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Fall 2009 109 E. Price Street · Philadelphia, PA 19144 · 215-438-7939 ·

Face to Face

cordially invites you and your guest(s) to our

What's New at Face to Face? Pretty Much Everything!

We are so excited to show you the new spaces at Face to Face. Wait until you see how the once cramped, crowded, one room Health Center has expanded into several nursing stations and a waiting room separated by decorated walls rather than cloth panels; how the tiny, worn looking Legal Center space has been transformed into a professional office inspiring confidence and hope; how the miniscule alcove that served as the Social Services Center (unless the social worker and clients could squeeze into another shared office) has become truly a "center" allowing precious privacy and uninterrupted interactions. We have always felt our guests deserved a space that ensured their value and dignity was respected as their needs were being met. We now have that space. We also have a brand new Washeteria. A Washawhat? might well be asking. Our Washeteria, quite simply, is a place where people in need can shower and wash and dry their clothing. Over the years, we had noticed our guests, especially those who were homeless or living in substandard housing, trying to bathe themselves and their clothes in our bathroom sinks. The Health Care staff also noticed the ongoing negative effects of poor hygiene on the health of their clients; in fact, an integral part of health services has long been to wash and care for the feet of the homeless and give them a new pair of socks each week. With the advent of the new Washeteria, people can now wash both themselves and their clothes leading to better health and greater independence. None of these projects could have happened without your help and support. They could also not have happened without the amazing financial and physical assistance of Opus and Rebuilding Philadelphia Together, the construction work done

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Open House

Saturday, October 24, 2009 5pm-7 pm Hors d'oeuvres Reception Face to Face Dining Room 109 East Price Street Germantown, PA 19144 Come and see how, with your help, we've taken Face to Face to a new level: Renovated and expanded the Health, Legal, and Social Services Centers Added a Washeteria!

R.S.V.P. for you and your guest* [email protected] *Please don't forget how important it is to bring guests to the Open House. If your involvement in Face to Face has enriched your life, allowing us to introduce ourselves to at least one other person may enrich their lives, too. It's a small act you can do to have a huge impact on our future!



Mary Kay Meeks-Hank

Dear Friends, In the past several months, Face to Face has undergone many changes. The most dramatic of these is the retirement of Eileen Smith, the founder of Face to Face. And even though Eileen is no longer physically present, her vision lives on in the hospitality and welcome that Face to Face offers. It is my privilege and genuine joy to continue that legacy. Face to Face's mission is to reduce suffering and help people find empowerment. It has been my experience that as we live this mission, we are mutually transformed. I am really humbled to witness both the simple and dramatic changes in the lives of our clients as a result of being seen, heard and known here at Face to Face. I firmly believe that these transformative relationships are the basis for changing our society and ultimately our world. Face to Face exists because people like you share your gifts of time and talent, invest your financial assets in our work and share a commitment to the mission. Please continue to enable this good work by your involvement and by spreading the word about Face to Face. I look forward to deepening my relationship with each of you.

From Executive Director

Andrea Lemoins

Andrea began volunteering with Face to Face almost three years ago. During that time she taught cooking and nutrition to the kids in the Afterschool camp and became a member of the Board of Directors. While Andrea was volunteering with Face to Face, she was working full time as a Pastry Chef in Rittenhouse Square. She was able to use her talents to cater many of the events held by Face to Face for the last three years. Andrea moved to Philadelphia from Oklahoma in 2003. She came as an AmeriCorps Vista member for BuildaBridge International, a non-profit arts education organization in Germantown. She was their Director of Development and gained experience writing grants and fundraising through AmeriCorps. After her year of service she decided to attend culinary school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and study Pastry. What drew Andrea to working for Face to Face was the opportunity to work in and serve her community, while still having the chance to cook and teach nutrition in the Aftercamp club. Her job with Face to Face has enabled her to combine her two great loves, all within walking distance of her house.

Meet Our New Director of Development

Gratefully, Mary Kay

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by volunteers led by master plumber, Kieran Woods, and the generous funding specifically for the Washeteria donated by students at St. John's University. Here's some of the "before" pictures. Come to the Open House on October 24 to see the "after":



SPOTLIGHT ON ... Our Own "Top Chefs"

We are so grateful for our teams of "casserole cooks" who send in nutritious meals to our dining room guests every Saturday. Seven teams of volunteers assemble, bake, and freeze casseroles at home and bring them in every 7th or so weekend. These faithful cooks' homemade gifts have such a positive influence on in the lives of hungry people, we think you should know who they are. We applaud:

Jo Madden, Kathy Weir, Christine Clark, Louise Reeves, Kim Prendergast, Connie Falcone, Karen & Gerry Plourdes, and Sally Duffy make Beef Stroganoff. Lynne & William Horochak, Eileen & Larry DiFranco, Ellie Harty, Bonnie Queen, Linda Moulton, Sueann Rybak, Cheryl Ann Roode, Kathleen Goodwin, Anne Bayless, Lili McDevitt make Scalloped Chicken. Joy Wuenschel, Maria Odilia Romeau, Pat Pelletreau, Marianna Sullivan, Claudia Huot, Kathleen Campbell, Hope Goudy, Stacey Heindel, Tara Carr-Lemke make Mexican Chicken. Jim Peterson, Betty De Stefano, Mary Parisi Copelli, Andy Talley, Leslie Campo, Nancy Roche, Nancy Peacock, Carolyn Sorsio, Eileen Flannagan, Debbie Mulligan, John Fiorella, Julie Welch make Chicken Supreme.

Kate Dillon, Nancy Freedman, Tricia Timbers, Rose Duffey, Carroll Clay, Pat LePeta, Ann Flynn, Julie Kring-Schreifels, Martha Turner make Chicken Cassoulet. Betty Alessandro, Annie Madden, Evelyn Paris, Lisa Vanni, Tanya Geisler, Barb Cristaldi, Nora Concannon, Kathy Wissman make Ziti Pasta. Diane Smith-Hoban, Rosie Cleaver, Suzanne O'Grady, Jack DiFeo, Colleen Johnson, Colette Klietz, Kathleen McHugh, Karen O'Neill make Turkey sage & Spinach.


Two outside groups also contribute their own delicious variations on the above, The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd and the Margaret Roper Forum.

Thank you, everyone. If you would like to help, too, we'd be grateful. Please email [email protected]

Summer Camp 2009!

We certainly could use a thousand words and more to describe Summer Camp this year. We could go on and on about our staff, an outstanding community of activity leaders, teachers, counselors, counselors-in-training, special activity leaders, and volunteers, all led by camp director, Amy Koslowsky. We could lavish you with details of all the crafts crafted, the art created, the sports, the dances, the journaling, the music, the cooking, the endless fun. We could easily wax eloquent describing the children and their expressions, their laughter, their insights, their delight. But in the end, the pictures really say it all!

Marie McCabe

Marie is the newest very welcome addition to our staff. Her many duties include assisting the Executive Director with all administrative tasks and supervising the facilities. Marie graduated from Archbishop Wood High School and attended West Chester University and Popin School of Court Reporting. Her organizational and office skills ­ and her amazing energy and vitality ­ have already proven invaluable to our ever-evolving organization.

Meet our new Executive Administrator

Philadelphia Insurance Companies present the 18th Annual Thanksgiving Day

Turkey Trot

Thursday, November 26, 2009 5 milers begin at 9 am 1 milers begin at 9:05 am.

Black Tie Boxing Benefits Face to Face

Over two hundred people put on their tuxedos and best dresses to join Philadelphia Insurance Companies Foundation for an evening of boxing fun to benefit Face to Face in Germantown. We are so grateful to the Foundation and Sean Sweeney in particular for this uniquely creative way to help knock out homelessness!

A great kick off to a great day! Join us in either a 5 mile run or a 1 mile fun run/walk. Registration begins at 7:30am. The fun begins at the Northwestern Avenue entrance of Forbidden Drive $25 Registration. Register online at or in person on race day from 7:30 am

109 E. Price Street Philadelphia, PA 19144

Face To Face



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