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Setting Up an eFunds Account Parents can pre-pay for their children's lunch accounts by setting up an account with eFunds, a service provided by Magic-Wrighter Inc. ( To set up an account from eFunds, first log in to the LCUSD Lunchbox webpage at To Create a New Account you will need to provide: 1) Parent's Email Address 2) Parent's Name 3) Student's permanent ID number obtained from the school (a 7 digit number)

Parents with existing Lunchbox accounts can proceed to their child's account to view account balances and initiate payments. New Users to Lunchbox should click on the "New Online User Sign Up" button on the Lunchbox opening screen to create a new account. Once you have created a Lunchbox Account and logged in, you should see the following screen: Note that you can change your password (the default password is your email address) and/or check on a child's lunch account.

To add funds to a child, click on the bottom "Submit" button, and you will be brought to the eFunds website.

This is the welcome screen for eFunds. If you have already created an eFunds account, you can go ahead and enter your Login information. Otherwise, you will need to create a new account and associate a payment method with it (either a checking account or a credit card). You should bookmark this page so you can go directly to eFunds later and check your children's balances and add funds directly.

If you are registering a new eFunds account, you will need to input the 7 digit permanent ID number given to you by the school for each child.

You must choose what type of payment you will use to fund the account. You may choose a direct debit from a Checking account or attach a credit card to the account.

Note the disclaimers and Fee information in screens for Step 4. Fees for attaching a Checking account are $1 per transaction. Checking accounts are liable for a $15 charge for each time there is insufficient funds in the account ­ similar to a "bounced check" fee). Credit Card transactions cost $1 each plus 1.99% of the transaction value. You will need to call a toll free number to validate the credit card if you choose this method.

Once you have confirmed your choices, your eFunds account will be all set up and you will be able to transfer funds to your child(ren)'s accounts immediately.


Setting Up an eFunds Account

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Setting Up an eFunds Account