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ELEMENTARY Kindergarten - Eighth Grade



Come Follow Me Share the Joy Christ Jesus the Way Walking by Faith

K-8 1998* K-6 1997* K-6 2003* K-6 1999*

yes no

Harcourt Religion Publisher (Brown Roa)


Call to Faith Un Llamado de la Fe Loyola Press Christ Our Life/School Christ Our Life/Parish Finding God, Our Response to God's Gifts Pauline Books and Media RCL-Resources for Christian Living Alive in Jesus Faith First

1-6 2005* 4 levels 2003* K-8 1997* & 2002* K-8 1999* 1-6 2005* 1-6 1990* 1-6 2000*, 2001

yes Bilingual yes

no yes-separate manual school/parish Parish only

Faith First Legacy Edition

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K-8 2006*

Our Catholic Identity Sadlier(William H. Sadlier Acercandote a La Fe/Coming to Faith Coming to Faith/School Coming to Faith/Parish Faith and Witness Program

(see listing under Junior High)

1-8 1998* K-6 1999* K-6 1998* K-6 1999* Jr. High 1998-99* K-6 2004* K-6 2005* 1-6 bilingual yes yes yes

We Believe Cremos/We Believe


Silver Burdett Ginn

Blest Are We/Parish This is Our Faith/School This is Our Faith/Parish

1-6 2004* K-8 1998* K-8 1999*

yes yes yes

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SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMS Eucharist/Penance (Reconciliation)

(Alphabetical by publisher name) PUBLISHER SERIES COPYRIGHT DATE

Harcourt Religion Publishers (Brown Roa)

Celebrating Our Faith: Eucharist Celebrating Our Faith: Reconciliation Celebrating Our Faith: Eucharist Level II Celebrating Our Faith: Reconciliation Level II


English version Bilingual English/Spanish version

2002* 2002*

Our Sunday Visitor

Around the Lord's Table In the Lord's Peace Be Sealed Jesus Brings Us to Life Together In Jesus- Eucharist Together In Jesus- Reconciliation Unido en Jesus Primera Eucharistia Unido en Jesus Primeria Reconciliacion

1996 1996 1998* 1996* 2004* 2004* 2004* 2004*

Eucharist Reconciliation First Penance Eucharist Six four-page lessons useful as supplementary or at home with parents

Pauline Books and Media


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RCL (Resources for Christian Living)

Welcome Home Welcome to the Table Welcome to the Family Eucharist Eucharista Reconciliation Reconciliacion 2003* 2003* 2003* 2003*

Reconciliation, gr. 2-3 Eucharist, gr. 2-3 Reconciliation & Eucharist, gr. 4-6

Sadlier (William H. Sadlier, Inc.) First Sacrament Program First Eucharist First Reconciliation

2000* 2000*

First Reconciliation & Eucharist-English English text Spanish text Bilingual texts First Eucharist First Reconciliation

Silver Burdett Ginn

The Gift of Eucharist The Gift of Reconciliation

2000* 2000*

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(Alphabetical by publisher name) PUBLISHER SERIES COPYRIGHT

Ave Maria Press

Confirming Faith


Fourteen three-hour sessions. Parish involvement strong component

Send Out Your Spirit Good Ground Press Moving In the Spirit

2003* 1997

Magazine format. 6 two-hour sessions. Excellent manual for parents, ritual celebration journal Jr. High: 6-12 sessions Sr. High: 6-12 sessions Six chapters: 12-18 sessions 8 chapters: 12 sessions 6 sessions, two-hrs. each English edition Spanish edition Spanish/English Vietnamese/English

Harcourt (Brown Roa)

Celebrating Our Faith: Confirmation Sealed With the Spirit Confirming My Commitment to Christ Christ Our Life: Confirmed in the Spirit The Spirit Sets Us Free

2000* 2000 1998 1997* 2000

HiTime Loyola Press Sadlier

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St. Mary's Press

Confirmed In A Faithful Community


Catecheumenal model: designed as year-long. Excellent catechist guide, text, journals Six two-hour sessions

Discovering: Celebrating Confirmation Silver Burdett Ginn Connect: Gifted With the Spirit

1991 1992

High School: 6-12 sessions

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(Alphabetical by publisher name) PUBLISHER SERIES COPYRIGHT DATE

(Texts with a series are revised one at a time: it is best to always ask for the latest revision)

Ave Maria Press

Developing Faith Series Why Pray? The Church What's Right? What's Wrong? Now the Good News Jesus-Should I Follow You? Sacraments: A Way of Life What's Special About Being Catholic In the Beginning (Hebrew Scriptures) The Church at 21 Decide to Forgive What's So Important about Self-Esteem? Everyone's Problem: Addiction and Recovery


Twelve titles, each 8-10 sessions

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Harcourt (Brown ROA)

Crossroads Series Morality Discipleship Sacraments Prayer Old Testament Church History Apostles' Creed Jesus in the New Testament Commandments Living Our Faith Series Church Church History God Jesus Morality Sacraments


Nine titles, each 8-10 sessions


6 titles. Each includes Student Text and Leaders Guide. Builds on Walking By Faith program

Pauline Press RCL

Jesus Today Faith First

1992* 2001*

Schools, 7th & 8th grades Junior High

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Faith and Witness/Parish New Testament: An Introduction Liturgy and Worship: Prayer and Sacraments Creed: Christian Belief (Parts I and II) Morality: A Course in Christian Living


Four titles, year-length

Faith and Witness/School Morality: A Course on Christian Living 1999* Creed: A Course on Catholic Belief Church History: A Course on the People of God Liturgy and Worship: A Course on Prayer and the Sacraments

Five titles, semesterlength

The above have two supplementary texts: Liturgical Year Celebrations; Catholic Vocabulary: A Glossary Workshop

One Faith, One Lord



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St. Mary Press

Discovering Program Becoming Friends Being Catholic Celebrating the Eucharist Dealing with Tough Times Exploring the Bible Exploring the Story of Israel Gathering to Celebrate Growing Up Sexually Learning to Communicate Making Decisions Meeting Jesus Praying Seeking Justice Understanding Myself


Fourteen titles, each 68 sessions

Silver Burdett

Blest Are We The Story of Jesus The Story of Our Church

2003* 2005*

Parish and School edition

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PUBLISHER (Alphabetical by publisher name) SERIES COPYRIGHT DATE

(Texts within a series are revised one at a time: it is best to ask for the latest revision)

Ave Maria Press

Catholic Social Teaching: Learning and Living Justice Called to Love: Your Christian Vocation The Church: Our Story Step by Step Through Scripture Your Life In Christ: Foundations in Christian Morality Encountering Jesus in the New Testament Our Sacramental Life: Living and Worshiping in Christ The Old Testament: Our Call to Faith & Justice


Four titles semesterlength

2000* 1999* 1999 2001*

10 sections. Student Text and Teacher's Manual




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Center for Learning

Discipleship in the Catholic Tradition Personhood: Growing in Wholeness and Holiness Hebrew Scriptures: Growing in Faith Christian Scriptures: Responding to the Good News Church: Tracing Our Pilgrimage Sacraments: Living Our Faith Commitments: Growing in the Catholic Lifestyle Conscience: Developing Skills for Moral Decision Making Sexuality: Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit World Religious: Reverencing Faith Traditions Faith: Developing an Adult Spirituality


8 titles, eight sessions each

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Harcourt (Brown Roa)

Foundations of Faith Series Sacraments-Celebrations of God's Life Journey Through the Old Testament The Light of Faith

2005* 2003* 2004* 2005*

4 titles, year-length

RCL (Resources for Christian Living)

High School Series Path Through Catholicism Path Through Scripture Path Through Christian Living Building your Own Conscience The Sacraments: Rites of Conversion Understanding the Catechism Creed Liturgy and Sacraments Morality Prayer

2000 1999 1995 1993 1995 1999*

Four titles: Schools 4 courses each, each quarter-length Or use as 2 semesterlength Or use as year-long Parish Programs: Each 20 hours of instruction

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St. Mary Press

High School Religion Textbooks Celebrating Sacraments Jesus of History, Christ of Faith Written on Our Hearts: Old Testament Story World Religions Understanding Catholic Christianity Growing in Christian Morality Christian Justice: Sharing God's Goodness Catholic Church: Journey, Wisdom and Mission Creating a Christian Lifestyle A Promise in the Storm: Grieving and Dying Living Justice and Peace Horizons/Parish Program Growing in Wisdom, Age, and Grace Jesus: His Message and Mission Called to Live the Gospel The Church: Its Wisdom, Works, and Worship The Bible: Power and Promise The Challenge of Discipleship Moving On: Embracing the Future Catholic Handbook for Youth

2000 1999 2002* 1998 1996 1996 1995 1994 1996 1998 2002* 1997

Ten Titles, each semester-length

Seven core courses, six 2-hour sessions

Twenty-two miniPage 16 of 17


courses, three 2-hour sessions


(Alphabetical by publisher name) PUBLISHER SERIES GRADE/COPYRIGHT DATE

(Texts within a series are revised one at a time: it is best to ask for the latest revision)


Family Life Program

K-8 2001*

Student Edition, Parent Connection, Teacher Edition

High School Family Program Harcourt Religion Publisher (Brown-Roa) Growing In Love

High School K-8 2001*

Guide, Student text/activity, Family resource, Program resource, Parish Implementation Kit

Catholic Values and Sexuality Sadlier God's Own Making: Catholic Values of Human Sexuality In God's Image

Jr. High 4-8 2000* Jr. & Sr. High

Teacher manual, each student edition has 3 activity paks focusing on specific themes Video with materials for teacher, student, parents Available in Diocesan Video Library

Franciscan Communications

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