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Chemical Products


SKU: 0415902 Dunlop Adhesive glue GP - 3.5L

SKU: 0425301C Maxbond sealant 320 GM (20PCS/CTN)

SKU: 040001004 Wood Glue 3kg/pail


SKU: 0437502 USG Sheetrock Joint 5.4kg SKU: 0437501 USG Sheetrock Joint Compound 28kg

SKU: 0431703C20 / 0431701C20 / 0431702C20) Sikaflex Construction - 600ML/SSG (White/ Grey/Black)

SKU: 04000242-4LTR Timber Guard 85-Clear


SKU: 044210001 Marble gule W/Hardener, Trans, GL-88, 1L

SKU: 045730116 Fosroc Hydroplug 4.5kg

SKU: 0415101 Devcon Plastic Steel Epoxy S-5

SKU: 040000301 Alteco A+B EPO Putty-2 Adesive 500G

Homely Hardware Pte Ltd


Chemical Products

Chemical Products


SKU: 04707201 Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner 1 GAL

SKU: 045380501 Aircon Coil Cleaner Acidic Base 5L

SKU: 0438105 WD 40 Anti Rust / 333ML / 272GM

SKU: 0410409013 3M Stainless Steel Clner & Polish-SSC103

SKU: 048120601C20 reebond Super Cleaner

SKU: 044510301 CL Clement Remover

SKU: 0414626 CROWN Cold Galv. Compound -7007

SKU: 046840101 Riss Tapping & Cutting Fluid CF-50

SKU: 040001402 Compressor Oil - 1Gal

Chemical Products

Loctite Loctite Loctite

SKU: 046640102 SKU: 046640106 readlocker 222MS (50ML) Locite readlocker 271 (50ML) SKU: 046640103 readlocker 242 (50ML) SKU: 046640104 readlocker 262 (50ML) Loctite SKU: 046640105 readlocker 277 (50ML)

SKU: 046840101 Loctite Instant Adhesive 495 (20GM)

SKU: 040001002 PVC glue 500 GM - PVC500


Homely Hardware Pte Ltd


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