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Riddles for Kids

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1. Why is a fishmonger never generous?--Because his business makes him sell fish (selfish).

2. What is that from which you may take away the whole and yet there will be some remaining?--The word wholesome. 3. Why is it dangerous to walk in the meadows in springtime?--Because the trees are shooting and the bulrush is out (bull rushes out) 4. If a man who is carrying a dozen glass lamps drops one, what does he become? --A lamp lighter. 5. What belongs to yourself, but is used more by your friends than by yourself?-- Your name. 6. When is the clock on the stairs dangerous?--When it runs down. 7. Why is the letter "k" like a pig's tail?--Because it comes at the end of pork. 8. Why is a watch like a river?--Because it doesn't run long without winding. 9. When has a man four hands?--When he doubles his fists. 10.What trees has fire no effect upon?--Ashtrees; because when they are burned, they are ashes still.


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