld at the Conference drographic Department of Japan in Tokyo on 7 and 8 December1994. The seminruwas aimed at promoting mutual understanding among NAVAREA XI Coordinator(Japan) a n d t h e N a t i o n a l C o o r d i n a t o r si n NAVAREA XI covering the western Pacific and EastAsian regions,by exchanging views and information on the presentstatusof collecting,processing,supplying and broadcasting in systems eachof the National Coordinators in the Area. The participants of the seminarwere: . Dr. T. N. Emerson, Hydrographer, Hydrographic Office, Hong Kong Marine Department, . Mr. T. C. Sin, SeniorMarine Offi cer, Hydrographic Office, Hong Kong Marine Department, . Col. SofyanRawi, Head,Environmentand NauticalDivision, Hydro-Oceanographic Service, Indonesia . Mr. Choi, Yong Joon,SeniorOfficer, Office of Hydrographic Affairs, Korea . Mr. RosleeBin Mat Yusof, Head,Safetyof Navigation Malaysia Division, Marine Department, . Capt.Rodrigo Pascua, R. Assistant Director, NAMRIA, Coastand GeodeticSurveyDepartment, Philippines . Capt.P. J. Thomas, Director, SeniorAssistant Marine Department,Singapore . Capt.Tuch W. Virojvong, Chief, NavigationalAids Thailand Division, HydrographicDepartment, . Mr. Roy Soluri, Chief, ChartingDivision, DMA Hydrographicllopographic Center,USA Chairman,CPRNW and IMOASCP side; as well as from the Japanese . Mr. MasaruShiozaki,NAVAREA XI Coordinator, JHD Chief Hydrographer, . Mr. Yukio Ishizaka,Deputy DirectorGeneral, JHD . Capt. Hiroshi Hotta, Director,Noticesto Mariners Division, and the other staff of JHD concerned . Mr. Ryoichi Sonoda, Director, International Affairs Division, AdministrativeDepartment of MaritimeSafetyAgency(JMSA) 10

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. Mr, Taketoshi Iwanishi,Director,Communicatiorrs Department, JMSA Division,Equipment Technology & . Mr. Makoto Harunari, Director,Navigation Safety Division Department, JMSA and other staff of Guard & Rescue of The N A V A R E A X l C oordi nator, hi ef H ydrogr apher C welcomed all especially the overseas JHD, Mr. M. Shiozaki, pointingout that the semiparticipants from eight countries, nar was the first time thoseseniorofficials currentlyengaged in countriesin in navigational warning services respective in NAVAREA XI met all together Tokyo, an event that he considered be very importurt. This was followedby a keyto procedures imporand notespeech introducing activities, the tance of Worldwide NavigationalWarning Service (WWNWS) madeby Mr. Roy Soluri,US Defense Mapping of on Agency,Chairmanof IHO Commission Promulgation Radio Navigational Warnings,who represented IHB as the w el l asN A V A R E A s IV andX II. manin Reporton the present status and activities collecting, systems navigational of aging, analyzingand broadcasting of warning serviceswas made by each representative eight countriesand Japan. Thesecountryreportsmadeit clear the warning sermost appropriate contactpoints on navigational the of vicesin thesecountries, revealed importance proand relationship amongall of them in moting further cooperative of order to ensurethe saf'ety navigationin the area,wherethe in maritime traffic is mostly congested the world as is in the Straightsof Malacca and Singaporeand many navigational shoals and otherperilvolcanos, dangers suchas submarine ouspassages situated. are Deputy DiThe seminarwas closedby Mr. Yukio Ishizaka, his to rectorGeneral JHD, expressing gratitude all the parof in to for ticip;rnts their activeparticipation the seminar makeit a greatsuccess.


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