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Announcement...................................................12-10, May 4, 2011

TO: Michigan Mutual Inc. Customers RE: Timeframe to Ensure a Successful Loan Closing Effective: May 9, 2011 Details: Loans will be eligible to close 24 hours after being placed in an "Approved" status. When your Michigan Mutual Underwriter renders an "Approved with Conditions" decision, your Account Manager will contact you to discuss. Helping to answer any questions you have and set your tentative closing date. This is so important to our closing process; this allows all the departments to work proactively towards making you money!

72hrs Prior to Your Desired Closing Date: Upload Underwriting conditions that are more than 5 in total If your appraisal has not been presented to underwriting, you should upload at this time. 48hrs Prior to Your Desired Closing Date: Upload Underwriting conditions that are less than 5 in total Complete your online "Closing Fee Sheet", with a closing date 48hrs from the date you upload your final conditions. Allowing 24hrs for condition clearing and 24hrs for CTC

24hrs Prior to Your Desired Closing Date: Receive an "Approval" from Underwriting 24hrs from receipt of "Approval" complete online "Closing Fee Sheet" If you have not done so and the "CTC" will be completed.

If you have any questions please contact your Account Executive As always we appreciate your business!


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